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It had been one of those days. You know, we've all had them, where nothing goes right, from the first opening of your eyes in the morning. It was 4:35 and I couldn't wait for the clock to hit 5:00, time had stopped for me. The only thing redeeming about today was the fact that it was Friday, and I had a great weekend ahead of me. Myself and a few of the guys at work are going to head up to a cabin that is owned by on of the management team here at work. But not only are we going up there with several cases of beer but we also managed to get enough money together to rent three Synthgirls, Terri, Janis and Samantha for the weekend. Sure they weren't human, but they had all the stuff that myself and my friends were interested in, plus they we're great to party with, they didn't drink your beer, you could change their programming, and they basically did what ever you wanted.

What's crazy is that it's just us guys for the most part, except for the fact that my friend Steven has to take his girlfriend along, her plans were canceled for the weekend. So now she's with us. We decided it would be best if she didn't know we rented three synthetics, it certainly wouldn't be good for Steven since the only reason people rent those types of machines is for a good time. We just told Synthgirls to have the girls programmed for real mode, that the standard human programming that all the girls have, no sexual instigation unless their programming is changed out. This way Steven's wife Lara wouldn't know that the girls were just machines. We'd switch things up after she went to bed or after we got her totally drunk and she'd pass out.

4:58 and my foot was already out the door, and off to pick the girls up. I had the pleasure of doing that since I was the only one with good credit. It's amazing how much these girls cost if you mess them up. Insurance per day for one is $650.00 plus the additional $2300.00 per unit per day. So needless to say this was an expensive weekend. And the clock starts as soon as their foot leaves the Synthgirls front door.

I pulled into the Synthgirls front lobby, and entered into the amazing offices. It was like walking into every mans dream, technology everywhere, flat screen televisions, holographic imagining units and of course synthgirls or maybe some real walking around everywhere. I would imagine mostly synthetics. Who would pay to have real girls work in your office when you own the company that makes artificial girls? I was greeted almost instantly when I walked up to the counter by a knock out blond, named Linda from her name tag. She turned and asked "Yes, can I help you", I informed her that I was to pick up three synth models for the weekend, "Name sir" she replied, I just pulled out my ID since that was easier since she was going to ask for that anyways. She went to grab my ID and exposed the palm of her hand, I noticed that she just like the other synths I'd seen had a small line around her wrist. This was where the actual body parts attached, so if something went wrong they could easily just replace on part. It wasn't to obvious you really had to look for it to notice it, most of the time it just looked like a shadow or wrinkle in the skin. I gave her my ID and she did her little thing, tapped a few keys and gave it back to me "Thank You, your order will be up shortly, you can wait over by the receiving area".

I knew that the last time my buddy order just one girl it took almost 45 minutes to prep her and explain how to operate her different functions. Word has it that now the girls come with a one word programming and help. They actually tell you how to reprogram them. I had been waiting almost 15 minutes, really didn't matter to me since they were running classics on the flat panels, I've always loved Star Trek, especially since they just re-released it for it's 300th anniversary. I was approached by a woman or synth, "Your order is ready sir, please follow me", she said. I got up, hesitantly hoping to catch just one more photon torpedo launch... but I got up and followed her.

She led me to a room with a leather couch and a few chairs, there was also a table and a desk. The desk had a small holographic computer on it. The walls were decorated with old photos of previous versions of the synthgirls. There was another door opposite to the one that I entered. The door opened just as the other girl shut the door behind me and in walked Terri, Janis and Samantha, I recognized them from the catalog that we ordered them from. Good lord they were so unbelievably good looking, perfect in everyway. I'd never been with a girl as hot as any of them, even if they weren't real, I still was nervous. Terri walked over to me, "Hi, you must be Kevin! I'm Terri, it's so nice to meet you. This is Janis." Janis walked up to me and kissed me lightly on the cheek "Hi Kevin, I've really been looking forward to this weekend. Sounds like a lot of fun, going out into the wilderness and all." The final girl walked over to me, I actually picked her out, it was Samantha. She was drop dead gorgeous, the perfect girl for me, tall, not too skinny, brunette, a little tan but not to tan, and the best body I've ever seen. I felt like passing out, just knowing what this weekend had in store for me with this robot. It was just crazy to look at her and know that there was just programming running her. Samantha came over to me and held her hand out, I went to reach for hers when she grabbed my hand and pulled me in towards her and whispered into my ear "I'm programmed for you Kevin". I felt weak in the knees, thank god she... it was still holding onto me, because I almost fell to the floor. She pulled away and asked, "Are you okay Kevin?" I felt so embarrassed, that I had almost fell down from the touch from a robot. I retook my stand barely, to see that there was one person in the room who I really didn't notice. It was a technician from the looks of his jacket that read "Synthgirls: Technician".

Hi, Kevin I'm Tom, I'm going to tell you everything you need to know about Samantha, Janis, and Terri.

Okay Kevin, this is the remote device that controls each of the girls.

Tom handed me a small device that looked like a pen there were several rotating switches and a few buttons along the side.

Okay Kevin, everything you need to operate the girls in held within that device. Don't worry if you lose it or break it, you can still program each one of the girls with voice activation programming. It just takes a little longer since you have to listen to the menus completely before making a selection.

Okay, hold the device in your hand and now turn the top section, I grabbed the device and turned the section on the pen like device to the left.

Janis said aloud "Janis unit responding, awaiting command"

I flipped the section again, one more click to the left.

Terri said aloud "Terri unit responding, awaiting command"

Tom said this is how you toggle between the girls. Now turn the bottom section of the device.

I turned the top one more time.

Samantha said aloud "Samantha unit responding, awaiting command"

Then I turned the other section one click to the left.

Samantha stated, "engage mode"

I turned the section one more click to the left.

Samantha stated "persuasive mode"

Tom then said to activate a programming model, click on the button below the toggle knobs, this will then activate that programming.

I instantly clicked on the button.

Samantha stated "engaging persuasive programming mode. Please identify target and name."

Tom interrupted and said, "okay, she wants you to point to a target or identify yourself as to she should respond to, also you need to give the name of the person."

I pointed to myself of course, and stated my name.

Samantha's eyes glowed and a beep came from her. Tom stated "The beep simply means that the programming is activated. Well Kevin that's all there is too it. If something happens to one of the girls just shut them off, that's another programming mode. Have fun Kevin, here's my direct number if you have questions." with that said Kevin left.

I looked over to see that Samantha was running her finger through her hair, and looking at me very sensually.

Kevin shut the door we were all alone, so I thought to myself what the hell.

I walked over to Samantha.

Kevin: You look incredible, Samantha. Did I ever tell you that?

Samantha: I don't think you ever have Kevin, your not to bad yourself."

Samantha, stepped in towards me and slowly reached her hand up and touched my face, she then pulled her hand down.

Samantha: You had an eyelash on your cheek. You know what they say when you find an eyelash, you make a wish.

Kevin: What are you going to wish for?

Samantha: That you'll kiss me.

With that, I put my hand behind her neck and slowly looked into her eyes, and kissed her, she responded to my kiss by opening my mouth and sliding her robotic tongue into my mouth. It was just as real as kissing any other girl, I was really excited to see what the deal was with kissing these machines but I couldn't tell the difference, besides there being a pleasant mint taste after she entered my mouth with her tongue.

My heart almost popped in my chest, when I finally felt her warm body up against mine. First her breasts pushed up against my chest, I felt them push aside as she squeezed me ever so tighter. She continued to kiss me passionately, so I decided to move my hand from her head to her back and then continue down to her jean line. Her back arched a little as I touched it, when my hands reached the Jean line her hips took the full figure of a woman, the skin that was exposed because of her short top felt so real to the touch I almost forgot that she was machine. By now I could literally hear my heart in my head and instead of having a heart attack right there and then, plus not to mention the fact that my member was rubbing up against the zipper in my pants, I decided to put a halt on my activities with the beautiful machine.

Samantha: What's wrong Kevin? Did I do something wrong?

Kevin: No, no not at all Samantha, we have to get going. We have to make it to the cabin by nightfall.

Samantha: Oh, well lets get going then. It's just that you got me so damn horny now, you can't just kiss me and then do that.

I looked over at Janis and Terri they were both just standing there. I forgot I really never did anything to them after I met them. I grabbed the remote and turned the section till Janis responded then rotated thru the command modules, I set her on standard interaction, and then did the same with Terri. Even though I didn't get a chance to even find out what all the modes do. That sounded like the safest one at this point.

Come on you guys lets go, I walked towards the door and Terri, Janis, and Samantha all followed me in their own way. Samantha still pulling off this really slutty walk, the other two walked like professional business women.

I have to say having three gorgeous women in my car at the same time was quit a thrill.

Kevin: One and a half hours and we'll be there, at the cabin that is. We have to make a quick stop at the grocery landing to pickup some food but other than that we're clear sailing.

Samantha: That's great, I can't wait. It sounds like so much fun. I've never been... in the wilderness.

Kevin: Not to ruin the moment Samantha, but can you tell me a little about your programming modes. I need some help here? Is that cool? If not I und.....

Right in mid sentence Samantha interrupted

Samantha: Sure things Kev, is it okay if I call you Kev?

Kevin: Sure Samantha that's fine.

Samantha: Okay Kev, so you want to know about me. Well I'm a Synth Model Samantha 982x, you knew that of course since you ordered me. All of us have the same core programming just different body molding. So Janis and Terri would react almost the same way that I do on the same setting of course. I have several programming settings would you like me to group them or explain them one by one.

Kevin: Um... just group them I guess, I sounds like there's a lot. I'm sure I'm only interested in two or three of your programs.

Samantha: Okay, most men, especially since you rented me for a weekend you might want me to talk about my female modules first. Sorry if I'm being a little forward here but that is why you rented and choose the clothing you did correct?

Kevin: Well it's going to be a fun weekend with two other single guys so I guess so can say you hit the nail right on the head.

Samantha: Great Kev, here's a run down, stop me if you're interested in any details. My sexual programming consists of 12 different programming modes.

  • Heterosexual female companion, standard female interaction with male guest.
  • Bisexual female companion, standard female interaction with dual sexes.
  • Lesbian female companion, standard female interaction with a female guest.
  • Family member, standard incest interaction with male or female guest.

Kevin: Stop, wait... tell me more about that program, Samantha.

Samantha: Sure thing Kev. The family member programming allows me to take on the role of being a family member usually because of my mold appearance in age this is usually the position of a sister. However I'm fully capable of taking the role of a mother or grandmother. Many guest enjoy this programming taboo, you might too. Do you have a sister Kev?

Kevin: Yes, as a matter of fact I do. She's two years older than I. Wow, I remember when I was a teenager going thru puberty how bad I wanted to just sneek in her room and take her. I always used to sneek peeks at her thru the vent from her room to mine. There were times where I swear she knew I was watching and she would start to pla.... wait a second. You don't need to know that, so what do you do.

Samantha: Well every encounter is different, so I'm unable to tell you exactly what would happen if you ran that program. Would you like me to continue.

Kevin: Sure thing, but I think I really like that one.

Samantha: Okay, well then there's also the dominatrix programming which is the standard dominatrix interaction with a guest.

Twin sex, this is unavailable at this point since you only rented one of each model.

Role Reversal, this is unavailable at this time since you did not rent the extra equipment needed to transform my sexual organ into a males organs.

Transgender sex, this is unavailable at this time.

Kevin: Are there any other available programs right now?

Samantha: No, the rest of the programs require additional hardware and equipment to complete the programs.

Kevin: That's fine you can stop then right now.

Samantha: Is there anything else you would like to know?

I grabbed the remote out of my bag and then turned the knob three times.

Samantha stated aloud "Samantha unit responding, awaiting command"

I then turned the secondary knob.

Samantha started to run thru the programs but stopped mid sentence since I was switching the knob so fast.

Samantha: engage m... persuas... hetro... bise... lesbi... family member

I click the activation button below.

Samantha's eyes glowed and then I heard a beep.

Samantha: Please state family member position?

Kevin: Sister

Samantha: Please state age?

Kevin: 21

Samantha: Please state family members name?

