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Part 1 - Cassia

Coffee, the necessity of life, especially for college students. Man! College life sucks. You have classes at odd times, you have to live in a dorm crammed with other horny smell dirty bastards who don’t care about you or your problems, and you have to put yourself in horrible debt just to get by. I tried to avoid the problems as much as I could, but it's impossible.

I managed to get into a nicer dorm without a roommate. The type of dorm you only get with good grades or connections. I didn't have connections. I got myself a job to help with offsetting my debt. I carefully scheduled my classes and my work so I could still have time to do homework, and I even got my own bathroom! Of course, there are no girls around, and if there were, I'd had no time for them.

Instead, I worked, I studied, I gamed, and I jerked off. That was my life. At least, it used to be. Remember how I said I got a job? Well… with all the schoolwork I had, there just wasn’t any time left to keep it up. The best I could do was part time on the at a retail store, working weekends and nights. My grades started to hurt from it but I needed the money. We sold computer parts in a large mall. It was very upscale, and the customers were very annoying. All I had to do was sell phones to people. And most of my day was spent standing there with a stupid grin on my face waiting for someone to come into the room. The rest of the time I was convincing some parent that their teenager needed the latest model uPhone even though they didn’t.

I knew I needed to focus more on school, if I didn't keep my grades up I could get booted from the nice dorm, so I put in my two-week notice. Luckily for me, those weeks were slow at work. Even though I had tons of work to do at school, I would spend my lunch at a place I found months ago: The Baker’s Cafe. The food was good, the prices were a little high, but it was quiet. I enjoyed it so much, I would end up doing my homework there before and after work.

Of course, the real reason I visited the place was the staff. They hired the hottest girls around and dressed them in cute frilly dresses that reminded me of french maids! And they were all super friendly and nice too. They had 3 of them on staff, Ginger, Pepper, and Cassia… and it seemed like there were always at least 2 of them there at all times, if not all 3. Ginger was curvy and blond who let her long wavy hair flow naturally, Pepper was a tall busty brunette who donned a short ponytail, and Cassia was a short athletic redhead with a short athletic haircut. They were the ideal girls: cute, smart, easy going, sexy, and yet demure. They were all about the same age, probably in their early twenties. Plus they had amazing bodies and their dresses showed off plenty of cleavage and leg.

Clearly Ginger was the most seductive with her natural beauty and charm. It was hard not to get hard thinking of her. Pepper was very sexy with her long legs and large chest. I admit I would often fantasize about her and loved seeing her chest bounce as she worked. But for me, Cassia was the cutest, with a perfectly proportioned body and a personality I adored. She was a little bit more energetic than the other two, always eager to help and often running around the shop taking care of things.

I loved to spend too many hours just sitting there, watching them, working on homework, starting up a conversation. They really liked to chat with me and I enjoyed it too. Cassia, in particular, was very friendly and eager to please me. She was my favorite, although I was always too nervous to ask her out. She'd always talk to me a little too much, often forcing the other girls to drag her away and back to work. I even had a cute nickname for her: Cassie. She would always giggle when I used it.

After spending most of my time there, a realization occurred to me. These girls were a little too perfect. Even their names were too perfect! Ginger? Pepper? Cassia? These were all things a baker used! (Cassia is a type of cinnamon, it took me a while to figure it out.) I mean they looked cute and sexy and everything, but with the recent influx of hyper-real androids, you never knew if someone was human or not. Sure there weren’t many around, but they were out there. Every time a conversation went to their home lives they'd somehow avoid it and change the topic.

One day it happened, and my suspicions were confirmed. Cassia was serving another customer coffee when he got a little too grabby. I was right there, so I saw and heard everything!

“This is too hot!” The man yelled, grabbing my attention.

“I'm sorry sir, but if you wait it will cool down” Cassia apologized to him. Her throaty voice had a sharp edge to it.

“That will take too long!” He bellowed.

