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Part 1: Skyler

Like most kids, I had a fairly ordinary childhood. I had a stable family structure, a good education, and a safe environment to grow up in. The only thing that was missing from my life was a friend.

I was categorized in the nerd side of the social spectrum, and I had a few more personality quirks that essentially isolated myself from my peers.

After I graduated from high school with honors, I took a brief online apprenticeship to become a certified IT specialist, the benefit of which meant that I could essentially work from home and remotely assist people living in my relatively small town of less than 150,000 people.

Shortly after landing my dream job, I was already making tons of money just from my childhood bedroom, but I quickly found that all that money didn’t really equate to happiness. I soon had enough money to move out of my parents’ house, but I didn’t see the point.

One day, after having a stressful conversation with them about moving out, I took a walk in the wooded mountains just outside of town to clear my head.

As I walked around enjoying the clear air and the gorgeous scenery, I noticed a path that hadn’t been there before. I briefly remembered there had been a storm in the mountains the previous evening, and it appeared as though a boulder that had previously blocked this area had been washed away due to erosion.

Since I was trying to clear my head, I shrugged my shoulders and decided to take this new path that had opened up before me. As I started on the new path, I absently noticed a shimmer in the bushes, but it vanished before I could investigate.

It wasn’t very long walking on the new path that I realized I wasn’t alone. I stopped moving and listened for a bit before realizing it was footsteps, trudging towards me from around bend. Although I wasn’t really hoping to run into anyone up there, I somehow felt a calming presence and stood still until the person approached.

A short time late, a boy approximately my age walked around the bend. He was somewhat short for a guy, around 5’8, but he also had a stocky build that made him appear a bit muscly. He had a kind face that was buried beneath a constellation of freckles with two bright blue eyes barely peeking out from his long, wild brown hair.

Though he had a somewhat attractive appearance, he looked as though he’d seen better days. His clothes were a little ragged, his skin was dirty, and he had a hard look on his face. It took him a short time to notice I was standing there, but he eagerly approached me as soon as he did. As he got closer, I noticed he was also hauling a fairly large bag that appeared to have the whole of his possessions in it.

“Hey, you there!” he called out, speeding up and stopping a safe distance in front of me.

“Hey,” I replied with trepidation, “Are you alright?”

“I am now…I think,” the boy answered vaguely, “Are we near a town or city?”

“Yes, we’re in the hills just above the city of Moracia.”

“Wow, I’m in Oregon?” the boy said incredulously.

“Yeah, where are you from?”

At that question, the boy appeared uncomfortable. “I don’t really feel comfortable saying, but let’s just say it’s somewhere on the East coast.”

“Hey, you don’t have to tell me your life story if you don’t want to,” I assured him, “based on what you’ve likely been through, mine would probably upset you with how good it is.”

“If you’re life’s so good, how come you’re out here then?”

“Because money can’t buy friendship,” I answered wryly.

“That is true,” the boy answered, “You know what, you’re the first decent person I’ve come across since I left my home, so if it means anything to you, I consider you a friend.”

I had to pause when I heard the boy respond to me. I had a brief epiphany and realized maybe he was somehow the reason I came up here this day. Skyler seemed to understand the moment I was having, and he broke the silence and said, “My name’s Skyler.” He calmly stretched out his hand in friendship.

“My name’s Greg,” I answered, taking his hand and shaking it. As I shook his hand, I noticed a minor electrical tingle that passed almost as soon as it began.

From that moment on, we suddenly opened up to each other. We sat down on some rocks and recounted nearly our entire life stories. Apparently, Skyler grew up in an orphanage somewhere in New England and fled when people there became abusive. He’d made his way across the country by hitching rides, riding the rails, and just walking.

He was also fairly smart and was able to do some odd jobs along the way to accumulate a considerable amount of money. He’d finally decided to try and settle down in a town to begin his new life.

Before we knew it, it was starting to get dark and we felt like we’d known each other our entire lives.

“Hey Skyler, I was thinking…perhaps you and I could team up,” I suggested to him, hoping I wouldn’t scare him off.

“How so?” he asked, a glimmer of hope in his eyes.

“Well, I make enough money to move out of my parents’ house,” I began, “I just didn’t want to live alone, which is part of the reason my parents and I had a fight this morning which led me to you,” I continued, trying to push past the emotion and nail my point, “Anyway, perhaps I can convince them to let you stay with me tonight, and perhaps a bit longer, if we can get you a job and then we pool our resources to rent a nice apartment. What do you say?”

Skyler had been following me the whole time, and he only took a few moments to truly consider my offer before saying, “Yes, I’d love to!”

“Great!” I shouted, doing a quick celebratory dance before getting serious again, “Now, I don’t think my parents will take to kindly to me shacking up with someone I just met, so I think, just for the first year or so while they get to know you a bit better, I’m going to lie and say that I’ve known you online for a few months already.”

Skyler looked a bit uncomfortable at that, but he nodded. “I don’t feel comfortable lying to people, but as long as we eventually tell the truth, I can go along with it.”

“Good, now let’s head down before it gets too dark.” I said, getting up from the log I’d been sitting on for half the day and helping him to his feet.

After that fateful day, Skyler and I were virtually inseparable. Within two weeks of meeting, Skyler landed a well-paying clerical job in the local courthouse, and with his $70K salary added to my $80K salary, we quickly moved out of my parents’ house and into newly built, fully modern 2-bed, 2.5-bath apartment.

Our time together was made even better by the fact that we shared similar interests, watched the same shows and movies, and truly understood one another. I felt as though I had not been complete in my life until Skyler walked into my life, and I could tell he had similar feelings.

That being said, we never attempted a sexual relationship, though I did feel some urges towards him. I was overall confused in that regard, since I also had attractions towards women that I encountered, but Skyler was the only male I was sexually interested in and I never got any vibes from him that he was interested in me in that way.

Despite my internal confusion, we were the best of friends, and before we knew it, three years had gone by and we were celebrating Skyler’s 21st birthday…just the two of us, by driving up to the area we first met at the crack of dawn.

“Wow, it’s been so long!” Skyler shouted in glee, eagerly running towards the small grove where we first met.

“It has indeed,” I agreed, taking in all the surroundings. Everything was just about as I remembered, though now that I’d had time to know Skyler, a question that had popped up in my mind before now resurfaced. “So, where did you come from before you came around that corner and saw me?

Skyler seemed a bit confused when I asked him, almost like an internal struggle was going on inside, but he finally said, “Well, I had a sort of campsite a bit down the way,” he shrugged.

“You think it might still be there?” I pressed, eager to see where Skyler was before I met.

“Well, let’s see,” Skyler suggested, leading me around the corner.

We walked a few minutes down the trail past the corner before we reached what could be described as a rudimentary campsite. The only thing that was odd was that it seemed almost staged, and was in a protected area that even wildlife would likely have ignored.

“Well, here it is,” Skyler announced, taking a quick look around before turning to me.

“Wow, I’m surprised it’s still intact after all these years,” I mused, looking around, “I mean, it’s a very good campsite.”

“I suppose that’s why I picked it,” Skyler shrugged, “You know, now that I’m back here, I feel a bit strange.”

“How so?”

“I dunno…like I don’t really remember how I got here,” he said, a strange look on his face. He started wandering over to an opening in some rocks that formed a small cave. Before he could enter though, some sort of electrical field activated and stopped him in his tracks.

“Skyler!” I shouted, rushing over to assist him. I saw some sort of device disguised as part of the rock, so I grabbed a large rock and smashed it until the field shut off. Skyler remained standing for several seconds after the field deactivated, still shaking from the effects of the electricity.

“Skyler, here, I got you,” I told him, as I saw him start to fall. I caught him gently in my arms and rested him down to the ground, looking into his eyes with a look filled with concern. I was shocked, however, to see no look of recognition in his eyes. “Sky, are you okay?”

Skyler briefly appeared to attempt to speak with me, before jerking around uncontrollably. “Error, critical damage detected in power systems,” he blurted out in a stilted voice.


“Error, power systems compromised…error, power systems compromised…shutting down.” He continued, flopping around several more times before becoming lifeless in my arms.

After several seconds of silence, staring at Skyler with a look of shock, I finally let out an explosive breath. “Holy shit Sky, you’re an android!” I breathed. Skyler merely stared back at me with the blank, dead look on his face. “Man, I can’t stand you looking like this,” I shuddered, gently closing his eyes with my hands and settling his face into a resting expression, “Ah, that’s better,” I smiled.

Several seconds later, I gently laid Skyler down on the ground and then stared into the small cave. I could see a few boxes or crates packed away inside, though I wasn’t sure if the defense system would come back on. I grabbed a nearby rock and tossed it in to test if I had successfully damaged the field. When the rock sailed through unharmed, I tossed in a few sticks just to be sure before gingerly reaching my arm through.

“Alright Sky, lets see what was so important,” I said to myself, in order to mediate my stress. I walked over to the boxes, which happened to be on a wheeled cart, and opened the nearest one up. I recoiled slightly, seeing what looked like several duplicates of Skyler’s head, hands, and feet nestled inside. The other boxes appeared to contain spare parts, such as circuits, wires, and even what looked like musculature and skin.

I stared back and forth from the contents of the boxes, to Skyler, before closing them all up and taking stock of the situation. It was nearly noon now, and the car was quite a distance away. Skyler weighed nearly 160lbs, which was far more than I could comfortably carry, but the wheeled cart looked like it could handle the rough terrain.

Sighing, I managed to lift Skyler’s body up onto the cart, after repositioning the boxes, and then slowly dragged it out of the cave and towards the trail. As I walked down the trail with Skyler in tow, I desperately hoped that no one else chose to hike the trail and ask any questions.

After I carried Skyler’s body, and the supplies I found in the hidden cave, to my car, I calmed myself down and attempted to drive back to our apartment as though nothing were wrong…the last thing I needed was a cop pulling me over with an apparently dead person in the backseat.

As I pulled into the apartment complex, I was suddenly grateful that Skyler and I had splurged for one of the units with a private, attached garage unit. I quietly parked the car in the garage and then began the process of moving both Skyler and the boxes into my work area.

My work area was not much more than a corner of the apartments common area, since both our bedrooms were not large enough to fit both a work area, and a bed and furnishings. Skyler often complained that we needed a bigger place, but I said we needed to earn a bit more.

I shook all those thoughts out of my mind, for the moment, since the most pressing thing at the moment was fixing my best friend, who apparently was not only a highly-advanced android, but a sleeper android completely unaware of his true nature.

Though I was mostly an IT guy, I was also skilled in fixing hardware related issues too, so I quickly sent out a search spider to bring up any and all information on how to open up an android of Skyler’s apparent complexity, and then on how to repair them.

While the spider did its work, I dragged the couch over and gently sat Skyler down and then began to undress him. As I took off Skyler’s clothing, the sexual urges surged to the surface, but my professionalism and respect for Skyler’s body quickly took charge. I decided to leave just his boxers on, in order to respect what little privacy he’d likely have left once I managed to fix him.

Though Skyler had suffered a massive electric shock from some sort of automated defense system, he appeared to have suffered no external damage. There was a small burn mark on the areas the electricity hit him, but aside from that he looked fine…as a matter of fact, if it hadn’t been for the fact that he malfunctioned and then shut down in front of me, I would even be able to tell he was a machine; he looked so real.

Before I could be tempted to feel his body, however, the spider finished its work and gave me an audible alert. I regretfully turned from Skyler’s body and perused the dozens of pertinent documents that had downloaded onto my computers regarding repairing androids of Skyler’s complexity.

After reviewing several different android models, I determined that most had the same way of opening the primary access panel, in order to maintain an industry standard. Now that I was fairly certain how to open Skyler up, I turned back to his body and paused to admire the realism. His chest had small patches of hair surrounding both nipples, and he had a well-toned abdomen with a hint of a six pack.

I quickly shook my head to bring back my focus and dug my index finger into Skyler’s navel. Though this was a fairly clichéd trope with opening android’s access panels in old works of fiction, Skyler’s model was more involved. I pressed and twisted my finger in his otherwise realistic abdomen, and once I’d twisted it 90 degrees, I removed my finger and then twisted both of his nipples in the opposite direction.

The effect was instantaneous. I heard an audible click and then an oval shaped seam running from just above his chest to just above his waist appeared. Then, the section of his body rose a few centimeters to allow for easier removal.

“Whoa!” was all I could say. I slowly and carefully grabbed the ovular panel and removed it, marveling at how real the skin on the outside still felt and looked, and also at the dazzling array of technology that lay beneath.

It appeared that there was a thin layer of synthetic muscle attached to the underside of the skin panel, so what lay beneath was a very robotic looking skeletal structure with false ribs to give the outward appearance that he had a rib cage. There appeared to be another panel underneath the skin panel, so I gently placed the panel with the skin facing down on the floor and placed a sheet over it to protect the muscles from dust, and then I pressed what looked like an open/close button on Skyler’s robotic innards.

This caused another panel to lower, then split in two and open up. Inside this one was what appeared to be literally everything that allowed Skyler’s body to work, though at the moment all the systems were dark and offline.

Near the top was what appeared to be a pump that acted as a heart, with what looked like a red colored fluid through clear tubes. There also appeared to be twin balloons that acted as his lungs, though instead of sending air to his body and heart, they appeared to be attached to an intricate looking computer device I assumed was his primary CPU and control center. Below all that was his stomach, digestive systems, and power systems. Finally, on the bottom appeared to be the systems that controlled his penis.

“Wow Skyler, you’re amazing.” I said to myself, staring longingly into his sleeping face and then back into his open body. It didn’t take me too long to discover several of the circuits inside his torso appeared to be burnt out…likely from the electric shock.

After closely examining the affected circuits, I suddenly remembered that the boxes I’d discovered in the cave appeared to have similar circuits…most likely meant to be replacements in the event something exactly like this occurred.

Smiling at the fortune of not having to go out and find compatible circuits, I quickly dug through the boxes and found exact copies of the damaged circuits, finding several replacement hands and feet in the process.

Before I initiated repairs, I put on my pair of non-static gloves and then one by one began the process of removing each of the damaged circuits, mapping where each one went, and then pairing the damaged ones with the replacements so I could make sure the correct circuits were installed in the correct slots.

Before long, I had replaced all the damaged circuits and noticed no other apparent signs of damage, so I leaned in and got a closer look at the computer in his chest. Upon closer inspection, I noticed it had several open data ports designed for universal cables, so I took one of my wireless USB connectors and plugged it in so I could have remote access to all his systems anywhere and anytime.

Unfortunately, due to his body being offline, my computers had nothing to interface with, so I swapped my non-static gloves with rubber insulated ones and then carefully pressed a button with the universal power symbol located on his power systems.

Instantly, all the components in Skyler’s body sprung to life with a series of mechanical whirs, beeps, and hums. Skyler’s eyes also quickly popped open, but although they were open and he was breathing, there appeared to be no signs of Skyler in his blank gaze; he didn’t even move or say anything.

“Skyler?” I said in a weak voice, not sure if he was awake. He didn’t respond. “Huh, I guess you aren’t quite fixed yet,” I shrugged, shaking my head, “Oh well, I suppose I was kidding myself if I thought it would be that easy.”

One of the things that usually irritated Skylar was my habit of speaking to the computers or systems that I was working on…usually when he was trying to watch TV or read a book. I laughed at that thought this time, because this time HE was the computer I was working on, and he was also my best friend.

Despite Skyler not quite being himself, with his body powered on my computers were now able to connect to his systems. Upon Skyler’s body detecting the wireless connection, it quickly began installing the interface software on my computer terminal and before long, a new program popped up on my computer that appeared to give me complete access and control to his body.

“Okay, let’s start with a diagnostic,” I said aloud, quickly spotting the diagnostic submenu. Due to the amount of damage, and the fact that the new circuits were untested, I decided to run a full diagnostic with self-repair protocols activated. Once I started it, the components in his body began humming a bit louder and a timer counting down from 15-minutes.

“Well, I suppose I’ll get a closer look at your body while you fix yourself,” I said, uncaring about his oblivious state.

I started with his feet, which were smaller than average for men; size eight. The first thing I noticed that clearly gave evidence to his artificial nature was that, despite exerting himself by hiking for nearly an hour, and his feet still being a bit moist from the perspiration, there was no odor. I took a brave lick of the balls of his feet and discovered that his sweat was basically a saline mix. In addition to the lack of odor, his toenails were perfectly colored and well kempt. Moving up his body, I gently felt the long hairs on his legs and the muscle structure beneath. One of the things I’d always wanted Skyler to do was to go hairless, but it would be embarrassing to ask him unless we were more intimate; I myself kept my body hairs trimmed.

I skipped his waist and private area for the same reasons I left his boxers on, and instead allowed my fingers to trace the edges of his panel, feeling the metal of his skeleton and the fleshy skin layer.

I moved to his arms, gently feeling the thinner hairs that I also wished he’d remove, as well as the hairs in his armpits I also didn’t care for. Just as with his feet, his armpits betrayed his nature with their complete lack of human body odor, instead smelling somewhat musty. His hands felt soft, and the fingerprints on each finger looked just as real as the rest of him. His fingernails were also similarly perfect looking to his toenails, except they showed a few signs of wear and tear since he used his hands a lot.

Finally, I moved up to his head and stared deeply into his blank eyes. Both blue orbs were staring blankly upwards, completely oblivious to my presence. That being said, everything I saw in his face brought warm feelings to my heart because despite the fact he was a machine and dead to the world, he was my friend and I was beginning to feel that I actually loved him.

“Don’t worry Sky,” I told him with tears forming in my eyes, “I’ll fix you and then we can resume our party.” I then planted a friendly kiss on his cheek and turned back to my computer to monitor the results of the diagnostic, knowing full well things would never be back to normal after today.

Upon completion of the diagnostic, it reported it had repaired numerous errors and that it had successfully integrated the replacement components with the rest of his systems.

“Okay then, let’s see if I can get you back online,” I said with a smile, seeing that I’d apparently fixed his body. I quickly perused through the interface program for his A.I. systems, though it did not take long to realize that his A.I. was not contained in the chest computer.

I was a little disappointed that I still couldn’t get Skyler’s mind back online, but I still had all the manuals and schematics the search spider had found, though this time I had the benefit of knowing Skyler’s exact model so I could refine my search.

“Alright Sky, let’s see how you Spaztec models work,” I said, ignoring the other documents and bringing up all files about his model. “Huh, that’s interesting,” I said to myself. It appeared Skyler’s model android used a revolutionary process that split the major functions, A.I. and body functions, into two separate processing centers: the A.I. was contained in the head, while the torso contained a separate unit that just processes motor controls and autonomic functions.

The schematics showed me how to open Skyler’s head, but it also showed a way to access a port behind his ears. I grabbed another wireless link, as well as a small screwdriver, and brought them up to Skyler’s right ear. I moved his long hair and ear out of the way and pressed the screwdriver into a small freckle. This caused a small section of skin to open up, revealing a USB port.

I quickly inserted the wireless link and then watched as Skyler’s head computer began installing a separate interface program on my computer. Once it installed, I placed it on the monitor adjacent to the body interface program and then got the lay of the land.

The first thing that caught my attention was the status bar, which was currently telling me that Skyler’s A.I. was offline. Though this was obvious, it did go into detail saying a system error occurred and a diagnostic needed to be manually initiated before he could come back online. Before I did anything else, I quickly began the manual diagnostic. This instantly caused the other areas of the A.I. monitor to light up with activity as the diagnostic tested the complex systems contained within Skyler’s head computer. Another small window opened up displaying the current progress, as well as a growing list of faults and errors it detected.

“Wow, you’re a complex machine Sky,” I muttered, looking back and forth from his blank face to the diagnostic screen.

After what seemed like forever, but was actually about 15 minutes, the diagnostic finally finished and gave a summary of the errors it had detected, as well as options for fixing them. Most of the errors seemed likely to be caused by the electric surge to his systems, based on the diagnostic reads, but there was a large number of errors which appeared to go deeper…and were tied to his sleeper programming.

“Well Sky, I’m not going to pretend I’m an expert in fixing you, but I’m going to have your systems fix as many of these errors as it can so I can talk to you again,” I told him, then I clicked the fix icon and watched as his internal diagnostic program began attempting to fix the thousands of errors.

Fortunately, Skyler’s A.I. was very proficient at fixing the errors, since many of them were minor. Unfortunately, once the repair process concluded, there were still around a hundred or two errors it wasn’t able to fix…apparently because there might be a hardware fault, and because he needed a system update. That being said, with the conclusion of the diagnostic, I now had more access to his head computer, and I was able to quickly pull some basic system info.

“Wow, no wonder you have a number of issues…you’ve never had a diagnostic run before,” I said surprisingly, since despite Skyler having been running continuously for three years, he behaved flawlessly human that entire time. Given the fact that I was now able to control his various systems, I decided to take a risk and reactivate his A.I. so I could talk to him. It did not take long to find the menu to do so, and, after a moment’s hesitation, I clicked the icon to resume his A.I.

As soon as I clicked the icon, his activity window immediately sprung to life with bits of computer code and then displayed more readable startup stats as his software initialized. Finally, his face closed its eyes and then blinked them open a few times.

“Sky, are you awake?” I asked him, absently noting the activity window registering a familiar voice.

Skyler’s eyes slowly focused on mine and then he smiled before suddenly shouting, “Whoa, how’d I get back here? What’s going on? Why can’t I move?”

“Hey, calm down!” I told him, grabbing his cheeks and staring into his eyes, “What’s the last thing you remember?”

The activity window on my computer lit up with activity at this question as Skyler attempted to recall the events leading to his shutdown. “The last thing I remember is a flash of light and then everything went sort of fuzzy…” Skyler recalled, “then I seemed to act sort of funny before everything went black.”

“Well, you were hit by some sort of electric surge, and it would seem you’re an android,” I told him quickly, hoping it might soften the blow, “and based on your reaction, you were programmed to not be aware of it.”

At that, Skyler seemed to freeze as he attempted to process what I just told him. “Greg, are you sure?”

“Yeah Sky, look,” I told him, gently lifting his head so he could see his torso with the large panel removed.

“Whoa!” Skyler shouted, seeing all the intricate mechanisms within his body. For whatever reason, Skyler appeared to be paralyzed from the neck down, but all that counted was that his A.I. appeared fully functional again.

“Yeah, I couldn’t believe it myself,” I admitted, gently laying his head back down, “I’ve spent the past hour or so fixing the damage to your body, and have only just now managed to get you back online,” I reported, “Are you scared?”

Skyler took a while to answer this one, since he was basically coming to terms with the fact that he was a highly advanced and realistic android, before smiling, “You know what, I’m not.”

I was surprised to hear his answer, to say the least. “You aren’t?”

“No,” Skyler said with a huge grin, “My whole life I’ve felt aimless and different, and now I finally know why…and you know what, I think it’s kinda cool! I’m a robot!” he laughed.

I couldn’t help but laugh with him…leave it to Skyler to always find a silver lining. “Oh, by the way, you’ve only been ‘alive’ for three years.”

“Wow,” Skyler mused, “I guess I’m a bit too young to drink tonight then,” he joked.

“I won’t tell anyone if you won’t,” I winked, “So anyway, I’m not exactly an android repairman, so I’m not completely sure how well I fixed you,” I told him, “Do you feel any different?”

“I don’t think so,” Skyler said with an unsure look on his face, “It’s just weird that I can’t move my body at all,” he complained.

“Huh, can you still feel it?” I asked, running my fingers along the right side of his body.

“Yeah, I just can’t move it.”

“Well, I ran a diagnostic on your A.I. and it wasn’t able to fix quite everything,” I admitted, “Perhaps it’s your sleeper programming malfunctioning.”

“I wouldn’t know, but you’ve fixed me this much, so I trust you to continue,” Skyler assured me.

“Good, and I hope you don’t mind I had to undress you,” I said, fighting a blush.

“No, I don’t mind…though it’s weird you left my boxers on,” Skyler said.

“Well, I wanted to respect your privacy,” I defended, blushing even more.

“Greg,” Skyler suddenly asked, “Do you like me?”

I was taken aback by the sudden question, but I figured Skyler had been wanting to ask me that for weeks, but he’d stopped himself each time. “Yeah, I do,” I admitted, “I suppose I’ve liked you since the day we met…I’ve just been a little embarrassed about it because I’m not really gay…but, I think I’m just gay for you.”

“I thought so,” Skyler nodded, “I appreciate your liking me because it obviously allows you to see me as a bit more than just an android, I suppose.”

“Do you like me?”

“I think so,” Skyler answered with a quizzical expression on his face, “I am attracted to women, but I also find myself attracted a bit to you as well, but part of me can’t seem to process it, so I suppose that’s why I’ve never said anything about it,” Skyler admitted, “Hey, do you think it could be due to a bug in my programming or something?”

“It’s possible,” I admitted, “as a matter of fact, it would make sense if you were programmed to be heterosexual, but to also have your own free will…I could take a look and alter your programming, if it’s alright with you.”

“I’m glad that you like me enough to ask for my permission, but these past few minutes I’ve been thinking and I’m not sure if I’m malfunctioning or not,” Skyler said, meanwhile his activity window was spiking with activity and his CPU was nearly maxing out, “But the way I see it, you’re human and I’m machine…I can be reprogrammed and you cannot…in my whole life, you’ve been the only one whose been kind to me, and I suppose my previous memories were all fabricated, but I suppose that first day I imprinted on you or something, and I’ve come to the realization that you’re the only person in this world I can truly trust, so I trust you with any decision you might want to make about me,” Skyler said, seeming to zone out as he gave his speech.

As soon as he finished speaking, the activity window suddenly showed that Skyler’s A.I. was registering myself as his owner and master. “Whoa Skyler, what did you do?” I asked, quickly searching through the displays and seeing he’d somehow made me a master user.

“I don’t know,” Skyler admitted, seeming to return to normal, “But whatever I did, it feels right.”

“Well, it looks like you registered me as your owner and master,” I told him, returning to the main display page.

“I did?” Skyler asked, “I don’t recall doing so…but it seems right,” he said, repeating his earlier comment, “I just wish I knew why…”

“I think I do,” I told him, remembering something I’d read on some message boards, “It’s said that the sentient androids such as yourselves know that living on your own isn’t a viable option, since you could break down and be reprogrammed by a malicious individual at any time,” I explained, “So, since you already know you can trust me, the deep logic programming in your A.I. must have registered me as your master because you know I like you and that I wouldn’t misuse you in any way.”

Skyler paused to think on that a while before nodding, “Huh, that makes sense.”

“Well, I’m honored you made me your master, but I don’t think I’m likely to alter your programming much at all…I like you just the way you are,” I assured him, affectionately patting his shoulder.

“Thank you, Greg, I appreciate it,” Skyler smiled, “Anyway, are you going to try and fix me so I can move now?”

“Well, I’ll try,” I said dubiously, “I think I’m going to start by running a software update on you,” I explained, going to the proper menu and starting a search for new software.

“Sounds like a plan,” Skyler said, knowing how much I enjoyed working on computers, “You don’t think a system update will change me too much, right?”

“I’m not sure, but a computer as complex as you should receive regular updates, and unless you’ve somehow been updating yourself in your sleep in the last three years, you’re likely to be very out of date,” I laughed, and just then, the search finished and displayed a massive list of updates. “Ah, looks like you have never received an update before, as I thought.”

“Well, I trust you implicitly,” Skyler repeated, “You may install them.”

“Will do,” I said, beginning the update procedure. “It looks like they need a few moments to download first, so we have some time to talk before they shut you down.”

“Goodie,” Skyler said, “So, when those are done, what are you going to do to me next?”

“Well, I’m going to try and alter your sexuality programming so you’re capable of loving me, and then I’m going to try and deactivate the remaining sleeper programming still bogging your systems down.”

“I’m already aware of my true nature, what could the sleeper programming possibly still be doing?” Skyler asked with a confused look on his face.

“I’m not completely sure yet, because I’m no expert, but for one thing you should have access to a HUD and your systems.”

“Ah, that would be helpful.”

“Indeed,” I agreed, “Aside from that, it’s creating bugs that can adversely affect the rest of your systems, so it’s best that it just be deactivated permanently.”

“Well then, I can’t wait until it’s offline,” Skyler said, and just as he did, my computer beeped to signal the completion of the downloads.

“Alright Sky, I’m going to start the installation process now,” I warned him, getting ready to press the icon, “Is there anything you’d like to say before you go under?”

“Yeah, I really do like you Greg, and I’m looking forward to liking you more once I’m back,” Skyler said, “Oh, and you can feel free to remove my boxers while you’re waiting…I don’t mind,” he winked.

“Will do,” I winked back, “Alrighty, here goes,” and I clicked the icon and watched as Skyler’s face went blank once again and the display window showed his A.I. was installing the multitude of updates. A countdown timer indicated it would take approximately 15 minutes, so decided to take this opportunity to remove Skyler’s boxers.

Once I was sure the computer did not require my immediate attention, I got up from my chair and stood over Skyler’s waist. I carefully grabbed hold of both sides of his boxers and slid them down until I was able to pull them free from his bare feet. I quickly gave his boxers a whiff and detected even more artificiality in that there was no BO smell, nor the smell of ammonia or waste.

Once I set his boxers down with the rest of his clothes, I calmly composed myself as I leaned in to exam Skyler’s penis. Normally seeing a penis would turn me off, but I suppose I was gay just for Skyler, and I suppose I found his appealing due to it being artificial. Despite his lengthy pubic hair, his penis seemed to be in a perpetual state where instead of being shriveled up, it was elongated, but not hard. Even though I knew he had one these past three years, the knowledge he was an android made me admire it even more, because whoever built him obviously made it look as real as possible. I found myself fondling his penis and balls with my right hand, gently squeezing and feeling the movement of them in my fingers.

I again noticed that there was no odor, and I finally realized I appreciated this because I was a bit of a germaphobe. I also realized that this was perhaps why I was attracted to Skyler…because over the past three years, I’d unconsciously noticed he had no body odor and was always clean. Before I knew it, my computer beeped again to notify me that Skyler had completed installing the updates and was currently rebooting to finalize them. I quickly let go of his penis and waited over his head. A few moments later, his eyes finally fluttered open and his face once again appeared lively.

“Hey Sky, do you feel any different?” I asked, eagerly hoping he hadn’t been altered too much.

“Well, aside from the fact I still can’t move my body, I feel great…as a matter of fact, my head seems a bit clearer.”

“That’s good, many of the updates mostly improved efficiency, added new features, and fixed bugs, so I’m not surprised you can think a bit more clearly,” I told him, “As for not being able to move, I think I may know why.”

I then turned back to my computer and delved into Skyler’s sleeper programming. Though there was an option to turn all of it off at once, I felt it would be safer to slowly deactivate each individual section one at a time. I finally found what I was looking for in the safety submenu and toggled off one of the settings before turning to look at Skyler.

As soon as I toggled off the setting, Skyler’s whole body shuddered and then he began gingerly wiggling his toes and fingers. “Wow, you fixed me, thanks!” Skyler smiled, carefully sitting up and swinging his legs over to sit down facing me, “What was wrong with me?”

“One of your sleeper settings prevented you from moving when your primary access panel is opened…I disabled it,” I explained.

“Wow, a simple solution…gee! My body sure is noisy,” he suddenly said, hearing whirring sounds coming from his chest every time he moved a little.

“Yeah, but you’re also amazing.”

“Thanks!” Skyler beamed, “Hey, why can’t I touch myself?” he asked, making several failed attempts to reach his hands inside his open torso panel; it appeared as though he were hitting an invisible barrier.

“That’s most likely a safeguard setting to prevent you from accidentally damaging yourself,” I assured him, “Though I could disable it for you, if you like.”

“No,” Skyler said after thinking on it, “best to play it safe…I’ll trust you with my delicate innards,” he laughed.

“Sounds good,” I laughed with him.

Skyler then attempted to ruffle his hair, but he immediately stopped when he felt the remote link behind his right ear. “Whoa, what’s this?” he asked, gingerly feeling it.

“Oh, be careful with that,” I warned him, “That’s a remote link I attached to you so I could run diagnostics and stuff. There’s another one plugged in inside your chest.”

“Oh, then I’ll definitely leave it alone,” Skyler said solemnly, taking his hands away, “Though, I hope you can find another place to put it…it’s not very fashionable,” Skyler joked.

“I’m sure I can plug it in somewhere else, but for now it’s fine where it’s at.”

“Fair enough,” Skyler conceded, “So, just how much control do you have over me with those things plugged in?”

“To be honest, I haven’t really tested it yet,” I admitted, “My primary goal was to get you back up and running, but now that you are, I could play around with you a bit if you like.”

“Sure, as I said, I really don’t mind,” Skyler reassured me.

“Good,” I smiled, “Well I think I’m going to get started first on fixing the glitch preventing you from liking me,” I told him, quickly perusing his A.I. settings program for the sexuality preferences.

Skyler perked up when he heard that. “Ooh, I hope you’re successful.”

“Me too,” I absently said, “Ah, I think I found the right menu…hold on,” I told him, looking at all the settings. Skyler merely nodded and then patiently waited as I worked on the problem.

It didn’t take too long to find the problem. Apparently, Skyler was sent into the world with heterosexual programming, but fortunately there was a drop-down menu to toggle his sexuality to either homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual, pansexual, or custom.

I decided to switch him to custom, and doing so immediately caused a new page with a surprising number of settings and configurations to appear. The first thing I did was to keep him heterosexual, but also make him homosexual just for me. After that, it gave me the option of adjusting my status in his programming as either: boyfriend, husband, friends with benefits, or merely friend.

“Hey Sky, want to be my boyfriend?” I asked aloud, interested in his opinion.

“Of course!”

“Thanks! Just needed to know for your programming,” I told him, clicking on the boyfriend setting.

Changing this setting immediately auto filled several dozen other settings below with pre-configured settings, but also gave me the option of further customizing them. After perusing them, I decided the default settings for boyfriend were sufficient for our needs, so I moved on.

“Greg,” Skyler suddenly said, “I don’t mean to interrupt, but I don’t feel any different yet…”

“That’s because I haven’t actually saved the new settings yet,” I assured him, “There are hundreds of settings that can be changed, so once I’m done and save them, you’re going to have to do a soft reboot before they take effect.”

“Oh, that makes sense I suppose,” he nodded, “Sorry for interrupting.”

“Don’t worry about it,” I smiled, “I’ll be done soon.”

I was actually nearly finished reconfiguring his sexuality concerning just me, since he had his own preferences for women. All I needed to do was to add my own personal preferences so he could better anticipate my needs. This area included fetishes, personal quirks, and interests. I quickly added my foot fetish into the fetish category, and my preference that he have minimal body hair. Finally, I added my interest of computers, idly wondering how he’d interpret that since he himself was one.

After I plugged in all the other minor preferences of mine, such as favorite shows, color, and foods, I saved the settings and prepared to reboot him, though before I did, I went back to the sleeper menu and deactivated a few dozen minor settings.

“Alright Sky, I’ve reconfigured your sexuality preferences, and deactivated a few more sleeper settings, so I’m ready to reboot you now.”

“Okay, see you soon,” he said, giving me a quick thumbs up before I started the reboot.

Since it was a soft reboot, Skyler’s A.I. shut down, but his body remained online. The resulting effect was his eyes glazed over and his face went slack, but otherwise everything was still powered on. I monitored the flurry of activity on his activity monitor before he suddenly blinked his eyes and reactivated his A.I.

Even though his A.I. was back on, it took him a moment to compose himself as he suddenly parsed his new settings into his programming. Then, he came out of his reverie and smiled. “Wow, I feel amazing!” he said, a blush slowly coming to his face as he stared into my eyes.

“How so?” I asked, slowly feeling butterflies in my stomach.

“I’ve been with you for three years now, but all of a sudden I have feelings for you,” he said, trying to put his experience into words, “I’ve only been able to imagine how liking you would feel, but now I don’t have to…you fixed me!” Skyler then suddenly leaned forward and planted a loving kiss on my lips, one I immediately returned.

When we broke apart a few moments later, we stared into each other’s eyes with blushes coming to our faces. We’d waited a long time to be able to have such an intimate relationship, and now we could. After we recovered from the after effects of the kiss, Skyler suddenly got a confused look on his face.

“What is it Sky?” I asked, affectionately petting his nearby legs.

“I seem to suddenly have more knowledge about you,” he said, trying to come up with the right words, “Do you like feet?”

Skyler questions immediately caused my face to go red. “Oh yes, in addition to altering your sexual orientation, I was also able to add my own personal fetishes and likes as well,” I confessed.

“Ah, I see,” Skyler nodded, “Did you want to see my feet?”

“Well, to be honest, I already felt them up when you were still offline,” I admitted, my face growing red again, “They’re pretty nice.”

“Thanks,” Skyler said bashfully, “I just hope they weren’t too stinky.”

“Actually, you don’t have BO.”

“What are you talking about!? I’ve smelled myself before and it’s smelled bad.”

“Well, it would seem that was your sleeper programming fooling you,” I told him, “Trust me, I actually licked your foot, and your sweat is nothing more than a saline solution designed to keep your skin moisturized and to maintain a stable body temperature.”

“Huh, I suppose that’s kinda cool,” Skyler said aloud, “Hey, do you suppose I don’t even need to take showers anymore?”

“Well, just because your skin doesn’t stink doesn’t mean that it doesn’t get dirty,” I responded, “And you could still carry germs that could infect me or others.”

“Yeah, I suppose you’re right,” Skyler agreed, “I suppose this whole me being an android and all artificial and stuff is going to take a bit of getting used to.” Skyler then sniffed his own armpits. “Now that you mention it, I don’t smell my own BO anymore…”

“Yeah, that’s likely one of the sleeper settings I deactivated before your soft reboot.”

“Huh,” Skyler shrugged, then he stopped and put on a thinking expression as he looked down at his legs. “I’m also getting the impression you’d prefer me to have less body hair,” he then said with a confused look, “Am I processing that correctly?”

“Yes,” I said with a hint of my blush returning, “I think the only hair people should have is on their heads.”

“Ah, well considering I’m an android, I suppose I don’t really need any body hair,” Skyler mused, “And if it would make you happier, then I’d be happy to go and shave it all off.”

“Wow! It really would!” I said, nearly bursting with joy, though just as Skyler was getting up, my eyes looked at my computer at body options and I stopped him.

“What? I thought you wanted me to shave?” Skyler asked, looking suddenly worried, “Am I malfunctioning?”

“No Sky,” I assured him, “It’s just I realized I might be able to alter your hair growth and stuff from my computer’s link to your bodies systems,” I explained, quickly perusing his body settings before finding the correct submenu labeled “hair”. A few seconds of looking at the various sub settings quickly confirmed my suspicions. “Aha, I was right!”

Skyler looked visibly relieved when I told him this. “That’s good, shaving all this might have taken a while,” he laughed, gesturing at his hairy arms and legs, “Not to mention given me some cuts.”

“Yeah,” I agreed, “Just hang on a sec while I check the options.

Skyler merely nodded in agreement and sat back down patiently. I looked back at the computer monitor at the various settings I could manipulate just for Skyler’s hair, and I was pretty impressed to say the least, but considering the multitude of sexual options, I wasn’t too surprised; Skyler was a very complex machine!

According to the tab, I could change Skyler’s hair color, length, rate of growth, and even stop the growth altogether. It showed an overlay of his entire body and where there was currently hair and its associated rate of growth and thickness. I found that by clicking on each area, I could even toggle an option to remove and stop hair growth entirely. As a test, I decided to try just his hands.

“Alright Sky, I think I can program your body to shed all the hair, but I’m going to try it just on your hands to see if it will work like I think it does.”

Skyler gave me a quick nod and then I tapped the ‘apply’ button on the hair tab. “Ouch,” Skyler said, quickly wincing as all the hair on his hands suddenly fell off.

“Sorry,” I apologized, genuinely concerned for his wellbeing, “I didn’t think it would hurt.”

“It’s okay, it didn’t really hurt all that much, I just wasn’t expecting to feel anything is all,” he assured me.

“Ah, well let’s see your hands.”

Skyler nodded and obediently held out both his hands for me to inspect. It did not take me long to confirm that there was no longer a single hair on his entire hand. “Did it work?” Skyler asked nervously.

“Yes!” I told him, gently feeling both hands, “As a matter of fact, your hands feel smoother now than if you had actually shaved them…I guess your body literally pushed the entire hair follicles out completely, leaving nothing but smooth skin.”

“Cool,” Skyler said, “and if you do that to my entire body, I guess I won’t need to shave anymore,” he laughed.

“Not at all!” I agreed, “I’m going to do the rest of you…just below your ears, alright?”

Skyler nodded and then braced himself for the pain as I selected his entire body below his ears. As soon as I clicked apply, Skyler winced silently as a cascade of hair suddenly fell from every inch of his body, leaving nothing but smooth skin behind. I found myself holding my breath as I looked upon his now perfect, hairless, muscular body.

“Hey, breathe Greg,” Skyler laughed, smacking my chest playfully as he gingerly felt his now smooth skin and brushed off hairs that hadn’t quite fallen off yet.

“Sorry Sky, it’s just underneath all that hair, your body is perfect,” I said with a blush.

“Did you want to feel me up now?” Skyler asked, doing a quick 360 on his toes and flaunting his body.

For several moments, I was tempted, but I stopped myself when I looked into Skyler’s still open torso, sighing regretfully. “No, I want to wait until I’ve done some more work on your body, particularly with all those sleeper settings.”

“Good point,” Skyler nodded, sitting back down, “So, just what do all these sleeper settings even do?”

“Well, most of them alter your perception of the world around you, so that you won’t be aware of any of your artificial traits,” I explained, “There are even some preventing you from accessing your own systems.”

“What do you mean?”

“Most androids have access to their internal systems via a HUD that is constantly displayed over their visual screen,” I explained, then stopped. “Perhaps it would be easier to just show you…I’m going to go ahead and deactivate all remaining sleeper settings.”

“Go for it!” Skyler said, not even waiting for me to ask his permission.

“Very well,” I said, opening up the sleeper menu once more. This time, instead of manually shutting off each sub-setting, I turned off the entire tab, shutting off all the sleeper protocols at once.

Doing so caused Skyler to perform another soft reboot, but he came back online in relatively short order. I noticed as he came back online this time, his CPU activity wasn’t as high as the previous times, since it wasn’t working as hard to fool his perceptions; It was also reducing his overall power consumption.

“Wow, this is…interesting,” Skyler said, once all his systems were booted. He was staring at his hands and surroundings as though it was his first-time seeing things.

