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The late summer evening caused the air, while cooling, to still remain warm. In the idealistic suburban sprawl of homes, was a cozy little house at the end of a street. It was picturesque with a literal white picket fence warding the house against the somewhat more trafficked road on one side. The blue paint wasn’t even chipping and the grass out front was well maintained, vibrantly green, and immaculately trimmed. This was due to Megan and her nearly unstoppable need to keep her home in an immaculate state. To her neighbors she was just Megan, the woman who seemed to have a boundless amount of energy and motivation to keep her household perpetually in a state of perfection. To others, though, she was the last thing they would ever see. Megan was so much more than a suburban housewife, there were many aspects of her existence that no one knew.

Megan was, first and foremost, an exceptional killer. She had been called things like contract killer and assassin, but she was both more and less than that. She was a tool that received orders and executed on those orders with incredible efficiency. It was a massive amount of work keeping up the image of a sweet and loving wife, an idealistic housekeeper, and moonlighting as the kind of person who took on murder for hire. Somehow, though, she managed to sell the image flawlessly, and to her knowledge no one thought that the woman who was always tending to her garden on the weekends had blood on her hands.

The evening on this particular late summer evening was wearing on and Megan’s husband had left town just the day before, leaving Megan alone in the house for nearly a week before he returned. She didn’t mind, not having her husband around meant that she could really spend the time getting the house nice and clean for when he returned. Her evening was going to be spent on her hands and knees, scrubbing the kitchen floor so that it was sparkling clean. She had already tied her long jet black hair up into a high ponytail before she had started her work. The intention was to try and keep her hair out of the way while she scrubbed the flooring, but as she moved and wiggled the hair managed to somehow work its way over her shoulder and onto her incredibly ample chest. Presently, she sat up, her thick legs curled under herself, stretching the light blue denim of her jeans to their absolute limits.

Megan let out a small huff, and for the fourth time in nearly half an hour she reached up past her enormous chest and plucked the braided ponytail of dark hair from her dark blue sweater and tossed it back over her shoulder. She could feel it thump into her back, about half way down. She dropped back down and placed one palm on the tile floor, and used the weight of her upper body to help apply pressure to the sponge in her other hand. At times she could feel the very tips of her breasts brush against the hard linoleum floors as she scrubbed. Megan even began to hum slightly to herself as she worked her way across the kitchen floor, starting at the far end and working back towards the attached living space.

In the seedy underworld of contract killing and assassinations, Megan was well known as the best of the best. She took pride in her work and did it well. Too well some felt. Though she kept up an image of the perfect soccer mom persona, someone who was as infamous as Megan could only hide for so long. As the shadows around the neighborhood lengthened and the residents closed their blinds and retreated into their cozy homes, the evening’s activities were not yet done. A dark shape darted from tree, to car, then to the corner of a house. The lithe figure kept a vigilant watch around her, eyes darting left and right. She too was skilled enough with the dark art of dealing in death, and Megan was putting a dent in her own paycheck. There was something far too appealing in the work that Megan did that made everyone flock to her, and no one enjoyed playing second fiddle.

Tonight’s hit was not for pay, not for revenge or some vendetta, it was just curiosity and an attack of opportunity. The woman was wearing dark clothes, a simply long sleeved shirt that fit her frame loosely and made it difficult to identify her as either male or female. Full length black cargo pants and matching boots lent her a distinctly masculine look, but the way she moved and slunk into the shadows belied something more feminine. A simple webbed belt with a small pouch and a holster with a thin pistol in it were all that accompanied the otherwise unassuming outfit. It was all a means of camouflage. If someone was unable to identify her gender, then they would struggle to identify her at all. The woman dashed across the street and ducked down behind the shrubs one house down from Megan’s home just as a bus passed on the somewhat main road at the corner. Once the headlights had passed, the woman stayed low to the ground and made her way up to the fence that encased the back yard and was able to easily scale it and drop down into the unlight rear of the house.

The evening had crept up quickly and darkness had fallen with a swiftness that the entire summer season hadn’t seen. The deep shadows allowed the woman to slink along the side of the house and peer into the only source of light in the area, the light from Megan’s house. The woman found Megan on her hands and knee, nearing the end of her kitchen scrubbing. She observed as the woman sat up, tossed her braided hair over her shoulder and then resumed her work. This was as perfect a time as any other and when she gently slid open the back door, it smoothly and silently rolled open. Predictably, the door was so well oiled and well kept that it was easy to slip inside. The woman stayed low to the ground and slipped up behind Megan, reaching into a pocket on her thigh and pulling out a thin filament of hard steel wire affixed on both ends to a palm sized carbon fiber handle.

