Spanish Fly Virus

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Written by Mirage

Spanish Fly Virus

"Son, you have a visitor!" screamed my dad from downstairs.

Confused, I ran downstairs to the main entrance of the house to see who was paying me a visit this late at night.

My father gave me a wink and whispered, "Wow, who's the fox?" while leaving me alone with my visitor.

"Jenny? What are you doing here?" I asked quickly.

Jenny, yes that Jenny, the blond bombshell from school who never gave me a single look in two years in classes, was at my door. "David... I heard that you were kinda the computer nerd of the school... and..." she mumbled her words.

"And...?" I asked her, waiting for the punch line of the joke that she was playing on me with probably her friends hiding in the bushes close by.

"And... I need your help right now..." she struggled to finish her sentence.

"What? Your computer is broken?" I smirk at her, knowing she was toying with me.

"Can we go in your room...please." she begged me.

"You're kidding? Right?" I asked her confused.

She gave me a look that showed she was serious.

"Sure... Follow me... don't mind the mess in my room, I never have girls in there." I chuckled.

She gave a look to my room and just said "Ooo..yuck..." in a snobbish way that I hated her for.

"So, what's the deal?" I asked her, sitting in my computer chair.

She sat down on the ledge of my bed as if I had cooties in it, "Well... it's about my computer... Last night, someone sent me a virus and it got infected with it and I'm not sure what's the virus is doing to it."

"A virus? Did you try a virus scan?" I told her quickly.

"Yes... yes... I tried everything.. But I know it's still there, growing... spreading." she barked at me.

I smiled, "Ok, give me your computer, I'll look into it."

She looked at me strangely and said nothing.

"Well? Where's your laptop?" I asked her again.

"It's inside me... I'm the computer..." she quickly said, ashamed.

"Inside you? What are you talking about?" I asked her confused.

She got up and removed her shirt, revealing her D-cups breasts hiding behind her bra.

"Jenny?" I asked her amazed at the scene.

"I'm an android..." she simply said.

Then her stomach opened in two, revealing circuit boards, wires, and hardware.

"Shit me!" I mumbled out.

"My parents had me built a few years ago because they had no child. Since then, they have been very happy." she said with a stone face.

"May I?" I asked her, shoving my face in her electronics "Man... You are well built, inside and out."

She snickered "Thanks."

"Anyway, can you help me?" she asked with puppy eyes.

"I'll try. Sit down and let me plug you into my handheld, I want to scan your systems.” I told her, worried.

She nodded and let me interface with her systems. Typing a few commands, I saw that she indeed had a virus in her systems. "How did it happen?" I asked her quickly.

"Sometimes, I plug myself into the net directly to my main CPU to go faster. I was looking for files for a test I needed to study for next week and I was contacted by someone in CHATLINE. I responded and we talked a bit. I then felt something wrong, the person sent me a Trojan horse to get inside my firewalls and managed to hack inside my mainframe. The person was inside me, probing my data and my CPU files and even my A.I. programming. I could do nothing, I wanted to scream... but the person was in control of me from the inside. I then felt him download this virus inside me and simply left by cutting his signal." Jenny said, tears in her eyes.

I typed a few more command and she made a strange face, like a "surprise" look. "What did you just do to me?" she asked confused.

"David, I.. want t..i..d....gehehrjtk...berbbekktmmmm..." Jenny said, suddenly shaking a bit, malfunctioning.

I grabbed her to stop shaking.

She gave me a look at got up quickly. "Make love to me...sbdbsmf,m....make love to meeendffd..." she said, her head twitching.

"Jenny????" I said, quickly locking my door, wishing my folks were in deep sleep.

Jenny got behind me and rubbed her breasts against my back. I turned around and she had her bra removed, now her breasts totally exposed. "David..? What's happening?" She asked suddenly confused.

"It's the virus. It's spreading inside your A.I." I told her, sitting her on the bed.

"David..virus??.. Please.e...e..make llove to me.." she mumbled her phrases.

She grabbed my left hand and pushed it between her crotch, "So wet....the's making me so horny..." she moaned out.

I looked at her, not sure what to do next.

"Fuck me... please." she begged, almost ripping her pants and underwear off. I got naked and fucked her so hard, we both climaxed quick and hard.

After a few minutes of resting, she was silent, looking at the ceiling, "You are the one who hacked me and installed the virus in me, aren't you?" she asked me.

