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Hi all, I hope you enjoy this story as much as I did making it! I had the pleasure of travelling around Europe last month and had some inspiration on my travels...and some time on trains to write almost all of this on my phone!

I really want to thank N6688 for doing an excellent job on all of the manips...I think they make the story that much more alive and tangible. Seriously, thank you N6688 (round of applause).

I also want to thank Evil Boo who was kind enough to supply us with some Photoshop help to make the pictures possible. Thank you Evil Boo!

Also, thanks to everyone who's read this (or parts of this) in advance. I always appreciate your feedback - It means a lot!



Mile High Club (T3SS4_M84U)

I waited patiently for the stewardess to fix my drink. I watched her hands delicately work a pair of tongs to pull at cubes from the ice-chest resting on the airline beverage cart. She then poured vodka and tonic over the ice cubes and swirled the drink in her hands. I knew it was a perfectly measured 50/50 ratio.

She handed me the drink, leaning over the beverage cart, her perky breasts straining against the thin latex of her shiny, cerulean blue uniform. The AirGlobal flight attendant attire consisted of a one-piece dress that zipped down the middle and porcelain white stiletto heels. The slightly stretchy fabric tightly hugged her skin, showcasing her athletic frame and well-endowed bosom and posterior.

She smiled politely, and with an almost unnoticeable pause, continued, "Sir, how will you be paying today?"

"Card." I replied, nervously spinning the rectangular piece of plastic between my fingers.

"Okay." She smiled again. Her face was brilliant, high cheekbones, large hazel eyes, creamy peach-white skin, long dark eyelashes, glossy pink lips, and a cute upturned nose. A small blue stewardess' hat gingerly guided her strawberry-brunette hair behind her ears and into a pony tail. She wore hardly any makeup, only having a hint of blue eyeshadow to match her outfit and a few touches of eyeliner to make her already vibrant eyes pop even more.

I knew she was too good to be true. I knew she was the product of a struggling robotics company who had put all of their efforts into faithfully creating synthetic companions designed to functionally mimic young, fertile human women. She was named Tessa, and she was the reason I was on this flight.

A September 22nd flight on AirGlobal was where I made my initial discovery. I was flying on the bargain airliner from Zagreb, Croatia to Aarhus, Denmark after leaving my hardware engineering position of the last five years. I had checked my phone inside one of my bags, excited to use the time on the flight to gather my thoughts and let my mind wander.

While on the flight, I quickly became enamored with the flight attendant serving myself and the other first-class passengers around me. She was efficient, friendly, energetic, bubbly, and most of all stunningly gorgeous. I swore her super-model face and runway body looked vaguely familiar, but I chalked it up to nerves and the several tequila-pineapples she had been feeding me throughout the flight. There was something unique about her, something that I couldn't quite put my finger on.

I watched her intently, making drinks, serving food, and chatting with other passengers. She moved around the cabin with measured grace and seemed completely un-phased by the few patches of mild turbulence we had encountered so far. Little did I know that a complex subsystem of gyroscopes, oscillation dampeners, and shock absorbers embedded within her toned thighs was working harmoniously to keep her balanced and functioning through the small bouts of turbulence.


I was completely taken away by her, going so far as to begin imagining a life with her where we would run away from reality together.

About an hour out from Aarhus, the cute stewardess, whose name I had learned to be Tessa, was in the back compartment of the small first class upper-deck, fixing a kettle of hot water. In my seat, nearest the back compartment, I could easily turn my head and watch the contours of her backside as she went along preparing various items throughout the flight. I couldn't remove my eyes from the roundness of her taught ass. Her glossy, smooth thighs were visible extending out the bottom of her excruciatingly tight, shiny latex number.

The kettle steamed. I watched her gently pick it up and turn around to place it on the mobile beverage cart. As she did so, the plane rattled and dropped violently. I was heaved upwards, my seat belt the only thing that kept me from careening into the ceiling of the plane. This pattern repeated itself several more times as the passengers erupted into fearful screams and shouts.

I looked back to Tessa to see if she was alright and found her anything but. She was lying on the floor of the plane face-up and un-moving. The kettle of boiling water had spilled over and was pouring off of the beverage cart and onto her stomach. Steam was almost exploding off of her as the super-heated water evaporated away.

I unbuckled and took a step towards her. I felt the telling signs of an oncoming patch of turbulence shake through the plane. I braced myself against the compartment frame as the plane again lurched violently down. I watched Tessa's inert body fly up in the air and slam back into the floor as the plane evened itself out. She hit the floor with dull metal THUMP that didn't sound quite right.

I came to Tessa's aide at the base of the cart. It was immediately apparent to me that something was wrong with her. Her eyes were stuck open, unblinking and lifeless. A strong acrid stench of burnt plastic filled my nostrils. I pulled the compartment's privacy curtain closed, so nobody else would see her like this; I feared the worst.

I looked down to her perfect narrow waist where the kettle had spilled. I was shocked. The boiling water had melted through the semi-elastic cerulean latex of her uniform to the skin below. Only, it wasn't skin that was visible below, it was some kind of plastic dermal layering that had also been melted through by the steaming water. I stared confusedly into the half-dollar sized hole just to the right of her navel that exposed a mess of frayed circuitry and wiring. The flight attendant who I had fallen so deeply for was some kind of robot!

I couldn't believe it. She seemed so real. She talked to me like a real person, never once giving me any indication of her true nature. I looked directly into her exposed abdomen again, this time noticing an assortment of blinking LEDs. Most were green or yellow, although a few blinked red feverishly. Little wisps of smoke emanated from her stomach cavity; several wires and input/output buses had obviously shorted out.

