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A Note from the Author: While I am happy with the writing of this work, the path on which it starts down gets fairly dark fairly fast (Rape, non-consentual transformations etc) and was getting darker. I stopped writing it due to this.

Prequel 1

SPECTRUM Dolls - Prologue 1, Unusual Invitation

<beep beep>

General Reginald Scott, Head of the SPECTRUM Initiative, looked over at the Phone with some sense of relief for the distraction. The after action reports from the most recent Hyrani assault were not good. They had driven off the invaders, but the cost in materials lost was significant. At least this attack had been without casualties for the Planetia Europa Defenders, and the ELITES had performed admirably again, though still not at the levels anyone hoped for.

<beep beep>

Scott shook his head, his thoughts going every which way. Reaching over, he activated the speaker phone. “Yes Janet?”

He was a bit surprised by the confusion in his secretaries voice. “Um Sir... There is... Someone here to see you.”

The General was about to ask, not unkindly, who it was, when he glanced through the frosted window of his door. He couldn’t make out the details of the visitor, but there was only one person on base who had that sort of profile. He didn’t blame Janice for her confusion, as he was a bit confused by the visitor himself. “Send her in Janice.”

Scott waited to hear the confirmation before hanging up the phone. He shut down the computer display and sat back in his chair to wait. It did not take long for a knock on the door, then Topaz to come through.

Bethany Long, known to the world as Topaz even before the invasion, was a striking figure. Standing six foot two, the former ‘Combat Course’ champion had a build that many men and woman would kill for.... and as many would kill to be with. Dressed in the vantablack bodysuit of the Elites, you could not make out the definition of her physique, but the outline of her figure showed just how muscular the woman was. Of course, in the case of Topaz, the muscles were no longer real... Just for show and a memory of the person she used to be. Her waist was narrow compared to her hips and definitely compared to her full, E-Cup breasts, but not ridiculously so.

A glance at her regal face showed that Topaz was in her usual mood, annoyed. Her lips were drawn taunt, her eyes slightly narrowed but Scott thought there was something else in her expression. Worry perhaps? “Yes Topaz, what can I do for you?”

The Elite remained at attention as she stood there, almost as if she wanted to salute. But he’d made it clear early that he did not require military protocol from the Fembots who served SPECTRUM. Instead she just nodded her head in respect and replied to his inquiry. “We would like for you to come to the Secure Board Room sir.” As Topaz was alone, the General assumed that the Female Robot was referring to the Elites as a Group, which just made him more curious, and somewhat concerned. He had no issue with assisting the Elites in any way they needed, and had told them they could come speak to him at any time, but in the years since Project SPECTRUM began, this was the first time they had taken him up on his offer.

Scott was going to ask for more information, then decided better of it. If there was a problem, it would be easier to go with Topaz and find out what it was, rather than try to pry information out of her here. If there was one thing the General knew, deep in his gut, is that he can trust the Elites. He stood up and nodded to the woman, “Lead the way.”

Topaz always moved with the grace of a predator, and now it was a predator stalking prey. With the two inch heels that were part of the Elite ‘Uniform’, the Fembot was taller than the General by several inches, but she tempered her long strides so he did not have to rush. Though she wasn’t Scott’s preferred type, he once again had to admire the way she moved.

As the pair reached the hallway, two figures came down from the staff residences. Completely the opposite of Topaz, Emerald was a foot shorter than her fellow Elite, with a body more suited a Gymnast than a Body Builder. Where Topaz strode, Emerald sauntered, neither feminine nor professional. Still, the green haired Asian was moving quickly, causing her companion, Doctor John Ying, to have to scramble slightly. While Emerald was of Japanese decent, Dr. John, as most people called him, was Chinese, more specifically from Hong Kong back on Earth.