"Yes..." I answered her.

"Now what?" she asked me.

"I can remove the virus if you want...I just wanted to know what sex was like with an android as beautiful as you..." I whispered to her.

"You are my first." she said after.

"No!" I replied.

"Yes.... my parents have installed inside my A.I. anti-sexual programs, making me unable to think about having sex. Your virus changed that.... Can I keep the virus inside my systems?" Jenny asked with a smile.

"Sure, but I am the only one who knows the code to activate it." I also smiled.

"Fine by me... I must go home now... see you tomorrow at school?" She asked me laughing.

I nodded a yes. "And maybe after school, you can infect me again like tonight?" she grinned.

"I guess. I could do that." I smiled devilishly.

The next day after Jenny came to my house because I infected her with my virus, passed quickly.

I sat in class looking at Jenny, who acted like nothing had happened to us. I smiled to her and she shrugged me off. I don't kinda blame her, she wanted to keep her android identity a secret. So, I waited all day long, knowing the virus was inside her, which had reprogrammed her to come to my house every night so I could fuck her more.

Finally, around at 9pm, my doorbell rang. I ran to the front door before my dad or mom could answer it. "It's for me!" I screamed at my folks, who were busy watching TV in the basement.

Opening the door slowly, I was pleased to see Jenny standing there. But to my surprise, she was not alone. "Brandy? What?" I asked confused.

Brandy was a school nerdette who didn't have much friends. She was a slim black girl with thick glasses who I barely paid attention to in the two years I’d known her.

"Hi, David, can we see you? We need your help." Jenny and Brandy asked together in such total synch it was scary.

Of course, I right away knew now Brandy was also an android. "Come in and follow me." I told them. Giving me a strange distant look, both followed me upstairs and I closed and locked my bedroom door. "Now, what can I do for you ladies?" I asked snobbishly.

Both opened their blouses and revealed a panel under their breasts, concealed by bras. "Please remove the bras first." I commanded them. Smiling, they both comply.

"MMMMmmmmmmmm... yummy..." was my response at seeing both pairs of nice tits. I squeezed them both pair, which both girl blushed a bit too. "How did Jenny infect you with the virus, Brandy?" I asked while plugging a cable from my computer to Brandy's CPU in her open stomach.

"Sometimes, we androids meet and exchange data on our artificial lives. Jenny infected my CPU without knowing it." the black teenager said while I looked at her.

"Brandy, you have a great pair of tits... remove the glasses please." I commanded her.

She complied again and smiled. "Jenny, do you have any makeup with you?" I asked the blonde android, who was sitting beside Brandy with a lost look.

"Of course." Jenny smiled to me.

"Can you make Brandy beautiful?" I asked her.

"Yes..." Jenny smiled, turning to Brandy and starting to apply makeup to her face.

"Brandy, why were you created?" I asked the young black girl being fixed up by the other android.

"My purpose is to learn data on black society in schools."

"Interesting… Do you have a family?" I asked her.

"The family who I live with thinks I am an exchange student from Africa." she replied.

"Voila!" Jenny said happily.

I looked at Brandy and she was hot!

I then typed the code to fully activate the virus inside Brandy's CPU and waited. "David, I.. want t..i..d....gehehrjtk...berbbekktmmmm..." Brandy said, suddenly shaking a bit, malfunctioning.

I grabbed her to stop the shaking. She gave me a look and got up quickly. "Make love to me...sbdbsmf,m....make love to meeendffd..." she said, her head twitching.

"My turn!" Jenny shouted to me, hooking the cable from Brandy's torso to hers. I typed in the code and Jenny repeated the same as last night. "David, I.. want t..i..d....gehehrjtk...berbbekktmmmm..." Jenny said, suddenly shaking a bit, malfunctioning.

I grabbed her too to stop the shaking. She gave me a look and got up quickly. "Make love to me...sbdbsmf,m....make love to meeendffd..." she said, her head twitching.

Both androids moaned when I grabbed their pussies with my hands. My fingers became all wet quickly, which were now inside them, rubbing their clitoris hard.

"Fuck me!!!!" Brandy moaned out loud, while Jenny was squeezing her breasts with her hands in ecstasy.

Brandy pushed me on the bed and climbed on top of me, almost ripping off my shirt and pants.

"No! Do me first!" Jenny yelled at Brandy, pushing her off me. Jenny then climbed on top of me, with my fully erected penis penetrating her deep.

