Soccer-Mom Unit - Prequel

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Soccer-Mom Unit - Prequel

Part 1

Annette sat on the bench, watching her son train for soccer. She had a cheerful face, an outward expression of peace and happiness, but in reality, none of this existed. Under this thin, plastic skin which formed her smile was a complex series of mechanical and electrical devices, all moving under the guide of electrical impulses provided by her advanced batteries hidden within her slender thighs. Annette wasn’t like Pam however, as she was completely oblivious to her true nature. To her, she is a real, living human. Her personality controlled by an advanced simulated intelligence capable of fooling everyone, even herself. Unlike Pam, she was programmed with highly efficient code, capable of simulating a real personality to 79.4% accuracy, which in her dull, uneventful life was excessive in the need to remain concealed as a sleeper agent. Her coding was highly refined, purely and solely created for two main things, being a mom and wife. As such, she was limited to the activates she could perform, and her simulated intelligence (S.I) prohibited her ability to learn. This was overcome by weekly updates by Fembot Command, completed wirelessly, which added pre-programed knowledge of new activates and changing world events. She was indeed an older model than Pam, being in service for 10 years, but “mentally” (in terms of software) she was more advanced than Pam could ever be, but physically less advanced than her counterpart. As she sat there, her S.I computed potential spontaneous options for the evening, a common task required to maintain her concealed identity and to enhance her human illusion. However, to her it was all thought. Regular, human thinking.

Annette’s left microphone detected Pam’s familiar voice as the black haired beauty walked towards her, offering unreturned greetings to other mothers. Annette naturally saw Pam as an attractive woman, especially drawn towards her thick firm thighs and full, tight figure. She was just as oblivious as to Pams nature as she was to her own. Similarly, Pam was just as oblivious. Annette’s electric mind formulated a friendly, but sarcastic greeting, one of many pre-programed responses. “Well if it isn’t the 6 million dollar woman!” she spoke in a warm, sarcastic manner, unconsciously detecting Pams emanating radiation from her hardware, and formulating a comment on her true nature. These comments were frequent, and neither machine detected any suspicious nature of them. As Pam walked over, wearing a tight white shirt, her DD chest boasting its perfect silicon shape, and equally tight jeans, exemplifying her long, firm legs and perfectly built ass, she too formulated a friendly, though be it generic reply of “Hi Annette”. “Any luck with the other mothers yet?” Annette asked, with genuine interest in her friend’s social life. “Not yet, personally I don’t know why they dislike me” Pam replied. Fembot Command’s central super computer had computed this very problem for months, with no conclusion being drawn. Pam had subsequently given up on making new friends, and focused on her mission at hand. “That’s too bad” Annette replied in an apologetic tone. This caused Pam’s processes to quickly analyse the math converted words for an appropriate response. Despite her limited processing capabilities, Pam responded within 1.3 seconds with “well at least in I have the anniversary to look forward to”. Annette quickly smiled and spoke in a chirpy voice, completely missing Pam’s odd change of subject, “Oh yea! I can’t believe it’s been 6 months! So, what’s tomorrow night going to be like?” Pams logic processors immediately formulated the generic response of “Oh, just dinner and a lot of lovin”, spoken in a girlish, almost laughable voice. Annette stared at Pam for a few seconds, feeling odd about Pams out of character response. Simultaneously, thoughts of Pam and Brad having hot and heavy sex immediately made her horny. She had always fantasied about eating out Pams vigina, sucking on her wonderful breasts. She forced the thought out of her mechanical mind to refocus on the situation. As subtle as it was obvious, Annette had little control over her thoughts, at least in regards to Pam.