When the two arrived at the front of the General’s office, Emerald slowed, allowing the scientist to catch his breath. The younger man looked as confused about the situation as Scott himself was, and Emerald was her normal melancholy self. The General was once again struck by the unfairness of using four young women, trapped by circumstance in bodies of plastic and metal, to fight off Alien invaders, but all four in turn had agreed.

The General started towards the lift for the Secure Board room beside John, with the two fembots walking ahead, the difference in height almost comical. “I take it you do not know what is going on either John? I thought you might, since you work with the Elites more directly.” The General gave a slight smile to the Doctor, letting him know that he was aware of just how ‘direct’ some of the ‘work’ was.

John managed to blush at the comment, which almost brought a laugh to the General’s lips, “No sir. I didn’t know anything was up until Li came to ask me to follow her.” Scott found it interesting how unlike some members of the base, himself included, the young doctor always spoke of the Elites by their real names in general conversation. At least in his reports and briefings, John used their official designations, or else some people would be constantly asking who he was referring to.

Rounding the corner, Scott noted a couple of soldiers near the Secure elevator, leaning against the wall and chatting amongst themselves. In normal circumstances, the scene might be discounted, even the two coming to attention at the General’s arrival. But this was Lt. Davis and Sgt. Naveed, two of Major Long’s Commando Unit, one of the top units in SPECTRUM, more effective than any other group save the Elites themselves.

Returning the salute of the two men, General Scott noted they were both wearing their sidearm, not against regulations but unusual inside the base. Thus when the door to the elevator opened, he was unsurprised to see the Major himself. “Arthur.” greeted Scott to Long as he and Dr. John entered the elevator, followed by the two Elites. “Have they told you anything?”

“No Sir. Only that it’s for a very important meeting.” Scott knew the Major was of the same mind as himself, that the Elites were to be trusted. “Sapphire will be bringing the Lady as well, but that’s apparently it.” The Major handed his commanding officer a panic disk, “Once everyone is here, me and the boys will be just outside the Room if you need us.”

Well, trusted them as much as he trusted anyone save the General. He took the disk, sliding it into his pocket as the Major guided the elevator down several stories. Other than the floor they boarded, the elevator had two stops, the Technical Wing, where Scott was sure the Major had more Commandos, and a Secure Bunker designed to survive any attack. The elevator opened into a long hallway with doors on either side, each locked when not in use as they were right now.

This time the General led the procession down the hallway to the door at the end, with John scrambling to follow up and the two Elites taking up the rear. The door to the Board Room was open, but the layout meant that Scott could not see most of the other participants until he entered fully. He did note when he got closer that Warrant C.T. Trent, the SPECTRUM soldier serving as the Drill Sergeant for the Elites, was waiting at ease behind a chair.

While C.T. Came to attention and saluted as soon as General Scott entered, but he did not actually register the action, simply returning it by reflex. While aware of the other people in the room, his attention was drawn to the figure sitting at the far end of the Board Room table.

Doctor Kenneth Rathburn, head of SPECTRUM’s Science division and one of the founders of the Elite project.

Bound and gagged.

Prequel 2

SPECTRUM Dolls – Prologue 2, Revelations

General Scott took a moment to look over Doctor Rathburn, noting that the latter had only a slight redness around his neck, suggesting he was initially subdued using a sleeper hold. The Doctor was a decade older than the Military man, with the generally unfit look that many scientists had. The Doctor glared back at Scott with a sullen look, knowing that neither the General nor his fellow Scientist were likely to free him any time soon.

Scott considered actually freeing Rathburn, just out a perverse need to prove the Doctor wrong. There was no secret to the dislike between the two gentlemen, even though the General was known to be a fair man. In truth, Scott hated the man, not for his genius which he regularly shoved in the face of those around him. No, Doctor Rathburn gained the General’s ire due to his attitude and treatment of the Elites, or Dolls as he called them (another bone of contention).