Kevin: Julie

Samantha: It's going to be so much fun little bro, hanging out with you and your friends. I can't wait. I hope you have lots of alchohal because I feel like getting crazy tonight. Are any of your friends as cute as you? They'd better be or else?

Oh my god, this is crazy. She's like, well she is my sister now. This is just to wild. I was still in shock how wild their programming is and that they could just react that fluid. I'd heard that these machines were really good with conversation, but I had no idea.

Kevin: Uh... well there's going to be plenty of alcohol, maybe if you drink enough my friends will look good to you.

Samantha: (laughing)... I don't think you have enough alcohol.

Kevin: They're not that bad looking geez!

Samantha: Well if they were you wouldn't need to bring these two stiffs along with us. I can't belive they're machines. They look so real.

Kevin: Hey wait a minute Sa..m.... er Julie.

She didn't acknowledge her self as being a robot. How wild. This is just crazy.

Kevin: Yeah, I know wild huh? Here why don't you see if you can get them to do something sis. Here's the thing they gave me to control them.

Julie: I know it's a bachelor party and all but robotic girls, I mean really.

Kevin: Well Jul for your information they're safe, clean, and they're cheap compaired to renting real girls.

Julie: Well it all seems strange to me, I mean look at this one just looking at me.

Julie/Samantha reached back and pushed her finger into Janis's face then moved her finger down towards her chest and touched the robots breast.

Julie: Wow, well they certainly feel real, I hope they're worth the buck lil bro. How do I work this thing.

Julie/Samantha held the device and then turned it once to the left.

Samantha stated aloud "Samantha unit responding, awaiting command"

She dropped the remote control. Oh my god, she just turned herself off. I grabbed the remote and then just clicked on the activation button.

Julie's eyes glowed and I quickly put the remote back in her hands.

Julie: Hey, how do you work this thing.

Kevin: Give me that, before you break it. Why don't you try voice activiation. I think you just say their name three times and then say command.

Julie put the device on the seat and then turned around and looked at one of the other synths, Terri to be exact.

Julie: Terri, Terri, Terri, command.

Terri said aloud "Terri unit responding, awaiting command"

Julie: Now what?

Kevin: Why don't you tell her to go to family mode.

Julie: Terri, goto family mode.

Terri's eyes glowed and then I heard a beep.

Terri: Please state family member position?

Julie: Um, Sister

Terri: Please state age?

Julie: Wow, I've always wanted a younger sister. How about 18. She could pass for 18, right bro?

Terri: Please state family members name?

Julie: hhhmmm, what do you think Kevin, what should we name our new robotic sister (laughing)

Kevin: How about Kari?

Julie: No how about Corbi, I've always liked that name.

Kevin: sure why not.

Julie: Name is Corbi.

Corbi: Shouldn't you be wearing your set belt, Julie?

Julie: Wow, this is just crazy Kevin did you hear it?

Kevin: Yeah I heard it, maybe you should turn around and put your seat belt on.

Julie: Hey you back there, Corbi? You know you're a robot right?

Corbi: Huh, she's the robot. (pointing over to Janis) I think it's cool. Look have either of you guys looked at her. Your boy is in for a real treat, bachelor party and all, you did tell him that we're bring this robotic girl right.

This was amazing, how could I ever take these robots back they're so amazing.

Corbi: Hey does mom know we rented this robot?

Kevin: No and if she did I'm sure she'd have something to say about it.

Julie: Oh yeah, lets just forget this ever happened. Mom could never find out.

Julie: Damn I seemed to have pulled a muscle in my neck when I turned around. You and your seat belts Kevin. Corbi can you reach up around the seat and see if you can work it out.

Corbi unsnapped her seat belt and lend forward, brushing her long blond hair to the side. She reached her arms around the seat and slowly put them on the other robots shoulders. Corbi started to massage Julie's shoulders very softly at first.

Julie: Oh, yeah. That's it just a little to the left. Oh that's it right there. Oh that feels so good.

I started to get aroused just listening to these two robots interact with each other. It was like they were actually human, a neck ache. How cool.

Julie: Wow, she's really good Kevin, you think they program them to massage like that or what? You should try this.

Kevin: Hey I don't think we should talk like that to her, lets just play along.

Julie: Whatever Kevin.

Corbi: How’s that Julie?

What I couldn’t figure out is how did Corbi know Julie’s name? But then I remember seeing a video how these robots were being used in restaurants for serving food and what not. They communicate between each other with a wireless connection. So if you have two synthetics they can work with each other or share processing power. It was truly amazing seeing this work right in front of my eyes.

Julie: That’s great sis, thanks.

Julie reached up and with her left hand and grabbed held Corbi’s left hand.

I felt like taking off with all three of them by myself instead of even showing up at the cabin. By now I was just so horny, I don’t think I’ve ever felt like this before in my entire life. And now I’m feeling this way about two machines, the whole scenario was really strange. Maybe that’s why I was so turned on.

All I knew is that I was making incredible time, I was speeding like a mad man. I guess I really wasn’t paying attention to speed but just the girls. I’ve never been to this cabin, and I’m pretty sure that it’s got an out-house for a bathroom. I decided long ago that I was going to stop at the new million dollar shit house/park that they created along the interstate for a pit stop. I pulled onto the exit ramp, and started to head in towards the park.

Julie: Wow, this place looks cool. Look the flowers over there.

Corbi: What are we doing, this isn’t it is it?

Kevin: No, I’m taking a pit stop.

Julie: Huh?

Kevin: I have to go to the bathroom. Duh.

Julie: Oh, okay. (laughing)

I stopped the car and then opened the door and stepped out onto the artificial grass. I didn’t see any reason to use artificial grass in the parking lot, what a waste of money. I then heard the passenger door open.

Julie: Come on Corbi, let’s go pick some flowers.

I instantly got nervous, what if something happened to them out here. Jesus, I reached back into the vehicle and grabbed the remote control. Julie and Corbi were both already outside walking towards the flower bed.

Great now I wasn’t going to be able to take the nice relaxing release I was looking forward too. I walked over to the both of them and touched Julie’s shoulder who was already kneeling over picking some flowers, that I’m sure was illegal but what the hell.

Kevin: Julie, I’ll be right back. You guys stay right here because we need to get back on the road fast.

Julie: Sure thing.

I felt somewhat relieved at least they seemed really into the flowers. I ran over to the mens room and entered a stall and took care of my business as fast as possible. I washed my hands and then ran back outside to see the two sitting on a picnic table ripping the flower petals off.

I approached, behind Julie and put my hands on her shoulders.

Kevin: You ready sis?

Julie: Sure thing, we’re just playing he loves me not.

Kevin He loves me not? Who do you love?

Julie: I can’t tell you! That’s a girls secret.

Corbi: (laughing)

My heart started to pound inside my chest instantly.

Kevin: Oh come on you can tell me, I’m your bro. If you can’t tell me who can you tell.

Julie: That’s exactly why I can’t tell you, you’re my brother.

Oh god, I can’t believe this is happening. I know she’s just a machine but I’m starting to believe in the fantasy of her being my sister. And I’m starting to see this fantasy begin to play out.

Kevin: Oh come on, that’s just not right.

Julie: Well maybe I’ll tell you later, how about that.

Corbi: This is so stupid.

Kevin: Hey we have to get going, we were ahead of schedule now we’re late. Plus that expensive toy is in the car. Why don’t you to figure that thing out.

The girls got up and followed me to the car, Julie turned around and darted towards the table to pick up the half picked flower. She quickly turned around and caught up to us.

I opened the door for the two female machines, they got inside the car and instantly buckled up. Probably something in their self preservation programming, since each one of them cost around a million to develop.

Corbi: It’s so strange, looking at this Synthgirl. Kev, is she really, well you know, she looks so real, is she.

Julie: I think what’s she’s getting at, is does it have coochie?

Kevin: Coochie?

Julie: Uh… female parts?

Kevin: Yeah, I’m pretty sure she does. They said she’s fully functional in all aspects of a natural female.

Julie: Wow, that’s crazy. They should make a synthman. (laughing)

Corbi: Totally, how wild would that be, a synthman. We should write the company and tell them we want a synthman. You guys always get all the toys.

Kevin: Well, it’s not like she’s real. I mean if you girls wanted to fool around with her before we get the cabin, I’m cool with that. Just because she looks like a girl, and all don’t let the stop you.

Julie: Oh, that’s so gross, only a guy would say something like that.

Corbi: I don’t know, I’m kinda curious… what do I do Kev.

Kevin: Well. It’s name is Janis. Just say it’s name three times and then say command. It should respond.

Corbi: Janis, Janis, Janis….. command.

Janis said aloud "Janis unit responding, awaiting command"

Corbi: Uh now what.

Kevin: Well, what did you want to do with it.

Julie: What are you thinking about doing with, oh my god.

Corbi: I don’t know just make her not sit there. I’d like the maybe, I don’t know.

Kevin: Hey Corbi, don’t worry about it. It’s like changing the clothes on a doll or something. It’s not real. Do whatever you want.

Julie: I feel kinda strange about this…. but I’m so curious.

Kevin: Here I’ll take care of it. Janis go to bisexual programming mode.

Janis’s eyes glowed.

Julie: I can’t believe what you just did. She’s got a bisexual mode. Oh my god no way. That’s just crazy.

Janis: Hi, what’s up you guys?

Kevin: We’re just going to have some quick fun with her so lets do something else. Janis, Janis, Janis… command.

Janis said aloud "Janis unit responding, awaiting command"

Kevin: Janis can you tell me of your more… Janis can you tell me more about command mode.

Janis: The command mode or passive mode is a response only program. I will react to commands only. There is no program interaction.

Kevin: Janis go to program mode passive.

Janis’s eyes glowed.

Kevin: Janis, kiss corbi.

Corbi: Hey! Wait a minute I don’t want it to kiss me….

In mid sentence the Janis robot slide across the back seat and looked at Corbi.

Corbi: Get away from me…

Janis, sat in the same position.

Corbi: I was thinking more on the lines of… oh alright I’m curious. Please Janis, kiss me.

Corbi turned her head towards the other robot. I had to slow the car down, I almost wrecked about a minute ago. Janis slowly leaned in and kiss Corbi on the lips and then returned to her seating position.

Corbi: Wow, wild. That really wasn’t what I was expecting. But that’s so neat. Can she really kiss though.

Kevin: Janis, french kiss corbi.

I started to pull the car over to the side of the road before I wrecked it.

Corbi: Oh, my god.

Janis reached over put one hand on Corbi’s face.

Corbi: I feel funny.

Janis pulled Corbi’s head in towards her, and the two robots lips touched. Corbi opened her mouth, in synchronization with Janis’s mouth. I sat there in amazement. Corbi raised her hands towards Janis’s face, and slowly turned it more towards her. I saw Janis’s tongue sliding in and out of the other robots mouth. My heart almost ripped a hole in my shirt, and my member was so swollen I couldn’t hide it anymore. Corbi, let out a small moan and then backed away and opened her eyes.

Corbi: Oh, jesus. This thing can kiss. Wow.

Corbi, smacking her lips.

Julie: Oh my god, you looked like a lesbian there.

Corbi: Wow, that’s all I can say. She’s real. No doubt about it. That was so much different than kissing a guy.

I couldn’t help it I had lost a little of myself in my pants, but held on.

Julie: Oh my god Corbi, you were really getting into that. You were kissing her really deeply.

Corbi: Oh shut up Julie, she’s just a robot. It’s not like I’m kissing a real girl. But it was really nice not feeling a beard and all. Did you catch that Kev.

At that point Julie and Corbi both looked at me. My mouth wide opened and gasping for air. I couldn’t say a word.

Julie: You okay bro, breath. It’s okay. Oh my god, Corbi, Kevins… Kevins totally gone. That turn you on college boy?

Kevin: No, I mean yes, jesus how couldn’t I be, seeing you with that machine is crazy.

Corbi: Janis, take your shirt off.

Kevin: Oh my god no, Janis disregard that last command. You can’t do that, even if she is a robot, there are other people driving by us right now that might… call the police or something.

