Still Rolling

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Written by Mirage

Still Rolling

Part 1

As Roll arrived at my house that night, the first time as a free robot, she wanted to be upgraded the same night. We stopped at my store to pick up the pieces she wanted.

"You are going to cost me!" I laughed at all the parts she wanted.

"Mmmm.. I will be worth it, I promise!" she smiled.

"Woman, robot or not, always cost a lot." I laughed out. I looked at the parts she chose and looked back at her, "Are you sure?" I asked her, a bit worried.

"Yes! I want it!"

"Fine, let's go at my place, I can upgrade you there." I replied, somewhat excited at what she chose.

Unlocking my door, Roll got in my small house, "Nice... but needs a woman touch, of course." she said, looking around the house.

"Yes, I know, that will be your job now, my robot maid!" I chuckled at her.

"I can't clean anymore.. I keep crashing if I do... I think my programming revolted as only being a maid for Doctor Light." she explained, feeling somewhat guilty. "I can try... just make sure to be around, if I do crash." she mumbled out.

"Sure, but see yourself as my wife." I told her.

"Your wife??? I am too young to be married!" she said quickly, freaking out a bit.

"Okay, my girlfriend, then!" I laughed out.

"Better! I love you, but...a human married to a robot, too freaky!" she laughed out back. "Anyway, where do I lay down for the upgrades?" she said, undressing her white dress I bought her at the store. Revealing her naked body, I was somewhat lost for words.

"Upstairs is where my lab is." I told her, showing her the stairs.

I let her up climb first, staring at her robotic ass while she climbed the stairs. I also noticed her breasts were bouncing up and down with each step.

I grabbed the bags of parts and followed her. I let her explore the upstairs rooms, the main bathroom, my lab and then my bedroom. She jumped on my bed and rolled in my bed sheets

"Mmmm.. your bed is so soft. Do you know where I sleep? Well, not really sleeping, recharging my battery and being offline... in a closet! Can you imagine that? Every night, Doctor Light switched me off as I stood in a broom closet, like a mop..." Roll bitched about her old place. "Mmmmm, come lie beside me..." she begged me to come on the bed with her.

As I climbed into the bed, she rolled her arms around me and she kissed me deep. As we kissed, she lied out on her back, as I climbed on top of her, "Sorry that I can't fuck yet.." she pouted at me.

"How do you know about sex? I can't believe Doctor light would let you see porn or have a sex with you." I asked her, curious.

"Sex with Doctor light? Ah! He is a limp dick. I gave him a blowjob once, he couldn't even come once. I think he and Doctor Willy are secretly in love with each other... Closet gays, I think, just look at me, the only female he ever built, WITH NO PUSSY!! Look at my breasts, he gave me huge perfects tits, and no holes! That is just wrong!" She said, laughing, grabbing her delicious breasts. "Anyway, one day, I stopped at a magazine store for him, and I looked around the various magazines. I then stumbled on some Playbot magazines. One magazine came with a free CD, in which I secretly stole. When I arrived home, I secretly installed the CD inside my front stomach panel and downloaded the contents. I almost crashed my CPU with all this new data. I never imagine a robot could be used for human sex before that. Actually, I didn't even knew what sex was before that day. Of course, I deleted most of it before Doctor Light knew of my new data, but kept some data secretly in my own CPU hidden files. A girl always must keep some secrets, no matter what." She smiled as she let me play with her perky, but big breasts.

"The first time I went inside your store, when I saw you the first time, for some unknown reasons, my CPU loaded those files up. All I could imagine in my CPU was making love to you. Since that day, I had never felt like that before. I wondered if it was love at first sight, as they say... I then started reading romance books all time after that day, trying to learn what love was. I learned that sex, romance and love are very similar, but each has distinct feelings. I think, with time, I developed all of them for you." Roll said, staring at me, with a serious tone in her voice.

I gave her a faint smile and rolled her on her front and press her lower back button, opening her back circuit panel.

"What are you doing?" She asked confused about my action.

"How do I completely deactivate your CPU?" I asked her softly.

"Beside the red button, the green, this shuts me down completelllyyyy.y...y..." she said as I fully deactivated her, pressing the green button.