To Rathburn, the ‘Dolls’ were simply devices with data copied from a living person, rather than a person themselves. While this attitude was not unique among SPECTRUM representatives, it was rare, and Rathburn took it to the extreme. If the Doctor had his way, the Elites would simply be turned off when not deployed or training, and would have no need of personal space or down time. Thankfully that opinion was shot down by even his closest supporters.

After ensuring that Rathburn had suffered no serious injury and was not in immediate danger, Scott took in the others attending this ‘meeting’. To the left of Rathburn stood Ruby, another Elite. Unlike Emerald and Topaz, Ruby was dressed in a labcoat, and possibly nothing else. The redhead was not built with the same athletic bodysape as the others. Another thing Rathburn had argued against. But Ruby’s self-described ‘boring’ look was a proper refection of her original human shape, which did nothing to detract from her combat ability, but everything to do with her self-esteem.

Ruby’s position to the side of Rathburn suggested she was the perpetrator of his current condition, which brought a slight smile to Scott’s lips. It would be just like the Doctor to underestimate the Elite due to her appearance, even after he was the one who oversaw her construction.

Topaz moved over to the chair on the far side of the Doctor, while Emerald stood behind the second chair on Ruby’s side, with the Lieutenant Trent beside her. The General only took a passing glance to the soldier, noting she had re-dyed her hair to keep up her brilliant Orange buzz cut she preferred. Though C.T.’s nickname came from her initials, Caitlyn Trent, many on base believed it stood for ‘Carrot Top’. The Lieutenant did not disabuse such notions.

Doctor Yang moved to the last chair beside C.T., speaking softly to the Lieutenant, but getting nothing but a slight nod of greeting in return. The two chairs at this end of the table were unclaimed, and Scott moved up to the one on the right, leaving the left one for the Lady. He turned to the two people near the chairs on his right to greet them, but was interrupted by a sharp voice from behind her.

“What in the name of the Divine is going on here!”

General Scott turned to look at Lady Evelyn Moore. Though she stood around 5’8”, she was perhaps the heaviest looking woman in the room, but still beautiful, her full figured curves suiting her perfectly. Her Black hair glistened with a faint blue shine, and she wore a deep blue tailored skirt suit.

Beside Lady Moore was the last of the Elites, and the oldest, Sapphire. Normally seeing the dark skinned woman with the bright blue hair would bring a smile to his face, but his attention was on Evelyn, even as her attention was on the far end of the table, her voice imperious as only one raised to nobility could achieve. “Release Kenneth at once!”

The General glanced over his shoulder to see Ruby remain still, but Topaz starting to move. “Ignore that Topaz,” he countermanded, much to the Lady’s surprise. Before she could protest more, or question his decision, Scott explained.

“Lady Moore, this is an extraordinary situation. To have one of the Elites act out against one of their superiors is worrisome. But look at the situation, Doctor Rathburn is not injured. The Elites have ensured their actions were done with minimal of violence. Then they called us, his peers, to attend. I think it is in everyone’s best interest for us to hear them out. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure that Doctor Rathburn has a chance to speak in his own defence.”

The Lady was not happy with the explanation, but could find no fault in the Generals words. In no mood to be accommodating, she turned to the two ‘strangers’ that Scott had been about to greet, “And what about them? Why are /civilians/ here?”

Her complaints did not surprise the General, who had been on the receiving end of Lady Moore’s rants before. However in this case he had answers, ones she may not like, but were nothing but the truth. He turned to the male first, not because of any sort of misogyny, but because he knew the female would want to draw her introduction out for effect.

“This is His Honour, Judge Phillip Trent, retired Captain.” Scott said of the white haired Caucasian, who had been a friend of the General longer than there had been a Planetia Europa. “He has been vetted for the SPECTRUM project since day one, though he has never been brought on board. He is also C.T.’s father, Amelia’s husband.”