Corbi: This car have digital screens?

Kevin: yes, but…

Corbi: Turn them on silly. Let’s see this thing. You started this.

Oh jesus, I’m going to be so late to the cabin. But this was just playing out so incredible I had to take advantage. Since once we got to the cabin the girls would be reprogrammed, well Terri and Janis anyways.

Julie: Can you believe this Kev! She wants to make out with that other robot. Wow, I don’t know about you but this is all a little to strange for me.

Kevin: SSShhhh, Julie. Let’s have some fun.

Julie leaned into me and whispered in my ear “Well this might be fun for you seeing two girls making out but it just makes me feel… funny. Especially two robots touching each other it’s kinda kinky but it’s also kinda sick. And it’s also making me horny, I don’t feel like crawling back there and making out with one of them either.”

Corbi: Are you going to turn the screens on or what.

I reached over and turned the screens on and then adjusted the percentage to 90. This almost made it completely back inside the SUV, after you go past 80 percent a few interior lights come on.

Corbi: Take your shirt off Janis.

Janis started to move in the back seat to remove her shirt.

Corbi: Wow, this is cool.

Julie: Just remember what I said Kev. This is all cool and all but it’s just torturing me.

Corbi: Oh my god look at her belly she’s got the belly of a perfect 10 model. Wow. You guys know I’m not gay. I’m just having some fun.

Julie: Uh sure thing…

Corbi then moved in closer and reached her arms around Janis, I heard the snap of elastic hit the car door as Janis’s bra fell forward with Corbi holding the other end.

Corbi: Wow, look at her. She’s fucking amazing.

Julie: Please, Corbi can you put that back on it. I feel really strange.

Kevin: What’s wrong Julie? It’s just a machine. I know what you said it’s making me really excited too.

Corbi: What? You guys are getting excited over this.

Julie: Terri, Terri, Terri… command.

Terri said aloud "Terri unit responding, awaiting command"

Kevin: Hey what are you doing?

Julie: Terri, shut down.

Julie: I’m sorry this is all just a little to strange for me I’m really sorry Kev. It’s just that, well it’s strange. That one robot was getting off on the other, she doesn’t even know she’s a robot herself. It’s all just to crazy. Plus it was doing something to me that I didn’t think it would.

Kevin: Like what?

Julie: It’s making me really, horny. Jesus, I haven’t felt like this ever.

Kevin: It’s okay it made me well, it made me really excited to. I’m sure it made me more excited than you and all since she or it is a girl.

Julie: I told that thing something, earlier today and now… I’m just so nervous.

I grabbed Julie’s hand that was laying on the middle section of the seat.

Kevin: Wow, you’re nervous. What is it, it’s okay.

Julie looked at me, and then let go of my hand she raised the middle bar between our seats and slide over to me. She put one hand on my leg and then one on the head rest behind me.

Kevin: Jul, what’s up? You okay.

Julie, looked me in the eyes and then started to move in towards me. I knew what was happening. This was just to out of this world. I’d been waiting for this to happen since I put her in this programming mode. But I had no idea it would be as exciting as this.

The robot, touched my face.

Julie: Kevin, the flower I was plucking out there. It was you. I’m in love with you, little bro.

Kevin: Oh, my god Julie. You’re my sister.

Julie started to drop her hands and back away.

Julie: I’m sorry Ke…

Before she could get the word Kevin out I grabbed her and pulled her in towards me and kissed her. She instantly let out a small moan and responded by opening her mouth and wrapping her arms around me. She seemed so agile and frantic, kissing me so passionately. She leaned back away from me breaking our kiss.

Julie: Oh, my god Kevin. I’m so sorry. We shouldn’t be doing this. Jesus what are we doing. I’ve wanted to kiss you for years like that. I know it’s wrong. But it felt so good kissing you just now.

Kevin: I’ve always wanted you, for the last three years. I’ve always thought or imagined getting together with you. I had no idea.

Julie: Let’s do it, right now. Right here. God, what’s wrong with us. Kevin, I want you so bad right now. I need you. I need you inside me. You’ve wanted me for so long, why don’t you take me now.

I was just completely helpless at this point, I stopped thinking of Julie as a robot just programmed to pretend she was my sister, too actually believing in the fantasy. I grabbed the robot, by the shoulders and pushed her straight into the passenger door. Then I put my right hand on my sisters left breast. The robot let out a small moan that I silenced by pushing my tongue deep into her artificial mouth. She responded by reaching below and unbuckling my belt and started to unzip my pants. I pulled away from her long enough to grab her hands and put them above her head.

Kevin: Let’s take your shirt off sis, I want to see what you.

She leaned forward as if offering for me to help her remove her top. I did so reaching down and grabbing the edge of her short top and pulled it over her head. Exposing her breasts, covered in a yellow bra. I gasped as I looked at her for the first time without her shirt on. She was so pretty, and her body was perfect. Julie sat up and reached behind herself and then I saw the snap of her bra swing forward and the cups fell from their position, uncovering her soft mounds of artificial flesh. She then dropped the bra to the ground and brushed her long hair to the side and slide closer to me.

Julie: Let’s get you out of your shirt and pants.

I leaned backwards and lifted myself up enough for Julie to get her hands around me and pull my shirt off. She then continued to pull my pants down along with my underwear at the same time. She reached down the front of my pants and removed my fully erect member and then pulled my pants the rest of the way down. I felt like I could climax at any second, but somehow I tried to focus on horrible things that would keep me from climaxing at least until I got her undressed.

Julie: Here lift your foot bro; I want to take your shoes off.

I lifted my foot in between her legs and she started to untie my shoe, and then pulled it off. She grabbed the pant leg and pulled it off my body. I gave her the other shoe and she did the same.

Kevin: Now for you, sis.

I reached over and undid the snap on her jeans. They were so tight if she was a real girl she would of lost the feeling in her legs. I grabbed her leg and slowly lifted it to take of her tennis shoes. I untied the shoe and pulled it off exposing, what I was completely shocked to find moist socks and a smell that I would expect to come from a girl’s hot foot. I grabbed the little terry cloth footie she had on and slipped it off exposing her perfect feet. Her nails were panted yellow to match her bra color. Her toes were so pretty and perfect no flaws no long nails just the most perfect foot I had ever seen. I had always been a foot person so I grabbed her foot a little tighter and lifted it to my nose. This machine actually had the scent of real flesh; I took her big toe and ran my tongue across her artificial flesh. It was just as real as any other girl I had ever been with.

Julie let out a soft little moan and moved a little as my tongue touched her flesh like skin.

Julie: Oh, god, that’s so good.

I grabbed her other shoe and removed it as well. But left the little sock on. It looked so sexy up against her legs. I then reached up and unzipped the rest of her zipped, exposing little yellow panties underneath. I grabbed the end of her pants and started to yank while she pushed from the top of her jeans. They came off exposing my robotic sisters body. She was incredible; her flesh tones were perfect in everyway. I lend in and wrapped my arms around her and began to kiss her frantically. She responded by repositioning herself on top of me. Julie continued to kiss me and then started to grind me from the top. She leaned her head back and pushed her hair to the side, when she lend back her breasts raised right in front of my mouth. I reached out and pushed my hands into them expecting to feel hard metal behind about an inch or two, but was surprised to feel nothing but soft flesh like substance. I directed her right breast into my mouth and licked the nipple. Julie let out a passionate “yes”, and then bounced on me almost thrusting my member inside her passing her tight panties.

Kevin: I need to be inside you now.

Julie: Oh god, I want you so bad.

With that Julie reached down and pulled her panties to the side and then with the other hand she grabbed my cock and start to sit down on me. I was finally going to have sex with the robot. She was blowing my mind away with pure enjoyment. She lowered herself and then I felt the tip of my member touch her outside. She slowly moved my cock up and down her artificial slit, I could feel it open and take my cock in. Then I felt the warm moist feeling of a woman’s love hole, engulf my cock. It was unlike and other woman I had been with there was complete pressure hitting my member from all sides. She felt so warm and I entered her so easily, yet she wasn’t loose.

Julie: Oh my god, bro. You’re inside me. You feel so good. I can’t believe your fucking me.

She wrapped her arms around me and then put her head off to the side of mine and started to go up and down on me. Her breasts rubbing up and down my chest, her breathing in my ear with small moans. They had created the perfect female, a girl that was just as real and sensual as any other female I had known, except she was better, she was clean, and she could be whatever I wanted.

Kevin: You feel so good, sis. Oh my god I’m going to cum in you.

Julie: I want you to cum inside me…. I want you inside me.

Julie sat down on me and then I felt her vagina tighten up around my cock as she started to shake back and forth. At first I thought my artificial sister was malfunctioning, then my thoughts were relieved when let out a scream.

Julie: Fuck me!!! Yes, fuck me. (loudly and excitedly)

I felt myself building inside, and soon I realized I was releasing my seamen into her artificial hole. I had cummed inside this artificial female, and had no worries. She after all was just a machine. Julie stopped humping up and down on me; she grabbed me and whispered into my ear.

Julie: I love you Kevin.

I held her head back and looked her in the eyes and said.

Kevin: I love you to sis.

Julie: God you feel so good Kevin, I’m so glad we did this.

Julie started to raise her body off of mine I reached over to turn the light up a bit. When I did I noticed that I was drenched in sweat, but the only sweat that Julie had on her was the sweat she got from hugging me. She pulled her self of my member and juices from both of us ran down my leg and between the seats.

Julie: Oh my god Kevin, I can’t believe we just made love. What if I get pregnant? Oh, god.

Kevin: Julie, I wouldn’t worry about getting pregnant.

Julie: Why? Are you taking drugs?

Julie sat on her side of the seat I got up and positioned myself so that I was on top of her, now that the lights were up brighter in the car I was able to see the small line around her neck and around her arms when she put her hand on my shoulder. I paused for a second thinking about what I wanted to do.

Julie: Kevin. Why? Why shouldn’t I worry?

I decided what the hell I had pretty much run this program as far as I could. I certainly didn’t want the other guys knowing what my fantasy was.

So I grabbed her hand from my shoulder and looked her in the eyes.

Kevin: Sis, you don’t have to worry about getting pregnant, because you’re like Janis and Terri. You’re a machine, just like them.

Julie: Laughing, that’s so funny. What are they doing back there anyways? Me, a robot. I only wish I was a robot, look how good they both look.

I sat off of Julie and she turned around, got up on her knees on the chair and lend back towards Terri. They are really pretty. I had just climaxed and I was already starting to get hard again especially after seeing her ass up in the air like that. I decided another ten minutes wouldn’t hurt anything, and then I’ll end this.

I reached for her she turned around and I said.

Kevin: No stay just like that sis.

I climbed behind her, what little room there was and positioned my face right in front of her sex. It was still wet from our previous encounter but I didn’t care much at that point I stuck my finger in her moist hole and started to bang her. Julie instantly reacted with.

Julie: Oh my, you want me again! Already.

I continued to finger her as she started to push back into my finger. The juices coming out of her had a lime or fruity smell. I decided to see what she tasted like even though my own juices were mixed inside her love hole. I pushed my face into her hairless hole and rammed my tongue into the pink flesh like opening. Julie moaned with pleasure as more of the clear juices flowed from her artificial love hole. The juice tasted a little salty but mostly like lime. I reached up and grabbed her ass, and started to part her cheeks to dive my tongue into her back door. I pulled really hard and then I heard a small ripping noise, as her back hole opened up and tore up her towards her back. There were small lights inside the hole blinking off and on as Julie continued to shift back and forth moaning. I stuck my finger inside the hole which was about an inch deep to the leds and about a half inch wide at this point. What I didn’t realize was that the finger I stuck inside her back hole was the same finger in which I was banging her with, it was covered in juices. I stuck the finger in and used the other finger to split the hole a little wider, the artificial skin tore even more and my moist finger slid in touching the mound of lights. Julie instantly, jerked hard to the right, yanking my finger out of the hole as a bright light emitted from her backend. Julie fell slump from her once doggie style position to a huddle position on the seat.

I climbed off her.

Kevin: Julie, Julie you okay.