The curious part of me had my hands wander all over her body. It wasn't that I was aroused by the moment, well maybe slightly, but just legitimately curious about her construction and physical makeup. She was convincingly warm and soft, just like a real woman.

I let my hands move to her breasts where I partially unzipped the front of her uniform. Kneading them in my hands I noted how incredibly realistic they felt. Soft yet firm; supple and malleable in my hands. Through her outfit I could feel the small plastic caps of her artificial nipples. Now I was growing aroused.

I reached around and grabbed a handful of her exquisitely toned ass cheeks. They were soft, round, and buoyant; once again they felt just like the real thing.

I brushed my fingers through her hair. It was silky smooth and it felt very calming to run my hands through again and again.

Finally my attention turned to her sex. I slipped my fingers under the hem of her dress and, gently brushing against her inner thighs, moved my fingers up to her crotch. Her thighs were ultra smooth. Where they met I found the familiar folds of the female vagina. My fingers familiarized themselves with the robotic flight attendant's synthetic labia, clitoris, and vulva. There was no hint of dampness to her, so I licked mu fingers, allowing them to glide along quite easily. I probed in and along her yielding folds falling in love with her and her design more every minute.

I removed my hand from beneath her jumpsuit just as a loud BEEP emitted from somewhere deep within her plastic chassis. I slid backwards as she sat up, bending rigidly forward at the waist.

Her eyes lit up a brilliant electric blue and she stared directly forward, seemingly unaware or uncaring of my presence. Her breasts hung buoyant and supple, their roundness and fullness still at full display underneath the skin-tight stewardess outfit.

TM84U - underneath the skin-tight stewardess outfit.png

She began speaking, her voice seemed slightly tinny and perhaps had a bit of digital noise around the edges. Otherwise it was calm and serene.

"Avant Robotics Model No. T3SS4_M84U-122 emergency reboot sequence complete.

Previously loaded functional subroutines have been suspended. Self-Diagnostic functional subroutine is now operating.

Internal damage detected in abdominal processing cores APC_08 and APC_09.

All pertinent data-streams will be re-routed through APC-Auxiliary-Processing-Bus_01.

APC-Auxiliary-Processing-Bus_01 BOOTING...

APC-Auxiliary-Processing-Bus_01 BOOTING...

APC-Auxiliary-Processing-Bus_01 RUNNING...

Data streams APC-DS_22, APC-DS_23, and APC-DS_24 successfully migrated.

Abdominal processing cores APC_08 and APC_09 now offline.

Error report generated.

Diagnostic and repair session scheduled for 9-22-2048 at 2030 in AirGlobal Repair Bay 11."

Her head inhumanly pivoted and twisted mechanically for several moments as the ocular sensors embedded within her dreamy hazel eyes scanned every inch of her exterior.

She looked down into her exposed internals through the melted hole of her smooth plastic-elastomer synth-skin.

"Cosmetic damage detected in abdominal wall nodal mesh points J52 through L58.

Error report generated.

Diagnostic and repair session scheduled for 9-22-2048 at 2300 in AirGlobal Repair Bay 1.

Self-Patch Protocol AW-#112 LOADING...

Self-Patch Protocol AW-#112 LOADING...

Self-Patch Protocol AW-#112 RUNNING..."

Tessa rose to her feet, still oblivious of my presence in the corner of the compartment. Perhaps she couldn't notice me while in this self-diagnostic mode.

Regardless, she walked to the corner opposite myself and with a few precise taps opened up a well-hidden recessed wall panel. Once open, I saw her retrieve a fresh AirGlobal uniform and a large aerosol can.

She finished unzipping the latex dress to where it ended near her crotch. I watched her shimmy out of the silhouette-hugging outfit in pure bliss. The number was so tight in places she was forced to peel it off. If I hadn't already fully fallen for her, then this was surely the moment I did.

She stood idle for several moments with the old dress at her feet. Her buttocks was round, taught, and lively with youth. Her vaginal mound was visible too from behind, the delicate lips of her plastic pussy just peaking out beneath the junction of her long glossy legs.

Tessa then brought the aerosol can to the hole in her abdomen and sprayed a fleshy colored foam. After she finished spraying, I watched her set the can down and gently brush excess foam off off from her lithe midriff. She then span around to face my direction, where she still payed me no attention, before standing idle for what must have been about 30 seconds or so.

I watched the foam set during this time. It filled the space in her midriff and blended in with the rest of her stomach quite convincingly. The mark could easily be written off as some kind of scar if anyone were to ever point it out.

At the end of her idling she ran her delicate fingers over the newly set foam and smiled, obviously quite satisfied with its application. I watched her reach for the newly acquired flight attendant outfit and watched transfixed as she put it on. The piece must have been custom sewn for her dimensions - that was the only logical explanation for how easily the bot slipped into the AirGlobal uniform. It fit snuggly on her every contour, in every nook and cranny. I realized it wasn't leaving much for the imagination. Why was something this exquisitely high tech on an AirGlobal flight? They were notoriously the bottom of the bottom airliner when it came to reliability and consistency, but they did always pride themselves on having the friendlies "eye-candiest" staff in the skies.

I watched her zip the zipper up to the base of her slender neck. Her voice, still with a almost unnoticeable digital twinge began.

"Self-Patch Protocol AW-#112 COMPLETED.

Avant Robotics Model No. T3SS4_M84U-122 full functionality restored.