The woman quickly flipped the handle in her palm and the wire naturally formed a loop, which, in an instant, was slipped over Megan’s head and landed on her throat. In a single swift motion the woman pulled in opposing directions with the handle, tightening the wire around Megan’s neck, digging it into her flesh. With an uncanny amount of strength the woman pulled back slightly, arching Megan’s back and thrusting her chest forward. It was a movement that this particular woman was well practiced in, but Megan seemed to be unphased by the motion. Most of her victims would immediately start clawing at the wire, or at very least struggling to break free. More importantly they would gasp and gurgle, struggling to take in any amount of life giving oxygen. Megan on the other hand, simply remained silent and, while her back arched, her arms remained at her side. More disturbing to the would be assassin was Megan’s voice, spoken clearly and without any distress.

“Suspending domestic protocols. Defense systems, engaged.” Megan muttered just loud enough for the attacker to hear.

The words, spoken so clearly and so unexpectedly, gave a moment of pause to the attacker. She never let up her grip on the garotte, but was taken aback. In an instant she saw both of Megan’s arms reach up and around, clamping on to the attackers wrists, a movement that seemed to be all too perfectly smooth for someone who should be dying. With what felt like little effort on Megan’s part, the woman found herself being hauled off of her feet and flung across the kitchen and slamming into the cabinets across from her. For only a brief moment her vision became blurry and her head seemed to wobble. As her vision returned she could see Megan standing up and tearing the steel wire away from her throat and tossing it aside. Her vision became clearer and she could see the distinct line where the steel wire had cut into the flesh along Megan’s neck, but where anyone else would be coughing and struggling to draw a steady breath, Megan was showing no signs of any discomfort.

In a desperate moment to finish the job before she was fully identified, she fumbled at her hip and drew out the small pistol, leveling it at Megan’s oversized bosom and pulled the trigger twice. The first round found it’s target in the soft fleshy outer layers of Megan’s chest, blasting into her chest where the heart should be. The small caliber round was muffled slightly by the presence of a barrel mounted silencer, but it wasn’t enough to fully suppress the sound, surely someone would have heard it. The second pull of the trigger, in conjunction with the recoil from the first shot, sent a bullet zinging directly towards Megan’s head. The assassin knew she had struck her target perfectly, the dark blue turtleneck sweater was shredded over Megan’s heart and her head had snapped back from the impact of the second round.

The woman sprang to her feet as Megan tumbled stiffly backwards, impacting the floor with a dull thump. The woman looked over at the once top ranked assassin and noted that there was a significant lack of blood and viscera around the room. It was the first indication that something was amiss. As she looked over what should have been an easy kill, she also noted the slight glint in both the chest and then head of her victim, like there was something metallic that had been exposed. Megan’s eyes were both open and her expression seemed cold and emotionless. The torn flesh just above her left eye was indication enough that she had hit her target, but all she was was a slightly dented sheet of shiny chrome.

In an instant Megan’s hands pressed into the floor and pushed her upper torso into an upright position as her legs curled under her. Megan rose to her full height as her attacker's mouth fell open. Megan’s head swiveled oddly and locked her gaze on the woman. Megan’s unphased eyes met with the terror and panic in her attackers.

“Subject identified. Susan Preston. Objective, terminate.” Megan said, her voice flat and sounding ever so slightly distorted. Not that Susan noticed, she was too busy realizing that she was trapped in a freshly cleaned and waxed kitchen. Megan took a step forward and raised her left arm, pointing the palm of her hand towards Susan. Her hand split in two, dividing her middle, index and thumb to one side, and her ring and pinky to the other. Both halves split and slid an inch away from each other just as a long metal tube of some kind shot out and locked into place.

“What are you…” Susan said before realizing the danger she was in and dodged to one side as a bolt of some kind of energy crackled into the cabinets where she had been. Tossing a glance towards Megan, she saw that her head remained looking at where she had been until the smoke and dust cleared and then it swiveled and looked at her again. In that moment her hand readjusted and lined up another incoming blast at her. Susan’s mind snapped into a fight or flight mode and she chose both options. She sprang to her feet and charged at Megan, lowering her head and bringing her shoulder up. She slammed in to Megan and the two tumbled backwards to the carpeted floor behind. Susan scrambled away from Megan and headed directly for the back door. as she was about to pass through the sliding glass door she had crept in though, another white hot bolt of energy impacted the door, shattering it and sending shards of glass flying outward.