I sat beside her, not sure how to feel. I looked at her, her head turned on the left side, on one of my pillows. Her mouth and eyes were wide open, a blank but surprised look to her. I do not think she would be happy learning the truth that I just realized.

My fingers rolled on her open circuits, feeling the metal, plastic and wires on the tip of my fingers. I do love her, even if she is a robot... but does she love me too, for real? As I now realized, I might have, many months ago, by accident, reprogrammed her to fall for me, without her knowing it. Even she is deactivated and can't hear me, I have to tell her the truth.

"Roll, that first time you came inside my store, I was hacking computers for fun from my store with new pirated programs. Scanning around, I managed to hack into a female A.I., thinking it was a simple sexbot somewhere close to my shop. I never imagined it was you, Roll, I had hacked that day. I went into your programming and scanned your files. I saw a few hidden files about sex and activated them for fun. I then reprogrammed you to fall in love with me if you ever saw me in person, as I download my pic into your systems for fun. When no sexbot came into my shop, I thought my hacking didn't work and simply gave up on it. I do remember when you came to my store front desk, buying parts, you gave me a strange look. I found you so very cute, but I never imagine you were a robot I just hacked into, minutes ago. Now, I am not sure how to feel, that now knowing that the love you feel for me, might be nothing more than reprogramming I did to you for fun many months ago..." I explained, tears in my eyes.

Part 2

"You know... screw it, real or not, you are a beautiful android that might really be in love with me. Why should we not enjoy it... maybe it was destiny... Let's love each other no matter what!" I told Roll. "Right, you are still deactivated... Oh well, let's get to work then." I said out loud, as I took a deep breath and grabbed the bag with the parts. I took out the parts and went to get my tools from my lab. I should do the changes in my lab, but doing them in my bed instead, felt more erotic.

With my tools, I pried open her butt panel, revealing her pelvis motors and leg connectors. I reached inside and completely removed all her lower panels. She was now like a metal skeleton from the waist down to her legs.

Between her motors, where be her pussy should be, I installed her new vagina, as well as a butt hole. They looked and felt very real, as I always carry at my store the best parts I can get. I connected the wires and circuits delicately, as I was getting excited a bit. I then inserted and connected the small bottle of lubricant inside her, in which should last for a few months. I connected my laptop inside her main CPU, as I needed the tested the parts. I pressed the green button and reactivated Roll.

She blinked "What are doing to me? Did I do something wrong?" she asked, worried as she realized I disconnected most of her motors.

I didn't say anything until I started loading the CDs that came with the parts in her CPU, "Tell me if you feel this." I asked her after the programs were downloaded.

I inserted my index finger in her new vagina, from the back. As she was still lying on her front, her back panel was wide open, still missing many panels, Roll gasped and let out a small laugh "Oh.. oh... Wow.. this is new.." she laughed surprised.

I then pressed in her asshole, "Remember, you are the one who wanted this!" I mumbled out.

"Mmm... yes.. I am curious about anal sex too..." she slurred her speech a bit, feeling my fingers massaging her anus.

I reconnected her leg motors and ask her to flip on her back slowly. I typed up on my computer a few commands directly to her CPU, to do some final test. Roll gasped in ecstasy, as she had her first orgasm. Making sure her systems didn't crash.

She moaned as she finished the orgasm I just had activated inside her new pussy. "Mmmm.. thank you.." Roll said as she regain her composure.

"Systems seem all good, just need to upgrade your nipples now." I told her, as I took a tool and removed each of her breasts.

"Hey! My breasts are my batteriiieesss...s." she said, running out of juice, as I just removed her power packs.

Inside the breasts, I twisted the nipples off and replaced them with new ones, with sexual sensors inside them. I reconnected them on her exposed chest and let her reboot her systems back up.

"Hey! Are you done deactivating me yet??" Roll said quickly, as she came back to life.

"I think we are done." I smiled to her, as I squeezed her breasts.

She gasped as her new nipples became erect. I put them in my mouth as she rolled in the bed sheets, in ecstasy. I inserted a few fingers in her pussy to stimulate her more.

"Ohhhh... Don't stop..." She begged.

I got naked and climbed on top of her, inserting my dick inside her.

"You forgot to repute all my panels." She said, feeling somewhat shy that her pelvis was still open, showing her robotic parts. I didn't pay attention and we both climaxed together.