“Then I can fetch your some ice if you'd like” she offered as politely as she could. I could tell she was getting cross with this guy but kept her cool.

“I don't want ice! That'll water it down!” the unreasonable jerk complained.

“Then perhaps if you blow on it?” Cassia suggested.

“Blow-?!” He blurted. “I'll give YOU something to blow!”

What an asshole! I was about ready to get up and punch the guy.

“Please sir, I can serve your another cup if you'd like.”

“Why don't you service me instead” he gestured rudely. She blushed and held her mouth open in shock. His buddies at the table gave him a high five and hollered. Cassia wasn't having any of this.

“Excuse me, sir.” She picked up the pot of coffee and turned to leave. I was sure she was getting her manager. These guys had been rowdy jerks all night and making everyone else around them miserable.

As she turned to leave, the ringleader slapped her butt. Cassia gasped in surprise and snapped around to face him. She lifted a hand to slap him but instead she hit his cup and spilled his coffee on the table, getting a little on his shirt.

“You bitch!” He roared as he got up from the table, furious. Cassia was instantly horrified to see what she did, and terrified of this large man. I stood up and instinctively ran to her protection.

But I was too late. The jock grabbed the pot of hot coffee from her and poured it down her front. It was scalding, and Cassia screamed!

I got there in time to push them away from her, yelling something about calling the cops. Whatever I was yelling in my frenzy got them to back off and leave. I turned to Cassia who was standing in pain, drenched in her stained uniform.

“Cassie? Are you alright? Should I call an ambulance?”

She started to shake and panicked. All she could do was grit her teeth and cry. Ginger came running over.

“It's OK, Cas,” she said in her overly effeminate voice. “We'll get you taken care of.”

Cassia started to jerk and whimpered as steam rose from her clothes. Except… That was way too much steam. I caught a whiff and realized I was smelling smoke! Not from cigarettes. No. It smelled of ozone, like from a burned out circuit. Smoke started to come out of her clothing!

Pepper worked to calm the people and take care of customers. But I was sure I saw a look of panic in her eyes. She saw the smoke too!

Ginger was quick to act and rushed Cassia into the back room. I was worried about her and wanted to make sure she was ok, but Ginger was adamant that I couldn’t help and wasn’t allowed in the back room. She assured me Cassia would be fine and the authorities were called. I stayed as late as I could before my shift but they never came back out.

I thought about it for days afterward. And yet, every time I went to visit, Cassia was never around. I asked about her, and Pepper just told me she was doing fine and was out sick for a few days.

I left it at that, until the day she did return. I made a point of it to make sure Cassia served me.

“Hey, Cassie! How are you feeling today?”

“Much better, sir. Thank you for your concern” she replied in her sexy raspy voice. Her usual smile was faded, and she seemed a little distant. “How may I help you today?”

“The usual, if I may. Are you sure everything’s alright? I mean after that guy assaulted you and got coffee all over, I thought I saw smoke or something coming from you.”

“Don't be silly, I don't smoke.” She smiled at me and rang up my order, and I left it at that. I mean it could have just been steam from the coffee, right? Well, that's what I thought until a few minutes later. As Cassia was serving me coffee and a pastry, her movements seemed really sluggish.

“Here you… are sir” she smiled weakly as she handed me the items. The gravel in her voice seemed exaggerated for some reason, and her movements were only getting slower.

“Cassia, are you OK?”

It took her several seconds to respond, all the while it looked like she was going slow-mo. “Everything… is… fiiiiine… I… am… just… aaaaaaa… lllllitle… tiiiiiirrrrrred.”

I took the items from her and held her hand. She was burning up and acting strangely. Ginger hurried over and tried to distract me.

“She's just a little tired, she's had a long day” she assured me in her high girly voice. But by this point, Cassia had stopped moving entirely and was standing as still as a statue. A small crowd of people had gathered around, and it became obvious very quickly to new that she wasn't human.

