Sync Wars

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“You should be able to begin activating that spike any second now, Rebecca,” Abel’s voice resonated in Rebecca’s head

“Understood, initiating activation process,” Rebecca’s voice came through Abel’s headset

Rebecca quickly unzipped her tight black spandex top, a panel on her chest slid open as she grabbed her sync cable and plugged it into the wireless spike.

“Alright looks like no traps set up on the spike, no sync dolls on radar, you should be good to go in another twenty seconds,” Abel’s voice spoke in Rebecca’s head

“Fifteen seconds and counting, scanning surroundings, enemy sync doll detected, unplugging from spike,” Rebecca’s voice quickly but calmly entered Abel’s headset

“shit,” Abel said and glanced at the radar, it was Olivia, Josiah’s secondary sync doll, and she had an active speed buff

“Hey there Rebecca ready to succumb to my Master’s superior programming skills again?” Olivia taunted as she unzipped her latex top and pulled out her sync cable

“Not a chance, bitch,” Rebecca’s pre-loaded response faintly reached Josiah’s headset, alerting him the two sync dolls were in very close proximity

Josiah cracked his knuckles and began furiously typing away on his keyboard inputting command after command, as did Abel, the two blocking each other attempts to plug their sync dolls’ sync cable in the others.

“Rebecca, I’m transferring the power buff you saved earlier to Vanessa, she has wireless sync active and she’s almost in range, can you hold on for thirty more seconds,” Abel said while typing away like a mad man on his keyboard

“N-No I don’t kn-know if I can hold her-er” Rebecca stammered as her systems were slowly being re-programmed each time Olivia managed to plug in her sync cable for a few seconds Vanessa, Abel’s secondary sync doll came sprinting and grabbed Olivia’s arms and held her back. Vanessa’s wireless buff had already began attempting to override Olivia’s systems, and Rebecca plugged her sync cable into Olivia.

Abel smiled as his typing slowed down a bit as he sensed victory near, when suddenly Hannah, Josiah’s primary sync doll ran and tackled Olivia, Rebecca, and Vanessa, it was a desperate move, as Olivia was 90% synced to Abel’s control by now, nonetheless, Hannah unzipped her top and two sync cables shot out and plugged directly into Rebecca and Vanessa, the two sync dolls glanced at each other before grabbing the cables, unplugging them, and pulling Hannah towards them.

Vanessa smiled as she pinned Hannah to the ground, “Ready to submit, hun?”

Rebecca smirked as she plugged her cable into Hannah and watched her squirm under Vanessa, she glanced up at Olivia who was occasionally making stiff and awkward movements, no doubt the outcome of Josiah attempting to regain control.

“There feel better now, sweety?” Vanessa asked Hannah as she unplugged from her

“Yes Mistress, thank you,” Hannah kneeled and smiled up at Vanessa and Rebecca who looked at each other and smiled.

A loud buzzer sounded signifying the game of Sync Wars was over and Abel had won. After a few minutes of all programming being restored to default, Rebecca and Vanessa exited the arena on one side and met Abel in the lobby.

“We did it you two, I couldn’t be more happy,” Abel said hugging Rebecca and then Vanessa

On the other side of the lobby Josiah was pissed.

“You two sluts couldn’t even manage to take over-ride one of them past 50%,” Josiah said angrily as Hannah and Olivia both kneeled before their master

“We’re sorry Master it won’t happen again,” Hannah said looking up at Josiah

“It better not or I’ll be deleting your personality files,” Josiah threatened

“Hey Josiah, why so strict with your sync dolls?” Abel hollered across the lobby and smiled

Josiah glared at Abel and stormed out of the Sync Wars lobby, Hannah and Olivia getting up and quickly following him.

That night at his mansion, Abel quickly turned Rebecca and Vanessa on after letting them charge for a few hours after their Sync Wars match. Rebecca smiled as her eyes glowed bright blue for a few seconds before fading to a more natural blue-grey, she brushed some of her red hair out of her face and kissed Abel as they embraced. Vanessa smiled watching them as she tied her blonde hair back in a pony-tail and undressed, she kneeled and began rubbing her pussy with one hand and fondling her breasts with another, Rebecca looked down at Vanessa and smiled as she and Abel both got undressed, Rebecca let out a slight moan as Vanessa began eating her out and jerk off Abel at the same time, Abel reached over and ran his hand across Rebecca’s freckled chest before fondling her pale breasts.

Vanessa then switched to sucking Abel’s dick by first dragging her tongue along it, Abel gently stroked her hair as Rebecca continued to moan, as Vanessa had began fingering her while sucking off Abel. Rebecca’s programming instructed her what to do next, she laid down flat on the floor as Vanessa began massaging her freckled back. Abel watched Vanessa tan skin rub against Rebecca’s freckled pale skin as he jerked off.

Rebecca got up on all fours and looked back at Abel, signifying she was ready, Abel grabbed her hips and began fucking her ass, as Vanessa stood in front of them posing. Abel came and watched as Vanessa cleaned his cock with her tongue, and then licked up Rebecca’s thighs as well. Abel plugged them both back into their charging stations .

“Goodnight you two,” Abel said

“Night, love you,” the two sync dolls said in unison, before shutting down

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