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Sloane was sitting on her bed reading A magazine when there is a knock on her door.

"come in"

"hey dear you almost ready to go to dinner?" Said her mom

"yeah just have to change my shirt"

"ok" her mother said as she closed her door.

Sloane got up with her pants partially pulled down showing off her "fantastic 23 year old ass" as she liked to put it. She pulled a charging cord out of a socket in her hip and it automatically covered it's self and she pulled her pants all the way up and buttoned them.

She took off the t-shirt she had been wearing and examined herself in the mirror cupping her breast for a quick second

She then presses her finger into her belly button till there is a click a 8" by 8" piece of her stomach raises up and she pulls it out like opening a door

Inside is a maze of wires and flashing knobs and switches the buzz of a fan can now be detected by the human ear she makes a couple adjustments to a couple knobs and sees a flash from a little status screen

"perfect" she says as she closes herself up

She talks to herself as she puts her blouse on "changing my settings really makes my dads boring dinners with his boss way easier" she jokes as she walks out of her room.

Sloane 1.5:

Sloane and her mom and dad got home from there dinner and Sloane when to her room and her parents went changed out of there evening clothes.

Sloane was back in her room changing and readjusting her settings in only her black lace bra and thong she opens herself up and goes back to her normal operating settings she closed her stomach up and took a minute to admire her body.

Her beauty was more subtle than some androids but she still got plenty of looks for men … and some women too. A slight grin flashes on her mouth as she thinks of the times she's noted her friend Kate looking at her. She admired herself in the mirror her shoulder length dark blonde hair, b cup breasts, flat stomach not rock hard abs but thats ok completes that human image, a butt larger than most girls her age would want but thats ok she enjoys having a booty.

Her train of thought is interrupted by the sounds of her parents activities on the other side of the wall. Sloane's human emotion software kicks in

"oh my god I can't believe there doing that with me in the house" she says under her breath she quickly discards that thought and finishes getting dressed for bed gets out of there underwear and puts on an old football jersey that just goes long enough to cover her butt and neat landing strip of pubic hair.

Before heading to bed she walks out of her room and hears her father down stairs watching sportscenter before he heads to bed. She walks into her mothers bedroom to see the 57 year old woman still not dressed and the room still littered with cloths from there love making session

"night mom" she says

she's not surprised she doesn't get a response as she walks around to see her mothers front access panel open and wires connecting her to a charge port and an computer for some software updates and memory back up. She looks at the older androids body nothing to spectacular she would look great for a woman of her age. Breasts slightly larger than Sloane's but look to have the effect of years of gravity, a few wrinkles around the eyes butt sagging a bit, but not out of shape by no means, but knowing that Samantha Davis was just plastic metal and silicone one would say she could look like a supermodel but Sloane's dad was never into that sort of thing he liked that his wife wasn't a perfect plastic bimbo like some of his friends mistresses he enjoyed having a "regular" family

She gets on the computer and logs on to her mothers cpu

"hi mom just came in to say good night" she types on the computer

"oh dear your father hooked me up right after we umm…" Her now digital mother responded

"its ok I know you two were fucking, remember I have sex programing too mother I know you know that" she joked to her mom

"you know I don't like that language young lady, tell me did your father at least put something over me?"

"nope your in the buff… lol" she types

"do not treat me like a phone and type in .. lol.. if I could id frown at you missy I would"

"you mean >:( " she responded

"sorry mom well I'm off to bed I love you is there anything I need to do to finish up your upgrade"

"no your father will finish it in the morning night sweetie"

with that Sloane logs her mom off and walks back to her room yelling good night down stairs to her father. laying in her bed he hand drifts down to her pussy or her beav as she has heard her mom call it. she slowly plays with her plastic pussy and she thinks about seeing her mother with her circuitry exposed, like a statue naked. Her lesbian programing file opens up and she starts to play with herself slowly. a warning flashes in her vision that she needs to charge when going to bed with her free hand she grabs the power cable opens up her charge port on her hip and plugs herself in, the surge in power causes her hand to speed up.

"well this will certainly help me finish faster"

with her artificial lubricant coating her thighs pussy and hand the young android enters sleep mode to prepare for another day.

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