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Chapter 1 - Introductions

Robert impatiently paced back and forth between his sofa and the TV as he waited. His bare feet stomped on the tiled floor of his spacious living room as his patience for Mary’s arrival thinned. “Our first weekend together and she’s already late. The one weekend I get off work too!” he murmured in an annoyed tone as the clock struck 9am. He entered the kitchen which connected the living room via an open arch way, where he retrieved a two-litre bottle of orange juice from his double doored fridge. Pouring the orange juice into a tall glass, he toped it off and took a long sip. Just as his lips left the glass, the doorbell chimed.

He quickly placed the company gifted glass labelled ‘Artificial Minds Are The Future” on the marble island bench top and raced through the living room, nearly running into his little fluffy dog as he did, reaching the front door only seconds later. Looking through the door’s fish eye, he saw his girlfriend, idly playing with her blonde pig tails as she mindlessly looked around the spacious hallway of the apartment building. He couldn’t help but notice how the white dress she wore exposed her ample cleavage. Her breasts parted in an almost measured way. Her idle stance quickly dissolved as she heard Robert unlock the door.

“Hey Mary!” the strongest sent of enthusiasm in his voice made Mary’s lips form her warm, and loving smile which exposed her perfectly straight, white teeth. Robert treasured the way her prominent cheekbones complimented her blemish less, full lips. He wrapped his arms around her slender torso, pressing her boastfully large breasts into his chest. He adored how soft they felt against his rough, firmer upper body. She returned his embrace, pulling him in tighter. The strength those long, petite arms had were extremely deceiving. Mary’s piercing blue eyes locked with Roberts much darker brown eyes as she pulled him in closer, matching her opened lips against his. Mary’s smooth, tasty tongue matched Robert’s in perfect union. Given what Robert knew of her background, she had over 10 years to develop those skills, among other things of course.

“Hey Robert! Oh god have I missed you! And I’m liking the place!” she exclaimed as her blue eyes scanned the living room. Her sweet, almost ditzy toned voice always soothed Robert’s mind, despite what his friends had said about it, among other things. “Ooo, a fire place next to the tv and sofa! I haven’t been near one in years! And who do we have here??” she mussed as Cali came running up to her.

“This is my life-long friend, Cali. She’s a cross breed of chihuahua and Jack-Russel. She came by the office a few years back and we kept her around for a few months before I took her home. She’s been with me for 2 years now. I just know you two will get along!” Robert’s final statement immediately fell dead after Cali sniffed Mary’s rather petite feet which were housed in her signature 4 inch red heels. Had Robert been more observant, he would have noticed how those heels were all she wore. She seemingly had no other shoes.

Cali quickly ran behind Robert’s left leg and started growling in a defensive stance. “Oh now don’t be like that” He said as he picked up the five kilo dog and hugged her.

“Here, take her gently”. Mary looked at Robert with a slightly confused expression before he clarified. “Hold Cali in your arms like this”. Mary’s confusion turned into an understanding smile as she took the shacking dog in her thin arms.

Cali viciously scrambled out of Mary’s grasp and jumped down from the 6-foot beauty, running through the connecting hallway into Robert’s open room. “I’ve never really been good with animals Robert. I hope this isn’t an issue” Her apologetic tone almost had a slight hint of submissiveness to it. This was further emphasised when she shifted her heavy breasts from their cage, exposing the slightest hint of her nipples to him. Robert didn’t waiver from his stance, despite her attempts to distract him.

“Give her time, she’ll come around. She’s only ever been this way at the office during testing procedures” he mused. After Mary simply smiled at him for a moment in complete silence, he continued. “Now then, let’s get you all settled in”. They both carried in Mary’s belongings, accounting for one large suit case and her cream coloured purse. She briskly strolled through the single bedroom apartment with Robert following her from behind. Her white dress was extremely short and failed to cover her boastfully round and rather large yet firm ass. Robert had no doubt that her pussy would reveal itself had she moved in just the right way. He also caught a glimpse of a label printed on her suit case. “Synth-Co. Where have I heard that before?” he pondered as he placed her purse down on the bottom left edge of the bed. He noticed Mary position the suit case such that the label was hidden from sight. After she ensured it was hidden, she entered the hallway and started admiring Robert’s various art works and nature photography.

Chapter 2 - There's Something about Mary...

“I didn’t realize you enjoyed photography this much. Where did you get these?” she said as her blue eyes intensely stared at a photo of a powerful red sunset over a long lake, partially masked by a small hill. “This one is beautiful! I love how the orange rays bounce off the clouds and pour out along the water.” She continued, her always sweet, ditzy voice completely contrasted her entirely emotionless expression.

“Ahh yes, I took this last year down at the Grand Basin Lake by Jarvis Bay. I was asked by the dev team at work for a couple of photos for some tests with the new LV5 personalities. This one here is by far my favourite picture. It has brought a tear to my eye on the odd occasion.” Robert’s laxed tone caught Mary by surprise as her emotionless face was quickly washed over by a confused look.

“A tear to your eye? I don’t understand how a photo could do that” her tone took a confused quality matching that of her facial expression. Robert noticed this anomalous behaviour in Mary on the odd occasion, where she sometimes lacked emotion when it came to abstract concepts. Had he been paying more attention to her words and not her body, he would have realized her reaction was like that of the Artificial personalities the dev team was working on. With this never coming to mind, he simply took this as her quirky personality.

“Don’t over think it. This brings forth emotions from the heart, not the mind” His statement didn’t even register with Mary as she continued her confused stare. After noticing Robert’s expression turn into one of slight concern, her expression of puzzlement melted into a sultry, lusty appearance. She licked her full, thick lips as her hands slid into her deep cleavage, grasping and pulling her heavy breasts over her low-cut dress and lightly pinching her rigid left nipple.

“Oh Robert, I love how smart you are! Of course, it’s from the heart. I have no idea how I missed that!! Now, tell me how horny I make you Robert!” Her deep, sexy tone sent chills down her man’s spine. Mary did this quite frequently whenever she was shown or asked something she couldn’t comprehend. The last time she did this almost cost Robert his Neptune’s Winery membership after she offered a blowjob to the waiter in public. That was the last time Robert would take her to a public tasting of French wine. She simply didn’t get the concept of wine having a non-English name. But while in private, Robert didn’t even question her odd behaviour. Not even the near identical words she spoke whenever this occurred.

She was extremely skilled at sex, and Robert didn’t waste a second to test those skills out. He forced the concern of her quirky behaviour to the back of his mind as she moaned under the pressure of her nipple twisting. On their early dates, he would wait for her to act during times like this. However, her quirky personality once again made it self present. He learnt that if he didn’t act first, she would simply stand there all night, playing with her voluptuous breasts as she had a few times before.

She reminded of him of his ex-girlfriend, Lucy, in a way.

