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Major Douglaston,

Enclosed are my final investigative findings concerning the recent security breach at Stern Island. Many of the lingering questions you and others have about Yumi Amai should be answered with this report.

Should you have an questions, feel free to contact me at x-2969

Michael Hanley


History: Yumi Amai is the personal secretary of Lieutenant General Horace Thornton, commander of Stone Hill. As LtGen Thornton's secretary, she possessed a Top Secret security clearance and at times was given access to sensitive documents restricted areas of Stone Hill as necessary to perform her duties. She became part of the focus of our investigation when it was learned that Amai may be the source of the information leaks originating from his office.

As part of our investigation, LtGen Thornton’s staff, to include Amai, was placed under constant 24-hour investigation. Amai, through her unusal behavior and activities outside of the office generated sufficient suspicion to become the sole focus of our investigation. Such behavior also led to the suspicion that Amai was an artificial being, leading to a warrant for her immediate detention to be authorized, and agents were dispatched to apprehend her.

Agents who were ordered to capture Amai reported that she evaded capture through the use of hand-to-hand combat, killing one agent, and severely injuring another. An intense manhunt ensued, with increased monitoring resources employed to locate her. Through anonymous sources, Amai was located at a safehouse 35 miles north of Stone Hill.

A task force was authorized and agents who raided the safehouse captured Amai and five other artificial beings who were attempting to destroy evidence of their activities. Of the six units, only two units, Amai and one other unidentified individual, were active at the time. Both units suffered moderate damage when they attempted to evade capture and escape, but were successfuly deactivated. The remaining units were kept in their inactive state and transported to AAI’s Daystrom institute for detailed examination and analysis to determine their origins, and discover what entity they were gathering intelligence for and why.

Yumi Amai’s examination was initially performed with special emphasis directed at preserving her body despite her damage for as long as possible, due to her rarity and extraordinary opportunity present for intelligence gathering on the construction techniques used to create her. It became apparent, however, that such preservation-minded techniques would not provide us with the kind of in-depth analysis needed for this investigation. After much internal debate, the decision was made to proceed with an examination by dissection. This decision was fiercely debated because of both the invasive and destructive nature of the examination, but it was judged to be necessary in our efforts to collect as much information about Amai as possible. While this report refers to the subject by Amai specifically, the information was gathered from both Amai and the unidentified artificial unit whenever necessary. The remaining four units were left undisturbed and will remain in storage until a decision is made regarding what to do with them.

The following information details all of Amai’s major systems. Remarks on its construction and use with an emphasis on intelligence gathering are based on detailed analysis, combined with evidence gathered at the safehouse, and also relies on current assumed knowledge of artificial beings and AI systems.

Appearance: Yumi Amai's appearance is that of an anatomically correct, healthy, and athletic Asian female in her mid 20's. She measures 172 centimeters in height and weighs 70 kilograms. It should be noted that her weight is inconsistent with her apparent body type and indicates a higher than normal body density, as would be expected with any artificial being.

Amai's skin complexion is lighter than normal, which she explained, as a lack of exposure to sunlight due to her occupation. No identifying were found, but a small tattoo in the design of a barcode was found in her pubic reigon.

Amai's eyes are brown with normal pupil dialation, and her hair is blond. The pigmentation in her hair is caused by the use of artificial hair dyes. Her natural hair color can be seen showing at the roots of her hair follicles. Of note is the apparent use of hair plugs to fill her scalp while individual transplanted follicles are used to create a naturally appearing hairline. Amai's choice of hair styles minimize visibility of the plugs and increase her ability to pass as human.

Considering the level of detail used to facilitate her appearance, Amai looks rather unremarkable in terms of beauty. Such an average appearance allows her blend in more easily with a crowd and helps to avoid reaching what Japanese robocist Masahiro Mori calls 'the uncanny valley.'

Skeletal and muscular systems: The skeletal frame is roughly similar to that of a human figure. Her bones are composed of a high-strength, lightweight composite polymer material. Of note is her rib cage, constructed of individual plates contoured to the shape of a human ribcage. The dorsal and lateral halves of this ribcage are split along the coronal plane, allowing unrestricted access to her internal components. Individual fibers bundled together form the ligaments, which are secured to the bones with high strength bonding materials. Each fiber is made with a more flexible version of composites similar to the bones and are extremely durable when bundled together.