Previously loaded functional subroutines have been suspended.

AirGlobal-Stewardess-22_Tessa firmware subroutine LOADING....

AirGlobal-Stewardess-22_Tessa firmware subroutine LOADING....

AirGlobal-Stewardess-22_Tessa firmware subroutine LOADING....

AirGlobal-Stewardess-22_Tessa firmware subroutine LOADING....

AirGlobal-Stewardess-22_Tessa firmware subroutine OPERATING....

Unit will resume normal function in 10 seconds."

Tessa closed her eyes. I panicked, and tried running out of the compartment, unsure about how she would react to my presence. However, tripped on the beverage cart's wheel and fell hard onto the cabin floor. I rolled over, moaning, and tried to hurriedly rise to my feet. A pain in foot slowed me. I rose to one knee but couldn't bear to put enough weight on my opposite foot to rise.

I turned my head to face Tessa. She was staring at me intently. I smiled, mustering a chuckle. She tip-toed over to me and squatted down so our eyes were level. I watched her cock her head inquisitively to one side; her programmers sure knew how to program their bots to be as cute as possible. She put a gentle hand on my shoulder and parted her glossy lips, "Sir, are you alright?"

The slightly digitized edge to her voice was gone. I looked straight into her glowing hazel eyes, "I've never been better."

On my current flight, the stewardess-bot I knew to be Tessa handed me the card reader. It was about the size of pack of gum, maybe twice as thick. I put my card in and looked up, eyeing the robotic stewardess. She was staring back at me with her perfect little hazel eyes I knew all too well, her focus unwavering and slightly vacant.

I discreetly pulled a thunderwire adapter out of my sleeve and slid it into my palm. The cord was buried beneath my clothes, running down the length of my arm across my torso and into my pants pocket where it terminated in a smartphone which was running a home-brewed code injection application.

I feverishly waited for the display on the card-reader to change. The simple LED screen blinked again and again,




There was a brief pause and I stealthily jammed my thunderwire adapter into the reader's accessible data port. The readout changed.






The home-brewed code injection application was set to execute as soon as the thunderwire was plugged in. I had chosen the PROCESSING stage of a credit card verification procedure to execute because it was at this step that the robotic flight attendant wirelessly acted as a communications tether between the card reader and the plane's local server which kept track of the evolving inventory of the flight.

The synthetic stewardess' firewalls and robust security measures were easily circumvented with this process. She was willingly receiving data from the card reader, so I just had to pass a little extra information of my own alongside it simultaneously. I had rigged the application to vibrate my phone once if it executed successfully and twice if it failed or errored out.

My phone vibrated against my leg. I waited in sickening anticipation of a second vibration, but it did not come. My code injection had been a success and I would now be able to monitor and alter the sexy stewardess-bot's internal processes and behaviors directly from my smartphone. With sleight of hand, I unplugged the thunderwire adapter, handed her back the card reader and smiled. She smiled back alluringly, completely unknowing of what had just occurred and the control I now possessed over her.

I had taken a quick AirGlobal trip prior to this one to test my code injection application out. I back-doored into a busty red-headed flight attendant bot via the same process I had just used on Tessa. She was incredibly attractive, but didn't strike me the way Tessa had melted my heart. I downloaded every byte of data from her vast processing array and made written notes with timestamps of just about everything she did over the course of the three hour flight. After the flight, I studied the data I had downloaded and correlated it with my notes to build an understanding of the coding infrastructure AirGlobal was employing in their 1st class stewardess-bots.

It seems AirGlobal had purchased a couple dozen Avant Robotics T3SS4-M84U companion bots to operate as first class stewardesses on specific flights as a kind of beta test for roboticizing their entire flight staff. The USA's Federal Aviation Administration rejected the idea, but the European Aviation Safety Agency approved it, so long as they were allowed to vet the extra layers of software infrastructure that were placed into each unit by AirGlobal's software engineering team.

The entire operation was kept hush-hush and only a select few from the EASA, AirGlobal, and Avant were put into positions supporting the change. Why let the public and flight unions know of their secretive change? It could get in the way of millions in profits for the two companies and millions in kickbacks for the agency's senior staff.

I was shocked...and quite pleased that every T3SS4_M84U companion-bot purchased by AirGlobal had their high-end sexual performance suite still installed and hardware fully maintained. Only a few lines of code in the AirGlobal data overlay suppressed any activation of the seduction and intercourse subroutines from executing...a few lines of code that could easily be manipulated with direct control of the bot's system architecture.

I would use this blueprint of the bot's functionality to craft a specific set of coded instructions that would allow me to control her without anyone noticing. It took some serious digging, but on a fembot aficionado site on the deep-web, I was able to find the complete code library for the Avant Robotics line of T3SS4_M84U companion-bots. I used this along with the AirGlobal data overlay on the stewardess bots to write Tessa's commands to mimic the language of her AirGlobal data management system so even if taken in for repair the new code shouldn't be detectable with standardized diagnostic processes.

Along with her system data architecture, I was able to download and view the status, whereabouts, repair history, and flight schedule of every robot flight attendant on the AirGlobal staff.

I found the Tessa unit from my first flight almost instantly, and went about logging her each and every flight for the next two weeks. She mostly stuck to the same routes, a couple 4-6 hour jaunts across continental Europe. But, once a week she crewed a red-eye from Reykjavik, Iceland to Istanbul, Turkey. Looks like I would soon be taking a quick holiday in Iceland!

