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I was 35, had 2 children and a good wife. All thanks to my place of employment, Synthgirls. I had worked for the artificial human company for over 8 years and had advanced into a position which exposed me to some of the benefits of working for an artificial human company. First in being, that I could utilize any synthetic at any time for test purposes or for entertaining potential clientele.

I of course took advantage of this, since I had devoted a large portion of my life to work, I didn’t have much of a social life, which meant I had been off the dating market for a long time. I had attempted to date several girls but just wasn’t able to devote enough time to the relationship in this new age of technology. Who could, except for the rich and usually the rich just purchased their girls, real or artificial. I decided to take a spin on the wild side and use some of the benefits of Synthgirls.

It was a Friday night about 9:30pm, the standard work day for me putting in a good 12 hours and then some. I knew I had the same weekend to look forward to as the weekend previous, going home cooking dinner alone and then watching TV until Monday. Now usually I would be happy with that, given that I’m so exhausted after a week of work but this Friday was different. I felt alive and didn’t want to go home. I had few friends and of those friends if you didn’t plan weeks ahead you might as well forget about getting together. I decided at that point that I was going to go down into the lab storage and find a friend for the weekend, an artificial friend.

I walked into the lab, which is operated 24 hours a day 7 days a week by artificials. Real humans only do procedure monitoring of artificials and serious code exchanging. I knew that I would be greeted by a female android model 75. And sure enough a female android came around the corner.

“Hi , I’m Jessica, can I help you Doctor Deven?” she stated. Yes, you can, I’m looking for a female friend tonight, I was hoping that you could point me in the right direction. “You’ve come to the right place then Doctor, that’s all we have are friendly girls. Is there anything in particular you’re looking for?” We’ll… I was hoping for someone fun, young and somewhat standard looking so if I decided to go out people won’t automatically think I’m with and android. “Oh yes I understand Doctor, I know just the line and type of girl for you, follow me.” Jessica turned and started to walk towards the door that she had originally come through, I followed closely behind. I had been in every section of the facility and knew we were going to the locker storage area. This is where the company stored thousands of pre-programmed androids hanging from and automated track system. We walked through the door and even though I had seen this a hundred times it was still impressive each time. There were about 50 naked androids being prepared for delivery, such items as burn in, special instructions and personalities being programmed into each one by other androids. It was still so surreal talking to these computerized machines that were so human.

So Doctor, are you interested in one of the new unique-bots? That sounds excellent Jessica. Please show me a few. “Of course Doctor.” I knew about this line of androids. Each one was unique no two are alike, the computer generates a new face, eye, hair and body style for each android off the line. One of the biggest problems in the past with mass producing the same girl over and over, is that eventually that girl is everywhere. So this new system was amazing and lessened the chance that someone would call you on your date whether they were human or robotic.

Jessica sat at the computer and worked the controls with amazing speed. “I’ve qued up 6 girls for your inspection Doctor. Would you like to wait in the greeting area for their arrival.” Thanks Jessica, I’ll wait over there then. Do I need to do anything else after I pick the girl or girls I wish to check out? “No, doctor that’s not necessary, you can leave directly from there. Thanks Jessica.

I went into the inspection room in which we had setup with several different types of furniture, beds, couches, a bar, and hot tub. You never know how a potential buyer may wish to inspect their new synthgirl.

Just as I walked over to the bar to pour myself a drink, a young girl stood up from behind the bar.

Oh, you startled me. Are you Doctor Deven?

That’s me, who are you?

I’m Tammy, I was just going to make a drink. Would you like one?

Sure Tammy, it’s nice to meet you, I’ll take a white Russian.

Tammy was a knock out, again so perfect that everyone would immediately know that she was a machine and not human. As good as she looked I was looking for someone I could go out on the town with and she was just to… synthgirl looking.

At that moment the door opened up and three more girls walked in they were all talking amongst each other. These girls all were more fitting to my needs two of them were wearing jeans and a half belly shirt and the other was wearing jogging shorts and a half top. These girls were all created to be in their early 20s.

Now before I go any further, I need to remind you the girls that just walked in the door were all robots, and so was Tammy. And need I remind you I was feeling a little turned on.

The robot in the sweat pants was the first to come over my way. She was nothing less than amazing. Brown hair long and pulled back into a pony tail, a pretty face and an amazing body. She was nicely tanned, and the grey sweat shorts that she wore were perfect for her frame, the half top exposed her belly and just dropped over her medium breasts. As far as I was concerned she was the girl I was taking home with me tonight.

“Hi I’m Jennifer, you must be Doctor Deven?” Hi Jennifer, you can call me Deven.

Okay Deven.

And with that the other 2 girls came over to me.

Hi I’m Kari and this is Stacy we’re sisters. And that they were, now as I said these were unique-bots. Everyone created differently, it just so happens that this android was a set of twins.

So you guys are identical twins?

Yes, we’re sisters. I’m nicer though, said Stacy. Kari laughed a little.

I turned around to Jennifer and well really needed to know a little more about her, physically.

I turned to her and stepped in towards her really close. I put my arms around her neck and then went towards her face.

Jennifer grab me and started to kiss me on the spot just like she should had. I stepped back and grabbed the bottom of her half shirt and said “may I”

She raised her arms and I pulled the sirt over her head exposing her tan lineless breasts they were perfect, I then continued to move my hands down her soothe body and to her sweat pants.

I pulled them down while crouching in front of her slowly exposing her white panties. The sweat pants dropped to the ground hugging with the elastic hugging her ankles. Jennifer had the perfect beach tan, her panties didn’t cover up what looked like a bikini line. She was amazing the tan line was something I was not expecting.

To be continued?

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