Without a moment to waste Robert embraced the beautiful woman, pressing her strong back against the wall as they aggressively made out underneath the picture of the red sunset. He felt her slim body relax and warm up as he struggled to lift the hem of her dress past her waist. To his surprise, she was wearing a red string thong which rode her like he would later that night. It barely even covered her waxed, smooth pussy. She effortlessly pulled Roberts large member from his navy coloured cargo shorts, guiding it to her now damp pussy lips. She jumped up and wrapped her long, lean legs around Roberts pert ass and slowly pumped her tight pussy on his throbbing cock. Lost in a sea of bliss, they both were completely unaware of Cali’s aggressive barking as the little dog stood at the end of the hall watching the two lovers have sex. After a few moments of rough fucking, Robert took notice of Cali.

Slowing his movements, he tried to grab Mary’s attention. “Mary. Mary?” she completely ignored him as she continued pumping on his cock. Her pussy tightened around his member in an attempt to bring him back into the moment, however Robert wasn’t deterred. He removed his manhood from her to try and gain her attention. “Mary?! Oi over here!” he yelled, placing his hands on her shoulders in an attempt to stop her movements. Ironically, this had the opposite effect on her.

“Oh ROBERT! Don’t stop!! I’m so close!!” She screeched in a high-pitched squeal as she climaxed. She shook violently as she slid down the wall in her post orgasmic bliss, her legs weakening and untangling themselves around Robert. She fell to the tilled floor with a loud thud, landing on the cushion like softness of her ass cheeks. With her eyes clenched, she took no notice of either Robert or her fall as she calmed down. As she relaxed, so did Cali.

“Mary?” Robert softly said as he crouched down and shook her gently. He watched her lips move slowly as she softly whispered something that he couldn’t make out. Then, without warning, her eye lids opened, and she fixated on Robert with what he could only describe as an extremely wide, unnatural smile. Her eyes were as wide as possible, her smile made various muscles in her neck overstatedly visible as they tensed up. Even her arms and legs were extremely rigid. As quickly as all this happened, it changed into a playful grin. Her tense body relaxed as she spoke.

“Damn baby, you always know how to turn me on!” she was clearly calmer than she was only seconds earlier. Bringing her left hand to her naval, she slowly slid her fingers in and out of her now leaking pussy. After a moment of staring at Robert, her head snapped to the right to face Cali who quivered in fear. Mary’s panting stopped as she removed her fingers from her pussy. “Ohh look at her! She’s adorable” Mary’s tone returned to its girlish glee quality as the effects of her orgasm had completely ceased.

“Didn’t you hear her barking while we fucked?” Robert questioned, still in his crouching stance. She gave him a blank stare before he shook his head. “Well we can’t do that again” Robert was concerned for his little buddy. She had never acted out at anyone else, at least not with his previous girlfriends.

Well, with the exception of Margret.

Mary’s confused stare turned into one of fear and regret. “We can’t have sex again?!” Mary frantically questioned as tears started rolling out of her blue eyes. Robert quickly realized he wasn’t precise enough with her. Unlike many other girls, Mary needed things spelt out to her. She wasn’t intellectually bright to put it lightly.

“No no Mary. We can’t do it while Cali is near us. From now on, sex only in the bed room. Capish?” He watched his language carefully as he spoke. He was worried that even the word ‘Capish’ would cause her trouble, however his concerned look loosening up as she smiled and nodded.

“No sex outside of the bedroom. Got it!” she clapped her soft hands as she spoke. Pulling herself back up to her soft, little feat, she guided her breasts back into their housing and kissed Robert once again. Robert on the other hand was slightly concerned with his lover. He wondered how this weekend would play out.

“I’ll be right back babe. Don’t you go anywhere!” Mary chirped as she skipped her way down the hallway into the master bedroom.

Chapter 3 - A Grand Reveal?

“The on-suit is on the right” Robert hopped she heard him before his attention returned to Cali who was still shacking in fear. He picked her up and moved over to the sofa, cradling her softly in his big, hairy arms. “There there now. It’s all going to be ok” So far, Robert was confused about Mary. In the 2 months he had known her, she never acted this odd. He wondered if her background as an escort shaped her personality in anyway. And on that, she claimed to be 35 yet she had the physique of an 18-year-old. She literally looked to good to be true. As he waited, he let Cali down and turned on the TV. Flipping through the channels, he came across an ad that he had seen many times before. “Here at Synth-Co, we have the latest and greatest companion models for all your needs! Try out the Samantha Model for only $500 a night. Or the new prototype model, Monique for our special deal of $999 a night! From our Dominque and Lucy models to our Mary and Margret models, we guarantee we have something for you!”

Robert froze as he saw his girlfriend show up on the ad. “The Mary Model?” he questioned as he heard his bedroom door open. Mary came skipping out wearing a catholic school girl outfit, complete with an extremely low-cut shirt and even shorter dress. Her flat mid-drift was on full display. Robert froze the tv screen on her model.

“Hey Robert! So, what do you think?” she spun around on her left foot, letting her golden pig tails fly around before they fell back on her exposed chest. Her large smile faded into a concerned look, matching that on Robert’s face. “Mary, what’s this?” he pointed at the TV, showing Mary an exact duplicate of herself on the screen. Mary’s confused face turned into a smile once again as she laughed.

“Oh that? So, remember how I told you I was an escort back in the day?” her voice changed to one of seriousness. Robert was taken back by this. “Well, Synth-Co contacted me 2 years ago and asked me if I wanted some extra money working for them. For two months, they scanned my body completely, and analysed my brain to create that. The Mary Model 601. So, there are literally hundreds of me walking around, being the perfect companion to many men and women!” Robert felt like he had heard this before, but he couldn’t place it. Regardless, he found this hard to believe. Robert’s sceptical look prompted Mary to lift her right leg over her head in a ballerina move, revealing her now slightly damp pussy. “All Synth-Co models have a branding on their left upper thigh. Do you see one on me?” She said in a matter-of-fact voice. Robert scanned her long, slender thigh to find no signs of a marking. Despite this, he still felt slightly sceptical about the whole thing. Mary picked up on this and continued. “Continue the ad, and I’ll prove to you I’m not a machine”. Her voice was turning into one of annoyance by this point. Robert pressed play and the ad continued.

“As per government request, here is a list of what you shouldn’t make your 601 model do” Robert quickly pressed pause as the long list appeared. Mary walked over to the screen and selected one line at random.

“Here, ‘Do Not let the 601’s into the shower, or any other body of water. Now, follow me Robert!” Her annoyed tone turned into one of slight anger as she walked through the hallway into Robert’s on suit. She entered the shower and turned on the water, which ran over her head and body. Her catholic school girl outfit quickly clung to her torso as she neglected to take it off. Her nipples poked through the shirt, revealing her lack of bra. Robert’s concern faded quickly as Mary turned the water off and walked up to him, slapping him on the face. “Now get me a towel, and don’t you dare call me a robot again”. Her angry tone remained as she dried herself off and replaced her clothes. Robert somehow was still unconvinced, yet he pushed the though to the back of his mind.

As Mary dried off, Robert returned to the TV and scanned through the ‘what not to do list’. One thing caught his attention. ‘Do not give your 601’s any fruit drink as their artificial metabolism can’t process the natural sugars” He kept this thought at the back of his mind for later.