We were about three hours into the 23 journey from Reykjavik to Istanbul, and it had been about one hour since I had installed my custom program on my robotic flight attendant, Tessa. Everyone had been served their freeze-dried dinners and the cabin lights had dimmed. I looked around the first class cabin. It seemed like everyone had either fallen asleep or was well on their way.

I peered backwards, spying Tessa's tight rear unloading the waste plastic and paper of the passenger's meals into a trash bin built into the plane.

I watched her closely, alongside her instantaneous code readout on my smartphone. Looking at her alone it was difficult to find the patterns of her movement that would give away her true nature. However, with the aide of her instantaneous code readout, some of her robotic tells became apparent.

For example, during this mundane process of taking meal remnants from the waste cart and placing them into a trash bin, she set the cart and the bin as two anchor points in three dimensional space. Her precise system of actuators and motors would pivot her to these anchor points each time, and upon reaching an anchor point she would then interpolate the 3D spatial data from the anchor point to whatever specific item she was picking up or throwing away. Looking at her closely, you could tell that each movement was actually two separate movements performed back to back with an almost unnoticeable pause in between as the spatial interpolation software took over from the stored spatial anchor points.

I decided to have a little fun with Tessa. I changed the vector coordinates of her anchor point by a few feet to the left of the cart. The change took effect immediately and she grabbed the last piece of garbage and walked across to the compartment to her new anchor point. She paused, outwardly looking like a person lost in thought. I watched her interpolation programs error out again and again as they failed to find the trash bin required by her programming. Eventually her systems flagged the anchor point as faulty and re-established it to where it was prior and she resumed her task. She finished it quickly and tidied up the cart before sitting down in the compartments jump seat.

Immediately, a litany of power management subroutines scrolled onto Tessa's live code readout. With her connection to the plane's server she remotely turned on the inductive charging station built into the jump seat. The primary induction coil mounted within the seat switched on, creating an alternating electromagnetic field. Secondary induction coils embedded behind the cushioned synthetic dermal layering of her exposed lower thighs converted the power from the field into electric current. Her systems expertly routed the current to her two primary batteries, each located a little further up in her upper thighs.

She was at 89% and was just topping off her power level during a period of idle time. I had witnessed this same behavior from the red-headed stewardess bot on my reconnaissance flight; they never seemed to drop below 75% during a flight. Probably a safeguard in case of an emergency where they may be required to function for long periods of time with no access to power.

Tessa and her counterparts didn't have to use the inductive charging station to replenish their power reserves. A fail-safe power cord could be un-spooled from a camouflaged port in their lower backs allowing for manual charging. This rate of charging was much slower however, and the inductive system was used much more frequently. It's introduction had been one of the most popular new features on the T3SS4_M84U companion line, alongside the introduction of a robust improvisation behavioral subsystem.

I watched her charge for several moments. I saw her systems log my prolonged gaze and she queued up a flirty smile. She fidgeted in her seat slightly. A playful programmed behavior so she looked convincingly human whilst sitting down for extended periods of time. Her generous chest rose and sank with simulated breath; sitting here staring at her I still found it absolutely amazing she was a complex system of circuit-boards, wires, motors, and processors beneath her ultra-lifelike exterior.

I decided to tease the re-purposed sexbot's improvisation software by giving her durable systems a little test. The first thing I did was remotely access her motor functionality processing core and put a block on any command that would have her rise from her seat. Essentially, she would be forced to remain sitting down regardless of circumstance.

I executed this from my smartphone and got up to meet Tessa in the back compartment. I turned the several fans above my seat to full blast to make some noise. I then moved into the compartment and closed the privacy curtain.

Tessa looked at me, her pleasant face sporting a polite and friendly look. "Hello sir. Is there anything I can assist you with."

"Sure." I replied, "Can you please make me another tequila pineapple?"

Tessa smiled, "Of course sir. One moment please."

I then saw her fidget in her charging seat, unable to rise do to motor functionality restrictions I had imposed on her. I saw her systems queue her motor functions for her to get up and make the drink, but each time the command was immediately terminated. She sat on the edge of her seat swaying, fighting the code I had placed within her sophisticated data-banks. After about 50 separate attempts to stand up, her customer service protocols kicked up in hierarchical priority, noting that my request had yet to be performed or commented on after 30 seconds of idle service.

She looked at me, and with the same smile and voice as before spoke, "Of course sir. One moment please."

Hearing the same words spoken again made them sound much more artificial than they had originally. I had seen her vocal synthesis systems hastily choose the pre-programmed response from hundreds of options. Normally her reasoning & language processing bus would have not permitted her to speak the same words in such quick succession, but computational priority had been shifted away from this system as her backlog of failed movement attempts choked up her functional processing capacity.

After another 30 seconds of similar fidgeting and squirming in her seat, she ran an internal system diagnostic. This program quickly sorted through her vast quantities of efficiently stored and categorized data to conclude that her software was functioning perfectly and without error.

This result clashed with her main CPU's determination that some internal error must be responsible for her inability to attend to the passenger; this prompted Tessa to open up a direct data connection with the plane's server for assistance. However, I quickly blocked all of her outgoing signals and instead fed the server a looping piece of code that said the T3SS4_M84U flight attendant unit on board was functioning properly and well within designed parameters with constantly updating fictitious statistical data.

A couple minutes had now gone by without her fulfilling my request and her AirGlobal customer service protocols again jumped up in her processor's hierarchical priority, this time with escalated urgency. Still unable to move and without aide from the plane's server, Tessa's main CPU turned to her improvisation behavioral subsystem to solve her dilemma. Her rudimentary system decision trees and problem analysis matrices were immediately granted vast quantities of extra processing power that was normally reserved for other functions.

