Taking Awhile To Get Anywhere

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| k3\/\/7’s directions for getting some         |
| pg. 1                                         |
|                                               |
| First thing you’ve gotta do the next          |
| day is get her distracted, ok?                |
|                                               |

Sukuriko was deeply engaged in fending off the fighters of the zuureen empire. She had already established a deep efficient economy that was, even now, producing a second Victory class super destroyer and accompanying escorts, similar in every way to the ship she was commanding now, although she had a far greater variety of ships. The fleet was maneuvering to assault head on the zuureen's Core 1, their main offensive line. No one had ever defeated them before without losing so much strength that the auxiliary fleets could retaliate with impunity; game over. However, she was confident that they would be no match for her massive force. She was looking forward to bragging about it on the Tacticalstar message boards.

"This should settle once and for all how inferior their minds are!", Sukuriko thought, savoring the anticipation, "It's not impossible on this difficulty level if you consider every possibility and don't get distracted by trivialities. I may even let the whiners in on my secret for optimizing karkula krystal production."

The fleets approached. She could increase the speed, but she wanted to savior every moment. Swiveling her avatar's gaze around the bridge, she noted that the bridge shift had changed, and her helms officer had been replaced by one of the trivialities she was sure consumed too much of most the losers’ attentions. Primarily human in appearance, it had strange audio reception equipment and an extra appendage on its butt. She suspected more influential was that it had a truly massive bust, the swellings obvious even from behind. She frowned. Come to think of it, was it even possible to access all of the controls given the restriction in her lateral arm movement? She'd analyze into it later; maybe it would make good ammo in the discussion on the critters. Stepping her avatar to the edge of the command balcony, she considered it closely. "I wonder why it appeals to them so mu...."

The fleets came into weapons rage, and the zuureen's devistating asteroid launchers emptied into her Heavy Defenders. The defenders held; that is what they were designed for, but “The Sukuriko's First Fleet” continued forward launching only default weapons fire and employing none of the special tactics she had been gleefully pouring over just moments before. It didn't take long before the ingeniously arranged formations started to falter.

Sukuriko herself stood just staring at the faintly catlike crewperson at helm. Nominally still aware of her surroundings, her thoughts were locked on the the obvious swellings in the helmswomans uniform on either side of her ribcage. It wasn't that she couldn't look away, she simply couldn't decide to.

A faint tingling sensation spread from her shoulders down around the circumference of her breasts, and then inwards, like thousands or even millions of tiny bugs with pointy feet marching. Normally she would be hysterical over something touching her ultra-sensitive areola and nipples, and alarm did start to raise before getting caught up in the selfsame fundamental indecision.

Her ship shuddered around her, and the crew turned to look at her for orders, their facial expressions cleverly animated into concern. The girl at helm looked up at her gaze, followed it down to her chest, then crossed her arms with an panicked frown. "Admiral! Your orders??" Another clever addition, a part of her mused on. "Orders Admir...", the XO called out frantically, interrupted as the bridge was thrown to the side.

A nameless face from behind shouted, "A direct strike by the Asteroid cannon! We're breaking up! Abandon ship!!"

The crew ran for escape pods, leaving the their liege to vacantly follow wit her eyes the girl who was at the helms chair. She was aware something was wrong, but couldn't twist her mind from the girl, wracked by a delimma she couldn't even identify. With a burst of static, the screen went dark, and wicked red words drifted into the middle identifying that she had died. Game over.

Sukuriko shook her head and gasped. The feeling and her paralysis suddenly gone. She felt the memory of it immediately start to fade, as though it was a dream. She was staring at a huge screen, 48 inches diagonal, a Japanese design with 128 different projection angles that sent slightly different information to each eye, simulating true 3D, and backed by a refocuser that emulated distance even more accurately. All of this connected to a rack of equipment to her right and the 12 button mouse under her hand.

| k3\/\/7’s directions for getting some         |
| pg. 2                                         |
|                                               |
| Once the panel’s off and your tools           |
| are in, she’s not going anywhere,             |
| so long as you’re not too obvious             |
| about it. Do take care…                       |
| You’re as subtle as a brick, kyle             |

She heard footsteps approach her door and her boyfriend walked in, holding a strange tool in one hand and a box in the other, absorbed with both. She had only admitted to herself he was her boyfriend just a few days ago. He actually had kind of an annoying personality, but she felt sort of good around him in a way she didn't with anyone else. Under his pressuring she'd finally given in and last night they had played around a little. He'd shown her some interesting things males had, and she'd let him play with her chest, under strict guidelines where he could touch. In return, he'd had to let her use his high-power gaming rig.