Susan dove into the back yard, tumbling slightly across the manicured lawn and glancing over her shoulder at Megan. Her head and eyes were firmly locked on to Susan and she was marching forward with a kind of singularly focused mindset. Susan wasn’t sure what Megan was, but she knew what she wasn’t. Megan wasn’t even remotely human, and Susan knew that she needed to get away from her. She scrambled to her feet and began sprinting, her feet struggling to find purchase on the grass and stumbling forward. Megan stepped through the shattered glass door, her head tracking Susan as she gave pursuit. Susan was already moving rapidly away from her and leaping up to scramble over the fence. Megan’s complex robotic systems knew that her frame would not support such an action, nor would it be efficient, instead she reeled back with her right hand and thrust a fist through the locking mechanism on the gate and kicked it open.

Susan was already regaining her footing and running at full speed away from Megan, but the robotic assassin now had an open field of vision and she too began to sprint after her target. As she ran her breasts bounced in rhythm with her legs, but her complex systems compensated for it and kept her balance. Susan didn’t dare look behind her until she reached the tall thick oak tree in Megan’s front yard. Once there she wheeled around it and took cover. She peeked out in time to see the android woman running towards her and managed to get off another short volley of bullets that impacted Megan’s body, but did nothing to slow her down. Susan reupholstered her sidearm and took off running again, this time towards the main road.

Susan ran up the sidewalk, nearing the corner she glanced up and down the street, noticing an incoming city bus. A plan formulated in her mind in that moment, her bullets carried far too little mass to do anything to the approaching android, but a bus could do some real damage, the trick was to time it correctly. Susan looked over her shoulder at Megan, who was closing the distance to her with long strides. Susan also saw that the gun-like apparatus in her left hand had retracted and instead her right hand had split in two, revealing a long, straight blade. She gauged the timing of Megan’s strides and when she thought the time was right, she leapt into the road and sprinted across it.

Megan was still singularly focused on her target, the woman who had attacked her and revealed her identity. She sprang into the road just as Susan had, and ran towards her, bladed hand in the air. She made it only a few steps before the city bus honked loudly and clipped into the robotic woman, sending her flying nearly ten feet through the air, spinning through the air until she slammed into the pavement. Her face impacted the paved street and skidded several inches with her body curling up behind her. The bus managed to slam on it’s brakes and squeal to a halt and the driver was already jumping out of his seat to assess what had happened. Susan stepped up to the door as it hissed open and pointed her pistol at the driver who came to an abrupt halt.

“Get back in your seat, drive away and forget this happened.” She said with all the venom she could conjure. The adrenaline in her veins made holding the small side arm stead nearly impossible, but she gambled on the sheer sigh of it being intimidating enough. The driver looked from the pistol to Susan and back before slowly retreating to his seat and putting the bus into gear. It rolled away and Susan turned her focus back to the unmoving form of Megan on the ground. Keeping her sidearm trained on her, she approached slowly. As she did she jumped back as a small snap ruptured the quiet night air, punctuated with a flash of sparks spraying from somewhere along Megan’s neck.

Susan managed to make her way up to Megan and nudged her with the toe of her boot. Megan didn’t respond, though Susan found her eyes to be open wide. Her pupils were pointed inward in a perpetually crossed look, making her look more goofy than menacing. Susan slipped a boot under her shoulder and kicked the robotic assassin over onto her back. Susan now had a full view of the kind of damage that had been done to her rival. Megan had the previous bullet holes in her chest and forehead, and one new one in her shoulder. Each one revealed a kind of chrome metal plating below it. The more obvious damage was to the side of Megan’s face, which had been shredded off. Instead of muscle and tissue below it there was a network of cables and wires, all laced into a similarly chrome metal jaw line.

Susan’s eyes drifted down to the neck, which she saw had snapped oddly and could see something pressing against the skin from inside of it. There was a small burned hole in the skin as well, which Susan devised was where the sparks had come from. At this point, Susan realized that she had, in some small way, accomplished her intended mission. Megan looked to be offline completely, but Susan wasn’t content to leave such an interesting victim here in the middle of the street. She stepped around Megan and squatted down, threading her arms under Megan’s and began hauling her to the opposite side of the road and into the ditch there. Once she had deposited her prize there, she ran up the street to where she had parked her own car. Soon, Susan was hauling Megan’s inactive body into the back seat of the car and driving away.

Susan pulled her vehicle into a pull through garage on the side of an old warehouse on the outskirts of the industrial district. Nearly two hours had passed since she had managed to disable Megan and the night had grown dark. The warehouse was coated in the inky blackness of the night, the only light came from small pools of light left by the street lamps. Susan slammed the door to her car and walked confidently around to the passenger side and pulled open the door in the back. Grabbing Megan by the ankles she dragged the android killer from the back seat, letting her unceremoniously fall to the concrete floor.

