Sig's Upgrade

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"Let me show you what I'm talking about," Diana said. "Kneel in front of me." Sig knelt. Bound by the temporary ownership protocols, he was compelled to obey her every command. Diana unzipped her work pants and slowly removed them, kicking them to the side, followed by her panties. Sig felt himself hardening as Diana turned to face him again.

"Now suck my cock."

Sig was confused. What cock? "Yes master," he answered automatically, and opened his mouth. Five inches in front of his face, he could see the mound of her smooth prosthetic pussy. It was so close he could even make out the faint seam that marked the boundary between her replaceable genitals and the rest of her body. He knew that if he touched two hidden buttons on her abdomen, her pelvic access panel would open, revealing a complex web of electrical relays, lubricant reservoirs, cleansing fluids, and a vaginal unit that lead to a plastic womb. But no cock.

Diana folded her arms impatiently. "What's the matter, you stupid doll? I have a dick that needs sucking and your mouth is still empty." There is no cock! Sig wanted to shout, but he couldn't. A slave to his program, Sig kept searching for a phallus that did not exist. His mouth was still open and secreting artificial lubricants for an act that would never happen.

Diana allowed this show to go on for another minute, before finally breaking the cycle. "I think I've made my point. End sex program. Get back on the table."

Sig felt his main power turn on. One second later, after a series of rapid checks, his senses returned to him. He saw the housekeeper, Rho, standing beside the sofa. She was dressed in her usual (and laughably cliché) French maid uniform, the one she had been wearing the day she was bought. From his low angle on the sofa, Sig determined Rho wasn't wearing panties. He had always wondered about that. Rho was just a simple automaton, incapable of free will or complex decision making, so she would only wear what she was programmed to wear, and nothing more. She must have been commanded to plug him in and turn him on, and he suspected he knew who was responsible. Sig remained frozen and mute for several awkward moments while his motor functions performed their startup checks. Laying naked on his back, an arm dangling off the front of the sofa, he could do nothing but stare up at Rho, who returned his unblinking gaze with one of her own. Years ago, when he had been transferred into a robot body, this startup process took less than a second. Now it took closer to a minute. He was starting to wonder if he would ever move again when his motor functions enabled with a shudder. He glanced around. Artificial semen was still splattered on his abdomen and legs from when he had malfunctioned several hours ago...