“Pam, you two did the exact same thing for your first and third anniversary, ever thought about doing something spontaneous?” Pam’s confused face froze, staring directly at her blonde friend. Her processes quickly analysed those words and attempted to comprehend Annette’s meaning. At the same time, Annette’s mobile phone buzzed. “Oh if you will excuse me for a moment” she said in a dull voice. As she accepted the call, a loud burst of whining came through the speaker. This pulled Pam out of her processing loop, and startled Annette. “Stupid thing, hate how all machines never work right”. Pams processors immediately closed and saved their computations, leaving any errors within the file for Pam to act out. Pam just looked at Annette and smiled warmly. “So Annette” Pam spoke in a slightly breathy voice, “I guess it’s our 6 month anniversary too”, stretching her arms over her head as she did, revealing her firm, yet slightly chubby midriff. Pam took on a relaxed tone, oblivious to the errors her processes were feeding her. The whining noise forced Pam to end her processing, and by pure error forcing her to save the updated file. This file had ended on the spontaneous option her A.I was contemplating, and by pure chance, it didn’t restrict the event to Brad alone, but to all those she had known for 6 months. Annette too was affected by the whin, but unlike Pam, her memory was corrupted, and in dire need of repair. Essentially, all future events would be corrupted, and require repair if possible. If unrepairable, then they would we wiped.

Pam then stood up and moved her mechanical hand to Annette’s. “Let me give you your gift early this month” she said with a wink. Annette was stunned, confused and horny all at the same time. Her processes were failing too, and were in dire need of relief. Her S.I assessed the situation, and determined to disable all mother duties, and limit wife duties. Simultaneously, her S.I disabled itself! This left Annette completely dependent of pre-existing programming, without the ability to choose which command comes next based on external events, but only to process the order in which it came in at. At the moment Pam’s hand touched hers, her system instantaneously detected her warmth, and combined with the pre-existing desire for sex with Pam, immediately loaded all lesbian sex programs into her RAM. Pam quickly whispered into Annette’s right microphone “meet me tonight at my place. Brad and the kids are leaving tonight for his sister’s wedding. I’ll be waiting”. Despite Pams processors feeding her error filled computations, her A.I and logic processors determined that the current circumstances didn’t constitute for love making, and instead postponed the event for later that night. Annette’s reserve processor, running a logic and situation readiness sub-program determined that the current situation required the S.I to be re-initialised for appropriate behaviours. As such, Annette’s S.I was reactivated. Replying with a pre-formulated response, she blankly said “Um, sure Pam. See you then”. As the training session went on, both machines just watched on, struggling to correct their error filled files. Once the session was over, they collected their kids, and returned home without a single word to anyone, which for Pam seemed like her normal, quirky self, but to Annette, was not only out of character, but also disturbing to say the least.

Part 2

As Pam’s processors commutated the appropriate calculations required for the operation of her big blue SUV, reserve processors organised her memory files, analyzing them at a subdued rate to prevent processor overload. Subsequently, several other features designed to maintain her human appearance, including her breathing, had ceased. Her perfect posture, combined with an exact 10 and 2 position on the steering wheel caused some concern for both Marcus and Jessica. Their routine argumentative nature has ceased upon the realization of Pam's unusual behavior. “Everything alright Mum?” Jessica asked, after a few moments of hesitation. Pam’s left microphone detected this and her A.I scrambled to formulate a response. After a brief moment, Pam said in a blank, emotionally void tone “I’m fine…. Just thinking”. By now, both Marcus and Jessica had gotten used to Pam's quirky personality, the frequent blank stares, ill-timed responses and lack of emotional connections, but even this was weird for their father’s partner. After a few moments, Marcus asked Pam “You sure you’re OK?” Pam's error filled data, feed by her CPU failed to randomise her response. As such, as if recorded and played back, Pam again said those four words. This was enough to keep both kids quiet for the remainder of the trip.

