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SpaceBabe Central is a website that offers erotic art, comics and photo sets with a Sci-Fi theme. They have always had a good amount of gynoid content, in the form of videos, live action, drawings, and 3D poser comics. Content is updated weekly and costs $20 US per month to view.

The Robots of Love

From February 2 to June 15, 2009 The Robots of Love appeared on SpaceBabe Central. It appeared there in a lower resolution version than on FembotWiki, but with an introduction by Robotman:

SCIENCE!!! The dream of man for centuries. Of course, by Science I mean gorgeous female sex androids.
I've been lusting after fembots since I started lusting after anything, so it's always been my dream to see hot female robots portrayed in whatever art form I can imagine. Comic art provides a chance to show what is either very hard or impossible to show in other media, so it is a good match with a lot of science fiction and fantasy.
For years, I've wanted to make my own fembot themed comic. My drawing skills are only slightly better than terrible, so this has meant commissioning one. When I first found SBC, and the stunning work of the artist "Predator", I knew I had to try to get this man to draw my fantasies.
I love the way Predator draws the female form, and he made the fembots of my dreams extremely attractive in this 25-page comic. The premise and characters are based on a novel-length series of stories I wrote a couple of years ago.
I hope the members of SpaceBabe Central find the girls of Robot Control to be just as appealing as they are to me.

SBC centersmall.png

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Sexdroids in Space

From May 4 to July 21, 2010, Robotman's commissioned comic "Sexdroids in Space" was featured in 5 page installments. Again, an introduction was written by Robotman:

This is the second collaborative work between myself, the artist Predator, and the colorist Simon Wright. Last year, we made a little fembot themed comic called "The Robots of Love," and now we bring you "Sexdroids in Space!"
This story features over a half dozen robot space babes, and a nice plotline full of action, intrigue, sex, and SCIENCE!!!
So watch the intrepid space babe and space junk collector Sarah as she adventures in her spaceship between the Earth and Mars. With such a lovely crew of attractive female androids, what could possibly go wrong?

Android City

The "Android City" comic was drawn by James LeMay and features two female android characters.

Zingnata vs. Shelly-Bot

Zingnata is a female that likes to create gynoids, but things usually go wrong and they turn on her.

Shelly-Bot 2.0.jpg

Shelly-Bot 2.0

EMCA Shelly-Bot 2.0 Beta Tests: 30 minute video of the new Shelly Bot being unpackaged and taken for a test run.

Eva Destruction and Hunter Killer

An assassin gynoid named Hunter Killer that eventually gets damaged is out to get Eva.

Wrecking Crew

Enhanced Poser comic with an android that is also the ship's computer.

Before Deathmatch

In July 2009, the site featured a video called "Before Deathmatch", which featured an Earthling space babe fighting an unfeeling redhead android.

Catfight Central

SpaceBabe central has a few sister sites, one of which is Catfight Central. Currently on the site is a comic called "Jamie Blonde - The Adventures of Agent XX-7". Part of Jamie's adventures include battling some life-like female androids.