Ginger didn't know what you do and started to panic. I held her hand gently to calm her down, it helped but she too was starting you act funny. At this point, I wasn't sure if she too wasn’t a robot. However, a manager came over quickly and lifted Cassia onto his back and carried her out. Ginger followed closely behind without saying a word and vanished behind the employee door.

I hadn't seen Cassia since. Whenever I brought her up to the girls, they would smile and change the subject. But on my last day, I couldn't just leave it there.

“So Ginger, are you all robots or just Cassie?” I asked as I approached the counter at lunch.

She froze up and flustered. “I… uh… she… Our- Our specials today are the cream of broccoli-” She was very cute with her high-pitched voice when she got flustered.

“Look, Ginger... today is my last day. I just want to know if she's OK. If you are OK.”

Ginger lost her smile and nodded. “She’s fine.”

“She’s fine? But clearly, she’s not human.”

Ginger sighed and nervously looked around. “You could tell?” She spoke in a hushed tone. “Sorry. Yes, we are all 3 robots. Cassia is not doing well, but please don't worry about her, she will be repaired and returned as good as new in a few weeks. But if you want to see her I can call her out.”

I was a little shocked took actually get a straight answer from her. Not to mention they were robots! Moments later, Cassia walked out, although she wasn't smiling. She saw me and gave me a weak smile.

“Hello sir, I'm sorry to have caused you so much trouble last week.” Cassia’s throaty voice was back to normal.

“No, it's fine. I just wanted to apologize that this happened to you. It's my last day and I wanted to see you before I left.”

“That's sweet of you, sir. It IS good to see you, sir.”

“Please, call me Brian. I sure am going to miss you. I hear you are going in for repairs.” I still couldn't believe I was talking to such a cute girl robot!

“Ah! You know… Yes, I don't know for how long.”

“Pity. I was hoping to ask you out.”

She blushed and stammered. “I… Uh… B- but… But I'm a gynoid.”

“And a darned cute one.” I was surprised at myself even, being so cool with hearing she was not human. Guess I already knew but didn't care.

“Th- thank you, sir- Brian. But I can't accept your request. I am not allowed to leave here except for repairs.”

“Ah… Well… at least I tried. I wish you and Ginger and Pepper all the best. Maybe I'll drop in again sometime.”

The three of them smiled and gave me a small bow. However, I noticed that Cassia had a cable running out from under her skirt and trailing back into the employee area. There was a tag wrapped around one of her wrists which I figured was for her repair.

“Thank you very much, Brian,” the three said in unison.

“I look forward to serving you again” Cassia added with a smile. We waved goodbye and that was it. Cassia returned to the back area, lifting the cable as she went, Pepper and Ginger went back to work, and I returned to my shop to finish off my last day. I was so distracted thinking about the girls though that I didn't care if made a single sale that day.

I spent most of that day mulling over the confirmation of what I suspected in my head. They were robots. But… I just didn't care! They were as human acting and sounding and looking as anyone else I ever met, and if they were not human, I sure didn't seem to mind. In fact, I found it exhilarating to know their secret and started to wonder how they worked.

At the end of the night, after we closed up and everyone said goodbye, I headed out. The first thing I did was take off my stupid name tag and tossed it away in dumpster out back. I wouldn't need that again! That was when I saw her.

Buried under a ton of garbage, a feminine bare foot stuck out of a black plastic bag. I pushed all the bags off of it and tore it open. Could it have been a murder victim or a mannequin? As I peered into the bag, I was shocked to see a face I knew well. Cassia was inside! I pulled her out. She was shut down, completely deactivated, and wearing only a generic one-piece outfit, probably the one she came with. She looked dirty and smelled, but otherwise didn't look damaged. However, the tag on her wrist said otherwise.

Water damage, leaking battery, corrupted system files, generic wear and tear. The tag listed a bunch of maladies she had, each with prices listed, and a stamp over the whole thing said: “Rejected, Unrepairable”.