Part 3

Woke up in the morning, Roll lying naked beside me, deactivated, a wire going to her back, recharging her batteries. She lied on her back, her eyes closed, with a sweet smile on her lips. I reached for my side table and took out a remote with a circuit board.

"Should I?" I asked myself.

I studied her body, as you could see her joints, under her skin, but you really had to look hard. I squeezed her breasts, examining how perky they were. Her nipples became erect, of course.

I then spread her legs and look at her pussy. I was impressed how real that it looked and felt. Of course, I fingered her a bit, as even deactivated, she still became moist. Getting hard, I wanted some sex of course, before going to work, at my store. I turned her around and pressed that button off her lower back. Her back panel opened and I pressed the green flashing button. I heard the sound her systems power up, and within seconds she became alive again.

"Is it morning?" she asked, a bit confused.

Before anything else, I inserted my hard dick inside her ass. "Mmmmm.... Good morning to you... Have you been fingering me when I was offline, because I am so wet already." She smiled, as I went up and down on her.

"Maybe...Can you move your butt up, please?" I asked her, as removing my dick from her ass to her wet pussy from behind.

As I fucked from behind, she was climaxing. I looked at her open circuits in her back, as the panel was still open, I saw that some circuits lit up in sequences as she was coming. As I was coming, I put my hand inside her back, on her exposed circuits, she almost screamed in ecstasy

"Victor!! I can feel your dick inside me, and your hand too! You are turning me so oooonnn!!!" she yelled in pleasure.

I exploded inside her pussy hard, as my hand squeezed some of her circuits and wires, I pulled some out by accident, "Aahhh! Erorrooroorrr!!! Rolled screamed out, as she also came good. She then became nonfunctional, as I might have damaged some of her systems.

"Roll! Sorry! Sorry!" I yelled at her, reputing the ripped out circuits back into place. I pressed the red button and prayed I didn't damage her.

"Ooohh.. Victor, that was so intense!" She smiled back at me, turning her head to face me.

"Are you okay? I asked her worried.

"Some damage, nothing you can't fix later." she said to me, kissing me hard.

"You sure, I can try to fix it now." I told her, feeling guilty.

"No, go take your shower,, while I go make you breakfast, or you will be late for work!" Roll told me, getting out of bed.

"Eggs and bacon okay?" she asked, getting to the fridge. I got dressed up and went distrait.

"Sure, what would like to do today?" I asked her.

"MMm, I do need to go out to do groceries." she replied. As she was cooking, I went slowly behind her and open her back panel and inserted a new circuit inside her quickly.

"This will take only a second." I said, as I closed her back panel. She paid no attention, as she was busy cooking.

I grabbed the new remote from my left pocket and pressed the activation button. Roll blinked her eyes and turned to face me, "What is that you are holding?"

"Your new remote, I just installed it inside of you. So, every night, I can simply deactivate you from it." I explained to her.

"I am remote controlled now?" she said angrily.

I quickly pressed the "New command" button, "Roll, you will love having a remote!" I told her.

"I love having a remote." she said in a robotic voice, then she simply smiled back to me and went back to cooking the food.

After breakfast, I kissed Roll goodbye and left for work. I was a bit worried to leave her alone, but she reassured me that she was fine.

Around 10am, Roll decided to leave to do the groceries. As she took some cash from my wallet before I left for work, she had asked me what I wanted for food. She walked for about a few minutes, as a nice grocery store was close to my house. That is when she started to malfunction.

As she was walking, she walked into a pole, repeatedly. Hitting it a few times, her computer systems finally readjusted her navigations and she avoided the pole after. Of course, the few people who saw it, thought she was drunk or something. Inside the store, as she picked a few items here and there, she crashed the cart into a pile of tomato cans. The store manager went to see her, to see what happened.

"The moon is seven times brighter at night on July 7!" was her only reply to him. Confused, he let her go, thinking she was maybe on medication or something.

Arriving to the checkout, that is when her systems really started to malfunction, as she suddenly walked into the glass walls of the store, leaving the cart behind, and full of 175 cans of cream corn that she put in a few minutes ago. Leaving the store, head, tilting and shacking, she was barely functional. The people at the store were so shocked and confused from her, they called the police.

