Suzie the Therapist

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Act 1

I remember it like it was just yesterday. I was riding my bike rather fast on a hot summer day when I lost control, fell, and messed my left leg up pretty badly. My name is Dean and this is my story.

So when I injured my leg it felt like one of the worst things I could have imagined but it would actually bring me my most prized possession. I had to go to Physical Therapy because of my injury and I was kind of excited about it. All of Physical Therapists in my town were robots. It was a job one of the new highly advanced worker bots could handle. Many people protests these new, smarter bots, but I for one was glad to see them when I walked into the building were my Therapy would begin.

I sat down in a waiting room until a young woman exited a door and stood in front of me. “Are you Dean Johnson?” the woman asked me.

“Yes.” I replied.

“Good. Follow me please.” The woman instructed me.

The woman whom I guessed was a fembot was very attractive. She looked to be in her early 20’s blonde hair, tan skin, and blue eyes. She led me into a room were I saw other injured people, and all of the other fembots. “My name is Suzie.” Suzie said as she held out her hand for a handshake. I shook her hand which felt very real, and lied down on the table.

“Ok, so it’s your left leg Dean?” Suzie asked me.

“Yeah I hurt it while I was riding my bike.” I answered trying not to start at her bust, which looked great underneath the black short sleeve shirt she was wearing.

“Alright, I’m going to begin with some soft, easy, basic massages. Tell me if it hurts.” Suzie told me.

The thought Suzie, the beautiful blonde mechanical Therapist massaging my leg was highly erotic.

After a while she asked me, “How does that feel?”

I was about to answer, “Just fine.” When I noticed something odd, Suzie’s facial expression had frozen, her mouth hung open a little and she never blinked. Her hands slowly moved away from my injured leg up towards my crouch. She didn’t know it but she was now massaging my crouch.

“H-how does that feel-fee-feel?” Suzie asked robotically

It was clear to me she was malfunctioning. I few other patients had noticed Suzie’s actions. Then a red-headed fembot came over to my table and spoke in a monotone voice to Suzie, “Unit 72100217 terminate all systems at once.”

Suzie suddenly stopped massaging me and froze in place with both of her hands on the my pants, on top of my crouch.

I saw two men in white outfits run in and carry Suzie away. Then an older lady came in and apologize for the accident. I was quite alright, I rather enjoyed it really, but they gave me free therapy for the rest of my time. Once my leg had healed I asked my new therapist, the red head, if she knew what happened to Suzie. “I heard she was taken down to the Vulture’s Liar.” The red head informed me.

The Vulture’s Liar was one of the few clubs in my town, you could pay so much money and then they would let you spend the night with one of there fembots. It was a Gothic, more darker club than the other clubs. I didn’t want to go there but I thought I would if I could see Suzie again.

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