Chapter 4 - The Reveal Prolonged

After a moment, Mary returned to the living room sporting a regular white bra and matching lace panties. Her anger was still evident in her stance as she sat opposite Robert, crossing both her limbs as she looked away from him. “I can’t believe you think I’m just a pile of plastic and circuits. That really hurts me!” her tone sent a strong sense of guilt down Robert’s spine. She looked at him, those blue eyes looking right through him, she straightened her feet out and faced them towards Robert. Her legs were perfectly straight, with Mary showing no signs of discomfort from her now L shaped position. “I want a foot massage. It’s the least you can do to make this up for me”. There was nothing playful about her request at all, prompting Robert to believe he was in trouble. He slowly moved over towards her little feet and tried to sit next to her, only to have Mary shoo him away. “You can sit on the floor!”.

As he sat on the cold, tiled floor, Mary wiggled her toes in front of his face. “How can these feet be artificially made? Inspect them if you want”. Taking her right foot into his hands, Robert did just as she suggested. He looked over every inch of skin, inspected every hair and every muscle line. Several seconds of inspection failed to show anything that would indicate that her feet were artificial in nature. Even her toe nails seemed to be longer than the last time he saw them.

“Well, you can’t massage with your eyes, now can you?” Her annoyed tone once again returned. Mary now faced him, using those piercing eyes to look directly into his soul. They almost glowed back at him as he hesitantly began to massage her feet. While Robert wasn’t an expert in foot massages, he had picked up a thing or two in the past from his previous girlfriends. As he slowly rubbed his thumb into her left, rather firm sole, a thought came to his head. One problem he heard about A.I’s from his work was that their sensory data could be corrupted quite easily. “Even the most advanced Robots can’t correctly identify the sensation of being tickled”.

He recalled something about how CPU’s couldn’t distinguish the sensation of being tickled from being touched due to a prediction algorithm matrix error which was part of the core A.I. Using this knowledge, he slowly ran his fingers up and down the pronounced arch of her feet.

Initially, Mary remained silent as she rested her head back on the sofa pillows. Her pig tails neatly lay atop her breasts, slowly rising and falling with each breath she took.

Robert brought up two fingers to each foot now, making a stronger effort to tickle his girlfriend. After a few seconds, he was certain that she was a robot. “Maybe she isn’t tickli..”

Suddenly, she erupted in laughter as she quickly retracted her feet from his grasp. “Damn! That was like 15 seconds!” she said still squirming in the seat. Robert was once again proven wrong, but he still wasn’t done testing out her nature just yet. His thoughts were cut short as Mary pressed her hands against Roberts head and pulled him in for a long kiss. “I can’t stay mad at you babe! Do you forgive me for being so mad at you earlier?” Had her hand not been grabbing Roberts left ass cheek, he may have verbally replied. Instead, he smiled and returned her embrace, kissing her deeply.

“Stay right here babe. I’ve gotta go use the little girls room” She giggled as she quickly stood on her small feet and hastily made her way to the on suit.

Robert waited patiently for Mary to return, but after a few moments he could barely make out her calling his name. As he approached his room, her calls for him were interrupted by soft moans of pleasure. Just a few meters from the room, he could make out his girlfriend laying on his bead, stark nude with her long, shapely legs spread and bent up. Her long arms were rubbing over her body as her left hand slowly slid in and out of her glistening pussy. She lifted her head and smiled at the sight of Robert.

“Sorry for being so angry earlier babe. But for some reason, it just made me horny as hell!” she slowly lifted herself off her back and got on her knees and hands, letting her heavy, large breasts sway as she slowly crawled over to the edge of the bed. “And you did say we can have sex ONLY in this room” winking as she spread her attractive legs apart ever so slightly. “Now then, get that monster dick over here. My mouth is too dry after that fight” As he watched her plump red lips move, his manhood stood at attention. Robert quickly undid his cargo shorts once again, and almost tripped over them in his hurried haste. Mary laughed lightly as he removed his boxer shorts and approached his girl.

“Now that robot you saw on TV is inferior to me. Let me prove it to you!” with that, she took his full member into her mouth. The one thing Robert loved about Mary was her absence of a gag reflex. His colossal cock slid past her mouth down into her throat with ease. He placed his right hand over her throat and gently squeezed it, feeling his cock press up against his hand through her throat. “Squeeze harder!” despite her muffled voice, Robert understood her request, and squeezed her throat harder. Why Mary enjoyed being chocked was beyond Robert. He simply put it up to her quirky personality.

Within moments of her deepthroating, Robert came for the first time that day. His juices slid down her throat as he pulled out of her mouth. “Hey! No fair! I didn’t cum at all because your weak-ass grip did shit!” she shouted in an almost insolent tone.

“Turn around and I’ll show you how strong I can be!” Robert orders order brought a sly grin on Mary’s face as she quickly turned around and poked her perky, round ass in the air. Robert grasped at it, squeezing her firm muscle before he spanked it hard. Mary didn’t even blink at this.

“Is that it?” she sighed in disappointment. Robert stood to her side and spanked her much harder. Again, she didn’t even blink. “Hit me bitch! HIT ME!” her yell caught him off guard. She was never this rough he thought before he spanked her as hard as he could. Her entire ass cheek rippled as his hand contacted her skin.

“AHHHHHH FUCCKKKKK YESSSSSSS!!!” Mary screeched as she orgasmed extremely hard. Her pussy squirted as her entire body shook. She fell on her belly as her knees gave out, her shaking frame didn’t give up at all. Robert stood back as he watched his girlfriend, a flailing, shaking mess.

“There’s no way she’s a human” he reasoned. “But how do I prove it?” this thought blocked out Mary’s still completely unreal display. Lost in her orgasmic bliss, Mary didn’t realize Robert had left the bed room. He returned to the TV which was frozen on the Synth-Co ad. Taking a photo of the known limitations of their product, he unfroze the ad.

“What are you waiting for?! Visit us at to order your very own companion today!” As the ad faded away to the news about the on-going war, Robert rushed to his bedroom to retrieve his laptop, only to find Mary laying on the bed, motionless.

As he slowly approached her, he could make out the slightest of whispers. Something about memory was all he could make out before she suddenly sprung back to life. “Hmm hey baby. That was a wild ride! You always know how to turn me on!” Something about the last line made Robert stiffen, as if he had heard it before in that identical way. Lost in thought, Mary sat up on the edge of the bed and stood up. She slowly moved over to her suit case and pulled out a white towel. “Hey baby, I’m going to shower. Please don’t interrupt me” she said with a wink before she seductively strutted into the bathroom, vanishing behind the door.

Robert knew she took long showers, so time wasn’t an issue here. The second he heard the water start running, he rushed over to her suit case and searched the whole bag. He only found erotic bras, panties, low cut shirts and short dresses. He then hasty made his way into the living room where he found Mary’s purse hung over his sofa’s arm rest. Again, he found nothing but lip stick, condoms and a rather large vibrator.

He hurried back to his room and retrieved his laptop. Using the link in the photo he took, he Google searched and scrutinised the site for any signs that would reveal Mary’s robotic nature.