Susan found herself grunting softly as she dragged the entire weight of the robot across the warehouse to a stainless steel table with unidentifiable splatters of some kind of liquid on it. The table had long since been cleaned, but some stains were difficult to wash away. The legs of the table had been bolted solidly into the cement below. Susan hauled her prize up and onto the table with a considerable amount of effort, and as Megan came to rest on the table her large chest swayed back and forth. Susan took some time to lay her flat on her back and then retrieved thick chains, ropes, several pairs of sturdy handcuffs and leather straps and wrapped all of them around Megan’s shins and arms, hoping they would be enough to stop her if need be.

Susan had a plethora of tools both for torture and interrogation that she used on a regular basis, lined up meticulously on a rolling cart. She started with a simple pair of sheers and began snipping off Megan’s sweater, beginning at the lower hem and working her way up towards Megan’s head. Susan managed to clip Megan’s bra as well as she sheared away her top and once it was freed Susan simply pulled it out from under Megan’s lifeless body. Unsurprisingly Megan’s breasts had a little give to them, just enough to make them appear human, but they were entirely too firm. Susan then set about cutting away Megan’s jeans, snipping along the tight denim of each leg until they were free. Susan noted with some level of interest that Megan, though proportionally a little odd, was incredibly realistic to a real human woman. This fact became particularly evident when Susan saw the hairless feminine sex nestled between her legs.

“Ok little lady. Let’s see what makes you tick.” Susan said as she placed the sheers on the cart and instead picked up a surgical scalpel. Placing the extremely sharp tip of the blade just below Megan’s collar bone, or rather, where a collar bone would be if Megan were human. Susan pressed into Megan’s artificial flesh and slowly carved downward between the ridiculously oversized breasts. As she cut, the synthetic skin naturally pulled away from the center of her chest, aided by the weight of her breasts. Before long Susan had revealed what appeared to be a power button lodged in the shiny chrome internals of Megan’s chest. It was pulsating red and bore the familiar symbol of a generic power button. It seemed unassuming enough, so Susan flipped the blade around in her hand with expert finesse and tapped the button with the dull flat bottom of the handle.

Susan heard a small chime from somewhere inside of Megan's body, deep under the metal plates and soft flesh. There was a sudden flash of sparks from Megan’s neck and a general air of whirring as cooling systems came online. There was a whining of servos from Megan’s head followed by an immediate grinding click as her head attempted to move but then jolted to one side. Regardless of the noise, she spoke.

“Primary systems online, processor core ready. Alert. Outer dermal abrasions detected. Continuing boot.” Megan said, her voice remaining smooth and unchanged by the tirade of utterly inhuman phrases. Even though her head wasn’t moving properly her eyes were, and they swiveled in their sockets to look at Susan. As soon as she locked eyes on her target she attempted to lash out at her, but found that the myriad of restraints held her firmly in place.

“Susan. Re-remove these restraints.” Megan said, her voice was more human, and her jaw and lips moved as she spoke. The whine of the small motors in her jaw were easy to hear and Susan could see the robotic metal mandible moving through the shredded flesh.

“I don’t think I will, Megan. At least not until I find out what you are.” Susan quipped.

“I am an android designed to carry out operations with both efficiency and unrelenting dedication. Now release me from these restraints.” Megan said, true to her programming she took the most literal and efficient method of satisfying Susan’s conditions.

“Sorry, you aren’t getting off that easily.” Susan said and took another step forward, pressing the scalpel in hand back into the flesh along Megan’s chest, slicing down her body. Once she had parted the flesh down to Megan’s belly she clamped the surgical tool between her teeth and used both hands to part the artificial flesh covering Megan’s clearly robotic internal workings.

“You are not- are not authorized to access this units. This units. Units systems. Discontinue your current actions.” Megan said, stumbling over a few words causing Susan to deduce that there was something wrong inside of whatever served as a processor for this machine. Once Susan had peeled away the skin on the shiny and smooth metal plating inside of Megan’s chest, she could see that there were some significantly thick cables that seemed to run from under the plates into her breasts.

“What have we here?” Susan muttered past the blade in her mouth and then retrieved it, placing the tip of the blade against the soft pink tip of Megan’s nipple. It took only a small amount of effort to press it inward until the tip struck something hard. From there Susan sliced downward, noticing that as she went her blade sliced into some kind of gel pack that oozed purple fluids. The gel gave Megan’s breasts their shape and inhuman size, while making them feel realistic. Susan let it dribble down the robot’s torso and into her exposed internals.