Brandy got up and grabbed Jenny's head and ripped it off, “NO! ME FIRST!"

Jenny's body shook violently on top of me, being just decapitated. Brandy pushed the headless android off and she climbed on top of me. Too busy being in sexual ecstasy, I didn't freak out over Jenny's unanimated head lying beside my pillow.

Unlike Jenny, Brandy didn't have any anti-sex programs inside her, so she knew all about sex and stuff and it showed. Jenny was good, but Brandy was way better at fucking.

I moaned out loud, not caring if my parents could hear me or not. Brandy was in full ecstasy, moving up and down on top of me, even kissing my neck and face sometimes.

"Fuck me, white boy! Fuck me good!" she moaned out. I was finding amusing that they had even programmed her to sound like a black girl.

After a few minutes, I ejaculated inside her, but she was not yet ready to have her first orgasm. I moaned out loud, waiting for her to have an orgasm. I started to breathe hard, having a second orgasm while she still didn't get one.

"Brandy... are you almost there?" I moaned out to her.

She just continued moving up and down hard on me, "Fuck me, white boy! Fuck me good!" she responded.

Moving my head to see her open stomach panel and seeing her exposed circuits and cables, I realized something was wrong with her. The lights and sounds that were coming from her hard-drives and CPU were blinking and whirling in the same pattern; she was stuck in a loop.

I managed to pull one of my hands free and pressed her off button in her exposed systems. Brandy slowly stopped moving up and down and she fell beside me on my bed, deactivated.

Suddenly, my dad was banging on my door, "David! Keep it down with your porn movies!!!!!" he yelled behind the door and going back downstairs.

"Sorry! I'll turn down the volume! Sorry!" I lied to my dad, who would have freaked seeing the deactivated naked female androids in my bed with me right now.

Getting up, I studied the scene, Brandy, deactivated and lying on her stomach while Jenny's body was on the other side of the bed while her head was beside my pillows. I turned Brandy on her back and looked at her systems. I connected to her CPU and reactivated her. Before she could do anything, I shut down her sex programs that had crashed. Going in her history memory files, I realized I was her first fuck. I deleted her corrupted files that crashed and fully reactivated her.

"David, what happened to me?" she asked, smiling.

Typing some commands to her CPU, she froze for a second and asked again, "David, my love, what happened to me?" she asked.

"Jenny malfunctioned. Can you repair her?" I asked her.

She nodded and grabbed Jenny's head and look at the ripped cables, "I can easily repair her." Brandy smiled. Taking some of my tools I had in my room, Brandy repaired Jenny.

"Wait, before you reactivate her, I need to do something to her!" I told Brandy.

But before I unplugged Brandy off my computer, I typed in more codes inside Brandy's CPU and A.I. files. "What are you doing to me?" Brandy asked while I change a few things about her programming.

"I changed your programming so you don't infect androids like Jenny did." I told Brandy.

I then connected to Jenny and deleted all the experiences she had with me. I thought it was for the best. I removed the virus too. I reactivated Jenny who was confused where she was and how she got here.

"You came to ask me a question about yesterday's test." I told her.

"I did?" Jenny asked confused.

"Brandy, can you take Jenny home and we'll talk more together tomorrow at school." I asked

Brandy, winking. Brandy nodded and help Jenny on her way home.

The next day, things got hot in school when people saw Brandy and me together and she was now my girlfriend. Since being a nerd myself and her, it fitted her and me, with our reputation.

She was back to looking like her old self, but I didn't care, I knew I could make her be "hot" anytime I wanted. I even went shopping after school with her to buy some makeup for her and even some sexy lingerie.

Some black and white people got angry at our mixed relationship. For Brandy, it was data like this that she was created to study. For me, what race you were, it never mattered to me.

"Aren't we all equals?" I told the racists.

True, the irony for me was "being equals" was only limited to humans. With Jenny and Brandy, I acted with them as if they were just sex toys for my own pleasure.

"Brandy... before I reprogrammed you, what did you think of me." I asked her.

"David, my sweet angel, you were not a factor in my data collecting purpose. You had 0.0047 percent chance of being a subject I would involve myself with for my purpose." she replied with a smile.

"Mmmm.... ok... glad I reprogrammed you then." I smile to her.

We kissed and left thing be. I knew her creator only did a check on her systems once every six months. So, I had a few months before I needed to delete my reprogramming I did to her.