"I've always wanted to try this," said Meg. She laid on her bed, the figure of her custom-built body was visible through her impossibly-thin silk nightgown. She was petite, just 5 feet tall, with short brown hair and a cute little nose. Meg sat up. "Strip." "Yes, Meg." Sig was much more comfortable when clients chose to be called by name, instead of "mistress" or "my lady". During the rental process, Meg could have picked "Your Majesty, the Queen" and Sig's programming would have made him address her as such. Intentionally or not, Meg's hand found its way to her clit while Sig was undressing. "Do you like being a rental?" "Part of the appeal is that every day is different. I'd go crazy if I did the same repetitive task over and over. I guess I'm a lousy robot, huh?" Meg giggled at his joke. Sig asked in return, "Why did you choose me in particular?" "You were the cheapest one there," she said bluntly. It was a familiar response. One downside to being a piece of technology is that you are obsolete the minute you're turned on, which in Sig's case was six years ago. He finished undressing and turned to face Meg. She spared a moment to look him over and smiled. "Let's get started," said Meg. Her neck emitted a faint 'click'. She grabbed her hair with one hand and cradled her jaw with the other, and gently pulled her own head off. Sig blinked, not knowing what to say. Meg just smiled. "It's the wireless package I just had installed. My body parts have their own batteries, and I can control them wirelessly." Meg's voice was coming from a speaker hidden somewhere in her head. Her mouth wasn't moving; she was still smiling. "Go on, take it." She handed her head to Sig. "What should I do with it?" Meg's smile widened. "You're a smart guy, I'm sure you can think of something." She licked her lips and stared down at Sig's cock. Sig's arousal protocols had already been hard at work, and he was fully erect when he entered Meg's open mouth. "There we go. Mmm, it's so big," Meg said through her speaker. Sig almost laughed at the fact that Meg could speak mid-blowjob. In the meantime, Meg's wirelessly-controlled body had begun a slow striptease. Sig would have paid more attention to the show she was giving him, but he was too distracted by her phenomenal fellatio skills. He gasped as Meg's tongue worked its magic. "This program is amazing!" "It's not a program. I've always been good at this. Ah!" Her speaker emitted a moan of pleasure transmitted from her body, which had now begun playing with a vibrator. Thankfully, Sig's programming prevented him from reaching orgasm, or he would have already. He was not allowed to finish until his client told him to. The next ten minutes were sheer ecstasy for manbot and fembot alike, until Meg gave the word. "Okay, you can cum." Sig almost dropped Meg as his body recoiled with pleasure. Hot artificial semen pumped into her mouth. Meg instinctively swallowed, and it dribbled out the bottom of her neck and onto the floor. "Oops, I made a mess." Meg said with a giggle. Sig brought Meg's head up to face level. Meg was smiling again, her neck still dripping. "Now, fuck my body." Meg remotely made a beckoning gesture. "Put my head down on the corner of bed. I want to watch from there." Sig complied, and once her head was resting in position, Sig climbed onto the bed, and pulled Meg's petite body on top of him. His insertion drew a squirm of pleasure from Meg, her tits bouncing gently. Sig heard a soft "ah" from Meg's head, off to the side. As she started riding up and down on his shaft, Meg asked "Do you have a vibration function?" "Sorry, I don't." "Then let's do it this way," said the fembot as a circular panel opened on her abdomen. Amid the tubes and circuitry were manual controls for vibration, tightness, texture, even suction! Sig marvelled at Meg's premium-grade hardware. Heck, I should be the one paying her! He reached in and activated a strong, pulsing vibe. Meg moaned happily. "I love that setting." Sig agreed. "It's real nice." As the words left his mouth, Sig realized something was wrong. His seminal pumps had activated, and he was on the verge of cumming. His programming was supposed to prevent this. Error messages flooded his peripheral vision. "Meg," he stammered, "I'm about to cum." "Ah ah," said Meg from the corner of the bed, "not until I let you. I think I'll just make you hold it for a while." "Please Meg, I..." "Mute." Meg cut him off. "Now be a good toy and fuck me harder." Unable to convey his distress, Sig's mind reeled. Was it a virus? A hardware problem? A programming conflict? He felt tiny thermal coils in his pelvis turn on, heating the artificial semen to human body temperature. He was running out of time! Sig tried issuing commands to the software controlling his body. 'ejaculation sequence stop' UNABLE TO OVERRIDE PROGRAM SEQUENCE 'program stop' PERMISSION DENIED 'sudo program stop' ENTER PASSWORD _ Sig didn't know the password, so he took a guess. BAD PASSWORD Sig didn't even have permission to control his own body. He didn't know whether to laugh or cry (not that he was currently capable of either). He could only watch, helpless and mute, as he began to orgasm inside Meg. Like many fembots, Meg could immediately detect the presence of semen, natural or artificial, inside her. It's the easiest way to achieve simultaneous orgasm without a direct data link. As soon as it made contact with her plastic womb, her orgasm protocols triggered and Meg's headless body twisted in ecstasy, to her simultaneous delight and annoyance. "What the...?! Ugh, this thing is broken!" Meg tried to pull herself off of Sig, but with each pump of artificial cum inside of her, her shuddering orgasm was renewed. "Ahh, when are you going to stop?" Even if Sig could speak, he wouldn't have an answer for her. His body had the capacity for ten ejaculations without a refill, and his malfunction was showing no signs of stopping any time soon. So there they remained, locked in continuous, involuntary orgasm. Meg's body failed first. Her chest panels popped open, her breasts swinging to the sides. She froze and fell off the bed, knocking her head onto the floor as well. "Fuck!" said Meg's head, now out of Sig's sight. "Sig, shutdown!" For the first time since becoming a robot, Sig was happy to hear that command.


One of the staff must have brought him back and left him in the first-floor lounge, not wanting to drag him up the stairs to his third-story storage cubicle. Although Rapid Rentals is a 24-hour business, it was 4 AM, and the lounge was empty except for himself and Rho. "The mistress has a message for you," said Rho in her quiet, mechanical monotone. Without waiting for Sig's acknowledgment, Rho began playing the audio recording. "Sig, this is the second time this month. You should have taken care of this after the first time. Now I'm not giving you a choice. I've booked you a 10 AM appointment at the Robo-Refit on Market Street", he heard Sara's voice say from Rho's internal speaker. "You are getting some repairs and upgrades. Return when the work is complete. Be there, or you won't work here anymore." The threat of firing was a rhetorical flourish; Sara, the manager of Rapid Rentals, was his owner. It wasn't just a job, Sig was company property. "Message over," said Rho. As the recording had played, Rho remained frozen in place, maintaining unblinking eye contact with Sig, who sat up in the sofa as he listened to his mistress's orders. Rho turned and walked away, returning to her programmed housekeeping tasks. Sig went upstairs to his cubicle, to get dressed and finish recharging. He wasn't sure when he would return.

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