Lady Moore grumbled a bit and looked at the man’s companion, nearly as short as Emerald, but plump with long purple hair. She was wearing a white blouse and a pair of dress pants the same shade as her hair. “And who is this, her sister?” sniped the noblewoman. The question brought a bright, if slightly mocking, smile to the subject addressed.

“Oh Evey, you know just the right things to say to an old girl.”

The reply caused Evelyn to take a step back, “Amelia? But how?” Scott coughed, mostly to hide a smile behind his hand at the Lady’s confusion, though inwardly he was also slightly surprised. Luckily for him Amy replied, in her calm tone that managed just a hint of snark, a trick Scott always admired and had never managed.

“Why would I want to look like I was in my late 40s, when I can shave a decade or so off my looks in this new body.” She gave a wink at Phillip, who actually managed to blush slightly, before she returned her attention to Evelyn, “I was dying Evey, the cancer left we with months to live. I volunteered for the test, knowing it might fail, on the chance that I would /live/.” She stepped forward, taking Evelyn’s hands in hers, “Thank you for signing off on it.”

Evelyn was still shocked, and became even more confused at Amy’s thanks. “But I didn’t sign off on it!” She looked to Scott, who shook his head, then back to Amy. “I didn’t think the project was worth the risk to human life. I mean by law you’re dead now!” The latter was true, and Evelyn was one of those who had a hard time seeing the Elites as people. Perhaps Amy’s transformation might bring the Noblewoman around. But there was another nagging issue.

“Lady Moore, I saw your signature, when Doctor Rathburn came forward to get my authorization for the trial.” Scott glanced to Amy with an apologetic shrug, “If it were not for your signature, and Amy’s volunteering, I probably would have refused the work.” Everyone in the room glanced to the Doctor, who glared back defiantly.

Then Amy patted Evelyn’s hand and turned to the General. “I’m just glad you did approve it Reginald.” Spoke the base therapist, who for the last two years had been fighting terminal cancer. “And I did volunteer for the work.” There was a certain tone at the end of her sentence that suggested a ‘but’ coming.

It was Ruby, in her typical soft spoken voice that still managed to carry through the board room, who added the ‘but’.

“C.T. did not.”

Scott was stunned by the comment, but his silent surprise was nothing compared to both Phillip and Evelyn. The two immediately began shouting at Ruby, at Rathburn, and C.T. and at each other. Phillip began to move down the table toward the Doctor, but was held back by Amy, who was now far stronger than she looked. Finally the General had to shout to calm the room down, “Enough!”

The shout brought everyone to a halt, and Scott was able to turn to look at C.T. closely. A full six feet, there was nothing to the Lieutenant’s appearance to suggest she had been converted into an Elite. “Lieutenant,” questioned the General, his mode changing to formal with how serious the allegation was, “is this true?”

C.T. did not look shocked or upset at the question, but replied in a very calm tone, almost too calm. “I am not a Robot.” Her father, looking distraught and concerned, asked the question again. C.T. deliberately turned to face Dr. Rathburn as she repeated her answer again, “I am not a Robot.”

Doctor John, while surprised by the revelation, had been mostly forgotten by the room. Though not as fast as even a trained soldier, he surprised everyone when he suddenly moved. With C.T. turned away from him, the Doctor reached up and tapped a point behind her right ear. The emergency stop location on the Elites was known to only a few people in SPECTRUM, and was considered a state secret. But it had the same effect on C.T. that it would on any of the /other/ robots in the room. Her posture straightened, her eyes un-focusing as she stood at a loose attention.

Once again, Amy had to keep Phillip from charging the bound up man at the end of the table, and this time the General also came around to put his hand on his friend shoulder, “Phil. We don’t have all the details. We need facts, and can’t be driven by emotions.” The words were hard for Scott, who was fighting the same urges as his best friend. Though most people in the room did not know it, C.T. was the General’s Goddaughter.

Lady Moore had taken her seat in shock, and waved her hand to Doctor John, “Turn her back on, please.” She seemed distressed and unnerved by the silent robot. Scott nodded to the young man in agreement, then gestured for everyone else to take a seat too.