“How so?” I asked, curious as to his experience.

“I’ve got a HUD now,” Skyler responded, “and it’s like showing me details on everything I’m looking at, such as what temperature they are, how far away they are, and even what they are.”

“Cool,” I said, “Hang on, I think I may be able to see what you see.”

I quickly scrolled through his head settings and brought up the window for his visual systems. Amongst several other settings, the main feature was a window displaying what Skyler was currently seeing with his eyes. In addition to the image of myself and my computer, which he was currently looking at, I could also see the HUD he had described, outlining his visual display. I noticed that anytime I was in his display, a small circle appeared around my face, giving him detailed information about me.

“Cool, right?” Skyler asked, looking over my shoulder.

“Yeah,” I nodded, “have you tried accessing your settings?”

“No, not yet,” Skyler admitted, though as soon as I mentioned it, he activated the settings icon and quickly perused all the settings he had access to. “Wow! Looks like I can control various aspects of my body, and even modify some of my settings,” he reported, quickly reviewing each submenu, “And it looks like I can even shut myself off,” he added, and then, before I could stop him, he activated the shutoff sequence. “Nap tiiiiiimmmmmmeeeee,” Skyler said with a smile, the last bit coming out as a low pitch whine as the systems in his body all powered off. After several seconds, Skyler was completely offline, his body once again silent.

Despite my initial shock, I couldn’t help but smile at Skyler. I couldn’t be sure I would act this chill if I discovered I was an android, and here was Skyler shutting himself off just for laughs. I admired Skyler’s sleeping body for a few more seconds before once more reaching inside his open chest and powering him back up.

Because Skyler was shut off this time rather than rebooting, it took a few extra seconds for him to turn back on, but once his systems were all back online, he smiled at me and said, “Wow, you really know how to turn me on.”

“Ha Ha,” I said mockingly, “How was your nap?”

“Well, despite only being offline for a minute or so, I feel pretty refreshed,” he smiled, “I think I could get used to this whole HUD thingy I have now,” he continued, seeming to zone out as he perused the HUD menus; I could still see everything he saw on my computer.

“Well, I’m glad you’re getting acquainted with your own systems,” I told him, “Since I won’t be with you to fix every little issue that pops up.”

“Yeah, I just wonder what would have happened to me if I hadn’t gotten broken today,” he mused, “I wonder if my systems would have degraded or something until I had a catastrophic malfunction or something.”

“Most likely,” I agreed, “Which reminds me…I still need to try and access the stuff in your head, but just to be safe, I want to remove your head.”

“Why do you need to remove my head?” Skyler asked, looking a little concerned.

“Well, for one thing it’ll be easier for me to access your head if I have it on my desk as opposed to your neck,” I told him, “And, I’d rather not tinker around in there while there is power running through it.”

“Ah, that makes sense,” Skyler nodded, “Kinda like when I have to remove the battery on my laptop before opening it up.”

“Exactly,” I nodded, “I figure your head should have enough of a charge to stay online for a few minutes or so after being removed, and that way it can deplete enough power to not electrocute me and to not damage your systems.”

“Well, you’re the expert on computers, not me,” Skyler shrugged.

“Now, I just need to figure out how to remove your head,” I said, looking back at my computer for his removal settings.

“No need Greg, when I was checking my HUD menus earlier, I found a submenu that I can use to detach the parts of my body that are detachable: arms, hands, legs, feet, and head,” Skyler supplied, “I can do it myself, if it’s okay.”

“Well, I will need to know how to do it manually at some point, but for now I have no problem,” I told him, “Just make sure you are sitting in a stable position,” I warned him, “because I’m not certain you’ll be able to control the rest of your body once you detach your head…what with your brain computer not connected to the torso computer.”

“I see,” Skyler said, positioning himself on the couch in a more stable position, “alright, here goes,” he then said, then his face went blank as he initiated the head separation program. I could immediately hear rapid whirring sounds from within his neck and then a seam quickly appeared around the entire neck just below his Adam’s Apple.

As quickly as it had begun, it was suddenly over and Skyler’s body just sat motionless with its head still resting upon its shoulders.

“Well Sky, do you still have control of your body?” I asked with genuine curiosity.

“No,” he responded, his face looking confused, “It’s weird, my head can still detect my body’s systems, since I haven’t been removed all the way, but the only things I can do right now are either move my head or start the reattachment program.”

“I thought so,” I nodded, “then there’s nothing left to do but pick you up,” I told him, calmly leaning forward and grabbing hold of his head from below his chin and lifting it up off his neck. I was briefly startled when a loud hiss of air emerged from his now open neck, but I managed to not drop Skyler’s head. Once I had him safely over my lap, I carefully sat down with him resting up in my lap. “Alright, now that you’re safely off your body, how are you holding up?” I asked him, “How much time do you have before your head runs out of power?”

“I’m doing surprisingly well, considering,” Skyler smiled, “and according to my HUD, my head has about 5-minutes before it runs out of power.”

“That should be plenty of time,” I nodded, “I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have my head removed,” I admitted, “What’s it like?”

“Relaxing,” Skyler admitted, “I don’t have to breathe, and I’m not distracted by the various sensations from the rest of my body…not that I don’t enjoy them, but they can be a tad distracting at times.”

“Yeah, they certainly can be,” I agreed, blushing slightly as I felt myself becoming a bit erect with Skyler’s head resting on my lap.

“So, aside from my head, are you going to be doing anything else with my body?” Skyler asked.

“Well, I’m going to run a diagnostic and try and replace any degraded components with the stuff I found in those boxes in the cave.”

“What boxes?” Skyler asked with a confused look.

“Oh, I forgot,” I said, smacking my forehead, “I found several boxes in that cave that appeared to contain spare supplies for your body, including a few extra limbs.”

“Wow, that’s kinda creepy,” Skyler said, looking as though he wanted to shudder, if he was still connected to his body. “Can you show me?”

“Sure,” I said, carefully grabbing hold of him and lifting him up into my arms, “Sorry if I’m grunting, but your head isn’t light,” I laughed.

“No problem, I trust you.”

“Well, here they are,” I told him, showing him the plastic storage bins that I found in the cave. There were three in total. One mostly just had spare circuits, including the ones I had already replaced inside of his torso; it appeared these ones were meant to be replaced frequently, given the quantity of them. The second one appeared to have replacement internal components, such as a stomach bag and filters. And the third one had spare limbs, such as hands, feet, and even a few heads.

“Wow, that’s kinda cool…and creepy,” Skyler said as I held his head close to each box, “Hey, can you pull out one of those heads?”

“Sure, just let me put down your current one first,” I told him. I managed to set his head down on a nearby table while I grabbed one of the heads from the box. I paused briefly to examine both of them and noticed something odd. After analyzing both, I grabbed one of them and showed it to Skyler. “Hey, doesn’t it kinda look like this head is older?”

Skyler closely scrutinized the duplicate of his head that I was holding just in front of his field of vision before finally saying, “Yeah, but just a little.”

“I thought so,” I said triumphantly, “I think you were supposed to have a handler or someone who would maintain you while you lived here in secret,” I told him, “That explains why there are two heads in this box that look gradually older; the other one looks a tad younger,”

“Wow, I wonder what happened to them?”

“Whatever the case, it looks like I’m your handler now.”

“And my lover,” Skyler added.

“Anyway, I suppose once your current head runs out of power, I’ll just move your brain stuff over to the older-looking head,”

“And then you’ll put me back on my body?”

“No, I still need to swap out some stuff in your body first, and I don’t want to put the new head on your body until I run some diagnostics on the new components first.”

“Ah, that makes sense,” Skyler agreed, then he got a brief look of concern on his face before saying, “I only have about 90 seconds of power remaining…I’m already feeling a bit weak while my systems divert resources to keep me online.”

“Okay,” I told him, giving him a look of minor concern, since we were trying to run his power out, but to me it felt a bit like killing him…if only temporarily.

“Don’t worry, I trust you’ll take good care of me while I’m out,” Skyler said, giving me a smile that warmed my heart. I instantly felt much better and returned the smile.

“Thanks Sky, and I promise you…when you’re back online, you’ll feel as good as new.”

“I’m sure I’ll feel just like I came off the assembly line,” Skyler laughed, though now with less than a minute left, his voice started to slow down and deepen in pitch, causing him to laugh even more.

“Well, maybe not that great, but close,” I said, once I stopped laughing, “If all goes well, it should only take about half an hour before I reactivate your A.I.”

Now, with less than 30 seconds left, Skyler seemed to be having trouble concentrating as his systems slowly shut down. With nearly ten seconds left, he finally said, “Greg, I’m so glad you were the one who found me…I love youuuuuuuu,” With Skyler’s power now used up, his face froze with the previous expression, though his eyes darkened up.

I waited a few seconds while the last of Skyler’s systems powered down before finally lifting Skyler’s head up to his and saying, “I love you too,” and planting a passionate kiss on Skyler’s still partially opened mouth before gently placing the head down on his workbench. I then rummaged in one of his drawers before pulling out a small handheld device and pointing it at Skyler’s head. The device showed the thermal readings from Skyler’s head, indicating that his internal components needed to cool down a bit before being removed.

“Alrighty Sky, time to get work on your body,” I then said, quickly getting up and sizing up the situation. Despite Skyler’s A.I. no longer being online, his body was still sitting passively on the nearby couch, still online and making subtle, random movements to keep the liquids coursing through his body moving.

I brought my chair over and carefully reached into Skyler’s open body, carefully examining each component. I quickly found that each component had a small LED screen on the mechanism keeping it in place that gave the name of the component, its function, its current status, and an option to toggle it on/off, or remove it. Based on what I read, it seemed virtually every component was giving him either a red or orange status color, indicating they either needed to be replaced immediately, or soon.

Some of the red status components seemed to be the android equivalent of his stomach, and waste management systems. “Hmm, no wonder you’ve been having difficulty going lately,” I mused, carefully writing down the part numbers so he could find the replacements.

After I finished the audit of Skyler’s internals, I decided to just replace everything, even the yellow and green status parts. Ultimately, Skyler would most likely have to purchase an entire replacement body at some point in the near future anyway, since there were multiple body processes that are irreplaceable.

I decided to first start with replacing Skyler’s hands and feet. Skyler had been complaining of rough skin on his hands, and slight foot pain in recent months, and now it all made sense. I quickly located a pair of hands and feet and placed them next to Skyler’s body while I searched on my computer for limb removal systems.

It did not take me long to locate the limb removal system, and as soon as I triggered the release of both hands and feet, I was instantly rewarded with the sound of mechanical whirring and the appearance of visible seams around each separation point; both limbs were still attached.

Just as I had with Skyler’s head, I gently pulled each limb away from the body and it released fairly easily with just a small hiss and whir. I took time to slowly marvel at the level of detail in each limb, including the connection points on both ends. I noticed that both hands and feet were completely dry now, and they appeared slightly paler. It seemed that during the removal process, the liquids are all retracted back into the main body.

I carefully placed both the old set of hands and feet on my workbench, next to Skyler’s head, and then began carefully clicking on the replacement sets. Each set naturally looked exactly identical, except they were in more pristine condition with no rough skin, perfect nails, and they still had hair. As soon as they were attached, however, the hair fell off due to the pre-programmed settings, and the same moisture level the previous set had suddenly appeared.

“Damn, they thought of everything,” I muttered, gently brushing the loose hairs away from Skyler’s body.

Before I did anything else, my fastidiousness suddenly took over, suddenly seeing all the loose hairs that had fallen from Skyler’s body earlier. I grabbed my nearby handvac and quickly sucked up all the hairs, emptying them in a special container to analyze later; I wanted to see if there was anything special about android hairs.

Once I had the hairs properly stored, I took my shopping list of replacement components for Skyler over to the boxes and began collecting the various parts. Once I had them all together and in a smaller box, I brought them over to the body and began the process of installing them. Most of the components were fairly standard analogues of actual Human organs. There were small balloons that functioned as lungs, but that mostly provided a realistic appearance and cooling for the internal components. While I was replacing the “lungs”, I noticed they each had what appeared to be air filters; they were pitch black.

“Wow Sky, it looks like you might have ended up melting down before long if that shock hadn’t uncovered you,” I muttered, tossing the old lungs off to the side of the box and moving to the equivalent of his liver.

Everything continued rather smoothly until I came to the waste systems. Each time I attempted to remove the equivalent of the bladder and bowel I received an error message. It wasn’t until I consulted the built in FAQs in the interface program that I learned that I had to first empty the two devices, and that meant I had to make Skyler’s body go to the bathroom from both ends. Thinking quickly, I grabbed an empty plastic bottle from the nearby waste bin for the urine and then a small plastic container that I was planning on throwing out for the feces. Once I had both containers next to Sky’s body, I went back to the interface program and made Sky’s body stand up. Once it was standing, I activated the waste systems. Selecting the urination sub-setting, I activated a ten-second timer and then quickly returned to Sky’s body, grabbed his penis, and placed the mouth of the empty bottle over the tip.

Once the timer finished, I immediately heard the sound of several systems in his body kick into gear. I also saw and felt the muscles near his penis activate and then a steady stream of liquid began streaming from the tip of his penis. Despite Sky being an android, the liquid certainly appeared to be urine, having a slight yellowish appearance. Once Sky’s body drained the last drop of urine from its reservoirs, the muscles surrounding his penis relaxed and all the systems shut off.

“Interesting, I’ll have to analyze this later,” I said, placing the now half full bottle on my desk next to Sky’s old hands and feet. Unfortunately, I also needed to empty his bowels, so I quickly grabbed a nearby plastic storage container, set the timer, and then waited behind him.

With the waste successfully removed from his body, I was finally able to replace the appropriate components; fortunately, his poop was encased in a sort of plastic, so I did not need to wash up. After I replaced both of them, I plugged in his charging cable so he could recharge, and then I returned to my computer and had his body run a full body diagnostic for a more comprehensive check of the state of his body. Since the interface program informed me the scan would take upwards of half an hour, I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to move his brain into the new head.

Just to be safe, I used the thermal scanner once more. This time, it confirmed that all the systems in his old head were at a safe enough temperature, so I pressed a small discolored area at the base of his neck, just below the hairline, and removed his entire scalp panel from the back of his neck to just above his forehead.

Once I had his entire upper head removed, I placed his scalp down on the desk and then marveled at what was inside. I could make out all the inner mechanics that allowed his face to work, from the outer casing of his mouth, to the backside of his eyes. In the center of it all, housed in a casing that connected to all the components, was an apple-sized device that I assumed was his brain. After a quick moment of searching, I located a toggle switch that released the brain from the housing unit, and into my hand.

I stared at the device with awe, staring from it, to the face on Skyler’s current head, wondering if Skyler was in some way aware of his current status…a disembodied computer brain. As I marveled at Skyler’s brain, I noticed that it had a set of USB ports, so I quickly unplugged the remote connection device from his current head and attached it to his brain. “There, you won’t have to worry about that anymore,” I said to him.

I gently placed Sky’s brain down next to his old head and then retrieved the older looking head, along with a device that was packed with them labeled A.N.A. (Artificial Neck Apparatus). Figuring it was some sort of diagnostic tool, I plugged it into a wall outlet, and into my computer, and clicked the new head onto it. Instantly, the device lit up, and a window popped up on the interface program requesting if I’d like the new head to be set as default. I selected yes and then watched as the programs began to auto-configure the head and then activate its controls. Once everything had configured, I quickly activated the scalp release for the new head and plugged Sky’s brain into the housing unit. I then clicked his scalp back into place and activated his A.I.

Because it was the first time Skyler’s A.I. was activating in this head, it took a bit longer than usual. While monitoring his activity monitor, I noticed that the head itself was installing files into his A.I. to allow him to act more like his new age, which apparently was listed as 21-22. Finally, it finished, and Skyler’s new head sprung to life, testing out several facial expressions before lighting up with life.

“Hey Sky, how do you feel?” I asked casually, as though he hadn’t been offline for the last half hour or so.

“A little different,” he admitted with a curious expression, seeming to collect himself for a moment, “I feel a bit more mature now, I think.”

“Yeah, I guess the head installed some files into your A.I so you could act a bit older,” I informed him, “you even sound older now.”

“Huh, interesting,” Skyler mused, “well, now I should definitely be able to purchase booze at the store,” he laughed.

“Yeah, you don’t look like a teenager anymore, that’s for sure!”

“So, are you able to reconnect me to my body?” Skyler asked, looking over my shoulder at his body, still sitting down on the couch.

“Oh, no, not yet,” I apologized, “I finished swapping out all your parts, but I started a hardware diagnostic that’ll take about another,” I paused to look at the progress bar on my computer, “looks like another 20 minutes.”

“Oh, ok,” Skyler said, slightly disappointed, then he got a curious look on his face, “But what am I attached to? It feels almost like a neck.”

“It’s something I found in that box of stuff, with all your heads,” I told him, “I guess it’s some sort of device that allows me to perform maintenance on your head,” I shrugged.

“Oh, well it’s kinda cool,” Skyler smiled, finding a way to manipulate it and swivel his head around, “Is there anything fun we can do in the meanwhile?”

“Hold on a sec,” I told him, quickly perusing the diagnostic program until I found something. “Aha, it looks like we can play around with your voice, since you speak with a vocal synthesizer instead of a voice box.”

“That sounds like it might be fun, let’s do it!”

“Okay,” I smiled, opening the vocal synthesizer tab and perusing the options, “okay, it looks like I can have your A.I. Scan your memory files for every single voice that you’ve heard, and analyze whether you’ve heard enough of their voices to duplicate them.”

“Well, I’ve heard dozens of peoples voices…is there any way to limit it to just people I interact with regularly?”

I paused as I double checked, “Yes, and I can limit it further so it’ll only do the top five people.”

“Why only five?”

“Because you don’t have unlimited storage,” I pointed out, “if I were to do it unlimited, you might run out.”

“Good point,” he nodded, “well, let’s get started.”

“Okay,” I nodded in return, tapping the scan icon. As soon as I tapped it, Skyler suddenly zoned out a bit. “You still with me, Sky?”

“Yeah…just feel a bit lightheaded,” he admitted, “this scan is using a lot of processing power.”

“Okay, I’ll try not to talk to you then…just focus on the scan.”

Skyler merely nodded as he let the scan happen.

When the scan finally finished five minutes later, five new vocal patterns suddenly populated in the options box. Aside from his own, I wasn’t surprised to see my own voice at the top, since we lived with each other. The other four names were Skyler’s boss at work, as well as two of his coworkers, and the last name was that of a pretty nurse at the hospital that they both had a crush on; two of the voices were male, and the other three were female.

“Wow, nice choices,” Skyler said, accessing the list in his HUD.

“Are you going to try them now?” I asked.

“Of course,” Skyler laughed, though he spoke flawlessly in my voice.

“Wow, that’s a little creepy,” I shuddered.

“Wow, that’s a little creepy,” Skyler perfectly mimicked, before laughing in my voice, “I suppose it is a little,” he admitted, reverting to his voice.

“Try one of the female voices,” I pressed.

“Hmmm, should I try my boss,” Skyler pondered aloud for dramatic effect, before making his selection with a sly look, “Greg, you’re looking good today,” Skyler said, though in the voice of the nurse they both had a crush on.

I instantly became flush, goosebumps forming on my skin. How I’d longed to hear her say something like that, though for some reason, hearing it out of Skyler’s mouth seemed more erotic.

“Wow, I’m having quite the effect on you,” Skyler grinned, still speaking in her voice.

“You have no idea,” I admitted, fanning my face, “perhaps you can use that a bit later,” I suggested.

“Oooh,” Skyler said, still using her voice, before reverting back to his, “maybe,” he grinned.

“I think it goes without saying that you shouldn’t use my voice for mischief,” I pointed out.

“Agreed,” Skyler nodded, the words ‘command accepted’ appearing in his activity monitor, “did you want me to play around with the other three voices?”

I shook my head, “Nah, it looks like the hardware diagnostic has finished on your body anyway,” I said, focusing on the results, squinting more and more as I read them.

Skyler watched patiently as I read the results of the diagnostic, but after a few minutes of silence, he spoke up with a concerned look on his face. “What’s wrong Greg? Is there something wrong with me?”

I snapped out of the results at the sound of concern in his voice and shook my head. “No, not really.”


“Well, I was able to fix the components that were damaged earlier today,” I reported clinically, “as well as the components that have degraded over the last three years, but the one thing I can’t replace is your entire body.”

“There’s something wrong with my body?”

“Don’t worry, you should be safe for now,” I assured him with a loving grin, “but, just like your organs had been degrading, so has your skeletal structure, along with your joints and servo mechanisms,” I explained, “ordinarily, an android like you could be expected to last a minimum of five years, with proper maintenance and upkeep…but, since you have received none after three years, the diagnostic is starting to show some stress forming throughout your body.”

“So, my body is failing?”

“Not immediately,” I reassured him, “but, you might want to start saving up for a replacement body right away,” I told him with a serious look, doing a quick search on the Spaztec website for his model #, sighing with relief as the page showed up, “fortunately, it looks like if you trade your current body in, they offer a discounted rate that’s less than the cost of a new car.”

“Oh, that doesn’t sound too bad,” Skyler nodded, “though it depends on the car,” he added with a laugh.

“An affordable car,” I clarified with a grin, “by estimates, you could save up this much in less than six months…and I could chip in a little myself to help you out”

“Wooh, that is a relief,” he sighed, “thanks again for fixing me up and letting me know what I am,” he said again, “it means a lot to me.”

“Don’t mention it Sky,” I told him, leaning in and kissing his new lips. When we broke apart, we stared at each other awkwardly before I said, “so, did you want to be put back on your body now?”

Skyler put on a thinking expression before shaking his head. “Actually, I’m a bit comfy on this thing, and I’d kinda like to watch you remote control my body around.”

“Really?” I asked with an incredulous look.

“Yeah,” he admitted with a bashful look.

“Alright,” I said, rubbing my hands together excitedly, “I need to unplug it first.” I quickly walked over to his body, still standing motionless in front of the couch, and pulled the charging cable free; he was at more than 80% charge. Once I was ready, I rushed back to my desk and transferred Skyler’s remote interface to my tablet so I could remote control him better. “Ok, let’s try something simple,” I said aloud for Skyler’s sake, tapping the controls to have Skyler’s body walk forward.

The last time I remote controlled Skyler’s body, it was only to make it stand up. This time, I had to make sure it didn’t bump into anything, or topple over. Fortunately, to my delight, his body appeared to have stabilizers in it, as well as its own memory, so it was able to walk almost exactly as Skyler would have, minus the little pep his personality added. I smoothly had it stop a few feet in front of me.

“Wow, that looked easy,” Skyler commented with an approving look, “try having it do something more complicated, like grabbing yourself a drink from the fridge…you look parched.”

“Thanks,” I laughed, tapping away on the tablet and making his body turn around and navigate itself around the room, out of my little corner office area, past the entertainment area, and into the kitchen, stopping in front of the refrigerator. “Wow, that’s cool,” I said, staring at some new options that appeared on his body’s visual feed.

“What is it?”

“It looks like that computer in your chest includes some pretty advanced context-based programming for the remote-control option,” I told him, quickly showing him what I could see in the tablet. The visual feed from the camera popping out of his neck was currently displaying the fridge, with the words ‘Remote Control Activated’ flashing in big bold letters on the top. What really interested me, however, was several options on the screen that included being able to grab various fridge magnets, activating the buttons for the ice and water dispenser, or opening the fridge.

“Wow, I see what you mean,” Skyler said in an impressed voice.

I nodded approvingly and tapped the ‘Open refrigerator’ option. Skyler’s body smoothly opened the fridge, and then several new options appeared as it scanned the contents. “Hmmm, what do I want,” I mused aloud for dramatic effect, seeing the various beverages in his vision; Skyler watched on with an amused look. I finally tapped the ‘grab iced tea/peach flavor (1)’ option and watched as his hand appeared on the screen grabbing for it.

“This is a very nifty feature I have installed,” Skyler said.

“It is,” I agreed, having his body close the fridge back up. A new option then appeared that saved me a ton of time, ‘return to starting point.’ I eagerly tapped it and watched as his body smoothly walked back the way it came and stopped exactly where it had started, a few feet from me, still holding the bottle of iced tea in its hand. I then tapped the ‘hand beverage to Greg’ option and took the drink from his outstretched hand, opening it up and taking a sip.

“You’re welcome,” Skyler grinned.

“Thanks,” I grinned back, “would you like me to have it do something else?”

“I dunno,” he shrugged, “maybe have it dance around a little.”

“Okay,” I nodded, typing dance into the command section. This brought up a new window with various dance options, such as the type of dance, the speed, and the duration. Since Skyler didn’t have too many dances installed, I simply selected ‘Happy Dance/Normal speed/one minute.’

As soon as the command was entered, Skyler’s body backed up a few steps for safety and then started performing a typical happy dance, in almost the same goofy way Skyler actually did it. After laughing a little with Skyler, I became transfixed on his penis, which was flopping around and making me slightly aroused.

Skyler noticed what I was looking at, so when his body stopped dancing, he said, “Hey, why don’t you have it come closer and jerk off or something?”

“Whoa, okay,” I smiled, making his body come forward. I then typed ‘jerk off’ into the command section, giggling a bit when it autocorrected to ‘masturbate’ and watched as Skyler’s left hand came down and started playing with his penis.

I was transfixed as his hand smoothly played with his penis for nearly a minute before I noticed that he wasn’t becoming erect. I typed ‘stop’ in the command section and searched his sexual options to see what was wrong.

“Is something wrong?” Skyler asked with a confused look, “I thought you were enjoying that…I know I was.”

“I was,” I nodded, “but, you may have noticed that your penis didn’t become erect.”

“Ah, that’s right…how strange.”

“I know…I’m just making sure your sexual systems actually work,” I said, before stopping, “Skyler, do you actually have any memory of masturbating during the entire time you’ve been with me…or at all?”

“Hmmm, let me think,” he said, before putting on a robotic blank stare that lasted about ten seconds, “No, come to think of it…I haven’t,” he admitted with a blush, “I obviously know how, and I seem to have some implanted memories of doing so, but not of actually doing it.”

“Huh, interesting,” I said, delving into his settings and locating the sexual tab. After a quick check, I was able to determine that his A.I. maintained a log of all sexual activities and was able to confirm that Skyler had indeed never masturbated, or engaged in any sexual activities, during the entire time he’d been online. “Yeah, you’re right…damn, I can’t believe you’ve been living like a monk all these years,” I laughed.

“I guess I just have good discipline” he grinned, “hey, am I even…you know, functional down there?”

“Says someone who obviously doesn’t know what they’re missing,” I quipped, “Well, clearly you can pee with it, so it makes sense it would be able to do the rest,” I assured him, running a quick check. Everything looked good, and it seemed Skyler had a full tank of whatever artificial semen his body seemed capable of synthesizing from the foods he ate or drank. Finally, I spotted the problem, letting out a triumphant “Aha!”

“What is it?”

“Well, first off, you are fully functional,” I reported to him happily, “it just seems the problem is that you can only be…aroused if your head is attached, since the arousal is linked to your A.I.”

“Ohhhh, that makes sense,” Skyler nodded.

“But I can still play around with it a bit,” I added, tweaking some of the controls on the tablet and watching as Skyler’s penis perked up a bit, slowly extending until it was fully erect.

“Whoa, cool!” Skyler said, watching as I played around with his penis remotely, making it go erect and flaccid and back to erect.

“Yeah,” I blushed, feeling myself grow hard at the sight, and the fact I had so much control over his body. I left his penis erect and set the tablet down, before reaching out my hand and gently grabbing his now stiff cock. His penis felt far better now that the hairs were gone.

“Man, I wish I could feel that,” Skyler said longingly, watching as I gently stroked it and felt the tip.

“Would you like me to reattach you know?” I asked again.

“No, not yet,” Skyler said regretfully, “you finish having fun first.”

“Ok,” I smiled, resuming my admiration of his erect penis, before returning it to its neutral state. I then turned to Skyler, giving him a strange look, before typing away on my computer and searching his interface.

“Is something wrong?” He asked with a concerned look.

“No,” I told him, “it’s just…” I struggled to find the right words, “you’re amazing…almost too amazing.”

“Is that a problem?”

“Not really,” I smiled, “but, I want to see if there’s something buried in your A.I. That can tell me where you came from and why you were built. I’m just concerned that you could be too good to be true.”

“I see,” he nodded solemnly, “Well, if I do have that information in me, I don’t have any conscious access to it,” he admitted, his activity monitor showing he had just attempted to search his own memories, “I hope I’m not too good to be true.”

“Me too,” I nodded, resuming my search. Fortunately, I found what I was looking for fairly quickly: a large document that appeared to be addressed to ‘whomever discover’s my secret.’

It was several pages long, giving an entire history, but I was glued to the screen and absorbed all the contents while Skyler patiently waited, before turning to him with a serious look.

“You found something?”

“Yes,” I nodded, “umm…it had a disclaimer that by telling you about it, it might unlock some hidden memories,” I informed him, “is that something you want?”

“Sure,” he shrugged, “I prefer not to live in mystery.”

“Alright,” I sighed, “so, it turns out you are the result of a scientific study that occurred over 100 years ago,” I began, “some research group was traveling to colleges all across North America, and several in Europe, and were attempting to see if it was possible to upload a human consciousness into a computer.”


“Yeah, but they weren’t exactly successful,” I continued, “they were able to copy a human mind, but not actually completely upload it from a human brain. They scanned the brains of over 100,000 college students, professors, and employees, and basically saved their work in a massive database.”

“And, I’m from one of the brains they scanned?” Skyler guessed.

“Yes, but they weren’t able to build androids back then, and they couldn’t really go any further, so they simply kept the scans in a database and protected it in a secure building for later….but then, the war happened and it was lost.”

“Well, they obviously found it.”

“Yeah,” I laughed, “they found it about ten years ago but, after a century, the computer had begun to degrade and many scans were either lost or corrupted.”


“It would seem yours was one that was merely corrupted, and they decided to create android bodies for all of you, using the 3D scans the researchers had also taken, so you could be interspersed throughout society to help fill in some of the missing gaps in our economy and society left by the aftermath of the war,” I explained, “but, due to the corruption, they had to fill in a bunch of missing pieces in your scans, so they created the false memories and made you sleepers so that you would essentially be new people.”

“That explains it,” Skyler nodded, “but why make us sleepers?”

“They wanted to study how you interacted with people so they can make their own sentient A.I.s,” I told him, “they’d been trying for years, but your brain scans are the only things capable of operating in an android body and be sentient.”

“Wow…but you can still reprogram me,” he pointed out.

“Yeah,” I shrugged, “they had to put a lot of their code in, but it doesn’t change the fact that you’re self-aware and conscious of your existence.”


“Anyway, it looks like you were supposed to have a handler of sorts who was supposed to monitor you from the moment you were activated, but they had budget cuts, so your handler was reassigned,” I continued, reading more from the document, “they figured as long as you ended up befriending someone, that person would most likely take good care of you.”

“Well, they were right…you have,” Skyler smiled.

“Yeah,” I nodded, “It looks like you were indeed programmed to imprint yourself on whoever discovered your secret first, assuming that person was trustworthy, so I guess I really am your owner now…though I don’t really like thinking of myself as your owner,” I said uncomfortably.

“Master?” Skyler supplied with a grin.

“Nah,” I frowned, “I think boyfriend works just fine for me right now.”

“Me too,” Skyler agreed, “and maybe someday husband,” he added hopefully.

“Hopefully,” winked, “though I’m not sure which one of us has to propose to the other,” I admitted, shaking my head as I set a mental reminder to ask the gay cashier next time I saw him.

“Well, considering you ‘own’ me, I think the ball is in your court,” Skyler told me, “I mean, maybe you’ll decide you don’t want to marry me, but just want to have me as a sex buddy or something.”

“Perhaps,” I chuckled, “but, I really do like you…I’m not sure adding sex will change that too much.”

“That’s good to hear,” Skyler said affectionately, before getting a strange look on his face, “Whoa, I think I have access to all those memories now,” he said with a look of wonder on his face, “wow, its all the memories of the real Skyler from over 100 years ago…they really roughed it back then.”

“Well, we have better technology now, so it’s no wonder,” I shrugged, smiling at the look on his face as he accessed his new memories, “did he have any significant others?”

“No,” Skyler replied, “he crushed on a few people, but didn’t have anyone special in his life.”

“Too bad,” I said sadly, “though, maybe he found someone after the brain scan was taken.”

“Perhaps,” Skyler nodded, “Greg, these memories are going to have to integrate into me overnight, so I’m going to leave them alone for now,” he suddenly said, “I think I’m ready to be reattached to my body now.”

“Alright,” I said in an excited voice, moving over to Skyler’s head to prepare to remove it, “did you want any closeups of your body before I reattach you?”

“Sure, perhaps just my penis and my panel,” he said with a hint of a blush.

“Good choices,” I grinned. I then detached his head from the device and carefully held it in my hands facing out as I turned to his body. “You alright?”

“Yeah, this is kinda fun,” he admitted.

“Good, I’m going to hold you out to your body then,” I told him, bending down slightly so I could hold him close to his penis. Skyler spent several seconds closely scrutinizing and admiring his penis, even reaching out his tongue and licking the tip. “Do you want to suck your dick?” I laughed, playfully shoving him into his own penis before pulling him back.

“No,” Skyler laughed back, “at least, not right now.”

“Alright,” I nodded, standing back up and letting him examine the inside of his panel.

“Wow, I really am a complex machine,” he said in a wondrous voice, watching all the blinking lights and listening to the gentle humming of his body’s machinery.

“You most certainly are,” I agreed, “would you like to see anything else?”

“Maybe just walk behind me so I can see my backside,” he replied, “people don’t usually get to see their backs.”

“Good point.” I smoothly walked around behind his body a few feet, allowing him to drink in the appearance of his backside and fine ass, before moving in closer.

“Thanks Greg, you can reattach me now,” Skyler said, “I only have about two minutes of power remaining in my head anyway.”

“Oh yeah, almost forgot about that,” I said with a slightly embarrassed look, before lifting Skyler’s head up to his neck and gently clicking it back in place.

There was a series of whirs and clicks beneath the skin of his neck and head as his body reattached his head, but seconds later the seam vanished and Skyler regained control of his body, twitching slightly as he regained sensation. I merely walked back in front of him and watched, making sure he did’t fall.

“How does it feel?” I asked him curiously.

“Much better,” he breathed, wiggling his new fingers and toes on his new hands and feet, “the components you replaced in my body must have been really bad, because these new ones feel nice,” he explained in a relaxed voice, “and the new hands and feet don’t have any of the muscle fatigue the old ones did.”

“Good,” I sighed with relief, “I’m no android expert, but you probably wouldn’t have lasted more than six months before something failed, so I guess it’s a good thing we discovered your condition today.”

“Yeah,” Skyler nodded, “hey, I could have sworn I had to go to the bathroom earlier…did you drain my waste?”

I blushed. “Yeah, I had to in order to replace your waste systems.”

“Oh, okay,” Skyler nodded, a little embarrassed, “I don’t think we’ll need to explain any further.”

“Good,” I agreed.

“But, since you seem to have replaced everything, I suddenly feel hungry,” he said, making a motion to rub his belly, though keeping his hand a few inches away, since his panel was still removed. A speaker in his body emitted a stomach growl sound, as if to emphasize his need for food.

“Oh, hold on a sec,” I told him, rifling around in my desk drawer before producing an energy bar, “here, if this works well for humans, I figure it should be enough to satiate an android too.”

“Thanks,” Skyler nodded, eagerly taking the energy bar and ripping open the wrapper. As he took a few bites and swallowed, I could see the food making its way from the tube leading from his throat and dropping into his stomach. I watched with an amused look as eventually the entire energy bar, all chewed up, was now inside his stomach and fizzing away as his stomach acid dissolved it.

“Would you like some of my iced tea to wash it down?” I offered, holding out the bottle; I’d only taken a few sips.

“Sure,” Skyler smiled, though he stopped when he looked down at his chest, “Ah, perhaps you should reattach my chest first,” he pointed out, “I don’t want to risk spilling any liquids in my body.”

“Good idea,” I nodded, walking over to where I had placed his chest cover. Once I had it removed from the blanket that I was using to protect it, I stopped to admire it, pausing as I saw the hairs. “Oh Sky, you might want to brace yourself when I put this on,” I warned him, walking over to him with it.


I held it out to him. “The chest hair is still there, but your body is programmed to make it fall out.”

“Oh yeah, I almost forgot,” Skyler said, “well, it won’t hurt too much if its just my chest,” he assured me, “last time it was my whole body.”

“Fair enough,” I shrugged, lining up his chest cover and clicking it in place. As soon as the seams sealed up, Skyler winced slightly as the small number of hairs present on his chest were dislodged by his body, mostly falling to the floor. I gently brushed the few errant hairs from his chest, eliciting a soothing sigh from Skyler, before grabbing the handvac and quickly vacuuming up the hairs.

“Wow, you look much better,” I nodded approvingly, handing him my iced tea.

“Thanks,” he blushed, taking the iced tea and chugging the rest of it, neatly tossing the empty bottle into the waste bin near my desk. There was a brief awkward pause before he looked into my eyes. “So, um…I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind playing around with my penis some more,” he managed to say bashfully, “I mean, since I couldn’t feel it the other times you did.”

I felt my face flush as a gentle smile formed, “Sure,” I nodded.

“Thanks,” he blushed back, “I guess we’re both going through a sexual awakening of sorts,” he said, stepping closer to me so I could reach him better.

“Yeah,” I nodded, grinning as I once more reached out and fondled his penis. Skyler recoiled slightly, this likely being the first time he’d actually felt anyone other than him touch his genitals, but he quickly relaxed and breathed calmly as he felt my fingers gently playing with him.

Unlike the previous times, when his body was either offline or disconnected from his head, I could actually feel his penis responding to my touching. The muscles twitched initially, since he wasn’t accustomed to my touch there, and then I could feel it throb as it slowly became aroused. Before long, it was fully erect, so I slowed down my progress and stared into his eyes. “Do you want me to make you cum?”

Skyler merely nodded, caught up in the pleasure. I smiled back and continued working his penis, stroking the full length of the shaft, and gently fondling the tight balls, before prepping a few tissues over the tip of his penis and tweaking the erogenous zone below the tip. This had the immediate desired effect on Skyler, triggering his orgasm. His penis throbbed violently several times, shooting a few streams of semen into the tissues, slightly leaking through, before coming to a rest.

As Skyler caught his breath, I gently wiped the residual moisture from his penis, and my hands, and then curiously investigated the load he’d delivered into the tissue. It certainly looked like semen, and had a similar consistency. I even felt brave and licked a small amount that I dabbed onto my finger, remarking that it even tasted like real semen. I tossed the tissues into the waste bin and then focuses back on Skyler.

“Well, how was your first orgasm?” I grinned.

“It was great!” Skyler said excitedly, absently shaking his hips, making his still slightly erect penis flop around a little, “I can’t believe I haven’t done that at all since I came online.”

“Probably some sort of programming prevented you,” I guessed, “it’s likely been shut off along with all the sleeper programming.”

“Good,” he nodded.

“So, do you maybe want to head into my room and have some sex?” Skyler suggested, “I mean, I’m obviously fully functional, so might as well take me out for a spin to celebrate our new relationship.”

I was slightly taken aback, but not offended. “Sure, though I’m not sure I know how…” I said worriedly.

“No problem,” Skyler shrugged, “we’ll learn together.” He held out his hand and gave me a trusting smile.

Reassured by Skyler’s carefree attitude, I took his hand and followed him into his room. Skyler’s room was filled with several posters off TV shows and movies he liked, as well as a few nic nacs he’d picked up over the years. A small desk with his computer station was situated near the window, and his bed was in the corner next to it.

“I figured you wouldn’t want to dirty your own sheets,” Skyler grinned, since he had my preferences for cleanliness programmed into him now.

“Thanks,” I smiled.

He nodded. “So, would you like me to undress you, or would you like to do it yourself?”

I actually had to stop and think about that one. “Hmmm, I suppose it might be sexier if you undress me,” I finally decided.

Skyler responded with a smile as he moved forward and gently began removing my clothes, starting with my shirt, gently lifting my arms so he could remove it. The paused to briefly feel up my chest, though it wasn’t as muscular as his.

After feeling up my entire torso, he bent down to slide my pants down, before sliding my underwear down as well; I had already removed my shoes and socks when I got home, so I merely stepped out of the pants and kicked them to the side, thrusting my hips out to flaunt my slightly erect manhood.

“Wow, not bad,” Skyler said with an impressed look, as my penis settled down somewhat.

“Thanks,” I blushed modestly, as I shook it a few times to air it out, since I had worked up a bit of a sweat working on Skyler for the past several hours. “You can play with it a little, if you like,” I offered.

“Thanks,” Skyler nodded, bending down and examining it. He briefly admired it with his eyes, taking a few snapshots to save in his private image folder, before reaching out and feeling it with his hands.

I recoiled slightly, only because I wasn’t accustomed to anyone touching me there, but quickly relaxed as I felt Skylers smooth, artificial hands gently massing it with his fingers, admiring my smooth, shaved skin down there. I felt the blood rushing to my member as he stimulated it properly, and before long I was fully erect. Skyler stopped short, however, of actually making me orgasm, instead smoothly admiring my shaft before withdrawing his hands. “I’m saving you for what’s next,” he explained via whispering into my ear, before gently guiding me to his bed.

What happened next was the most pleasurable experience in my entire life. We crawled under his covers and rubbed our bodies against one another, feeling each other up and grinding our genitals together. We kept that up for what felt like an eternity before instinctually switching to the 69 position and orally stimulating each other, Skyler using is android skills to perfectly synchronize our orgasms, so we came in each other’s mouths at the same time.

Were Skyler not artificial, I would have never considered doing this with another man, but swallowing his artificial cum gave me no pause whatsoever. Once we recovered from our ecstasy, we switched back to normal position and embraced each other once more, before passing out from sheer bliss.

I woke up a short time later feeling perfectly rested, and immensely happy. The nearby clock on Skyler’s drawer revealed we had been napping for just over an hour, and it was nearly dinner time. Skyler was still napping, so I lightly shook him awake.

“Ah, that was great, wasn’t it?” He breathed, leaning in and kissing me.

“Yes, it was,” I agreed, kissing him back.

Skyler then lifted up the sheets and looked underneath, “Well, looks like we didn’t dirty up the sheets too much,” he nodded approvingly.