He sat down on the other side of her, and it was then she noticed her shirt had been pulled up and her skirt down to reveal a gaping triangular hole in her crotch, just above her most private area. Tiny glowing leds of many colors dimly lit the interior, filled with wires, devices, and a small board on top coming down from the direction her belly. She gasped again and started to scramble up before the implications of the bypasser and other tools sticking up bored through her mind. Freezing, she slowly settled back down into her seat, careful not to disturb them. She felt her anger start to boil up as she glared down at her boyfriend. He wasn't even looking at her! Boil went to flash evaporation when he casually glanced at the screen and noted, "You don't seem to be doing too well."

Sukuriko gaped, squeeked, and sputtered, in that order. "What the hell is this??!? What the hell do you think you're doing? I can't believe you would... wait a minute, why can't I feel my sa.. my c.. how the hell did you do this without me knowing?"

Her boyfriend reached for her open panel, then paused at her question. With a sigh, he sat on his heels. He looked disappointed of all things. "That's weird. I issued a tap-code on you last night when we were groping. It should have severed the connection between your parapalexus monitoring system and your conscious-emulation programming. You should be completely unaware of what I’m doing."

"I can't feel it, but my eyes are perfectly fine!", she growled. It was obvious he'd made it so she couldn't feel that area, but most of the rest of the things he said was gibberish. Tapcode? Get those things out and undo whatever you did! I don't know what you were thinking, but I'm out - of - here!"

He shook his head. "K'mon, it'll be fun. It will help you be a better girlfriend. I know that's important to you."

"No!" she snapped. His ignorance was insulting. She did want to be the best at what she did, but right now she wasn't interested in being his girlfriend at all anymore.

He smirked. "Well, I'm not undoing what I did. If you want to leave, fine, go back home looking like that. The only way I'm gonna close this up is if you let me finish."

Sukuriko stared at him, just a tiny sliver of worry pushing through her rage. He was clueless! "Dammit, that's not a choice. Do you have any idea what you could do to me? I can't just pull out these tools. Listen.. Kyle,” for that was his name; she tried to soften her tone as thought to a kid. “This is one of my three Primary Nodes, man. If anything happens... it could affect my entire personality! I’m serious.. any kind of damage could break me completely! Now k'mon, stop joking around!"

He just sat there, his smirk not leaving his face for a second. Her anger and frustration peaked. He was ignoring her! This doof really had no idea what he was doing! Right then, she wanted to snap off his arms, but she needed him to undo the mess he had made first. "Seriously, why are you doing this? This isn’t funny. It really isn’t helping your chances of getting any further than last night, you know!" Her voice cracked involuntarily at that last sentence. Last night had been... interesting, but she’d felt so uncomfortable when he’d finally pulled her bra off. And he’d been so aggressive! He’d gone for her nipples three times, despite the ground rules she’d laid out. He just did not get how delicate they were! After the third time she’d called it off and gone home. Now, too worried about potential damage to move, she was starting to feel unpleasantly vulnerable.

| k3\/\/7’s directions for getting some         |
| pg. 3                                         |
|                                               |
| and don’t get ahead of yourself. The          |
| poor thing deserves some fun, but not         |
| a system crash.                               |
|                                               |
| ||What do you care? It’s a computer,          |
| || for Cobol’s sake!                          |
| || -Kyle                                      |

He shook his head as though clearing it, and his smirk downgrade to a inward smile. “They really do a great job, I’ll give them that. He then absentmindedly turned back to the large sheet of instructions he had in his hand, and started to ramble.

"I agree with what k3\/\/7 said on the boards.. it's great to have a robot girlfriend. Beautiful, unique, great at sports, kind and helpful, so they’re almost always popular. More importantly, like she said, they're designed to please. She warned me about the strong sexual safeguards, but I thought it wouldn't be a problem until last night. I've never been so frustrated in my life."

He leaned over and reached for his tools. Sukuriko tried to grab his arms, but he pushed through. It felt unreal. Once he started fiddling all the strength left her arms, the fact that she didn't dare get rough for fear of self-damage overriding anything she might otherwise want to do. He continued talking to himself, as though she wasn’t even there. "It was k3\/\/7 who explained to me how to get one. Normal girls are the opposite of artificial ones, they want you to please them. Either wow them with your ability to provide, or how you can make them feel. Most guys are stuck with that thought, which is why robot girls have a reputation for being hard catches. k3\/\/7 explained that you just have to arrange so that they do little things for you without realizing it. Ask to pass the salt. It never fails. Ask a waitress at the Puuters to sneak you in an extra scoop of ice-cream on your pie, and it’ll almost always do it, no matter how strict the rules are at the time. This bypasses the conscious-emulations exploitation defense code, and slowly raises your rating until you qualify for the girlfriend programming. That worked great, but the actual sexual safeguards can only be lowered by the conscious-emulation system, which is notoriously unpredictable."