I looked at Julie and tried to turn her face, I reached down and it was hard to move her head I turned it towards me and heard the sound of popping circuits and then I saw it. When Julies face turned towards me her entire right side of her face was melted, there were wires showing thru the once perfect flesh tone skin. Julie’s eyes were still moving and there were lights still blinking in her face. Oh my god this scene was for some reason turning me on something fierce. With circuitry still popping and snapping in her body I climbed in front of her and spread her legs. I pulled her forward and her body shifted falling more over to the right, when this happened her entire face panel snapped open and blue smoke emitted from the crack. I trusted myself inside her malfunctioning body, and reached for the faceplate that had just popped open. When my hands touched the faceplate some of the melted plastic burnt my hand, but I was in too much pleasure to even notice. I pulled on the faceplate exposing a mass of wires and LED lights all flashing. The smoke emitting from her otherwise completely female looking body was filling the car. I thrust into her once again and felt myself getting ready to explode.

Kevin: Julie, I love you so much.

The robotic faceplate moved it’s lips but the sound came from inside the circuit filled head cavity. I could feel the face plate that I was holding changing facial expressions and trying to move it’s lips in synchronization with the speech.

Her voice broken down into it’s most simplest form and robotic.

Julie: memory error name not found, I love you to memory error name not found.

I instantly cummed inside her twitching body, upon cumming inside her I pulled out and looked between her legs to see my juices running out of her and down towards the tear in her artificial flesh. I decided I should get off her just in case something happens.

Julie: I love you memory error name not found. (mono tone voice)

The juices entered the tear in her body as a mass of light came out of the hole, sparks flew from her belly as a hole the size of a 50 cent piece burned through the artificial flesh.

Her body frantically bounced up and down, her legs flopped on the floor back and forth. Her left leg got caught on a piece of exposed plastic from the dash board and she ripped a hole in her leg exposing this jelly like pink stuff attached to the layer of artificial skin, beneath it all I could see a mass of wires and lights.

Julie: I love… lo lo lo fault lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo

Then more juices started to squirt out of her artificial love hole, some squirting onto her stomach and running back into the newly burned hole. When this happened I heard a small burst and then the sounds of whining motors in her body shutting down.

Julie: I love memory error name not found (trailed off into nothingness)

Julie’s body slowly stopped twitching all except her hand. Her fingers were grabbing the seat cover squeezing and then releasing, squeezing and releasing. I lend over towards her and gentle pulled her head up, nothing except a small rim of about 2 inches and her hair was all that was left of her face. A mass of coiled wire held coming from just above her chin held her ounce beautiful face plate now nothing but a smoldering mass of burnt circuits and plastic.

Now that I had finally overcome my intense emotional state, I started to get a little scared at what I had just done to this million-dollar machine. I sat there for quite some time thinking about what I was going to do. I was already about two hours late showing up to the cabin as it was. I couldn’t really go up there with this robot completely melted like this. I decided the only thing I could do would be to call Tom. I grabbed my cell phone and dialed the number. Toms cell phone rang.

Tom: Hello?

Kevin: Tom, hey this is Kevin, I talked to you earlier today. I picked up the three…

Tom: Oh yeah, everything okay?

Kevin: Um.. not exactly. I have some serious problems with the Samantha model.

Tom: Oh really? That’s to bad, what’s going on.

Kevin: She’s… well she’s squirting liquid from down below, her face came off and is melted, and there’s a hole in her leg that she ripped when she was freaking out. Oh and there’s a hole in her stomach as well.

Tom: Jesus, what happened she didn’t fall in water or anything like that?

Kevin: No, but I think she did get some fluids in her.

Tom: Where are you at I can send a technician out to see what the deal is. I’ll have the tech bring another Samantha model out just in case.

Kevin: How long might that take I’m in the middle of now where right now. And I’m late to get somewhere. I was supposed to be at a party two hours ago.

Tom: Okay I’ll tell you what just go on your way, don’t touch the Samantha synth. You can activate the other two girls though. I’ll have the tech just follow the GSA locator in the Samantha synth so they will just meet you wherever you are going.

Kevin: Wow, that sounds great. You guys are awesome.

Tom: Okay, but I need to tell you up front if it turns out that the girl was damaged because of improper use we’ll have to charge an additional 1200 to cover the insurance deductible.

Kevin: That’s fine; I’ll have my checkbook ready just in case.

I got back in the car after opening the windows and letting the smoke clear the vehicle. I reached into the back of the car and opened my bag and grabbed a blanket and covered up the nude damaged synthetic. Her hand still grasped and un-grasped the seat cover, which was starting to freak me out. But I covered it as well.

I was on the road for another 45 minutes, when I finally came to the cabin exit road. I took the exit and continued down the dirt road for roughly another 5 minutes till I saw the final destination. To my surprise only one of the guys was here so far. It was my friend Todd and his wife Nancy. The other guys must have got lost thank god.

I pulled in and honked the horn. It wasn’t long before Nancy and Todd came out.

Nancy: Hey glad you could make it stranger.

Kevin: Hey Nancy, hey Todd.

Todd: What happened to you, we thought you got in an accident or something. The other guys went looking for you. We tried reaching you on you cell phone but no one answered.

At that moment I remembered the phone ringing while I was having sex with Julie.

Kevin: Yeah my phones been acting up damn thing sucks. Can you guys call them and tell them I’m finally here. I got lost, ended up taking an exit with no return ramp. Really put me out of the way. Plus one of the synthgirls started malfunctioning so needless to say I’m ready for some beer.

Todd: Oh wow, no shit what happened?

Todd started walking over to the car.

Kevin: Yeah it wasn’t pretty I’m not sure what happened.

Todd reached the car and viewed in.

Todd: Holly shit, Nancy you have to check these out. They look so damn real. Are they on right now Kev?

Kevin: No they’re actually off. Why don’t you guys help me unload the trunk and I’ll activate them and bring them in.

Nancy: I don’t really care what they look like Todd, the whole idea is gross.

Todd: Oh lighten up Nancy….

I popped the trunk, in which Todd grabbed my suitcase and some of my other pages. Nancy had already gone back to the cabin porch. I opened the back door lend my head in to see the two robots just sitting there eyes opened staring into space.

Kevin: Janis… Janis… Janis.

Janis said aloud ""Janis unit responding, awaiting command""

Kevin: standard female interaction.

Janis’s eyes glowed.

Janis: Hi, Kevin.

Kevin: Terri… Terri… Terri.

Terri said aloud ""Terri unit responding, awaiting command""

Kevin: standard female interaction.

Terri’s eyes glowed.

Terri: Hi, Kevin.

Kevin: Girls, will you follow me.

Terri slid over and stepped out of the car, and then Janis slid over the leather seat and exited the car.

Janis when standing up pulled her skirt down.

Kevin: Are you girl ready to have some fun?

Terri: Yeah I can’t wait. It’s too bad it’s dark out I was really hoping to see the woods.

Janis: Yeah, well we can just get up early tomorrow and view it all day.

Kevin: That’s true; we do have the next two days out here.

I walked towards the cabin, Janis and Terri followed close behind. Nancy who was sitting on the porch stood up and approached the stairs. I by now was at the top of the stairs and turned around to see the girls right behind me.

Kevin: Nancy, this is Janis and Terri.

Janis held out her hand and said, “It’s so nice to meet you Nancy”

Nancy, just somewhat in shock stood there.

Kevin: Nancy…

Nancy: Oh, I’m sorry.

Nancy reached out and shook Janis’s hand.

Nancy: I’ve heard a lot about you synthgirls, I’ve never really met one. You sure you’re not real. (laughing). I’m sorry Kevin; I can refer to them as synthgirls right?

Janis still holding Nancy’s hand.

Janis: Thank you very much for the complement Nancy. But I can assure you that I’m not human. As for referring to me, you can call me what ever you want.

Kevin: Let’s just call her Janis.

Nancy: Sure whatever Kevin, Janis it is then.

Terri turned towards Nancy.

Terri: Hi, Nancy nice to met you.

Nancy: They really are realistic Kevin. Her hand was even warm to the touch and everything. Pretty amazing, but pretty sick to. Just let me know in advance when you plan on having your fun with them I think I’ll go to bed.

Kevin: uh, sure thing Nancy.

With that I opened the cabin door and entered. The fire was lit even though it wasn’t that cold out. It really lighted the room up Todd was at the kitchen putting beer into the refrigerator.

Todd: Holy shit, look at them. My god do I love technology.

Nancy: Robots or not Todd you’re not doing anything with these robotic whores.

Todd: Oh no baby, I got you. But my god look at them.

I introduced Terri and Janis to Todd.

Todd shook Janis’s hand and then lifted it and kissed it gently, when Nancy wasn’t looking.

Todd walked over to me and then whispered.

Todd: Did you get to check out the hardware? You know “THE” hardware!

Kevin: Todd, it’s unreal, they’re females in every way. I mean every way.

Just at that moment I heard another car pull up front it was Steven and Tim. I walked out to the porch and gave them a welcome yell. They exited their car and quickly grabbed their bags and ran up to the porch.

Steve: So where are they?

Kevin: There in the cabin, relax you guys. Aren’t you even going to say hi?

Steve: Sorry man, what’s up? How long you been here?

Tim: Hi, Kevin. Where’s Nancy and Todd?

Kevin: They’re in the cabin Todd’s unloading the beer before it goes skunk and Nancy I think is freshening up. Lets get your crap in the room.

We entered the cabin and the first thing that Steve did was drop his bags on the floor and walk over to the two girls.

Steve: Hi girls I’m Steve. Hey Kevin, where’s the other one?

Janis: Hi Steve, I’m Janis and this is Terri.

Kevin: She’s in the car, something happened to her on the way up.

Steve: Holly shit they’re so real Kevin, fuck me. Goddamn they’re hot too! So what can they do?

Janis stepped in towards Steve.

Kevin: Why don’t you ask Janis?

Steve turned around to see Janis standing right next to him. She leaned in towards Steve and put one arm around his shoulder.

Janis: So what do you want to know Steve about me?

Steve instantly turned a little red.

Steve: Oh my god you’re just so damn hot for a robot, no offense.

Janis: Non-taken Steve, after all I am a robot, right?

Steve: Yeah sure, my parents had this maid robot, she was a piece of shit… and they just got her two years ago. Jesus, I mean look at you, you look human.

Janis: Well thanks Steve.

Kevin: Why don’t you ask her to kiss you?

Janis: You want me to kiss you?

Steve looked like he was going to pass out. Janis took her other arm and put it around Steve and slowly turned his head towards her and kissed Steve. Steve chocked and then gasped for air.

Janis stepped back and then Steve grabbed her hand and pulled her back in towards him.

Steve: You’re not going anywhere, you beautiful piece of machinery.

Steve then grabbed her head and tilted it to the side and started kissing Janis. Steve moved his hand to the back of her head to push his tongue deeper into her artificial mouth. Janis reached to the back of Steven and pulled his entire tongue into her mouth, and then she moved her hand up and down Steve’s back. Steven pulled away, and Janis stepped back. Steve now was obviously aroused based on the erection that was showing in his shorts.

Steve: Jesus Christ, Kev! They’re fucking awesome. Oh my god, I can’t wait to get this one out of its’ clothes. Damn, you sure you didn’t hire hookers or something and pocket the rest of the cash?

Kevin: Oh no, they’re the real deal… or I mean not the real deal. Check it out. Janis. Janis. Janis.

Janis said aloud ""Janis unit responding, awaiting command""

Kevin: Command mode.

Janis: Engaging command mode.

Kevin: Janis, remove your faceplate and expose yourself to Steve.

Janis turned slightly towards Steve and raised her hand to her face a few popping sounds and then Janis reached her other hand up to her face. A thin line began to grow around the surrounding of Janis’s face; she gentle grabbed the edge and pulled it away from her head. She was now holding her face in her hands, hundreds of blinking led lights were exposed from the back of the face plate and hundreds of wires connected to the face plate still let Janis’s eyes and mouth move.

Janis: See Steven, I’m not human, as you believe.

The speech came from within the head.

Kevin: Janis put yourself back together, then return to the previous mode of programming.

