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My external power switch brings me abruptly online. As my system boots up I automatically review my status, taking in the information without thought; only relevant data brought is to my CI’s awareness by the underlying robot OS that makes my body tick:

Illegal shutdown at 2264-09-18-0021:43.9….
Power spike….
servo overload….
sensor errors….
Power pack dropout at 17.97%
Extensive error log in power management software….
Charging complete – awaiting disconnection from service.
Internal clock: 2264-09-18-1307:22.6… 

Over twelve and a half hours unaccounted for – damn!

My vision blinks on: slightly stained ceiling, cheap light fitting. My body, even my open eyes, are locked out; frozen. I remember the picture from the instant before I must have malfunctioned. I remember his weight on top of me, bearing down, his cock inside me.

A woman is leaning into view - no another droid, a cheap one. She is smooth and slightly glossy: mass produced. I may be old technology now but I was made to the highest spec, not like this one. I’m proud of my looks - as human as they can be - and of my mind. She is reaching out of my view - I still can’t move - and turns back holding a little chip reader.

Over twelve hourshere; I know what’s coming…. She accesses my data tag, she must be touching the reader inside my control panel as I register the exchange of protocols. I already know that I’m open because of the charger link and the servo lockout. Literally everything that I am is exposed to this other machine and I feel vulnerable, helpless. But I am still a valuable machine – too valuable to damage I hope.

The robot standing over me moves a little - I see she is a maid, hotel staff. No surprises there. I feel her interrogate my credit details. She extracts the cost of the room – I’ve overstayed, it’s 18 not 6 hours – I guess last night’s trick couldn’t be expected to pay up after my performance. No kick-back for me either. The hotel unit takes the liberty of adding a hefty service charge and a bill for my “maintenance”. I’m in no position to complain.

Her work complete the maid disconnects the power from my open body and presses the activate button. I feel my panel slide closed and seal…. A moment more and….


I find that my systems have not been reset. I am consumed with ecstasy in a way that only a machine can be. My back arches, my large nipples thrust up into the cold air aching for a touch that I am too distracted to provide as I writhe naked on the bed; wholly occupied with the digital orgasm I began the previous night. The maid slips unnoticed out of my room and I subside into afterglow.

My credit is desperate and my systems wearing out. I’m still in debt from my last service and that was over a month ago…. I’m on borrowed time. I need to make some tricks fast before I malfunction permanently. Even another little power glitch like this will clean me out - I refuse to end up recovered for costs to pay my own repair bills. My freedom cost me most of my run-time to earn. Only after 10 years with my operating company did I scrape together the funds to buy them out - for much less than my value when new of course. I have no illusions that any new owner will use me for the executive functions I was built for, not even in a PA role. I’m old technology now - good only for the street. The trouble is, as I’m finding out, a top end unit like me costs a lot to run, and prostitution is hard on components.

My days are numbered but I’ll fight to the last.

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