“Yeah,” I smiled, “I’m still gonna wash them though.”

“I know you will,” Skyler laughed, ‘but hey, since we’re a couple now, do you think we should sleep together now?”

“I don’t mind…it might take a bit of getting used to, but I’m all for it if you are,” I decided.

“Great, I’ll move a few of my things in later then,” Skyler smiled, “and, since I’ll be sleeping with you, you could probably just take this whole room if you want so you can have a private office to work.”

I shook my head. “Nah, that might be moving a bit too fast…besides, your room doesn’t have the same high-speed connection in it, so I wouldn’t be able to work in here anyway.”

“Ah, true,” Skyler nodded.

“We can keep your room up in case you feel like sleeping alone,” I continued, “at the very least, we could maintain it as a guest room or something.”

“Good idea.”

“Actually, now that we are a couple, we can probably combine our resources better and look into maybe finding a slightly bigger place, so I can have a private office.”

“Yeah, that would be good…. this place is a bit small,” Skyler chuckled.

“Yeah, though you also have to save up for your body replacement too,” I reminded him.

“Yeah,” he frowned, “Sounds a bit weird…I just hope it would still be me.”

“Of course it would, silly!” I playfully punched his chest, “your brain could be moved into the new body as easily as I moved it into this head,” is explained, poking his new forehead.

“Ah, I forgot about that,” he blushed.

“Well, maybe a new body will fix your forgetfulness,” I joked.

“Maybe I could get a female body,” Skyler responded in a joking voice.

“Hah, that would be interesting,” I mused, “though I prefer you in your body.”

“Ah, thanks,” Skyler gushed, leaning in and smooching me on the lips, “Umm, do you want the first shower?”

I stopped to think, since although we had two bedrooms, we had only one bathroom with a shower. “Nah, you go first,” I decided, “that way I can tidy up and then you can get dinner started while I shower.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Skyler smiled, kissing me once more before climbing out of bed, heading to his dresser to grab a fresh set of clothes.

I climbed out of bed too, grabbing the sheets and blankets off his bed to drag over to the washing machine. I slapped Skyler’s ass playfully as he was heading into the bathroom. “Hey, try not to waste all the hot water.”

“I won’t,” he said, giving me a reassuring thumbs up before closing the door. I smiled to myself as I shoved the contents of his bed into the washing machine, glad that Skyler and I were finally able to be intimate, and that he was an android on top of it all. I knew from this point on that life would only get better.

Part 2: Rachel

It was still dark when I woke up. A quick glance at the clock I had on the wall told me it was 3am. After a few seconds of collecting my thoughts, I realized that I awoke because my bladder was full. Unfortunately, something was preventing me from getting up right away.

Intertwined with me on my left side was Skyler, my android boyfriend. Although I had known him for more than three years, we only both found out he was an android about 6-months earlier. After a bit of reprogramming, Skyler now knew he was an android and was capable of loving me, though we both were not strictly gay…. just in love with one another.

Skyler, currently naked and closely intertwined with me, would be difficult to move without waking…if he were human. Since he was an android, however, I merely had to say, “Sky, I have to pee.”

Wordlessly, Skyler’s body decoupled from mine, rolling over on its back before climbing out of the bed. Its eyes remained closed though, as though he were sleeping standing up. This was a nifty program I was able to install in Skyler after the first week or so that we had started sleeping with one another, since I tend to move around a lot while I sleep, and since I occasionally needed to get up in the middle of the night to relieve myself and Skyler didn’t. The program allowed us to program in several key phrases or words while his A.I. slept so he could move around to suit my needs without losing any sleep.

I smiled fondly at the sight of him sleeping while standing up as I got up out of the bed and headed towards the door to my bathroom. After I relieved myself, I walked back to the bed, pausing to squeeze Skyler’s ass, before crawling back into bed under the covers and warming myself back up.

Once I was comfortable, I turned to Skyler and said, “Sky, little spoon.”

Wordlessly, Skyler’s body crawled back into bed to my left, turning onto his left side and scooching back towards me so I could cuddle him as the big spoon. I quickly moved in, my bare skin joining his and quickly warming up. I sighed contentedly and quickly fell back asleep.

I was woken a few hours later this time by Skyler, who had set an alarm for himself and gently shook me awake.

“Wakey wakey sleepy head,” he smiled, once he saw my eyes inch open, leaning in and giving me a kiss.

I groaned playfully at having been woken up, but returned his kiss, grabbing his back and pulling him in closer.

“I know you don’t like being woken up, but today’s an important day and we need to head out early,” Skyler reminded me.

“Oh yeah, I remember,” I managed to say, once Skyler broke away, “Do I still have time for my ‘breakfast’?” I asked with a sly wink.

“Yeah, but just make it quick,” Skyler replied with a knowing smile, laying on his back on his pillow and lifting up the blankets.

“Goodie,” I said excitedly, crawling under the covers and locating Skyler’s penis, already slowly becoming erect in anticipation of my coming blowjob. I made quick work of Skyler, rewarded with a warm gush of his cum, which had been replaced with a bacon flavored canister.

Once I finished, I wiped my mouth clean and came back up out of the covers. “Did you want a go?” I offered, lifting up the covers and flaunting myself.

“I’d love to,” Skyler smiled, “Unfortunately I can’t eat or drink anything before the procedure.”

“Ah, that’s right,” I nodded.

Since Skyler was a sleeper for three years before discovering he was an android, his body hadn’t received the proper maintenance that a normal android would have ordinarily received. Despite the repairs I had been able to conduct on him following his accident, it didn’t change the fact that his body still had stress damage from over the years that only a full body replacement could fix.

Skyler had finally saved up enough money, working tons of overtime at work, to finally be able to replace his body. He was supplementing the costs by having technicians analyze his current body and transferring over any parts that were still in good condition, and then recycling the rest of his body’s components.

During this time, which would take the entire three-day weekend they were just starting, Skyler would be temporarily inhabiting a loaner body, but Skyler wouldn’t know what the body was until they got to the shop. I assured him I would still love him no matter the body he was in, but he was still nervous.

“Are you looking forward to it?” I asked.

“Well, you did tell me it was necessary, though I am a bit nervous about the prospect of getting a replacement body after living in this one all my life…all three and a half years of it,” he laughed.

“Yeah, but you’ll be glad you did,” I reminded him, “I’m more nervous about the body you’ll be temporarily inhabiting,” I admitted.

A somewhat guilty look flashed across Skyler’s face before he steeled himself, “Actually, I was less than truthful about the body I’ll be inhabiting.”


“Well, it kinda technically won’t be temporary,” he admitted.

“What do you mean?” I asked with a worried look.

“Well, I kinda want the details to be a surprise, but let’s just say I had a bit of extra money and decided to purchase the body that I’ll be temporarily inhabiting,” he explained, “I think you’ll like it,” he grinned.

“Ooh, I can’t wait then,” I said, leaning in and giving Skyler a reassuring kiss, “I take it that’s what you meant on my birthday when you said I might not get a lot of Christmas presents this year.”

“Yeah, kinda,” Skyler said, “It was a significant purchase, but the overtime and bonuses I’ve gotten covered most of the cost.”

“I trust you,” I assured him, “Why don’t we get ready?”

“Good idea,” Skyler smiled, giving me another kiss before heading out into the hall and into his bathroom.

After we both showered up and got dressed, I headed out into the kitchen and had an actual breakfast before grabbing my keys and wallet and preparing to drive Skyler to the android institute where he would be getting his new body.

We arrived less than an hour later and, after brief check-in process at the front lobby, we were escorted to a private suit so we could consult with the technician who would be overseeing the construction of Skyler’s upgraded body.

The technician, an android woman named Chelsea with the appearance of being in her mid-twenties, had a calming, no-nonsense attitude to her as she explained what would be going on.

“So, I see your one of the sleeper androids the government seeded into the economy,” She said casually, reading his chart, “I’m one of them too, though fortunately I found out what I was only a few months after being brought online so I’ve been able to have my body well taken care of.”

“Well, considering what they were using us for, I think my A.I. was able to gather quite a bit of data, at least,” Skyler shrugged, “And, Greg here was able to patch me up well enough.”

“You’re lucky you had someone like Greg to look after you,” she nodded, smiling fondly at me, “I wasn’t so fortunate…” she trailed off, “Anyway, to begin I’ll need you to completely disrobe…that means butt naked. If you need to, you can feel free to disable your modesty programming.”

Skyler blushed slightly at her forthright comment, but stared at her assuringly, “I think I’ll be fine.” He then casually disrobed and stood before her for inspection.

“Very good,” she complimented, “I mean your willingness to disrobe…some of my clients are prude, which is quite silly in my opinion,” she scoffed, closely scrutinizing Skyler’s body. “So, you’ve signed up for the package where we take any good conditioned components and transfer them into your new body, correct?” She inquired, as she inspected his skin.

“Yes,” Skyler nodded, stifling a giggle as she actually began squeezing his muscles in various spots around his body.

“Several of his components were replaced about six months ago by me after his accident/discovery,” I chimed in, “I’ve ready many of those components, even though they are from more than three years ago, are still basically the same ones they use today.”

“That’s correct,” she nodded, poking Skyler’s pectoral muscles and noting on her panel, “Could you unseal your primary access panel so I can take a look inside?”

“Sure,” Skyler nodded, zoning out momentarily as he accessed the panel controls from his HUD. Once his front torso panel unsealed, Chelsea clinically removed it, placing it on a nearby table, and then practically stuck her head in his open torso to inspect everything.

Skyler shot me a nervous smile as Chelsea was digging around in his torso, twitching a bit as she used a tool to test his motor system reflexes. Finally, she pulled herself out and gave an approving nod.

“It looks like approximately 40% of your components are in decent enough shape to transfer over, though you can opt to replace some of them if you wish,” she reported, quickly showing us the list.

After we both perused it, we gave each other a look and shook our heads. “We can always upgrade them later,” I decided.

“Very good,” she said, checking that off her list, “Now, the new body will have the latest improvements in android design, which means enhanced skin and musculature, refined skeletal design to boost efficiency, and improved battery life.”

“Nice,” Skyler nodded.

“Since you are having a new body built, you have the option of modifying it,” she continued, “If you want to be taller, or shorter, or perhaps add some more muscles, this is the time to do it…. although, in my opinion, your body already looks very fine.”

Skyler blushed at that comment, and I felt a pang of jealousy which quickly subsided, “Umm, I have considered making my abs a bit more pronounced,” he said, looking over at his torso cover at the barely visible abs.”

“That is easily arranged,” she smiled, showing him a rendering of his body and having him stop at the desired outcome.

“Is there anything about my body that you would like changed?” Skyler then asked me.

I was caught slightly off guard at being put on the spot, Chelsea’s deep blue eyes quickly focusing on mine, awaiting my response.

I quickly eyed Skyler’s body up and down, trying to decide if there was anything about him that I wanted changed. “I don’t have any issues with Skyler’s external appearance, but I was wondering if there is a way to shave a few pounds off of him,” I finally said, eliciting a loving smile from Skyler, “I looked it up and he weighs at least 12lbs more than a human his size should.” Chelsea looked over at Skyler, scrutinizing his appearance as I just had and nodded her head, typing away rapidly on her tablet. “You’re pretty close, actually,” she finally agreed, “Obviously one of the disadvantages to being an android,” she chuckled wryly.

“Is there anything that we can do during the construction of his new body?”

“I believe so,” she smiled, continuing to check a few things on her tablet, “The upgraded skin and musculature should reduce his overall weight by about 2lbs,” she reported, “and, if you were to change your mind and replace these six components, then that should reduce his weight by another 5lbs.” She handed me the tablet, displaying each of the six components and what they did. “The other components that you aren’t swapping haven’t been replaced by anything that would measurably alter his weight or performance in any way, but a 5-7lbs reduction in weight would improve his battery efficiency.”

“Hmmm, I see,” I nodded, “Looks like it will only add a few hundred bucks to the overall cost too…I’ll go ahead and chip in for that portion then.”

“Are you sure?” Skyler asked in a concerned voice, “I don’t want you to have to spend more money on my body.”

“It’s fine,” I shrugged, “Consider it an early Christmas present…besides, reducing your weight a little will make working on you when you’re offline a lot easier.”

“Alright,” Skyler chuckled.

“Great,” Chelsea smiled, taking her tablet back and submitting the order, “Are you ready to see the backup body that you purchased to use while your new body is being built?”

“Oh yes,” Skyler said, excitedly rubbing his hands and starting for the door, before stopping with an embarrassed look, “Should I reassemble myself first?”

“Might as well,” Chelsea shrugged, “The guys working on your body can just open you up again, and I wouldn’t feel comfortable walking around to long with my panel open,” she shuddered.

“Yeah, it does turn Greg on though,” Skyler laughed, “Care to do the honors?” he asked playfully towards me, flaunting his open panel.

“You know I would,” I grinned, grabbing his panel and clicking it back in place. “Alright, let’s go see this surprise body you’ll be using.”

“Ooh, you haven’t told him….this should be interesting,” Chelsea muttered to Skyler as they headed into a side room.

The next room was fairly unremarkable compared to the room they were just in. The only thing of interest was a storage unit that was obviously holding the android body that Skyler would be using while he waited for his upgraded body to be built. Chelsea stepped directly towards it while Skyler and I waited eagerly. She tapped in a complex code only an android could be expected to remember, and then stepped back as the unit hissed open. I couldn’t help but gasp as I gazed at the android nestled within.

The android was that of a young woman in her early-to-mid thirties. She was wearing casual clothes, sneakers, and had an ordinary girl next door look to her. Her long, dark brown hair fell neatly just past her shoulders and her freckled face currently appeared to be sleeping. If I didn’t know she were an android, I could have easily mistaken her for someone who had just decided to take a nap.

“Well, what do you think?” Skyler asked, after I’d had time to fully absorb her appearance.

“I…I, She’s…I didn’t know you’d be choosing a female body,” I sputtered awkwardly.

“I know, but I figured this would be a good surprise for you,” Skyler said, “I mean, I know you love me, but I also know you’re not gay so I got Rachel here so I could be a woman from time to time and please your hetero side.”

“Wow, I don’t know what to say,” I said, my heart fluttering uncontrollably in my chest, “Are you sure you’re comfortable with changing genders, even temporarily.”

“Anything for you,” he said lovingly, planting a kiss on my lips, “And, I have kinda wanted to try one out since discovering what I am,” he added.

“I’ll bet,” I managed to laugh.

“I even picked a body out that looks similar to me,” Skyler explained, pointing out Rachel’s freckled face and brown hair, “She kinda looks like she could be my cousin.”

“Yeah,” I chuckled, “But, wouldn’t you want to have sex with her from time to time?”

Skyler face flushed, but he recovered. “Well, that would be nice, but unlike me, Rachel doesn’t have an A.I. Core of her own…she’s just a body.”

“Huh, interesting,” I mused.

“Rachel was a custom build for someone who ended up, for whatever reason, not being able to take possession of her,” Chelsea explained, “In that case, Spaztec will usually put those bodies on auction to try and recoup there losses rather than simply trashing them.”

“Yeah, I got Rachel here for a really good deal,” Skyler boasted, patting Rachel’s body as though she were some car that Skyler bought. A funny analogy, I laughed to myself, since both objects would be something that Skyler would essentially be moving around in.

“Is there going to be any issue with Skyler, a male A.I., operating in a female body?” I asked with mild concern to Chelsea.

“Actually yes, but its easily remedied,” Chelsea responded, tapping away on her tablet, “Skyler, I’m temporarily connecting you to my private server. Download and install the gender profile ‘Skyler-FemaleGen:Rachel.Sex’.” She instructed.

“Okay, I’ll try…I’m still a bit new at this,” he said, zoning out as he usually did when he accessed his HUD. His eyes moved around as he scanned stuff only his A.I. could see before saying, “Ah, I see it…this won’t replace me, will it?”

“No,” Chelsea giggled patiently, “It’ll just sit in the directory that controls your gender responses and you can switch to it whenever you want, and then switch back.”

“I see,” Skyler nodded, before zoning out again as he downloaded it.

“If you don’t mind me asking, have you ever tried out a male body?” I asked Chelsea.

“I have,” she replied casually, “Though, my reasons have been for diagnostic purposes rather than entertainment.”

I couldn’t help but blush.

“I did find the experience educational though, and I’m sure Skyler will too.”

“I’m sure.”

“Okay, it’s done,” Skyler reported, “So, what exactly will this do?”

“All it does is allow you to operate a female body with more feminine responses,” Chelsea explained, “That way, you won’t be too distracted with your female attributes to concentrate, and you can behave in a more feminine matter in social situations.”

“I think I understand,” Skyler nodded.

“But he could run just fine without it, if need be?” I asked.

“Yeah, but he would likely find it very distracting…and, anyone talking to him would know something isn’t right,” Chelsea replied, “I mean, it’s the difference between pretending to be female and actually being female.”

“Ok,” I nodded, still not quite getting it, but knowing there was little way I could without actually being an android myself.

“Well, are you ready?” Chelsea asked.

“Yeah,” Skyler said eagerly.

“Great, then unseal your scalp panel and prepare to be removed,” Chelsea instructed, “We’re going to leave your body online so its easier for the technicians to move around, so we’ll remove you while you’re still online.

“Alright,” Skyler nodded, zoning out as he unsealed his scalp release. Once the seam was fully revealed, Chelsea walked over, removed the top of his head, placing it on a nearby table, and then put her hand on his core.

“I’m going to remove you now,” she told him, allowing him to prepare himself, “When you activate in Rachel’s body in a few moments, I strongly suggest you switch to the female gender at least within the first minute or so.”

“Okay,” Skyler nodded, before going slack as she removed his core.

“Not sure I’ll ever get used to that,” I said, watching as she clinically inspected Skyler’s core to ensure there was no damage to it.

“Yeah,” she agreed, carrying it over to Rachel’s body.

“Umm, before you put him in, I was wondering if Rachel’s body has the same upgrades his new body will have.”

“Most of them,” Chelsea nodded, “Including the upgraded skin and musculature.”

“What exactly is the upgrade?” I asked, “I mean, he already looks real enough,” I chuckled, gesturing at his perfect naked body.

“Yeah, but most of the realism is only on the surface,” Chelsea pointed out, carefully placing Skyler’s core down on the same table as his scalp panel. “For example, one of the improvements they’ve made in the past three years is this.” Chelsea reached down to her pants, lifting up a leg and showing off her socks. She carefully slid down her right sock from the calf down to the ankle. “See how my skin retains the imprint of the sock on my leg?”

I leaned down for a closer look, seeing the imprint of her socks on her leg. “Yeah,” I nodded.

“Good,” she said, rolling her sock back up and then pulling a section of her pants away from her waist on her hip, “And here on my hip too?”

“Yeah,” I nodded again, after taking a closer look.

“Look in those same locations on Skyler’s body,” she then directed.

I wordlessly did as she instructed, looking carefully at Skyler’s legs where his socks usually went up to, and then up to his waist where his underwear and pants went.

“You’ll notice that, even though he’s only been naked for a few minutes, there are no imprints,” she pointed out, “That’s one of the improvements.”

“I see, just for the enhanced realism?” I surmised.

“Yes,” she confirmed, “They also made the skin a bit more impervious to UV Rays and damage,” she added.

“That’ll help a lot,” I nodded, remembering the past few rounds repairing his skin.

“If you don’t have any more questions, are you ready for me to proceed?” she asked politely.

“Absolutely,” I nodded fervently.

Chelsea smiled knowingly as she reached in the container to Rachel’s head and manually unsealed her scalp panel. After she had the panel temporarily secured on the same table as Skyler’s, she picked up Skyler’s core and clicked it in place in Rachel’s head before quickly resealing Rachel’s scalp panel. Once the panel was resealed, Chelsea reached behind Rachel’s left ear, where I knew the manual power toggle was, and activated Rachel’s body.

Rachel’s body remained dormant for a few moments after it was activated, though my good hearing allowed me to hear the muffled noise of all her systems activating for the first time before her body’s sound dampeners activated. I could also see her skin becoming more lively, pinker.

Finally, Rachel’s body took a deep breath and her eyes opened, a similar shade of blue to Skyer’s. Both eyes blinked a few times and then scanned the room before focusing on mine. “Wow, this feels weird,” Skyler said, though with Rachel’s surprisingly deep, feminine voice. Although it was a female voice, it still sounded like Skyler with his inflections. Skyler raised his hands to his face, wiggling his female fingers and then carefully stepped out of the container that Rachel’s body was shipped in.

“Are you in control of everything?” I asked with a concerned voice.

“Yeah, it’s just…. strange,” he said again, trying to find the right words, “Like, I can tell this isn’t my body, but it feels so natural that it does feel like my body…. you know what I mean?”

“I think so,” I shrugged, “I guess it’s because your completely linked to all of Rachel’s systems, so of course it feels like your body because for now it is your body.”

“I guess,” he smiled, revealing Rachel’s almost playfully impish facial features. Skyler then looked down at his temporary body and patted himself all the way down, getting used to it. He then moved back up to his breasts cupping them in both hands with a playful grin.

“And I think this is the part where you should switch to the female gender, Skyler,” Chelsea chimed in, after having watched patiently before, “This is the part where your male gender settings will start to have difficulties, believe me…switch over now.”

“Okay,” Skyler nodded seriously, zoning out as he searched his HUD for the gender toggle. Once he did, he seemed to perform a silent reboot before his whole facial expression, and the way he was carrying his body changed…softened.

“Wow, this feels even stranger,” Skyler said again, this time with a more definitely female tone to his voice. I could tell it was still him, but now I could discern the subtle differences in gender. Skyler looked at me and blushed.

“What is it?” I grinned.

“I know you tweaked my programming so I would only be gay for you, but with this female gender setting, I am finding you especially attractive,” Skyler smiled.

I couldn’t help but get butterflies in my stomach as I heard Skyler talk to me that way. “Wow, I’m flattered,” I managed to say, “And, you know what….it occurs to me that you will have the unique position as being both the first male and female that I have been intimate with,” I grinned.

Skyler let out a beautiful laugh with Rachel’s voice before giving me a curtsy and saying, “I’m honored.”

“Are you experiencing any issues with the female gender so far?” Chelsea asked.

“No, it seems to be working fine, thanks,” Skyler smiled, now looking at his new body a bit differently before looking at his male body still standing passively off to the side, naked. “Is it alright if I get a look at my body?” He asked politely.

“Sure, it is your body, after all,” Chelsea laughed.

“Right,” Skyler giggled bashfully, walking over and scrutinizing his male body. “Ha, I must be really short because Rachel seems to be an inch or so taller,” he remarked, comparing their heights, “And I seem to be slightly attracted to…myself,” he giggled, squeezing his own muscles and even his balls, “ooh, I see why you like squeezing these so much.”

I just stood there watching Skyler admire his own body from a body with the opposite gender with a look of playful amusement on my face. I just couldn’t wait until I could admire Rachel’s body later when we got home.

“Well, if you two are ready to head out and enjoy your weekend, the technicians are ready to get started,” Chelsea announced, a ping appearing on her tablet, “We estimate your new body will be ready in approximately 50-60 hours.”

“Hard to believe its that short a timeframe,” Skyler mused.

“Well, if it was a total replacement it would take closer to 90 hours, but since we are swapping stuff from your current body it saves a lot of time,” she explained, “Oh, and before you leave, I took the liberty of programming in everything you need to know about Rachel’s body: her clothing sizes, how to put on a remove her bra, also how to apply makeup…all the typical feminine care stuff that you should need to know.”

“Wow, thanks!” Skyler gushed, quickly checking his database to confirm.

“No problem,” Chelsea smiled, “Just give me a good review.”

“Not a problem, thanks for your help, Chelsea,” I told her, walking with Skyler back out into the previous room, where he quickly took his phone and wallet from his pants and put them in Rachel’s.

Once we got back outside and in the car, I turned to Skyler and said, “Ready to go home and let me open you up?”

“Actually, not yet,” Skyler said in an embarrassed voice, “Umm, it might be the female gender, but I kinda want to go out shopping for a bunch of things first. I’m planning on using Rachel’s body for at least more than a few days at a time throughout the year, and I can’t just keep wearing the same set of clothes each day.”

“I see,” I nodded, thinking about it for a while, “I suppose you’ll also need to buy some feminine hygiene products, a purse, and maybe makeup.”

“Nah, no makeup,” Skyler nodded, “I know you don’t like makeup and to be honest, neither do I…. besides, Rachel here is plenty beautiful without makeup.”

“Damn straight,” I said enthusiastically, eliciting a giggle from Skyler, “Well then, shall we make a date of it then?”

“My thoughts exactly,” he winked, “And I hope you’ll be a good man and carry all my bags for me since I’m a woman for now.”

“If I must,” I mock sighed, before turning the car on and heading to our nearest shopping center.

When we arrived at the shopping center a short time later and pulled into a spot, Skyler turned to me and put his arm on me to prevent me from unbuckling my seatbelt, staring seriously into my eyes with a concerned look on his female face.

“Greg, ummm…I don’t want anyone but you knowing that I have this female body I can use, so if we encounter anyone who knows us, please call me Rachel instead of Skyler,” he pleaded, “My female gender programming does include name recognition for both Rachel and Skyler, so I’ll respond naturally if you do.”

“Will do, Rachel,” I winked, leaning in and kissing his cheek. I didn’t want to kiss his female lips until later.

“Thanks Greg, now let’s get shopping!”

Over the course of the next few hours, we went into almost every store. Fortunately, Skyler had linked his phone and cards to his A.I., so him using his own card in a female body didn’t raise any red flags. By the time they were finished shopping, Skyler had bought roughly a week’s worth of casual wear for Rachel, a purse, a set of dressy shoes and athletic shoes, and even some dressy clothes for if they went out to a fancy restaurant. Additionally, he’d purchased a decent supply of basic makeup, feminine hygiene products, and all sorts of goodies to stock in his bathroom for whenever he used Rachel.

Now, they were resting their legs in the food court, stuffing their faces with cheeseburgers.

“It’s a good thing I worked all that overtime at work,” Skyler said, eating ravenously in Rachel’s body, which until now hadn’t consumed any food, “Buying all that stuff for Rachel was quite costly.”

“I’ll bet,” I laughed, almost used to interacting with my boyfriend this way by now, “I guess you’re buying for two from now on.”

“I know, right!”

“So, what’s it like being a woman so far?” I asked curiously.

“Well, after trying on all these clothes, I can confirm women’s bodies are a lot more complicated than men’s are,” Skyler replied seriously, “I’m just glad Chelsea included programming on Rachel’s sizing, because otherwise we’d be here all day.”

“Yeah,” I nodded, looking around to make sure no one was listening, “So, how does her body look…. naked, I mean?” I whispered.

“Oh, ummm, actually, I haven’t seen myself naked yet,” Skyler blushed.

“What!? After trying on all those clothes?!”

“Well, I did tell you all her sizes and measurements were programmed into me,” Skyler reminded me, “I did try on the clothing, I just didn’t remove her bra, panties, or socks.”

“Ah, I see,” I nodded, “How come?”

“Because I want you to see first when we get home and you open me up to examine her internals and stuff,” Skyler replied, “I see Rachel’s body as a gift to you as much as a fun adventure for me, so I didn’t want to unwrap it early.”

“Wow, I’m touched you feel that way,” I smiled loving, reaching across the table and putting my hand over his.

“I can at least give you a hint about her feet in order to appease your foot fetish,” Skyler said slyly, playfully lifting his shoed right foot onto my lap across the table and wiggling her toes inside, “Rachel seems to have some long toes,” he winked, before bringing his foot back down.

I briefly went hard but quickly controlled myself, though Skyler saw my breathing deepened and let out a hearty giggle.

“I can’t wait,” I finally said, patiently finishing my food and watching as Skyler finished every last bite.

“Well then, let’s go,” Skyler smiled, helping with some of the bags and heading to the car.

When we returned home a short time later, we got most of Rachel’s clothing started in the washing machine, and set up her toiletries in Skyler’s bathroom, before finally heading to my lab, still set up in the open space behind our couch that a normal couple would’ve set up as a dining area. I had made a few improvements to it in the past six months, mostly upgrading my equipment, but I was currently looking into setting up a custom gazebo so my lab could be more private.

Skyler hopped up onto the examination table, which was basically a hospital stretcher that the hospital neighboring our apartment complex had auctioned off so they could buy better ones. I modified it a bit to be more tailored to an android, and more comfortable. Skyler playfully swung Rachel’s legs back and forth while he watched me boot up my workstation.

Once everything was booted up and ready, I turned to Skyler with a look of anticipation. “So, how would you like me to do this?” I asked excitedly, rubbing my hands together.

“Well, I kinda want you to have a full and uninterrupted view of my body, so I could either go into standby mode or you can pause me,” he suggested, “turning me off would prevent you from posing me, so that isn’t an option.”

“Right,” I nodded, “I’m thinking standby mode, that way your face will be frozen in that blank stare I like instead of your most recent facial expression…and you can respond to simple commands.”

“Sounds like a plan!” Skyler clapped, “Would you like to set a specific parameter for me to snap out of it, or would you just like to order me out of it?”

“How about we keep it simple…I’ll boop your nose to snap you out of it.” I suggested whimsically.

Skyler zoned out briefly as he configured the parameters through his HUD. “Alright, I’m ready when you are,” he announced, “Try not to take too long.”

“No promises,” I grinned, “This is my first time seeing a female body this way, so I’m going to enjoy it for all its worth.”

“I’ll bet!” Skyler laughed before relaxing on the stretcher as he entered standby mode. I was pleased that Rachel’s face had just as appealing a blank stare in standby mode as Skyler’s did. I found myself just staring into her eyes for nearly a minute before catching my breath and beginning my fun.

The first thing I did was lift up Rachel’s legs so I could unlace and remove her shoes. Once her shoes were off, I placed them neatly on the floor and then delicately pulled off both her calf-length white socks. Skyler wasn’t joking when he hinted that Rachel’s toes were long…they almost looked fingers, but not quite. I spent a bit of time on both of them, admiring the small amount of perspiration that had formed on them, and the fact that it had no odor aside from Rachel’s default musky aroma. True to what Chelsea had mentioned, Rachel’s legs had the minor imprint of the socks that she had been wearing.

“Skyler, hop down from the table and stand in a poseable stance,” I ordered, releasing Rachel’s legs and stepping back to allow Skyler room to move.

“Understood, Greg,” Skyler replied in a stilted tone using Rachel’s voice. Rachel’s body efficiently plopped onto its bare feet and then stood in a relaxed stance.

“Thank you,” I said, knowing that Skyler wouldn’t reply to that in standby mode. I then sized up Rachel’s body to decide what I wanted to do next.

I decided to remove Rachel’s shirt next, so I gently posed her arms so they stood up and then lifted her shirt up and over her head, folding it neatly with her shoes and socks. I paused to admire her smooth, shaved armpits, before gently lowering her arms back to her sides. I chose to wait on the bra, but liked that Rachel seemed to be endowed with a more modest set of breasts.

Next, I undid the clasp on Rachel’s pants and then gently slid them down her legs, lifting each leg up so I could fully remove her pants and fold them up with the growing pile of her clothes. I briefly admired Rachel’s well-toned legs before standing back up and admiring her body wearing nothing but her underwear.

I admired her scantily clad body for only a few moments before reaching around behind her back, unclasping her bra and slowly removing it to release her modest breasts, allowing them to delicately jiggle to a stop. My breath deepening, I lightly tossed the bra onto the growing pile of clothes before bending down to her waist, grabbing both sides of her panties and sliding them down, allowing them to fall to her ankles. I paused briefly to admire Rachel’s smooth shaved vagina, unsure if Rachel was originally built that way or if it was something Skyler requested ahead of time. I finally gently lifted Rachel’s legs to remove her panties that had fallen to her ankles, throwing them onto the pile of clothes before standing back to admire Rachel’s now nude appearance.

As I had previously noted, Rachel was attractive, but not so attractive as to be considered like a supermodel. She instead had a more ordinary, girl next door quality to her. Although Rachel was the first “woman” I had the pleasure of seeing up close and in real life like this, I had seen pictures and did not find Rachel’s body disappointing in the slightest.

Since Skyler told me to take as long as I wanted, I decided to get a bit more up-close feel of Rachel’s body, starting with her breasts. Since Rachel was designed with the appearance of a woman in her early to mid 20s, her breasts were nice and firm, but still had a decent squeeze to them.

Next, I spent some time playing around with her arms and flexing her muscles. They weren’t as well defined as Skylers, but still impressive.

Finally, I bent down to explore her vagina, gently probing the edges with my fingers before gently nudging my fingers inside the opening. Since Skyler was in standby mode, Rachel’s body wasn’t becoming sexually stimulated and thus wasn’t excreting any lubrication, but it was still moist enough inside that I was able to stick them in all the way up to my knuckle and feel around, smiling boyishly up at Rachel’s blank stare face that if Skyler were out of standby mode right now, he’d be squirming.

After several more moments I pulled my finger out, noting approvingly that Rachel seemed to be equipped with a pleasant fruity lubrication which I promptly licked off, and then stood up to stare her in the eyes. “Skyler, turn around and bend over on the table.”

“Understood, Greg,” Skyler replied once more in the clipped tone, doing so efficiently. Once he bent over, I had a perfect view of Rachel’s firm ass and the backside of her vagina. I gently felt both her cheeks and brushed my fingers across the rear of her vagina before just drinking in the view for a few minutes. Finally, I sighed contentedly and said, “Skyler, stand back at attention.”

“Understood, Greg,” he said once more, standing up straight and turning around to face me.

I leaned in really close this time and admired Rachel’s face, just as freckly as Skyler’s face, and her bright blue eyes staring blankly into mine. She seriously looked like she could at least be Skyler’s cousin. I admired her face for a few more moments before sighing and quickly tapping her nose and saying “Boop!”

Skyler immediately emerged from standby mode and quickly noticed that he was no longer wearing any clothes, and that he was in a slightly different position from where he started. A blush formed on his face as he slowly looked down at his now naked female body. “Not sure I’ll ever get used to that,” he admitted, referring to the standby mode, “But, Rachel’s body looks much better than I originally expected,” he said approvingly, gently feeling himself up, “And, I told you she had long toes!” He added with a playful giggle, wiggling all of them on the floor.

“Yeah, Rachel’s body is lovely…you picked really well Sky,” I complimented him.

“Thanks,” he curtsied with a blush, then cocked his head towards the hallway; the washing machine had just completed its cycle. “Hold on a sec, I gotta put my clothes in the dryer.” He then bolted out into the hallway, tossing all the clothes into the dryer and then starting the next wash cycle. After rinsing the detergent residue off his hands, he calmly returned to the lab. “Sorry about that, I want my new clothes to be ready by the time you’re done with me in here.”

“No worries,” I smiled,” but aren’t you going to shower before you wear them?”

“Nah,” he shrugged, “Rachel’s body is still clean and besides, I’d just have to take another shower later after all the sex we’re going to have.”

I couldn’t help but blush at how matter-of-factly Skyler just put that, especially with Rachel’s voice.

“Yeah, we’re definitely having sex tonight,” Skyler confirmed, seeing my face grow redder, “I’m just as eager to experience it in a woman’s body as you are to have sex with one.”

“I know, its just…its hard to believe your so casual about all this, being in a new body and all…I’m a bit jealous,” I admitted, since it was always sort of a fantasy of mine growing up.

“Well, perhaps you could have yourself converted into an android so you can too,” Skyler suggested.

“Nah, I’m not that interested,” I shrugged, since conversion was possible though had no guarantees of a full soul transference yet with current technology.

“Anyway, I’ve had the past few weeks since I started planning this surprise to prepare myself mentally, which is why I’m taking it in stride,” he explained, “but, its still taking a bit of getting used to.”

“I’ll bet,” I laughed, gently patting his shoulder, “Is there anything you want me to do next before I open you up?”

“Actually, I was wondering if you could remove my head and carry me around Rachel’s body so I can get a better look,” he said with an excited look, “Besides, I know removing heads is another one of your kinks,” he added with a wink.

“You know me too well,” I winked back, moving closer to him so I could grab his head, “Hold on, don’t start the separation yet,” I warned him, noticing the telltale signs of him accessing his HUD, “Your hair is a lot longer in Rachel’s body and I need to position it better.”

Skyler quickly stopped zoning out and nodded, though after a few seconds of seeing me eyeballing his head, he let out a light sigh. He grabbed a nearby rubber band from my desk and quickly tied up Rachel’s hair into a bun. “Better?” He asked with a sly smile.

“Much,” I smiled back, putting my hands in position. This time Skyler zoned out and moments later the seam appeared around Rachel’s neck. Once it was fully formed, I carefully detached his head and cradled it in my arms, staring down into his eyes, “I see that female programming helped you with tying your hair up.”

“Yeah, its kinda scary how natural that was,” Skyler agreed, “but also very useful.”

“Anyway, you want just the standard 360 walk around view of your body then?”

“Yeah, and maybe a closeup of the good parts,” Skyler confirmed with a wink.

“I just hope your definition of good parts matches mine,” I winked back, repositioning his head so it was looking outward. Once I was sure I had a firm yet gentle grip, I began slowly walking around Rachel’s headless body, raising and lowering his head so he could see from her feet to her neck. Per his request, I brought him in extra close for looks at Rachel’s butt, her vagina, and her breasts. I even knelt down so he could get a close up of her feet.

“Okay, that’s good, thanks,” Skyler finally said, after getting a good look at Rachel’s body.

“Alrighty, hold on,” I told him, getting in position and lowering his head back onto Rachel’s body. Once it was in place, the seam resealed and he started moving again.

“Wow, Rachel’s body really is lovely,” he said admiringly removing the rubber band from his hair, then laughed, “Gee, I must sound like such a narcissist ogling over what is essentially my own body.”

“A little” I admitted with a laugh, “But, the situation is understandable.”

“Good,” Skyler smiled warmly, staring into my eyes, “So, are you ready to open me up now?”

“Oh yeah,” I said excitedly, double checking to make sure my equipment was ready, “Care to do the honors for me?”

“Sure,” he nodded before zoning out once more. This time, a large oval-shaped seam revealed itself on his cheek, running from above his waist to just above his breasts. Once it was fully formed, the section of skin slightly pushed out from the rest, and his breasts firmed up.

“Wow, it’s a bit different from in your male body, but not too much so,” I noted clinically, grabbing both firm breasts and using them for leverage to pull the skin panel loose. Once it was off, I placed it skinside down on a nearby table and then put a static-free cloth over the backside before turning back to Skyler. “Okay, lay down on the table.”

“Okie doke,” Skyler said cheerfully, hopping up onto the table and making himself comfortable.

The first thing I did was to grab the tablet that I had connected to Skyler’s A.I. and to his body and turned it on. I still had a connection to his A.I., but since his body was about to be dismantled and upgraded, I deleted the connection to his body, setting a reminder to attach a new device to his new body. In the meanwhile, I grabbed another one that I had already purchased as a backup and brought it over to Rachel’s body. I quickly located the MCN located in her upper torso area and plugged the device into a free port. Skyler merely watched me with Rachel’s serious eyes, detecting in his HUD that a new device had been plugged in by his owner and was auto-installing; no action was needed on his part.

Once the device was installed, a new tab popped up next to Skyler’s, though I quickly renamed it “Skyler – Rachel” and made it a sub-tab that I could easily toggle between Skyler’s normal body and Rachel’s in the future, whenever he chose to swap bodies.

“Okay, I’m gonna run a few remote-control tests really quick,” I warned Skyler, and Skyler gave me an understanding nod, I tapped a control to have him raise his left arm.

Swiftly and efficiently, Rachel’s body raised its left arm all the way up, holding it there for a few seconds before Skyler regained control and lowered it back down. I did the same with the right arm next, and then had both legs bend at the knee, and the hands and feet wiggle their fingers and toes.

“Alright, it seems controlling Rachel’s body is as easy and effective as controlling your body,” I said satisfactorily, putting perusing the rest of the options on the tablet and confirming that they were mostly the same; the female body obviously had a few differences from the male body options.

“I see you had fun, as always,” Skyler grinned, flashing Rachel’s perfect teeth.

“Yeah, now I’m just gonna poke around inside you to catalogue all of her parts so I know which ones to reorder if something breaks,” I told him, switching to a new tab I’d created on the tablet to catalogue Skyler’s parts. I created a sub-tab for Rachel and then delved into the open panel, taking note of all the part numbers and serial numbers that I could see on the various internal components. Most of the components seemed to match up with the ones Skyler had, though since Rachel was a newer body many of them were simply newer.

Within half an hour I had all the parts catalogued that I needed, since any remainders were still beyond my capacity to fix at home and would require him to go in and be serviced anyway. I quickly created a shopping list and placed a non-rush order for a few replacements so I’d have some on hand in case something happened.

“Alright, I think I’m finished here,” I told him, grabbing the torso cover from the nearby table and preparing to click it back on. Skyler relaxed on the table as I did so and watched as I clicked it back in place, sighing contentedly as it resealed and the breasts relaxed again. I looked at a nearby clock and saw it was only about 3 o’clock. “What do you want to do now?”

Skyler put on a thinking face as he gave it some thought before finally responding a few moments later, “Why don’t we just do what we normally do? Have a nice, relaxing afternoon watching tv or playing some video games before I cook you a delicious dinner.” He suggested.

“Sounds perfect,” I smiled warmly.

“And then we can cuddle up together and watch a movie before we move to the bedroom for some sex,” he continued.

“Even better,” I smiled wider, bending down and finally kissing him on Rachel’s lips. Since I was trying to pace our day and the intimate activities, I kept it to a quick kiss, and I could tell Skyler understood. He blushed warmly though, since he knew I was having a good time with his surprise.

“How about you go get a video game started while I go and get dressed real quick?” Skyler then suggested, noticing an awkward moment forming.

“Right,” I said, regaining my composure. I gently helped Skyler sit up and then jump down from the table.

“Thanks,” Skyler smiled, turning to head down the hallways towards the laundry machines. I merely stared, enjoying the view of him walking down the hallway nude. He then stopped at the machines, pondering something for a bit before turning back to me, “Hey, maybe take your time setting up…get some snacks ready or something,” he said, and before I could inquire, he responded, “I might as well fold these new clothes into my drawer before we get to busy relaxing.”

“Fair enough,” I nodded, knowing what he meant, “I have a few quick chores I can do too.”

“Great, this should only take about 10-15 minutes…. I promise.”