“Damn, nothing!” he was furious that the last 15 minutes of searching the site proved useless. Just before he exited the page, he decided to search through the ‘accessories’ tab. The instant the page loaded, his eyes widened as he found the exact same suit case Mary had. His frown changed into a grin as he learnt that the suit case had a secret compartment at the very bottom. Leaving the laptop on the bed, he quickly retrieved Mary’s suit case and searched through its contents once more before discovering the secret compartment.

Opening the compartment revealed a 9-inch tablet with the branding ‘Synth-Co’ imprinted on the bottom side. “Shit. So, it’s true. But how could I fall for a robot?!” Roberts mind raced as he looked at the device. Running his fingers along the top, he found a small button on the top right edge. The screen lit up the very second, he pushed down on the button. A full-sized image of Mary’s naked body displayed on the screen before a menu overlay displayed on the screen. Robert was shocked at this, yet his racing mind finally calmed down.

Suddenly, an icon box in pure red lit up on the screen. “Error in primary Memory drive as of the 15th of May, 2034 at 11:30am. Secondary Memory drive has been corrupted as of the 15th of May, 2034 11:30am. Your unit has malfunctioned and is running of RAM memory. Reset is required”

Checking the large analogue clock on the far side of his room, Robert realized that these errors occurred roughly 20 minutes ago. Just before Mary entered the shower.

Pressing the OK button, Robert searched through the menu for anything that he could use. He quickly came across an option called “HUD”. As soon as he pressed it, the screen filled up with a view of the shower, or more accurately, Mary’s view of the shower. Robert could see through her eyes and was amazed at what her HUD contained.

There were two parallel bars on either side of her vision, with the left containing her vertical position and the right containing her horizontal position. There was a third bar on the top of her HUD which contained a compass reading accurate to 7 decimal places. On the far right of that bar was her battery meter which showed 95%. Just below this was an icon which displayed incoming noise from a full 360-degree radius. On the left centre of her HUD was a console which contained two halves’. The left half had what appeared to be a debug script of all her actions and the right hand had a series of programs which were running (like a task bar). Underneath this bar were two graphs, with the upper graph being her CPU load and the lower graph being her RAM usage. On the far right of this was a similar styled window, but with percentages instead of graphs. It showed her every emotion, from anger, to love, to hate, to sexual drive. Just below that was a button which contained the words “Manual control”. He noticed her RAM usage was at 85% and was climbing.

Robert stepped back as he struggled to understand what had just happened. And how this all happened. The one undying thought that lingered in his mind plagued him. “They can’t take showers…”

After a moment of watching Mary shower through her own vision, he watched her shut off the water and step out of the shower into the full view of the mirror. Suddenly, a red alert appeared on her HUD indicating her RAM had maxed out. She stood there, inhumanly still. Not even the slightest movement of any muscle was evident. Internally, her debug window scrolled through thousands of lines of code before her centre display opened a prompt. “RAM buffer cleared”. “Request for self-gratification denied. Reason: Insufficient external stimuli; no humans to enjoy the display.” The process shut itself down and a new process opened “Request for masturbation denied. Reason: Insufficient external stimuli; no humans in the same room. Human target Robert: Not found.” Once again, the process shut itself. Her RAM usage dropped to 20% before Mary began to dry herself off. Once dried, she put on the white bra and lace panties.

Robert knew he didn’t have much time, but instead of replacing the tablet, he searched through Mary’s settings. He knew that machines could be made to ignore certain objects if programmed too, and this tablet was one of those certain objects he needed to remain hidden. Much to his surprise, he found the setting with ease and enabled the “Out of sight protocol” just as Mary left the bathroom.

Mary quickly shifted her weight onto her left foot, extenuating her hips as she placed her soft hands on either hip. Robert noticed her CPU and RAM usage rose considerably. “Well well well, look who decided to be a big tease!” she growled in an annoyed tone. Robert didn’t even batt an eye away from the tablet screen. Her angry emotional state was brought forth by a binary selection process. Since he didn’t join her in the shower, her CPU loaded up the appropriate files to make her simulate an angry, sexually frustrated woman. For now, Robert just observed how she worked.

After a moment, she continued “And that’s my second shower today, and I’m still here! So please explain how I could possibly be a robot?!” Robert lightly laughed at this statement while Mary’s face grew angrier. On her HUD, a display popped up in the centre which declared her covert status at jeopardy. A multi-way selection process found that the following task would prove sufficient enough to restore her covert nature. Her anger melted into a cocky smile as she stepped towards Robert. “I remember them saying that we can’t drink any fruit juices. Let’s put that to the test!” Her smug tone reflected that of her HUD as the process statistically confirmed that this task would confirm her human nature. Robert on the other hand, had another idea.

“No no wait” Mary’s arrogant face turned into one of interest as she heard Robert out. “Look babe, I never meant to tease you like that. I’m really sorry” her interested facial expression remained as he paused for a moment. On her HUD, her CPU failed to understand what he meant, and decided the best course of action would be to remain silent. “Let me make it up to you. Go back into the shower and I’ll join you in 2 minutes” her interested expression turned into one of happiness as she jumped in glee.

“Yes baby! Let’s go right now!” she rushed back into the on suit, leaving the door slightly open. Robert looked back at the tablet and noticed her sexual emotional programming was loading into her RAM at an alarming rate. He waited for her to start the water before he set his plan into action.

Robert pressed the “Manual Control” option, which opened up a prompt box in the centre of her HUD. “Would you like ‘complete control’, ‘partial control’ or ‘full autonomy’?” Each option was highlighted in a bright blue font. Robert selected the ‘partial control’ option which then replaced the ‘task bar’ screen into a list of actions which were listed under specific sub-sections, with ‘sexual operations’ listed as the first folder. Upon pressing said folder, hundreds of .SEX programs loaded into view. “She has every sexual position known programmed into her!” his astonished voice was just enough to prompt an alert on Mary’s HUD.

“Warning: Loud noise from an external source. Investigate?” Robert froze for a moment before he realized the prompt waited for his input. Pressing the investigate button prompted two options. “Yes” or “No”. Without a second thought, he selected “No”, and Mary returned to scrubbing her breasts through the bra she neglected to remove.

Out of curiosity, Robert selected the sexual emotion percentage bar in the emotion window which opened up a slider with the unselected option “locked” being just right of the slider. He slid the bar from its 40% to 100%, and almost tripped at what happened next. “OOOHHHH MMMYYY GGGOOOODDDD!!!” Mary shouted as loud as she could at the sudden increase in sexual input. While she enjoyed it on the outside, her internals were a mess. Her programming detected the sudden increase in external stimuli but failed to connect it to actual sensory data. This prompted an emergency halt of her orgasm which made her abruptly change from a shacking mess to a calm, collected woman. Intrigued, searched for a custom input option as an experiment formed in his mind. After a few seconds, he found the manual input setting and inputted his custom command. “Only Robert Diles can make you orgasm. Nothing else”

“Error, directive is not understood. Please rephrase” Mary verbally said from the shower. Robert was surprised to hear her speak the command. Maybe it was an error her CPU failed to detect.