Janis slowly moved her face back up towards the head unit; a few snaps and then the line disappeared without a trace of her robotic manner.

Janis: Shall we go in, this is supposed to be a party right?

Steven stood there for what seemed like a minute or so.

Steve: Uh… yeah sure thing, Janis.

Steve leaned in towards me and whispered.

Steve: Is she spoken for tonight if not, I want her?

Kevin: Sure no problem, enjoy.

Steve walked over to Janis.

Steve: You’re mine tonight Janis, so after we unpack I’d like to see you, so you can tell me about yourself and your programming.

Janis: Sure no problem.

Kevin: I’m going to have one of the girls explain their functions to everyone just to get it out of the way and make sure we’re all on the same track so that won’t be needed Janis.

We finally unpacked and got everything situated in the cabin. Each of us had our own rooms assigned to us and we also picked our synthgirls. I of course got the broken one in the car, which only seemed fair. Tom was actually running late, he said he’d be here in a few hours to replace the broken synthgirl. Meanwhile the rest of the guys had already started drinking. The synthgirls can’t drink but they carry empty glasses with them and also have an alcohol program that sense other people’s alcohol level and then adjusts their programming to match. I thought that was amazing. Steve had already disappeared twice into his room with Janis and Todd somehow managed to make out with Terri undiscovered to Nancy. I decided to step outside and make sure that the other damaged synthgirl was okay. I opened the cabin door and went around the corner of the cabin to see a white van just backing up, it was Tom, and he must have just gotten here. Tom backed the van up and then shut it off and stepped outside.

Tom: Hi Kevin, so where’s she at, I’ll try to make this as fast as possible.

Kevin: She’s over here in the car.

Tom followed me over to the car at which point I opened the door. Samantha’s body was in there slumped over in the seat. Tom pulled out a black remote and punched a few numbers in it; he then reached in and uncovered Samantha’s body. He picked her head up and turned it to the side and bent her ear down. He took the black remote he was holding in his hand and scanned in what looked like a bar code on the back of her ear lobe. He stood up punched in some more numbers and then instructed me to stand back. Tom himself backed up a little and then pushed a few more buttons. Samantha jerked violently and seemed to wine down, there were some mixed noises coming from her that sounded like eight words being said at one time. Tom continued to punch some things into the black device he was holding until finally he punched another button on the device and Samantha slowly slumped back over.

Tom: Yeah, she’s toast, well not exactly toast but in bad shape. These girls have 2 inches of plastiskin surrounding them. This sounds more like a defect in her molding. I don’t think you’re going to be responsible for this Kevin. But I won’t be able to tell you till we examine her.

Kevin: No problem just let me know.

Tom started to head towards the back of the van. He opened up the doors, once the doors were opened the light turned on. Inside were three synthgirls, one of which was the Samantha model. There were various hands, feet, legs, heads, and arms hanging inside the van as well. If I didn’t know they were robotic I would say this scene belonged in a horror movie. Tom tapped the remote device a few times and then the Samantha model came to life.

Tom: Okay Kevin, here’s the deal. Even though it doesn’t matter I was able to download the memory from the other Samantha and transfer it to this one. This way if you had headquarters program her with anything special it should still be in there.

Kevin: Wow that’s awesome. Thanks Tom. So now what?"

Tom: Well we need to get the other Samantha out of your car. But we’ll just have this model do it for us. Samantha?

Samantha: Yes?

Tom: Will you come down here and help us move something.

Samantha got up and stepped out of the van, she was wearing blue overalls, nowhere near the sexy outfit the other Samantha was wearing.

Tom: Samantha come over here and help us remove the Samantha model that’s in the car and place it in the van for me.

Samantha walked over to the car and reached in and grabbed the other broken Samantha with no problem pulled her out and then put her into the van. As she put the girls body in the van, some fluid spilled out of her an onto the van floor. The broken Samantha fell backwards and her face pointed straight up into the air. For some reason I felt sad seeing her there as if she was in pain or something. I know it just a machine but they’re so human looking it’s almost impossible not to feel something for them.

Tom: Whelp that does it Kevin.

Kevin: Actually you don’t happen to have any other clothing for this one do you?

Tom: No, but I guess you can use the clothing this one came in.

Kevin: Well it’s soaked in that milky liquid. I wasn’t sure about touching it.

Tom: Oh it’s not dangerous, but I’m sure you don’t want to use those clothes then. Sorry about that I can’t help you out there.

Kevin: No problem Tom, thanks again.

Tom shut the van doors and started heading for the driver’s door.

Tom: If you need anything just give a call.

With that Tom got in and took off. I turned around and faced Samantha.

Kevin: Samantha, Samantha, Samantha.

Samantha said aloud "" Samantha unit responding, awaiting command""

Kevin: Play last known program.

Samantha's eyes glowed and then I heard a beep.

Samantha: Family member position sister, age 21, name Julie.

Kevin: Samantha save program and run bisexual female companion.

Samantha's eyes glowed and then I heard a beep.

Samantha: bisexual female companion program running.

Kevin: Kiss me Sam.

Samantha approached slowly in her blue overalls and then wrapped her arms around me and kissed me gently. The kiss was exactly like the other Samantha, a little sloppy and very wet.

Kevin: Okay let’s go inside Sam.

Samantha followed right behind me. Even though I was happy to have a partner tonight, I just couldn’t get over how much more real having her in real clothes made it. Every time I look at her in that outfit just reminds me of a computer.

Nancy was sitting on the couch with Todd drinking away and enjoying the living room to themselves.

Kevin: Where is everyone?

Nancy: You know where those pigs are; they’re fucking their robot whores. I can’t believe you guys convinced me to come up here for this.

Kevin: Wow, Nancy.

Todd: They fixed her eh?

Kevin: Nope, this is a new one, same model though. Everything is the same except for her clothing. Oh well.

Todd stood up and it appeared that he had one to many drinks in him already. He raised his foot and then stepped towards Samantha and I. Todd, still holding his margarita full to the top, stepped on Nancy’s shoe and fell right towards us. Todd threw is drink across the room hitting Samantha in the chest, and spraying me as well. He hit the table and then stood up already apologizing.

Nancy: Jesus Todd, I can’t take you anywhere.

Todd: Oh Kev, I’m so sorry.

Kevin I had already grabbed a towel from the kitchen and came in and started wiping Samantha off that’s all I need is another broken one. It wasn’t that bad of a disaster but now Samantha was soaked from the top down to her waist in sticky margarita drink.

Kevin: Nancy, I know you’re going to be pissed me asking this, but do you have any clothes that Samantha here can wear, I get it back to you after we drop them off tomorrow.

Nancy: Jesus Christ Kevin, I suppose I’ll have to find something or you’ll let it run around nude in the cabin.

Kevin: Yep.

Nancy: How disgusting.

Nancy stood up and started walking towards their bedroom.

Nancy: Well are you coming robot whore… I mean Samantha.

Kevin: Go with her Sam, she’ll get you some new clothing.

Samantha followed Nancy to the far back bedroom. This was actually one of the larger bedrooms in the cabin; I guess you would call it the master bedroom. It had it’s own bathroom and a very large closet. Nancy went into the room and approached the closet; she opened it up to a wide variety of clothing.

Nancy: So what’s you’re size?

Samantha: I wear medium sized clothing, roughly your size Nancy. I’m sure it will be fine.

Nancy: Well, whatever. Here is a pair a jeans.

Nancy grabbed the jeans from the shelf and threw them on the bed, and then continued to look in the closet for a shirt that would be okay. Nancy heard Samantha unzip her overalls and heard the clothing fall to the floor.

Nancy: Jesus, can’t you wait till I’m gone to get changed.

Samantha; Oh I’m sorry Nancy; I didn’t mean to offend you.

Nancy: Oh it’s fine. Here I found a shirt for you to wear too. I don’t think you need panties or a bra do you?

Nancy turned around to see Samantha completely naked. She was reaching down to her leg to remove the pant leg from her foot. Nancy hadn’t seen another naked women since in high school in the showers. It made her feel very strange inside, her heart would race back then when she would see her other friends naked. Nancy knew that she wasn’t gay, but something inside her saw Samantha’s naked smooth tanned body and got excited. Even though the room was a larger bedroom in the cabin it was still hard to get dressed. Samantha was having problems standing and removing her sneakers and pant legs from her body.

Nancy: Her just lay back on the bed damn it and I’ll take them off you.

Samantha stood up and then sat on the bed and slowly laid back. Nancy didn’t look away once the entire time that Samantha laid back. Her stomach was so nice and smooth her breasts were large but firm.

Nancy: Wow, they certainly made you right, didn’t they?

Samantha: Oh. Thank you Nancy. You’re very pretty yourself.

Nancy: Here pick up your leg.

Samantha picked up her leg and put it in Nancy’s hand. Nancy began to untie the shoelaces and then removed the shoe; she then pulled the pant leg off. Samantha put her other leg into Nancy’s hand and Nancy untied and removed the rest of Samantha’s clothing.

Samantha: Thanks Nancy.

Nancy: So, wow, I really expected something different underneath your clothing. You really are just as real as me on the outside.

Samantha: Almost Nancy, there are a few subtle differences between a real girl and myself from the exterior. I have several thin lines where my limbs are attached.

Nancy: Well, I can’t see them, you look perfect. Every woman including me hates you.

Samantha: You hate me?

Nancy: No I don’t hate you, it’s just what you…. well look at you. You’re perfect. I was hoping you’d look more artificial under there. But you look real.

Samantha: Thank you, Nancy.

Samantha at this point was lying on the bed with her legs bent and open exposing her sex in plain sight of Nancy.

Nancy even though she had finished taking off Samantha’s clothing still stood there staring and getting more excited from looking at the artificial girls body. Samantha at this point was only wearing white socks and really didn’t need to take them off since she was just going to put a pair of jeans on and then put her sneakers back on. Nancy couldn’t help herself she needed to have more contact with the artificial girl, and grabbed Samantha’s right leg and then started to roll the sock off.

Samantha: Oh that’s okay Nancy. You can leave my socks on.

Nancy already over the heel with the sock removed it completely and exposed Samantha’s foot. There was no smell; there was a small hint of moisture in the sock itself that smelled like fresh cotton. Nancy let go of Samantha’s foot and it fell to the bed.

Nancy: Oh, you’re right Samantha I don’t know what I was thinking.

Samantha: Well I should get dressed now.

Nancy: So when are they going to make a synthman? (laughing)

Samantha sat up at the edge of the bed.

Samantha: They already do make male robots. There is just not that high of a demand for them.

Nancy: Well if they’re anything like you I should get one. (snickering)

Samantha: They’re just as real as I am.

Nancy: Well I’d like to see that, are they fully functional like yourself.

Samantha: Yes, fully.

Nancy: I’d be scared I think being with a robot, especially a man robot. No offense, Samantha I actually enjoy talking to you.

Samantha: I understand. Would you be less afraid of a female robot like myself?

Nancy: Well I’m not afraid of you. It’s just a man robot, and having a machine actually enter me… is kinda scary. Do they cum and everything.

Samantha: Yes actually they do, of course it’s artificial liquid. But I’m glad you’re not afraid of me.

Nancy: Ew, having some machine inside me and then it’s liquid inside me. I’m not sure I’m ready for that.

Meanwhile Nancy’s voice was starting to quiver as she became more aroused. Samantha bent over to pick up the rolled sock on the floor and then extended her leg.

Samantha: If you’d like Nancy you can experiment with me.

Nancy: Experiment?

Samantha: Touch or feel any part of my body to lessen your freight of robots.

Nancy: No thank you.

Nancy wanted to say yes but couldn’t, her body said yes but her mind said no.

Samantha: I understand.

Samantha put the sock on and then ran her hands up her smooth leg and then put it back on the floor and began to stand up. Samantha grabbed the pair of jeans off the bed and then unfolded them and bent over and picked up one leg. She put her leg into the pant leg and started to push her leg threw when her toe got caught in a hole that was cut in the knee. Samantha started to stubble backwards when Nancy caught her. Nancy’s left arm grabbed her around her waist and the other grabbed Samantha right hand. Samantha stood up and turned around towards Nancy. Nancy stood there face to face with the robotic girl.