Pulling up to the house, Pam’s A.I re-prioritised the current set of operations from memory sorting to girlfriend duties. Entering the house, both Jessica and Marcus quickly dashed to their rooms and began packing for their trip, with Pam’s odd actions quickly leaving their minds, being replaced by their desire to see their aunt, to whom they adored immensely. Pam too entered the master bedroom, where she would remain until Brad returned from work, approximately 1 hour, 12 minutes. Upon entering, all human operations ceased, and her A.I proceeded to perform a routine check of all hardware and software. Her processors set an alarm as a contingency plan, in the event her processors malfunctioned and suffered from a processing loop. She sat at the end of the bed, with a perfect posture and arms rigid by her sides, and blankly stared at the mirror. Her lifeless, expressionless face complimented the intense processing occurring within her mechanical body. By the third minute, the encounter with Annette presented itself within her processing. This was an intense process to compute, with countless possibilities to avoid the meeting being formulated and subsequently denied. This intense processing had called her A.I to increase processing power, an experimental feature which was ultimately to be removed, but was yet to be. This increase in clock cycles ultimately resulted in enormous processing errors, ones which her A.I failed to detect. Within six minutes, her A.I had halted and saved all data, only for the saving process to fail. Again, she attempted to save this data, which failed again. For a good ten minutes, she failed again and again, this loop slowly corrupting her A.I itself. Eventually, the A.I’s idle detection program forced her A.I out of the loop by the only way it knew how. By activating sexual subroutines.

This didn't go as planned either. Since private masturbation wasn't a known command, sex with a partner was initiated, forcing Pam to “imagine Brad” being with her. To an external observer, this would seem extremely odd. Her human emulation processors immediately loaded into her RAM, forcing her CPU’s to backlog a number of different operations. Standing up, she seductively, slowly walked to the door, locking it. Her wide hips, and large, perfect silicon ass swayed with each step. Spinning around, she spoke in a breathy, subdued voice, “Let me show you how sexy I can be”. These words were directed at an imagined Brad, and subsequently benefited no one. Swaying her mechanical hips to unplayed music, she pulled her shirt over her silicon DD breasts, revealing a lack of bra. Her soft hands rubbed her midriff, sliding into the sides of her jeans and gliding them off her thick thighs. She then slowly walked over to the bed and kneeled. Her hands then proceeded to remove an imagined Brads jeans, or at least that’s what her processors computed. Her hand gestures were pointless, moving through the air in a co-ordinated manner. Her hands proceeded to form a grasp shape, acting like it was holding Brads member. Grinning, she began to move her hands back and forth quickly. While her processors simulated Brads building arousal, the truth of the matter was Pam was simply moving her hands quickly through the air. She extended her titanium jaw, and opened her mouth, moving it near her hand, and simulated a blowjob. Again, her processors were completely oblivious to the unusual nature of this. After a few moments, her A.I predicted the imagined Brad’s orgasm, and subsequently proceeded to swallow his cum. Pam then quickly jumped onto the bed and spread her legs, using her hands to simulate the holding of her lovers head between her thighs, her A.I loaded and executed the appropriate sexual reactions. Her processors returned false computations, simulated the tactile response of being eaten out. She squirmed in pleasure, twitching her legs, the plastic skin covered in goose bumps and beads of sweat. After a few moments of this, her programmed orgasm coursed through her robotic body, leaving a large damp mess all over the floor.

This error filled sexual experience continued for half-an-hour. Eventually, Pam’s contingency alarm activated, causing her to cease all sexual reactions, midway during her missionary position. “Mentally” re-organizing herself, she re-dressed and left the sex smelling room, with carpet and bed sheets stained with robo-cum. Smells and sights to which her A.I made no “thoughts” on. As Pam made her way down stairs, Brad entered the door. He was instantly greeted with a passionate kiss by Pam. “Hey babe, I want you so badly”, with residual sexual desire in her temporary storage causing her aroused behavior. Brad was used to this now. Pam was an incredibly horny creature, and he was always happy to satisfy her desires. Quickly making his way to their room, he immediately noticed the strong smell of sex. Again, this was no surprise to him. “Hunny, how long have you been masturbating?” he jokingly asked. Pam stared at him, her processors failing to retrieve memories of any masturbation, due to the fact her memory logs registered it as genuine sex. This blank stare always frustrated Brad. He was grateful that they had reduced in frequency, but he was still irritated. “How long have you been home” he asked, knowing his way around Pam to get an answer. Pam quickly retrieved memory logs and answered “about one hour”. <gallery>

