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Chapter ONE: LOSS

Through the thunder and flash of destruction and chaos, screams and cries can be heard. People are running for their lives. Many more are praying. Out of those who are capable of moving on their own, some are desperate to find any survivor or survivors of this devestating attack on the eve of the Hope Parade Convention. Loud noises can still be heard in the distant. Sounds of guns firing and buildings being blown up give fear to those who are searching for loved ones. One particular individual, moving as fast as her legs can carry, is crying out for hers.

"Michael!" she shouts as she moves past the unstable debris, hoping for the better, but not preparing for the worse.

"Michael, please answer me!" calling out again "Please" tears are now falling down her dirt ridden face. Just then, a whistling sound catches her attention. She knows what it is and jumps to a corner to find cover.

*BOOM* Was the only thing that can be heard, followed by the frantic screams of those still alive or dieing. The girl slowly gets up, still viewing the mayhem before her, hoping her love is still alive.

"Please let me find him, Please me find him !" was all that came from her lips as she began moving again.

She calls out again "MICHAEL"

Suddenly, someone answers. Her head immediately snaps towards the right, desperately looking ahead, where the voice was heard.

"O-ver (cough) Here (Cough Cough)" Michael strained as he recognized the the voice calling out to him.

As she came to the origin of Michael's cries, her eyes and mouth began to widen, as the hands made its way to a position well known for people in shock. She begins to cry out.

"NO" with her hands still over her mouth. "NO, NO, NO, NO ....." was all she can say at the sight that befalls her.

There he was, trapped under tons of stone and metal, coughing what little little blood he may have in him, calling out to his girl.

"Hey Babe" he blurts out softly, trying to maitain a smile on his face.

Upon seeing that, the girl races towards him, trying very hard to free him from the wall.

"Wh What are you doing (cough cough)" Michael asked

"Saving you, I got to get you out of here and get you medical attention. I know I can move this wall. It should only take me a ......." she said loudly before getting cut off.

"STOP!!! (cough)" "Don't . . . Don't waste you battery. I'm done for" he exclaims, knowing his fate already.

"NO! NO, I can move this and get you to saf....." crying out before Michael grabbed her to motion her to stop.

"Leave it (cough)" saying in a weak tone "Even if yyyou can physically mmove the debris, I (cough) will not makeit far. You have to leave me" he command her while looking in her soft blue eyes, still forcing himself to smile.

"NO NO NO, I can't leave you! I Can't, I can't I can't" crying out as she knelt down beside him, brushing the dirt and blood from his face. "I can't live without you"

"Y Yes you can!" replied Michael "I lived a long and interesting life, filled with many ups and downs (cough cough cough), but ....(strain) but I accomplished things that others can (strain) only ddreamm of in thhree lifetimes. While I aam happy for those exxperiences (cough), you have not discovered these yet. You are starting your life now" michael stated, still looking into her eyes.

"But I need you!" replying back with more tears coming from her eyes "I can't do this, not without you."

"Yes you can" was the last thing he said before lifting his hand away from her to view what looked to be a palm pilot wrapped around his wrist. With a quick motion of his hand and a couple of strange voice commands, the tech band came to life, with components and tools sprouting outward. He then grab this one wire-like tool from its slot and let out a final code phrase. Upon hearing this, Nikki's head jerked slightly, and gain its composure again. Seeing that she was ready for his final act, he then insert the long metal end into her left ear and began making typing movements on the palm of his hands.

"Now (cough) this may hurt a bit" Michael warned Nikki before the final movement of his index finger.

Then suddenly, Nikki's face turned to pain as the mini screen and wire flashed like a car radio in the dark. Her facial expression was that of someone putting a load speaker right by their ear and blasting it at full volume. When it was over, her eyes shot open, followed by heavy breathing. Michael then looked her in the eyes again and said the last thing he can think.

"Now, I am with you all the time" he weakly stated before saying his final words "No matter what, promise me you will stay alive and see your life through"

With hearing this, Nikki nodded yes "I promise"

"I love yo..." was the last thing he said as the smile on Michael's face faded away.

Though the gunfight continued on, Nikki processors was too occupied with what just happened. Still crying, she did the only thing any sentient being would at a situation like this. She bowed her head down and held he love one tightly, grieving at her loss.


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