It was around nine when the door bell rang. Confused, because I was with Brandy already, and I erased the virus from Jenny, I wondered who it could be. I ran downstairs and saw my mom opening the door. Coming inside the house was Big Tom McRoy. Tom was Jenny's boyfriend who was our star football player.

"David, someone needs to speak to you." my mom yelled to me when I was looking at Tom from the stairs.

My father came up and introduced himself to him. I slowly came downstairs, confused. The second Tom saw me, he yelled out something that I'll never forget, right in front of my parents.

"David, I.. want t..i..d....gehehrjtk...berbbekktmmmm..." Tom said, suddenly shaking a bit. "Make love to me...sbdbsmf,m....Make love to mee MAKE LOVE TO ME..DAVID.." he said loudly, his head twitching.

My mother screamed in horror, almost fainting. My father looked at me in shock, "David, are you gay?"

I stood there, frozen, like I was in a nightmare.

"Make love to me...sbdbsmf,m....Make love to mee." Tom repeated loudly.

I turned to my father, "I’m not GAY!" I screamed at him.

I ran to Tom and pulled his shirt up and ordered him to open his stomach panel. Tom smiled and I deactivated him in front of my parents.

"Son... what is going on?" my mother moaned out, confused.

Before I could answer them, the doorbell rang again. I looked at my father worried and asked him to check for me. While I stared out hiding behind the window curtains, I saw my father opening the door slowly.

"Can we see David?" a small group of people waiting in front of my front door.

I looked at them, all androids no doubt about it. Around 15 stood there, all different shapes and sizes and sexes too. I cringed at the knowledge that the entire group was there, wanting sex from me. I then noticed Jenny was among the group.

"Sorry, David is sleeping!" my father screamed at the group.

"We'll wait here until he'll wake up!" they responded to my dad.

My father closed the door and looked at me and my mother "What the hell do those people want to see you for?"

"For sex..." I answered him, disgusting myself with the answer.

Again, my mother almost fainted.

"Let me explain!! These people... they are androids.... by accident, I infected them with a virus I created two days ago." I told them, going to get my laptop and hooking it to Tom's CPU.

"Why? Son??" my father yelled to me.

"Because I wanted some sex! Look at me! I am a nerd! I love violent video games, I am even into furries and Cosplay!" I screamed confused.

"Son! You have to be patient, look at me and your mother, it took a long time, but I found love too!" my father smiled to me.

I looked at him, not wanting to hurt his and mom's feelings, who were not very attractive people like myself too "Ok.. Dad.. I am sorry..." I apologized.

"Is this what you have done to me? Infected me with a virus?" asked Brandy coming down the stairs, looking hot.

I looked at her and asked her to open her stomach up too. She complied because of my reprogramming of her CPU. I deactivated her and sat her beside Tom. My mom was freaking out a bit, so I asked dad to take her in the next room.

While I checked Tom's systems, my father came back. "Son... do you know how much trouble you are in right now... It's illegal to spread viruses and reprogram androids!" he yelled to me.

"Dad... I am so fucked... even worse than before!" I mumbled out when I saw Tom's data.

"The virus... it mutated into a worm virus!" I gasped out in horror.

"Great... today, a group of 15, tomorrow, hundreds of android wanting to fuck my son..." my dad mumbled out.

I took a second to think and the answer came to me, "Jenny's computer! It got infected too, not just her CPU in her body! So, the next day, she got re-infected and spread it out even more, going I guess more on the ultranet… Somehow, the small A.I. I gave the virus grew and evolved into the worm virus...." I mumble out.

"You know, we must call the police now." my father said with sympathy to me.

"I know." I moaned out, knowing I was in deep doo-doo.

After a few minutes of trying, the only response we got from the police was laughter over the vidphone.

"Call the android companies, or the sex store!" the police officer advised us to do.

We then looked inside Brandy's inside and saw the emergency phone number to call.

After a few months of going to court and detentions for teens, I avoided going to jail for many years because of my age and the type of hacking I did. I am on parole for the next few years and I am banned for life from computers and androids altogether. Directly to jail I go if they ever find me hacking again in any way.

I did learn that hacking and creating a virus may one day, bite you in the ass, big time! And one last thing. I did find a new girlfriend and she is human. She is not a fox or anything, but she loves me for who I am truly am, a nerd. I guess like my dad told me, I just needed to be patient in life.

The end

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