“Foreign fluid intrusion de-detected-ted.” Megan muttered, then her body spasmed slightly, causing her breasts and flaps of sliced skin to wobble and sway. Susan heard a small sound, it started as a faint sizzle, like someone in a far adjacent room was cooking an egg. The sound grew louder and louder until it finally resulted in a loud snap that seemed to echo around the room as well as inside of Megan’s body.

“Error. Er-Error. Se-self-elf destruct sequence offline. Please replace this component” Megan said, a keening whine sounding from her neck as her head attempted to move.

“Well that was handy.” Susan commented and continued slicing into Megan’s giant breast until she had cut down to the central incision. From there she was able to peel away the skin and remaining gel sacs to reveal some kind of device nestled behind Megan’s nipple. It was hard, and had some kind of nozzle that lined up with her nipple. A thick bundle of wires ran from the device into her chest and was bound up inside of a mesh net and held firmly in place with plastic ties. Susan made a few more cuts in Megan’s flesh and peeled away half of the flesh on her chest, letting it slap onto the cement floor, gel oozing from the ruptured sacs.

Susan wiggled her hands under the remaining flap of synthetic skin on Megan’s chest and with a grunt pulled hard on it and managed to tear it away from the androids chest. The motion caused Megan’s body to strain against the tie downs. Susan was beginning to drown out the constant babble of robotic error messages and alerts. Each one caused her to roll her eyes and she stripped away more and more of this legendary killing machine.

“You are not. Are not. Are-are-are-are not auth-thour-rized for this this this-” Megan was rambling on

“God! Do you ever shut up?” Susan snapped in retort, scowling at Megan as another spray of white hot sparks sputtered out of the opening in her neck. Susan, in a moment of frustration jammed the tip of the scalpel into Megan’s throat. She must have hit something important because there was an immediate burst of fresh blue and white sparks spraying from the puncture. Susan could see Megan’s eyes fluttering rapidly, and what portions of her face could move, did so. Rapid, spazsming movements caused her cheek to twitch upward, and her lips curl into an almost comical sneer. Megan’s eyes snapped open and her eyes began drifting towards the center of her face. As they crossed, there was an audible whine as if two set of motors were fighting against the other to move her eyes.

Megan’s body began to spasm back and forth, straining on the chains and leather straps that held her in place as her mouth opened again and Megan let out another stream of nonsensical robotic errors. Susan walked around the android and positioned herself at the side of the table, overlooking Megan’s body, or what remained of it. She let her eyes drift up and down it, taking in how the robotic components looked so incredibly artificial, and the skin coated parts looked so real. At the end of everything, she was nothing more than an imposter. Not a real human, and certainly not worth Susan keeping in good working order. A thought flashed across Susan’s mind though. Why had Megan taken a husband? She was certainly equipped with a realistic looking vagina, but was it functional? Was her husband simply there to provide a more well rounded cover story?

Susan had to sate her curiosity and she smirked, slinking her way around to the lower end of the table. She ran a hand up Megan’s thick inner thigh and let two fingers trail over her smooth lips. Susan let out a small sexual growl and looked towards Megan who was still staring vacantly off to one side, though her mouth and jaw were moving. The words, however, we disjointed and tumbling out in a mismatched timing.

“Alert. Illegal use of sexual devices detected. De-detected. Programming not available. Available. Avail-available-able. This u-unit is only- error. This unit or only ra-rrrrrated for male. For male. Male sexual suite. Error, female sexual compatibility missing. Missing. Ing-ing-ing. Megan muttered.

“Not rated for females?” Susan said, chuckling as she did. “What does that even mean?” It wasn’t a question, more of a statement of how absurd it was. Megan could calculate hundreds of different methods for stalking a target and killing them, but she was incapable of accepting that a woman was touching her vagina. It seemed like a supid oversight on some nerdy programmer’s part, but now that Susan was aware of it, she could use it to her advantage. She wasn’t particularly oriented towards women, but she considered herself at least bisexual, and the idea of toying with this machine wasn’t so far out of her line of thinking.

After the initial stroke across Megan’s folds Susan returned her fingers to Megan’s synthetic pussy. This time, though, she pressed firmly inward, driving deeper and deeper into the fake girl’s sexual opening. Susan could already tell that it was beginning to affect the android woman, a fresh series of whines and clicks were heard from her neck along with a new crackling shower of sparks. She could even begin to hear the cooling fans spinning to life inside of her exposed chest. Susan knew she was getting somewhere now, Megan’s systems must be struggling to process the clearly sexual data, but not knowing what to do with it. Susan was no computer expert, not by a long shot, but she knew when a machine was beginning to fail. Susan needed to see just how far she could push this train of thought.