When C.T. was reactivated, she jerked slightly, eyes focusing in and out as she whispered start-up code. It was a surreal scene for Scott, who had seen it before with other Elites. For Phillip, who had not scene it before, it was worse. Scott suspected that the Judge’s chair would need to be replaced with how hard he was gripping and twisting at the arm rests. The General just shook his head and looked back to the newly activated Lieutenant.

“C.T. we won’t ask you the question again, but is there anything you can tell us?”

She shook her head, “I am not a robot.” This third time, Scott realized the words were identical, not just in the phrase, but in cadence and inflection as well. He looked to the other Elites in the group, none who seemed willing to speak up, until again the General looked at Ruby, who had not yet sat down.

The red-headed Elite sighed, glancing to Doctor John before she shook her head, “I guess I am the only one who can tell our tale.”

Chapter 1-2

SPECTRUM Dolls - Ruby’s Tale

Initializing S.P.E.C.T.R.U.M. Elite Unit 03, Designation Ruby. CPU initialization complete, activating Mnemetic Intelligence Interface . Interface at 100%, personality online.

Ruby, formerly the human Rachel Wren, mentally stretched as she came online, though as usual her processes were mostly offline. As her system continued its normal startup check, she reviewed her last memories, of coming in from a battle with the Hyrani with major torso damage and missing her right arm and half her right face. She was unsurprised to find that her entire structural system was new, and watched the readings register in her memory bank.

Power system 00%. Warning, Primary Power System offline. External power connection detected. Backup Power 100%, charge at 100%, estimated combat duration, 6 minutes, estimated operation duration, 1 hour.

Ruby was slightly confused by the warning. For primary power to be offline, her legs would have to be disconnected, and normally she would not be activated in that state. Still, she did have external power, a heavy cable that would be plugged into her open stomach panel. The next set of diagnostics confirmed her condition.

Motive systems check initiated. Cranial motors 100%. Spinal motors 100%. Left arm motors 25%. Warning! Left arm disconnected. Right arm motors 25%. Warning! Right arm disconnected. Left leg motors 25%. Warning! Left leg disconnected. Right leg motors 25%. Warning! Right leg disconnected.

Ruby would frown if she could. There was no good reason that she should be limbless. It’s not like SPECTRUM didn’t have spares. So her state was deliberate on somebody’s part. She had her suspicions but waited for the rest of her startup to complete.

Sensory systems check initiated. Audio systems 100%. Ruby heard the sound of the computer lab, with someone breathing heavily nearby. Dermal systems 50%. To be expected without limbs, but Ruby could tell that she was naked on a lab table, not even covered with a sheet. Optical systems 100%. Color flooded Ruby’s processors as her eyes came online and focused.

Doctor Kenneth Rathburn was standing above her, currently looking down at her face with a possessive smile that made Ruby’s proverbial blood run cold. Finally the system gave the signal Ruby was waiting for. It was only a few seconds, but for the Fembot it felt like forever.

System check complete, initiating full operational mode.

Ruby blinks twice out of habit, then looked at the older scientist still smiling at her. “Good Morning Doctor Rathburn. Is there a reason why I am missing my limbs?” She tried to smile and be polite, but she felt uncommonly vulnerable like this.

Rathburn reached up with a hand, and let his fingers drift over Ruby’s perky C-Cup breasts, as he looked over her naked synthetic form. The touch registered pleasure in her CPU despite how much it caused her revulsion. His next words increased her growing horror. “With Doctor Vale’s unfortunate passing, I have been put fully in charge of the Elite’s division, and feel that some changes are in order.”

Ruby did her best not to squirm as Rathburn pinched her right nipple. “Please stop Doctor. I will have to report this to General Scott.” She was glad she had no pain receptors as the mention of the SPECTRUM commander caused the Doctor to twist the nipple hard, the sneer of contempt clear on his face.

