Tales of Syntech 2

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Elizabeth sighed as she leaned against the window frame of her single floor, red brick home. She watched her husband Daniel head to the car and climb in, then drive off to work. She loved him so much. There was always such a pang of loss within her everytime he left.

To keep herself from being blue about it, Elizabeth had a routine of dusting, sweeping, washing and vacuuming. "Hard work salves the soul", she'd think as she went about her daily routine.

She'd been with Dan for 3 months now and she loved him dearly. But he was always away on business. Beth never really asked Dan about his job too much, as usually when he got home she was so happy to see him that a whirlwind dinner followed by many hours of wonderful sex usually occurred, before sleep and the morning routine of him driving off to work.

As she carried the trash out to the dumpster behind the house, she noticed her neighbor Lynn enjoying a quiet moment outside sunning herself.

Lynn was gorgeous. She was fully six foot tall and it was all legs and hips. Her platinum blonde hair flowed around her head like milk and she was blessed with a pair of Full-D-cup breasts that looked well suited to her. Her golden tanned skin was perfect and blemish free, and Beth felt a little stirrings of her own womanhood as she admired the silky way in which it crinkled at her breasts and hips.

Beth finished at the dumpster and stopped for a moment to admire Lynn. Beth herself was quite a catch. Her own, creamy, eggshell-tan skin was smooth and silky. Her hips and breasts were voluptuous and well rounded, and her deep-black hair contrasted the teal-green color of her eyes. Unconsciously she began to rub her thighs a little and her mouth and sex moistened as she watched the neighbor.

Lynn pushed her sunglasses atop her head and peered at Beth with tawny-gold eyes. A smile formed on her face and she said, "Morning Beth."

Beth couldn't help but smile back and nodded, "Good morning Lynn. Enjoying the sun?"

Lynn nodded, "Oh yes. I like the warmth on my skin. Would you like to join me?"

Beth thought about it for a moment and she moistened a bit more in anticipation. A few minutes later she had joined Lynn outside on a deck chair and was soaking in the rays of the sun.

Lynn and Beth talked for a while on their daily routines. Beth discovered that Lynn's husband was a musician and was gone on a tour of Vienna; he would not be back for months. The waiting had made Lynn so lonely and she longed for the comfort of another person.

Almost wthout warning Lynn reached over and began to rub her smooth hand over Beth's bare belly. Beth shivered as she was touched.

Was this right?

Should she be doing this?

Lynn suddenly crawled atop Beth and began kissing her passionately. Beth squirmed in arousal as well as mild discomfort that slowly evaporated. Lynn had evidently been sucking on Jolly Ranchers or some other form of peach candy, because her mouth tasted sweet and flavored of peaches.

Beth found herself caressing and touching Lynn back. She ran her hands around those delightful crinkles beneath Lynn's breasts and thighs making Lynn squeal with delight.

The bathing suits were discarded, the crotches of both had become unbearably confining and sticky with the girls lust. Lynn's long, slender fingers dipped inside Beth's honeypot and she tasted them. Beth squirmed and shivered a little then placed one of Lynn's nipples in her mouth and began biting, suckling and licking it with passion.

Deep in her mind Beth knew she had never, ever been with a woman nor truly ever had the desire for it, but here was this neighbor girl who's fingers were in her quim and who's nipple she now chewed on.

Lynn's fingers plunged in and out of Beth's lovehole now, and impishly she pushed them in Beth's mouth. Beth became even more aroused at the taste and smell of her own juices and suddenly she rolled the gorgeous blonde on to her side and crawled between her legs.

Beth was startled to find that Lynn's juices tasted exactly like her mouth. The same, sweet-peach flavor. Beth didn't know what to make of it, but since it tasted so wonderful, she was not about to complain. She eagerly buried her tongue in Lynn's pussy and sucked the juices.

Both women hungrily licked at each other's slit. Burying their tongues in the soft, wet mound of flesh and enjoying the moans and squirming of their partner. Beth, teasing Lynn's clitoris with her fingers and tongue like a professional and Lynn's fingers jammed deep into Beth's rosebud, filling it and then creating more of the wonderful full sensation in Beth's pussy with her tongue.