Susan leaned forward, placing her hands on the inside of Megan’s thighs she spread them enough to allow her to bring her tongue to the waiting folds. As she moved closer she found the slightest hint of lubricant there. Her eyes flicked up towards Megan in time to hear the malfunctioning robot stammer.

“Alert. Dispensing lubricant. Error, lubricant not not not required for this. For this. For this error for this activity.”

The warning only inspired Susan, she pressed her lips into Megan’s and drove her tongue into the artificial pussy, exploring the inside of the opening with a sort of curious thrill. Susan was delighted to find that the whole thing felt mostly real, while at the same time having an undefined quality that made it feel distinctly fake. Something about it just felt manufactured, like it was assembled from specific instructions rather than a thing that was its own unique thing. Susan had to maintain a constant outward force on Megan’s legs though, as they continued to try and press inward. Susan wasn’t sure if it was Megan beginning to give in to the pleasurable sensations or if it was her trying to crush Susan’s head. Either way it was becoming tiresome.

“N-no. This unit is not. Is not. Is is is not rated for interaction with. Error. Programming nnnnnnot found. Not found. Error at line two seven eight nine six.” Megan droned on, even as Susan stood up from Megan’s crotch. She had resigned herself to deal with Megan’s legs, they needed to come off if she was going to continue toying with Megan. She knew there had to be some proper way to disconnect them such as a manual release or combination of verbal commands. She simply didn’t have time or knowledge to figure those out. Instead she walked across the barren warehouse floor and returned minutes later with a hand held circular saw that required two hands to use effectively.

“Sorry honey, nothing personal” Susan said in the most condescending tone possible, and pulled the trigger on the rear handle of the saw. The blade spun to life in an instant, filling the warehouse with the whining roar of the spinning blade. Susan brought it down on the soft flesh where Megan’s upper thigh met with her pelvis. The skin was annihilated in an instant and within a second a stream of sparks were spraying out from Megan’s hips as Susan pressed the spinning saw blade into the metallic internal systems. As luck would have it Susan had managed to align the saw right where the leg socketed into the hips and there was relatively little resistance. After nearly a minute of constant pressure and squealing metal, Susan felt the saw suddenly encounter no resistance and clang into the metal table below. Megan’s leg tumbled away from her body and hung weirdly from the restraints on her ankles.

“Alert. Da-damage to left le-leg module de-de-de error. Device not found. Leg module no-no-not f-found.” Megan was already rambling, and Susan barely heard it over the ringing in her ears. The sheared metal and tubing inside of Megan’s hip was now spurting some kind of viscous clear fluids in small steady streams. This drew a small sneer from Susan as she knew this would likely end up as another mess that just couldn’t be fully scrubbed clean. Regardless she set the blade to spinning again, drowning out Megan’s voice and hefted the machine up and over Megan’s body and then down onto the opposing hip joint.

Susan had less luck with the second leg, primarily because she didn’t aim and Megan continued to wiggle and squirm as the blade cut through artificial flesh and metal. She missed the joint itself and instead found herself spending nearly ten whole minutes cutting into and through the metal plating, internal structure and circuitry of Megan’s leg. Once it was also freed and dangling from the restraints Susan stepped back and dropped the saw. She noticed that there were less fluids dribbling from the second leg, and more small arcs of electricity and snaps of broken wiring. Susan stepped forward again and pushed aside the stump of a leg remaining on one side of Megan and drove her mouth over the androids waiting pussy, predictably drawing more error messages from Megan. Susan could still feel the upper portion of one of Megan’s thighs still attempting to move, but it only shuttered and whirred loudly in her ear.

Susan remained attached to Megan’s crotch, pleasuring it and lapping greedily at the robotic woman’s sexual assembly. The results were always the same though, Megan would sputter and strain and whine about not being properly equipped and programmed for this type of sexual intercourse. Susan eventually became frustrated with it and more than a little turned on herself. She briefly contemplated simply sitting herself on Megan’s face and hoping that her constant stream of mouth movements would be enough stimulation for her. In the end, though, Susan decided that putting herself within range of whatever Megan had inside of her head was a bad idea, but it didn’t do anything to help sate the growing frustration she felt in the pit of her stomach.