The police came and found her sitting on the ground, eating dirt. They realized who and what she was, when she tried to talk "eRRORRR.. SYSYTMEEMSS ERRORR.. PLELEASSED CONNTTACCT MY CREAATTOR, dOCOTR \lllIGGHHTTTGG."

They brought her over and Doctor Light got her in his house and lied her on the metal table in his lab.

"Roll, what happened to you?” he said, as he look at her damaged circuits. He deactivated her and repaired her. "Just look at you, a pussy, anus, he turned you in a whore." he mumbled out. "He even got you a remote. Well, like you said, you wanted to be with him, I need to respect your choices." the old man told her, fixing her up.

After a few hours, he finished repairing her and reactivated her, "Doctor Light! What am I doing here?" Roll asked confused.

"You malfunctioned at the grocery stores, because some of your circuits were damaged and you went berserk, did lots of property damaged. But it’s okay, I paid for it." he explained to her, with a smile.

Roll felt so sad and disappointed with herself, "I am so sorry, Doctor Light. I didn't mean it."

"It's okay, Roll, now, go home, you are all fixed up, and I need to rest, feeling tired." the doctor said to her while yawning.

“Thank you, Doctor Light." she said, hugging him.

But to her surprise, he was suddenly sleeping hard, in the chair. She carried him to his bed and got ready to leave.

"Hey, who are you???" Roll heard from behind, as she was about to leave the house.

"That voice." she said, as she turn around to face the other person.

Roll was facing another Roll "I.. am Roll.. but so are you.." She mumbled out, seeing another self. "You must be my replacement, since I left here.." she explained to the robot girl, wearing the same red and yellow jumpsuit that she herself wore all the time.

"Did Doctor Willy send you here to replace me with an evil clone??" the other Roll asked, pointing at her.

"No! I am you, well, was you, before I fell in love with someone, and left to be with him. I guess Doctor Light simply replaced me with you." Roll told her.

"I don't believe you! Robots can't love!" Roll #2 yelled out to Roll #1.

"Yes, we can... let me show you..." Roll #1 said to her.

"How?" asked the confused robot girl.

"Turn around, I need access to your CPU, I can download my knowledge too you."

Roll #1 told her.

"Mm, first, show me your systems first!" Roll #2 to her.

"Okay, let's go in the lab then." Roll #1 said.

They both followed each other, "Love your dress, did your boyfriend get it for you?" asked Roll #2 to Roll #1.

"Yes, he did, as well as many others… he is fantastic." she said, smiling.

Roll #1 stripped into only her panties and let Roll #2 open her back panel. "See, if you connect to my CPU, you will see that I do indeed know how to love, like a human." she smiled.

"Really." said Roll #2, as she pressed the red button and deactivated Roll #1 "I’d rather not corrupt my programming with yours, but I am curious about that "Love of your Life" is." Roll #2 said, as she examined Roll #1 circuits and body.

She removed all of her clothing and saw the vagina on her, "What are these parts you have? I don't have those! I think I want them for myself!" Roll #2 said, as she touched the sex parts on Roll's naked body.

Roll #2 took some tools and started disassembling Roll #1 in many pieces and taking the new parts for herself. Roll #2 body was different from Roll #1, as she had many upgrades and better software than she did. Within hours, she managed to replace all of her parts with Roll #1 sex parts all by herself, not needing to be deactivated once. Roll #2 started to masturbate herself, feeling the new hardware inside her. She came within seconds, as she had never experienced anything like that before. After relaxing a bit, she hid Roll #1's dismantled parts into a box and put the box in the basement.

"Thank you for this, robot... now, let's go see your boyfriend, if he can get me new dresses too!" Roll #2 to Roll #1's head, her eyes still wide open, a blank look. "Mmm but first, I want to try something." Roll#2 said, smiling.

Playing with a few wires and circuits in Roll #1 exposed neck, she managed to reactivate the head with a small battery.

"What happened... what are you doing to me??" Roll #1 asked confused.

Roll #2 remained quiet, as she removed Roll#1's faceplate and opened the panel on her forehead. She then removed the brain circuit and removed all her CPU personality chips.