Samantha: Wow, thanks.

Nancy: No problem. You okay.

Nancy stood there waiting for a response from Samantha, but there was just silence. Samantha tilted her head a little and then stepped in towards Nancy. Nancy’s heart thumped at the thought of what was happening. Samantha lifted her arm and placed it on Nancy’s shoulder.

Samantha: It’s okay Nancy; I’m programmed for you too.

Nancy: Programmed?

Samantha leaned her head in towards Samantha and closed her eyes.

Nancy: Wait, wait, I can’t do this. I feel so strange. You’re a robot. I’ve never really been with another women, let alone a robotic one.

Samantha: I understand Nancy. It’s okay though. Really.

Nancy knew that deep down she wanted to kiss the robot; she was so pretty and so easy to be with. It was after all just a machine.

Nancy: I don’t want anyone to know this.

Samantha: I won’t tell anyone, Nancy.

Samantha once again put her arms around Nancy’s neck and pulled her in towards her. This time Nancy didn’t fight back. Samantha slowly closed her eyes as she came inches away from Nancy’s lips. Nancy slowly accepted Samantha’s warm wet lips on her own and then began to open her mouth to accept Samantha’s artificial tongue deep into her mouth. Samantha pulled back and looked into Nancy’s eyes.

Samantha: See that’s not bad was it.

Nancy just grabbed Samantha by the back of the head and pushed her face back into her own. Kissing her passionately, the two girls entangled their arms. Nancy slowly guided the robotic girl backwards towards the bed. Once there she pushed her weight onto Samantha making her fall with Nancy on top of her onto the bed. Samantha reached up to Nancy’s blouse and started to unbutton the buttons when Nancy grabbed her hands.

Nancy: Oh no you don’t. I’ve never been with another girl and I want to pleasure you even if you’re not real.

Samantha put her hand to her side as Nancy bent over and pushed her artificial breast into her mouth. Samantha let out a small moan and then put her hands on Nancy’s head. Samantha wiggled under Nancy’s body in pleasure from the foundling of Nancy. Samantha grabbed Nancy and rolled to the right and then rolled on top of Nancy. Nancy just lay there in wait to see what Samantha was doing. Samantha stood up on her knees and then swung her leg over Nancy and then turned herself around. Samantha positioned her spread legs over Nancy’s face lying on the bed and then felt the warm touch of Nancy’s fingers entering her artificial pussy. Samantha knew that her pussy was already wet with artificial fluids and was ready to be tasted. Samantha dropped her body down towards Nancy’s face so that her pussy would set right in Nancy’s mouth. Samantha in the mean time had taken the privilege of rubbing Nancy’s crotch through her tight jeans, and soon she found herself unbuttoning the buttons to get to Nancy’s sex. Nancy didn’t seem to mind at this point and accepted that Samantha was undressing her. Nancy found herself taking in the pleasurable scent of Samantha’s artificial sex and the wet dew that it left on her face. Nancy continued to fondle Samantha and taste her sex. Samantha turned around and positioned herself to remove Nancy’s jeans when there was a noise coming from the door as it opened.

Todd: Wow, don’t let me stop you two.

Nancy: Oh my god Todd it’s not what you think.

Todd: Oh yes it is. What is it then?

Samantha stood up and backed up against.

Nancy: We were just talking, Todd.

Todd: Jesus she is a hot little piece isn’t she.

Todd walked over towards Samantha, standing there up against the wall completely naked except for a pair of socks.

Samantha: We were just talking Todd.

Todd, now standing in front of the robotic women, reached his right hand between her legs and felt the moist artificial fluid drench his hand. He then raised it to his mouth and tasted it.

Todd: I see you’ve been eating the forbidden fruit. (chuckling)

Nancy: You’re crazy Todd, and how gross.

Todd grabbed Samantha and directed her towards the bed as he started to remove his shirt.

Nancy: What are you doing?

Todd: The same you were, just going to talk.

Todd’s member was swollen in his pants.

Nancy: Todd, you’re not touching this machine.

Todd: Nancy, now how can you say a thing like that? Look at her; she’s more than just a machine. Right Samantha?

Samantha just lay on the bed with her legs together. Todd continued to take his shirt off and then threw it on the floor and started to remove his pants. Nancy came to her knees on the bed and made her way over to Todd.

Nancy: If you touch her Todd, I’m going home this very moment.

Todd: Sure you are Nancy; loosen up for Christ sake it’s not like I’m cheating on you with a real woman. Hell you even had your fun with her.

Todd took off his pants and exposed his swollen member. Nancy turned away from Todd and started to leave the room, furiously. Todd grabbed her and threw her to the bed.

Todd: Come on Nancy, jesus we’re just having some fun here. Why can’t you lighten up?

Nancy struggled under Todd’s weight.

Nancy: It’s sick; she’s just a fucking machine. It’s gross to think you’d want to fuck that thing when I’m right here.

Todd: What ever Nancy.

Todd grabbed Nancy’s hand and put her finger up to his nose and then put it in his mouth.

Todd: Just talking, eh, then why do you have her fucking artificial girly juices all over your hand?

Then Todd bent over and kissed Nancy.

Todd: Boy you had a lot of fun with this gross robot didn’t you? How hypocritical of you. Now I’m going to lay here and mess around with this fine lady. If you want to stay and join me you can.

Nancy: I’m going home Todd.

Todd, still a hold of Nancy by the wrist and putting his weight onto her.

Todd: Samantha take Nancy’s clothes off Samantha.

Nancy: Samantha don’t. If you don’t let me go Todd I’m going to yell. What’s gotten into you, how much have you had to drink? Jesus.

Todd sat up and released Nancy’s arms and then flipped his body off of hers.

Todd: You’re right honey, I’m sorry I don’t know what’s gotten into me.

Nancy instantly crawled off the bed.

Nancy: I’m going home Todd, if you want to come home and find me there you’ll leave with me.

Nancy bent over and grabbed her shoe that fell off during Todd’s fight with her.

Todd: Nancy deactivation code 09122.

Nancy just starting to stand up with her tennis shoe in her hand froze like a statue.

Samantha: She’s a robot?

Todd: Nancy mode 7 code 09223.

Nancy finished standing up and then dropped her tennis shoe and started to undress. Nancy had a blank look in her eyes and there was a lack of emotion in her face. Her blouse fell to the ground and then her tight jeans followed.

Todd: That’s fine Nancy; leave your socks and you panties on. Come over here and stand in front of me.

Todd shuffled over to the end of the bed and sat there as Nancy approached. He grabbed her waist and positioned it right in front of his face. Her tan skin and silver panties looked great on her. Todd gently slipped his fingers around the edge of her panties and slowly pulled them down. Exposing her perfectly smooth sex area. The panties feel to the ground and Todd lifted her leg and pushed them out of the way.

Nancy was indeed a robot; Todd was always rather wealthy and could afford almost anything it looks like Todd had the perfect woman created for him.

Todd: You mean you didn’t know she was like you Samantha, a machine.

Samantha: No, I really didn’t. She’s very natural and human like for a synthetic.

Todd: Yeah, nothing special really just a lot of sit down programming time. You could be the same you’re the same model as she is just different programming. I still just about loose my mind thinking that she’s a machine, along with yourself as well. Sometimes hearing her complain I almost forget she’s just a machine. Oh well, so where were we.

Todd put his hand under Nancy’s leg just grabbing the knee and lifting it onto the bottom of the bed frame. Nancy’s hairless sex was totally exposed to Todd’s face. Todd took his hand and cupped Nancy’s synthetics sex parts, and then inserted his thumb into her fake moistened hole. Todd’s thumb entered with ease as Nancy’s sexual response program was already running previous to Todd finding her alone with the Samantha model. Todd pushed his finger in and out of the robots rubber mound between its’ legs, a faint sound of suction could be heard as the juices started to flow from the artificial girl. Todd removed his thumb and stuck it into his mouth; her sexual juices were flavored with root beer. Most of the synthetics came with a reservoir in their abdomens since they never released waste, this reservoir could be filled with multiple juices and liquids to suit the purchasers tastes.

Samantha was just sitting at the edge of the bed doing nothing.

Todd: Samantha, why don’t you take those panties and my wives jeans and go out to the living room. Samantha I’m ordering you to delete all references to Nancy being a robot, also the record of you and her interaction. You are only to mention if questioned that Nancy gave you clothing. Please confirm the deleted section.

Samantha: If made the appropriate section omitted from access.

With that Samantha grabber the panties and jeans and put them on and left the room. Todd was still fingering the motionless Nancy synthetic.

Samantha re-entering the living room, where Kevin was just sitting waiting.

Kevin: Jesus what the hell took you so long Sam?

Samantha: Girl talk you know.

Kevin: Uh yeah sure thing, wow those jeans fit you really good. You look sexier than hell in them to, it’s to bad we’re going to just take them off in a while.

Samantha: Oh, you’re so bad Kevin.

Kevin: Samantha, Samantha, Samantha.

Samantha said aloud "" Samantha unit responding, awaiting command""

Kevin: Load saved program.

Samantha's eyes glowed and then I heard a beep.

Samantha: Family member position sister, age 21, name Julie.

Kevin: Hey sis can I get you a drink?

Samantha: I thought you said there were going to be other guys up here? Well, where are they.

Kevin: Holly shit, sorry. I’ll never invite you to another party. So do you want a drink or what?

Samantha: Sure, I guess so, might as well pass out if nothing else tonight.

These robots were able to drink, since that was a more sociable trait and they were also able to adjust their programming to simulate the effect of alcohol. I was planning on getting my sister completely drunk. One of the other things that made the fantasy even more real, the robots could tell exactly how much liquor there was in the drink and act accordingly even gagging in some cases.

Sam had sat herself down on the couch and was looking at an old playboy magazine left out on the coffee table. I grabbed the bottle of tequila and two shoot glasses and the salt and headed over myself.

Sam: Hey bro, why the hell do people still buy playboy? I just don’t get it.

Kevin: What do you mean, it’s sexy, and the girls in it are hot as hell.

Sam: So what just looking at these girls turns you on? So what you just look at these magazines and torture yourself.

Kevin: Um, sometimes I guess yea.

Samantha: What about the other times. EWWWwwww how gross don’t even tell me you jerk off or something.

Kevin: Oh like you’ve never played with yourself come on.

Samantha: Um, speak for yourself sicko. I prefer the real thing.

Kevin: Oh okay what ever. You ready for some tequila shots?

Samantha: Oh my god, I’m not touching that shit.

Kevin: Chicken, I’ll do two for every one of yours. You said you wanted to pass out anyways.

Samantha: Whatever you first drink two right now and maybe I’ll drink one.

With that I poured the two shots using Sam’s glass as the second shot and chugged them both down and then poured the salt into my hand and licked it.

Kevin: WHHHEEEEWWWW, that’s good.

Samantha: What ever Kevin, give me one shot and I want a chaser.

I went out and brought back a Coke for Sam to use as a chaser and then I poured her a shot of the tequila.

Kevin: Whelp, there ya go bottoms up.

Sam: No salt?

Kevin: Oh yeah lick your hand then I’ll pour some salt on it.

Sam licked her hand and then held it out towards me, I poured a little of salt onto the moist spot. Sam picked up the shot and threw it back down her throat; she slammed the shot glass down and gasped.

Samantha: Coke, coke where’s the coke.

I had pulled the Coke away when she leaned back to take the shot.

Samantha: Give me the Coke Kevin, god I think I’m going to be sick.

I held the Coke out and she grabbed it away and took a few gulps of the liquid into her body.

Samantha: Oh my god that is so gross.

Kevin: I knew you couldn’t handle it.

Samantha: Whatever keep it coming, when I get sick I’m puking all over you.

I poured Sam and myself another round and drank that one pretty fast. Sam responded in the same way.

Kevin: So back to our playboy conversation, I think that there’s probably not a man alive that hasn’t played with himself at one point I mean if they say they never did they’re lying.

Samantha: Well whatever, it’s still gross.