Susan stood up and wiped away the mixture of her own saliva and the synthetic juices from Megan’s wet folds. She stepped over to the cart next to the table and crouched down, plucking a heavy crowbar from the bottom shelf. She held it in one hand and let the curved head of it smack against the palm of her other hand, repeating the process as she slowly paced around the table.

“What is the the the intended use of su-suuuu-such an instru-strument Su-SSSuuuUUUUuusan. An.” Megan questioned, her voice distorting and becoming somewhat tinny.

“You’ll just have to wait and see love” Susan said and came to a halt next to Megan’s chest, stepping over the crumpled and torn remains of one of her giant breasts. She aligned the tip of the flat end of the crow bar between the two central plates in Megan’s chest and jammed inward. There was immediate resistance and Susan had to use a considerable amount of strength, augmented by her building frustration just to drive the pointed prongs into Megan’s body. There was a high pitched squeal as Susan wrenched one of the metal plates out of its locking mechanism by force. There was a sudden metallic ping as one of the plates not only popped free of the mechanism that held it in place, but also seemed to launch it up and off of Megan’s chest. Susan hadn’t realized how much force she had been using, as the release of the plate caused Megan’s body to wobble and sway as it returned to a more relaxed and flat position.

Once the plate was free Susan was treated to an incredible view. Without the soft feminine flesh, Megan had just been metal plates and the occasional glimpse of cables. Under the plating however was a tangled snaking mess of wires of all colours. Some were bundled together in mesh tubes, others were running every which way, seemingly free of any constraints. There were thick latex rubber tubes that ran from Megan’s neck down into some kind of central storage tank, and a myriad of glowing teal cables all around her body. The sight was amazing, and despite knowing that Megan was literally programmed to kill her, she had to marvel at the beauty of such an incredible machine. For just a moment she seemed to lose all the frustration and pent up sexual tension from the last half an hour, and simply let her jaw hang loose as she looked into Megan’s most vulnerable parts. It was Megan’s smooth, even voice that brought Susan back from her reverie.

“Alert. Chest panel detached. Unauthorized entry. In-in-initiate se-self destruct. Destruct. Error. Module damaged. Damaged. Damaged. Damaged.” Megan began to loop the same tone and phrase over and over. It was beginning to irritate Susan again and it reignited her frustrated and growing hatred of Megan. Susan let out a low growl and drove her hand deep inside of Megan’s exposed chest, clenching her fist around whatever she could and then placed her free hand on the cool metal of Megan’s remaining chest panel. She used her free hand to gain an additional amount of leverage and pulled back hard. Susan felt the cables and wires stretching and then snapping. The sensation ran through her palm, up her arm and into her back. The cathartic feeling of the very pieces that made Megan function correctly being torn out by Susan’s bare hands gave her a kind of thrill she had never experienced before.

“Warning! War-Warnin-ing-ing-ing! Error in alert line error in alert warning there has alert warning error de-de-de-tected in warning alert error error error” Megan babbled in a seemingly unending stream of words. Clearly there were dozens of systems all competing in whatever passed as a brain for Megan to get their own message heard. Megan sputtered and babbled, but none of it robbed Susan of the joy she felt as she brought the tangled mess of cables up to her face so she could look at it. A wicked smile crossed her lips and she threw the cables away from herself before plunging her hand into Megan’s chest again and tearing free another fistfull of whatever she could grab hold of. Again, she threw it aside and dove in for more, and more, and more. Each time Megan seemed to lose more and more coherence in her words, her body began to flail and spasm. Her back arched and the sound of protesting servo motors filled the warehouse, undercut by a low cackle of maniacal laughter.

Susan stopped a few minutes later, panting from the effort and smiling wickedly. Megan was twitching and writhing on the table in front of her. Susan could see that her fingers curled and released, sometimes as one, sometimes individually. Megan’s one remaining stump of a leg swiveled around and moved in any number of directions, and the servos in her missing leg whined and spun in place, attempting to move a leg that was no longer attached. Most comical was her eyes, Susan noted that they continuously crossed and uncrossed, moving all around the sockets. Sometimes they were in sync and moving in the same direction at once, other times one eye might drift to the left and the other would roll up into her head. Susan let out another chuckle at this and resolved that it was likely time to put her rival out of her misery.

Picking up the crowbar, Susan slammed the pronged tip of it into Megan’s shoulder and in a swift motion threw her weight into it. There was a small protest from Megan’s body, but her arm tore free from the joint, taking long shreds of artificial flesh with it as it swung awkwardly from the restraints on the wrist. Susan walked around and repeated the process on the other arm, popping it free of the joint with relative ease, leaving Megan laying on the table, wiggling, with no legs or arms and a barren chest. Wires dangled from the open chest panel, some still connected to pieces of shatter circuit boards while others were simply torn and frayed. All of them let out small sparks and snaps. Susan dropped the crowbar with a huff and strode over towards the head of the table where Megan’s half shredded face was still attempting to move and contort.