As he worked, he reached in with the tool and pulled out a small chip. Sukuriko got off a strangled holler before her voice faded. Her thoughts suddenly became strange and cluttered. She heard everything he said, but could only register faint disapproval. “How could I ever have liked him?” The question was nonsensical. “I don’t want him messing with me, do I” Intellectually she didn’t, but it was ok if he was her BF.. Was he? It wasn’t that he was or he wasn’t, she just couldn’t feel one way or another. “I.. I have to do something.” Her mind was in a fog. Everything remotely sexual in nature felt numb. Her anger had no strength, and she could only watch as he pulled a chip out of the box, and replaced it in the board.

| k3\/\/7’s directions for getting some         |
| pg. 4                                         |
|                                               |
| This part actually does take some skill       |
| but I bet you can do it if you try.           |
| Follow the directions in order and            |
| in proper haste. Let me know how              |
| it goes! -k3\/\/7                             |

"A few days ago, I told k3\/\/7 about my success and she explained to me how tapcodes work and one way to get around the system. At the time I didn't think it was a good idea, too much risk of having your new prize taken, but I'm not going through another night like last night... “No not there! Not there! Areola’s the size of a silver dollar he wasn’t supposed to touch? Sukrukiko’s large C-breasts were great, but she had truly epic nipples. And after six months, he was allowed to look at them? All else aside, these defensive programs, presumably designed to make sure a ‘bot didn’t let its guard down with someone untrustworthy, were totally ridiculous. What kind of girl totally freaks out at her own nipple stand. Not here, not there, nothing interesting... there! Now just reboot the system and.."

He grinned. It had worked! He watched as "Sukuriko"'s emulation systems shuddered under the reconfiguration. He quickly removed his bypass and replaced the panel. Before it had a chance to re-calibrate under the new hardware, he drummed a complex code on the ‘bots right breast; the code k3\/\/7 had left written on the instructions. The queued warnings from the parapalexus defense system flooded the higher logic circuitry. He nodded as it winced, still amazed at how much effort went into the little facial animations. He let his fingers pause for a minute against the soft material of her chest

He quickly looked up the final code, and then drummed that onto the newly replaced triangle of blue fur. He whooped as a large panel silently whisked opened beneath her shirt, bathing the inside with blue light from some display. He finally had access! He lifted the front of her shirt, noting the large blue screen and controls beneath. His attention was momentarily distracted by how the light illuminated the bottom of her breasts. The combination of a beautiful girl and machine wholly open to his commands made the months of effort worthwhile. With effort, he turned back to what he was doing. There was time for that later, and more to do.

The display was currently showing a system overview, noting general charge levels, reserves, and so on. A little exclamation mark blinked repeatedly over what must be the log system icon. He noted one menu marked "Overrides." Tapping on that, he called up a screen full of categories, including such strange marks as "LV1Nds" and "Tstrtns". He picked one labeld "Lustsys" as promising and tapped on it. A new screen appeared filled with status bars and readouts, most of which headered incomprehensibly. The right side of the screen had a long list of what looked like programs. He picked "bs42731-a" at random. It turned selected, but nothing happened. Growing impatient, he started to turn back to the instructions k3\/\/7 had left, but suddenly noticed one of the buttons beneath the display was marked 'execute'. Recalling that meant to run a program, he pressed it. "Sukuriko" suddenly gasped, which he thought was a nice touch. Pushing up its shirt further, he noticed its nipples pushing up through even the tight bra it was wearing. A smaller raising underneath exactly traced where he recalled its areola from the previous night. He shuddered with excitement. Override successful! k3\/\/7 had said it was important to follow the directions exactly, but he'd done it himself. He smirked at the sheet with the instruction. He owned k3\/\/7 a lot, but she was unsufferably superior in her communications. Wait till he bragged about this!