I was shocked. Cassia was being scrapped probably because her repair costs were too high. They were just going buy another one and replace her. If it wasn't for the bag her lazy owner put her in ripping open, I never would have known she was even there. It was illegal to dispose of androids like this but the proper way was pricey.

Naturally, I couldn't just leave her there. I hid her behind the back of the dumpster and drove my car over before loading her into the back seat. I drove to the dorm, put her over my shoulder, and walked her in.

I got a few stares, but usually, they were accompanied by a thumbs up or a high five. College life. They probably thought she was just a drunk college girl.

I got her to my room and laid her down on the floor. I was nervous, excited, worried, horny… I didn't know what to do next. So I sat down at my desk and stared at her thinking. She needed physical repairs, system repairs, and a bath. But one of the problems listed was water damage, meaning she had a leak. So bathing her wasn't an option. Although she needed to be cleaned.

So I started with my own evaluation of her and cleaned her. First I sat her up and pulled at her clothes to get a good look at her and possibly clean her. It was harder than I expected to get her clothes off. I tried to stretch them over her head only to realize they went off the other way. As I pulled her top down, for the first time I got a look at her bare chest.

Her breasts were a little on the small side, but not too small; they fit her svelte frame and athletic look well. They looked completely real and my loins approved. Her nipples were small and pink. She was so sexy it hurt. I gently grasped one breast and played with it a little. She was soft and her chest bounced nicely. I was giddy but had to control myself. Stopping, I continued to pull the top down lower.

Her abs were predictably well-toned, but not masculine, and she had feminine sensual curves. She even had a cute little belly button. I repositioned her and pulled her top all the way off, down her legs.

I was shocked to find she was completely lacking any genitalia. No vagina, no anus, no nothing. Just a doll’s crotch. But of course, she was a waitress, not a sex doll. She had no reason to have any sexual functions. And yet she had nipples. Thinking about it, of course she had nipples! Nipples were something you could see through clothes, especially the sexy tops they wore, I know I noticed them. They added another level of realism to these girls who were apparently trying to hide their true nature from the public. It was also a good protection in case there was a “wardrobe malfunction”.

But it meant that she had no sex programming, no sex drives, no sex sensors. She was just a sexy doll. But she was my sexy doll. Until I could fix her and turn her on, she wasn't much more than one anyways.

It just seemed wrong though. Having no sex organs. One of the great joys of life was sex, even if I wasn't getting any at the time. It seemed such a shame that she couldn't enjoy it is she wanted to, even by herself. It was something she deserved to experience, or at least, have the ability to. I decided that this has to be remedied. At least for her sake.

She was completely naked now but I decided to get a closer look for any damage. I could see a light brown stain on her chest and stomach, probably from the coffee spill. It wasn't very obvious but it was there. I looked around the rest of her but didn't see anything out of the ordinary.

I did get a kick out of studying her though. I never thought I'd have this opportunity. And she was very well-built. She was light-weight too. But without knowing how to turn her on or open her up, I figured I might as well do something and clean her off.

There was no telling where she was leaking from, she looked fine to me, but I didn't want to risk it. Instead, I went to the bathroom and filled a large bowl with soapy water, and another with clean water, and grabbed some towels and a cloth.

I proceeded to give her a thorough sponge bath, washing every part of her. I sat her on the floor between my legs and scrubbed at her body, lifting her arms and holding her upright. But no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get the stain off her. Maybe a deeper cleaning could do it. I spent maybe an hour, taking my time to enjoy every second of it, cleaning her off. It definitely improved her smell. And it made me more than a little excited.

It was odd holding and manipulating and cleaning her limp body. And yet it was exciting. I was tempted to play with her body, and I admit I enjoyed holding her slender form, but I just couldn't bring myself to go any further. She was my friend, or at least I hoped she would be. I knew her. And I didn't feel right taking advantage of her like this.

Afterwards, I took the tag and studied all of the ailments on her. They were extensive enough that I could research them on my own, and so I got to work.