Susan clasped her hands under where Megan’s arms had been and scooted her body forward just enough to allow her head and neck to hang over the edge of the table. Smirking to herself, she stepped across the hard cement floor to a darkened corner and picked up a heavy sledge hammer.

“Nothing personal Meg, but I need you fully out of the picture. With you gone, I get a pay raise. I am sure you understand.”

Susan hefted the sledge above her head and brought it down, pouring all of her energy and rage into the swing. The head of the hammer impacted Megan squarely in the center of her neck. The impact was enough to rock her whole body and make it bounce slightly on the table, but to Susan’s surprise not enough to fully separate Megan’s head from her body. In fact, it appeared that all she did was crush the android woman’s throat and demolish the speakers there. Megan’s voice turned from a stream of babbling error messages into a squelching squeal for a moment and then silence after that. Susan wouldn’t complain about the damage, it was nice to have some relative silence to work in. Her ears were still ringing from the circular saw, but that was all. She brought the sledge up and over her head again and sent it swinging downward, this time she slammed into the side of Megan’s face. Susan could feel the reverberations travel through the handle of her tool and saw that it had caused Megan’s head to spin fully once around on her spine. The flesh around her throat was torn in an instant from the movement and hung loosely from the internal electronics in her neck. Megan’s head hung loosely from what remaining wires and shreds of metal remained inside of her neck, a fact that only angered Susan more.

One final swing of the hammer to Megan’s head and the whole thing detached and rocketed towards the floor. It bounced once with a sort of dull metal thump. Susan tossed the sledge hammer aside and reached down, picking up Megan’s head by the hair and bringing it to eye level with her. Susan was shocked to see that Megan’s eyes were still twitching and spasming, her eyelids flickering open and closed, even her jaw and lips were moving to try and form words. Susan shook her head and walked across the warehouse, letting Megan’s head dangle at her side, until she came to the industrial cardboard baler. It was a standard piece of equipment, with warning labels all over it warning of crushing hazards.

Susan lifted the safety gate on the baler and spent the next several minutes dragging Megan’s legs, arms, and torso over and tossing them into the baler. Her shredded breasts flopped onto the top of the pile of parts and finally Susan tossed in Megan’s head. Flipping the security door on the baler, she slammed a fist into the button to begin the process of flattening whatever was inside. A heavy series of pistons hissed to life and Susan took delight in watching as Megan’s eyes seemed to gather a few moments of clarity and looked up at the plate as it pressed into her.

The hydraulic press was undeterred and changed in pitch, from a steady high whine to an angry lowered growl as Megan’s metallic internal body began to protest the compression. Despite its sturdy design though, there was no stopping the baler. It continued onward, pressing into her body and crumpling the torso inward. A massive squealing and popping sound filled the air as Susan watched the remainder of Megan’s body crumple down into a mixture of torn flesh, wires, metal and cracked circuitry. Then it was quiet, truly quiet, again. Susan turned her back on the mess of shattered robotic parts inside the baler.

The whole place was going to need to be cleaned, there were wires and pieces of plastic scattered all over the warehouse. Susan knew it needed to be done, and likely needed to be done tonight. She would have to find some boxes to store what was left of Megan in. She contemplated setting them out to be taken with the rest of the garbage, but the risk was far too high. She would keep Megan as her own, a trophy attending to who the better killer really was. All of that could wait though. Susan made her way to the small office suspended next to a cat walk at the top level of the warehouse. There was a small bed there, a desk, and a series of cabinets. Susan unclipped her belt and tossed it into one of the cabinets then began stripping herself of the boots, pants, and loose shirt she had been wearing all night long. Those were tossed aside without a care and reclined on the mattress. She wasted no time in spreading her legs and massaging her own pussy with two fingers.

Susan let out a small mewling sigh as she masturbated with one hand, though the sigh wasn’t because of her pleasuring herself. Instead it came the moment that she plugged in a power cable to the wall outlet next to the bed. A black cable ran from the plug, down along the floor and then up into a small panel that had opened up just under one of Susan’s breasts. Inside was a power port where she had plugged herself in for the evening. She had been monitoring her power usage as the night had progressed and by the time that Megan was offline she was running far too low for her own comfort. She finished masturbating nearly ten minutes later and then laid herself down for several hours. Her eyes remained open and staring vacantly at the ceiling.