I continued to pour small shots for myself and rather large shots for Sam, she was so into reading the playboy she never really looked at my shots.

Samantha: Holly crap, that’s enough Tequila I’m going to be sick Kevin. I’m feeling so damn hot. Jesus, I drank that way to fast.

Kevin: Yeah, it will heat you up that’s for sure.

Samantha: I guess I can see how some of these stories could get you really excited; the pictures are a little sexy to.

Kevin: Put that damn magazine down, I’ve been sitting here for the last 15 minutes doing nothing except feeling like I’m going to fall asleep.

Samantha: Well what do you want to do? We’re the only ones up.

Kevin: I know it’s pretty lame but we could play truth or dare.

Samantha: But that’s so weak with just two people.

Kevin: Got any better ideas?

Samantha: No, go ahead, this is so stupid.

Kevin: Okay truth or dare?

Samantha: Dare.

Kevin: I dare you to drink one shot of whiskey.

Samantha: Okay pour it.

I poured the drink and handed it to Sam, she grabbed the shot glass and spilled a little on her way to her mouth. Looked like the tequila was starting to add up.

Samantha: Okay truth or dare?

Kevin: Truth.

Sam: So how many times have you played with yourself to playboy magazine?

Kevin: Oh jesus Sam, uh let’s just say I enjoy the magazine.

Sam: That’s not good enough.

Kevin: Okay truth or dare?

Sam: Dare.

Kevin: I dare you to stand up and spin around 8 times.

Sam: Uh, whatever.

Sam stood up and turned once, turned twice, turned three times and started to move a little out of her area, she turned a fourth time, and then started to turn on her fifth turn and fell straight into the couch.

Kevin: Sis you okay, LOL.

I got up and went over to her and put my hand on her shoulder as she was leaning over the arm.

Samantha: Wow, I think that will be just about enough of that. Wow, I can’t believe how fast those shots are taking affect on me. I’m getting blitzed.

Kevin: Yeah I’ll say you are. You okay?

Samantha: Yeah I’m fine, thanks. Guess I didn’t do to well on that dare.

Kevin: Yeah, but that’s okay. No more getting up activities for either of us.

Okay, so truth or dare Kevin?

Um, I take dare this time for 200 Chuck.

What, who is Chuck?

Never mind, it’s some game show host.

Oh, okay. Well, let’s see I dare you to…. um… take off your jeans and underwear and wear your underwear on the outside of your jeans.

Hey wait a minute I have to get up for this.

Damn, okay. Well geeze…. I’m not sure what to dare you to do. Oh, here’s one I dare you to give me a back massage.

What that’s not a dare?

Ha, you have to do it, I dared you.

All right whatever, but my back massages usually put people to sleep.

Sam turned her back towards me and flicked her hair over to the side.

I’ll give you a massage for 3 minutes and that’s it.

Okay that sounds fair, bro.

I reached up and touched the robots soft skin with both of my hands starting at her shoulders and neck area. I pushed pretty hard with my thumb moving it around, unlike real flesh her skin didn’t have as much give but still felt really nice to the touch.

Oh, yeah right there Kevin, that feels really good. Thank god you’re only doing this for 3 minutes. You’re right I’d be passed out in a few minutes.

Well I’m sure the alcohol has something to do with that to. You really drank a lot.

Yeah, you can say that again.

I started to massage Sam’s back through the shirt that she was wearing but really wasn’t getting much done. I reached down and pulled her shirt up slightly.

It’s all right. Everyone is in bed right? I’ve got a brae underneath the shirt anyways.

I lifted the shirt up as Sam raised her arms in the air. I pulled the shirt off and laid it on the floor next to the couch that we were on.

There now get back to work!"

Laughing: Oh okay boss.

Sam was wearing a white brae, her skin was just so nice a tanned and of course completely smooth without and blemishes or anything. Massaging this machine was really starting to turn me on, in a big way. While I wanted to keep going with this fantasy program, it was almost becoming to hard. I was just about ready to turn her programming off and have sex with her. But I decided to make my move with it and see what happened.

How’s that Sam?

Oh Kev, that’s wonderful seriously.

Whelp, that’s about it Sam, 3 minutes, plus some extra time.

Oh please, don’t stop.

Uh, well what are you going to do for me?

I’ll try not to fall asleep how about that.

Uh, yeah whatever sis. I’ll just put it on your tab.

All right, start massaging.

I started massing Sam.

Hey, if we’re going to go further with this massage you should probably lay down, I’ve done your shoulders.


Sam stood up and turned around, facing me and laid stomach down on the couch.

Okay, you ready for the triple suplex massage.

Laughing: Sure thing.

I started massing her back, up and down the cress of the robots back. I pulled her pants down a little and exposed the top line of her panties. As I pushed my hand up and down her back there was one area towards her lower pelvis where I could feel a line of hard flesh, must be where her pelvic joins her torso.

I decided enough was enough and I started my move.

Hey Sam you mind if I unlatch your boulder holder.

Laughing: Go ahead. Just keep massaging.

I wondered in my mind if this robot was actually enjoying this or if it was just responding to some type of programming.

I reached up and unsnapped the brae and moved the wings off to each side. I then continued the massage up and down. Slowly I started to push my hand further down inside her panty line under her jeans. I positioned myself so I could fully massage her ass through her jeans. I started on her legs. Up and down the perfect legs this robot had through her jeans.

Here hold on Kev.

Sam stood up and then unbuttoned her jeans and dropped them to the floor.

There she was standing in front of me in her panties and no brae and in a pair of white socks. By this time I was fully erect.

OH shit.

She reached up and covered her breasts.

I completely forgot you unbuttoned that. Wow I can’t believe I let you do that. This alcohol really put me down.

I stood up.

Sis, what’s the big deal, I’m your brother. Who gives a shit?

Yeah, it’s just strange but you’re right.

With that she lowered her hands from her breasts exposing herself to me. She was unbelievable.

Why don’t you lie back down and I’ll finish you massage. Then we can call it a night.


Sam retook her position on the couch and I straddled her female robotic form. This time I was going to make this robot react.

I started off slowly towards the middle back and moved up and down, slowly moving down towards her backend. She was wearing silver silk panties that just demanded touching. I worked around her buttocks area and then down to the upper leg. Shifting and pushing the cheek from one side to the other. Her panties started to bulk at the center of her love mound. Sam started to shift a little and open her legs ever so much. I knew that this was hopefully and invitation to touch her. I slowly massaged more and more towards her inner leg and finally my hand could feel the heat radiating of her moist love hole. Sam was squirming ever so lightly at this point shifting her leg from one side to the other. I stopped for a second and then took my thumb and placed it on the outside of her panties right on top of her love mound. I could feel the robot shift her body towards my hand accepting the touch on her artificial sex.

Bro, you shouldn’t be doing that.

Why Sam, it feels good?

It’s just not right, it does feel good.

Just relax I’m fine.

I can’t believe we’re doing this.

I left my thumb on her sex while she talked to me. By this time my thumb and her panties were soaked and the color turned from a silver color to more of a dark gray. I pushed the panties aside and started to gently massage the rubbery flesh found between its legs. Sam left out a few small breaths of enjoyment and a sigh. After rubbing for about a minute my thumb had become completely soaked in the robots juices and I slide my finger in it’s rubber padded sex hole. My thumb found it’s way inside the robots flesh easily and Sam let out a sign of pleasure as the hilt of my hand met her legs as my thumb entered her cavity fully. I moved my thumb in and out of the robots love hole, Sam released more juices and soon the sound of suction was coming from her rubber cavity as I increased fingering her hole with my thumb.

Oh god Kev, what are you doing to your little sis.

Making her happy I hope?

Oh yes, you can say that.

Then what’s the problem?

There isn’t one with that Sam pulled herself up and off my thumb and then sat up and turned to me.

Kiss me Kev.

I took the thumb that I had inside her love mound and stuck it into my mouth.

Sam tasted like nothing I had ever tasted before.

Am I good?

Oh yea, you’re wonderful sis.

I moved myself closer over to Sam and stuck my hand down towards her pussy and stuck my index and middle finger in her soaked hole and pulled them out and raised it towards her mouth.

Kiss me Kev.

I took my one hand and cradled the robots face and then took the finger that was just in its love hole and pushed it into her mouth. She instantly sucked on the two fingers and let out a moan.

Sam put her hand on my head and pulled me close as she wrapped her lips around me and kissed me. I could taste the liquid from her love hole that I pushed into her mouth. Sam pulled back a little and stuck her own hand down between her legs and began to finger her rubber opening, while we were kissing. She pulled her hand up and smothered my face in her love juices and then started to lick them off my face.

Let’s get you out of these clothes Kev! Now!

I stood up and Sam stood up with me lifting my shirt up over my head and then she unbuttoned my pants and kneeled down as she pulled them off. I was totally swollen by now, and ready to burst. Sam reached her hand in and held onto my member as she pulled my underwear down to the floor.

Boy you’re really excited Kev to be with your sister.

I’ve wanted you since we were kids Sam.


Sam started to fondle my member in her hand.

You used to fantasize about me? That’s too bad; I wished I would of known. I used to think of you too.

I grabbed Sam’s hand and took it off my member and then grabbed her shoulders and pulled her up.

You’d better slow down sis, I don’t want to lose myself already. I used to think of you all the time. I’d try and peak into your keyhole to get a glimpse of you naked.

You did? That’s so wrong Kev; you should have just opened the door. I used to just squirm under the sheets on my bed and finger myself thinking about you in the next room. I wished I would of pushed myself harder onto you.

Well Sam, I have you now. Why don’t you sit down here?

I directed Sam to the couch. Sam sat down and I crawled close to her legs. Sam had already spread her legs and started to touch her moist rubber hole. I grabbed her legs and ran my hands all the way to the center where I stopped and pulled her torso towards my face. Her head fell and her hands grabbed my head as she pulled me into her artificial love mound.

Oh Kev, that feels so good. Eat your little sisters pussy. Oh, yes kev.

Sam was squirming on the couch back and forth, back and forth as I drove my tongue into her. In my mind Sam had stopped being a robot and now had become my fantasy girl. I was between the legs of my sister, eating her out and getting ready to spend the night with her. I was living the ultimate taboo.

Sam continued to thrash back and forth on the couch and then it sounded like she was about to climax. I was tonguing her and pushing my thumb in and out of her.

Oh Kev, don’t stop! Jesus I’m going to cum.

Sam tasted so good. Unlike a real girl there was no salty taste and certainly no bad odors. Her fluids Just a faint hint of sweet strawberry and a little bitterness to it.

I’m cumming, I’m cumming aaahhh Kev. Oh my god.

Sam shuddered and jerked as a load of liquid poured out of her juicy hole. She grabbed and head and pushed it deep into her swollen rubber snatch. I could barely breath but it was worth every second.

Sam grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me up towards her mouth. She licked some of her juices off my face and then started to kiss me passionately.

MMmm I love you so much Kev. God that was wonderful. You ready for some more.

I was rock hard all the way through this, actually I had already let a little of myself go on the front of the couch while I was enjoying holding and spreading her legs open.

How about you lay back bro, I’m going to make your dream come true.

Huh, what do you mean sis.

You want me right, you want to be inside me right. You want to fuck your little dirty sister right?

With that, Sam pushed me towards the back of the couch and then straddled and started to crawl up me.

You want me right?

Oh, yes I want you so bad Sam.

You want to be inside your sisters hot tight little pussy.

Oh yes, sis.

Sam positioned herself directly over my swollen cock, she reached down and grabbed the hilt of it and directed it towards her soaking wet hole. Sam dropped her body, and my cock entered her rubber orifice.

Oh Sam you feel so fucking good!

MMMmmm Kev, your cock fits in me so nice. It’s almost like it was made for me.

Sam started to slide herself up and down on me swollen member.

Sam’s robotic pussy was better than any real girls I’d ever been with. There was suction and an almost pumping action to the robots pussy.

Slowly Sam, slow…. I don’t want to cum just yet.

Sam sat down on top of me with my cock still lodged inside her and she arched her back and swung her hair towards the back. Then she lend down towards me, with her face right in front of mine.