The noonday sun beat down upon the two lovers. Beth suddenly tensed up and clenched her entire body, shuddering as her breath became constricted as she came. Then suddenly she released and let out a long cry of pent-up ecstasy. All her worries for Dan disappearing magically like steam on a hot stove.

She had almost forgotten about Lynn, then remembered that she needed to reward the beautiful blonde for giving her such a treat. She buried her face deep within Lynn's slick,wetness and ran her tongue along the pubicbone.

Lynn's eyes widened as the sensation built up from deep within her and she let out a long, low moan of release as her body seemed to contract and then release limply. Suddenly she twitched and spasmed.

At first Beth though Lynn was going through a normal orgasm, but then began to realize that something was terribly wrong. Lynn lay on her back, convulsing and shuddering like an epileptic, then suddenly she began speaking in a strange, robotic sounding monotone.

Beth's bliss was instantly forgotten as she scooted away from Lynn who had stopped convulsing but was now repeating, "Error..internal heat malfunction...systems damage...000FFEE1344...Lynn-03-8W....experiencing malfunction...please call Syntech for technical support..." Beth was in shock to see a trail of smoke issuing from Lynn's lips.

Two women dressed in lab-smocks and carrying tool cases arrived, (though Beth had not seen where they'd come from) and knelt down beside Lynn.

Beth was horrified as one of the women pushed a finger deeply inside Lynn's navel. A seam appeared in Lynn's perfect, golden flesh. The woman got her fingers inside the seam and lifted Lynn's skin off to reveal a cavity inside, packed with mounds of circuitry and wiring, small, whirring motors and a lot of tubing through which clear liquid flowed.

One of the tubes looked a little melted and it squirted some of the fluid onto Beth's face. Beth immediately recognized the smell and taste. It had been the sweet peach flavoring that Lynn had!

Beth backed away in horror and screamed, "What is she?! What is She?!"

The woman who was busily pulling charred components out of Lynn's torso glanced at the other girl who turned toward Beth.

Beth tried backing away but felt rooted to the spot as the woman approached. The woman aimed a device that looked like a beeper at Beth and suddenly, Beth's world went black.

Beth lay faceup and nude on a metal table. Her eyes staring vacantly at the ceiling. Two women dressed in labcoats were looking at monitoring equipment and preparing tools around her.

One of the women almost lovingly reached up and caressed Beth's face, then suddenly a seam appeared around Beth's face and it came off in the woman's hands, trailing wiring, tubing and complex sensory array cabling.

The woman plugged a device into Beth's head and began punching numbers into it. Beth stiffened immediately and said, "Elizabeth model SYN-092W in standby mode. I am a unit designed for sexual pleasure and domestic housework. Awaiting further instructions."

The other woman opened the panel in Beth's stomach and plugged in some programming cabling as she remarked, "This unit was in simulation facility 10 for 3 months. She was not programmed to acknowledge her true nature. "

The first tech removed a set of chips from Beth's head, laying them aside and getting some new ones from a tray beside Beth's head, "Yeah, this girl's matrix brokedown upon recognition of another unit."

The second girl nodded and removed Beth's plastic and rubber "stomach" to replace it with a new, sterile one, " Well they're still testing those personality units. Since the user can choose between the unit being aware or not, we need to know what can cause them to breakdown or malfunction."

The first girl nodded and was using a miniature laser scalpel to sever a few connections in Beth's head when Beth spasmed suddenly.

The girl screamed as the scalpel cut deeply into her hand. Pulling the injured limb up to her face to inspect the injury she saw servos, wires and circuitry inside of her hand. Her eyes grew wide in horror and she looked at the other tech, "I-I-I'm an android!"

The second technician sighed, pointed her remote box at the other girl and pressed a button on it. The first girl immediately ceased motion, freezing solidly as a seam grew around the perimeter of her face and opened outward on hinges.

The second tech sighed and after inserting a computer line inside the now immobile technician's face, lifted her on to an adjoining table where she too would be repaired and reprogrammed...

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