The muscles are constructed with advanced electroactive polymers cords and conform roughly to the same build as a human muscle. These muscles are indistinguishable from human muscles both visually and physically when arranged in the same layout as a human’s. Each muscle is controlled by an electrical signal, which requires minimal power to operate. Strength testing has demonstrated these muscles to have a high workload capacity.

Sensory systems: Amai’s body appears to use four of the five known senses: Sight, hearing, touch, and smell.

Her eyes are similar in diameter and shape to human eyes, with the appearance of a sclera (with simulated veins), pupil, iris, lens, and cornea. The pupil, iris, cornea, and lens function similar to a human eyeball. A high-resolution charge-coupled device (CCD) imaging system is used to capture images that pass through the iris. An adjustable lens brings all images into focus. There appears to be no zoom features, and the CCD chip used in the eyes cannot capture anything outside of the normal spectrum of visibility. The use of such high resolution image devices suggests that any enhancing (such as zoom or magnification) is performed digitally by Amai’s internal processors.

Amai’s hearing system is composed of two uni-directional microphones placed at the temple of her skull. Her ears serve alternate purposes, which will be discussed further in this report. Each microphone demonstrates the standard frequency sensitivity of 20-20kHz, and is able to detect sound pressure levels from a minimum of 10 µPa to a maximum of 20 000 000 µPa. Subsonic, supersonic, hypersonic, and ultrasonic sounds are beyond the capabilities of her hearing.

Amai’s skin contains approx 1500 tactile sensors per square inch. These tactile sensors are used to detect pressure, temperature, and texture. Further analysis shows increased sensor density around her lips, hands, nipples and areole, and vagina. While the increased sensor count on her lips and hands can be justified as a necessity in her role as a secretary, it is not known why her genital areas have this increased density. It has been speculated that if necessary, Amai could take advantage of her attractive appearance to seduce her male coworkers in her efforts to gain access to information she would not be able to under normal circumstances. Such sensitivity to her genital areas may be necessary to enhance the sexual experience and increase her chances of successfully obtaining information from an unwitting partner.

Chemical sensors located inside of Amai’s nostrils are used as her sense of smell. These sensors are a different type of sensitivity compared to olfactory nerves. Unlike the human sense of smell, she cannot tell the difference in smell between baked apple pie and rotting meat, but she is able to detect the presence of chemicals that have an immediate harmful effect on humans. It is speculated that detection of these chemicals triggers a simulated reaction similar to the human response when exposed to such chemicals. This so-called ‘canary response’ is more than likely used to prevent detection in the presence of gas exposure.

Although Amai has a functioning tongue, it contains no taste buds. It does use an electroactive polymer construction similar to her muscles, but it has a different intended function, which will also be explained later in this report.

Central Processors: Amai’s ‘brain’ consists of four central processors. Each processor is an eight-core micro instruction stacked unit capable of performing quantum calculations and operates at an observed speed of 250 teraflops each. The relationship of each processor is independent as well as interdependent of the others. Control of her body is divided into three categories: Logic and personality emulation, mobility, and core maintenance. Each processor is responsible for one of these three categories, while the fourth processor has a redundant role intended to either supplement the activity of one processor if it exceeds capacity or completely supplant a damaged or otherwise malfunctioning processor with no reduction in functionality or capacity.

The logic and personality (L/P) emulation processor is located inside of Amai’s skull and serves as the primary control unit over the other three processors. All ‘thinking’ by the unit is performed by this unit and in most respects brings this unit to life. Personality configuration and emotional control is performed by this unit. This processor can be accessed through either ear canal. A miniature jack located in the right canal allows direct access to functions of this processor, allowing the user to alter Amai’s demeanor, personality, and essentially who she is as a person, while a small switch inside of the left canal toggles this processor on or off and is manipulated with a small jeweler’s screwdriver. Deactivation of this processor places Amai in a vegetative ‘brain-dead’ state where she appears to be functioning, but is completely unresponsive to all external stimuli.

The mobility, and core maintenance processors are located in the lower abdominal region of Amai’s body. The location of these processors may seem unusual, but given Amai's nature as an artificial being with no need for a digestive system, the location of these components appear to be logically thought out. The components housed in her lower abdomen are insulated from shock and vibration by a dense semi-gelatinous material, which also simulates the approximate feel of a human stomach and intestinal tract.