I was fascinated watching her code scroll by; the improvisation software was approaching the problem completely differently from how her pre-programmed standardized system architecture had handled it.

I was impressed with the solution it selected and even more impressed with its evolving verbal response. It built her sentences word by word with interlinked probability matrices that calculated the meaning and intent of her response. This was some pretty high level stuff for a slightly modified off the factory floor sex bot.

Facing me, she spoke with impressively convincing sweetness and compassion. "Sir. I'm currently unable to move from my seat at the moment. I'm sorry for the inconvenience."

I watched the words form sentences in her scrolling code before her vocal synthesizer could pass the digital information through her intricate series of oscillator tone generators and wave envelope algorithms to project the words out loud.

"However, if you are able to get me a cup,..." She continued, ..."the tequila, and the pineapple juice I would be more than happy to fix you the drink. This one will be on the house of course."

She smiled at me brilliantly, waiting for my response.

"Uhh sure...", I stammered, quite taken aback at the complexity and sincerity of her calculated answer.

"Okay then sir, the cups are behind you in drawer FC02, the tequila in drawer FC11, and the pineapple juice in FC08."

This was so surreal; her improvisation software had expertly analyzed the situation and come up with a novel solution!

"Please bring them to me when you are ready. Thanks!"

Then she resumed a default idling animation loop in her seat. Tossing her hair occasionally, rubbing her hands together, and shifting her weight from side to side. She stared at me, her long dark eyelashes blinking lazily.

I grabbed the cup and two bottles and brought them over to Tessa. I watched her quickly put the drink together. She handed the finished product to me and I looked down to take it. I noticed a huge bulge in the front of my jeans. I hadn't noticed the onset of the erection, but it was now heavy and stiff, straining the hem of my pants.

Tessa's eyes followed mine and she took a long look at my crotch. On her code readout I saw that her ocular sensors had recognized my erection and had passed the information along to her sexual performance bus. However, it was at this stage that the customized AirGlobal software overlay recognized the content of the information, intercepted it, and terminated the signal chain. So her sexual performance bus was operating, it was just being isolated by the AirGlobal software overlay.

I decided it was now or never and I made a small tweak to the AirGlobal software overlay by deleting anything and everything that related to Tessa's sexual function.

I set my drink down and squatted so I was at eye level with the spruced up sexbot. I grabbed her right breast through the thin blue latex of her uniform. It was soft and malleable in my hands, just as I had remembered.

With a puzzled expression, Tessa spoke, "Sir, you are not authorized to touch me. Please remove your hand or I will have to alert the authorities."

I wasn't worried about that. After all I had limited her ability to send data wirelessly. However, it still wasn't the response I wanted.

I navigated around her system architecture for a few minutes and found a native Avant setting that was turned on. The global setting was for T3SS4_M84U units that were to be used for commercial purposes that would not be utilizing their sexual performance buses.

A few lines of code later and I reapplied my hand to the same breast as before. She looked at me with the same puzzled look, "Sir, you are not authorized to touch me. Please remove your hand-hand-hand-hand."

She paused, blinking rapidly. In the silence I thought I could hear internal drives spinning up in intensity from behind her plastic chest.

"Sir, you are not authorized to touch-touch-touch-touch."

She paused again, her eyes glossy and un-moving. Her head twitched forcefully to the right, internal mechanisms grinding into their skeletal restraints.

TM84U - internal mechanisms grinding into their skeletal restrains.png

Facing away from me she yelled, "Mmmmhhmmmm! Sir, I love it when you touch me like that!" She pulled the zipper of her latex top partially down, exposing her smooth supple cleavage to me for the first time.

TM84U - Exposing her smooth supple cleavage to me for the first time .png

I lowered her volume levels to a 2/10 before she grabbed for my other hand and pulled it tightly against her opposite breast. I groped each breast firmly, savoring the contrast between her exposed synth-skin and the shiny latex of her dress. My phone was still in my hand, jammed against her artificial mammary.

She draped her delicate arms around my shoulders and pulled me in for a kiss. Her mouth tasted intoxicating, her saliva an artificial formulation including eucalyptus and mint that was very similar to the real thing, albeit fresh and subtly sweet.

I felt her teeth gnaw at my lips gently. For a moment I was scared of what would happen if she were to malfunction in this instant, but those thoughts quickly melted away as the sensations of her tongue against my own proved alarmingly arousing.

She moved a hand down to my crotch, and through the fabric of my jeans, began gently running her fingers up and down the length of my member.

I realized I was in an awkward position, half leaning against the seated android with the weight of my upper body pressing into her generous bosom. So, I pushed against her to re-position myself; her layers of elastomer, rubber, and silicone contoured around my hands and phone, the synth-skin of her artificial breasts yielding with exceedingly realistic integrity.

I pulled away from Tessa to stand up for a moment, and again her head snapped violently. This time it wrenched left; the sound of straining servo-motors filled the cabin. Her eyes crossed and she slumped to the side. She began playing with her breasts, her fingers deftly teasing the stiff plastic nipples still hidden behind the AirGlobal uniform.

"Mmmmhhhmmm! Oh USER! I love it when-when-when-when you touch me like that!"

Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she slumped further into her seat, her nipple play becoming lazier and lazier.

"Ohhhhh USER! I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I...."