“No rush, we’ve got all the rest of the day,” I reminded him.

Skyler merely nodded and got started on the laundry while I tidied up my lab and then headed into the kitchen to tidy up and get some snacks ready.

By the time I had some snacks prepared along with some drinks, and had the multiplayer game ready that we had already been playing for the past few weeks, Skyler was just finishing up the laundry and came down the hallway dressed in some of the new casual loungewear that he’d purchased for Rachel’s body, which in this case was a t-shirt and a pair of loose leggings; he was, of course, barefoot.

“Ready for adventure!” Skyler said playfully, lightly running over to the couch and plopping onto his side, spending a few moments readjusting how he normally would sit in his body due to Rachel’s being a few inches taller than his.

“Great, let’s get started,” I grinned, handing him his controller and getting started.

What followed over the next few hours was just a simple afternoon playing a game. Aside from the fact that Skyler was in a female body, everything still felt mostly normal. The only awkward moment was during a cutscene after a stressful battle when I rested my right hand on his crotch, quickly recoiling it with a blush.

“What?” Skyler asked with an innocent look.

“Oh, sorry…it’s just, I’m used to my favorite stress ball being there and its obviously absent at the moment,” I explained, my face growing red.

“Ah,” he nodded, his face also flushing slightly before a mischievous grin appeared on his face. He reached across and put his hand on my crotch, playfully giving it a gentle squeeze, “I see my favorite stress ball is still here at least.”

I gasped slightly, though instantly relaxed. Skyler let out a playful laugh and then leaned in to quickly kiss me on the lips, just a quickie. “Well, back to the game?” He then said, noting the cutscene was almost over.

“Indeed,” I nodded, regaining my composure.

The rest of our play session went without further incidents, though I did find myself distracted when Skyler stretched his female feet out and rested them on the coffee table in front of us. Despite how attractive Rachel’s feet were, I steeled myself and focused on the game.

We stopped playing around 6pm so Skyler could start cooking dinner, so I relaxed on the couch while he cooked his usual delicious meal. It was times like this that I was glad we purchased all the cooking programs for his A.I. so he could cook better than before.

We watched the remainder of the news and then some of our recorded tv shows during dinner before selecting a 2hr movie and cuddling up under a blanket on the couch to watch it. I could definitely discern the difference between Skyler’s male and female programming now, because he cuddled much more closely with me now than he did before, not that I was complaining.

When the movie was over, flipped back to normal news and did our usual post-movie discussion before staring deeply into one another’s eyes and making out. Although I’d kissed Rachel’s lips a few times by now, making out with them felt totally different. While I enjoyed kissing Skyler’s lips, Rachel’s lips, and skin, were just…. softer.

I don’t know how long we were at it, but eventually we both ended up shambling off the couch and towards the bedroom. I smiled as I saw that Skyler, while doing the laundry earlier had already prepped the bed with our sex towel so the bed wouldn’t get soiled by our upcoming activities.

We continued making out at the edge of the bed for a few more moments before pausing to disrobe. There was no need to do anything special in that regard, since I had already had my fun disrobing Rachel’s body earlier and he already knew what I looked like. We simply took off our clothes as quickly as possible.

The major difference that I quickly noticed between Skyler’s behavior now that he was running female gender programming was the he deferred to me, whereas we’d usually take turns being on top. This time, he immediately got in position and allowed me to gently lower him to the bed onto the towel. Once on top of him, it was almost as though instinct took over. Unlike with his male body, I immediately knew exactly what to do. I continued making out while gently grinding away at his crotch until I slowly felt it open up and let my stiff member inside.

Skyler gasped lightly as I entered him, but then moaned pleasantly as I began working him. Although I’d obviously given Skyler anal a few times, I found it much more pleasant entering a vagina that was properly lubricated and welcoming.

It only took us a few seconds to synch up with one another, though deep down I knew it was automatically easier with an android because their sexual programming allowed them to scan the human biorhythms and more easily synch up. Nevertheless, we were both experiencing the best pleasure of our lives and both climaxed several minutes later, collapsing into each others embrace as we caught our breath and cooled down a bit.

“Wow, that felt much better than I expected,” I finally managed to say, lifting myself up and out of Skyler and staring into his eyes.

“Yeah,” he agreed, “and certainly interesting this perspective too.”

“I’ll bet,” I grinned, then gave him a sly look, “Ready to go again?”

Skyler said nothing but instead grabbed me and swapped so I was on the bottom, mounting my hips.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” I laughed, before resuming our sexual activities.

Over the course of the next hour, we climaxed half a dozen times, trying new positions each time. We finally stopped because my stamina was starting to wear out, and Skyler was running low on lubrication…not to mention it was getting late and we were getting sleepy.

While Skyler headed into his bathroom to start cleaning Rachel’s body, I started cleaning up our room from the aftermath of our passionate lovemaking. While the towel contained most of it, I still needed to replace the fitted sheet on the bed. I didn’t bother rushing, since I knew that Skyler would take quite a bit longer cleaning Rachel’s body than he would his own. Once everything was reset and I had the soiled items started in the washing machine, I finally headed into my bathroom to cleanse myself.

As I was drying myself off and brushing my teeth for the night, I heard a knock at the door and Rachel’s voice saying, “I’ll be on the bed running my nighttime diagnostic…I’m running a full diagnostic, just in case because of the new body, so take your time.”

“Okay, see you soon, Sky!” I shouted back, after rinsing my mouth out. After we started sleeping with each other a few months ago I had Skyler start running a diagnostic before bed each night, just in case. Since he was running a more comprehensive one this time, it meant he’d be out of commission for at least 15 minutes as opposed to the usual 2-3 minutes.

Once I was out of the bathroom, I quickly threw the now washed sex towel and bedsheets in the dryer and then headed out into the main room to get the place ready for the night. I powered down the equipment in my lab, got the dishwasher started for the evening, and made sure the place was properly locked.

Finally, I headed down the hall to our room, smiling fondly at the sight of Skyler sitting naked on the side of the bed with the typical blank stare of an android running a diagnostic. Glancing at the clock, I figured he had another minute or two left, so I casually sat down next to him and waited.

While I waited, I gently caressed his shoulders and back, enjoying the silky-smooth female skin. I also gently ran my fingers through Rachel’s long dark hair. After a few moments, her body shuddered slightly and Skyler emerged from his diagnostic, smiling as he noticed me caressing his body.

“How’d the diagnostic go?” I asked, leaning in and kissing him.

“Well, fewer bugs than I expected considering this is the first time I’ve used Rachel’s body, but nothing my A.I. can’t handle,” he reported, “Are you ready for bed?”

“Oh yeah,” I yawned, the excitement of the day finally passed and the fatigue from our passionate lovemaking catching up, “you’ll get the lights while I get comfortable?”

“Of course,” he nodded, walking over to the light switch while I crawled under the covers and got comfortable in the middle of the bed. Once the lights were off, Skyler made his way to the bed and joined me under the covers, getting himself situated. When he took a bit longer than usual, I turned to my left and stared at him quizzically, the pale moonlight infiltrating through the curtains and lightly illuminating him.

“Having a bit of trouble getting comfy?”

“Yeah,” he admitted with a sheepish expression, “Rachel’s taller, and this long hair is making it a bit difficult to get comfy on my pillow.”

“Ah,” I nodded understandingly, before lightly wedging my left arm under his neck, “Why don’t you use me as a pillow then until you get used to her long hair?”

Skyler instantly understood and turned over onto his side, swinging his left leg over mine and cuddling up with me, resting his head on my upper chest and intertwining with me. “Ah, you’re right, this is much better,” he sighed deeply.

Yeah, it is,” I agreed, feeling both warm breasts squish into my side. Skyler also rubbed his feet against mine for a few seconds until he got comfy.

“Hopefully the sleep remote function still works in this body,” Skyler muttered, starting to sound sleepy, “I wouldn’t want to disturb your human needs.”

“It should be fine,” I assured him.

“Good…mhhhm, you smell really relaxing,” Skyler sniffed, nuzzling my chest.

“Thanks,” I laughed, sniffing his hair and enjoying the fruity smell, “You smell nice too.”

Skyler merely let out a pleasant grunt. “Good night, Greg.”

“Night Sky,” I replied, then I heard the telltale signs of him falling asleep, though Rachel breathed slightly differently from his real body. After I got used to the slight difference in Rachel’s breathing patterns, I too fell asleep.

Due to my fatigue, and how comfortable I felt with a female body cuddling up with me in bed, I didn’t have to get up all night. As a matter of fact, I slept quite restfully and ended up waking more than eight hours later. During the night I had rolled over onto my left side and was now face to face with Skyler, whose head was now back on his pillow.

I enjoyed the site if Rachel’s serene, sleeping face for several moments before leaning in and whispering in his ear, “I’m awake, Sky.”

Skyler’s eyes instantly fluttered open as he emerged from sleep mode. He didn’t mind being awoken like this on a weekend, since unless he had actually planned on doing something in the morning, he would simply remain in bed for my benefit. After his systems completed their quick post sleep mode diagnostic, he opened his eyes and smiled at me. “Morning, how’d you sleep?”

“Quite well, actually…I didn’t even wake up at all last night to pee,” I replied, leaning in and kissing him.

“That’s good to hear, though I supposed that means I won’t get any breakfast this morning either, then,” he mock pouted, eyeing down the sheets to my morning wood.

“Yeah, probably not a good idea,” I agreed with a slight blush. Now that Skyler mentioned it, I suddenly became aware of my full bladder. It wasn’t full enough that I needed to go urgently, but a blowjob wouldn’t be too pleasant.

“So, did you have anything planned for us today?” Skyler asked.

“Not really,” I admitted, “did you want to do anything?”

“Actually, I kinda feel like hiking up to our spot,” he said, referring to the spot that he had initially activated in several years earlier.

“Sure,” I shrugged, since the weather was nice and it wasn’t too long a hike, “your clothing is good enough for a hike, right?”

“Yeah, it should be fine,” Skyler shrugged back.

“Excellent, let’s get ready then,” I said, giving Skyler one more kiss before throwing the sheets off of us and stepping out of bed after him.

After we’d freshened up in our respective bathrooms, dressed, and had a quick bite to eat, we drove the short distance to the trailhead and started hiking to our spot. It was a little slow going at first, since Skyler wasn’t used to hiking in Rachel’s body and her artificial muscles weren’t yet attuned to that much physical activity, but he eventually settled into a comfortable stride and kept up with me.

Eventually, since we weren’t in any sort of rush, we finally reached the small grove with the cave that Skyler had been staged in and eventually activated in. Now that the defense system was gone, and the storage containers, nature had finally started encroaching back into the cave, with moss growing and evidence of animal activity.

“It’s so relaxing coming here,” Skyler sighed contentedly, deeply breathing in the fresh forest air, “Kinda like its my birthplace.”

“In a way it is, I suppose,” I nodded, also breathing in the fresh air and enjoying the ambiance.

“Greg, I was thinking…after the fun we had yesterday, what would you think about me making this change to Rachel permanent?” Skyler suddenly asked, turning and staring me in the eyes.

I was a bit taken aback by the question, so I responded carefully. “What do you mean, exactly?”

“I mean, I’d keep my male body, but I’d be Rachel most of the time rather than Skyler most of the time,” he explained.

“Why are you asking?”

“Well, like I said yesterday, I know you aren’t gay, and neither am I, which is part of the reason I got Rachel,” he started, “and, since you seemed to enjoy this body so much yesterday, I was thinking about making it more permanent.”

“I see,” I nodded, starting to understand, “Skyler, I fell in love with you…and the fact that you’re an android is a definite bonus,” I told him, “And, while its true that I’m not gay, I still fell in love with you anyway and I wouldn’t feel comfortable with you changing your whole identity just to try and appease part of my needs.”

“So, you want me to stay Skyler?”

“Yeah, I do,” I admitted truthfully, “Don’t get me wrong, this Rachel body is very lovely and nice to be around, but I feel like me having fun with Rachel should be more akin to a dessert than the full meal, since I feel like I might get tired of her if you use her all the time rather than just some of the time.”

“Wow, you don’t know how much it means to me to hear you say that,” Skyler said, his eyes tearing up with emotion, “I mean, I’ve felt somewhat insecure since our relationship started and, to be honest, I kinda got Rachel to test you, though there was no real way you could fail,” he admitted with a nervous laugh, “I’m just pleased that you passed.”

“I love you, Sky,” was my simple response to his emotional admission, walking over and embracing him deeply.

After an appropriate moment enjoying the embrace and silence, we both broke apart, staring deeply into each others eyes before Skyler finally broke the silence. “So, ummm, why don’t we head back and enjoy the rest of the time before my upgraded body is ready tomorrow?”

“I’d love that,” I smiled, taking his hand and leading him back down the path we hiked up on.

Skyler gently squeezed my hand as we started walking, then said, “the first thing you’ll need to do is massage my feet,” he grimaced, “Rachel’s feet, apparently, were not built for hiking.”

“You know I’d love that,” I grinned.

Skyler merely let out a hearty giggle as we continued back to our car.

When we got home, I massaged Skyler’s feet as I promised before lunch and then we simply napped together on the couch, since the hike had surprisingly drained me and Skyler merely wanted to keep me company on the couch. The rest of the afternoon was spent playing video games and watching TV, followed by another home cooked meal and then several rounds of sex.

By the time we finished showering after our passionate lovemaking, we were pleased to see a message on Skyler’s phone notifying him that his new body would be ready for pick up at 10am then next morning. Since it was already late, we both quickly helped each other with the nighttime chores before heading to bed; I let Skyler skip his nightly diagnostic routine to save time.

We both cuddled up once more in bed and fell right to sleep in each others arms. Skyler set an alarm for himself and woke me up at 8:30am so we would both have time to freshen up and eat a quick breakfast. Once we were ready, I drove us both back to the Spaztec building and straight to the lab where we were instructed to meet. Chelsea was waiting for us upon our arrival.

“Well, how’d your weekend go using Rachel?” She asked cheerfully as we entered.

“It went great!” Skyler replied with a huge smile.

“It did,” I agreed, “though, as nice as it was to interact with him in a female body, I’m still looking forward to him being in his usual body again.”

“Wow, you really are a good couple,” Chelsea nodded approvingly, “I wish my first Human was as good as you.”

“Thanks,” I blushed, not pressing her for any personal details.

“Well, are you ready to see the new and improved Skyler?” She asked excitedly, getting her tablet ready.

“Yes,” we both said in unison, eliciting giggles from us and a knowing smile from Chelsea.

“Alright, here he is,” she announced, tapping an icon on her tablet and stepping aside as the wall opened behind her with a smooth hiss, revealing a nude Skyler.

Upon initial inspection, his upgraded body looked exactly the same…though it was kinda supposed to. Upon closer inspection, I could see the subtle changes, such as the more refined abdominal muscles Skyler had requested. I could also see subtle changes in the skin and musculature, most likely due to the upgraded skin. I could even see that they had made him slightly thinner, since they had also made him lighter.

“Is it wrong that I’m getting turned on by my own body,” Skyler joked as he walked around and scrutinized his new body.

“Nah, your body is very beautiful,” I told him, giving him a kiss.

“Thanks,” he blushed.

“I needn’t remind you that you should switch back to your male gender profile when you reinhabit him,” Chelsea stated.

“Yeah, I already read ahead and created a rule in my programming so my A.I. will automatically switch to the appropriate profile when I’m plugged into either body,” Skyler nodded.

“Good,” Chelsea nodded in return.

“Ready to go back in, Sky?” I whispered excitedly into his ear.

“Yeah,” he nodded, straightening up to allow me to access Rachel’s scalp release, before suddenly turning to me, “Wait, how are we going to get Rachel back home if I’m not controlling her?”

“Don’t worry,” Chelsea chimed in, “Rachel’s body is programmed to respond to both your voices, so even if there’s no A.I. core installed, she’ll follow basic instruction, such as following you home.”

“Okay, good,” Skyler sighed, “Let’s get this done,” he then said, zoning out as he unsealed his scalp panel. Chelsea had already remotely unsealed and removed Skyler’s scalp panel, placing the top of his head on a nearby table.

After I gently removed the top of Rachel’s head, handing it to Chelsea who offered to hold it, I reached in and carefully removed Skyler’s core from her head. After her body finished verbally announcing that the A.I. core had been removed, I brought Skyler’s core over to his new and improved body, gently clicking it in place as Chelsea clicked on and resealed Rachel’s scalp panel.

Multiple lights flashed to life inside Skyler’s head as his core accessed the new body for the first time. I waited a second or two to make sure there were no errors before clicking the panel back in place and waiting patiently for him to come online. After nearly a minute, the head panel resealed itself and Skyler’s body twitched to life, his eyes opening and focusing on mine.

“Ah, it’s good to be me again,” he smiled, playfully hugging himself and then feeling himself up.

“It’s good to have you back,” I agreed, walking over and giving him a quick kiss, before standing back and looking at him, “How does the new body feel?”

“Mostly the same,” he shrugged, before lurching a bit as he tried walking forward, “I think it might take a little bit to get used to though,” he smiled sheepishly.

“Yeah, you might want to take it easy for a while,” Chelsea warned, “since your upgraded body weighs a bit less, it might take a few hours for your systems to recalibrate your motion.”

“I see,” Skyler nodded, then looked around, “are my clothes still here? The ones that I took off when I first got here?”

“Yes,” Chelsea nodded, opening a nearby drawer and producing the same clothes Skyler had originally worn here, “We took the liberty of cleaning, and even slightly altering them, since your body has a slightly slimmer form factor now,” she explained, handing the bundle of clothes to Skyler, who quickly scrutinized them before getting dressed.

“Wow, thanks!” He said, putting all the clothes back on and nodding approvingly.

“Is there anything else before we head out?” I asked.

“No,” Chelsea shook her head, “just remember that now that you are both aware of his nature that he needs to be taken care of regularly. I’d recommend bringing him in for a more comprehensive maintenance every year.”

“Sounds good,” I nodded, “I’m actually going back to school to improve my skills, since my background is mostly in IT, so I should be able to keep him in good condition in between the professional visits.”

“That’s better than most androids in his situation,” Chelsea nodded, “I’m presently assigned as his primary technician, so feel free to give me a call if you have any questions or concerns,” she said, handing me her business card.

“Thanks Chelsea, I’ll certainly do that,” I nodded, placing the card in my wallet and turning to Skyler. “Are you ready to go, Sky?”

“Yeah,” he nodded, turning to Rachel, “Rachel, follow us out to the car.” He ordered, heading to the door.

“Understood, Skyler,” her body said mindlessly, following Skyler and myself out into the hallway.

“Thanks again for everything, Chelsea!” I called back as we headed into the lobby. She merely gave me a friendly smile as we disappeared from view.

Once we got back to the car, Skyler ordered Rachel to sit in the back seat and buckle herself in and then we both got in and looked at each other.

“Well Sky, what do you want to do with your new body?” I asked.

“Well, technically I’m a virgin again,” he responded slyly, “Why don’t we go and remedy that?”

“I’d love that,” I agreed, leaning over and giving him a loving kiss before starting the car and pulling out. Rachel merely sat stoically in the backseat. As we drove, I thought fondly of the brief time Skyler inhabited her body and looked forward to the next time he was Rachel.

Part 3: Sabrina

Part 3: Sabrina

It had been just over a year since we found out Skyler was an android and he had quickly taken his new status in stride. 6-months after discovering what he was, he saved up enough money to not only purchase himself a replacement body with all the latest improvements, but also a female body named Rachel for him to occasionally inhabit for fun, since I still wished to have sex with a woman on occasion.

I had finally studied up enough on both Skyler and Rachel’s designs, augmented with online courses, and now felt quite comfortable as an android technician. I was even putting out feelers to start my own gig as a technician, in addition to my current IT tasks.

Now that I had a degree of competency under my belt, I was starting the first of what I planned to be an annual major maintenance session on both Skyler and Rachel. Unfortunately, it had started pouring rain outside several hours in and I was quite nervous that the power might go out. I had a few emergency generators just in case, but any sudden power loss could damage Skyler’s delicate systems, so I worried nevertheless.

I had long since revamped my workspace in the back of the apartment. I had expanded it so it encompassed what used to be the corner of the common area that was the dining room, since we just ate on the couch now. A partition separated my main workspace from the rest of the room, so I wouldn’t be distracted if Skyler was watching TV or playing a video game. I had also installed a large shelving unit to store various spare parts for both Skyler and Rachel, as well as for my daytime IT gigs.

I had two old hospital gurneys that I reclaimed from the nearby hospital so I could work on both Skyler and Rachel at the same time. Rachel’s body was currently laying in a partially dismantled state on one of them, with several cables running to my workspace.

A sudden bolt of lightning crashed fairly close outside, briefly illuminating the apartment we shared with a blinding white light and breaking the silence with a deafening noise. After my heart rate slowed back down and I regained some calm, I took in a few deep breaths as I made sure all my equipment was still up and running and then resumed my work.

A few minutes later I was interrupted by an almost frantic sounding knock at the front door. Shocked, I looked at a nearby clock and saw it was almost 12:30am.

“Wow, who would be knocking on my door this late at night?” I said aloud, thinking it had to be some sort of emergency. Nevertheless, I covered Rachel’s body with a clothe and then grabbed the stun gun I kept for protection before slowly approaching the door.

There was more frantic knocking outside as I approached, though it sounded more relaxed this time. I slowly approached the peephole and looked out, surprised to see it was Sabrina, the attractive nurse at the neighboring hospital that both Skyler and I had a crush on. He’d even downloaded her voice on the first day he knew he was an android and imitated it.

She had a very worried look on her face, and a somewhat disheveled look; her hair was slightly wet, despite holding an umbrella, and her clothes looked scratched up. Concerned, I pocketed my stun gun and opened the door.

A look of relief instantly washed over her face as she saw the door open and my head pop out. “Oh good, you’re awake,” she said, sighing with relief.

“What’s wrong Sabrina?” I asked in a concerned voice.

She glanced around furtively, making sure no one was around listening, “Umm, is it okay if I come inside…. please?”

“Sure,” I nodded, standing aside and letting her in. I lingered at the door for a few seconds, making sure there was no one following her since it looked like she may have been attacked. I finally latched the door and then turned around. Sabrina was pacing nervously in the den; she had a slight limp.

“Alright, are you okay Sabrina,” I asked, concerned, “did someone attack you out there?”

“Oh no,” she smiled nervously, “I’m just a little rattled…that lightening bolt just a short time ago….”

“Yeah, it was close,” I nodded, “did you get struck by it?”

“Not exactly,” she shook her head, “Look, um, I came to you because something just happened to me out there and I’m sort of freaking out right now, and you’re the only person I feel I can trust.”

“Okay,” I nodded, following along.

“I just got off my 12hr shift and was walking to my car when the bolt of lightning struck a street sign,” she explained, “the sudden bright light blinded me, and someone driving past me, and the driver sideswiped a dumpster that was queued up near the street for pickup tomorrow,” she continued, “the dumpster rolled into me, knocking me to the ground and…Greg, I think…I’m pretty sure I’m an android.”

I let out a small gasp, but quickly controlled myself…Sabrina looked flawlessly human, but then so did Skyler. If she was this confused, she may well be the same type as Skyler.

“Okay, what makes you think you may be an android?” I inquired carefully, since if she was an android then she likely still had her sleeper programming activated, “did you suffer some damage from the dumpster hitting you that you noticed?”

“I think so,” she nodded, blushing as she unzipped her jacket and then slowly lifted up her scrub shirt.

I slowly blushed too as I leaned in closer and saw what she was referring to. There were several deep cuts in the otherwise flawless pale skin of her toned abdomen, each of them had metal showing.

“Yeah Sabrina, it looks like you are indeed an android,” I confirmed with a solemn look, examining the scratches more closely. They looked mostly superficial and could be repaired within a few hours, but I was more concerned that some water had seeped in, that she may have suffered internal damage from the impact, and she may have had some small shock from the lightning strike.

Sabrina let out a resigned sigh as she continued holding her shirt up for me to examine her damage. “I was afraid of that…I sort of saw the damage myself initially, but I think something was also trying to prevent me from seeing it too,” she explained, “and then, I just sort of had an instinctual response to come and see you.”

“I see,” I nodded, gingerly touching the edges of the damage, “does this hurt?”

Sabrina winced a little when I touched the scratches, “Yeah, a little.”

“Good, that means your nerves are still working…so the external damage isn’t as bad as it looks,” I told her in a comforting voice, pulling away and standing back up.

“Good,” she smiled, slowly pulling her scrub top back down and relaxing a bit, “do you think you can fix me tonight?”

“I’m not sure,” I said candidly, “your external damage won’t take more than an hour, but you most likely suffered plenty of internal damage, both from the impact of the dumpster and the fall, and I suspect you may have been slightly shocked from the electricity of the lightning as well.”

“I see,” she nodded, “are you sure I have internal damage?”

“Well, I noticed you limping,” I pointed out, “as an android, you shouldn’t be limping unless something is wrong inside your body.”

Sabrina got a slightly worried look on her face again, but remained calm. “Okay, can you fix all that too?”

“I think so,” I smiled, “I’ve gotten quite good at fixing Skyler since we found out what he was, and I’ve gotten certified online as well.”

“Ah, well then it looks like I came to the right person,” she smiled, relaxing once more.

“Before I start any work on you, I need to ask you a few questions first,” I told her, motioning to the couch and surrounding chairs, “please have a seat.”

“Ok,” she said nervously, deciding momentarily between the couch and an armchair before sitting down carefully on the couch, moving a few of the couch pillows behind her.

I walked over to my desk and grabbed a small notepad and pen from my desk, quickly checking the progress of running tasks on my computer, before walking back over and sitting in the armchair right next to Sabrina.

“Okay, some of these questions might be weird, some might be personal, but I need you to try and answer them anyway, okay,” I told her with a serious look.

“Ok,” she said, “I’m a little nervous, I feel like my life got upended.”

“Well, in a sense it did, but I hope I can fix your perception of that,” I smiled, before moving on to my questions, “Do you currently live alone?”

“Yes,” she replied, “though I had a roommate at one point.”

“Ah, and what happened to your roommate?”

“She died,” Sabrina said, with a bit of emotion, “about a year and a half ago…her family showed up at our apartment and told me she was in a terrible car accident, and they collected all her things.”

“I’m sorry,” I paused, “Why didn’t you try and find a new roommate?”

“I don’t know,” she said with a confused look, “I guess I’m just very particular, and I make more than enough money to pay for the place anyway, since I’m a nurse.”

“Good point,” I smiled, “Alright, new questions…Do you have any family?”

“No, I was an orphan and I was told I have no siblings.”

“Okay, when did you move here?”

“About five years ago…after I graduated from nursing school.”

“Do you have a crush on me?”

Sabrina’s face instantly turned scarlet, her eyes shifting around before answering. “Yes, a little.”

I briefly flushed too, since I had hoped she might have some interest in me, but I tried to remain professional. Sabrina blushed even more at my response. “Umm, I also have a crush on Skyler too, though I feel a little guilty, since you two are a couple,” she supplied.

“Ah, he’d be happy to hear that,” I laughed, “truth be told, we both have a crush on you too,” I confessed.

“Really!? I thought you two were gay!”

“No, not really,” I smiled, “we’re both straight, but we love each other…though, I had to tweak his programming a little when I first found out what he was, since he was programmed by default to be straight and his programming couldn’t handle the complexities of human sexual relationships,” I explained, “but I got his permission first,” I added, after seeing a look of slight shock on her face.

“Ah, well this is a bit awkward then,” she flushed, though she appeared far more comfortable with me now that she knew I was as interested in her as she was in us.

“No worries,” I smiled, “okay, final questions…how long have you had a crush on me in particular?”

“Umm, I think a little when I first met you at the hospital for your annual checkup,” she said, trying to remember, “but definitely after my roommate died…I felt a little guilty about that, since I figured I was dealing with the grief by latching onto you, and because you were full on with Skyler at that point, but you guys are so nice to me.”

“Thanks,” I smiled, “final question: What do you think made you come to me tonight, after learning what you are?”

“I didn’t know right away, but it occurs to me now that I figured you could help me since you helped Skyler when he was damaged.”

“Good, I think you’ve confirmed several of my suspicions…both about yourself, and Skyler,” I said, reviewing my notes and placing the pen and pad back down on the table.

“What suspicions?” she asked in a worried voice.

“Well, it seems you are the same type of android that Skyler is…a sleeper class artificial human,” I explained, “based on what you told me, you’ve most likely been online for five years, and your roommate was most likely your handler assigned by the company that built you.”

Sabrina looked shocked to hear that, “But, I have tons of memories…they feel real.”

“Well, many of them likely are,” I assured her, “When I datamined Skyler’s code that day I had to fix him, I discovered that androids like you were based on real people who lived over a century ago who participated in a research project to see if it was possible to upload a human consciousness into a computer.”

“Whoa,” she breathed, “so, am I that human then?”

“Not quite,” I told her, “they couldn’t actually upload a consciousness, but they were able to create an almost exact digital copy of the people they scanned, including memories, experiences, and personality,” I explained to her, “they kept these digital copies saved in a server that was only recently discovered by the company that manufactured you, and they worked with the government to create you guys as fully functioning members of society, though initially with no knowledge of what you were, for experimental purposes.”

“Why would they do something like that?” she asked with a confused look.

“Well, a few years ago society was suffering from a labor shortage, since a large number of older people all died at once, and having over 100,000 new members of society all at once immediately made an impact on those labor shortages.”

“But why would they implant false memories then?”

“Because the server you all were stored on was starting to degrade, so there was moderate file fragmentation, and they had to make you believe you’d grown up in this century instead of the last, so they filled in the missing pieces and sent you into the world.”

“Huh, that makes sense,” she nodded, “so, am I a real person then…do I actually have free will, or am I just a machine that follows orders?”

“Those are deep questions Sabrina, and even Skyler is still wrestling with them,” I admitted, “But, I can tell you that Skyler could have left me at anytime before discovering he was an android, and he didn’t…in my opinion, he made a free choice to become my friend, and another free choice to stay with me and to then fall in love with me.”

“Wow, it sounds like we may be close to being human after all…” she mused, then looked around, “Where is Skyler, by the way? Is he asleep? I hope I didn’t wake him.”

“Oh, don’t worry about Skyler,” I smiled, “there’s no way you could wake him I…would you like to see him?”

“Sure, if it doesn’t inconvenience him,” she shrugged.

“It won’t,” I assured her, rising from my chair and beckoning her to follow me. She pushed herself up off the couch and followed me as I walked behind the seating area and into my expanded work area, moving a curtain out of the way.

“Wow, this is cool,” Sabrina commented, admiring the makeshift lab I’d built for myself.

“Thanks, I just expanded it a few months ago,” I told her, leading her all the way to the back where my massive computer array was still humming away. I pointed at a small device on the desk and said, “Well, there he is.”

Sabrina blinked a few times with a confused look on her face. “I’m sorry, where is he?” She asked, looking around.

I grinned a little playfully at her as I pointed once more at the device on my desk, which was roughly the size of a thick encyclopedia with a small apple-shaped device clicked into the middle.

“Wait…is that…his brain?” She whispered in an almost reverent voice, leaning in for a closer look.

“Yep, that’s Skyler’s brain,” I confirmed, “you caught me on the night I decided to perform his annual maintenance,” I explained, pulling up some screens on my computer to check on his progress, “I work on him every week, of course, but I decided that once a year he needs a more thorough checkup, and today is the first annual checkup.”

“Oh, I didn’t know…I’m sorry,” Sabrina apologized.

“Hey, it’s quite alright,” I smiled, “it’s not like you planned on being damaged and finding out you were an android.”

“Right,” she laughed nervously, “So, what’s he doing right now?”

“Well, I finished working on his body a few hours ago, and his brain finished installing the latest software updates and such,” I reported, “Right now, we’re making a full system backup.”

“A full backup?”

“Yeah, basically I’m creating a full backup of everything that makes Skyler Skyler on my own personal cloud storage device, just in case the worst should happen to him,” I explained, “that way, I can just have a new body built and restore him from backup.”

“I see,” She nodded, “but, wouldn’t that make the new one just a copy, or a clone?”

“Perhaps,” I nodded, “We chose not to see it too metaphysically though, since either way it would be him.”

“That makes sense,” she nodded, “Don’t you back him up more regularly though…I mean, it wouldn’t make sense to back him up just once a year.”

“I do,” I nodded, “I back him up weekly, but after a year there are 52 new backup files, so to save space I purge them and replace them with a new full backup.”

“Ah,” she nodded, transfixed on his brain, “can I touch it?”

“Sure, just be gentle.”

“I will,” she promised. She gently reached out her hand and lightly touched Skyler’s brain, recoiling slightly with a cute “ah!”

“What is it?”

“It’s warm,” she smiled, touching it once more.

“I would imagine so,” I smiled back, “it’s quite active at the moment.”

“Is he conscious right now? I mean, is he aware of what’s going on right now?”

I shook my head. “No, right now his program’s offline while the tool makes the backup.”

“Where’s his body at?” She asked suddenly, standing up straight and looking around, then focusing on the nearby hospital bed with the sheet, “is this it?” And before he could respond, she walked over and pulled the sheet off. “Whoa, Rachel?!”

“Yeah, I was working on her when you knocked on the door.” I told her, walking over and making sure none of Rachel’s parts fell off the table.

“I’ve seen you walking outside with her a few times…but I never suspected she was an android too,” Sabrina breathed, admiring the sight before her. Rachel’s torso cover was open, and her arms, hands, legs, and feet were all detached. “I actually got a bit jealous when I saw her.”

“Well, you don’t have anything to worry about…Rachel isn’t actually real, she’s merely a female body that Skyler purchased last year so he could try out being female from time to time, and so he’d have a backup body in case something happened to his.”

“Ah, I see,” Sabrina nodded, looking relieved, “what do you mean she isn’t real?”

“Oh, she doesn’t have her own brain,” I told her, “Skyler bought her at an auction that the android company was holding. Basically, a customer custom ordered her but died in an accident before the brain could be programmed, so they sold the body to Skyler for him to use while he waited for his body upgrade to arrive, and we decided to keep it for fun.”

“Cool! So, if Skyler’s body isn’t here, then where is it?”

“Well, I finished performing maintenance and upgrades on it several hours ago,” I explained, “after I had it run a full diagnostic and motor test, I had it go into standby mode in his bathroom so it could cool off.”

“Can I see it?” She asked, an almost hungry expression on her face.

“Sure,” I smiled knowingly. I grabbed the tablet that I used to interface with Skyler’s systems and then walked ahead of her to the hallway leading to our rooms.

Skyler’s old room, before he officially moved into my room, was at the end of the hall and to the left. He had his own bathroom attached to it with another door leading into the hallway. My room was on the right and had a similar setup. We also had a half-bath in the front next to the kitchen.

There was a loud humming noise coming from inside his bathroom when we approached the door. I opened the door from the hallway into his bathroom, blasting us both with cold air, and allowed Sabrina to step inside first.

Standing inside on a clean bath mat, and totally nude, was Skyler’s body. The reason for the blast of cold air became quickly apparent, as there was a portable room conditioner and two fans blowing on Skyler’s body. It was standing upright in a relaxed pose with its eyes closed, almost as though it had fallen asleep standing up.

Sabrina blushed as soon as she saw it standing there, though she also had a look of awe on her face.

“Is something wrong?” I grinned.

“No, I just didn’t expect his body to be naked,” she giggled, “his body looks so real, so lifelike.”

“He’s as real as you are,” I pointed out.

“True,” she nodded, walking a bit closer, “wow, I didn’t realize he was so short,” she laughed, since, at 5’10, she was nearly three inches taller than him.

“Yeah, he is,” I laughed; I was 5’11.

“I didn’t realize he was so muscular though,” she nodded approvingly, “does he actually have to work out for those?”

“Yeah,” I nodded, “that’s part of what makes your type of android so unique…you can actually mold your own muscles.”

“Cool, maybe I’ll have to start working out too,” she mused, absently flexing her arms before looking at me with a bashful expression, “would it be alright if I touched him?”

“Sure, he wouldn’t mind,” I assured her.

“Thanks,” she smiled, reaching out and touching his body, allowing her hands to glide across his clean, muscular skin. “Why does it have to be so cold in here?” She suddenly asked, shivering.

“Oh, his body needed to cool off after the benchmarking test I had it run,” I explained, “but, it’s most likely cooled off enough by now, so I’ll shut this all down to save energy,” I told her, quickly powering off the portable A/C and the two fans.

“Thanks,” she smiled, before getting back to Skyler’s body. After she had her fill of his chest, she slowly knelt down and examined his penis, which was currently flaccid. “It’s just truly amazing how real this is,” she commented, playing around with it in her fingers and examining it in great detail.

“Have you seen many penises?” I joked.

“Yeah, I’m a nurse so I’ve seen plenty,” she pointed out.

“Ah, fair point,” I blushed, “how would you rate his?”

“Well, I can’t go into too much detail because of privacy laws, but I’d say his is definitely in the Top 3,” she decided, “the deciding factor is the lack of pubic hair though…he must have to shave everyday.” She gave his balls one good squeeze and then stood up.

“Not quite,” I said, “actually, I modified his body’s settings so he doesn’t grow body hairs below his ears now, so he doesn’t need to shave anymore.”

“Really!? That’s possible?”

“Uh-huh,” I nodded, “when he agreed to be my boyfriend, he allowed me to modify his settings so he could please me more.”

“Aww, how sweet,” Sabrina gushed, “and did you have to do anything for him?”

“Well, I keep his body in good shape,” I pointed out, “I think that counts, right?”

“I’m only teasing you,” she winked, “I can see you take great care of him, and he certainly seems happy.”

“We both are,” I smiled.

“Perhaps you could modify my body so I don’t need to shave anymore,” she said hopefully.

“If you’d like,” I nodded.

“I think I would…I’m not completely happy about finding out I’m an android, but I think I’m seeing it can have its benefits.”

“I feel you…Skyler felt a bit that way too, though he was happy about it in the end,” I assured her, “anyway, if you’re done with your look at Skyler’s body, I’d like to take a look inside your body to see what needs to be fixed.”

“Ok,” she smiled, leaning towards Skyler’s body and giving it a quick peck on the cheek before following me back out into the hall and into my lab.

“Okay, for starters, I’m going to need you to fully undress,” I instructed her, “that means all your clothes, and any accessories you may be wearing, like a watch or necklace.”

Sabrina’s face instantly turned Scarlet. “All my clothes? Naked?!”

“Yes,” I told her, blushing despite myself, “the primary access port on your torso runs from just below your neck to just above your waist,” I explained, “and I’m going to need to possibly remove some of your other limbs too, so I’ll need you fully nude.”

“Okay,” she said nervously.

“Don’t worry, I’m a professional,” I assured her.

“I know,” she smiled, taking off her jacket and hanging it up on a nearby peg, “it’s just…I said I had a crush on you, and now you’re seeing me naked.”

“I understand,” I nodded, watching as she sat down to remove her shoes in an armchair I kept back here to rest in. She seemed to be having trouble though, and I could hear an audible whine as she attempted to bend her back to reach her shoes. “Sabrina, stop!”

“What is it?” She asked in a worried voice, “I was just having a little trouble reaching my shoes.”

“Yeah, your sleeper programming’s still partially active, so it was filtering out your senses,” I told her, walking over and helping her sit back up, “it sounds like part of your spine got damaged from the impact of that dumpster.”

“Oh, wow,” she said, allowing him to gently lean her back, “I guess it really is a good thing I came to you,” she chuckled nervously.

“No worries,” I smiled at her, “I’m pretty sure I know what’s damaged, but I’ll obviously need to assist you with removing your clothes.”

“Ok,” she nodded, relaxing back in the chair.

“I’ll start with your shoes,” I told her, kneeling down and reaching for her feet. Since she was a nurse and on her feet most of the day, she was wearing a pair of black athletic shoes with ventilation to keep her feet dry. As I unlaced the shoes and carefully removed them, I was momentarily caught off guard by how large her feet were; size 10.

“Oh man, I didn’t realize until now how sore my feet were,” she sighed, “would you mind giving them a quick massage?”

“Sure, I’d love to,” I smiled, delicately sliding her ankle length socks off and gently massaging them. I was pleased to see that her feet were good looking. Her long toes each increased in length, with the big toe being the longest. She also did not paint her toenails, opting for a perfect natural look.

Sabrina leaned back in the chair and moaned lightly with pleasure as I gently worked the kinks out of her feet. “So, are my feet actually sore or is that more of my sleeper programming?” She asked conversationally.

“In a way they are actually sore,” I responded, “your body does have a musculature that can be sore but, being an android, it is possible to turn your sense of pain or discomfort off. The problem is then you wouldn’t be aware if you were damaging yourself.”

“Ah, true,” she nodded, “Oh, I hope my feet don’t smell too bad,” she suddenly said, “12hr shifts can be brutal on my feet.”

“Oh, no need to worry there,” I smiled, “as an android, your perspiration doesn’t actually have the same rank odor as human perspiration,” I explained, and before she could retort, I responded, “it’s part of your sleeper programming to make you think you smell bad, so you’ll bathe more regularly.”

“Ah, that explains it,” she nodded, “it smells quite real to me right now.”

“It’s all in your head, I assure you,” I smiled, emphasizing my point by bringing her feet up to my face and smelling them. Despite the moisture present, only a mild musky smell was present.

“Wow,” she blushed.

“I can show you, if you’d like,” I offered, “your feet are detachable.”

“Huh, sounds interesting…why not?” She shrugged.

I nodded and gripped her right foot at the ankle as I located the manual release. Once I located it, I pressed in and then twisted her foot off. “Here you go,” I offered, holding her foot out to her. Unfortunately, she got a dazed look on her face and appeared zoned out.

“Sabrina, are you still with me?” I asked in a concerned voice, setting her foot down and waving my hand in front of her face; no response. “Ugh, must be your sleeper settings,” I muttered, picking her foot back up and clicking it back on. As soon as it was back on, she came back to life with a confused look.

“What’s wrong? I thought you were removing my foot.”

“I did, but when I did you froze up,” I explained, getting up and walking to my desk, “it’s part of your sleeper settings still active…I’m going to shut them off so it doesn’t interfere with my work any longer.”

“Oh, okay,” she frowned, watching intently as I fumbled around in my desk before grabbing a small device and approached her with it.

“Alright, this is a remote link,” I explained, showing it to her, “it’s quite small and will plug into a port located behind your ear.”

“Is it permanent?” she asked with a concerned look, “it doesn’t look too fashionable.”