The mobility processor controls all voluntary muscular movement, to include walking, running, climbing, manipulation of objects by hand, and other unspecified functions. Instructions from the L/P emulator are received by this processor and all movements and feedback are calculated here as well. This has the benefit of reducing the calculating load the L/P processor would face if it were to perform these functions on its own. Such an example would be the simple act of walking. Should Amai want to move from one side of a room to another, the L/P processor would simply direct the mobility processor to walk from point A to B. The movement processor, relying on inputs from her eyes, internal balance sensors, and feedback from her legs to determine the position of her feet and body relative to her origin and destination would perform the calculations necessary to move from point A to B. Output from this processor would be sent to a mobility amplifier, located at the base of her spine, which would amplify the signal to a voltage strong enough to be picked up by her muscles and get her walking. A feedback loop helps calculate her speed and distance to destination. This process can be interrupted at any time, should the L/P processor decide to change direction, stop walking, or increase her walking speed.

The core maintenance processor is perhaps Amai’s most important processor, although its functions are the least appreciated. Simply stated, without this processor, Amai’s ability to function for any extended period of time would be non-existent. Power management, temperature regulation, timekeeping, damage control, and other autonomous functions are handled by this processor. By nature of its functions, it is the most independent of the four processors, requiring little to no input from either the L/P or movement processor. It does, however, send occasional maintenance information to the L/P processor about the status of body functions, such as the above mentioned unit temperature and amount of power left in her power supply system.

Both processors are accessed by a plug located at the navel. There is no direct on/off switch for either processor, though the mobility processor can be deactivated by either a user generated command or by a command from the L/P unit. Deactivation of the mobility processor renders Amai’s body motionless like a rag doll although she is active and minimally responsive to external stimulus. It should also be noted that the movement amplifier can also be deactivated as well by the above methods. Deactivation of this unit reduces the amount of voltage seen at her muscles, severely reducing her movement, and rendering all activity to slight twitching as she no longer has the strength to move on her own.

Functions of the core maintenance processor are vital to Amai’s operation and as a result, no provision exists for the complete shutdown of this processor. Deactivation of this processor is available only through a total power interruption, in such a case it renders Amai completely deactivated.

The spare processor, capable of performing the operations of the other three processors is located in the lower abdomen alongside the movement and core maintenance processors. All four processors are linked via an asynchronous 1024-bit common bus that allows seamless integration of operation.

Memory functions are handled by a 600 TB solid-state flash unit located alongside the three processors and is accessed by all processors to store macro commands, emotional states, error codes, and other forms of information necessary for operation, diagnosis, and information collection. Access to this flash unit is provided through the core functions processor only. Prior to her capture, Amai did attempt to erase all information stored in this flash unit, however, technicians were able to salvage most of the data, which has been downloaded from her and is being analyzed to determine how much information she had compromised.

Cooling: The function of any cooling system is simple: Regulate internal temperatures to prevent damage by excessive thermal generation. Amai’s cooling system, in that regard is relatively simple. Her muscles, processors, and power system generate a significant amount of heat that must be kept under control to ensure long term operation.

The cooling fluid found in Amai’s body is an ethylene glycol-based solution, similar to what is found in automotive systems. The advantage of such a solution is that it is commonly manufactured, readily accessible, and is capable of handling the heat generated by Amai’s systems. Tubing, made from thermally conductive polymers, holds the fluid and allows it to draw heat away from muscles, processors, and power systems. The coolant flows from these systems into a heat exchanger located in her upper chest cavity in the approximate location of her lungs. A reed valve, electronically controlled by the core systems processor, directs the flow of cool air into the exchanger and warm air out of the exchanger. A small, 40-cfm air pump helps bring hair into and out of the heat exchanger. This arrangement, along with the chest movements controlled by the mobility processor, serves to mimic human breathing while its primary functions are performed without detection.

Power Management: No other system in Amai’s body demonstrates a greater creativity in assigning body parts an alternate role than in her power management system. All components within her body are powered by a 30-volt, 6000 Hz alternating current supply. This power supply resides in her upper chest cavity and is positioned between the two heat exchangers in her chest. The power supply uses a 24-volt to 30-volt DC inverter to generate the energy necessary for operation, and the 24-volt DC power is provided by two gelpack units. These gelpacks also double as breast tissue and is nearly the approximate texture and consistency as a woman’s breast tissue. The gelpack batteries provide Amai with up to 36 hours of continuous operation between recharges, but under periods of heavy activity from either her muscles or from heavy processor time, this operating time can be reduced to as little as 18 hours.