For three next several nights, when I wasn't doing homework or in class, I was researching everything I could about Cassia. She was an upper-end retail model, which had plenty of fans, and each one had to be customised. That meant there weren't any others like Cassia, Pepper, and Ginger.

There was also a huge modding community for these bots. While it was rare to get one outside of commercial industries, sometimes people did. And those people knew how to do everything to these girls! Naturally, sex was the top mod.

While many of the sex mods were amateur at best, there was one small company that specializes in top quality kits and would modify the sex kits from other bots. I regretted spending as much as I did, but it was totally worth it. I ended up with the entire upgrade package. That meant, once I installed it, she could perform sexually from her mouth, anus, and vagina, and included all the software and firmware upgrades needed. It even meant an upgrade to her skin software, adding erogenous zones.

But it was also a huge installation project. It also took more than a month to show up. During that time, I kept her off and worked on making the repairs.

First I found a skin cleaning kit that promised to remove stains without damaging the appearance of the skin. It was essentially a giant patch I placed on her while moist and left there for a day. It did the trick, mostly. Only the tiniest hint of the discoloration was left but I didn't mind, it only added to her uniqueness.

Next, I had to figure out how to open her up. These models of gynoid had special proprietary tools used to open them, each one customized for that unit for security. I didn't see that anywhere, and if they didn't still have it at the café, it was probably long gone.

Luckily, the modding community had a solution again! This time it was an app any smartphone could install that would bypass the security and allow me access to all her ports. It had a lot more functions than that, which I planned to fully explore later, but for now, that's all I needed it for.

Of course, this would only work if she had power. I was surprised to see she still had residual power on, enough for maintenance and running updates. So I tried the app and it worked perfectly. It took a few minutes to analyze her systems, but soon a display on my phone came up with an outline of a girl, front and back, with a slew of panels.

I clicked on the one over her left chest, and a few seconds later, a panel with invisible seams slowly lifted up. I tried another and another… They all worked. I was having too much fun with the app, the rest of that night was wasted. The one good thing I did was figuring it how to plug her in to charge her, although her batteries were not doing well. By the time I plugged her in, her reserve power was in the single digits.

I eventually got back to repairing her the following night. As I opened up her abdominal cavity, it was clear her batteries were a mess. There was acid damage all over the housing and I needed to replace parts of it as well as her batteries. And if course this meant more money.

It was a good thing I had some money left on my credit card, so I bought a whole new kit, one even better than what she had before with faster-charging tone and longer lasting batteries. The batteries themselves were actually superconductors that fit into housings inside her hips, and the newer batteries had a smaller profile making room for more technology inside her.

As for the leak she had, it ended up one of the seals around her abdominal panels weakened from the heat of the coffee and it seeped right in. She was lucky it didn't completely destroy her. Then again she was in a dumpster. I resealed the leak and checked all her other panels for any damage, making sure she was completely watertight. Ideally, she should be able to shower or even bathe without worry, but maybe just not in 200° water.

There were plenty of other smaller repairs too. Some motor functions needed reworking, including in one of her hands and both legs. I took care of all of it. It spent the entire month while waiting for her upgrade to replace or repair all the damage and maintenance her. I even made a backup of her memories and personality. I understood why they decided to scrap her. With all the repair costs, the company probably could have just purchased a newer one instead. Luckily, I saved a bundle by doing the work myself and buying mod kits and used parts. I only spent a fraction of the costs they were quoted.

The entire time I had her either on the floor, sitting on my bed, or in my chair. I never activated her, which worried me because I wasn't sure I was doing this all correctly. I even started to dress her up a little, buying cute little outfits for her, even though I had to put them on her and take them off.

At last, the day came that the package arrived! I had been looking forward to this and had been watching installation videos online. It was a complicated procedure, but totally worth it. Unfortunately, by now I had tests and had to wait for the weekend to dedicate that much time to my project.

When at last I could find the time to work on her, I locked myself in my dorm room and refused to leave until it was done. I pulled the bed into the middle of the room and gently laid her on it, sitting next to it in my desk chair. She was completely naked now, as she had to be.