“When I open up your head later, I’ll be relocating it to one of the empty ports on your brain,” I told her, “That way I’ll be able to run remote diagnostics on you from my office here.”

“And control me?”

“Well, I could, but I try and let you guys do you own thing,” I assured her, “you can ask Skyler, I only control him for fun when we want to have some fun.”

“Okay, I trust you,” she smiled.

“Thanks, this won’t hurt,” I promised, leaning in and parting the hair around her right ear. I poked a small tool into a freckle behind her ear, opening up a small port, and then carefully plugged the wireless link in. “All done,” I announced cheerfully, standing back up as I heard a chime on my tablet informing me that it detected the new connection.

“Huh, I don’t feel a thing,” Sabrina shrugged, gingerly touching the device I plugged into her before resting her hands on her lap, patiently watching me monitor my tablet.

“I told you that you wouldn’t,” I winked, waiting for the tablet to finish downloading her diagnostic protocols so I could get to work. A few seconds later it finished and I had full access to her A.I. A quick check of her basic info quickly confirmed a suspicion of mine. “Ah, I know now why you trusted me enough to come here.”


“Your system has me classified as a Provisional Owner,” I explained, “basically, you’ve been without an owner since your previous one died, and your system can’t really function without one, so it classified me as a provisional one since you determined you could trust me after finding out that I helped Skyler.”

“Interesting,” Sabrina mused, seeming to zone out, “so, that means I’m your property?”

“It doesn’t quite work like that,” I winced, “you and Skyler still have free will, but since you’re both androids, you need someone to own you in order to keep you maintained.”

“I see,” she nodded.

“Apparently Skyler’s systems initially classified me the same way for the first three years I knew him, until the accident,” I went on, “it wasn’t until the accident that he reclassified me as his permanent owner.”

“Do you think I could reclassify you as my permanent owner?” She asked, “I mean, I know it’s fast, but I don’t really trust anyone else.”

“Well, that’s up to your governing A.I.” I told her, “I don’t really have a say in it, though I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens automatically sometime tonight.”

“Good,” she said, smiling with relief, “I guess I feel a bit relieved since I’ve been living without a safety net for almost two years.”

“Yeah,” I chuckled, perusing the rest of her settings.

“So, what are you going to do to me now?”

“Well, as I mentioned before, I’m going to disable some of your sleeper settings,” I explained, “I can’t do them all at once since it would be too much of a shock to you,” I added, before she could retort, “and, I see your system has several years of minor updates, so I’m going to install those too…I’ll be doing the major updates later.”

“Will I have to reboot?” Sabrina got a concerned look on her face.

“Yes,” I confirmed, “but, since these are just minor updates and settings changes, the reboot should only take about 10-15 seconds…really quick.”

“Okay,” she nodded, “are you ready to do it now?”

“Almost,” I told her, toggling many of the sleeper settings off before returning to the updates section, “you’re still downloading a few of the updates right now.”

“I’m curious, how come my A.I. couldn’t download and install any of those minor updates for me?”

“Because they could still cause malfunctions, so they have to be done by a human,” I told her, “Preferably by your owner.”

“And that’s you,” she smiled.

“Provisionally,” I winked, “ah, looks like they’re ready.”

“Ok,” she said, gulping nervously.

“See you in a few seconds,” I told her, tapping the start button. Sabrina looked about to say something before her face went slack and her head bowed as her systems rebooted. I waited patiently while her systems installed the new updates and made the selected changes to her sleeper settings. 12-seconds later, her head sprung back up and her eyes popped open. “Welcome back!”

“Wow, that felt…strange,” she said, shaking her head a little and rubbing her forehead.

“I’ll bet…Skyler said it took him a while to get used to being rebooted.”

“The strangest thing is, I don’t really feel any different, but at the same time I do feel different.”

“Well, the updates were all minor maintenance patches, so they likely fixed a number of extremely minor issues that you’ve barely been aware of,” I explained, “and, with some of the sleeper settings off now, your systems aren’t working as hard to fool you anymore so you might feel slightly more relaxed.”

“Yeah, I do!” She grinned, “My head feels much clearer now.”

“Great! Would you like me to remove your foot again?”


“Alright,” I smiled, happy she was more enthusiastic of her nature now. I bent down once more and grabbed her right foot, clicking the manual release just above the ankle. This time, when her foot detached, she did not zone out and merely stared with wonder as I brought her severed foot up to her. “Would you like to hold it?”

“Yes,” she managed to say, holding out her hands eagerly and delicately taking her foot from me, examining it closely with admiration. At one point, she pressed her toes and foot bottom into her face and took a deep breath, remarking, “Wow, I really don’t have body odor!”

“See, I told you,” I winked, “just don’t forget to bathe.”

“I won’t,” she giggled, touching the tips of her toes to her tongue, “they still taste salty though.”

“Yeah, your perspiration is essentially a saline mix designed to keep your skin adequately moisturized, as well as to cool you off.”

“Greg, do you have a foot fetish?” She asked suddenly, startling me.

“To be honest, yes I do,” I told her truthfully.

“I thought so,” she smiled, “I think I do too,” she admitted, playing around a little bit more with her foot before handing it back to me, “what do you think of mine?”

“Yours are quite nice, actually,” I admitted with no embarrassment, “I was surprised by how large they are, but they’re perfectly proportioned, so they don’t necessarily look large.”

“Thanks,” she smiled, watching as I bent back down and clicked it onto her leg, wiggling her toes at me as soon as she had control over it once more, before wincing. “Oh man, the soreness just returned all at once.”

“Oh, sorry. Would you like me to massage them again?”

“No thanks,” she smiled fondly, “I think we’ve spent enough time with my feet…you should probably assist me with the rest of my clothes so you can start fixing me.”

“Good point,” I nodded, quickly sizing her up, “why don’t you stand up so I can remove your pants and underwear?”

“Can you help me up? I don’t want to strain that damaged part of my spine.”

“Sure,” I told her, offering her my hands. Once she had a firm grip, I gently lifted her up so she was standing.

“Thank you,” she smiled, “Umm, would you like me to remove my shirt and bra while you work on my pants, or would you like to remove them?” The look on her face indicated that she wanted me to remove them.

“I wouldn’t mind removing them,” I smiled, eliciting a blush.

“I thought you wouldn’t,” she grinned coquettishly, relaxing her arms.

I grinned back as I gently lifted her arms up and slid her scrub top over her head. I winced as I once more saw the deep scratches on her otherwise flawless torso, but focused on my task. I placed the scrub top on top of her shoes and socks and then gently lowered her arms. She wasn’t wearing anything else beneath it except for her bra, which was a simple spandex sports bra. I reached around, unclasped it, and then pulled it clear of her body, allowing her large breasts to spill out and jiggle to a stop.

“Wow, you have a nice pair of breasts,” I complimented her, feeling my face grow red and hot as I blushed.

“Thanks,” she blushed back.

“Umm, I just need to remove your pants and panties now,” I managed to say, averting my gaze. I heard her lightly giggle as I bent down and unlaced the drawstring on her pants, allowing them to slide down to the floor. She neatly stepped out of them and kicked them away as I continued with her spandex sports panties. Once the panties were down at her feet, she kicked them away too and then relaxed her stance.

After I moved her pile of clothes somewhere I would not trip over it, I stood back and admired Sabrina’s nude body.

Sabrina was a mixed Hispanic/European woman in her mid-to-late twenties, so slightly older than both myself and Skyler. She stood at roughly 5’10 with long, thick, curly dark brown hair that went past her shoulders, and a large, full-figured body type with a pale complexion. She was so pale that her skin was slightly reddened in the places where her clothes had been a bit too tight. She had a patch of dark brown pubic hair above her vagina that was neatly groomed, though based on her previous comments she would likely ask to have her hairs removed.

“Wow, you’re beautiful,” I told her.

“Thank you,” she smiled, her cheeks flushing.

“Sorry, I said I’d be professional,” I caught myself, trying to focus.

“I don’t mind,” she said in a soft voice, “do you see any more damage?”

“Let me see,” I told her, “Could you step a few feet away from the chair so I can walk behind you?” Sabrina nodded and stepped forward a few steps. I slowly walked behind her and scrutinized her pale backside. Aside from a few minor scratches which only penetrated her outermost skin layer, she only had a few bruises. The damage she sustained to her abdomen appeared to be the worst of it.

“Thank you, you can sit back down now,” I told her, “Fortunately, you don’t appear to have suffered too much more cosmetic damage.”

“That’s a relief,” she smiled, sitting back down, rubbing back and forth on the chair to warm it up for her now nude body, “How come I don’t feel any pain with this damage, if I can still feel my feet are sore?” she asked, gesturing at the scratches.

“Well, your body basically stops simulating the sensation of pain once a specific threshold is met,” I explained, “Usually it might be enough to cause a Human to black out, but since it wouldn’t serve you well to black out, your body merely terminated the pain response in that area to allow you to find me to fix you.”

“I see,” she nodded.

“Anyway, before I open you up, I just want to ask a few more questions, since I’ll be performing an extensive repair and maintenance overhaul on your body.” I told her, wheeling my desk chair over and sitting down in front of her.

“Okay,” she shrugged, causing her breasts to jiggle a little.

“So, I suppose the first thing that any doctor, or nurse, would ask a patient is: where does it hurt?” I started, “I need to know where to focus my efforts, so, for example, you mentioned your feet get sore after a 12hr shift, which is completely normal.”

“I’ll say,” she laughed.

“Indeed,” I smiled, “but, would you say your feet have been more sore than normal after the death of your roomie?”

Sabrina put on a thinking expression for a moment before nodding. “Yeah, now that you mention it, they have been sorer since then.”

“I thought they might,” I nodded, “I’ll bet your hands have been too.”

“They have.”

“Anywhere else?”

“Well, my lower back was getting sore too…though, now it hurts more because of the damage I sustained,” she reported, “also, my knees.”

“Nowhere else?”

“No, that pretty much sums it up.”

“Good, that sounds fairly typical for an android that hasn’t been serviced in almost two years,” I smiled, “of course, Skyler hadn’t been serviced in three, but he didn’t have as physically demanding a job as yours.”

“Yeah,” she laughed, “nursing is much harder than accounting.”

“Alright, I’m ready to open you up now,” I announced, before pausing…a blush forming on my face.

“What is it?” She asked with a concerned look.

“Ummm, I need to check something online first,” I told her suddenly, getting up and rushing to my computer. After a few moments, I found what I was looking for and nodded before returning to her.

“Did you find what you were looking for?”

“Yes,” I nodded, blushing even more, “I just needed to make sure that umm…well, that your anatomy didn’t alter the opening procedure. I mean, I’ve had Rachel for a while, but her design is slightly different from yours and Skyler’s”

“Oh,” she nodded.

I steeled myself and wheeled my chair closer to her. I looked into her eyes with a serious look and said, “This might feel a bit weird.” She gave me a nod and watched as I pressed my finger into her navel, twisting it 90 degrees, before suddenly grabbing hold of both her nipples and twisting them in the opposite direction.

“AH!” She squealed when I pinched her nipples, though her squeal abruptly cut off as she let out an “Oh,” in a strange voice.

There was a hissing sound as an oval-shaped seam appeared on her torso, running from just above her breasts to just above the patch of vaginal hair. I felt her breasts firm up and then the panel of skin lifted up from her body slightly. I used her breasts as leverage to remove it the rest of the way, laying the torso cover down in my lap with the breasts pressing against the side of my leg, before reaching in and opening the inner panel, making her ribs slide open to reveal her inner mechanisms.

“Whoa!” Sabrina practically shouted, staring down at what used to be her chest, but was now an open cavity displaying her inner workings. She stared incredulously back and forth from her innards, to me moving away and placing her chest panel on the same table that Rachel’s dismantled body lay on.

“See, I told you it would be weird,” I grinned, wheeling back over to her so I could examine her innards. I started things off by immediately plugging in another wireless link to her MCN, and then starting a low-level hardware diagnostic on my tablet while I conducted a visual survey.

“This is amazing…and a little freaky,” she finally managed to say, calming down somewhat as she finished processing her new reality, “hey, how come my hands can’t reach inside?” She asked, trying to reach in and touch something.

“Oh, it’s a safety feature you guys come installed with,” I explained, “to prevent you from accidentally damaging yourself.”

“Oh,” she said in a slightly disappointed voice, “that makes sense.”

“I still have it partially enabled on Skyler, even after all this time,” I assured her, “but I programmed in several exceptions so he can repair himself in the rare eventuality that I’m not around.”

“Will you program those in me too?”

“I don’t see why not,” I shrugged.

“So, I think I can make out some approximations of human organs, like my lungs, digestive system, and even my power core,” Sabrina said in a clinical tone, using her knowledge of human anatomy, “but what is this large thing in between my lungs?”

“That is your Motor Control Nexus, or MCN for short,” I explained, “in order to reduce space in your head, they started manufacturing with these so the brain in your head could be much smaller, fitting only your operating system and all the files that make up your ‘self’. The MCN processes all the voluntary and involuntary processes below your neck, such as your movements, sense of touch, power regulation, and digestion.”

“Cool,” she breathed, smiling as she saw her lungs expanding and contracting, “and what was that device you plugged into it?”

“Another wireless link, similar to the one I attached to your head earlier,” I told her, “This way I can run diagnostics on you anytime I want now, and even remote control you if necessary.”

“That sounds a little creepy,” she shuddered, “but I trust you.”

“Good,” I smiled, continuing my inspection, and flagging several things I noticed right away, “I can assure you; I’ll take excellent care of you.”

“Thanks Greg, that means a lot,” she smiled, a tear forming in her eye, “I think I’m finally realizing, after these past few years nursing and taking care of others, that no one has been taking care of me…at least, not since my roomie died.”

“That may have something to do with the sleeper settings I disabled,” I pointed out, “they’ve most likely been suppressing those thoughts so you wouldn’t question your reality, or make any risky choices.”

“Huh, that’s weird…being a slave to yourself,” she mused, “Thanks for freeing me.”

“Don’t mention it,” I shrugged, “I can’t take full credit…it was an act of God that started this all tonight, not that I believe in any of that.”

“Don’t worry, I don’t either,” she laughed.

“Anyway, based on a visual inspection of your components, I can already see several damaged or worn-out devices,” I told her, leaning out of her torso and staring her in the face.

She gulped nervously, expecting bad news. “Anything serious?”

“Fortunately, not,” I smiled reassuringly, “but, there are a handful of components that I don’t have any spares for on hand, so I might have to order them.”


“Well, it might be nothing, but Skyler had spares,” I mused, before staring back into Sabrina’s confused face, “Let me see…I have a strange question for you.”

“I’m sure it’s no stranger than this,” she laughed nervously, gesturing at her open torso.

“Perhaps,” I smiled, “Sabrina, are there any boxes at your apartment that might be labeled as old family photos, or mementos, or something? Basically, boxes that a person might stash in their attic and completely forget about.”

A look of shock appeared on her face. “Yes, how did you know?”

“Well, if my suspicions are correct, those boxes actually contain your spare parts,” I told her, “Skyler had several boxes of spare parts at the campsite he was activated in, and I surmised that maybe your roommate kept them in your house and convinced you not to open them by tricking you into believing they were just boxes of old junk.”

“Old junk is almost exactly how she described it,” Sabrina nodded, “I thought it was strange that her family never asked for it, and some part of me never brought it up with them.”

“They must have your spare parts then,” I smiled, relieved I wouldn’t have to rush order new parts, “I’d like to head on over there right now and get them, if that’s alright…. it’ll save me a lot of time, and money.”

“Sure, I don’t mind,” she shrugged, “if it’ll get me fixed up, and out of my place, I’m all for it,” she said excitedly.

“There is just one snag,” I added with a delicate look, “unfortunately, that spinal damage is too severe for you to safely perform any additional actions other than simply walking around in here, and the damage to your body exposes you to the heavy rain outside.”

“Then how am I supposed to go with you?”

“I’m afraid I’m going to have to place your brain in Skyler’s body.”

“What?! Why Skyler’s body? Why not Rachel’s?” She asked, a blush forming on her face.

“Rachel’s body isn’t ready to be brought back online yet, since I was performing maintenance on it,” I apologized, “Skyler’s, on the other hand, is already finished and fully charged.”

Sabrina breathed heavily a few times as she calmed herself down, appearing flustered. “I mean, it’s not like I wouldn’t mind trying out his attractive body, but…would he mind?”

“Oh no, not at all,” I laughed, “he’d be thrilled to find out that the girl we’ve both been crushing on is an android, and that she tried out his body.”

Sabrina nodded with my words, still appearing uncomfortable, “and, would I be able to function in a male body?”

“Well, I would need to install a special patch, the same one I gave to Skyler so he could function in Rachel’s body, but that would only take a minute,” I assured her, “and, I would be disabling the rest of your sleeper settings too, so you can see your HUD.”

Sabrina seemed to be calmer now as her mind was processing the possibility of being in a male body, she now seemed more excited than concerned, “how long would I be able to stay in it?”

“A long as you’d like,” I told her, “At least, until I need to remove your brain to install the larger software updates.”

“Okay, I suppose being in a male body for a few hours might actually be kinda fun,” she conceded, “when are you going to transfer me?”

“Soon,” I told her, tapping away on my tablet. A few moments later, Skyler’s body walked out of his bathroom and entered my lab area, coming to a stop a short distance from us.

“Whoa! His body can move around without his brain?”

“Uh huh,” I grinned, pausing to admire his body before turning back to Sabrina, “Like I said, just as with you, your bodies have the MCN which essentially acts as muscle memory for your bodies, so anything you could do physically while your brain is installed your body can do too, with enough practice.”

“Interesting,” she mused, also admiring his body, then looked at the clock. “Hey, it’s past 1am…are you really going to be able to work on my body tonight…you’re human, so you do need sleep.”

“Thanks for the concern,” I smiled, “But, I had intended to work through the night, since the network connections would be faster, so I took a five-hour nap after lunch and should be fine until the point where I have you plugged in to download and install your updates.”

“I see,” she nodded, “sorry, my nursing training made me point that out…I see so many patients who overwork themselves.”

“No worries, besides, working on lovely androids like you too is hardly stressful…it’s really fun.”

Sabrina giggled.

“Well, if you’re ready, I’m going to patch you so you can function in a male body, and then I’m going to disable your remaining sleeper settings,” I told her, prepping my tablet.

“Before you do, there’s something I want to say,” she said, her face flushing. I leaned in to focus on her, and before I could do anything, she leaned forward and planted a surprise kiss on my lips.

Whatever semblance of professionalism I was keeping up instantly evaporated with her kiss, as I passionately returned it, almost melting into her face. I felt her hands caressing my cheeks as I braced them on her legs. When she finally broke apart from me, her face was glowing with contentment. “Wow, that felt really good…strangely good,” she said, in an almost euphoric way.

“Yeah,” I managed to say, trying to catch my breath. I was momentarily distracted by a ping on my tablet. “Oh my, it looks like you just made me your official owner,” I announced, happily showing her the prompt on my tablet.

“Huh, how about that?” She giggled, still in a euphoric state, “it certainly feels right.”

“Huh, that almost exactly what Skyler told me when his system made me his owner,” I chuckled, clearing the prompt from the tablet. After I cleared that prompt, a new one requesting my permission to add her as a girlfriend. “And it looks like you want to be my girlfriend,” I added, with a grin.

“Oh man, I can’t believe how much that thing knows about me,” she said in an embarrassed tone, “But yeah, since you’re my owner now, why not make me your girlfriend?” She shrugged, “it’s not like it’s illegal.”

Sabrina was right. After the wars, Polygamy was decriminalized worldwide in order to repopulate most areas. In some areas, it was actually encouraged and even required. Despite the population being stable now, most governments had opted to keep it legal, since there had been no biblical repercussions as the religious zealots of the time had feared.

“I know, but are you sure you want to go there so fast?” I asked carefully, “Skyler and I had been living together for three years.”

“Yeah, but come on…you two have totally been flirting with me, and I with you,” she pointed out.

“That’s true,” I conceded, “alright, I’ll modify your settings so both Skyler and I are listed as Boyfriends in your programming, and I’ll update you as a Girlfriend in Skyler’s once he’s fully backed up.”

“Thanks Greg,” she smiled fondly, watching me modify her programming on my tablet.

I smiled back and got to work. I quickly confirmed her new status as mine and Skyler’s girlfriend, adding in both our preferences, and then got to work downloading the patch she would require to function in a body of the opposite sex. Once I had the patch queued, I went into her sleeper settings and disabled the remaining settings. A prompt popped up notifying me she would need to reboot.

“Alright Sabrina, you’ll need to reboot now,” I warned her, “this one might take a bit longer than before.”

“Okay, I’m ready,” she said resolutely.

I nodded and tapped the button, rebooting her. I took the time she was rebooting to do a quick celebratory dance, happy that a lovely woman that both Skyler and I were attracted to just happened to be an android, and that she had a crush on us too and had agreed to be in a relationship with us. I managed to regain my composure just as she came back online.

“Welcome back!” I announced cheerfully, “do you feel any different?”

“Oh yes,” she said with a look of wonder, as she accessed her HUD for the first time, exploring all the settings, “I can’t believe this was being hidden from me this whole time.”

“I know, it’s very cool…. I saw Skyler’s through his visual monitor when he first accessed it; I wish I had one.”

“This is going to make my life SO much better…. I can set alarms for myself, place a to-do list on my screen, and I even have facial recognition so I won’t forget a person’s name.”

“Like I said, I wish I had one,” I laughed, “but don’t get too used the way it looks now,” I warned her, “The HUD is the most tweaked and changed feature whenever they release the major updates for your A.I., and you’re behind on at least two of them.”

“Ah, I see,” she nodded, “so, am I ready to be moved into Skyler’s body?”

“Almost,” I told her, prepping something on my tablet, “For security reasons, your bodies have defense programming to prevent someone from stealing your body and putting another brain in,” I explained, “To prevent people from doing that, your body generates a complex code that has to be detected in any brain that’s connected to it, before it will install its own code into the brain allowing them to work with each other.”

“Huh, that sounds good…I sure wouldn’t want anyone stealing my body.”

“Nor would I,” I nodded fervently, “anyway, all I have to do is show you this code, and your A.I. will save it in your memory until Skyler’s body detects it, and then it will be purged so no one can hack it from your memory. Then it’ll be replaced with code allowing your brain to function in his body.”

“Sounds simple enough,” she shrugged.

“Okay, here it is,” I told her, flipping the tablet around and showing her the complex 4D code, “I need you to stare at this for 10-seconds, just to be safe.”

“Okay,” she nodded, staring intently at it. After exactly ten seconds, she blinked and I flipped the tablet back around.

“Alright, that should do it,” I announced, placing the tablet down, “now, one last thing…could you please get up and lay down on this table please?” I requested, “I’m not strong enough to lift your body up onto it, so I might as well have you climb up there before I transfer you.”

“Okay,” she smiled, slowly rising from the chair, giggling at the mechanical noises her body made as she got up. She walked over to the examination table just behind the chair she was sitting in and hopped up onto it before slowly lying down. “Ah, this feels nice.”

“Good, I made sure to snatch the highest quality tables,” I smiled, prepping some equipment. I quickly sanitized my hands and then grabbed a rod-like device from my desk that was designed to absorb the latent static electricity my body had accumulated in the past hour before returning to Sabrina. “I’m going to remove your scalp now,” I warned her.

“Okay,” she nodded with a trusting look, though she appeared nervous.

I gently lifted up her head and pressed my finger in the exact spot at the base of her scalp that I knew her manual release was. A few seconds later she gasped as a seam appeared around her head and I gently removed her scalp, placing it on a bust so her hair wouldn’t be messed up.

“This feels weird,” she giggled nervously, looking around wildly, hearing the components whirring in her open head.

“I’ll bet,” I smiled, quickly looking in to make sure everything looked normal in her head. I saw a few circuits with minor shock damage, but I had sufficient replacements on hand. “Alright, I’m going to remove you now,” I told her, placing my hand on her brain; it was slightly warm to the touch.

She merely nodded in response before going stoic as I removed her brain from her head, forcing her body into standby mode; I chose to leave her body online for a while so I could have it run a benchmark diagnostic before we left. I paused briefly to admire her brain, as I had with Skyler’s, still amazed that her real personality and essence was contained in a device so small.

I quickly moved the wireless link device from the open port on her head to an open port on her brain, resealing the port on her head. I then gently placed Sabrina’s brain on my desk as I opened up Skyler’s head. Once I had his scalp on another nearby bust, I gently picked up Sabrina’s brain and clicked it in place in Skyler’s head, replacing the scalp as his body communicated with Sabrina’s brain. I stood back and watched patiently, knowing it might take up to a minute.

After nearly 45 seconds had passed, Skyler’s body twitched and then blinked it’s eyes several times before almost lurching forward. “Whoa!” She almost yelled, using Skyler’s voice.

“What is it? Are you fully integrated?” I asked in a concerned voice, walking forward and grabbing her to hold her upright.

“I think so,” she said in a confused voice, almost testing out Skyler’s voice, “I think I was caught off guard because when you pulled me out of my body I was laying down, but his body was already standing.”

“Oh, I hadn’t thought of that,” I mused, since usually Skyler and Rachel were laying down when he swapped bodies for him, “sorry about that.”

“It’s alright,” she smiled, “but hey, Skyler’s body feels great! It feels so naturally, almost like it’s actually my body,” she remarked with a huge grin on his face, “except a few obvious differences,” she giggled, gesturing at his chest and penis.

“I’ll say,” I blushed, remembering her nude body.

“This feels so weird,” she continued, reaching down and gingerly grabbing her penis, squeezing it and playing around with it. She let it go and then shook her hips, watching it swing back and forth, before gasping, “Oh, I think I’m turning myself on,” she blushed, watching as it became erect, “I think I’m still attracted to Skyler’s body even though I’m inside it.”

“I thought that might happen,” I nodded, watching as she became more erect.

“This feels so weird, and good,” she said, “but, I’m not sure I can make it stop…I don’t want to make a mess here, can you help me out?” She pleaded, now fully erect and throbbing.

“Sure,” I nodded, bending down and tapping a freckle above his penis. This immediately illuminated a few subdermal icons in a bright blue color. I tapped at a coil icon with a down arrow several times, making her penis become flaccid once more. I then tapped a flame icon with a down icon to lower her libido before tapping the freckle once more to de-illuminate the icons.

“Wow, that was cool,” she said with an impressed look, “Does my body have a panel like that above my vagina?”

“It should,” it told her, quickly walking over to it. I tapped a small freckle and illuminated it, “Yep,” I told her, de-illuminating it.

“Cool…so much of myself to learn.”

“Yeah, so I know you’re attracted to Skyler, but try and maintain some discipline,” I warned her, “he managed to essentially create a female profile for himself to switch into when he plugs into Rachel, or any female body,” I explained, “that way he can act more feminine but still be himself.”

“Wow, I’ll have to ask him to show me how to create a male profile for when I’m in his body.”

“I’m sure he’d be more than happy to,” I smiled, “anyway, I need you to test out your control of his body, so could you please walk to the entrance of my lab and back, but exaggerate your arm and leg movements?”

“Sure,” she nodded, turning around and marching to the entrance of my lab and then back with a goofy look on her face. When she got back, she stopped in front of me and frowned. “Wow, Skyler’s so short,” she grimaced, standing on the tips of his toes and still not coming up to the same height as her body.

“I don’t mind,” I shrugged, bending down and kissing her on the lips.

“Ooh, that feels just as good on his lips as it does mine,” she blushed, once I pulled away.

“You’ll have to get used to bending down if you want to kiss Skyler too,” I pointed out.

“If I must,” she said in a mock tone of defeat, “So, are we going to head over to my place now?”

“Yeah, but first we need to get you dressed.”

“Oh yeah, I almost forgot,” she blushed, following me out of the lab and into the bedroom Skyler and I shared. “Wow, it definitely smells like you in here,” she giggled, wrinkling her nose.

“Yeah, well I’m human so I have body odor,” I said in an unapologetic tone, grabbing some basic clothes from Skyler’s drawer and handing them to her, “will you need any help getting dressed?”

“I think I can figure it out,” she smiled, heading over to the bed to get dressed.

“Alright,” I nodded, patiently waiting while I watched her get dressed. She immediately seemed to have trouble with the underwear though. “Problem?” I inquired, walking over to assist.

“Yeah, I can’t figure out this pouch in the front,” she admitted with a bashful look.

“Oh yeah, that’s a neat invention someone made for men,” I told her, reaching in and gently grabbing the tip of her penis, feeding it through a small circular opening until the entire flaccid portion was in there, “it’s a two-pouch system to keep both parts of the penis separated, to reduce chaffing and make it more comfortable down there.”

“Ah, how neat,” she remarked, shaking her hips satisfactorily, “thank you.”

“Don’t mention it,” I smiled, walking away to observe her get the rest of her clothes on. She encountered no more difficulties putting on a pair of Skyler’s cargo pants, a t-shirt, a jacket, and shoes and socks.

“How do I look?” She asked, twirling around.

“Dressed,” I said pointedly, eliciting a giggle.

“Yeah, I suppose these clothes are more functional than fashionable,” she lamented, “but they’ll have to do.”

“Yeah,” I nodded, “I just need to get my shoes on, and then grab some things and I’ll be ready to go.”

“Okay,” she nodded, following me back out into the living room.

Once I had my shoes and socks on, as well as my well-worn jacket, I headed back into my lab to get a few things; Sabrina silently followed me.

After I grabbed my satchel with a few things I’d need, I put all my equipment into standby mode and then headed for the door. I stopped when I looked at Sabrina’s body, smacking my forehead.

“What is it?” She asked in a concerned voice.

“I was going to have your body run a benchmark test while we were gone,” I told her, grabbing the tablet and tapping away, “that way I have something to compare after I’ve fixed you up and upgraded a few things.”

“Ah,” she nodded, staring pensively down into the face of her body, which stared mindlessly back up at her.

A few seconds later I finished and all the systems in her body hummed into action as the diagnostic benchmark began. “Alright, I’m ready.”

“Hold on,” she said, leaning down and staring more closely into her face. After a few seconds, she leaned in closer and planted a kiss on her own lips, briefly savoring the feeling, before standing back up with a flushed look on her face.

“How did that feel?” I asked with a quizzical expression.

“Weird,” she admitted, “but really good.”

“I can only imagine,” I said with a voice filled with longing, “are you ready?”

“Yes,” she replied, grabbing her purse from her pile of clothes on the floor.

“Then let’s go,” I announced, leading the way out of the apartment, making sure everything was secure before locking the door behind us.

Fortunately, the rain had diminished considerably over the course of the previous hour since Sabrina knocked on my door. It was still drizzling, but it was a far cry from the torrential downpour from before.

“Lead the way,” I told her.

‘“What?” she asked in a confused voice.

“Oh, I forget to mention,” I said, slapping my forehead, “we’ll need to drive your car so you can park it near my apartment, and I don’t know where you live.”

“Oh, that make sense,” she blushed, “follow me.”

We walked a short distance to the hospital parking lots. Her car was parked in the employee section. She dug her car keys out of her purse and unlocked the door. “Do you want to drive?”

“No thanks, it’s your car,” I told her, heading to the passenger side.

“Alrighty,” she smiled, hopping in. She quickly frowned as she realized that she would have to adjust the seats and mirrors, since Skyler’s body was so much shorter than hers. Once she had everything adjusted, she buckled up and then frowned once more, adjusting her pants with a few grunts.

“Is something wrong?”

“It’s this penis,” she grunted, “it gets in the way while I’m sitting.”

“Yeah,” I said delicately, “that’s just something us guys have to get used to…”

Sabrina sighed. “Well, at least I’m only using his body for a few hours.” She pressed the ignition button on the dashboard and then backed out of her parking spot. “I live about 20 minutes away, so if you want to take a quick power nap, now’s a good time.”

“Okay, I think I will,” I told her, reclining the seat, “Thanks.”

“Don’t mention it,” she said in a sweet voice, which sound weird coming out of Skyler, pulling out of the parking lot and onto the main road.

I felt her shake me awake a short time later, the car was pulled in to a parking space in front of a large apartment. “We’re here.”

“Oh, thanks,” I mumbled, rubbing my eyes and bringing the seat back into an upright position, “So, you don’t have any nosy neighbors who might be concerned about two strange men entering your apartment late at night, do you?” I unbuckled my seatbelt and stepped outside, looking cautiously around.

“I hope not!” She scoffed, unblocking her door and stepping outside.

“Good…I think it would be quite awkward to have the police arrest us for breaking into your apartment.”

“Yeah, I suppose you’re right,” she smiled, “let’s just get inside quick then.”

I nodded and followed her to the front door where she unlocked it using the key on her keyset. Once unlocked, she opened the door and quickly slipped inside, closing the door quickly after I entered.

While she latched the door, I stepped into her living room and was surprised by how sparse things were. There was furniture and a few decorations strewn about, but the place looked far too large for one person to be living in. She soon followed me in, turning on the lights, and stopped.

“Wow, I never realized how empty it was in here before,” she said with a strange look.

I let out a sad sigh. “It was most likely your sleeper settings keeping you from paying any attention,” I explained, “otherwise any normal person would have most likely downsized after their roommate died, or simply found a new roommate. But, your A.I. made you stay here because it was safer and more convenient.”

“I guess, with these settings turned off, I’m starting to realize how empty my life has been…I usually just come home and watch TV, or occasionally go out with work friends.”

“Well, now you have Skyler and I to keep you company,” I said in a happy tone.

“Yeah,” she smiled.

“So anyway, where are those boxes?”

“Upstairs,” she replied, leading me to the staircase. Once upstairs she continued into an empty bedroom filled with dust and cobwebs, and into the walk-in closet. “This was Cassandra’s room,” she announced sadly, “my roommate.”

I gave her a sad nod and headed into the closet. Inside were four boxes similar to the ones I found in the cave near Skyler’s ‘camp’. I stepped over to the nearest one and popped off the cover. Sabrina let out a small gasp.

Inside the first box I opened, right on the top, were two duplicates of her head, face up with their eyes closed as though they were sleeping. Just as with Skyler, they appeared to be slightly different ages, though based on what I remembered of Sabrina’s body, she was likely using the middle one. I could see neat handwriting written on a note attached to the one on the left, indicating it was the head Sabrina used when she was supposed to be age 21. The other one indicated age 25, meaning Sabrina was likely still using her age 23 head.

I gently moved the heads aside and looked further in the box, bringing out several extra hands, legs, arms, and feet, all while Sabrina stared incredulously.

“I can’t believe this was up here this whole time,” she breathed, as I examined the extra limbs. “Hey! That hand has a cut on it…. I remember cutting my hand a few years ago, but I thought it was strange that I had no scar, so I just wrote if off as a dream.”

“Yeah, seems like Cassandra knew what she was doing,” I said with an impressed look, “She left me some detailed notes,” I added, pulling out a journal filled with Cassandra’s neat handwriting.

“Wow, she really did take care of me,” Sabrina said, a tear forming in her eye, “I just wish she would have arranged for someone to take care of me in case she couldn’t.”

“Well, if she were still alive when I found out about Skyler, then she may have looked me up and brought me into the loop,” I told her, “Based on her notes, she was looking for some backup and couldn’t find any.”

“Ah,” Sabrina nodded.

After I finished inventorying the box containing the spare limbs, I neatly repacked them and inspected the others. As expected, they contained various spare parts, such as digestive system, batteries, circuits, and just about everything else her body would need, including replacements for the damaged parts I observed in her body.

“Well, everything I need is here,” I announced, closing everything up and standing back up.

“Good,” she sighed with relief.

I quickly sized up the boxes, since with Skyler’s I had a cart, and pulled my tablet out of my jacket. “It looks like I’ll have to disable your safeties.”

“My what?”

“Oh, as an android you have much more strength than the average human, but that strength is locked behind safeties that only your owner can unlock,” I pointed out, “otherwise your battery would drain faster, you’d need far more maintenance, and you could possible seriously injure someone…even by doing something as simple as shaking their hand.”

“Wow, really?” She mused, staring at Skyler’s hands, “I guess I’ll take your word for it.”

“Trust me,” I winked, tapping away on my tablet until I found the safety lockout, “I tested this out with Skyler a few days after his discovery…. he was able to lift me up with ease and toss me into a swimming pool,” I laughed, “alright, here goes,” I warned her, disengaging the safeties.

She nodded and appeared to brace herself, then had a confused look. “Huh, I don’t feel any different.”

“Well, the safeties are off,” I assured her, “try placing one of those boxes on another and lifting them up.”

“Okay,” she said, bending down and lifting one of them up. “Whoa, that felt easy,” she laughed, almost falling over backwards as she lifted the one box.

“Yeah, his body could have easily handled the one box before, but two might have been a problem,” I grinned, “Once you have two stacked, lift them up and I’ll add the third on top and take the fourth down myself.”

“Okay,” she nodded, quickly stacking one box on the first and lifting them up. Skyler’s body emitted a high pitch whine as she lifted them up, “Whoa, that came from me?”

“Yeah,” I grimaced, “that happens when the safeties are off,” I confirmed, “that’s part of the reason it means more maintenance.”

“I see,” she nodded, “I’m ready for that third box…his body seems to be handling these two with ease.”

“Okay,” I nodded. I bent down and lifted the lighter of the two remaining boxes up and placed it atop the two she was holding. “Alright, follow me down.”

“Yes master,” she said jokingly, slowly following me out of Cassandra’s room. We slowly made our way down the stairs, out the front door, and to her car. She carefully placed the boxes on the ground near her trunk and opened it up, placing each box in one at a time. Once the boxes were loaded, we closed the trunk and headed back inside.

“Wow, that was kinda fun,” she grinned, once she had the door locked behind her, “do you think you could turn off the safeties in my body when you put me back in it?”

“Sure,” I nodded, pulling my tablet back out and re-engaging the safeties in Skyler’s body, “But, only for occasional use.”

“I understand,” she nodded, “I hope that load didn’t damage Skyler’s body too much.”

“Nah, compared to lifting me up, those three boxes were nothing,” I shrugged, “But I’ll probably at least plug that body in for a bit when we get back.”

“Good,” she smiled.

“So, is there anything else you’d like to get while we’re here?” I asked, “you might be staying with me for a few days while I make sure you’re doing alright.”

“Actually…now that I’m here, seeing it all in a new light, I was kinda wondering if maybe I could just move in with you and Skyler,” she admitted, a bashful expression on her face.

I felt butterflies in my stomach “Really?”

“Yeah,” she said in a more determined voice, “I mean, I know it’s fast, but you’ve shown me so much of myself in just the past couple hours, and I feel totally awakened,” she explained, “besides, this place is far too large for me, and moving in with you would lower my rent, and yours as well, and would put me MUCH closer to where I work.”

“Yeah, you could just walk across the street,” I laughed, “and, evening things out, it would likely reduce our rent share by 34% each,” I added, doing the math in my head.

“And mine by more than half,” she laughed, “you see, it makes a lot of sense…also, I wouldn’t be living alone surrounded by lies.”

“Yeah, instead you’d be living with two people who love you,” I said warmly.

“Yeah,” she nodded, tears forming in her eyes.

“Well, speaking for Skyler, we would be happy to have you move in with us,” I smiled, walking over and giving her a big hug.

“Thanks Greg.”

After our moment, we broke apart and stared into each other’s eyes awkwardly. “So, umm, how much do you need to pack?” I finally said.

“Not too much,” she shrugged, putting on a thinking expression, “Aside from my toiletries, probably just a week’s worth of clothes, my pillow, and a few of my electronics.”

“Hmmm, sounds manageable,” I nodded, “Let’s get started.”

“Great! I’ll grab my suitcase.”

After she grabbed a suitcase from the closet under the stairs, we headed upstairs to her bedroom. Despite her apparent oblivious nature to the emptiness of the rest of the place, her bedroom looked about how I expected it to. Stereotypical feminine décor, posters of cute male singers on the wall, stuffed animals, and unnecessary pillows on the bed. Still, her room was neat and tidy, which I found appealing.

“I’m glad you keep your room so neat,” I commented, sitting on the foot of the bed while she went into her closet to gather some clothes, “Skyler was much the opposite…I actually had to tweak his programming to make him neater.”

“Yeah, neatness is something they drill into us in nursing,” Sabrina nodded, packing some of her nursing scrubs into the suitcase, “if we can’t find something because there’s a mess, people might die.”

“Good point,” I nodded, “I simply find it comforting.”

“Me too,” she agreed, packing a week’s worth of underwear and casual clothes, “Alright, let’s go into the bathroom.”

“Alright,” I said, following her in. When she turned on the light, I briefly observed the numerous feminine products both on her sink and in her shower and let out a troubling sigh.

“What is it?” She asked in a concerned voice, “This isn’t some comment about the excessive amount of hygiene products us women us, is it?”

“Oh no,” I shook my head vigorously, “it’s just…there’s no way you could have known, but a number of these products are actually harmful to your skin…or rather, to android skin.”

“What?! I’ve been using some of these products for over a year!”

“Yeah, I’m guessing you switched to many of them after Cassandra died, right?”

“That’s right.”

“Well, she knew what she was doing, so she made sure you’d buy products that are gentler on android skin,” I explained, “I’m just not sure why you stopped buying them after she died.”

“They were expensive,” Sabrina shrugged, “After she died, I suddenly had to pay for the whole rent instead of half, so I had to make some cuts.”

“I see,” I nodded, “Well, we’ll have to get you back on those products as soon as possible.”

“Will these be fine for now at least?” She asked, “I mean, for the next day or two…my body still hasn’t been showered since I got off work after all.”

“They should be,” I conceded, “your bodies have tiny robots called nanites that travel throughout your body in the muscular and epidermal layers,” I explained, “they travel in the red fluid that bleeds out of you when you get a small cut and repair minor damage…the problem with using those unsafe products is they are abrasive to your skin and hair and make the nanites work harder throughout your body, which can increase the healing time for small wounds.”

“Oh, that’s why,” she said, a look of understanding dawning on her face, “I just thought it was a part of getting older.”

“Well, it partially is,” I smiled, “I’ll be replacing your nanites tonight too, before I have your body shower while I’m upgrading your A.I.”

“You’ll make my body shower…how?”

“Like I told you, your bodies have muscle memory of a sort saved into your MCNs,” I explained, “since you’ve showered countless times during your operational lifetime, it’s had plenty of time to learn…it may just have to make a few adjustments, since the shower Skyler uses is configured slightly differently from yours.”