Sukuriko struggled to get a grip on herself. She'd slowly struggled out of her stupor when he discharged something in her third node and she passed out. She only just started to come to when she felt his touch on her boob, which inexplicitly released a flood of discomfort from her satch so strong it was overwhelming. That in turn passed just in time for her to feel a strange chill on her belly, and suddenly she felt his hands on her like she'd never felt before. It was like her belly, only she knew it wasn't her belly, had turned into an incredibly sensitive erogenous zone, only without any of the painful sharpness her nipples had. He was holding her shirt up, which combined with her prominent front (though not quite so much as the fictional helmsgirl of the ship she had commanded not 10 minutes agone) prevented her from seeing what he was doing.

At super-human speeds, a vague memory surfaced. She did remember having felt it once before, when she was younger. The sensations pulled up the memories in detail. She'd been taken in to have a severe fear of snakes problem fixed, stemming from a freak incident where she had been bitten, regardless of the fact it proved more damaging to the snake. The waiting room had been lit in a dim but not dreary method that felt protected rather than spooky. The technician had been very kind, asking her to fill out the paperwork, which made her feel good. She was embarassed when he'd taken her back by herself and worked on her opened techincal panel, but he'd just smiled at her, and did something that put her into a gentle sleep. When she recovered, she was on her way back home, her fear of snakes completely under control.

She returned to the present with a start. Her body felt like a shock had gone through it, and her hyper-sensitive nipples suddenly stiffened, pushing against her bra. She cried out at the feelings so sharp they were painful. Her would-be-boyfriend dropped her shirt and she saw him turn back to the paper he had brought along. He started murmuring to himself. "'After you have opened the technician access panel, she'll likely quickly become aware of what you are doing and, once she gets her head on straight, try to stop you. Go straight to the systems menu and turn the motor intentions translation system off, or to zero priority. Next, disable the sexual defensive system from the same menu...' ... hmm. What I did worked, but I probably ought...."

He turned back to her, and lifted her shirt again. Sukuriko longed for more attention to the area on her belly, but she no more wanted it from him than she wanted to eat centipedes. Gritting her teeth, she shoved against the desk and fell out of the chair, scrambling to her feet. Her former boyfriend fell backwards with a start. They stood there, staring at each other. “Whoa.. uh..” he said intelligently, looking helplessly down as his direction sheet.

Sukuriko struggled to keep focused on her anger. She was frightened of how she felt. Last night was nothing compared to this. Her breasts felt like overfilled balloons compressed by her bra. Her nipples were like rocks, and, constrained by the same, pushed hard into their stiff base. Her fingers periodically twitched for the clip behind her back, even despite the company. Kyle spoke first.

“Woa… Sue… I was just… you know, horsing around,” he said. Emboldened by her silence, he continued “And you look so hot right now. Here… would you do me a real big favor? Let me at your screen, and I’ll set everything back.”

Even now, his request made her insides twitch slightly, the way a human guy’s might if he got a peek down the cleavage of the ninja trying to kill him. However, she still shouted “No!” and backed away as he stared to circle around the chair.

Frowning in impatient annoyance, Kyle said “Fine. You reset yourself to normal then. We can talk it out afterwards.”

Sukuriko paused for a second, then nodded sharply. She had to do something. She lifted her shirt and glanced down at the cool electric blue glow from the open panel. The screen header was hidden from her, and all she saw was a few lists and some sliders. She glanced up, an impatient “So what do I do” just forming on her lips just in time to see Kyle diving around the chair at her, his arm reaching for her panel.

She grabbed for his arms and fell backwards by reflex, the first more effectively than the second. They struggled against eachother, Kyle’s struggling to reach her belly, their hands repeatedly rubbing against her panel, causing lists to shift and flicker. She kicked at his feet and he leaned out of it. As he did so, he braced himself against her left breast, causing Sukuriko to cry out. The added pressure was too much to bear! She pushed weakly against him, struggling to get back some equilibrium against the overpowering feelings exploding from her chest.

“Oh? Like that, huh?” Both his hands now free, Kyle grabbed her breasts and squeezed.
“and this?”
“Stop it!”
“And what about…”
Kyle glanced down, and still pinning her with one hand, slowly reached down for her pants.

While Sukuriko wasn’t knowledgeable in modern robotics, and was completely confused by what was going on inside of her systems, some instinctual knowledge bubbled up from her subconscious. Somehow, she knew she was would malfunction completely if he touched her… there. That realization awoke her need for self-preservation, and her normally quiescent second node suddenly awoke and joined her first in suppressing her out of control third. With strength suddenly back in her arms, Sukuriko shoved Kyle away with a force several times what a human could produce. He flew backwards and his head hit hard and with a loud crack on the casing of the huge monitor. Still in a panic and filled with the need to escape, Sukuriko couldn’t make herself care, and she bolted out of the house.

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