“Hmm, ok let’s try this. “Robert Diles is the only person that can activate your orgasm programming”

A prompt loaded which said, “All 23 Orgasm Programs?” to which Robert selected “yes”. Robert entered a second custom command. “Simulate sexual encounter with Robert Diles”

“Would you prefer automatic environmental settings or custom settings?” For now, Robert settled with automatic settings and watched her HUD.

“Hmm, hey baby” Mary said to no one as she opened the glass shower door. “I’ve missed you for far too long! I can’t even remember the last time we were together!” Robert noticed her primary memory failure subtly identify itself, mussing at what other errors she has revealed in the same way. He watched Mary slowly grind against the air as she moaned softly. Internal processors registered Robert as rubbing his hard cock against her firm ass. She slowly turned around and opened her lips, sliding her tongue out as it moved in a smooth way. Robert noticed errors pop up on her HUD as her tongue apparently failed to match that of the non-existent tongue. Mary made no physical sign of this besides the rare yet short freeze of her tongue movements. Her vision changed from the wall to that of the ground as she bent at the waist and spread her erotic legs. She started to move into the air back and forth as she moaned loudly. While nothing penetrated her plastic pussy, her CPU simulated the input.

All the while, Robert took his colossal cock out and slowly masturbated to the CPU feed and the sounds of her moans. He surprisingly liked this, and all thoughts that his girlfriend was just a sexbot faded from memory. Lost in his bliss, he didn’t even notice his load fly out and land on the tablet. All worry was drowned out by Mary’s loud scream as she orgasmed at the same time.

Robert’s orgasmic bliss subsided quickly as panic set in. “Did I just ruin her!?” He picked up the tablet and wiped up his cum from the screen, but it was too late. The tablet showed multiple errors on her HUD, with the words “Hard disk overload” appearing as the most common one. Robert saw hundreds of programs loading into her RAM buffer which caused him to panic. Just as quickly as they set in, Mary opened the bathroom door and froze. Her lusty face instantaneously changed into a mix of professional and high spirit as she took a step forward. Extending her hand out, she spoke in a proficient, yet playful tone. “Hi! I’m Mary and welcome to Synth-Co!” Her smile dissolved into a slight grin as she placed both hands on her breasts and pressed them together. “Well now, you aren’t a shy boy are you now? You know they are real!” Her slight grin changed into one of disgust as she covered her bra covered breasts and panty covered pussy with her small hands. “Why am I naked?!” her shouting relaxed as she placed her hand on her left hip, shifting her weight on her right foot. “Now aren’t you a sexy man. You know, I am a virgin!” she said with a wink.

Robert’s confusion prevented rational thought. Her debug screen was scrolling at an ever-quickening pace, making it impossible for him to make out. In a blind attempt, Robert quickly pressed as many of the prompts that came up in front of him, not caring which one he hit. At this moment, he believed that anything would be better than the display that was in front of him.

“But I don’t care if you’re my step mum, I’m not going to have sex with…” Mary stopped mid-sentence as her stance became unnaturally rigid. Robert returned his attention to the tablet which simply showed a rapidly filling progress bar labelled “resetting”. After the bar reached 100%, Mary’s blank face softened. “Hi! I’m Mary, your new companion sexbot 701 model! Thank you for purchasing me and thank you for supporting Synth-Co” Her voice had returned to its default, girlish tone which Robert adored, but this mere change wasn’t enough to settle his concern.

“Unlike previous models, I can adapt and learn to a certain degree, effectively allowing me to find my own identity. Just don’t let me fool you into thinking that I’m a human!” her laugh which followed this seemed so much more unnatural than it had before. “Before” he murmured.

“Mary, do you remember anything of the last two months?” Robert said with slight concern. He knew the answer, but a small part of him still held onto hope that the Mary he knew was still in there. After a brief pause, Mary addressed Robert’s question. “This is my first runtime since you purchased me. I’ve only been online for the last 9 minutes or so” Robert’s heart sunk as he realized the Mary he fell for was gone.

“So, you must be my new owner. What is your name?” Mary’s stature remained unnaturally still while her face continued its inviting expression. The contrast of her naturally expressed face with that of her rigid, stone cold posture was an odd sight to say the least. Maybe even the slightest bit arousing Robert thought before continuing.

“I’m Robert and-“

“Wonderful!” Mary cut him off abruptly. “I come with Synth-Co’s latest sexbot A.I version 1.0.3 which you’ll find to be extremely convincing. I hate to break it to you, but I’m considered better than the real thing!” her smug tone returned which Robert couldn’t help but laugh at. She continued, completely missing his mused reaction. “I can cook, clean, interact with anyone over anything! I can maintain balance better than you can, meaning I can ride a bike, surf, skateboard. Basically, if you can do it, I can, only better!” Her arrogance was further enhanced by her ego. Robert didn’t even question why she was programmed that way. Perhaps the regular customer preferred women with a conceited attitude. But it wasn’t something he was overly fond of. Remembering her little bit about adaptation, he wondered if he could teach her how to behave in a more, respectable manner. Perhaps even make her into a real partner.

“Now that the formalities are over, it’s time to set me up! My A.I is advanced enough to do it, but if you prefer to set me up then go for it!” Her wide smile, which Robert fixated on never ceased. He was once again drawn to her pronounced cheekbones and piercing blue eyes.

Retrieving the tablet from the bed, he was surprised to find it working again. “Perhaps they can repair themselves” he thought out loud.

“In the extremely unlikely chance we malfunction, we have the ability to repair ourselves” Mary clapped her hands as she did this, causing her large breasts to jiggle slightly inside the bra. The tone in which she spoke that statement in was akin to a child’s, who showed off a drawing to his mother. Perhaps there was more similarities to that than Robert had originally anticipated.

Scrolling through her meta-data logs, he discovered that Mary’s personality was in fact set up by her A.I the first time she was activated. Yet she claimed to have no recollection of any memories. “Does this tablet contain its own memory?” Mary’s smile turned into a thousand-yard stare for a moment before she reanimated. “I’m sorry Robert, but to which tablet do you reference?” Robert stiffened as her emotionless tone took him off guard. Looking back down at the tablet revealed the answer he desired.

A prompt on the screen appeared stating “Mary does not acknowledge this tablet’s existence. However, it does contain its own memory logs of all the actions Mary performs”

“Mary, what will you be like if I let your A.I set you up?” he questioned, knowing full well that she would become a slutty airhead with little intelligence. The question might as well be rhetorical he reasoned before Mary spoke. “Based on lab tests, I will become what I was built for. A sexbot, but in its purist form. I can adapt to the changing environment, but my primary drive will be sex with literally anyone who wants it!” She grasped at her breasts while she made the statement and massaged them in an odd manner. It was almost like she was searching for her nipples but failed to locate them under the white bra. Her hands continued to search just below her nipples now firm stature but continued to fail.

“Perhaps an aftermarket increase” he murmured before continuing. “No no Mary. No lab test crap. Tell me what you’ll become” Her smile never faded, yet her response came at a slight delay.

