Super Sexy Robot Cowgirl

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You slowly climb off the horse after the long trail ride. Your inner thighs are slightly sore from your legs being spread so long on the massive beast. It is hot out so your blouse is damp with sweat. The lines of your bra underneath are visible under the thin wet material. You are hot in more ways than one. The powerful muscles of the horse working between your legs for almost an hour have served to leave you aroused and breathless. As you see me climb down from my horse in my tight jeans, you can help but think about riding me. You approach me with a mischevious smile as the ranch hand takes the horses back to the stable.

"Let's go back to the room and get cleaned up." You grin. "I have to get out of these nasty clothes."

I smile, knowingly and we both set off for the guest house at the Resort Ranch. As we walk back you can't resist yourself as you grab my butt and pinch it.

I open the door and you push me inside sharply. You're ready. I'm not far behind. You shove me playfully but forcefully on the bed and start undoing my jeans. I'm breathing heavily. You smile as you help me with my shirt and shoes.

"Are you going to ride me cowgirl?" I ask jokingly.

"You better believe it!" you reply.

You unzip the fly of your jeans leaving all your clothes on. Then you gingerly push the moist crotch of your panties aside exposing your cunt. You sit down on top of me, legs spread wide and kiss the tip of my cock with your bare wet cunt. I sigh as you tease me, but I can sense your own excitement as well. You won't be able to tease me for long. Indeed you don't. After a few seconds of gentle kisses your cunt swallows my erect member taking it inside you in its entirety. My warm tool easily slides inside your well lubricated vagina, exciting the nerves inside you and bringing you intense pleasure.

You rock on me back and forth flexing your hips and thighs. You shudder as you do this and grab my shoulders for support as you work your sex muscles, sliding up and down my shaft like piston. With each penetrating push you sigh deeply and shake causing your breasts to heave. You can feel me squirming beneath you, writhing in pleasure as you continue to assert dominance.

"Yippie!" you yell out between moans of pleasure.

"Mmmm, this is the best ride I've had in a while. You are quite the animal!" you exclaim.

I can't even speak. I am just gasping, sighing and moaning with pleasure. You feel a small spasm in my member and you know it won't be long before I explode inside of you. This knowledge throws you over the edge. Your breathing becomes irregular. Your eyes glaze over and lock forward, thoughtless. Brain activity decreases sharply. The intense pleasure and arousal you feel are taxing your processors to capacity. You open your mouth to moan. You echo three times as you voice your pleasure. Your mouth works slowly, speaking in a monotone and one syllable at a time.

"War-ning. Sys-tem Mal-func-tion. I-I-I am a sex-y cow-girl. Cow-girl pos-i-tion in-vol-ves a sit-ting pose with legs spread ex-pos-ing pu-ssy-pu-ssy-pu-ssy u-nit for max-max-max-i-mum pleas-sure."

You undergo your first orgasm drenching my cock in the arousing juices of your cunt. You can feel me shaking underneath you, barely able to hold onto my load, but trying my best in order to prolong the pleasure. In your malfunctioning stupor you suddenly have great clarity. You realize how sexy and powerful you are. You are aware how aroused I am in your presence, how much I love and adore you. This revelation brings you great pleasure and you squeal as your cunt releases more juices on my cock.

"Sys-tem Mal-func-tion. I am-am-am-am a sex-y cow-girl. You must let me ride-ride you. You can-not re-sist me-me-me. Sex-y cow-girl. Re-sis-tance is fut-ile. I am too-too sex-y. Or-gasm de-tect-ed."

I explode inside you. There is no other way to describe it. I squirt what I have been desperately holding back for so long. It's a hot sticky fluid that washes inside your cunt setting your sexual nerve endings on fire. The shared pleasure is so intense we both can do nothing but open our mouths wide breathing and moaning heavily. We actually both look silly, but overcome with love and pleasure, neither of us cares.

You continue to please, shifting your weight in order to deliver maximum pleasure.

"En-er-gy re-serves at min-i-mum. Sys-tem Shut-down in pro-pro-pro-gressssssssssss."

You slowly lean forward and collapse on top of me in a reverse missionary pose. I can feel your hot aroused body and your sweaty clothes against my naked body.

Suddenly you sit up quickly, again shifting your cunt over my cock and causing me to shudder.

"System Reboot Complete. Errors noted and resolved. Super Sexy Robot Cowgirl Program aborted. Kimbot standing by to receive and obey orders, love."

You smile and punctuate "love" by shifting your hips causing me to spasm in pleasure once more.


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