I was wickedly aroused at her ever degrading robotic performance, but was equally frustrated that she was already malfunctioning so severely. I had calculated her processing capacity to be more than enough to run her sexual performance suite in parallel with the AirGlobal software overlay. I looked at my phone and immediately spotted the problem.

Right in the middle of her sexual performance bus' code were several hundred lines of random letters, numbers, and symbols. The alpha-numeric characters must have been accidentally typed in when my phone was pushed hard against her breast.

I looked at her again, she was motionless. Her eyes open and staring vacantly, her hands still clutching her shapely breasts.

"Oh fuck", I thought. The poor bot must have just totally choked on the glut of completely garbled information and failed to recover. The errant application overtaxed her processors until her whole system froze up.

I checked her status and she was still online, so I quickly deleted the useless string of characters and updated the file in her root path directory.

After about 30 seconds her eyes rolled back into their normal position, and she sat up in her seat. She had regained her convincing human imitation and looked at me, seductively licking her lips.

Note to self, do not enter complete alpha-numeric nonsense into the code folder of an application being actively used on a T3SS4_M84U companion bot.

I looked down at my phone and confirmed that her processing load had returned to nominal levels, well below her maximum sustainable computational capacity. I also un-did the software restraint that wasn't allowing her to stand up. I chuckled, "Sorry, I actually completely forgot about that one."

Tessa exploded up from her seat and pushed her manufactured assets into me. She ground her synthetic sex against the now aching bulge in my pants. I could feel her soft pliable lips bending through the layers of fabric. She breathily moaned in my ear, her sultry voice warm with desire. "Sir, I want you to fuck my tight little pussy so hard."

"Yes. But not out here"

I checked the status of the lavatory just to make sure it was empty, and it was. I grabbed her forcefully by the hand and pulled her into the lavatory, closing the door behind us in the small space.

The cheap airplane toilet bowl was partially filled with blue fluid. I went to instinctively flush it away, but got distracted as Tessa quickly fell to her knees and started pulling away at my jeans, carefully undoing the zipper and pulling them to the floor. She leaned back, letting me step out of them. I was incredibly impressed at her programmed courtesy and forethought.

My dick stood stiff in the air, and immediately Tessa attacked it, taking my entire length in her soft, warm rubber mouth cavity. She worked her strong synthetic tongue up and down my rigid member, pneumatically bobbing up and down with mechanical precision. Running my hands through her soft hair, and with my fingers gripping hard into her plastic-polymer scalp, I rammed myself deep down her throat. I pushed the back of her head into me again and again. I heard her gargle as I rammed myself down her artificial esophagus. Her programming was superb, her tongue quickly determining which areas were most sensitive for me, and targeting them with extra attention and nuance.

My phone was resting on the lavatory counter; I glanced down at it, watching Tessa's multitude of oral sex related programs operating in unison. Delicate sensors within her mouth had developed an iterative 3-dimensional model of my erection, and along with my dimensions she was also displaying instantaneous readouts of my blood pressure, heartbeat, and body temperature. It was somewhat bizarre knowing that she had all of this information about me, but from the way her software used the information to keep me on consistently on the precipice of orgasm, I was alright with it.

A couple times I nearly exploded into her synthetic mouth. Each time she would look up at me with wide inquisitive eyes, non-verbally asking me, "Well, should I?". Both times I whispered "Not Yet", and she had pulled back somewhat, allowing me to recover. The third time she escalated me towards orgasm I knew I wasn't gonna make it. So, I put my hands on her shoulders and pushed her off me.

She fell backwards, her head hitting the lavatory door with a THUMP. Her eyelids fluttered erratically for several seconds after the impact, but they soon recovered and she cocked her head to one side, "Mmmmhmm Sir...I love it when you treat me rough!"

She then spun around, laying on her left side. She tugged the zipper on her outfit down even more and ran her fingers over the exposed surface of her creamy, supple breasts. "So, what do you want to do with me?" She grabbed her breasts emphatically, "With these?!"

TM84U - She grabbed her breasts emphatically.png

"Get over here right now." I firmly responded.

"Mmmhmm yes sir!"

She crawled towards me, still on her side. It was obvious she was displaying her perfectly designed body off to me, all of it. Her skirt rode up as she crawled towards me and I saw her tight teal thong dewy with lubricant from her synthetic pussy.

At my feet, she finally stood up. She straightened her little AirGlobal hat and smiled playfully, simultaneously pushing her buoyant breasts together.

TM84U - Pushing her buoyant breasts together.png

I couldn't take it anymore. I had been dreaming about this for months and I was finally seeing my countless hours of planning come to fruition.

I grabbed Tessa and threw her up against the lavatory wall. The walls rattled and again her eyelids blinked erratically. I looked at my phone and watched as her software lagged, working through the series of minor signal errors her collision with the wall had created. Quickly and efficiently, her complex array of internal diagnostic applications, error loggers, and code injectors had remedied them all. I looked back to Tessa who was now staring at me with ferocious intensity, "Mm hmm Again!"

Riding the high of the moment, I followed her command, this time slamming her against the wall. The lights behind her eyes flickered on and off and her eyelids froze, one fully open and one closed. From behind twitching lips, a garbled digital noise emanated from within her. Her whole body convulsed, her tight snatch grinding into me seemingly on autopilot.

I grabbed her breasts and looked down to her code readout. Having both a physical connection and a peak into her robotic mind at the the same time was severely arousing. My member was as hard as it had ever been, poking under her the skirt of her dress into the lacy thong barely covering the flushed lips of her synthetic sex.