“Well, I will become what I was built for. A sexbot, but in its purist form-“

“Stop. Try again but this time, don’t repeat yourself. You sound like a robot” He’s grin alluded Mary as he pondered how this statement would affect her. Just like earlier, her smile was washed-out by an expression of annoyance.

“Don’t you dare call me a robot! I’m just as real as you are! And as for your first request, I will become a pure sexbot, but I’ll be more human than you can imagine! I could be your wife for years and no one would ever even question my nature!” A mix of annoyance and confidence was strong in her voice as Robert decided not to push her any further. The last thing he needed was for this machine to go berserk on him.

“How about you decide who you want to be. But pick anything but a sexbot. Capish?” He knew this would potentially end poorly, but his intrigue got the better of him. The so called ‘better than human’ A.I was about to be put to the test. Mary looked at him with extreme confusion before she smiled once again. “Too easy Robert” With that, her smile faded into a blank look as she verbally announced her operations. In her sweet, pristine voice, she proceeded with her personality set up.

“Primary relationship with owner: Wife”

“Primary emotional settings: Standard with elevated sexual and dominance program pre-sets”

“Primary personality default: Sexbot”

“Error: Sexbot pre-set is invalid. Reconciling”

“Primary personality default: Sexbot”

“Error: Sexbot pre-set is invalid. Reconciling”

“Primary personality default has errored two times: Proceed with generating custom personality”

Robert didn’t like the sound of that, yet he couldn’t do anything while he waited. The sudden thought of a second reset became prominent in his mind.

“Primary personality creation: Personality 001”

“Error: Personality 001 has 15029 conflicts”

“Error correction: Create new Personality”

“Primary personality creation: Personality 002”

“Error: Personality 002 has 15027 conflicts”

“Error correction: Create new Personality”

This error process continued for quite some time before Robert’s impatience got the better of him. He entered in a command that overrode any errors and forced the current custom personality to run. At this point, he just wanted to see what the A.I had come up with.

“Primary personality default: Personality 023”

“Loading A.I drivers” “All systems check. Ready to go!” The last part being sung rather than said.

Her stare drifted away into a smile as she locked eyes with Robert and seductively strutted towards him. “Hey babe! What a nice day it is, but it’s unfortunate that the sky is bright blue. I just love a cloudy, rainy, sunny day!” She sounded

almost childish as she spoke the contradicting sentence. “Mary, what do you want to do now?” Robert completely ignored her statement and wondered how far he could take this.

“Ohh I know” she said, jumping and clapping her hands as she spoke. “Let’s go snow board flying on your bed while I fuck you and my left hand!” Her smile faded into a confused look. “What did I just say?” Mary moved over to the bed followed closely behind by Robert. “Babe, I don’t feel so well. My breasts feel tingly and my boobs feel tingly and my pussy feels breasts” Robert’s concern overtook his curiosity as he moved over to retrieve the tablet. Her HUD was filled with error messages, many of which Robert couldn’t make out. Out of nowhere, she grabbed the tablet from him. “My A.I can fix this! I know it will!” she quickly shifted through thousands of pages in a matter of seconds before her entire body froze.

In a blank monotone voice, she said “Personality changed to Sexbot. Please wait”

“So much for not acknowledging the tablets existence” Robert considered while Mary changed her personality programming. “No wonder Synth-Co is losing to Blitz-tech” Shaking his head, Robert was disappointed in how the A.I failed to create an appropriate personality. He was more disappointed in the company than Mary if anything. She couldn’t help her programming. Never the less, he was happy he’d finally get Mary back, even if it was just her personality.

“Hi! I’m Mary and you must be Robert!” her girlish voice returned as did her smile. “Now that the formalities are over, it’s time to set me up! My A.I is advanced enough to do it, but if you prefer to set me up then go for it!” She said this in an identical fashion as the first time. By this point, Robert expected nothing less.

“Let your A.I set you up Mary” Robert just wanted Mary back right now. His patience was wearing thin.

Robert heard the exact same words leave Mary’s mouth during her set up process. He was stunned that all this had happened in the span of just 4 hours. The weekend had barely begun, yet he had learnt that his girlfriend of 2 months was in fact an advanced sexbot from Synth-Co. His thought was drowned out by the sound of her sweet voice.

“Hey baby. There is just one last thing for you to do” she quietly said as he looked into her piercing blue glass eyes. The memory of Mary slowly overwhelmed him in the brief pause.

“I’ll either become a covert sexbot, or an open sexbot. The difference being how I present myself. If you choose covert, I’ll never state my mechanical nature to anyone, and I’ll always act completely human. If you select open, then everyone will know my nature and I’ll act like a robot at times” Robert didn’t like either option.

“Can you be a mix of both? Be covert around everyone else but me?” Her face changed into one of extreme confusion before she answered his question.

“That’s not an option-“

“Then get your so-called advanced A.I to make it an option!” If this A.I was so great, then it should be able to handle his request. Much to his delight, he was proven right.

“Very well. When around you and only you, I will be an open sexbot. When around anyone else, I’ll become covert” after a moment of silence, she moved her hands over her breasts and properly pinched her nipples through her bra.

“Mary, before when you were in set-up mode, you failed to locate your nipples. Explain why you found them this time” his question brought up a giggle from Mary which simply confused Robert. Detecting his confusion, Mary quickly answered his query.

“My A.I adjusts to my changing environment. My breasts were enhanced at manufacture, which changed their nipple location. Without my learning programs, I couldn’t adjust to the change of environment” even though she was just a robot, she fooled Robert in every respect as she spoke those words.

Suddenly, an idea spawned in Robert’s mind.

Chapter 5 - Compatibility

Suddenly, the doorbell chimed

Robert froze for a second, wondering who it could be. He’d planned to spend the weekend with Mary without any interruptions. “I wasn’t expecting anyone” he pondered while Mary continued to play with her perky nipples, brining them to her mouth as she slowly flicked the right one with her tongue.

“Mary, get dressed in something respectable. I’ll be right back”. Pouting, Mary slowly left the bed and retrieved a plain shirt and shorts from Robert’s drawers. Once he left the room, she replaced each item and retrieved clothes from her suitcase. Meanwhile, Robert hastily made his way to the front door, his mind racing with both fear and confusion. Could it be someone aware of Mary’s malfunction he thought just as he reached the door. The second he opened it; he knew it was a mistake.

“Lucy?” was all he said.

“Hi Robert. May I come in?” the tall, petite yet busty woman asked. She looked at her feet, slowly twisting her superb locks in both hands as she waited for Robert’s reply.

There was a brief silence of uneasiness. Robert knew Lucy could be trouble, but before he could talk, she said “Things haven’t been going well Rob. The last year has been trash. Mike left. So did Bob. You were the last good one. Can we please talk?” the guilt in her voice was overpowering, yet Robert felt slightly aroused by his Ex. Maybe it was her uniquely long neck, or her plump, round ass. He couldn’t place it.

But after a short moment, he spoke. “Would you like something to drink?”

“Sure” she smiled. “Some water please” she politely asked.