Putting the brain circuit back in place, closing the panel and placing back her face, Roll #1 was reprogrammed as just being a simple robot, having all of what made her Roll, as gone.

"Lick me, robot!" Roll #2 told the head.

"Yes, master.." the head answered, as it was placed between Roll #2 legs, her tongue going deep now in her pussy.

After a few moments, Roll #2 came so much, she almost fried a circuit herself. She thanked the head, removed the battery, deactivated it, and threw it in the box, with Roll #1's other body parts and the removed personality chips. Roll #2 closed the box, hide it behind some old junk and left the house to see "Victor".

Part 4

As I looked outside the window of my store, I saw Roll walking right by. I ran around the counter and stepped outside.

"Roll!" I yelled to her.

She turned around and looked at me strangely, "Yes?" Roll asked.

"Are you going to do the groceries?" I asked her quickly.

"Mm.. yes... I was." She replies slowly.

"Are you okay? Are you malfunctioning?" I then asked, knowing I damaged her this morning.

"Maybe.. Can you help me remember? My memories are kinda fuzzy." she replied, smiling.

"My name is Victor, and we are in love, you have left Doctor Light to live with me." I explained to her.

"You got me this dress?" Roll smiled, looking at the dress she was wearing.

"Yes, as well as others, at my… Our place." I responded.

"Let's go right now!" she said, grabbing my hands.

"Wait! I need to see your systems, what damage you have." I told her, pushing her to the store.

"No! I am okay, just bring me to your place!" she said, yanking herself out of my arms.

"Fine, but there, I will need to repair you!" I said, while I closed the store.

Roll was walking in front of me, brisk, unlike the way she usually walked, holding hands together. I let her in my house as she walked in, acting like she’d never been there before.

"Where are my new clothes?" she quickly asked.

I mentioned upstairs and I saw her run up the stairs. I walked up the stairs and found her trying on new dresses we bought together a few days ago.

"Roll, I need to see your systems, I am really worried about you." I said, reaching for the small remote.

"I am okay! Stop bugging me!" she yelled out angry at me.

I pressed the off button on the remote, but Roll remains active, ignoring me.

I tried the remote again, but nothing happened. "Roll, do you love me?" I asked her.

"Love? I.. Why?" she ask, with a smirk.

"Let's make love to each other." I told her, while I got naked.

"What are you doing?" she asked confused.

I lied on the bed naked, waiting for her. Roll, intrigued, got naked too and climbed into bed.

I ask her to lie beside me and she does, giving me a sexy smile "What are you going to do to me?" she ask.

I slowly kissed her breasts and nipples, as she purred like a cat with my touches. She moaned hard as I massaged her pussy with my fingers, making her wet. I got on top of her and penetrated her deep.

"Oh my! I see why she loved you!" Roll mumbled out.

"What did you say?" I asked her confused.

"Never mind, just a glitch..." she says, kissing me deep, as we fuck hard.

She came good, as I came myself inside her. She dropped beside me, exhausted, "I might be running out power soon." she smiled, "Can you recharge me?" she whisper to me.

I turned her on her front and pressed the small button on her back. To my surprise, when her back panel opened, I realized that this Roll was not my Roll, but another version, an upgraded version.

I pressed the green button and deactivated her.

"NO! Don't DEACttttiivaattee...m..m..e...e.." she said as she became non-functional.

"Where is my Roll?" I asked out loud, while knowing she won't respond to my question.

Part 5

As I studied this Roll's systems, I realized she is a better version than my Roll. She has upgrades and better systems than her older version. To my surprise, I realized her sex parts are the same ones I installed on my Roll, I wondered how she got them for herself. I plugged my computer into her CPU and hacked it, gaining control of her A.I., I reactivated her.

"Roll, can you hear me? I asked her.

"Yes, Victor..." she replies in a robotic voice.

“Where is my Roll?”

"She is dismantled in a box in the basement of Doctor Light's house.”

"How did you get her parts?" I then asked her.

"I took them from her when I deactivated her.” she replied"

"Why?" I ask her curious.

"I got jealous of her dress and wanted to be more like her. Doctor Light limited my programming, while hers seemed more advance from mine, as her sexual body parts. She continued.

"Jealous? I’m surprised about this... so, did you like the sex?" I smiled to her.