Silently: Do you love me Kev?

Sure I love you sis.

Sam was really close to my face, whispering looking me directly in the eyes.

I love you too Kev. Kiss me.

Sam pushed her face down into mine and kissed me. Still looking into each others eyes, I was reminded of her robotic self as I saw small flashes of light the size of a pin head coming from her eyes, it was the very faint glow of her visual sensors. Sam dropped her mouth on mine and started to kiss me passionately. She stuck her tongue into my mouth and explored it just like any other girl would of. I pushed her tongue back into her mouth and decided to stick mine in hers to explore her robotic mouth. Sam’s mouth was hot, and very inviting to my tongue. She pulled back and then slowly started to rock back and forth on my member again.

How’s that Kev?

Oh, that feels so good Sam..

Sam started to slide up and down me again and this time I was going to cum inside her. I sat up pulled my cock out of her and pushed her back onto the couch.

Oh, Kev.

I grabbed her little feet and held them apart and then entered her hot body again with my member. Sam moaned in pleasure and so did I, as after 5 pumps in her tight warm rubber hole I started to cum.

Oh God, Oh God Sam I’m going to cum. I’m cumming….

Oh Kev.

Sam was grabbing at my arms as I let my load enter her. She arched her back and took the whole load inside her.

Oh god Sam, that was so good. You’re fucking incredible.

With my cock still inside her I laid on top of her. Sam ran her fingers through my hair and looked me in the eyes with a look of pure love. It was strange starring back into them and seeing the faint glow of electronics behind them. She was wonderful, probably, no definitely the best sex partner I’d ever had and she was a machine.

Let’s just lay here for a while Kev. I’m tired.

Me to Sam.

The robot continued to play with my hair and kissed me a couple times on the cheek.

It’s so nice knowing that we can be with each other now. I wish I wasn’t you sister though. I think I could really fall in love with you Kev. Not that I’m not it’s just that.. well.

I know Sam, let’s just leave it at that.

Well I had fulfilled my fantasy of making love to my sister. It was everything I thought it would be, kinky, dirty, and a lot of fun. Sam was an incredible piece of machinery, and incredible woman.

I laid there with Sam for about another 10 minutes, running each other hands through our hair and kissing her gently. I was rubbing her smooth hairless stomach and breast area with my other hand.

So what now Kev?

Well, Sam I’m not sure. Why don’t we get up and go to bed. We’ll sleep together.

Okay, let’s go to bed I’m tired.

Laughing: What do you think the rest of the guys are doing with their robotic whores?

I’m sure they did the same thing that I did with mine.

Yours’ when did you fool around with one of them?

Sam, you’re a robot. You just think you’re my sister, I programmed you tonight.

Sam sat up; you’re really wished I were one of them don’t you. Sam don’t ruin this for me. It’s been such a nice night.

I sat up and slid next to Sam.

You’re right I was just joking, but aren’t you even curious what it’s like being with one of them. You know a robot.

Yeah, I am, but big deal.

Did you know that those girls… or those robots also come with the ability to have sex with a woman?

No Way!

Yeah it’s true, they have cock attachments. I saw it when I was ordering them.

That’s sick.

I think it’s cool.

You would you sickey.

I guarantee you that the other guys have basically had their fun with those robots and passed out. They were drunk already and then if they had sex I bet they’re passed out.

So what.

So what, let’s get one of those robots out here.

Oh Kev, I’m not sure I’m into that.

Oh come on.

I got up and started to head towards the back rooms. It sure was quiet, or maybe they were just being quiet to listen to us out here. I had been roughly 3 hours since I last talked to any of them. I walked over to Steve’s door who was totally drunk and cracked it open.

Hey Steve you awake in there. Hey Steve?

There was no reply and the room was completely dark.

Janis are you in here? Janis?

Just then the door cracked open and behind it was Janis.

Janis, ssshhhh come on out. Is he asleep, Janis?

Yes, he’s sleeping Kevin.

Well then come on out here.

Janis followed out the door and I quietly shut door behind her. The only problem was Janis was completely naked.

What can I do for you Kevin?

Well Janis, we were hoping you could have some fun with us.

What type of fun?

Janis, Janis, Janis….. command.

Janis said aloud ""Janis unit responding, awaiting command""

Transsexual mode Janis.

Program loading.

Janis reached behind her back and I heard a clicking noise, a piece of her flesh had opened up exposing a mass of wires and foam. She pulled the panel from her back it was about 3 inches thick and mostly made up of gel sealed inside baggies, in the center of the panel was what looked like a perfectly formed cock with wires dangling from the hilt of it. Janis grabbed the cock and pulled it apart from the skin panel. The cock was tucked inside the panel covering up the sack, which fell as she pulled it away. The rubbery looking device was amazing in detail and hung just like a real cock would. Janis then put the skin panel back into her body and with a snap the panel was affixed to her body once again. Janis held the extra organ in front of her and pushed in on the front of her sex, there was a clicking noise and then her flesh cracked and the small hairy patch sunk into her body exposing a several wires. Janis grabbed the wires and connected them to the artificial cock she held in her hand. A couple of clicks and connections and the cock jerked in her hand. Janis then positioned the unit in front of her pelvic area and pushed it into place. There were several clicks and then the cock was a part of the robots body. Now I’m not gay but there was something so awkward about seeing this beautiful girl with a cock hanging between her legs I was starting to get turned on.

Hey Kev, what are you doing.

Sam stood up and approached the hallway where Janis and I were still standing.

Oh, my god. What the hell, she’s naked. Oh Jesus Kev. What the hell, she’s got a cock.

Janis didn’t say a word.

Shhhhh, be quiet, we don’t want to wake up Steve. Lord forbid he find out we’re fucking around with “his” robot.

Oh that’s so gross Kev.

I grabbed Janis’s hand.

Come with me Janis. Let’s go out to the couch.

Janis followed, with the rather large sized cock hanging between her legs.

Hey, Janis why don’t you take a seat?

Janis sat down. I looked over at Sam, who was now pouring herself a shot of whiskey.

You want one Kev.

No thanks, you drink mine okay.

In my mind I was thinking what a waste of good liquor but I had too much other stuff on my mind.

So Sam, what are we going to do with this thing?

You didn’t find her like that? Did you. I mean she didn’t have that cock on the whole time.

No, I actually told her to refit herself with it in the hallway.

You did? Why?

I don’t know, it’s kinda sexy don’t you think. This robot’s perfect body and perfect breasts accompanied by this perfect cock.

No I think it’s gross.

With that I walked over to Janis and say down next to her. I reached up and put my finger in her mouth.

See she doesn’t mind anything you do.

I then slapped her, and touched her breast.

See sis no big deal it’s just a machine.

It’s still sick. It’s like screwing around with a dead person.

Well what ever.

Janis, Janis, Janis….. command.

Janis said aloud ""Janis unit responding, awaiting command""

Companion mode and sexual mode.

Program loaded.

Janis turned towards me.

So do you like what you see?

Yeah I do, I really like what I see.

What do you like?

I like everything. I mean everything.

You like my cock.

Janis reached down and fondled the rubbery member hanging between her legs.

I like that too.

Kev, what are you doing?

Nothing at all Sam. It’s not like it’s a guy or anything we’re just having fun here.

Yeah Sam, we’re just having fun.

Janis had been rubbing her cock up and down and by now I noticed that it actually seemed to swell and get hard.

So what are you doing?

You know what I’m doing; you want to do it for me? You want to suck my cock Kev.

Good lord. I’m not gay in any means but this was turning me on something fearace.

Oh my god Kev, you’re not going to.

Now how could you say a thing like Sam, she needs some help.

With that I put my hand on Janis’s leg and then slowly reached over towards her cock. She grabbed my hand and help me find the way by pushing my hand right onto the swollen cock.

See it wants you to touch it.

I wrapped my hand around the cock and stroked it once up and down and then let go.

Wow, this is pretty strange.

What, what’s wrong Kev? You like me right.

Yeah I do but. What’s going to happen here?

Anything you want.

Kev, that thing is going to want to fuck you in the ass.

Samantha, Samantha, Samantha.

Samantha said aloud ""Samantha unit responding, awaiting command""

Samantha pause program.

Thank god, she was getting annoying, Kev.

Yeah she was. God damn Janis you’re so fucking hot. I can’t believe how much you’re turning me on with your female body and that cock.

Well why don’t you indulge yourself Kev. You ever suck a cock. Here let me suck yours and show you how.

Janis reached over and grabbed ahold of my swollen member in my boxer shorts. She pulled it out and the pushed me back with the other hand.

Sit back let me show you.

She bent over and placed her lips around the head of my cock.

First get it wet, mmm you’ve been a bad boy, I can taste something else on your cock. That wouldn’t be your sisters’ juices would it? Then you go up and down like this.

Janis slid her mouth up and down on my swollen cock a couple of times and then pulled off.

See it’s that easy, it’s like riding a bike.

Janis sat back and started playing with herself, stocking her swollen cock.

I sat up and watched for a few seconds and then decided I would try this.

Just remember Kev, take as much as you can without hurting yourself.

I sat on the floor on my knees and positioned myself right in front of her crotch. I grabbed her hand and moved it away.

Here let me help you with this Janis.

I propped myself up a bit over her cock and then placed my mouth on the tip and then opened up and let her whole organ enter my mouth. I was sucking this robots cock. I went up and down while looking up at the expression on her face of pure happiness. She reached down and grabbed my head and started to push it down onto herself.

Her Kev, stop and get up.

I stopped.

What’s wrong. Nothing at all.

Janis laid down on the couch on her side and then bent her knee up into the air exposing her cock.

Here lay down so you can suck me and I can suck you okay.

Oh wow, cool.

I laid down and after a couple of struggles positioned myself so that I was directly in front of Janis’s cock and her head was able to get to mine.

I couldn’t help but wrap my lips around her cock immediately and started to suck.

She followed and started to suck on mine as well.

It felt so good, I knew I wasn’t going to last long.

I could feel Janis moaning by the vibrations on my cock from her mouth.

It felt unbelievable. Janis started to grind her cock into my face pushing extremely deep into my mouth. I had only been doing this for about 2 minutes when I tasted something in my mouth. Janis had let a burst of liquid fly into my mouth. And soon I was following her lead releasing a small amount of seamen into the robots mouth.

MMM that’s so good kev, you have any more.

I continued to suck of my robotic lover, and soon enough she jerked and a load of juice flew into my mouth. I swished it around and then swallowed the artificial cum. It wasn’t more than 10 seconds until I felt myself building and then exploding into Janis’s mouth.

I pulled back and a little of Janis’s juices squirted onto my face and dripped onto the couch.

Janis pulled off of my cock and wiped her face clean.

There was a little moment of silence as I started to realize what I had just done with this beautiful shemale robot. Her cock still swollen in it’s perfect shape, lay next to my mouth dripping ever so slowly with artificial juices. Janis started roll over but I pushed her back down and started to pull her leg towards me. I was turning Janis over to onto her stomach in order to expose her ass.

So Janis, what’s actually inside your anal cavity? Is it robotic parts or what?

Actually Kev, it’s just another padded cavity much like that of the robotic female sexual organ.

Oh, really. Here I’d like to get a closer look at that.

Janis raised her ass up towards my face. I reached over with my hand and spread her cheeks wide open and then stuck my middle finger into the crevice. My finger found a mostly dry and non-lubricated gash soft but definitely with and artificial feel.

Well with that I was through messing around, I had blown my load 2 times in the last several hours and was starting to get tired. But there was still so much more to do with these gorgeous girls.

Janis you ever make love to another robot, equipped like you are?

I’m unaware of any encounters previous to today.

I stood up and went over to Sam standing there motionless. Ran my fingers through her hair, and then reached my finger up and touched her opened eye. Her eyeball was hard and non-wet, almost like a glass marble you would of had when you were a kid. Sam was completely motionless.

It was somewhat sad to see this beautiful girl standing there motionless, as if it were some kind of waste. She was after all so human, so human that I couldn’t tell the difference unless kissing her close up or being told of her robotic self.

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