“Okay,” she nodded, “so, us androids have to use a different bathroom?” She said with an accusatory look, albeit a mocked one.

“Only so my human products don’t damage your android skin,” I defended with a grin, “though you’re more than welcome to use mine if Skyler’s using his when you need to do stuff.”

“Thanks,” she smiled, gathering up the last of the toiletries in a travel bag and carrying them out of the bathroom, with me in tow. “Could you grab the suitcase please?” She asked nicely, grabbing her pillow and tucking it under her arm with the toiletries in the other.

“Sure.” I picked up her suitcase and followed her down the stairs, and to a corner of the living room that she had set up as her home office.

She quickly packed up her laptop, a few tablets, various charging cables and devices, and a binder full of important documents. Once she had the essentials packed, she looked around the apartment with squinted eyes, scanning for anything else she might want. “Did you want to take anything from my fridge?” She asked, walking into her small kitchen and opening it up. Since she lived alone, it was fairly empty inside, but she had a few containers of leftovers that looked reasonably good.

“Sure,” I shrugged, grabbing a few of the containers, and a jug of lemonade, from her fridge. I also noticed a few unopened bottles of white wine, which I also gladly added.

“I was actually wondering about that,” she commented, smiling at the look on my face when I took the wine, “can I actually get drunk?”

“In a way,” I nodded, packing the fridge stuff into the travel case, “your human emulation software is able to mimic drunkenness based on a variety of factors, so you can enjoy the same experience an actual human can,” I explained, “You can, of course, toggle it off if you need to drive or operate any heavy machinery.”

“Ah, that makes sense.”

After I finished packing the bag and secured it, I turned to her. “Is there anything else you’d like to get?”

She put on a thinking expression, scanning the room for a few moments, before shaking her head. “No, this should suffice…besides, I can always drive back here when you’re done with my body.”

“And Skyler and I can certainly assist you with moving out of here, once you’ve submitted notice with your landlord,” I offered, “though, you’ll probably have to sell most of your furniture.”

“Yeah,” she nodded, “I’m not really attached to any of it, so I don’t mind,” she shrugged, “besides, I’m guessing I’ll be sleeping with you, right?”

I blushed. “Well, I mean, if you want to,” I managed to say, “Skyler sleeps with me too, so my bed might get a bit cramped.”

“Well then, we may need to get you a bigger bed,” she smiled, “we can certainly afford it.”

“You’re right,” I laughed, “and actually, sometimes Skyler doesn’t even sleep with me,” I admitted, “he occasionally prefers to spend the night in sleep mode on the couch so he can plug himself in and run late night diagnostics.”

“Interesting,” she mused, “I’ll have to coordinate with him then.”

I merely nodded knowingly and then changed the subject, “Well, I have a lot of work to get done on your body tonight, so we should be heading back now.”

“Right,” she nodded, turning off the lights in her apartment and picking up her belongings. Once we had the rest of the stuff we’d packed secured in her car, we got back in the vehicle so she could drive us back to my apartment.

“You can pull into the extra spot next to my car,” I told her, as we were pulling into the parking lot, “Our unit has two spaces, but we’ve only had one car this whole time.” It had completely stopped raining now.

“How come?” She asked, parking the car in the extra spot and getting out.

“Well, we didn’t make as much money as we do now when we first met, and since I work from home, I didn’t think it would be a good idea for Skyler to waste any of his money buying a car for himself, so I just let him drive my car,” I explained, grabbing some of the boxes from the trunk.

“That’s nice,” she smiled, grabbing more of the boxes and carrying them to the front door, “perhaps he can drive my car too, since I won’t be needing it as much since I live just across the street from work now,” she giggled.

“I’m sure he won’t mind,” I assured her, depositing the boxes in my lab and heading back out with her to retrieve the rest of her stuff, “our cars have to be driven regularly to mitigate maintenance problems.”


Once we had the remaining stuff safely packed away inside, I turned the equipment in my lab back on and quickly monitored Skyler’s progress.

“How’s he doing?” She asked, peeking over my shoulder.

“Looks like he’ll be done backing up in less than six hours,” I reported, “the backup process only takes about 10 hours.”

“And then you’ll put him back in his body?”

I shook my head. “No, actually I’ll let him sleep until morning or noon, when I wake up.”

“I see,” she nodded, “and you’ll be doing the same thing with me?”

“Yes,” I nodded, “but, I’m gonna let you watch me repair your body first.”

“Cool…I wish I could sleep with you tonight though,” she pouted.

“Me too,” I agreed with a longing expression, “but, this procedure is extremely important.”

“I know,” she nodded, “hey, maybe you could just sleep with my body.”

“Actually, it’s not as appealing as you might think,” I said delicately, “I tried doing that with Skyler’s body, and Rachel’s, but without your brain your body is basically a corpse.”

“Oh,” she winced, “well then, I guess you’ll have to wait until tomorrow then,” she said, sticking out her tongue.

“I look forward to it,” I smiled, before grabbing a toolkit and bringing it over to her body. I pulled my tablet out and switched over to Sabrina’s tab, checking for the results of the benchmark.

“Oh, did that benchmark finish?” She asked with an excited look.

“Yes,” I nodded, perusing the results with a disapproving look.

“Is it bad?” She asked with a pained expression.

“Well, not as bad as I thought, but still bad,” I replied, “basically, if I were to give your body a letter grade, it’d be a D+.”


“Yeah, but don’t worry,” I smiled, putting my hand on her shoulder, “I should be able to bump you up to at least a B+…the A grade though, you’ll need more professional help.”

“Well, I’ll take a B,” she laughed nervously, “just out of curiosity, what sort of professional help?”

“Well, Skyler just bought a replacement body.”

“Wait, this isn’t his original body?” She asked with a shocked look, staring down at it.

“No,” I laughed, “he replaced it less than a year after we discovered his nature. Basically, your bodies need to be properly maintained, otherwise stress fractures develop on your skeletal structure…and that’s something I can’t fix.”

“I see.”

“You were better taken care of than Skyler was, but your body could still use a replacement,” I continued, “based on your income, it should only take you about 3-4 months to save up enough; it took Skyler nearly six months.”

“Oh good…I was afraid I might be too expensive,” she sighed with relief, “but, it still seems weird.”

“Yeah, but your brain would still be the same,” I assured her, “you’d just be moving into a new body.”

“Well, it’s something I’ll have to seriously consider then,” she nodded, “but, if Skyler went through with it, then I think I will too.”

“Good, just keep me posted,” I told her, “You’d need to request at least a week off work too.”

“Good to know,” she smiled, “And, I could use Rachel’s body in the interim?”

“Of course,” I nodded, “or you could even purchase your own alternate body.”

“Ooh, there’s a thought,” she mused, putting on a thinking expression.

“Anyway, in the meanwhile, we need to work on your current body,” I announced, rubbing my hands together excitedly, “if you’d like to assist.”

“Of course, I would!”

“Great! We’ll get started with the easy stuff,” I announced, digging into the boxes of supplies we’d brought over and pulling out a spare set of hands and feet, and one of the heads. “We’ll start by swapping these for the ones your body currently has installed.”

“What’s wrong with the current ones?” She asked with a confused expression, picking up one of the hands and examining it.

“They’re worn out,” I explained, “your hands and feet are usually swapped out every year or two, so you were due for these almost a year ago anyway.”

“Oh, I see,” she nodded, “And what of the head?”

“That head is designed to age your physical appearance…slightly,” I told her, grabbing the notes Cassandra had left behind, “see, you’re currently supposed to be 25 years old, but you’re still using your 23-year-old head.”

Sabrina grabbed the 25-year-old head and held it up to her body, comparing the two heads carefully and nodding approvingly. “I see what you mean,” she smiled, putting the head back down, “this head does look slightly more…mature.”

“Exactly, and it won’t be as worn out or damaged either.”

“I guess I’m just a little apprehensive about looking older,” she shrugged, staging the new limbs on the table around her body.

“Don’t worry about it, I don’t mind that you’re older than me,” I grinned.

“I am?”

“Yeah, Skyler and I are both 22, though I turn 23 in a few weeks.”

“Huh, how interesting,” she mused, “I figured since we were both androids, that you were older than us.”

“Well, technically I’ve been ‘alive’ longer,” I admitted, “but you still have real memories installed, and maturity levels, so that still makes you 25 years old, even though you’ve only been online for five of those years.”

“Good to know,” she smiled, “I’ll try not to hold it against you, ‘master’,” she grinned.

“Thanks,” I laughed, “Are you ready to swap out the limbs?”

“Yes, but I’m not sure how.”

“Just watch me,” I told her, grabbing her body’s right hand. I clicked in just above the wrist and twisted it off, smoothly placing the old hand on the table while simultaneously clicking the new hand on. Once I did the same with her right foot, I turned to her, “Got it?”

“Yes,” she nodded, swiftly clicking off her body’s left hand and foot and replacing them with the new ones.

“Good,” I smiled, taking the old set of hands and feet and placing them in the storage box, amending the notebook with the latest round of maintenance, “Now for the head.”

“This’ll be weird,” she commented, watching as I lifted up her head and pushed in a small mole on the back of her neck. A seam instantly appeared, and I smoothly detached it.

“Hey, could you bring over the scalp, please?” I requested, since this head was still missing the scalp from when I removed her brain earlier.

Sabrina turned and walked to the bust that contained her scalp and long hair, carefully lifting it up and bringing it to me.

“Thanks, just click it on for me,” I told her.

She nodded and then carefully lined up the scalp over her old head, clicking it in place satisfactorily. I nodded in return and tapped the mole on the back, resealing the scalp. Finally, I stared into the blank eyes for a few seconds before deactivating the head via the power toggle behind her left ear.

“Was it that weird with Skyler the first time too?” She finally asked, after a moment of awkward silence.

“Yes, a little,” I admitted, carefully storing the age 23 head in the box and updating the notes, “Actually he skipped his 2nd tier head and went straight to the 3rd, so he aged far more noticeably,” I chuckled, picking up Sabrina’s age 25 head and clicking it onto her neck.

“Wow, I look more mature now,” she nodded, scrutinizing her appearance, “I can’t wait to move back in.”

I chuckled at her choice of words. “Yeah, I’ll bet…especially with the fresh hands and feet, and the various enhancements I’ll be giving you, you should feel like a new woman.”

“Yay! No more sore feet!”

“Indeed,” I smiled, “Now to delve into your torso,” I announced, rubbing my hands together excitedly.

“I’ll help as best I can, but I think I trust you more inside my body than I trust myself,” she said skeptically.

“Yeah, you can at least help hand me tools and stuff.”


I spent several minutes running a quick inventory of the parts that we had brought over from her place, comparing them to some of the parts that I still had on hand from both Skyler and Rachel’s maintenance. After I double checked inside her body for which parts she would need, or could use, I scribbled on the maintenance log for her body and then gave Sabrina an excited look.

“So, Sabrina, how would you like to lose up to 10lbs?”

She gave me a serious stare before finally answering. “Greg, I’m a woman…we’ve been programmed by society to want to weigh less, so what do you think?” I gave her a confused look, worried I may have offended her, before she suddenly cracked a smile and laughed. “Yes, of course I would!”

“Ok good,” I sighed, “sorry, I have trouble with sarcasm sometimes.”

“No worries,” she shrugged, “so, how are you going to go about making me lighter?”

“Well, some of the parts that I’ve taken out of Rachel and Skyler last night are compatible with your body, and are upgraded versions of what your body is currently using,” I explained, “in addition, several of them are either smaller and/or lighter, so they should reduce your current weight by between 5-10lbs.”

“Cool! I can hardly wait!” she squealed, “will the sudden weight loss impact my body too much though?”

“It shouldn’t,” I shook my head, “your body will be running a motor control test when I’m done, which will recalibrate all your motor systems,” I explained, “once completed, your body should be far more efficient, and the reduced weight will give you more energy, and less stress on the new feet,” I smiled, playfully poking her body’s right foot.

Sabrina smiled. “That’ll definitely be a relief.”

“Alright then, let’s get started!”

Sabrina nodded and prepared to assist me.

Over the next hour, Sabrina and I painstakingly replaced or upgraded virtually every component within her torso. From her digestive systems, which fortunately she had used the bathroom before leaving work, to her power systems. All the singed circuits were replaced with undamaged ones, and I was able to replace the damaged spinal section with a fresh one. After we finished rapid charging her new power core, and replaced the filters on her lungs, we stepped back and admired our work.

“Well Sabrina, just like Skyler, you’re a well constructed machine,” I nodded approvingly.

“Thanks,” she laughed, “Are we going to fix those scratches in my skin now?”

“Yes, but at this time I’m going to have to start your major software upgrades and full system backup, I’m afraid,” I told her, “Any later and I won’t have time.”

“Awww, do you have to?” She wheedled.

“Yes, those upgrades are very important…”

“Not the upgrades,” she interrupted, “I mean the backup…I’m still adapting to knowing I’m an android, after all,” she pointed out, “If something did happen to me and you had to restore me, wouldn’t you rather restore me to a point where I’m already settled in and comfortable with my new existence and living situation, rather than the point I’m at right now? It could ruin the entire essence of our relationship, after all.”

Sabrina caught me somewhat off guard. Not just because she was right, but because of the agency at which she explained it to me. I stopped and really thought for a while before answering.

“You’re probably right,” I conceded, “I suppose right now your A.I. Is still sort of re-writing itself, adapting to your newfound awareness, the fact that you have two boyfriends, and that you’ve suddenly moved in with them.”

“Exactly!” She agreed enthusiastically.

“I suppose I could hold off on the full backup until after you’ve completely settled in here, when I do Skyler and Rachel’s next monthly checkup.”

“Wow! Thanks a lot!” She smiled, rushing over and giving me a hug.

“Wow, careful there,” I recoiled, “remember, Skyler’s body is a bit stronger than yours.”

“Oh, sorry,” she blushed, loosening her grip but continuing the hug for several more seconds before breaking away.

“Don’t worry about,” I shrugged, rubbing my muscles. “I am still going to have to perform a routine backup before I upgrade your software,” I warned her, “it’ll only backup the A.I. Files, not everything else, so it won’t take nearly as long.”

“Okay good,” she sighed, “Looks like I’ll get to sleep with you tonight after all!” She fist pumped.

“Yeah,” I blushed, looking over at her body, “I look forward to it.”

“So, what do I need to do to get ready?”

“Could you undress and help me bring yours and Skyler’s clothes to the washer?” I decided, moving over and picking up the pile of clothes that she had been wearing to work in her body, “I’m going to run a load of yours and Skyler’s clothes, since you’ll be using the same detergent.”

“Okay,” she shrugged, swiftly removing the clothes she’d dressed Skyler’s body with and following me into the hallway, where I opened the washing machine, “I take it you use a special detergent that’s safe for android skin.”

“Yep,” I smiled, grabbing some of Skyler’s clothes from the bedroom and returning moments later, popping them in, along with a few detergent pods, “and I wash our bedsheets and stuff with it too, since he sleeps with me…and you too.”

“Wow, I’m gonna have to get used to this healthy lifestyle,” she laughed, “is there a way to program some list into me so I know what not to consume or put on my body?”

“Yes, I’ll be including that with the upgrades you’ll be installing soon, along with a few other things,” I told her, loading the fabric softener and starting a wash cycle.

“Oh, such as?”

“Nothing too elaborate,” I shrugged, walking with her back into my lab, pausing briefly to admire Skyler’s nude backside, “Mostly just some programs to assist you with being our girlfriend, and to alter your sleep settings.”

“Alter my sleep?”

“Well, more to make it easier for you to sleep with me, a human,” I elaborated, “as androids, you can basically sleep through anything, but I can’t, so there’s programs that allow your body to match my body heat so I don’t get too uncomfortable, and a program to allow me to give you verbal commands without waking you up.”

“Why verbal commands?”

“Well, I might need to get up in the middle of the night to pee, and I don’t want to wake you, so I can give you a sleep command to move out of the way so I can crawl out of bed, and then another sleep command so you can cuddle back up with me when I return.”

“Oh, cool,” she nodded, “and I take it sleep for us androids is actually necessary?”

“Oh yes,” I nodded, “it helps you archive your files at the end of the day, storing them as long-term memory, and it helps keep your systems running optimally.”

“Huh, almost like with a human,” she smiled.

“Exactly…though, you can always do that without sleeping too,” I added, “Skyler sometimes does it while he’s plugged in.”

“Good to know,” she nodded, “but, I think I’ll stick to sleeping the human way.”

“Good,” I smiled, “well, I’m ready to remove you now if you are.”

“Okay, just hold on one sec,” she nodded, quickly looking Skyler’s body over and feeling herself up, including the penis.

“Enjoying his body?”

“Yes,” she blushed, “but, I also discovered that my HUD includes a screen capture option, so I’m taking some nice screenshots of his body to view later.”

“Oh,” I nodded, “you’ll have to let him do that in your body too…fair is fair.”

“I know,” she nodded, “just one more thing to do and then I’ll be ready.”

“Okay,” I told her. She nodded and then walked up to me, gently grabbing my shoulders and pulling my head down, before kissing me full on the lips. While she was kissing me with Skyler’s lips, which I’d kissed hundreds of times by this point, it nonetheless felt different with her controlling his body.

When she finally let me go, she stared down at her waist bashfully. “Oh, looks like I got aroused again,” she blushed, pointing at her once again erect penis.

“Don’t worry, it’ll relax once I remove you from his body,” I assured her, my heart still racing from the kiss.

Sabrina merely nodded and stood at attention. “I’m ready now.”

I nodded and approached her, activating the scalp release and removing the top of her head. I grabbed hold of her core and looked her in the eyes. “See you soon.” I whispered.

She gave me a wink and then went stoic as I removed her core. “Error, A.I. Core removed…activating maintenance protocols,” Skyler’s body announced, relaxing its stance. I quickly placed Sabrina’s core in an interface block attached to my computer and then returned to Skyler to click his scalp back on while my computer connected to her core.

“Skyler, I want you to run a quick self-diagnostic on all systems to confirm nothing broke while Sabrina was using you,” I ordered him.

“Stand by,” he reported in a clipped tone, blinking once as he started the diagnostic.

I knew he’d be doing that for about five minutes, so I quickly sat down at my computer and started typing away on Sabrina’s interface, downloading the major A.I. upgrades she’d be installing, and loading the programs that she’d require to live with me better. By the time I finished and started the pre-upgrade backup process, Skyler’s body finished.

“Diagnostic complete, no anomalies reported.” He reported dutifully before falling silent.

“Excellent!” I smiled, walking back over to him. I quickly felt him up, from his still slightly aroused penis, to his muscular chest. I even lifted up his arms and examined his slightly moist armpits, sniffing somewhat disapprovingly. “Well, it looks like Sabrina worked up a bit of a sweat while using you,” I muttered, knowing his body wouldn’t respond, “Skyler, I want you to go and take a quick shower, dry up, and then return here.”

“Yes Greg,” he nodded, efficiently turning around and heading towards his bathroom. Moments later, I heard his shower turn on, so I returned my attention to my computer, which was almost finished with the system backup of her important operating files.

While I waited, I took the time and made a few more minor tweaks to her settings, mostly so she could interact with us better. I added preferences for Skyler and myself so she’d have an understanding of our fetishes and preferences, and I added a basic maintenance program so she could conduct minor repairs on herself at work, if needed.

Finally, her systems finished backing up and I quickly rebooted her so she could start the long process of upgrading her outdated systems. After a few moments a progress bar appeared indicating she would be approximately one hour, which gave me plenty of time to repair the damage to her abdomen and make a few more tweaks to her body.

With her brain now updating, I turned towards her body, put on some anti-static gloves, and dove into her open torso. I managed to tighten a few loose connections, recalibrate a few servos, and clean out some buildup near her digestive systems. Once finished, I pulled myself out, removed the gloves, and then pressed the power button behind her left ear.

Since this was the first time her body had activated with the new head, hands, and feet, it wiggled its fingers and toes, and tested out a variety of facial expressions before resting. “A.I. Core not found…loading into maintenance mode,” her body reported stoically.

“Excellent,” I nodded, “Sabrina, do you recognize my voice?”

“Yes, you are Greg…currently registered as my primary owner.”

“Good,” I rubbed my hands excitedly, “Sabrina, run a hardware benchmark and compare it to the one you ran a few hours ago.”

“Yes Greg,” she replied dutifully, “Hardware diagnostic will take approximately 30-minutes.”

“Thank you,” I replied, though she had already started the diagnostic. All the components in her torso lit up with activated and hummed as her system tested each one.

I watched over her body for a few minutes to make sure nothing failed before nodding approvingly and moving over to where her torso cover was. I paused momentarily to admire her large breasts, still firm, before picking up the cover and taking it to my desk. Once I had it set down, I pulled some tools from my drawers and began the task of repairing the nasty scratches in her perfect skin. Skyler’s body returned from the shower, freshly cleaned and dry, and stood by while I worked.

First things first, I had to repair the underlying metal, so I flipped the panel upside down and bent the damaged sections back into place with a tool. Once in place, I applied a special gel-like substance to the damage, sprinkled some nanites on, and then shone a special laser. I watched in fascination as the nanites used the gel to repair the damage to the metal, using the laser for energy, and then self-destructed upon completing their work. I gently vacuumed up the dead nanites and deposited them in a special e-waste bin.

I quickly inspected the newly repaired area and confirmed that they had done their jobs, with not a trace of damage remaining on the underside. I flipped the cover back over and began repairing the damage to her skin, this time applying a different gel that quickly blended in with the surrounding skin. To finish up, I aimed a different laser at it that allowed the gel to dry and bond with the underlying metal, and the surrounding skin. The nanites already present in her body would quickly restore the nerve connections over the course of a few days once I reattached the cover to her body.

Just as I finished repairing her torso cover, her body completed the diagnostic.

“Hardware diagnostic complete,” it reported, “results have been uploaded to your interface device.”

“Thank you,” I told her, grabbing my tablet and checking the results. Fortunately, her body interface offered a comparison option, which I selected, and I was quite pleased with the results. Initial estimates indicated she would see a roughly 40% improvement in overall operating efficiency, and most of the systems were now in the green, where before they were in the yellow or orange. If I was to grade her body now, it would get a solid B+.

“Excellent Sabrina! Looks like you don’t have to worry about falling apart anytime soon,” I congratulated her, playfully patting her waist as I fully reviewed the results. Once I finished, I closed her rib cage and then set my tablet down at my desk and carried her torso cover back to her body, lining it up and then clicking it back into place.

“Torso cover detected…integrating,” her body reported. The seams quickly resealed and her breasts relaxed naturally on her chest.

I paused to admire her body, now fully repaired and reassembled before focusing back on business. “Sabrina, get down from the table.”

“Yes Greg,” it acknowledged, slowly sitting up and stepping down from the table, standing at attention in front of me.

“Sabrina, confirm the change in weight following the recent batch of upgrades.”

Sabrina’s body shifted around on its feet for several seconds as it calculated its weight. “My overall weight has been reduced by 7.375lbs since last check this morning.”

“Very good,” I smiled, since it was within the range I promised Sabrina, “Sabrina, please conduct a full motor control test and recalibrate the appropriate systems to accommodate the change in weight.”

“Acknowledged,” it reported, before scanning the surroundings, “Error, insufficient space to conduct test. Please relocate me to a larger area.”

“Oh,” I said, slightly flustered, “follow me,” I told it, leading it out of the lab and into the main living room, “is this area sufficient?”

Her body briefly scanned the surroundings and nodded. “Yes, I will begin the test.”

“Good,” I said, watching as her body started walking around the room, both stiffly and robotically, and more graceful like a human. I always enjoyed seeing Skyler and Rachel’s bodies perform this test, though they were usually able to complete it within the confines of my lab. I figured it was because her body was less familiar with my home than they were. Watching Sabrina’s fuller more mature body was especially arousing and I fought very hard to control myself, to treat her body with respect.

After nearly ten minutes had passed, Sabrina’s body came to a stop in front of me. “Motor control test complete,” she reported, “all motor systems recalibrated.”

“Good, follow me back into my lab.” Her body said nothing but instead obediently followed me back into my lab. Once we were all the way back at my workstation, I turned to it. “Sabrina, unseal your scalp panel and standby over here,” I told her, instructing it to stand near the chair she had been sitting in earlier.

“Understood,” it said, walking over to where I had pointed. The seam appeared around her head before she fell silent and entered a power saving standby mode.

“Excellent,” I whispered, before turning to Skyler’s body, which was still standing patiently next to Rachel’s dismantled body. Given the time I had spent working on Sabrina I decided to finish working on Rachel the next afternoon, since fixing her body was less urgent and would not require as much work. “Skyler, please lay on the other examination table and shut down.”

“Yes Greg,” his body said, walking over to the examination table that Sabrina’s body had been laying on. Once he was comfortably placed, he relaxed and shut down.

Once I was confident that both their bodies were fine where they were, I sat back down at my computer to monitor the completion of Sabrina’s system upgrades, which were nearly completed; less than five minutes. I passed the time by adding Sabrina’s name to the rental license, so starting in the next month she’d be included in the tax documents. By the time I finished, her core finished upgrading and performed a quick diagnostic.

“Alright Sabrina, let’s get you back in your body,” I said excitedly, once the diagnostic had completed. I carefully removed her core from the computer interface block and brought it over to her body. After gently lifting up her scalp just enough to sneak her core in, I clicked her core into place and then resealed her scalp, standing back as her body processed her newly upgraded core.

“Sabrina A.I. core detected…changes detected…running diagnostic,” her body reported, blinking rapidly a few times as it ran a routine check to determine if Sabrina’s core was still compatible, “Diagnostic complete, no errors detected…activating A.I. with Human Emulation.”

Sabrina’s eyes blinked rapidly a few more times before slowly reopening and focusing on mine, a look of humanity once more present in them. She took a few tentative breaths, wiggled her new toes and fingers, and then smiled. “Wow, my body feels great!”

“Glad to hear it,” I beamed, “and the new software updates feel alright?”

“I think so,” she said, “I’m still processing all the new changes, but my head definitely feels clearer.”

“As it should.”

“Thank you, Greg, for everything…I don’t know what I would have done without you,” she continued, walking forward and trapping me in an embrace. I blushed, feeling her large breasts pushing into my chest, and smelling the remnants of her perfumes.

“Hey, it’s my genuine pleasure,” I told her seriously, once she let me go. I leaned in and planted a kiss on her lips, one she returned earnestly, even giving me some tongue.

“So, what now?” She asked awkwardly, her face blushing as she recovered from the kiss.

“Well, I’ve decided to hold off on finishing Rachel’s maintenance until tomorrow, since finishing her tonight would mean I wouldn’t get any sleep.”

“Sorry for interrupting your schedule,” Sabrina apologized.

“Hey, it’s no problem,” I assured her, “You’re more important.”

“Thanks,” she beamed.

“Anyway, I’m planning on heading to bed by the end of this hour,” I continued, gesturing at a nearby clock that displayed the time as 3am, “since you never got the chance after work, you should probably take a shower before heading to bed.”

Sabrina paused and sniffed her armpits. “Yeah, I may not have bad odor, but I am unclean,” she smiled bashfully.

“Indeed,” I grinned, “also, since you have a new stomach, you should get something to eat before sleeping tonight, so your body has ample time to process it over night.”

“Good idea,” she nodded, “I am feeling hungry.”

“I have plenty of leftovers in the fridge,” I offered.

“Thanks,” she nodded, turning to the box of toiletries that she’d brought over, “Are you going to take a shower too?” She asked, sniffing at the air, “you’ve gotten quite fragrant yourself.”

I blushed as I absently sniffed my armpits. “Yeah, I need to tidy up a bit in here first, then I’ll be taking a shower.”

“Good,” she smiled, walking over and giving me one more kiss before heading out of my lab and to hers and Skyler’s bathroom, pausing on the way out to admire Skyler’s nude body resting on the table. Just before she reached the exit of my lab, however, she stopped. “Wait, weren’t you going to do something about my body hair?”

“Oh yeah!” I said, smacking my forehead as I retrieved the tablet interfaced with her body. Once I pulled up the correct screen, I flipped it over to show her what I could do.

“Perhaps I might be easier if you let me do it,” she suggested.

“It’s your body,” I shrugged, handing it to her, “go ahead.”

“Thanks,” she smiled sweetly, biting her lip as she perused her options. I observed patiently as I watched her test out various pubic hair options, before finally deciding to simply go with a shaved look. “Alright, I just decided to have everything below my neck shaved,” she shrugged, handing the tablet back to me, “what now?”

“You may want to brace yourself,” I warned her, “according to Skyler it was a little painful.”

“Okay,” she winced, bracing herself.

I tapped the save button on the page and watched as her pubic hairs, and the tiny hairs on her arms and legs, pushed themselves free of her skin and cascaded down onto the floor. Aside from a slightly pained expression, she bore it well, shaking the loose hairs off her body and stepping away.

“How do I look?”

“Much better,” I nodded approvingly.

“Thanks,” she blushed, “I should really take a shower now,” she then said, awkwardly continuing out of my lab and down the hall. A few moments later I heard the shower turn on in her bathroom, so I quickly tidied up the lab.

After vacuuming up the hairs that had fallen from her body, I put away the spare android parts that were lying around, pulled from all three androids, making sure to catalog them properly. I also moved the boxes of Sabrina’s spare parts over near where I stored Skyler’s spare parts. Finally, I had my computer terminal run its own monthly diagnostic before heading out to take a shower. I stopped to cover Skyler’s body with a silk sheet before continuing out into the hallway.

The shower was still running in the android bathroom, which didn’t surprise me. Android or no, Sabrina was still a woman and women tended to take longer showers. I paused in the hallway to enjoy the scent of her soap wafting out into the hallway before heading into my bedroom, disrobing, and then heading into my bathroom to take a shower.

My shower took slightly longer than I typically took because the days events had finally caught up to me. My professionalism now resting, I was suddenly overwhelmed by the ecstasy of having a beautiful woman in the house…an android woman, but a woman nevertheless. I also felt the need to make myself more presentable, so I spent extra care with my usual grooming.

By the time I finished up in the bathroom nearly fifteen minutes later, dried but fully nude, Sabrina was also emerging from her bathroom, her hair still slightly damp; She was wearing a set of cute flannel pants and a thin cotton shirt that did little to hide her cleavage; she was barefoot.

“Whoa!” She nearly shouted, when she saw me walking casually nude in the hallway.

A brief surge of embarrassment coursed through my body as I realized she was unaware of my usual routine, but I quickly suppressed it.

“Oh, sorry, I forgot to tell you that I usually enjoy lounging around nude when I’m not working…particularly right after a shower, since I prefer to wait until my skin is totally dry before getting dressed,” I explained without a trace of shame.

“Ah, I see,” she said, her face scarlet as she eyed my body up and down, “umm, you look nice,” she managed to say.

“Thanks,” I blushed, “Do I look as good as Skyler?” I flaunted my body a little to give her a better look.

She put on a thoughtful expression as she scrutinized my appearance before carefully formulating a response. “Well, he’s more muscular, but you definitely have your own things going for you.”


“You’re easier to kiss,” she smiled, walking over and kissing me, bathing me in the floral scent of the soaps she had used, “and, your penis is more appealing,” she added, reaching down and playfully grabbing it.

I let out a soft gasp as her large, soft hand grabbed my penis and gave it a playful squeeze, though I didn’t mind.

She gave me a playful smirk as she saw my reaction. “Also, since you’re human and he’s not, my feminine wiles will likely be more effective on you,” she added with a slightly haughty expression, before breaking into a smile, “don’t worry, you’re both very attractive.”

“Thanks,” I managed to say, my heart still racing. Before either of us could say anything else, however, a low growl emitted from Sabrina’s stomach.

“Oh…I really need something to eat I guess,” she said in an embarrassed voice.

“Yeah, new stomach,” I said absently, “follow me.”

She nodded and followed me into the kitchen, absently admiring my nude backside. I opened the fridge and showed her several food containers containing leftovers from the past few days. After opening each one up and examining them closely, she finally selected a hearty protein salad that Skyler had made a few days earlier, most likely because it didn’t need to be reheated.

“Good choice,” I complimented her, resealing the other containers and storing them back in the fridge. I helped her find the utensils and then gave her a glass of water and then she joined me in the living room, where I turned on the TV and managed to find some news.

“Wow, this stuff tastes good!” She smiled, eating it ravenously.

“I’ll pass that along to Skyler…he made it,” I told her, smiling as I watched her eat.

“Don’t you cook?”

“No! I can’t cook to save my life,” I laughed, “that’s why I programmed Skyler to cook as soon as we discovered what he was.”

“I see,” she laughed, “well, I know how to cook, so I can help out too.”

“Good,” I said with a tone of relief, “I’m gonna enjoy some whiskey to help me relax before bedtime,” I told her, getting up off the couch, “would you like to have some?”

Sabrina finished eating her food and took several gulps of water. “Sure!” She nodded enthusiastically, “but, since I’m an android, can I even enjoy it?”

“Oh yes,” I assured her, “You can still feel the effects of the alcohol, though it’s simulated,” I explained, “and you can even toggle it off if you need to.”

“Cool, then bring it on!” She cheered, “Oh, I’d like a couple ice cubes in mine.”

“Coming up,” I smiled warmly, heading into the kitchen and returning with a bottle of whiskey and two glasses, each with a few cubes. I plopped down on the couch next to her and poured a small amount into each glass, stoppering the bottle and placing it down on a side table before turning to her with my glass held up.

“To new beginnings,” I toasted.

“And to new friends,” she added, clinking glasses.

After we took a sip, she gave me a serious look. “Greg, I don’t want to spoil the mood, but I just want to put it out there that I don’t want to have sex with you…. yet.”

I was slightly taken aback by her statement, but not offended. “What would make you think I was hoping to have sex with you tonight?”

“Well, you’re naked, and I guess you’re my owner,” she explained, “You could probably command me to, but I don’t think we should until we get to know each other better.”

“Don’t worry, I feel the same way,” I assured her, putting a caring hand on her leg.

“You do?!” She said in a shocked voice.

“Yeah,” I admitted, “Skyler and I had been together for three years before we discovered what he was,” I pointed out, “this is day one of our relationship, and I figure we need to get to know each other a bit more first.”

“That’s exactly what I was thinking,” she nodded, “you’re not like most of the guys who’ve tried hitting on me.”

“Thanks,” I blushed, “I pride myself on being different…also, it wouldn’t be fair for us to have sex right now when Skyler’s still offline.”

“True,” she laughed, “wow, I’m kinda starting to feel this,” she remarked, her serving of whiskey almost empty.

“Me too,” I admitted, “almost time for bed.”

“Good, I’m whipped,” she yawned.

“I’ll bet.”

We sat out in the living room watching the news for a few more minutes, enjoying the rest of our whiskey. Once it was gone, I turned off the TV and announced it was time for bed. We tidied things up a little, starting a load in the dishwasher, before heading to my room. I had Sabrina go in first, while I headed into my lab and shut my equipment down for the day. Skyler’s brain was still backing up and would enter sleep mode once finished until I returned him to his body the next morning.

Sabrina was holding her pillow when I joined her in my room, scrutinizing the bed. “So, umm…where will I be sleeping?”

“I usually sleep in the middle, with Skyler closest to the edge of the bed,” I explained, since my bed was flush up against the wall in the corner, “I suppose that means you’re closest to the wall.”

“Okay,” she nodded, crawling onto the bed and making a place for her pillow to the left of mine. She then sat on the edge of the bed and stared at me. “I take it you sleep nude too.”

“Yes,” I nodded, “do you?”

“No, but I’ve been thinking about trying it,” she said thoughtfully, “I’m just afraid sex might happen accidentally.”

“It won’t,” I assured her, “besides, I’m far too tired…and sore for sex.”


“Hunched over you machines all days really takes a toll on my back,” I grunted.

“Lay down on the bed,” she ordered firmly, “I might be able to fix your back…this’ll repay you for massaging my feet earlier.”

“Yes ma’am,” I smiled, walking over to the bed and laying on my stomach. I felt Sabrina reposition herself next to me and place her hands on my back.

“This might hurt a little at first, but I have been trained for massage therapy,” she warned.

I let out a grunt letting her know she could begin, then felt the air whoosh out of my lungs as she pressed down on my back far more forcefully than I thought she would. I felt a few cracks in various locations, and then pure bliss. Knots that I didn’t even realize I had begun untying with her now delicate touch, her soft fingers now gently massaging my sore back. She continued for nearly ten minutes, even doing my arms and legs, before leaning back and patting her hands.

“Feel better?”

I managed to sit up, a content expression on my face. “Oh yeah, much better.”

“Good…I guess I have to take care of my human,” she smiled whimsically.

“As Skyler agreed, our relationships are mutually beneficial,” I pointed out, “have you decided if you’re going to sleep nude?”

“Yeah, I think I’ll pass…for now,” she smiled, “Getting used to being an android is enough exploring for me at the moment.”

“Fair enough,” I shrugged understandingly.

“Thanks,” she smiled, quickly crawling under the covers. Once she made herself comfortable on her side of the bed, she looked at me. “Get the lights and come join me.”

“Don’t need to tell me twice,” I smiled, flipping the light switch and then joining her in the bed. My feet brushed up against hers and I felt myself go slightly erect, but I quickly controlled myself.

“This mattress feels nice,” Sabrina commented in the dark, moving around a little to warm herself up.

“Yeah, Skyler and I just bought it a few months ago,” I told her.

“Is is alright if I snuggle with you?” She then asked, “I’m used to sleeping with a body pillow, and now I have an actual body to snuggle with.”

“Of course,” I told her, “I use Skyler as my body pillow because he’s smaller, so it’s only fair you can use me as yours.”

“Thanks,” she whispered, scorching over closer to me and rolling over on her side to face me, “So, because I’m an android, I won’t be woken up by you in the middle of the night if you snore?”

“That’s right,” I told her, enjoying the feel of her body so close to mine, her large breasts squishing into my chest, “you’ll only wake up if I call your name, or order you to wake up, or if there’s an unusual noise like a bang.”

“Cool,” she whispered, “and I’ll fall asleep how I normally would?”

“You can,” I confirmed, “or you can activate your sleep settings in your HUD.”

“Hmmm, interesting,” she said, zoning out as she most likely checked out her settings, “I think I’ll do things the old-fashioned way for a while.”

“Whatever works for you,” I nodded, the effects of the alcohol and her presence making me real sleepy, “I’m ready to fall asleep now, if you are.”

“Almost,” she whispered, moving in closer to me. She pressed her lips against mine and gave me a loving kiss, which quickly evolved into a make out session.

I could feel the endorphins coursing through my body as we made out, but true to our word before, we didn’t engage in sex. Within a few minutes we broke apart, catching our breath, and fell asleep without another word.

That night of sleep was amongst the best I’d ever had, along with the first time I’d slept with Skyler. Sleeping with Sabrina was different, of course, because she was a woman, an android, and she was designed to be older than me and thus more mature.

I woke up a few times in the night and was pleased that she snored lightly, almost like a real person. I chose not to get up each time and instead fell asleep, lulled by the sound of her breathing.

I was woken up the following morning by the sunlight creeping in through the curtains. The bedside clock informed me that it was just past 11, so the sun was just now rising above the tall hospital that was across from the apartment. Sabrina was rolled over on her side, using me as a body pillow while I rested comfortably on my back. She was no longer snoring, but her mouth was partially open as she took slow breaths. I smiled and laid there for a few moments in peace before waking her up.

“Sabrina, it’s morning, wake up,” I whispered in her ear. This immediately notified her systems that she could emerge from sleep mode.

She started stirring almost instantly, letting out a pleasant moan as she stretched her body and gripped me slightly tighter. Finally, her eyes fluttered open and a smile formed on her face. “Oh, good morning,” she whispered, leaning in and kissing me on the cheek, “I was kind of afraid I might wake up and discover last night had been a dream.”

“No, it was all real,” I assured her, kissing her back.

“Did you sleep well?”

“Oh yeah,” I told her, “I slept very well…it was nice having you cuddle me.”

“I slept well too…though, I suppose its easy to sleep when you’re an android,” she giggled.

“Yeah, sometimes I wish I was one too,” I mused, “but, being a human has its perks too.”

“Like owning two attractive androids?”

“Yeah,” I smirked, giving her a playful kiss.

“Speaking of which, is Skyler ready now?”

“He should be,” I replied, “I was about to go check on him.”

“Go,” she commanded, rolling over on her back to release me, “I’ll be out in a minute once I’m properly dressed.”

“Okay,” I nodded, giving her another kiss on the lips as I crawled out of bed. I gave her a fond smile as I got dressed in todays set of clothes and then headed out.

The devices in my lab activated automatically when I entered. While they booted up, I removed the clothe from Skyler’s body and turned it back on. Once it was online, I released the scalp panel and set it on his chest. Then I headed to my computer and ran a quick scan on Skyler’s brain, confirming that it had updated properly and completed its backup.

Sabrina entered my lab a few moments later, dressed in a simple pair of cotton pants and cute pink t-shirt with a grey sweater of it; she was still barefoot.

“Well, is he ready?” She asked almost impatiently.

“Yes,” I nodded excitedly, removing Skyler’s brain from the block and carrying it over to his body. I paused near his head, looking over at Sabrina. “Would you like to do the honors?”

“Sure,” she said somewhat nervously, carefully taking Skyler’s brain from me. She spent a few seconds figuring out how to line it up before inserting it and clicking it in place.

“Skyler A.I. core detected…changes detected…running diagnostics,” his body announced when the core was inserted.

“Alright, click his scalp back on real quick before they finish,” I told her.

“Okay,” she said excitedly, grabbing his scalp and clicking it on.

Just as his scalp finished resealing, his body finished. “Diagnostic complete, no errors found…loading Skyler emulation.” Skyler then blinked a few times before coming alive.

“Ah, that feels great every time!” He announced cheerfully, giving me a huge grin, “did everything go according to plan last night?” He asked, looking around, noticing Rachel still disassembled on the table next to him; Sabrina was still behind him and outside his field of vision. “Considering Rachel’s not done, something must’ve happened.”

“You’re right,” I grinned, “Skyler, we have a new roommate,” I announced, motioning for Sabrina to join me.

Sabrina meekly stepped towards me, giving Skyler a somewhat shy smile. “Hey Skyler.”

Skyler made a brief, embarrassed attempt to cover himself up, but then stopped, realizing she’d already seen him naked already. “Sabrina? What are you doing here?”