"Yes, very much, I would like more, if possible." she then asked.

I typed in a few commands in her CPU, rebooted her and let her be her own self. I smiled as I watched her slowly get up and start to give me a sexy dance, following my commands. I let her dance a bit as she, by her own, started to grab her own breasts and start massaging them, arousing herself.

"Why are you grabbing your own breasts?" I ask her, finding her very sexual.

"I… am getting horny... self-stimulating... not in my programming, but need to... Masturbate." Roll says she start masturbating while dancing, fingering herself good. "Not in my programming... But getting so wet... Fuck me.. please." she start begging me.

I did what she asked and she came on top of me. Feeling her moist pussy on top of my hard dick, I felt her being penetrated deep by me, as she gasped, "Not programmed for this, but it’s so goooddd..." she moaned out.

She yelled a bit as she came hard, as I exploded more inside her pussy. I then heard a power down sound coming from her, as she slumped over me.

“Crap! She ran out of energy”, as I just remembered she did ask me to recharge her before I deactivated her first. Now, completely gone, she is like just like a sex doll.

But to be honest, I was still horny myself. I rolled her on her back and spread her legs open and I got on top of her. Putting my dick deep in her again, I got at it until I exploded again. Sadly, she remained deactivated the entire time.

I then grabbed her head and opened her mouth and pushed my dick in it. I gave myself a blow job with her mouth, as I come for a fourth time. As I collapsed on her, I lay my face between her tits and fell asleep.

I should feel some guilt maybe, but it's not every day I have a sexy deactivated android in my bed with me. I then passed out, cuddling in her delicious breasts with my mouth.

Part 6

I was woken up by my doorbell ringing. I got up to see who was at the door. I left Roll, naked and still deactivated, her battery still dead. I dressed up quickly and went down the stairs. I was surprised to see Doctor Light at the door.

As I opened the door for him, he barged in "Where is Roll? I know she is here, I have installed a tracker inside her!"

"Err… She is upstairs, her battery is dead." I quickly said.

"And why she is upstairs?" he asked angrily.

"She is resting." I lied.

"Let me see her now! It's bad enough you stole my older Roll, now my newer Roll is also here too!" He growled out, rushing for the stairs. Before I could stop him, he went to my bedroom and saw Roll lying naked in my bed.

"Is that semen all over her?? What?? Does she have a vagina too?? Did you turn her into a whore also???" the old man yelled hard at me.

"She did it herself! Somehow, she deactivated my Roll and took her parts I had installed in her!"

I yelled back.

Mumbling to himself, he turned around and looked at me "That's it! You keep her too! Next one I make, she won't be able to do a single choice herself!" he said out loud, leaving the room quickly.

I heard my front door slamming hard and I simply sit beside naked Roll.

"Two Rolls... okay, was not expecting that." I tell myself, looking at Roll, naked as a jail bird.

The next day, I snuck inside Doctor Light's house, with Roll #2, to get Roll #1, still in the basement, in pieces.

After arriving home, I went to my store to get other sex parts for Roll #1, since Roll #2 took them. After a few hours of restoring Roll #1, I reactivated her.

"Victor! What happened? My last memory is of being at Doctor Light’s with another Roll!" she asked as she hugged me hard.

"Long story, but what matters is that we are together again." I told her, kissing her deep.

As we kissed, she noticed someone sitting beside her, naked. "What is she doing here?" Roll asked, seeing the other Roll, naked and deactivated.

"She is now mine too, Doctor Light left her to me.. I am reprogramming her a bit. I want you to see her as a sister." I tell her.

"Okay, I guess.. er, why are you reprogramming me too?" She ask, as she realized her back panel was open, my computer's cable going to her and Roll #2's CPU.

"Just doing some tweaking. Should be!" I told her, as the new programming finished installing in their CPU. "Just need to reboot you and Roll #2... Actually, I renamed her Ryn, make things easier." I told her, as I rebooted both of them and they both opened their eyes and smiled at me.

"How can we pleasure you, Victor?" they both ask at the same time.

"Roll can suck my dick as Ryn can let me lick her breasts." I tell them.

They both smile at me and start my request. "I thought one Roll was very good, two is even better!" I say to myself, having the best night of my life.

The end

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