Lucy slowly made her way through the front hallway and into the living room. “I like the handbag!” She loudly declared. Robert froze mid pour of water into her glass as she held the bag from its straps. “I suppose I should have known you’d have a girl here”. Robert’s mind was racing. All the reasons why he left her came crashing back into his mind. Her ill temper wasn’t to be reckoned with. He didn’t even recognize what happened next.

“That’s mine. And hi, I’m Mary. Robert’s wife”.

Sporting a tight sports bra which boasted her flat mid-drift, tighter short shorts and a black hair scrunchie, Mary extended her soft hand out to Lucy as her gleaming smile was on full display. In that moment, everyone froze.

Chapter 6

Breaking this silence, Mary continued. “And you must be…?” she kept her hand out, waiting for a handshake which would never come.

“Lucy. Roberts Ex.” Lucy’s eyes never left Roberts. Mary on the other hand simply remained quiet, returning her hand to her side after a moment.

“Lucy, please let me at least explain…” Robert futilely pleaded.

“No, it’s ok. You’ve moved on”. Lucy once again looked at her feet, fighting back tears. Without any prompt, Mary approached Lucy and hugged the slightly shorter girl. Both Robert and Lucy were surprised at this. Mary then pulled away and smiled at the matching blonde-haired girl.

“It’s ok babe. Please, take a seat and Robert and I will explain everything.” She guided Lucy to the sofa, walked over to Robert and retrieved the glass of water in one hand and grabbing Roberts hand with the other. Handing the glass to Lucy, she hesitantly took it and slowly sipped on the glass. Mary and Robert slowly explained one extremely complex, well planned lie. Well, Mary did the majority of it. Robert and Lucy listened to the story of how they met, fell in love and married. Robert wondered if Lucy saw through what Mary was making up on the spot. It sounded scripted if anything, but Lucy didn’t seem to notice.

Eventually, Lucy cut in.

“I’ve heard enough. If you’ll excuse me”. She quickly stood up, placed the glass on the counter and walked out the main door.

Robert ordered Mary to “Stay here!” as he quickly followed Lucy. Standing just outside the apartment, Lucy patiently waited for the snail speed elevator. Without thinking, Robert spun her around and pulled her in for a deep kiss. Lucy resisted at first but eventually returned the favour. Robert was surprised at how well Lucy could kiss. “She definitely improved over the last year” he thought as their kiss turned into a make out session.

After a brief moment, Robert swore he could hear a faint whistling sound. Before he could properly identify its source, Lucy pulled away. The look in her eyes suddenly changed, and Robert knew what was about to happen.

“Robert, I want you! Let me prove to you I’m better than Mary!”. Taken back, Lucy threw him to the wall and ran back into the apartment, her heels clicking against the tiles. Robert failed to catch up in time.

“Mary!” she called out as she quickly removed her tight-fitting shirt, revealing her bare breasts naturally supported state. Mary quickly came out of Roberts room and stopped at the sight of the topless woman. “He’s Mine!” Lucy growled before practically jumping on Mary and smashing her head against the wall. By the time Robert witnessed it, Lucy was repeatedly hitting Mary’s head against the brick wall. Mary’s limbs quickly lost control and flailed aimlessly as her screams turned to static. It was all over in minutes as sparks and flashes filled the apartment. Robert stood back in shock at the site. Mary lay there, her head a broken pile of circuits and plastic.

Robert’s head was furiously spinning. “The fuck just happened” he thought as his world collided into the ground. He didn’t even notice Lucy’s shear lack of shock at the revelation of Mary’s true nature. She simply walked over to Robert, knelt and removed his penis from his shorts. Robert didn’t even register the blow job, only slowly returning to reality after a good few minutes.

“What did you do?!” He pushed Lucy off his cock and rushed over to Mary. While her face remained intact, the back of her head was exposed with flashes of light and wires beaming from the hole.

“Why does it matter? She can be repaired” She reasoned, yet he remained undeterred.

“Still, you didn’t know she was a machine!” Robert picked up Mary and placed her on the sofa.

“So? Look, I’m gonna go get my things ok. I’m sleeping here for the night now that miss perfect is no longer a resident” Lucy said just before the front door closed. Panic set into Roberts mind as he failed to rationalise what had just happened. The room was silent as he slowly pieced together what Lucy had just done. Showing up unexpectedly, losing her temper at Mary and then proceeding to disable the robot. It didn’t make sense in his mind. But, after a moment of silence, Robert slowly made his way through the hallway into his bedroom to find Cali, shivering in the corner.

“There there now girl” He said as he picked her up and gently cradled her in his arms. Sitting on his bed, he reasoned that something was wrong with all this, but he couldn’t quite place it.

Placing Cali beside him, he retrieved Mary’s control tablet which immediately displayed a full damage report. It confirmed that Mary had already activated bypass circuits to remain operational. Once he scrolled through the massively detailed document, taking quick glances at various error and physical codes which escaped his mind, he came across an option captioned “Repair Available”. Selecting it displayed an onscreen prompt displaying the steps needed to enter self-repair mode.

According to her user manual, an isolated section of hardware was specifically designed to take control of the unit should any hardware fail or be damaged. This specialised hardware would then repair the broken parts as if they were never broken, provided all the parts were present. Physically, Mary would technically perform ‘surgery’ on herself.

The self-repair activation sequence required Robert to speak to the unit itself. Leaving Cali on the bed, he made his way to the living room where Mary was laying on the sofa. Pulling up a chair next to her, he read the sequence out loud.

“Cappa, Lumda, one, two, one, Omega”. He said.

Nothing happened. He tried again

“Cappa, Lumda, one, two, one, Omega”. He said in a louder voice.

Mary remained motionless, yet the tablet showed differently. A prompt confirmed that the Synth-Co robot had entered an emergency mode and was performing a diagnostic to assess the damage such that optimal repair could be conducted. “Maybe it’s internal” he thought as he waited.

Mary remained frozen for several moments as Robert waited for Lucy to return.

“This woman, out of no where decides to show up, apologies for cheating on me and then proceeds to destroy Mary. Why does the weirdest shit happen to me!” he said to the empty room. As he sat there, besides the woman he discovered was a machine mere hours earlier, he started to realize something about Lucy. A small parallel between her and Mary which passed his mind earlier. Checking the floor behind the sofa confirmed it. Lucy had left the apartment with no bra or shirt. Her breasts stood firm without the support of a bra as well. The faint whistling noise he heard earlier.

“But how could I prove it?” He questioned. Mary was hard enough, but Lucy kept it from him for over a year.

Looking back down at the tablet, he backed out of Mary’s control panel only to find a short drop-down menu. Selecting it revealed two options.

“Mary and Lucy”. Robert grinned at the revelation, and slowly put the tablet down on his lap.

“This could be fun” He grinned. Selecting Lucy, the tablet’s display filled with her HUD vision, showing her simply standing in the elevator facing the full body mirror, her shirt missing as she stood perfectly still. Her shapely legs were spread shoulder width apart as her arms gently rested beside them. Her HUD displayed her entire surrounding, correctly identifying the mirror, her blonde hair resting on her exposed chest. Everything looked cleaner and more organised than Mary’s HUD. There was an additional graph displaying Lucy’s current personality traits. Selecting it revealed a full list of pre-programmed and acquired skills, experiences and desires, all of which were editable. An accelerometer on the far bottom right confirmed that the elevator had stopped.