Part 3

As the setting sun left pink linings over the clouds, turning the blue sky to an orange glow, Brad and Pam passionately shared their night together. For Brad, is was a true session of love, lust and arousal. He loved his girlfriend, ever-more so than the machine could possibly understand. For Pam, ultrafast computations from her heavily taxed processors simulated a hot desire for love, fooling the human to the nth degree. As their romantic night continued, Pam’s A.I continued to monitor the processor that had caused her previous errors. This logic error was supressed throughout the night, but it would need to be corrected soon. The machines A.I ordered a complete system restart and diagnostic at nine hundred hours the next day, approximately one hour after Brad and the kids were scheduled to depart. Their passionate night continued through to the early hours of the morning. By 5 am, Brad was completely spent, and forced himself to go to sleep. The last thing he saw was Pam, furiously masturbating on the bed next to him. Little did he know that Pam was stuck in yet another programming loop.

Pam’s heavily overtaxed processors had created a backlog of instructions for the machine to carry out. Consequently, she would proceed to masturbate for Brad’s pleasure, despite his current sleeping state. As scheduled by Pam’s pseudorandomised algorithm, hot cum from within her chest travelled down her plastic tubing, which left her pink, swollen silicon pussy at exactly four minutes, fifteen seconds from when she began to masturbate. Her A.I finally realised the errors at hand, and proceeded to end all sexual subroutines. The second they ended, her heavy breathing ceased, beads of sweat disappeared from her body and her hard nipples softened. She then lay next to her lover, and entered her sleep mode. Her A.I instructed all processors to cease operations, and cool down. An additional log of the events that night was created and saved for later analysis.

Approximately two hours later, the irritating noise of Brad’s alarm clock woke him up. He looked over at Pam, and decided to let the machine sleep. Pam’s microphones and thermal sensors detected Brad’s movement, but her processors didn't compute any operations over them. Sleep deprived, he called a taxi service to pick him and the kids up at nine am sharp. Brad woke both Jessica and Marcus up and made them breakfast. As he ate his French toast, he thought of his sister and her to-be husband. He never really thought of her much, being half way across the country and all. But something didn't add up, he never really connected with his sister since her accident. In fact she never emotionally connected with anyone. A faint parallel between his sister and Pam came to mind, before quickly fading to the sound of Pam walking down the stairs, wearing her tied up, pink robe. Brad always felt blessed to have Pam, she was good with the kids, despite a slight misconnection between the three. After kissing his lover, they all sat down and ate their breakfast. Listening to Pam and Jessica speak was interesting. Jessica always told him how happy she was with Pam, and how Pam's ‘quirks’ were what made her fun to be around. Marcus on the other hand never liked Pam. Brad could only recall negative fights between the two. He always had a slight feeling of doubt at the back of his mind, something that made him question the whole situation. “Was Pam really the one?” he thought.

At nine am sharp, a taxi cab rolled up in front of the suburban house. Brad and Pam passionately kissed and said their farewells. Brad and the kids then put their suit cases in the boot of the vehicle, and got into the cab. Pam stood and waved as the cab drove off. Once out of her visual HUD, she walked back into the house and immediately disabled all her human emulation programming. Standing perfectly straight, behind the front door in only a robe, she conducted her full system restart and software diagnostic. This procedure would require a complete absence of external physical interaction for approximately fifteen full minutes. As she stood perfectly still, Charlie emerged from under the table. The aged dog was starving, and despite his fear of Pam, still slowly walked over to the still-standing machine. He barked a few times, attempting to get Pams attention. He failed. He then went up and touched Pam’s lower leg with his left paw. Still, the machine didn’t move. Struggling to stand on his hind legs, his front paws proceeded to rapidly rub Pams left shin and knee. Unfortunately, Pam’s restart cycle had just completed, and her software diagnostic had begun. Pam’s perfect posture dissolved as she walked over to the couch to sit. But it was too late. Charlie’s touch of Pam’s leg had caused her internal processes to produce error filled data, to which her A.I deemed correct and valid. As such, Pam’s odd behaviour would go undetected by her A.I.