On the screen, I again watched her array of internal diagnostic applications try to remedy the litany of minor software and hardware alerts that now plagued her system. This time however, the error loggers and code injectors weren't working so quickly and efficiently. I saw them mistakenly reroute signal paths through completely erroneous subsystems and unintentionally patch the same error again and again and again. It was almost as if her systems were trying to patch her up and get her back up and running as fast as possible. I wondered if her improvisational subsystem was the cause of this glitchy behavior, working outside standard repair subroutines to get her functioning as quickly as possible.

Whatever the case may be, her main CPU realized there was a problem and activated her vast series of parallel functioning auxiliary processing units. I watched on my phone as red indicators flashed. Her current processing load was now well above her maximum sustainable computational capacity. Several of her main processing cores were overclocking themselves as well, a full scale computational assault aimed at resuming functionality immediately.

I could feel the auxiliary drives within her boot up, her whole body slightly abuzz as every processor roared in unison. The error list was quickly eaten away at as patches were issued, signal paths were re-opened, and behavior trees were optimized.

I looked back at Tessa, her face had resumed a neutral expression. I looked downwards. Beads of her expertly formulated lubricant streamed down her leg. I could smell the distinctive heady notes of the arousal fluid that glimmered in the artificial light of the lavatory.

Before I could look up, her hands enveloped me. She ripped her thong off, tossing it aside, before grinding into me. Under her short latex skirt, the tip of my dick easily found the warm, wet entrance to her synthetic vagina. I pushed inwards gently, soaking in the blissful feeling of her hot, tight artificial pussy pulsing around my throbbing member.

I pulled out and pushed in again, this time faster. I could feel her little plastic clit grinding against my groin. I breathed heavily and she moaned, "Ohhhhhh Sir, I needed your big dick inside me so bad! Mmmhmm!"

I kept pumping in and out of her, our bodies making slight slapping noises with each insertion. I could feel the mechanized elastomer bands of her vaginal walls constricting and relaxing up and down the length of my shaft.

I yanked the zipper down on her latex top, breaking it off as I bottomed it out. I breathed into the delicate audio sensors embedded in her cute plastic ear "Take it off."

She just nodded her head and leaned back slightly, still allowing me to penetrate her over and over. I watched her movement performance bus struggle with the calculations, and with mechanical progression she peeled the sleeves of the latex number off and tossed it aside. To the right of her navel, I spotted the slight tell of her previous malfunction and repair session; the tone of her replacement skin in the half-dollar sized circle was several shades lighter than the rest of her magnificent torso.

Her round breasts bounced realistically with my each push deep into her little sexbot mound. I grabbed hold of them, feeling her hard plastic nipples, stiff and fully engorged. They were tiny, pink, and almost certainly the most artificial looking part of her otherwise strikingly realistic body. I pinched one hard, watching it deform in between my fingers. Tessa squealed and pushed her face in to kiss me, but I resisted, pushing her away. Instead I took her other plastic nipple in my mouth and bit down on it. Tessa squealed again. I moved my tongue around the engorged synth-skin delicately, giving attention to the sides and tip individually. Tessa's grinding grew more erratic during this, her thrusts just barely becoming out of sync with my own. I looked at my phone and saw her processing loads were well above her designed specifications. I pulled my mouth and hand away from her nipples and watched her sensory processing bus dip in data consumption. Her grinding immediately readjusted itself, and once again she timed her pushes into me with perfect synchronicity of my own thrusts.

I pulled her skirt up so the back of it was fully above her round ass cheeks. I reached around and grabbed a hold of them, digging my fingers into their spongy softness. I decided to change our position and lifted her up against the wall. Her sexual programming instinctively recognized the position and wrapped her long athletic legs around my back. I pushed into her, harder and deeper than ever before. I felt a tiny tremor run through her as I bottomed out inside her. "Oh!" she muttered. I pulled out and did it again, "Ohh! Sir, I love it when you fuck me like that!"

We kept this up for several minutes. Sometimes we kissed, other times I pulled back to watch her breasts jiggle as the tremor of me maxing out her tight plastic pussy rattled her carbon-fiber frame. Her rubber snatch was hot and slippery, I glided in and out of her with unfathomable ease again and again.

Her breathing increased, her bucking became more erratic, and her vaginal walls pulsed around me with increasing levels of pressure. I took this to mean she was approaching orgasm, and I began speeding my pumping ever so slightly to aid in this.

"Wait!" She exhaled, "Put me down. I want to try one more thing with you."

I obliged and set her down, removing myself from her intoxicating sex for the first time since I entered it. She then pivoted and began grinding her ass into me. The firmness of her shapely cheeks felt good against my erection, which was glossy with her lubricant.

She turned her head around to face me and smiled devilishly. Then, in an incredible display of flexibility, she bent forward at the waist and grabbed the insides of her shins. This new position provided me an amazing view of her taught ass and her dripping robotic pussy.

I pushed in deep, my hardness and her wetness allowing me to penetrate her tight folds with ease. I grabbed the sides of her hips and pulled her into me, her pussy convulsing around me. It was almost too much, but I was able to pull out, using the tip of my erection to tease the elastic lips of her vagina.

She was panting now, "Uugghh Sir! Put it back inside me!"

"Yes mam!" I replied, and thrust deep into her.

"Ughhhhh" she moaned, trembling with simulated arousal and desire.

I kept my stiff member inside of Tessa for several moments, feeling her series of elastomer actuators pull, grind, twist, expand, and contract around my dick.