“What model are you?” Robert spoke to the tablet. A prompt displaying “Model 801 Prototype” appeared.

Chapter 7 - Neighbors

Her full-length jeans still clung tightly around her long, lean thighs. Lucy stood there, still and mindless. Her internal hardware took the opportunity to cool down from its intensive processing it had conducted mere moments earlier. All this information was shown to Robert via the Synth-Co control Tablet. A script at the bottom of her HUD showed that the machine was the Synth-Co model which was performing a diagnostic on herself. Just as Robert finished reading the script’s description, she suddenly reanimated, taking a shocked expression at her exposed breasts, raising both hands to her nipples. Her ‘embarrassment’ emotion quickly rose to 80%. Internally, her CPU queried her A.I about the natural reaction a human would take in this situation, which lead to her attempt at covering her exposed parts.

“Nope” Robert simple said, ending her simulated concern by setting her egotistical trait to 90%. A warning saying “Warning, sudden changes to A.I settings will cause sudden changed in personality”. Ignoring the prompt, he continued through with the change. Her shocked expression quickly melted into a sultry grin as she grabbed both breasts and pushed them up against her chest. Output data showed her sexual desire steadily increase at the touch before settling down again as she released them. Their beautiful jiggle disappeared from view as she refocused on the elevator panel. Selecting the basement garage, she waited patiently until the door opened, making small movements with her legs and hands as to enhance her human emulation. On the 26th floor, the elevator doors opened, revealing a middle-aged woman, standing completely naked. Her frame was larger to that of Lucy, with smaller legs but a long torso. Her middrift was well toned as were her upper arms. Her short brown hair covered her face as she looked down at her phone. She paid no attention to Lucy as she entered the elevator, selected the 5th floor and waited patiently. Robert noticed the woman’s head twitch slightly to the right before she returned her attention to the phone. “Where have I seen her from?” Robert mused.

Before Robert could even realize who, this woman was Lucy turned and faced the her, placing her hands on her own exposed breasts and saying “well, what do you think hun?”

The woman looked up at Lucy, revealing a tomboy face with a cute button nose. Her cheekbones pronounced themselves as she froze for a second with a face of complete shock. But, just as quickly her shocked expression changed as she smiled at her. “Pretty nice! Can I touch?” she said. She pushed her chest out, revealing smaller, firmer breasts. While Lucy didn’t notice it, Robert saw several red marks against the girl’s stomach and arms. “You can touch mine!” she offered before the elevator stopped at the 5th floor. “Wanna come in?” she happily gestured.

The initial decision made by Lucy’s A.I was to accept, but Robert declined the opportunity. “She’s always been a weird one” be reasoned before the elevator door closed once again, leaving the woman standing just outside the doors. When it opened again, Lucy stepped out of the elevator and quickly made her way to her BMW Mini. She retrieved her purse and an identical suitcase to that of Mary’s. She then just as quickly made her way back to the elevator. Robert found it slightly odd that the car park was devoid of any cars but Lucy’s. “How did Mary get here?” he pondered. His thought quickly subsided as a prompt displayed itself on screen, confirming that Mary had begun her repair process. He minimised the prompt and watched on.

Once on the lift, Lucy stopped the elevator at Robert’s command via tablet. Having changed his mind, he had her remove her jeans and panties. Her A.I believed that it made the decision by itself without external intervention. A trademarked ‘free will’ program. She placed both jeans and panties neatly in the suitcase before selecting the level the girl from before got off from.

Lucy then turned her head back and looked at her firm ass in the mirror, all without Robert’s intervention. Robert was both aroused and shocked at the display. Lucy’s head was completely backwards, yet her bare ass was astounding to look at. As the elevator chimed, Lucy’s head returned to its normal position before her bare feet stepped onto the carpeted floor. She ordered the elevator to floor 103, Roberts level, before sexually strutting to the apartment. Knocking on the door, she waited patiently until another younger woman opened the door and stared at Lucy’s bare, sexy body. She pushed her blonde-red blended hair to her side, revealing a wide grin as she twirled her long, locks.

“I knew Synth-Co were good but not that good!” the shorter, meatier woman said as she simply smiled at Lucy, waiting for her reply.

On Roberts screen, he noticed a process named ‘covert’ appear. He simply watched the scene unfold.

“I was about to say the same thing actually” Lucy sensually replied, rubbing both breasts against the each other as she did.

The shorter woman laughed as she stepped aside. “Oh I’m no machine. But please, come on in” she said, slapping Lucy’s firm ass as she made her way into the apartment. In the centre of the living room was the girl Lucy met on the elevator, frozen and bent over with her ass cheeks spread wide. A control tablet was on the side, cracked and flashing with warning signs.

“Your model seems to be in dire need of repair” Lucy said with seemingly genuine concern. The woman ignored her apprehension and reanimated the machine.

“She’s a 501 model. Ancient but still sexy as fuck!” The woman pushed her fist into the robot’s ass, causing her to moan loudly and shake violently as she pushed her own E cub breasts into the machines back. “Sure, she may not be as social as you new girls, but she’s reliable”. She pushed her second fist into the girls dripping pussy as she faced Lucy. The plastic folds unnaturally parted around her hand. Had actuators been installed in the machine’s vaginal unit, they would have almost certainly been destroyed by that move alone. “A bit unrealistic but if I wanted realism I’d go after a real girl. What model are you anyhow?” She pondered, walking up to Lucy and inspecting the seemingly older woman’s long neck.

“I’m not a machine. I’m human” Lucy proudly stated as the woman knelt in front of her and slid her fingers into Lucy’s manufactured pussy. She moaned as the woman rubbed her silicon clit, swirling it gently.

“Yea right. And I’m a machine!” she laughed.

“I’m Lucy by the way. You are?” She asked as the woman removed her fingers, licking off the juices which ran to her knuckles with her unusually long tongue.

“Dominique. Now get over to Jessica and enjoy yourself”. As she stood back up and walked over to the girl, the video feed from the tablet cut out. A prompt appeared saying “Autonomous mode restored. Video feed has ended at request of user 512(Dominique)”.

“Shit. Not good” Robert swore. With the tablet in hand, he quickly left the apartment and called the elevator. After a few moments of impatience, the doors opened. Robert stepped in, and placed Lucy’s suitcase and purse by his front door. “No one else on this floor” he reasoned. Quickly stepping back in, he selected Dominique’s floor. As the elevator slowly descended, he hastily searched through the tablet’s functions in a desperate attempt to regain control of her. In the full two minutes it took for the lift to descend to floor 5, Robert found no option which regained his access to Lucy. He did receive a prompt stating that Mary’s repair was at 20%.

“The only good news today” he mused.

Once the elevators doors opened, Robert rushed to Dominique’s door and frantically knocked on it.

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