Part 4

Sitting on the couch with a perfect posture, Pam’s faulty processors commutated her list of actions to perform. After two minutes, she stood up, and proceeded to remove her robe, letting it pool at her feet. The now nude machine stepped over the robe and walked over to the kitchen, and began washing the dishes from breakfast. As she scrubbed the dishes, soapy water splatted all over her arms, chest and stomach, leaving her mechanical body mildly wet. Her hand movements were slightly off, leaving most of the dishes dirty as she placed them in the drying rack. She then proceeded to the pantry and searched for the dogfood. However, her cameras mistook Marcus’s chocolate bears as Charlie’s dog food. She opened the packet and walked over to Charlie’s food bowl. Bending at the waist, with her legs slightly spread, she filled the bowl with the baskets. Her A.I counted 125, but in reality it was less than 50. Straightening up, she dropped the empty box onto the floor. Her processors commanded the machine to go upstairs and get dressed, followed by the brushing of her teeth. As she walked up the stairs, her nicely crafted breasts bounced elegantly, just like real breasts would. Pam’s walk also involved a slight sway of her silicon ass, designed to impress the human target which was not there. Entering the master bedroom, Pam suddenly paused and stared at the bed. Her processors, which had never before stalled like this, struggled to select her attire. Not long after, the machine’s still stature was broken. She opened her draw and pulled out a white, Victoria secret bra Brad bought her a few months prior. Pam placed it on, but her left breast remained out of the bra. Staring at her mirror, her cameras saw this wardrobe malfunction, but made no ‘thoughts’ over it. She then proceeded to retrieve and put on her pink panties. As she turned around, her cameras detected her wet panties on the floor. Without a second “though”, the machine bent at the waist and picked up the wet panties. She then slid them on, leaving a damp trail up her plastic skin, before settling them in place. She then turned back to the mirror and stared at her figure. Pam’s HUD analysed her current look, and deemed it appropriate. Smirking slightly, she turned and walked towards the door, however her faulty processors miss-calculated her proximity in relation to the door, causing her to walk into the wall itself. Stumbling back slightly, Pam’s cameras locked into the wall, and her error filled A.I again miscalculated the correct path. This time, the left side of her body hit the door frame, causing her exposed, left breast to slam into the brick wall. Her tactile processors retrieved the data and sent them through to her A.I to determine the appropriate course of action. Her A.I, relying on unreliable processors, failed to identify a correct course of action.

Pam stood motionless, as her processors behind her exposed breast worked overtime to determine what had just happened. Noticing this, her A.I’s heuristics algorithms were activated. Based on the situation that her left, exposed breast made contact with an unidentified object, and the fact that she was wearing only a bra and panties, the heuristics algorithms determined a range of possibilities. However, it was up to Pam’s A.I to decide on which response was correct. Within fifteen seconds of hitting the wall, Pam’s A.I determined that a sexual response was necessary, as the machines left nipple also made contact. Pam’s plastic nipples grew hard, her breathing quickened slightly and her silicon vigina began secreting her special juices. Standing perfectly still, Pam’s left hand moved down and rubbed her silicon vigina as her right hand played with her left breast. However, the rest of her body remained motionless. She didn’t twitch, no goose bumps were visible on her skin, no sweat either. She just quickly ‘rubbed-one-out’. After a few minutes, her processors loaded up a mild orgasm sequence, causing her already wet panties to leak with her robo-cum. As her processors recorded and logged the event, she again attempted to walk through the door way. Unlike her previous attempts, she was successful.

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