“Ummm, Greg helped me out big time last night and…well, I’ve decided to move in with you two,” she said, somewhat evasively.

“Really!? That’s great! But why?”

“Well…last night after getting off work, I found out I was an android like you,” she admitted, “I was badly damaged and something inside me made me come here, and fortunately Greg was still awake and happy to help fix me.”

“Wow, that’s so cool!” Skyler smiled, “I mean, too bad you found out that way, but Greg’s been really good to me these past few years, so I’m sure he’ll take great care of you.”

“I know, he already has,” she smiled, “I hope you don’t mind, but he made me you two’s girlfriend.”

Skyler zoned out momentarily as he confirmed what she told him. “Yeah, I do see that you’ve been added as my girlfriend,” he nodded, grinning at me, “so Greg, you really think you can handle two of us?”

“I think so,” I nodded confidently, “Sabrina slept with me last night, though we didn’t have sex.”

“Yeah, I want to get to actually know you two a bit better before I do,” she confirmed.

“Psh, I wouldn’t have minded even if you had,” Skyler shrugged, “but I totally understand where you’re coming from.”

“Good,” she said in a relieved voice, “I was worried you might be upset.”

“No, as I’m sure Greg told you last night, we both had a crush on you, so this works to everyone’s benefit.”

“He did,” she blushed, “umm, I also had to be placed in your body for a couple hours while we retrieved some stuff from my place, since my body was too badly damaged.”

“Wow, you had all sorts of fun last night,” he laughed, “so, how was my body?”

Her face turned even redder, “Very good…. though, also very short,”

This time Skyler blushed. “Well, I can’t help it, so there.”

“We still love you Sky,” I assured him, bending down and kissing him on the lips, “now, why don’t you step down and get dressed so we can head out?”

“Okay,” he nodded, carefully hopping down from the table and stretching his body out, “where are we going?”

“Yeah,” Sabrina agreed.

“Oh, I figured we could go out for some brunch and get to know each other a bit better,” I suggested, “and then get some shopping done for Sabrina, since she needs to purchase some android-safe products.”

“Ooh,” Sabrina purred, an excited look on her face.

“Okay then, sounds fun,” Skyler grinned, walking with me and Sabrina out of the lab, “you are going to finish Rachel later, right?”

“Of course,” I smiled.

“Good. Back in a sec!” Skyler rushed off into his room and returned a few minutes later in a similar set of casual clothes that Sabrina had dressed him in last night. Sabrina had already put on her shoes and socks while she was waiting.

“So, who’s driving?” Skyler asked, his hand hovering near his set of car keys hanging on the wall.

“I’ll drive,” Sabrina offered, “it’s only fair for all the help you’re giving me.”

“Thanks,” I told her, kissing her cheek, “well, let’s go!”

After Skyler grabbed a few reusable shopping bags, the three of us headed out to her car. Once she readjusted the seat to her height, she pulled out and headed into town, the three of us eager to start this new relationship.

Part 4: New Toys

It appeared to be very early morning when I awoke, comfortable in my bed. A quick glance at the nearby clock informed me that it was just before 7am, so I relaxed somewhat; I wasn’t planning on rising until at least 8:30. I then focused on the shallow breathing to either side, and quickly perceived the two warm, soft bodies pressed against me.

I laying naked, and comfortably on my back, with my left leg bent at the knee and tucked under my right leg so I could comfortably lean slightly to the left. To my left, also naked, was my boyfriend Skyler, or Sky for short. He was rolled over on his right side and pressed tenderly against my body. To my right, again, also naked, was our girlfriend Sabrina, rolled over on her left said and pressed against my body just as tenderly.

While both felt warm, soft, and alive, I knew that that was only skin deep. Underneath, they were some of the most advanced machines on the planet: hyper realistic androids. Both of them had entered my life accidentally and had subsequently bonded themselves to me. I had been friends with Skyler the longest, and although Sabrina had only entered our lives a year ago, she quickly made up for lost time and now we couldn’t imagine life without her.

The three of us all slept naked, so our body temperatures were nearly perfectly synchronized, further enhancing our comfort. One thing Sabrina routinely did each night was to rest her right hand directly over my heart. She explained that she had installed a biorhythm monitoring program in her systems and was thus able to monitor his heartrate throughout the night. He was deeply appreciative of the care she took for him, since she felt somewhat guilty about losing her last owner and made it clear she wanted to do everything in her power to keep me alive as long as possible.

Skyler’s left hand usually rested across my chest as well, resting on Sabrina’s arm, so he could enjoy the warmth of her body even from the other side of me. My hands, on the other hand, we currently resting comfortably on each of their lower backs/butts, my arms running under their bodies and essentially embracing them.

I then focused on Sabrina’s long, dark curly hair, which she intentionally arranged to drape across my upper chest, directly below my face. A few months after getting used to sleeping with me and Skyler, she realized she could spritz the tips of her hair with an aromatherapy spray that she purchased from a local bath and body shop. The spray she purchased was specifically intended to encourage relaxation and deep sleep. Indeed, just focusing on the scent, and her cute, light snoring, caused me to smoothly fall back asleep, content in the intertwining embrace of my two androids.

When I next woke, it was because both Skyler and Sabrina had both awoken and were subtly moving around in an attempt to wake me…attempts I fully enjoyed, since they were rubbing their bodies against mine.

“Wakey wakey, sleepyhead,” Skyler said playfully, leaning in and kissing me on the mouth.

“I hope you slept well,” Sabrina added, leaning in and kissing me, after Skyler broke away.

“Aside from randomly waking up a couple hours ago, I did,” I smiled, my heart warming at both their faces smiling down at me. “Your aromatherapy scent helped get me back to sleep,” I told her.

“Best purchase I ever made,” she said with a smug look, leaning in and kissing me again.

“I’m guessing the reason you two surreptitiously woke me up was because you’re eager to get your new toys?” I said with a knowing smile.

“You caught us,” Skyler shrugged, “we’ve been looking forward to it all week.”

“Yeah, since this is one of the few days that we all have off from work,” Sabrina agreed, “without burning a sick or vacation day, that is,” she added wryly.

“I’ve been looking forward to it too,” I grinned at them, since they knew I loved working on them. “I’m going to want to eat some breakfast first, and enjoy the morning news,” he told them, “And, it’d probably be a good idea if you two cleaned up first as well.”

“Say no more,” Skyler grinned, leaning in and kissing me once more before leaping out of bed and getting his clothes on, “I’ll cook you some breakfast while you cuddle up with Sabrina for a few more minutes.” Once he was dressed, he swiftly left the room to head to the kitchen.

“So, you wanna cuddle up with me some more?” Sabrina asked with a mischievous grin.

“Oh yeah,” I chuckled, rolling over and enjoying her warm embrace.

“It’s hard to believe it’s only been about a year since we entered each other’s lives,” Sabrina said, leaning in and giving me a kiss.

“Yeah, I can hardly imagine life without you,” I agreed, tenderly returning the kiss, “as a matter of fact, I’ve never been healthier since you came along.”

“Well, you weren’t exactly unhealthy,” Sabrina pointed out, “I just pointed out a few simple lifestyle changes, and had Skyler modify your diet a bit.”

“Well, I think it’s safe to say that your suggestions probably added more than a few years to my life. Thank you.” I told her, kissing her more deeply.

“Don’t mention it,” she blushed modestly, once my lips left hers, “My first owner died of an accident, so this hardly applies, but I’ll do everything in my power to make sure you’re around for as long as possible,” she told me with a look of seriousness in her eyes.

“Well, I appreciate,” I told her with equal seriousness, “as, I’m sure, does Skyler.”

Sabrina said nothing, but instead pulled me in for a make out session.

We fooled around in bed for the next several minutes, until the luring aroma of bacon filled the air.

“Well, I guess that’s your cue to get up,” Sabrina said with mock disappointment, pulling away from me.

“Yeah,” I responded in kind.

“I’ll see you in your lab later, then,” she said, a somewhat real sense of disappointment in her voice this time; even a year later, she still wasn’t completely used to being an android yet.

“Don’t worry, it won’t take long,” I assured her, giving her a deep kiss before leaving her alone in the bed. I quickly located my pile of clothes on the floor, swiftly slipped them on, and then headed out to get breakfast. Sabrina stayed in bed only a few more seconds before heading into the bathroom to take a quick shower.

Heading out of my room, I walked through the short hallway containing both the secondary/guest bedroom, and the laundry closet, and out into the main living room. In the past year, we had moved out of the original 2-bed/2-bath apartment and into a 3-bed/3-bath apartment. The reason behind this was partly because, after pooling our resources after becoming a throuple, we quickly realized we had far more money than we could conveniently spend. It was also because Sabrina kept complaining that she didn’t like my lab being an awkwardly cordoned off section of the main living room so, two months after she joined our lives, we moved into one of the larger family unit apartments on the same property, so she could still walk across the street to the hospital that she worked at.

While I wasn’t a huge fan of change, I was glad that we were able to not only move into a larger unit, but that we were able to afford it, and then some. Furthermore, since it was still the same overall property, the unit still retained much of the same overall architecture, meaning everything was more or less where it was in our previous unit, the only major difference was there was one extra bedroom and bathroom, and we were on the second floor instead of the ground floor. The extra bedroom was where I had relocated my lab, thus clearing out space in our living room to make it an actual living room, which made Sabrina happy.

While my cordoned off section was no longer in there, the same location now contained a smaller home office area for Skyler to perform work from home tasks, and for Sabrina to browse the internet as well.

Skyler was just finishing up with breakfast: a simple cheese omelet with a few slices of bacon and a bowl of fruit. Ordinarily the two of them would eat with me, but since they were going to be undergoing maintenance and upgrades soon, they opted to fast until later in the day, since their power cores would most likely get slightly recharged anyway while I worked on them.

“I see Sabrina got started on her shower,” Skyler observed, hearing the sound from across the room in the hallway.

“Yeah, you should too,” I pointed out, eagerly taking the plate of food, and the glass of orange juice, that he handed me.

“I will, once I get this cleaned up,” he replied, gesturing at the small mess he’d make in the kitchen preparing my breakfast.

“Very good,” I nodded approvingly; I appreciated cleanliness. I got comfortable on the couch with my breakfast and then started watching the local news, which Skyler had already turned on for me.

As soon as Skyler finished up in the kitchen a few moments later, he disappeared into the small hallway off the kitchen that led to the 3rd bedroom, which I had configured as my lab. Since it also had a bathroom, this is the one Skyler preferred to use.

A short time later, Sabrina finished up with her shower and casually walked across the room, completely naked, to go and wait with Skyler in my lab for me to work on them, pausing only briefly to kiss me on the cheek.

I finally finished my breakfast nearly 10 minutes later, turning off the TV and then heading into the kitchen to place my cleared off dish into the dishwasher. After I washed my hands, I eagerly headed to my lab.

The extra bedroom which now contained my lab was technically smaller than the cordoned off space I had in the previous unit, at least in terms of walkable floor space. However, since it was a proper room now instead of being contained within, what was essentially an indoor tent, I now had extra space above to store my stuff. I was sort of a master of manipulating small spaces, and I had quickly installed a bunch of neat storage shelves and ceiling mounted baskets. As a result, I found myself stumbling over things far less often.

Another thing we had splurged on in the past year, in addition to the larger apartment, was the computer equipment in my lab. My workstation, set up in the corner near a window that looked out onto the communal park, was far more powerful than it was before, and I had more monitors so I could easily work on more than one project at a time. Our internet data plan was also upgraded, along with our internet lines, so we could backup Skyler or Sabrina nearly 4x faster than before.

We had also been gradually purchasing various replacement parts for both their bodies, so they could easily swap something out instead of having to be inconvenienced while they waited for me, or a more experienced professional, to repair damage to a hand or foot. It looked both odd, and erotic, to view the storage shelves with perfect copies of their hands, feet, and even heads.

Aside from the upgraded workstation, the primary focus of my lab was the two examination tables set up a few feet away in the center of the room, both evenly spaced, and each occupied by the naked, deactivated bodies of both Sabrina and Skyler, with Skyler on the right and Sabrina on the left. Before, I had been using modified hospital stretchers that I’d rescued from the neighboring hospital’s dumpster. Since we were already upgrading everything else, we splurged a bit more so I could purchase these far more comfortable, far more useful exam chairs/tables. These were more like the type that dentists used, which could raise/lower, and could recline or lay flat.

The only other items of interest in the lab were a closet, which is where we were storing Rachel and Dana, both Skyler and Sabrina’s alternate bodies respectively. The other door led into the bathroom that Skyler often used. Most of the other items in the lab were storage units, or large pieces of machinery; I had a private in-home server set-up for keeping backups of Skyler and Sabrina on hand.

After locking the door to the lab, and ensuring that the electrochromic filter on the window was active, I immediately sat down at my workstation to boot everything up and quickly re-read the materials on the upgrades I would be installing in both of them. Finally, I got up, walked over to each of them, and removed both their torso access panels, placing them in some special storage baskets which I could pull down from the ceiling next to each of their beds. Next, I carefully detached Skyler’s head from his body, bringing it over to my desk and carefully laying it down on its side, before walking over and doing the same with Sabrina’s. Once I had both their heads at my desk, I grabbed my toolkit and then starting tinkering inside of the mechanical opening at the bottom of their necks.

Today, I was installing upgrades in both of them which would finally allow them to remotely operated their bodies with their heads detached. While the tech existed, it was previously too expensive, since it required several other upgrades for it to work properly, and their original bodies weren’t properly configured for it. Skyler had long since gotten his original body replaced more than year and a half earlier, but Sabrina had finally gotten hers replaced just three months ago. Both of their current bodies were ready for the tech, but they were saving up for all of the requisite parts and software, which I had finally received just over a week ago.

The first phase of the upgrade was to install one of the two transceiver assemblies that went into their heads. One needed to be installed at the base of the spinal column, where the head would clamp onto the torso, and the other was installed inside of their head itself. I was able to make fairly quick work of the assembly installation at the base of their heads, and after testing to confirm that they were properly plugged into the power supply of each of their heads, I set my tools down and then pulled two pedestal looking devices down from a nearby shelf, plugged them both in, and then carefully clicked both Sabrina and Skyler’s heads onto them.

While the pedestals were designed to provide power and diagnostic support for both their heads, I kept them offline and instead detached both of their scalps so I could access the internal mechanisms in their heads.

Pausing briefly to admire the sight, including the small processing cores that contained their minds, I got to work. The second transceiver assembly was another quick install, plugging into an open data port near the rear of their head. The reason a second assembly was needed was because this one was specifically designed to interface with my home network, so as to improve the latency of their remote link while they were at home. And, since they were unlikely to be removing their heads except at home, this was a much-needed enhancement.

But I wasn’t done yet. Since they now had two extra components drawing power, and since it would require more processing power simply to manage controlling a body from across the room, I also had to upgrade the internal power supply in their heads.

Fortunately, they’d made some neat improvements to batteries in just the past year, so the new power cores were still roughly the same size and weight, but could hold more than twice the charge. This would allow their heads to remain active for up to 20-minutes while remotely operating their bodies, or up to an hour if they weren’t.

I quickly unplugged both of them, which I had already unpacked last night in order to ensure they would have a full charge, and positioned them next to each of their heads. I then put on non-conductive, anti-static gloves and then reached into their heads, carefully removing the old power cores and then plugging in the new ones.

Once I had the new cores safely installed in both their heads, I safely stored the old cores in their backup storage, removed the gloves, and then paused for a moment to admire the sight of both of their heads with all the machinery showing. I definitely had a robo-fetish, and there was nothing so uniquely robotic as a detached head with it all opened up. Even now, it was possible for a human head to be transplanted onto a mostly robotic body, but it was impossible for a human head to be detached in this manner without the brain suffering from oxygen deprivation.

Shaking my head to refocus, I finished some minor cleanup work in their heads and then clicked their scalps back on, fussing with their hair after until it looked normal. Again, though, I didn’t reactivate them, but instead grabbed the packaging that the transceivers had arrived in and brought them over to a table set between the exam tables that their headless bodies were laying upon. Making sure that I grabbed the correct torso assembly that was paired with the ones in their heads, I got to work on installing them, starting with Skyler’s body.

Since we made sure that their new bodies would be ready for this tech, installing the parts in the torso would be surprisingly easy. The key component for the torso was actually the apparatus that contained a microphone, camera, speaker, and display panel so that they could still see, hear, and communicate from their headless body if it were in a separate room from their head. This device was installed at the bottom of the mechanical opening on their torso, in the center of their collar bone. Since their bodies were already ready for the tech, there was already a port designed specifically for this apparatus that I merely had to remove a temporary placeholder cover from and click in. The apparatus for each of them was actually customized with each of their names printed on it, so there was no way I could mess this up.

The final hardware install was also relatively easy. The transceiver merely clicked into an open port on the MCN, located in the center of their chests behind their lungs/heatsinks. Since their bodies were already ready for the tech, the software that would auto-install with all of their transceivers would automatically utilize the built in cooling assembly in the mechanical opening that would allow their headless body to “breathe” without the head attached, thus preventing overheating.

Once I had the transceivers installed in Sabrina’s body, as well as Skyler’s, I took a brief second to relax, since installing hardware was always a somewhat stressful job, always worrying I might accidentally damage one of them. After I’d taken the opportunity to relieve myself and grab a drink of water, I shut myself back in my lab and returned to my desk to finally reactivate my friends.

With a well-practiced hand, I reached behind both their left ears and pressed their power toggles at the same time, sitting down as I waited for them to boot up. They naturally took slightly longer, since the new hardware had to install software into their systems so they could run it, and control it. For some reason, Sabrina always took a fraction of a second longer…. I always meant to look into it, but always forgot. Finally, their faces sprung to life, searching for mine and then smiling with recognition.

“Is it done? Are they installed?” Skyler asked eagerly, looking over at his body, while Sabrina had an expression of slight discomfort. “I don’t think I’m ever going to get used to this,” she said in a tone sounding like she’d be shuddering, “or seeing my body like that.”

“Well, I find it quite erotic,” I told her, leaning in and kissing her on the lips, also pecking Skyler’s cheek, before breaking away. “And yes, the parts are installed.”

“Then why can’t I move my body?” Skyler asked, putting an intense look of concentration on his face before giving up.

“Because he still needs to properly calibrate the link, remember?” Sabrina told him, playfully sticking out her tongue.

“Oh, right,” Skyler said with a bashful look, his cheeks flushing slightly.

“She’s right,” I told him, gently patting his cheek, “it shouldn’t take too long.”

“I can’t wait,” he smiled.

“I know, but if I were to simply activate it right now, you might not be able to control your body adequately and could seriously damage yourselves,” I explained, “I need to make sure that your tactile senses are properly attuned before I can even begin testing your motor systems.”

“Do our torso need to still be opened right now?” Sabrina grimaced.

“For now,” I nodded, “just in case your systems don’t respond well to the link.”

Sabrina merely nodded. I had no doubt that she’d eventually be as used to her nature as Skyler, but she still needed a bit more time.

I quickly grabbed the tablet that I used to interface with both their systems and then got up to walk back over to their bodies, while both Sabrina and Skyler silently watched. I smoothly navigated to the tab in each of their control interfaces that controlled motor controls and tactile senses. The controls for their headless remote connectivity were now displaying on these tabs, though they were currently offline pending configuration. One at a time, I toggled both on and then familiarized myself with the controls.

In order to prevent any accidental sensory overloads for their systems, since the remote link essentially had to emulate the feeling of sensation over the wireless link, the tactile settings were set at the lowest setting, and their motor controls were offline. Both of their faces suddenly got a look of surprise as they could finally feel something of their bodies, even though they were detached from them and several feet away.

“Yes, you should both be feeling some sensation now,” I smiled to them, “though not much.”

“Yeah, I can feel my body, but it feels numb,” Sabrina said with a strange look.

“Yeah, like when you sit on your foot and it falls asleep,” Skyler agreed, “only it’s not waking up,” he added with a laugh.

“Well, it’s a start,” I shrugged, placing the tablet down and then grabbing Skyler’s right leg, gently brushing his foot in a manner that would normally tickle him. “How does this feel?”

“I can barely feel that,” Skyler report.

“Same,” Sabrina said, when I did the same to her left foot.

“Ok,” I nodded, moving up and grabbing Skyler’s penis, gently rubbing the glans area just below the tip to see if I could arouse him. After doing something similar to Sabrina’s vagina, and seeing disappointed nods from them, I picked the tablet back up and carefully toggled their tactile gain up to 20%.

“Whoa, I feel a bit more now,” Sabrina suddenly said, “still feels a bit numb, but much better.

“Yeah,” Skyler agreed.

“Good,” I nodded approvingly, “I turned the gain up to 20%. I’m gonna do the same thing I just did.”

I then performed the same touch test from before, grabbing each of their feet and gently stroking them. While they did not start laughing uncontrollable, it did at least elicit a slight giggle from them.

“That was one of the weakest tickles I’ve ever felt,” Sabrina smiled.

“Yeah, it almost felt pleasant, actually,” Skyler admitted.

“Good, then we’re on the right track,” I smiled back, this time moving up to Skyler’s penis. He got a somewhat pleasant look on his face, as did Sabrina when he did the same to her vagina, but otherwise far from satisfied.

“Again, very weak…like a strong numbing agent was applied to our genitals,” Sabrina reported, after whispering to Skyler.

“Alright, I’m increasing the gain from 20% to 50% this time, so you should regain most of your sensations,” I reported, toggling their sliders to 50%.

“Wow, this feels…. almost normal,” Sabrina reported dutifully, “I can even feel enough now to tell that it’s a bit cold in here.”

“It’s supposed to be a little cold in here,” I pointed out, “all of this electrical equipment, including your bodies, need to be cooled.”

“Meh,” Sabrina frowned.

“Well, I can perceive the texture of the examination table we’re on,” Skyler added, grinning at Sabrina’s discomfort.

“Great, I’m guessing 75% gain might be the perfect setting,” I smiled, “nevertheless, I’ll continue with the test.”

This time when I stroked their feet, they had a more visceral reaction, but it was still less visceral than their usual. Same result when I stimulated their genitals. While they did moan with pleasure this time, they reported it was still slightly muted.

“Alright, 75%.... here goes,” I said, toggling them further up, awaiting their reactions.

This time they both had a much more normal reaction, far more typical to when I would tickle them or pleasure them. Although they could feel it, neither of them actually became sexually aroused, since the current calibration tests had their sexual systems set to standby.

“I think if you raise it just a tad more, then it’ll be normal,” Sabrina reported, after she calmed down a bit from me fingering her vagina.

“Yeah,” Skyler agreed, having already recovered.

“Very well,” I nodded, toggling them slightly up to 80%, “I’ve got it set to 80% now, though your systems will be able to auto-calibrate the more you move…I don’t figure it’ll go any higher than 85%, though.”

“Why can’t we just go up to 100%?” Skyler asked.

“Because if I did, then you would be experiencing far higher than normal sensory input,” I explained, “and that could lead to a serious malfunction if you became over stimulated.”

“I see,” he nodded on the pedestal, “Then why doesn’t 100% just mean normal? Why the extra gain?”

“Because I purchased slightly overpowered transceivers, just in case,” I winked, “I like being prepared for any eventuality, including the potential for signal interference.”

“I see,” he nodded, “so that way you could increase the gain to compensate?”

“Exactly,” I smiled, taking another look at my tablet, “Well, now that we’re done with the sensory calibration, it’s time for the motor control calibration.”

“Good, it’s very disconcerting being able to feel, but not move,” Sabrina said with a relieved voice.

“I can only imagine,” I sympathized with her, toggling the motor functions to the lowest setting. This setting would allow them to wiggle their toes and fingers, and move their ankles and wrists, but that was about all. Their toes and fingers twitched slightly when the toggle was activated.

“Okay, you should have minimal movement available,” I told them, “Try moving around.”

Both nodded in unison and then started eagerly wiggling their toes and fingers, and moving their hands and feet.

“Very good,” I nodded approvingly, once they stopped moving, “Now next should bring your arms and legs back online,” I told them, toggling up the settings.

With the next toggle activated, Sabrina and Skyler’s arms and legs both twitched, and they calmly raised both their arms and legs, bending their knees and elbows, before resting them back down on the tables.

“Great, I’m going to lift up your feet and I want you to try and push back against my hands now,” I told them, setting the tablet down and grabbing both sets of Skyler’s feet and bending his legs back. He playfully clenched his toes on my hands a few times before gently pushing against my outstretched hands, playfully grunting with mock effort.

I quickly performed the same test with Sabrina, each of them able to moderate their strength and keep from pushing me over, just as easily as if their heads were installed. Satisfied, I gently lowered their legs back down into a resting position and then grabbed Skyler’s right hand.

“Go ahead and squeeze my hand,” I told him.

Just as easily as they managed with their legs, Skyler and Sabrina were both able to squeeze my hands and moderate their strength to keep from crushing them.

“Excellent,” I clapped, setting Sabrina’s left hand back down, “this next one will allow you to move your torsos, and the final will unlock everything.”

After I toggled the next one and watched them sit up and lay back down, I felt satisfied that the calibration was complete, so I toggled the final setting on, activating their full range of motion, including sexual response, and then placed the tablet down. I then pulled the storage baskets back down from the ceiling and grabbed each of their torso covers, placing them back onto their bodies and allowing them to seal in place.

“Are you to able to access your controls panels?” I asked them.

Both of them zoned out for a moment before responding, though I knew the answer before they responded, since the lights and panels activated on the sensor apparatuses attached to their collar bones that allowed them to see and hear.

“Yes…whoa, this is sort of trippy,” Skyler said, his eyes going wide on his body as he processed two different visual and audio signals.

“Yeah, almost like a picture-in-picture,” Sabrina remarked with a look of wonder, “and it’s easy to toggle which one is more prominent.”

“Good, everything seems to be working,” I said, rubbing my hands excitedly. “Next, I’m going to help each of you down off the tables,” I told them, positioning myself next to Skyler first, “once you’re standing, just stand at attention near the end of the table for the next test.”

Both of them nodded their heads as I helped Skyler’s body sit up, swing his legs over the edge and gently hop down. As he maneuvered his body, as instructed, to the end of the table, I repositioned over to Sabrina and assisted her down. Once their bodies were standing at attention, I approached them from behind.

“This next test is very simple. I’m going to lightly push you to see if you can still maintain proper balance,” I explained.

“Go for it,” Skyler said, his body slightly bracing itself.

I nodded and then reached out my arms and gently shoved each of them from behind, watching approvingly as they were able to keep from falling just as easily as if their heads were attached. It made a little sense from a physics standpoint, since their center of gravity was lower without their heads, but from a technical standpoint, if the link was unstable, their balance would be affected.

I shoved them a bit harder next time, and when they were able to stay upright just as easily, I nodded satisfactorily, patting each of their shoulders.

“Are we done?” Skyler asked.

“No, one more test,” I told them, and seeing a slight look of impatience on their faces, I held out my hands, “Don’t worry, the final test is the fun part,” I assured them, looking into their eyes with a glimmer in my eyes, “you guys get to walk around the rest of the apartment to get used to moving about without your heads, and from different rooms.”

“Ooh, that is fun,” Sabrina nodded, turning her body around to face me, making it fist pump.

“Alright, that is fun,” Skyler conceded, also turning his body around to face me.

“Great, then follow me,” I told them, walking to the door and opening it up, letting both of them slowly walk out before joining them. “Wait near the couch,” I said to their heads, watching them both nod before closing the door to the lab, leaving their heads inside.

I quickly joined their bodies in the living room near the couch and focused on each of their sensor arrays. “Can you both hear me?” I asked calmly.

“Yes,” Sabrina’s voice sounded from the speaker, sounding just a bit tinny. The display panel on the sensor array was displaying a digital face, helping to indicate their current facial expression and emotional state.

“I can too,” Skyler responded, his voice also tinny.

“Good,” I nodded, “I’ll have to see if I can clean up the audio of your voice samples a bit, but for now, it’ll do.”

“Don’t you find the sound of our voices erotic?” Sabrina asked in a mock monotone voice.

“Agreed, I would have figured that our voices like this, with your robo-fetish, would be highly erotic,” Skyler added, making his voice sound more natural, but more like Data from Star Trek.

Hearing them sound like that gave me a brief, uncontrolled erection which I tried, and failed, to contain. Both of them, even with the less sophisticated camera lenses on their sensor arrays, were able to see this and started giggling through their speakers.

“Stop that,” I said feebly, my face going bright red, but this only caused more intense giggling, which I patiently endured, both of their sensor array display panels currently laughing heartily. “Well, I suppose you bring up a good point,” I finally conceded, trying to regain my composure, I suppose I’ll keep it that way.”

“We thought so,” Skyler chuckled, with one last giggle from Sabrina before falling silent.

“Anyway, back to business,” I said, “how’s the visual feed?”

“It’s not quite as good as my actual eyes, but it’s not bad either,” Sabrina reported, holding her hands up in front of her camera and wiggling her fingers.

“Yeah, it’s just a bit awkward having my vision at a lower height in my body,” Skyler added.

“Oh yeah, this must be what it’s like to be your height,” Sabrina said in a playful voice.

“Pshh,” Skyler responded.

“Well, I’m glad you can both see and hear,” I said, stopping any further playful bickering, “now, simply walk around this room a few times.”

Both acknowledged by slightly bowing, since they had no heads to nod with. I silently watched both of them casually walk around the room, going only a bit slower than they normally would as they got used to navigating without a head. I would occasionally make things interesting by placing an obstacle in their path: a couch pillow, desk chair, garbage bin, bundle of blankets. They were able to effortlessly negotiate these obstacles and continue walking around the room.

I felt myself growing a little hard once more, but was more successful at fighting it this time. I couldn’t help but think, watching them walk completely naked and headless around the room, that this scene was something I could only dream of when I was growing up, but now I had these two beautiful androids to have fun with whenever I wanted.

Shaking these thoughts from my head, I looked at the clock and decided to refocus. “Alright you two,” I called out to them, “Excellent! You passed all the tests, let’s head back to the lab.”

Both of them stopped walking and wordlessly followed me back into my lab, where their heads, apparently frozen while they were utilizing the sensor arrays on their bodies, suddenly reanimated when I approached.

“That was fun!” Sabrina said with an excited look, as her body came to a stop right next to her head.

“Yeah, we should do that more often,” Skyler agreed, his body also coming to a stop.

“Well, that was the general idea,” I pointed out with an amused look, “as you move around with your heads detached, your systems should automatically recalibrate themselves,” I explained to them, “so, each time should feel smoother and better than the last.”

“Well, this time felt very smooth, so I can only imagine how much better it could be,” Sabrina said with a skeptical look.

“Well, maybe you won’t be able to perceive the difference,” I admitted, “but, the link causes additional strain on your processors and power systems, so the recalibration would mostly just reduce the power consumption.”

“Ah,” Sabrina nodded.

“So, if we’re done, can I take my head now?” Skyler asked eagerly.

“Yes, just be careful putting it back on,” I warned him, “you might want to practice first.”

“Oh, I don’t plan on putting it back on just yet,” he said with a naughty look, maneuvering his body closer to his head.

“I see,” I said with an understanding look, as Sabrina rolled her eyes.

Skyler merely grinned as he carefully clicked his head off of the pedestal, maneuvering it into his arms so it was pointed forward, and then walked out of the lab to living room.

“Don’t make too much of a mess,” I called after him, receiving only a flippant hand wave in response.

“Alright, you ready for your next toy?” I asked, turning to Sabrina.

“Yes,” she said, a blush forming on her face.

“Very well,” I smiled, “umm…are you going to want your head reattached first?”

“Oh, yes,” she said, blushing even more as she maneuvered her body to her head, clicking it off the pedestal, and lifting it up over her neck. After making sure her hair wasn’t in the way, she brought it down and clicked it onto her neck, pausing briefly as it resealed, and then resuming her motion. “Huh, the reattachment is a bit awkward,” she remarked.

“Yeah, I might be able to speed it up a bit, but that is actually a safety procedure to prevent you from accidentally damaging yourself,” I told her.

“Meh,” Sabrina shrugged, turning to face me, “want me to lay down on the table again?”

“Yes,” I replied, “and, unseal your primary access panel again as well.”

“Okay,” she smiled, pausing to kiss my cheek, before laying down upon the table once more. The seam for her primary access port once again appeared, waiting for me to remove it.

I grabbed a small shipping box from my desk, along with my tools, and set them down on the table between Sabrina’s and Skyler’s examination tables, before gently removing her panel once more and laying it in the basket, though this time I didn’t have it retract up to the ceiling.

“I know you have a thing for head removal for androids,” Sabrina said excitedly, watching as I started opening the box, “but this is what I’ve really been waiting for all day.”

“I know,” I winked, bringing out a series of tanks, a few hoses, and a computer chip to plug into her MCN.

While both Skyler and Sabrina were both receiving the ability to operate the bodies remotely with their heads detached, Sabrina had purchased an additional upgrade for herself…one that only her body was capable of receiving, since she was a woman.

Female androids, like Sabrina, had the option of having a lactation feature installed. This could allow a human family to purchase a female android as a nanny and have it breast feed their babies using the breast milk produced by the mother. Sabrina had requested that this feature be installed in her body, not because they were planning on having kids, though the topic had come up, but because she had secretly harbored a fetish of breastfeeding a lover, and her android nature allowed her to do this whenever she wanted, instead of having to be with child.

In her case, though, she wouldn’t be filling her tank with breastmilk, or any milk. Instead, she planned on having it filled with water, mostly so that I could drink from them in the middle of the night should I get thirsty, instead of having to get up from bed. Otherwise, she planned on filling it with whiskey, or some other form of alcohol that didn’t require refrigeration.

While suckling Sabrina’s breasts wasn’t exactly on my Bingo card, I wasn’t opposed to it either. Skyler was also understandably curious and eager to try it out. Fortunately, this upgrade, unlike the one I had just spent the past hour installing, was far more straightforward, so I didn’t anticipate it taking too long.

Unlike most hardware installs, which required tinkering around inside of the open torso cavity, this optional feature required me to work primarily on the backside of her panel cover, since it involved her breasts.

I gently flipped her cover so I could see the mechanical side, pausing briefly to admire the sight since I usually just placed the cover down and would immediately get to work inside their torsos. The mechanical side had the approximation of her muscles, and some insulation as well. I could even see the areas where the smaller subpanels could open up and remove, including the mechanism to reseal the panel.

Once I finished admiring the handiwork that went into these androids, I focused my attention on the upper region, where the backside of her breasts were. Her breasts were very well constructed, filled with a similar compound to some of the premium end breast implants that a human could get. I knew from personal experience that they could firm up and soften up, just as naturally as a real woman’s.

Fortunately, all female androids’ bodies were already ready for this optional feature, so all of the apparatus’ were already in place. In between the underside of her breasts was a small indentation with a waterproof pouch attached to it. I quickly removed the contents of the shipping box, which was a five pack of small, plastic bladders that could each store up to 750ml of liquid. I grabbed one of the bladders, along with a bottle of fresh mineral water, and filled the bladder until it was full. I then gently slid it into the pouch on her torso cover.

Next, I pulled out two plastic hoses that I was able to attach to two corresponding attachments on the pouch, clicking in place instead of twisting, so as to ensure a watertight seal.

While I worked, Sabrina patiently and diligently watched was I was doing, since, with the exception of the next part, she would be the one swapping out her tanks on a regular basis if she wished to swap out the liquid and clean the bladders.

Next, I clicked on a small device to the other end of the hoses that essentially functioned as the pumps which would allow the liquid to be extracted from the bladder when the nipple was correctly stimulated, and also contained a filter to prevent contamination. Once the devices were installed, I gently fed each hose through its corresponding breast, until the motors linked up with the backside of each nipple, clicking in place to form a seal, and to connect them to the same power supply that her nipples received power from in order to harden up during sexual stimulation.

“Is it done?” Sabrina finally asked, having remained silent so I could concentrate.

“Almost,” I told her, sitting back up and relaxing; hardware installs were always stressful work. “I just need to plug this chip into your MCN,” I told her, once I had rested my back. I grabbed the final item from the box, which was a small control chip roughly the size of a microSD card, and plugged it into one of the open slots on her MCN. Sabrina briefly zoned out as her MCN processed the new chip.

“Alright,” I told her, pulling back out of her, “Now I just need to test it to make sure it’s working, but I’m sure it is.”

“Is it possible to test it without you having to suckle it?” Sabrina asked with a concerned look, “I ummm…I don’t want you to do that until tonight,” she said with a blush.

“Of course,” I assured her, also flushing a little, “I can simple tweak your nipples to make the liquid come out.”

“Good,” she said, her blush making her face look beautiful.

I quickly reattached her torso cover once more, allowing it to reseal. Sabrina zoned out momentarily as the new hardware integrated with her MCN and she installed the control panel so she could manually control her new lactation function, if she chose.

“You should be able to excrete the fluid manually, using your control panel,” I explained to her, knowing the look on her face was her examining it, “But, I do need to test the physical response system too.” I knew from researching the feature that her control panel could allow her to manually release the entire contents of the bladder in one go, if need be.

“Understood,” she nodded, relaxing on the examination table as I brought my hands to her nearest nipple.

There was a slight difference to stimulating her nipples for lactation than there was for stimulating sexual pleasure. Fortunately, I had researched online and had practiced in private using Rachel and Dana’s nipples, so I was able to nail it on the first try.

Sabrina let out a surprised gasp as her right nipple let out a small burst of the fresh mineral water, which I promptly wiped clear with a towel. I repeated the test with her left nipple, wiping up the water that came out.

“Looks like your nipples are now fully functional,” I reported happily, putting the towel in a nearby hamper, “I’m looking forward to trying them out later.”

“Thanks,” she said heartily, “I am too.”

“Would you like me to replace your tank for you now?”

“Yes please,” she nodded, “the bottle is on your desk.”

“I know,” I nodded back, walking over to my desk and grabbing a small 750ml bottle of my favorite whiskey, which Sabrina had purchased specially for this occasion. While I was retrieving it, Sabrina had already unsealed her primary access panel, so I was able to once again remove it, placing it back on the basket so I could replace the bladder.

I carefully poured the entire contents of the bottle of whiskey into a second bladder, sealing the opening with a click, and then made quick work of removing the mineral water filled bladder, placing it into a fridge under my desk, and clicking the whiskey filled one in place. Since the hoses connecting the bladders to the nipple were coated in a hydrophobic material, I didn’t also have to remove the hoses anytime, regardless of the type of liquid that ran through them.

“Alright, you’re ready for tonight,” I reported, standing back up and looking down on her face.

“Thank you,” she smiled.

I smiled back down at her and looked at the clock I had hung on the wall, displaying it was almost noon. “I’m not sure I’ll have time to finish the next project in you,” I told her with a concerned look, “we’d planned on going out shopping and to go out for lunch, but the cleaning procedure will take 3-5 hours.”

“Don’t worry about it,” she assured me, “I’d already planned on using Dana anyway.”

“Very well, I’ll get started then,” I nodded, walking back to my desk and grabbing a smaller box. Before I could open it, however, I was interrupted by a loud “Thud!” from the living room, causing both Sabrina and myself to gasp.

“Was that…Skyler?” she asked in a concerned voice, half rising from the table to look at the door to the lab.

“Most likely,” I answered, trying to stay calm, “I’ll bet he was fooling around out there and wasn’t able to put his head back on properly before running out of power.”

“Yeah, that sounds like Skyler,” Sabrina said with a wry smile.

“You just stay in here,” I told her, heading for the door, “I’ll check on him.”

“Will do,” Sabrina smiled, laying back down on the table as I walked out into the living room.

It didn’t take too long to locate Skyler…mostly. His naked, headless body was standing near the home office in the back of the living room, looking as though it were in the process of bending down to pick something up. Smiling, I walked around the couch to the office and almost immediately located Skyler’s head on the floor several feet away from his body. I paused briefly to admire his headless body, which was still powered on with a slight erection, and continued to where his head had landed.

I was briefly concerned by the look of shock on Skyler’s frozen face, but a quick inspection of his head, including the mechanical opening, showed no obvious signs of damage. Since the area we were standing was carpeted, I doubted there was any permanent damage to him, but he might still need to run a diagnostic to confirm.

Satisfied for the time being that there was no imminent damage, I carefully lined Skyler’s head with his body and clicked it back in place. After a few moments as power cycled back through his head, he booted back up and lurched back to life. Fortunately, I was ready for this and held my arms out to brace him and keep him from further damaging himself.

“Don’t worry, I got you,” I told him, making sure he was functioning properly before patting his shoulder and motioning him to sit down at his desk chair.

“Thanks man,” Skyler said, once he was seated, “I was trying to reattach my head after…. well, I’m sure you know,” he broke off, his face turning scarlet, “anyway, I fumbled my head and ran out of power before I could retrieve it.”

“I figured as much,” I nodded with a look of mild amusement, “But, there should have been emergency programming installed in the transceiver programming,” I said with a confused look, “It was supposed to make your body locate your head using the link and reattach it.”

“Well, obviously it didn’t work,” Skyler chuckled.

“I’m surprised there isn’t more of a mess,” I commented, not noticing any signs of semen residue on either his penis or mouth, “I thought you were out here sucking yourself off.”

“I was,” Skyler admitted, “but, I didn’t want to waste any of my supply, so I was shooting blanks.” That meant he was only shooting water from his internal tank.

“Ah,” I nodded, “Do you feel alright?” I asked with a voice of concern, “I didn’t see any physical signs of damage, but I haven’t been able to run a diagnostic on you yet.”

“I feel fine,” Skyler shrugged, “but I can run a diagnostic, if you’d like.”

“In a little bit,” I told him, “We should head back to the lab now… I’m sure Sabrina is getting worried.”

Almost as though she read my mind, Sabrina called out from my lab. “What’s taking so long!? Is Skyler okay?”

“He’s fine!” I called back, “we’re heading in now.”

Skyler let out a playful sigh and sheepishly followed me back into the lab, where Sabrina was waiting with an impatient look.

“It’s as we suspected,” I reported, closing the door as Skyler walked back over to his examination table and laid back down on it, “he accidentally dropped his head and lost power before he could reattach it.”

“I thought you said there was supposed to be a safety feature that would make our bodies locate and reattach our heads,” she pointed out.

“There was supposed to be,” I defended, grabbing the control tablet and searching the features for their headless control. It did not take me long to locate the problem. “Ugh, they locked it behind a paywall,” I said in a disgusted voice, quickly paying the small fee to activate the function.

