Some Assembly Required

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The intercom buzzer was going off. “Yea, yea, I’m coming!” I pushed the button to talk. “Yea, who’s this?” “Delivery for Agong” a deep male voice replied.

I pushed the entry release to let whoever it was in. A couple of minutes later there was a knock on the door.

There were two deliverymen standing there. They had a cardboard box about a meter on a side with them on a dolly. “We got this here package fer ya” one of them says shoving a smart pad towards me.

I turned around and looked at the living room of my apartment picking out the only spot in the floor that wasn’t buried in something. “Put it there” I pointed, grabbing the pad and signing for the delivery.

I looked at the box. GBD was printed on the sides. A chill went up my spine. I got an adrenaline rush. She’s finally here!

Okay, let me back track for a moment here. My life sucks. Two years of college and I got this job as a parts counter guy because I couldn’t afford to continue in school. Well, that and my grades… they sucked too.

My job blows, but it pays the bills and I have a little left over. My apartment is nothing to brag about either. At least the building has a little security on it so I haven’t been robbed or like that.

Girlfriend? Yea, right. I couldn’t get a date with a hundred tied around my neck. My buds are all lame asses. I don’t even know why I hang with them other than its better than having no friends at all.

That’s my life, it sucks. Great… The smell of Indian food is coming up from the restaurant next door… Just what I needed to make the rest of this day blow.

So, with things going so well for me, I was cruising the net like a month ago, and hit this site that was selling fembots. Yea, they’ve been around for a while, and the pricey ones are pretty awesome, but who can afford something like that? But, this site had ones that were more reasonably priced… more than I could afford, but not like impossible to buy.

I scrolled through the site, and then I came on a section where they had ones that I could maybe actually afford. These were marked Some Assembly Required. Cool! I looked at the models and options. These girls were pretty damn awesome. You could get one that was virtually life-like and could hold a conversation and everything, not mention… well, that.

Well, I thought at the time, enough of that. I still can’t afford one. She’d cost me six month’s pay, minimum… I didn’t give it any more thought at the time.

Then the e-mails started showing up. Payment plans, discount coupons, you-name-it. Girl By Design was persistent, and they certainly had me interested. Then one Saturday night, I was doing a binge of pizza, beer, and on-line gaming and somehow ordered one. I was like, If I could have girlfriend what’d she be like? I got on the GBD site and designed one for myself.

Pretty pathetic huh? What I didn’t realize was I bought her. Thirty-six months of payments I can barely afford, and now I’m looking at this box in the middle of my apartment floor…

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