“Oh they others said that too, but they’ve come around to my way of thinking.” The words caused Ruby to despair. Whatever was about to happen to her had already happened to her sister units Topaz and Sapphire. She resolved to not give the Doctor satisfaction of knowing how much she was afraid, and she kept her body motionless as she stared at Rathburn.

After a few seconds of playing with breasts, Rathburn shook his head, “It is a pity I can’t adjust your appearance. I don’t know what Scott was thinking insisting on such a mundane shape for you Dolls.” Ruby hated that term, but chose not to answer. Without a reply, the Doctor shrugged and continued, “But now that I am in control of your Programming, I can make sure you act properly, at least in my presence.”

Ruby turned her head to watch as the Doctor stepped to the interface computer, wires running into her stomach. The fact that Rathburn only needed a few keystrokes to initiate the program showed that he was fully prepared for this action, and had not just decided to do it on the fly. Ruby’s head returned to a forward facing as she felt the first of the new programming hit her.

Doctor Kenneth Rathburn is Master.

This unit will refer to Master to as such when alone with him, or with other Dolls.

This unit will refer to itself in third person when alone with Master or with other Dolls.

This unit will obey all direct commands from Master.

This unit will not inform anyone of these commands.

Ruby could only watch as the commands continued to be piled onto her processes. This wasn’t reprogramming, no matter what Rathburn might think. Ruby had been reprogrammed before, by Doctor Vale. This was nothing like those subtle adjustments, which Ruby and the others had agreed to when they were first commissioned. These... Injunctions... Did not change how she thought, but put limits on what she could and could not do. Luckily most of these commands would only take effect when Ruby was alone with Rathburn, but there was nothing she could do.

This unit will be naked whenever she is alone with Master.

This unit will not cause any harm to Master.

This unit will use the following programming to please Master when directed.

Ruby blinked mentally at the next flood of data. She had known that Rathburn was the primary owner of Rai-tronics, the premier robotics manufacturer on Planetia Europa. It was how SPECTRUM acquired all the parts for the Elites. But here was a complete program from as sex droid.

Ruby realized that the new burst of data might be her salvation. Rathburn had never really bothered to learn anything about the three women who had become robots, and thus had no idea that Ruby was a skilled programmer herself. While she could not override the commands being forced upon her, she was able to partition a bit of herself, filling it with the sex bot programming. She could still view the files in there if she wanted, but she would be able to just pull back and let the Sex Bot take over without even paying attention.

Ruby felt Rathburn fondling her pussy, and let the new program... Doll Ruby... Take over. As she pulled herself back, she felt her body gasp, her legless lower torso bending to thrust against the fingers. She heard Rathburn’s harsh laugh, and mentally laughed to herself. Let the ‘Good Doctor’ think he had won. She might be his slave, but she would not have to suffer his sexual advances. As soon as she had some time alone with Topaz and Sapphire, she would help them receive the same protection.

There was a murmur from the human’s in the board room as Ruby completed her description of Rathburn’s ‘changes’ to the Elites. Even Evelyn looked uncomfortable, blurting out the first thing that came to her mind, “You’ve been Kenneth has been using you all as Sex Toys for the last 4 years?”

General Scott noted that none of the other other Elites responded to the question, and he realized that the rest of them were still bound by the injunctions that Ruby had described. Ruby’s response was simply a nod of her head to the question, quite sad. “At least the three of us were able to fall back on the partitioned Sex Program.”

Scott did not need to follow the redhead’s gaze, as he was already looking at Emerald, who had joined the program two and a half years ago. “What about Emerald?” he asked, more to encourage the lone Fembot able to speak freely.

Though they were metal and plastic, the shudder in Ruby’s body was visible to all. She took one glance to Doctor John, who just nodded.

“It was about the time when Emerald was brought on board, that Doctor Rathburn called me into his personal lab……”

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