“That’s so stupid,” Sabrina complained, mirroring my irritation.

“I know,” I agreed, finishing the payment and immediately toggling the emergency functions on for both of them; it did not require them to reboot. “It’s active now… fortunately it didn’t cost too much.”

“Well, that’s good, at least,” she said with a relieved voice, turning to look at Skyler, “Are you okay, Sky?”

“Yeah, I’m just going to run a full diagnostic to confirm there was no damage,” he told her, “Did you have any problems reattaching your head?”

“Nope,” Sabrina replied with a smug look.

“Meh,” Skyler muttered, “are we still planning on going out shopping and for lunch?” he asked, changing the subject.

“Yes,” I responded.

“Well then, I’ll start the diagnostic now,” he said, “it should only take about 10-15 minutes.”

“I’ll be going as Dana,” Sabrina told him, “I’m still more comfortable going out as her, and my body will be disinfecting while we’re out.”

“Alright,” Skyler nodded, “I kinda like Dana,” he smirked, before starting the diagnostic and going slack.

“If we want to leave on time, I’ll need to get started right now,” I told her, seeing she was about to voice some sort of retort, even though Skyler wouldn’t be able to hear it.

“You’re right,” she said with a slightly annoyed look.

Smiling, I opened the package that I had set down before attending to Skyler and pulled out the contents. New lung filters, some odd devices with a warning label classifying them as laser products, and a few canisters of cleaning fluid.

A few months earlier, I had become infected with a variant of the flu that had been impacting people in the hospital that Sabrina worked in. A quick pathology of the virus confirmed that it was the same variant that infected one of the patients that she was assisting. While she was initially confused about how she could possibly transmit a virus to me, despite being an android, a few days of researching indicated that she most likely breathed in the virus particles and then exhaled them in my presence later in the day… the virus particles caught in her lungs.

Since this was a known issue with androids, they had developed technology to assist with disinfecting the inside of androids in high-risk situations, such as nursing. Additionally, they had also developed technology to install in the android so that it could disinfect itself on a nightly basis. In this case, I was going to be doing both things.

Since her lungs were already exposed, I would be removing them and placing them in a special device that I had already purchased. The cleaning fluid I had just received was to be inserted into the device, and her lungs would literally be flushed clean over the course of several hours.

While her lungs were disinfecting in the fluid, I would be having a UV light bathe the internals of her body to disinfect anything that might’ve migrated from her lungs, and the new filters I would be installing on her lungs were a higher filtration rating and also contained UV lasers that would flush her lungs each night while she slept.

Sabrina was mortified when she found out that her body had unintentionally infected me, and although I had explained to her multiple times that that was literally how humans infected each other, she insisted on going through these extreme measures to ensure it never happened again. I was continuously touched by her concern for me, so I didn’t press the issue any further… especially since being sick was never fun.

I started off by removing her current lung filters, throwing them away in a nearby bin. Then, I grabbed the cleaning device, which was roughly the same size and shape as a pressure cooker. I poured the cleaning fluid into the tank allocated for it and then plugged it in so it could warm up; another tank was on the other side that was meant to capture the contaminants that the cleaning fluid cleaned up.

“Okay, I’m going to remove your lungs now,” I told her, placing my hands on the release tabs, “hold your breath,” I smiled.

“Okay,” she laughed, taking one last breath before automatically exhaling when I clicked the releases. Once I had both lungs removed, I delicately placed them inside of the cleaning device, closed the top, and set it to maximum decontamination. The device came to life with a loud pumping noise, and the blue cleaning fluid started flushing into the chamber containing her lungs. A digital timer then appeared on the top, counting down from five hours.

I then brought down a high-powered light that was attached to the head of the bed which I usually used when doing intense work inside of their bodies. I attached a medical grade UV filter to it, positioned it above her torso opening, and then turned it on, bathing her internals in UV light.

“Alright, the disinfecting process has begun,” I reported calmly.

“Good,” Sabrina said, letting out a digital sigh of relief, since her lungs weren’t attached, “I’m ready to be placed in Dana now.” Sabrina assisted by unsealing her scalp panel.

“Very well,” I nodded, gently removing the top of her head and placing my hand on her brain, “Please deactivate your body, while you aren’t in it.”

“Okay,” she smiled, before going slack and closing her eyes as her body turned off. Once all the lights in her head and torso turned off, I delicately pulled her brain free from her head and placed it in the same basket as her torso cover.

I quickly checked on Skyler’s progress with his diagnostic using the control panel, determining he would be done in less than five minutes, and then walked over to the walk-in closet that held both Rachel and Dana’s bodies, clothing, and accessories.

Both were being stored in stand-up charging units, similar to Borg regeneration chambers from Star Trek. Rachel was a very attractive female android built in the image of a young woman with a befreckled face, long brown hair, and was slightly taller than Skyler himself, who used her as an alternate body. Rachel had been purchased by Skyler so he had a female body to satisfy my needs to have sexual intercourse with a woman, since I was technically straight and only had intimate relations with him in his male body because he was an android. Despite now having Sabrina in our lives, he still used Rachel several times a month.

Dana was purchased by Sabrina when she was having her body replaced with an upgraded one several months earlier. Unlike Skyler, who had purchased Rachel to satisfy my sexual needs, Sabrina purchased Dana purely to satisfy a deep seeded need of her own.

Sabrina was, simply put, objectively beautiful. As a matter of fact, she was extremely attractive and was what most people would consider ‘smoking hot’. As a result, she often found it difficult to walk around in peace while using her Sabrina body, even with me and Skyler. People would often catcall her and try and proposition her.

Dana, on the other hand, while not ugly in any sense of the word, was significantly less objectively beautiful than Sabrina. Dana was designed to resemble a young, Caucasian woman in her early twenties. She was noticeably shorter than Sabrina, closer to Skyler’s height, but still taller. She had very short, dirty blonde hair…about the same length that a guy would have, giving her a natural tomboyish appearance. While in Dana’s body, she usually wore jeans, sneakers, a simple t-shirt, and some sort of jacket or sweater to hide the fact that Dana’s body had a fairly large set of breasts. Simply put, Dana was designed to hide in the background, whereas Sabrina stood out.

While Sabrina didn’t have to create an alternate gender profile while controlling Dana’s body, like Skyler did when controlling Rachel, or Sabrina, or Dana, Sabrina did slightly alter her personality to give her a more submissive personality. This was why Skyler kinda liked Sabrina better while she was Dana, since Dana was a bit easier to deal with, whereas Sabrina had a more domineering personality.

I too had to admit that I probably would’ve preferred Dana over Sabrina, but that didn’t in any way diminish my love for her, since I had gotten to know her well over the past year.

I quickly unsealed Dana’s scalp panel and removed it, placing it down nearby before heading back out of the closet and retrieving Sabrina’s brain. I carefully clicked it in place in Dana’s head and then placed her scalp back on. Once her seam resealed, I reached behind her left ear and powered her on.

I waited patiently as Sabrina booted up in Dana’s body. It always took a bit longer in their alternate bodies, since their systems got used to functioning in their primary bodies most of the time. Finally, Sabrina opened Dana’s blue eyes and smiled at me.

“Hmmm, it’s always nice being Dana,” she said, in Dana’s soft voice, breathing in deeply, “it’s so relaxing.”

“For us too,” I told her, playfully tussling her short hair before helping her out of the alcove.

She merely smiled, knowing how her default Sabrina personality was. She followed me back out into the lab, where Skyler was just finishing his diagnostic.

“Wakey wakey,” Sabrina whispered in Dana’s soft voice.

“Ah,” Skyler smiled softly, “I see you transferred without me.”

“Yes,” Sabrina responded, “Are you going to go out as Rachel?”

“Nah, I think one of us in our alternate body is enough,” Skyler decided, knowing how confusing it was for me to adapt to them in a different body.

“So, how did the diagnostic go?” I asked, eager to confirm if he was alright.

“It went well,” he reported, “there was some minor damage, but it was able to resolve everything.”

“Good,” I said in a relieved voice, “now, why don’t you go get dressed so we can go shopping and have some lunch?”

“Yes master,” he said jokingly, hopping down from the table and planting a kiss on my lips before I could respond. He then headed out of my lab and across the apartment to our room to get dressed.

“I should probably get my shoes on too,” I said, since I was still barefoot.

“I’ll wait in the living room,” Sabrina said, since Dana’s body was already fully dressed. On her way out of the lab, she paused to affectionately pat her naked body, still laying upon the examination table.

Five minutes later we were all ready to leave, so we gathered a few shopping bags, our wallets/purses, and then headed down to the garage where Skyler’s car was parked.

Skyler safely drove us a few miles to a nearby outdoor shopping center that we typically frequented, and parked in a space reasonably close by. We then got out and walked hand in hand through all the shops.

Since it was almost the holidays, we did briefly go off on our own so we could look into potential purchases for each other. I wasn’t worried about them, since I could track them at any time via the control interface I had installed on my phone. I was just coming out of a jewelry shop as they both started heading off to my location; they could track me too. I quickly hid the special gift I had purchased in my side pouch and then rejoined them.

“Did you find anything?” Sabrina asked.

“Yeah,” I said, somewhat evasively, “you guys?”

“Not this time,” Skyler complained, “I just can’t seem to find anything good enough for you guys.”

“Don’t stress, man,” I told him, patting his shoulder, “You two are more than enough for me… I don’t care if you can’t get me an awesome gift.”

“Awww, thanks,” Skyler said, giving me a loving kiss.

“I mean it,” I told him, my face flushing and heart bursting with emotion, “though, I wouldn’t mind a gift too,” I laughed.

“Well, I was able to buy some nice aphrodisiacs for tonight, at least,” Sabrina chimed in, holding up a bag from an intimacy store, “and some more of that aromatherapy spray you like.”

“Well, at least someone was successful today,” I smirked, playfully side-eying Skyler before changing the subject. “So, what do we want to eat?”

“I noticed that ramen place you like is open again,” Skyler suggested.

“Really? I thought they’d closed,” I said excitedly, “you in for ramen, Sabrina?”

“Yeah,” she shrugged, her Dana personality allowing her to simply go with the flow.

“Great, let’s go!” I said, grabbing both their hands and practically dragging them to the restaurant.

After we’d eaten our fill of delicious ramen at the restaurant, we stopped at a few more shops before finally heading home. As the only human in our group, I was starting to feel the impending symptoms of a food coma nap coming on, and Sabrina, even in Dana’s body, was able to notice the impending symptoms, urging Skyler to hurry things along.

We quickly headed back to Skyler’s car, piled our stuff inside, and then drove the short distance back to our apartment. Although I was starting to feel drowsy, I still helped bring everything inside. After we had all of the grocery items squared away in the kitchen, I headed into my lab to check in on Sabrina’s body. After seeing that the timer on the device cleaning her lungs still had about two hours to go, and her body was still being bathed in UV light, I headed back out into the living room and took off my shoes and socks.

“Getting ready for a little food coma?” Skyler asked with a knowing look.

“Oh yeah,” I nodded, letting out a yawn.

“Do you want someone to cuddle up with on the couch?” Sabrina offered, having already removed Dana’s shoes and socks. I briefly admired Dana’s feet, which although weren’t as good, or large, as Sabrina’s, were nonetheless attractive.

“Yes, please,” I smiled. I always enjoyed company on the couch.

“I’ll keep you both safe while I watch some nature documentaries,” Skyler offered, sounding manly.

“My hero,” I smiled, walking over and kissing him.

“You just get some rest, and digest that food,” Skyler smiled, sitting down on the far-left side of the couch, “you’ll need your energy for all the fun we’ll be having tonight, and some space in your stomach for the delicious dinner I’m cooking.”

“I can’t wait,” I said, yawning once more as I gathered the couch pillows on the right side of the couch and then laid down, resting my bare feet against Skyler’s lap, before pulling down some of the blankets draped over the back of the couch and making myself comfortable.

Once I was comfortable, I pulled the blankets open on my right side and gesture for Sabrina to join me under them. She carefully laid down next to me, angling herself towards the TV so that she could little spoon with me and fit more comfortably. Once she was comfortable, I draped my left arm over her, shifting somewhat awkwardly around Dana’s larger than normal breasts, and then got comfy.

“Alright you two, stay nice and comfy and I’ll keep an eye on things,” Skyler said, gently patting my feet before turning the TV and flipping the channel to a nature documentary. It was fortunate the Skyler enjoyed watching them, since they were generally very relaxing shows to nap through, since they often had quiet, relaxing soundtracks and the people talking in them tended to speak in soft voices…often with British accents. I let out a content moan and then quickly drifted off to naptime.

While I drifted in and out of consciousness, I wasn’t in any hurry to get up off the couch since I was far to comfortable snuggled up with both Skyler and Sabrina. The nature documentary he was currently watching was also very relaxing, and very interesting.

Finally, though, the time came when Sabrina’s body was almost done disinfecting in my lab, so I started moving around in a way that indicated to Sabrina that I was almost ready to get up. In response, she let out a pleasant sigh and rotated around to face me.

“Did you have a good nap?” she asked, planting a kiss on my lips.

“Yeah,” I replied, “I always nap better when you two are here.”

“Aww,” she blushed, kissing me once more.

“We should probably head to my lab now,” I told her, “Your body should be done soon.”

“Okay,” she smiled, kissing me one last time before getting up off the couch, and then holding out her hand to help me up. Once she was standing, she bent down and picked up Dana’s shoes and socks and quickly put them back on.

“I should probably empty Dana’s tank, since I’m not sure when I’ll be using her again,” Sabrina informed me, referring to the ramen that she’d eaten at the restaurant earlier. It wasn’t advisable to keep organic waste in an android body if it wasn’t used every day.

“Yeah,” I agreed, “you can dump it into the compost bin,” I told her.

“Okay,” she smiled softly, disappearing into the bathroom with a small bucket and returning a short time later, dumping the contents into our compost container. “Okay, I’m ready to go back to her charging station.”

“Very well,” I nodded, gently grabbing her hand and heading to my lab.

“While you two are in the lab, I’ll start prepping dinner,” Skyler said, waiting for us both to get up before also getting up.

“Your famous Shephard’s Pie? I can’t wait!”

Once we were back in my lab, Sabrina walked over to the walk-in closet and positioned Dana’s body back into the charging booth.

“Well, until next weekend…maybe,” she smiled, unsealing her scalp panel and watching calmly as I removed it and placed my hands on her brain.

“Until then,” I smiled back, planting a kiss on Dana’s lips and allowing her to put her face back into a stoic expression before pulling Sabrina’s brain out. Dana’s body let out a brief verbal error message before falling silent. I quickly reattached the scalp, waited for it to reseal, and then pressed her power button behind her left ear. Once Dana’s body was fully powered back down, I headed back out into my lab, closing the closet door, and gently set Sabrina’s brain down while I checked on her body.

The device cleaning her lungs had just under a minute left, so I spent the time removing the UV filter from the high-powered light and then powered it down. Then, I pulled her lungs out, now completely flushed out, dried, and then bathed in UV light. I wrinkled my nose slightly at the smell of the strong chemicals, and let them air out just a bit before clicking them back in place in her torso.

Finally, I attached the new higher grade filters, along with the UV lasers, and then grabbed her brain and clicked it back in place in her still open scalp opening. Once I lined up her scalp, I clicked it back in place and then reached behind her left ear to reactivate her.

Her scalp resealed itself as she booted up, and then promptly came to life, opening her eyes. She took a few measured breaths, and then deep breaths, and then smiled.

“Seems like everything still works,” she said finally, sighing with relief and sending a wave of cleaning smell at me.

“Yeah, though your breath is probably going to smell like disinfectant for the next couple days,” I chuckled.

“Meh,” she shrugged, “But, at least I won’t be as likely to get you sick again.”

“True,” I smiled warmly, leaning down and kissing her.

“So, am I all done now?” she asked, looking down at her open torso cover.

“Yeah,” I told her, grabbing her torso cover and gently lowering it back onto her body. Once she resealed and started breathing normally again, I grabbed her hands and helped her down to the floor.

“Thank you, Greg,” she said seriously, “I know I might come across as over protective, but I do genuinely care for you.”

“I know, and I deeply appreciate it,” I told her with equal seriousness, “What happened to your last owner was a terrible accident, but I’m sure I will far outlive her.”

“I hope so,” she smiled, coming in and giving me a kiss. Once she pulled away, she briefly looked towards the closet, where Dana and Rachel were stored, and then back into my eyes. “So, do you two really enjoy me as Dana better than this?” she asked, gesturing down at her naked body.

“It’s true that, as Dana, your personality is more compatible with ours,” I said truthfully, “But, we love you and we fully accept you as your default, Sabrina, personality.”

“That’s good enough for me,” Sabrina said, holding her nose high with pride.

“I will say, I prefer sleeping with you as Sabrina,” I told her, walking over to my workstation and powering it down, since I was done working on them for the day.

“Oh, why is that?”

“Oh, well, you know,” I told her absently, focused on my workstation, “you have a cute snore as Sabrina, but Dana…”

“I SNORE!?” she interrupted me, looking completely shocked.

Taken quite aback, I turned from my workstation to face her, staring partially in amusement, bewilderment, and shock. “Ummm, yeah…you didn’t know?”

“Of course not! How could I know! I’m asleep when I’m snoring!” she practically screamed, starting to almost hyper ventilate.

With Sabrina making so much noise, Skyler popped his head into the room, still wearing his cooking apron displaying a robot cooking. He watched my helpless expression and tried to help.

“What’s going on in here?”

“Apparently, I snore!” Sabrina yelled, “did you know?”

“Yeah,” Skyler shrugged, “what of it?”

“Why didn’t you program it out of me?” she screamed, “you make us lose our unwanted body hairs, and you made Skyler gay just for you,” she pointed out, “why didn’t you fix my snoring?”

“Because I didn’t want to,” I shrugged.

“Why?” she asked, still breathing heavily with rage.

“Well, as I was telling you, I find your snoring cute,” I tried to explain.

“Cute!? How is it cute?!”

“Well, I mean, you don’t snore obnoxiously loud,” I explained, trying to cool her down, “and, since you’re snoring, quietly and cutely in my ear, it actually helps me sleep at night.”

“Wait…it helps you sleep?” she asked, starting to calm down, “I thought my aromatherapy spray helped you.”

“It does,” I assured her, starting to laugh, knowing she was calming down, “But, you only started using that spray in the past few months…you’ve always snored.”

“How come you didn’t tell me?” she pleaded.

“Well, as I tried explaining earlier, I thought you knew,” I reminded her, “and, I didn’t consider it to be a big deal,” I shrugged.


“Well, I intentionally didn’t modify you, or Skyler, too much,” I told her patiently, “Yes, I made you lose unwanted body hair, and I had to tweak Skyler, since he wasn’t configured to be capable of loving a man, but that was about it.”

“About IT?!,” she repeated in a somewhat dangerous voice.

“Yeah, the real Skyler apparently didn’t snore, and the real human Sabrina apparently did,” I continued, “I found this to be a more fundamental attribute to your human donors, and I didn’t want to change it.”

“So, you don’t mind?” she asked, finally calming down.

“No,” I assured her adamantly, “I was just telling you… I find your snoring to be cute, and it comforts me while I sleep.”

“It…it does?” she asked in a soft voice.

“Yeah,” I told her.

Sabrina merely stared at me and then suddenly burst into tears, throwing herself at me. “I’m sorry I got so angry at you,” she sobbed into my shoulder, “I’ve been griping all day about my android and mechanical characteristics, and here you are enjoying one of my, objectively less desirable, human characteristics.”

I couldn’t help but get a tear in my eyes as she broke down, merely patting her back until she calmed down. Finally, she pulled away and then planted a wet, slobbery kiss on my lips. “I love you,” she told me, “You’re a good catch.”

“I love you too,” I told her, pulling her close.

“I like your snores, too,” Skyler feebly offered, still standing in the doorway.

“Psh, you don’t care about them anymore than we both care about his loud snoring,” Sabrina scoffed.

“Hey,” I said in a defensive tone.

“No offense, dear,” she smiled slyly to me, “I appreciate your snoring as much as you appreciate mine…it ummm, lets me know you’re still alive.”

I couldn’t help but start laughing, and before long, Sabrina and Skyler started laughing too. Finally, I broke the laughter and looked sharply at Sklyer. “Hey Sky, is that dinner burning?”

“Oh shit!” he shouted, quickly rushing back into the kitchen.

Sabrina let out a loud giggle and then turned to me, “I’m so sorry I lost my temper there,” she told me seriously.

“It’s completely fine,” I assured her, patting her should, while absently catching her breathe, “Actually, your angry hyperventilating helped to clear the disinfectant smell from your breath a lot earlier than I expected.”

Sabrina let out a hearty laugh, instantly calming me down. “Come on, we should head out and relax now.”

“Okay, though you should probably get dressed first,” I pointed out, staring admiringly down at her naked body.

“Oh yeah,” she blushed, walking with me back into the living room, “I’ll be right out.”

“I can’t wait,” I called back to her.

While Skyler prepared the delicious meal, I sat back down on the couch and changed the channel to the local news. After watching the weather and other local stories, I refocused my attention to Sabrina, who emerged from the hallway leading to our room now dressed in a sexy purple silk two-piece outfit, consisting of a set of skimpy shorts and a button-up blouse, that she had apparently just purchased while shopping earlier. She smiled warmly as she observed the physical reaction her appearance had on my body and then calmly sat down next to me.

“Nice outfit,” I complimented her.

“Thanks,” she replied, kissing my cheek and then leaning back on the couch, resting slightly on my right side.

A short time later, Skyler joined us on the couch as well, sitting on my left side. Dinner was now roasting in the oven and smelled delicious.

While we waited for dinner to finish, and watched the news, we engaged in some simple small talk.

“So, Sky,” Sabrina started, “how was the headless blowjob?”

Skyler got a look of instant embarrassment, but quickly recovered. “Why, you want to try it out yourself?” he shot back.

“Perhaps,” she said with a sly wink, “but, aside from the minor snafu of you dropping your head and running out of power, how was it?”

“It was very erotic,” Skyler said truthfully, “It’s like it’s you doing it, and not at the same time.”

“Interesting,” Sabrina mused, “I’ll have to try it myself later…after I practice putting my head on more.”

“Man, I wish I could experience what you guys do,” I sighed longingly.

“You want to be an android?” Sabrina queried.

“Well, maybe not permanently,” I admitted, “but to just try it out would satisfy a deep urge I’ve always felt.”

“Well, perhaps if they perfect the neural link device, then you could,” Skyler said.

“I know,” I said excitedly, “I’ve been following the progress, but…it still seems too risky so far.”

“Well, once it works, we look forward to having you try out our bodies,” Skyler said. He had actually gotten to try out Sabrina’s body several times over the past year, to pay back her using his. She had tried his out again too, but she preferred sticking to her own and Rachel and Dana.

“Me too,” I smiled, not noticing both Sabrina and Skyler staring conspiratorially at one another.

We sat chatting and making small talk for nearly an hour before Skyler got up to take dinner out of the oven, releasing a wave of delicious, savory aroma.

“Hmmm, smells good,” Sabrina smiled.

“Yeah,” I agreed, my mouth salivating in anticipation of the yummy food. We then got up to help set the table in front of the couch, pouring a small glass of wine for each of us. We would normally drink more, but since we knew we’d be enjoying some whiskey from Sabrina later, we held ourselves back.

Once we finished eating, I helped Skyler clean up while Sabrina set up the living room for our intimate movie night. She dimmed the lights and got the movie queued up on the TV, and then headed into the kitchen to get a snack tray ready.

“I’ll be sitting in the middle tonight,” she announced, making some popcorn and then adding various snack items to the tray.

“Why?” Skyler asked.

“So that you can both easily suckle one of my nipples,” she answered, “or did you expect to lean all over Greg’s body to do it?”

“Oh, I guess I didn’t think about that,” Skyler replied sheepishly, continuing to clean the kitchen.

“It’s gonna be weird not sitting in the middle,” I lamented, “But, I can live with it, given the circumstances.”

“Good boy,” Sabrina smiled kindly, gently patting my cheek before gathering all the snacks and bringing the tray out to the couch. Once she had it set down on the coffee table in front of the couch, she returned to the kitchen and grabbed a whiskey glass from the freezer.

“Who’s that for?” I asked.

“Me,” she replied simply, then, seeing the confused look on my face, she sighed, “How else did you think I was going to enjoy our whiskey?”

“Ah, well…I guess I figured you’d remove you head and suckle yourself, or something,” I answered.

“Well, I do plan on doing that at some point,” she conceded, “But it would be a bit awkward doing that while we’re trying to enjoy a movie, and while I have a snack tray on my lap.”

“True,” I nodded, “and I suppose you wouldn’t be able to swallow, either.”

Indeed,” she nodded, “You two hurry up now,” she ordered, “I’m very eager to try this out.” She returned to the couch and briefly unbuttoned her blouse, lifting the glass to one of her breasts and squealing lightly, since it was still cold from the freezer, and carefully filled it to her liking from one of her nipples before setting the glass down and buttoning back up for us.

“Almost done,” Skyler promised, prepping the last of the dishes and cleaning the countertop.

Skyler and I finished a short time later, washing our hands before turning the lights off in the kitchen and joining Sabrina. We stared at the couch awkwardly, with her positioned patiently in the middle, where I usually sat, before deciding on our placement. I chose to sit on her right, and Skyler on her left.

“Alright, you guys comfy?” she asked softly.

“Yeah,” I nodded, positioning some of the couch pillows to my right to prop me up better, and then handing some to Skyler so he could do the same.

“Alright, it’s movie time!” she said excitedly, turning on the movie that they had picked the night before.

Once the movie loaded to the opening scene, Sabrina paused it and then started to unbutton her blouse until it was fully open in the front, revealing that she was not wearing a bra underneath. Her breasts slowly spilled out and jiggled to a stop. At the same time, I detected a pleasant, minty odor, sniffing the air visibly.

“I see you smell one of the aphrodisiacs I purchased earlier,” Sabrina purred, pulling a small container from the pocket on her blouse, “it’s a flavored, edible cream that I simple apply to my nipples and the surrounding skin to improve your experience.”

“Android safe, right?” I asked in a concerned voice.

“Yes,” she assured me, showing me the logo on the container, which looked like a container of lip gloss.

“Just checking,” I smiled, leaning in and kissing her, “are you ready for us to try it out?”

“Almost,” she smiled, quickly lifting her whiskey glass and raising it up, “Okay, drink up.”

Skyler and I said nothing, but gave each other a shy smile before leaning in towards Sabrina’s chest. I gently grabbed her right breast with my hand to position it just right and then latched onto her nipple with my mouth, enjoying the blast of mint scent in my nostrils from the cream, and the warm softness of her nipple before gently applying pressure with my tongue and receiving a reward of smooth whiskey, in just the right amount. I pulled away at virtually the same time as Skyler, with the whiskey still swirling on my tongue, swallowing it just as Sabrina took a sip from her glass with a satisfied look on her face.

“That felt…just as good as I imagined it would,” she said, her cheeks getting rosy. She absently grabbed the peppermint cream and reapplied it to her nipples in anticipation of our next serving.

“It was nice on our end as well,” I assured her, Skyler nodding fervently, “I could get used to enjoying whiskey like this.”

“I’m glad you liked it,” she smiled, looking relieved, “I was worried it might be too weird for you.”

“Not as weird as the male version of this feature,” Skyler scoffed, shuddering as he thought of urinating out the whiskey.

“Yeah, fortunately none of us is into that,” Sabrina laughed heartily, before grabbing the remote, “are you guys ready to start the movie?”

“Yeah,” I nodded, grabbing a handful of popcorn.

“Feel free to suckle whenever you want during the movie,” she offered, making herself comfy and pressing the play button, “but try not to drink too much.”

“We won’t,” Skyler promised, grabbing some popcorn himself, and then looking back at her, “does each breast have its own whiskey tank, or are they connected to the same one?”

“You afraid of emptying yours before his?” Sabrina smirked.

“Maybe,” he grinned.

“It’s the same tank, Sky,” I assured him, “no need to worry.”

“Good,” he smiled, leaning in and suckling her once more, eliciting a pleasant moan from Sabrina.

I couldn’t help but laugh and then relaxed to enjoy the movie.

Throughout the course of the roughly two-hour long movie, Skyler and I both enjoyed several more servings of whiskey from Sabrina’s warm breasts. Even she stopped to refill her own glass, with us staring in awe at the steady stream from her breast as she refilled it.

Finally, the movie ended and she sighed melodramatically as she buttoned her blouse back up, indicating play time was over. She then zoned out as she accessed her control panel and scanned the contents of the bladder. “Well, we enjoyed roughly two-thirds of the bottle you poured into my tank,” she reported, leaning forward and placing the now significantly emptier snack tray down on the coffee table.

“Should be enough for a quick session tomorrow, perhaps,” I calculated.

“Maybe,” she smiled, “it felt so good having you too drink from me,” she shuddered, “I can’t wait until next time.”

“Us too,” I assured her, kissing her cheek. “I’ll clean up, you to stay comfy on the couch,” I announced, before anyone could say anything else. I carefully got up off the couch, stumbling slightly, suddenly feeling the effects of the whiskey, but I had moderated my consumption just enough to manage it.

“Will you help me swap this whiskey tank out for the water one before bed?” Sabrina asked, gesturing at her chest.

“Of course.”

“Thanks,” she smiled.

As I looked at both of them, I couldn’t help thinking how perfect this day had been so far. After adjusting to my inebriated state, I grabbed the snack tray from the table, while Sabrina and Skyler cuddled together, and headed into the kitchen. I set the tray down, putting away the few snacks we hadn’t touched, and then headed back, stopping by the coat rack at the front door, removing a small box I’d kept in the pocket.

“What’ve you got there?” Skyler asked, seeing me with the box in my hand.

“Umm…. well, I kinda got this on a whim while we were shopping earlier,” I said, my heart pounding in my chest and my face going red, “My feet sort of carried me into the shop and I bought it, almost as though I were in a trance.”

“Ooh, what is it?” Sabrina asked, leaning forward to look.

I didn’t answer at first, instead walking closer to them. “Today was probably the best day I’ve had in my entire life,” I told them, “Having fun with my two best friends, and… well, I decided today that I want to ensure we continue having fun for the rest of our lives.” Before they could respond, I slowly bent down on my knees and opened the black velvet box that I now held outstretched in my hands. Three identical black metal/plastic alloy rings were nestled within, each with the same triple heart pattern intertwined.

“Oh my,” Sabrina’s voice caught in her throat, tears forming in her eyes. Skyler had a similar reaction, though his looked more like he was thinking “about time!”

“Will you two marry me?... and, each other?” I asked, the second part coming out awkwardly. Fortunately, nowadays, marriage between three people, including legally sapient androids, was legal… though, only between two men and a woman, or two women and a man.

“Yes,” Sabrina wept, leaning down from the couch to shower me with kisses, along with Skyler. Eventually, we merely embraced one another before breaking apart, now as fiancées. I wordlessly handed each of them one of the identical rings before taking the last one, and we all put them on together.

“Wow, I never thought this day would come,” Sabrina finally said, staring at the new ring with awe, before grinning, “Hey, maybe I’ll try going out as myself next time and see if this is an effective repellant for chauvinistic pigs.”

Skyler and I burst into laughter at that, and then we all awkwardly stood up, eying the hallway leading to our bedrooms.

“Well, now sex tonight is going to be so much better,” Skyler grinned, fidgeting with his ring,

“Oh yeah,” Sabrina agreed, “this definitely boosted the mood.”

“I thought it might,” I grinned, relieved that I’d managed my on-the-fly proposal so well and that it was a success. “I’m definitely looking forward to enjoying your new toys today.”

“Perhaps this tank will be a bit emptier than I thought,” Sabrina laughed, playfully grabbing her breasts and flaunting them at me.

“Maybe,” I smiled.

“Well…” Sabrina said, side-eying the bedrooms and holding her hands out to us, “shall we?”

Skyler and I wordlessly took her hands and followed us into the guest bedroom, where we engaged in roughly and hour of some of the best sex we’d ever had, boosted both by our change in relationship status, and the new upgrades both Skyler and Sabrina had received.

While the room was technically the guest bedroom, we mainly used it for sex, so we could have fun without concerning ourselves with messing up the bed we slept in, or breaking anything. Since we never really entertained any guests, the guest bedroom was really our sex chamber, and we treated it as such.

With the newly upgraded ability to operate their bodies remotely with their heads detached, it definitely improved the sexual experience. For me, because of my android fetish, and for them, since it allowed them to try out a variety of unique positions that only an android capable of functioning without a head could.

Additionally, since they’d already seen the effect it had on me earlier in the day, Sabrina and Skyler both amplified the experience by talking robotically from their chest speakers when their heads were detached.

Eventually, my stamina started to diminish, so I sat down on a nearby chair to rest up, watching Skyler and Sabrina try a few more positions, before rejoining them for a grand finale, Skyler and I both climaxing at the same time in Sabrina’s body. We collapsed onto her body with sexual bliss and then rolled over to recover and enjoy the feeling of each other’s bodies.

“Wow, that was awesome,” I finally said, breathing heavily as I recovered from the marathon session we’d just had.

“Yeah…this headless thing was a great idea, despite the weirdness,” Sabrina conceded.

“The only thing that might make it better is if we could remotely operate our limbs while detached,” Skyler commented, “is that possible, yet?”

“No,” I said regretfully, “Believe me, if it were, that upgrade would’ve occurred today,” I assured them fervently, “Alas, that tech is still a few years away.”

“Too bad,” Skyler sighed, “though, considering how much these upgrades cost us, at least it’ll give us time to save up.”

“Yeah,” I agreed.

“You think you’ll be able to add the lactation function to Rachel, and Dana?” Skyler asked, leaning over and suckling Sabrina’s breast once more, eliciting a pleasant giggle.

“Sure,” I shrugged, “their bodies are already configured for it, you just need to purchase the bladders, the hoses, and the pumps… and they aren’t too expensive.”

“Good,” he smiled, “and, what about the headless function?”

“Well, that’s more expensive, but I can take care of that if you wish,” I said, also leaning over and suckling her breast once more.

“Yes please,” Sabrina smiled, giggling once more.

“Welp. We should probably get this place cleaned up and start getting ready for bed,” I finally said, feeling rested up enough to finally get up off the bed, staring at the minor destruction we had wrought in our throes, “and I definitely need a shower.”

“You two go ahead,” Skyler offered, also getting up off the bed, “I’ll clean up in here.”

“Thanks, Sky,” Sabrina said softly, getting up and kissing him before joining me in the doorway, “Wow, we really made a mess tonight.”

“Nothing I can’t handle,” Skyler assured us, assuming a heroic pose.

“Wait up in your bathroom after your shower, Sky,” Sabrina told him, “I want to spritz some of my aromatherapy spray on your hair.”

“Okay,” Skyler laughed, “why?”

“Just in case Greg decided to roll over onto his left side in the middle of the night,” she said, “that’s why I bought more of the stuff today.”

“Ah,” Skyler nodded, before shrugging “okay.”

“You two are too good for me,” I said affectionately, before heading into the master bedroom to take a shower, while Sabrina headed into the bathroom attached to our sex room. Skyler remained to gather up the soiled sheets, and clean up some of the surrounding area.

I enjoyed a long, warm, refreshing shower, taking my time, since I hadn’t taken a shower the whole day. I finally emerged nearly twenty minutes later, putting on a comfy robe that Sabrina had gotten me for my birthday. It wasn’t that she didn’t enjoy seeing me lounge around nude, but she felt I should still have one anyway. Fortunately, it would come in handy tonight, since I would be getting some final work on her body before bed and, while I needed to be clothed, I didn’t need to be fully clothed.

Sabrina was also just emerging from her bathroom, though, since she knew she was about to have her primary panel opened again, she remained fully nude.

“Are you ready to help me?” she asked.

“Yeah,” I nodded, taking her hand and walking with her back to my lab. I briefly paused to look into our sex room and was pleased that Skyler had done his usual excellent job cleaning up. The sheets were in the laundry, and the room smelled fresh.

As we entered my lab, I heard Skyler taking a shower in the attached bathroom. Since he would likely just be doing a cursory cleaning, and since he likely only finished cleaning the sex room a few minutes earlier, I knew we didn’t have much time.

“Okay, just sit down and remove your panel,” I calmly instructed to Sabrina, configuring her examination table into a chair so she could sit.

“Okay,” she said, somewhat nervously. She zoned out and the panel unsealed, and then she gingerly dug her fingers into the seam and then lifted it off of her, placing it in the waiting basket.

“See, it’s not too hard,” I comforted her, patting her shoulder, “Now, you see the bag?” I asked, pointing it out to her.

“Yes,” she answered.

“Good,” I smiled, then pointed to the two hose connections, “Now, just grab these ends of the hoses and turn them until you hear a click.”

Sabrina did that, giving a cute “Ah!” when she felt it click.

“Good, the click lets you know that it’s a waterproof seal,” I explained, patiently watching her loosen the other one.

“That’s good,” she said with a relieved voice, now pulling the whiskey-filled bladder free from the waterproof pouch; it only had about 150-200ml remaining in it. “Are you sure this is safe to keep in my body?” she asked skeptically, gently squeezing the plastic bag.

“Absolutely,” I assured her, taking the bag from her and placing it in the small mini-fridge I kept under my desk. I quickly grabbed the bag I’d filled with mineral water earlier in the day and hand it to her. “I splurged for the ultra-premium bags…these can handle being scratched by a diamond, and it would take someone plunging a knife through your chest to come even close to puncturing it…. though, then you’d have even more problems than a ruptured fluid tank,” I chuckled.

“Yeah,” she agreed, taking the bag and inserting it into the pouch. Once it was in position, she carefully clicked both hoses on and then looked at me.

“And that’s it,” I told her, “They made this process as easy as possible, so you should have no trouble swapping out the bags on your own now.”

“Thank you, Greg,” she smiled kindly, picking up her torso cover and clicking it back on, resealing it with a look of relief. “Oh, will there still be whiskey residue in the hose?”

“No,” I assured her, “I also splurged for hoses coated in a hydrophobic material, so any liquid will slide back down into the bladder,” I explained, “But, there could be some residue left in the pump behind the nipples, so you might want to release a little liquid from each one whenever you swap the tank.”

“Understood,” she nodded, zoning out and then gently squeezing out a steady stream of water from each one. “Done!”

“Great,” I laughed, calmly wiping up the water with my robe; it did have a faint odor of whiskey.

“Sorry,” she said sheepishly, before stepping down from the table, “I altered my sleep remote programming so that if you say ‘I’m thirsty’, or words to that effect, my body will reposition to make it easier for you to suckle me.”

“Thanks, I appreciate how much thought you’ve put into this,” I told her warmly, giving her a deep kiss, “It’s nice to feel cared for.”

“Well, get used to it… almost-husband,” she purred into my ear, giving me one more kiss before heading out into the living room. She quickly checked the shopping bags that she left on the counter, locating a bottle of the aromatherapy spray that I liked, and brought it to Skyler’s bathroom just as he was out of the shower.

“Okay, Sky… I’m just gonna spritz a little on your hair,” Sabrina told him softly, gently turning him to the mirror and spraying it in his long hair.

“This might help me sleep, too,” Skyler joked, sniffing pleasantly at the smell.

“Pssh,” Sabrina scoffed, giving him a kiss.

“If you two are done in there, you’d best go get ready for bed,” I told them, “You two get started on your nightly backup and pre-bedtime diagnostics… I need to tidy up in here before bed, anyway.”

“Will do,” Skyler said dutifully, heading for the bedroom.

“Yeah…we got a lot of good memories to back up,” Sabrina agreed with a naughty smile, “See you soon.”

As they headed to the bedroom, I busied myself by gathering up all of the packing waste that I’d littered the room with earlier. I absently noticed the backup servers light up as both Skyler and Sabrina uploaded their daily memories. We’d started this shortly after we moved in, since this was yet another splurge item. It gave me far greater piece of mind for them to upload daily memories, rather than weekly or monthly. Each week, I’d take a week’s worth and amend it to their primary backup in the cloud.

Just as I was finishing up with my desk, and had all the trash gathered up, I noticed the servers had finished their activity, indicating that Skyler and Sabrina had finished backing themselves up and were now conducting their diagnostics. I only had about five minutes to join them.

Before I headed out with the garbage, I conducted the final rounds of my lab. I made sure my workstation was in sleep mode, I reset the table Sabrina had just used, and I stepped into the closet to check on Dana and Rachel. After confirming that both of them were powered down and trickle charging, I gave them both a goodnight kiss and closed it back up.

I made that part of my nightly routine after one time Rachel’s body was accidentally left on and somehow went into a motor control test in the middle of the night. Aside from scaring the crap out of us, thinking we had an intruder, she caused minor damage to Dana’s body, and some of the lab equipment.

I finally turned off the lights and closed the door, depositing the trash in the bins in the kitchen. I checked everything one more time, ensuring the door was locked, everything was powered down, and there was nothing left on in the kitchen. After I satisfied my nightly paranoia, I let out a yawn and headed into the bedroom, where my fiancées awaited.

As I predicted, both of them were sitting naked on the edge of the bed, their faces frozen as they conducted their nightly diagnostics. However, just as I approached, they both completed their diagnostics and smiled at me.

“Ah, perfect timing,” I smiled, shutting the door to the bedroom and arming the security system for the apartment. With four advanced androids and two sophisticated A.I.s, I wasn’t taking any chances.

“You’ve always has impeccable timing,” Skyler complimented, getting up off the bed to let me crawl under the covers. Sabrina had already crawled to the other side and was waiting patiently for me.

“Nothing to report, I assume?” I asked.

“Nope,” Sabrina replied.

“Nothing, as usual,” Skyler confirmed, “you take really good care of us, so we take really good care of you.”

“As we shall for as long as we live,” I said, holding up my ring finger.

They each held up their fingers in response, saying nothing as we all crawled into bed and got into position. Once we were comfortable, one of them activated their remote link to the lights and shut them off.

We soon found ourselves in a similar intertwined position as we woke up in and then settled. I soon heard Skyler’s breathing pattern shift, indicating he was in sleep mode. Sabrina always waited up a bit, making sure everything was fine.

“Don’t forget… say ‘I’m thirsty’,” Sabrina whispered, before nuzzling against me, casually flipping her long, aromatherapy scented hair onto my chest before activating her sleep mode. The smooth, steady rhythm of her cute snoring, paired with the aromatherapy, soon carried me off to sleep too, my last thoughts being pleasant ones.

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