"Mmmmhhmmmm Sir!! What are you doing!? I'm so hot for you! I'm so close-close-close..."

The plane rattled harshly. I felt Tessa's internals shake, it felt oddly inhuman and was an incredible turn on.

"....close-close-close to coming for you!"

Her folds were hot, still expertly contouring to every curve of my bulging erection. I was nearing my own orgasm as well, thrusting deep inside the expertly tuned companion bot with pneumatic repetition.

Hitting another patch of turbulence, the plane again shook violently. I lost my balance and fell into Tessa, putting my weight onto her rear and back.

Her balance fared no better than that of my own however. Her shock absorbers errored out under the duel nature of my extra weight and the shaking plane. Her oscillation dampeners failed to actuate and her complex gyroscopes malfunctioned, unable to differentiate up from down.

She collapsed to the ground, face on the floor and ass in the air. I was still on top of her, somehow I was still inside of her. The turbulence had brought me somehow even closer with her than before. I could feel her plastic pussy grabbing at me as her orgasm sequence began firing. I was on the absolute brink, my head was swollen and I could feel convulsions beginning to run down my length.

"MmmmHhhmmm!! Sir-sir-sir..." Her voice hitched, "I've never felt-felt-felt-felt this good before!"

A third bout of turbulence then rocked the plane. We were thrown about the lavatory, into the walls, against the floor, against the door. I heard servo-motors within Tessa's lithe torso strain, fighting to keep my soon to climax member inside her taught, wet pussy.

This bot was an absolute sexual dynamo. A marvel of human engineering, executing her primary task brilliantly whilst undergoing an onslaught of system errors and uncontrollable environmental factors.

I felt her hot, slippery walls flex around my stiff erection again, tighter and sexier than ever before. My convulsions were rising too. Together we sat on the absolute precipice of a dream-inducing shared orgasm.

It all became too much and I exploded into her hot, wet, plastic cunt. I felt her sex tremble around me, her artificial vagina erupting with hot lubricant. She was bucking wildly, her sleek inner thighs quaking, and her vocal synthesizer cooing and moaning.

My pumps into her slowed as our parallel orgasms slowly waned, my vision was murky and unfocused. The plane kept shaking, more violently than before. Caught up in the haze of the best climax of my life I idly watched as my smartphone slid off the lavatory counter and right into the toilet. SPLASH. A few small blue rivulets of cleansing solution splashed onto the ersatz porcelain seat.

I slowly began emerging from the fogginess of my orgasm, realizing the severity of what had just happened. I crawled past Tessa towards the toilet. She smiled at me, a look of contentedness evidenced in the corners of her smile. Her captivating artificial body was still fully on display, seemingly glowing from our shared experience. She seemed okay so far.

Still too dazed to care, I reached my hand into the toilet and fished around for my phone. I found it and pulled it out from the blue liquid. The screen was still on, a good sign I thought. I wiped away the remaining rivulets of blue cleanser from the screen, and taking a better look immediately panicked. My home-brewed code injection application was glitching, erroneously filling Tessa's volatile memory with complete gibberish. I tapped at the screen to stop the flow of randomized data into her delicate software architecture. It was unresponsive. I tried to hard reset the phone, but it was unresponsive to that as well. I pulled the battery out of the phone, hoping to limit the damage.

I looked back to Tessa. She hadn't budged, but her face-plate was now twitching uncontrollably. I could only imagine what kind of effects the random assortment of data was having on her software's ability to pilot the hardware that was her complex synthetic body.

I swore I could see a hint of fear in her eyes as her face continued to scrunch up and release unnaturally. I could hear drives within her spinning up in a frenzy, the sounds of several cooling fans embedded within her joining in on the droning sound. I heard the cackle of electricity and several pops. I feared the worst. The strong acrid smell of burning plastic and singed electronics quickly consumed the lavatory. I watched wisps of smoke rise up from her parted lips. Her eyes were crossed, and she looked very confused. I knew in this moment that Tessa was finished, her components utterly fried, her logic circuits shot.

I snuck out of the lavatory. Nobody was in the compartment, thank goodness. I finagled my way into closing the lavatory door from the outside while keeping it locked. That should bar anyone from discovering her literal smoking body before the plane touched down.

I pushed through the privacy curtain and sat down in my seat. I looked around carefully. Everyone seemed to be exactly in the same spot they had been before I had gone on my little adventure. Maybe, just maybe I could get away with this one. --- --- Several months later I watched her come up for sale on a hard to find secondhand auction website. The seller was a subsidiary of AirGlobal's, and after reading through the specs and dimensions of the T3SS4_M84U for sale it was obvious that it was my Tessa.

I put in a bid for $45,000. It was $10,000 higher than the next closest bid, but this guaranteed the purchase. Within a few hours I had hammered out all of the shipping details and would be having the Tessa unit delivered to my flat the following week.

Her technical report specified her malfunction, stating that every processor had been replaced or refurbished in some fashion or another. Her code had been completely reformatted and reinstalled. Apparently she was fully functional, but her newly updated software and hardware were unable to properly function with the AirGlobal coding overlay. This had prompted them to sell her off, as she was presenting more trouble than she was worth.

The following week there was a knock at my door. I opened the door expecting to see a massive box on a dolly delivering her to me. However, when I opened it, it was a total surprise. There stood Tessa right in front of me, dressed fashionably in civilian clothes, beaming her brilliant smile, "Sir, I believe this is my new home?"

Grinning through my teeth I replied, "Oh, yes it is. Yes it is, Tessa."

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