Recharging of her batteries is done via an inductive charging system. There is no overt charging port, but two ferro-magnetic inductive pickups are installed in her thighs. The charging device, disguised to look like a medical heating pad, is wrapped around her legs to produce the magnetic loop that charges the batteries. Charge time is estimated to take 6-8 hours, approximately the same length as a person’s sleep period.

As Amai’s power reserves are depleted, the core functions processor will systematically shut down various systems in order to extend the life of her batteries. Non-essential simulations, such as breathing, eye movement, and facial expressions are the first to be affected. As power reserves fall below 15%, the movement processor alters her movements to reduce excessive motions. Such reductions give the appearance of more ‘robotic’ movement due to the increased efficiency of her motion. Once power falls under 5%, the motion processor shuts down, the L/P processor reduces operation to half capacity, eliminating personality and emotional functions, and the unit remains at minimal capacity until it either shuts down from power depletion or is able to recharge itself. Once Amai reaches 2% power capacity, she will shut down completely to avoid damage from power sags and will remain in an incapacitative state until full power is restored.

Genetalia: As an artificial being, Amai is unable to reproduce. It is, however, necessary to detail the operation of her genetalia as we believe this is how she was able to transport compromised information back to her handlers.

Amai’s vagina is an elastic closed tube similar to size and shape of a similar human’s. At 12 inches deep, it appears to accommodate male genitals of a variety of sizes. A small pump positioned near the sack serves to inject lubricating fluid into it as needed to engage in sexual intercourse.

There appears to be some sort of shielding material used in the outer lining of the vagina. This material blocks all electromagnetic radiation from escaping. Coincidentally, upon further examination inside of her vaginal area, a small exciter antenna was located at the end over her cervix area. A similar lining was found around her mouth and lips, with a similar exciter antenna unit discovered inside her tongue.

Intelligence Gathering Operations: The details of her everyday operation are too numerous to list and would be of little use in the scope of this investigation. As such, only intelligence gathering and intelligence transmission operations will be stated as these will detail how Amai obtained, recorded, and transmitted classified information out of Stone Hill. The opinions of these operations are based on analysis of Amai along with surveillance information obtained from FBI field agents assigned to monitor her.

As the Lieutenant General Thornton’s personal secretary, Amai had unrestricted access to the same information that he had, which was necessary to perform her duties as secretary. By reading classified materials, watching demonstrations of secret projects, and through listening in on high-level meetings and telephone conversations, she was able to obtain crucial pieces of information that were deemed useful to her handlers. Quite simply, her presence amounted to a breech of grave consequence.

Such monitoring would continue until her personal storage unit was near the limits of her capacity. When it reached this point, she would contact another unit and meet at either her apartment, his apartment, or at a nearby hotel, depending on who she was meeting and under what circumstances. Once she engaged in sexual intercourse, all information that she obtained was transferred into the male unit, freeing up her storage unit and allowing her to resume her monitoring activities. Additionally, impromptu ‘make-out’ sessions we believe were instructional message that her handlers issued to direct her in determining what actions she took in order to manipulate the flow of information.

Conclusion: Because of Amai’s appearance, it was difficult, though not impossible, to discover her artificial nature. Lack of certain body functions, while they appear to be at the edge of the Uncanny Valley were often explained as quirky behavior or of an existing medical condition. Of concern is the fact that prior to her assignment to LtGen Thornton, a mandatory background investigation was performed. The investigation found nothing out of the ordinary, and no 'red flag' discrepancies were highlighted for further investigation. This would lead us to believe that either Yumi Amai was a real individual that is in the custody of this outside organization while her electronic doppelganger performed espionage, or that all information about Amai was planted prior to her background check to avoid raising any suspicion. Both avenues should be investigated as either scenario is frightening in scale and audacity.

One security recommendation is to install x-ray machines at all security checkpoints. The anatomies of artificial beings are markedly different than that of normal humans and would have immediately alerted authorities to her presence. The reliance on x-ray machines should not be our sole defense, however. As this unknown agency discovers our detection methods, their tactics may change and revert to the use of human intelligence for data collection.

Until the extent of the compromise is determined, and until we can state with confidence that there are no more outside agents conducting espionage operations at stone hill, it is recommended that all research and development programs be halted, effective immediately. The nature of these programs are of an importance that it would do enormous damage to our national security that has already been compromised by this security incident.

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