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I walked into the room with excited, this was my first day in the Chic studio, I was the assistant of the famous young model* ------ Mandy. Her 35C boobs, catched all the eyes over the city, the media firms competed to call on her. She was the dream lover of most of the men, the prices of her photo album skyrockets, my job was extremely hot, if not my parents were friend of a director of Chic and my 1st hon in college, I could only see her in the screen for life.

In the room, it was crowded, they seems putting make up to Mandy. When I wanted to see. A man shouted to me" Simon, what are you doing? We are going to set off! Buy us a sandwich, quick!" , he was Jack. The team director. I like an animal in the circus, what the superior say, I had to do. I went out to the cafe beside and bought it. When I return, a team of people rushed out. "Where you go? Sleeping?", Jack shouted. He seized the sandwiches." Come and get on!" I got on a crowded van in our fleet, and ran straight to the site. The cabin was dark, was Mandy here?

We arrived at a beach. We got off and set up the instruments. The one sitting in front of me in cowboy suits took off the clothes, revealed the bikini, and she removed the hat and glasses, the face shown and long hair fell. She's Mandy! The stars were normal people when they were not in shot. My dream cracked.

In the site, my job was managing the small things. Though it was not difficult to do, but the director alway scolds. And Mandy like the girl classmates in my class, she likes to play temper, she told everyone to did the things, and the workers worked, talks, played jokes, all just like normal life. Am I apotheosized the stars? The figure, my classmates before seems had it.

The sun went down, we returned to the studio. Mandy was in other car. In the studio, I didn't find Mandy. Jack tell me to found something. I walked around. I came to a room at the end of the corridor, I heard some strange noise, like weldering, I went in, and saw there is a human torso here on the desk, the breasts were huge, the nipples were removed, some liquid flow out from the wound. This body looked like Mandy's breast, waist and hips, was Mandy murdered and dismembered? I needed to call the police!"Hey! Don't touch the body!", someone came in, here was Brian, he was the engineer of our studio.

"You killed Mandy!" "Killed? What you talk about?" "This body, you cut her off!" "Cut her off? Ha, ha! Why a robot can't cut off? This is a machine! "

I was puzzled. Brian let me saw the torso, it was really machine. The "wound" at shoulders was machine parts instead of flesh."Tell you a secret, Mandy is the latest robot of the TDC technology, our studio co-operate with TDC, they develop a series of human-like robot and allow us to playing show with them to test the authenticity.Mandy is the first robot we released. The reaction is extremely over the estimate, TDC going to take out more robots!"He took a tray out, there was Mandy's head, but half face was broken and the robot skull revealed. He opened a cupboard, there were some wigs, he led me to a corner, all the limbs hung align, like boutique's screen window but more realistic doll. All the Mandy's face, hair, arms, legs, all her beauty are just stage properties!

After this incident, I understand more about entertainment industry.I do not just worship stars.I will think what the thing done behind.

  • young model is the new rising group of models in Hong Kong, they perform young and sexy, but not related to porngraphy, some of them have good figure, they take part in video game or comics exibition, TV programme and ad, they attracted young male viewer. Some people complain that they rise up a disgrace trend, let this become an argumentative topic.

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