I grabbed my phone, launched the companion app, and started opening the panels on her body from head to crotch. Opening the box and going through the items, I was pleased to see everything exactly as the videos described it. I put one of the videos up on my computer and began.

Going into detail on such a complex modification would fill a library. But I will summarize. I had to run a simple digestive tract down the length of her body, installing the swallow mechanism, and connecting it to her complex data system. I then had to remove the blank panels of her groin and replace them. I had to match the skin tone of her body to the new parts and adjust them to fit. This, in turn, installed a very complicated vaginal and anal system, which connected to the digestive system and allowed her to process simple food intake and expel it, as well as cleaning her new systems out.

The sensors for taste were basic. She wasn’t designed to eat, even though she now could, meaning she wouldn’t become a foodie (although it did help with tasting food especially for cooking), but instead it was designed to let her participate in various types of sexual play. And it was said to include top-notch software to help her emulate the sensations.

By the time Sunday afternoon came around, she was completed. I felt like Dr. Frankenstein, screaming “It's Alive!” as he activated his creation! Common sense stopped me from actually acting it out.

I did run software repair and diagnostics software all weekend while I was installing her new parts. It all worked through my phone app. I even installed the new software that way too. Everything was done, she was all closed up, her new parts looked amazing and realistic on her, and she was dressed in a cute maid costume I bought because it reminded me of what she used to wear at the shop. I even posed her so she was sitting on my bed, leaning back.

Finally, I hit the button on my phone and activated her. The response wasn't instant, it took a few seconds before anything happened. But soon she started to breathe, and the indicator on the phone showed she was loading her new programs.

The moment she opened her eyes I held my breath. She sat up and looked around the room.

“Where am I? This isn't the repair shop.” It was nice to hear her raspy voice again.

“Hello, Cassia” I greeted. She looked at me. “You’re in my dorm.”

“You? Are you a repair technician?” she wondered while smacking her lips for some reason.

“Um… No, not exactly. Although I did repair you.”

“Have I been stolen?!” She panicked and sat up straight.

“No no no” I assured her putting my hands out to calm her. “You were… Uh…”

“Brian? What's going on? Why does my mouth taste different? What is this place?” I hesitated to answer. I figured she was probably tasting the upgrade in her mouth. However, she looked at my hesitation and came to a decision. “I will be contacting the authorities.”

“There's really no reason to-” I worried.

“Release me at once, I am model number CSF-6X-012, and have been stolen. I am the property of-” I looked around for something that might convince her she wasn't stolen. The answer was right in front of my nose. I handed her the tag that was once on her wrist. “What's this?” She questioned as she took it from me cautiously, recognizing it.

“It was on your wrist when I found you… In… In the dumpster out back.”

She looked at it and read it several times, turning it over and rereading it. She seemed to have trouble believing it but there it was. There was a QR code on one side that looked like it was printed by the owner. It must have contained everything she needed to know.

“It has my serial number, and my owner signed off on it. This doesn't appear to be a forgery. I… I've been decommissioned? They threw me out?”

I nodded. Cassia sat there thinking for a good while. After a bit, she started to look at herself.

“This isn't what I was wearing last. I don't recognize this uniform.”

“Yeah, well, I had to repair you and I figured I might as well get you something to wear besides that weird one-piece thing.”

“You undressed me?” She asked, and yet she portrayed little emotion.

I shrugged. “Yeah… I mean, I had to. You needed to be cleaned and repaired... Do you not like the dress?”

“It’s fine. But it is inappropriate for customers to undress us.”

“But I'm not-”

“This violated our terms of service, and the authorities will be notified” she warned.

“Wait wait wait… I'm not a customer. Not anymore.”

She processed this and then looked at me with her blue eyes. “But you… I… Oh. I am no longer owned by the Baker's Cafe…”

“Nope. And I didn't do anything to you except repair and clean you” and felt her up a few times. I couldn't help it. Not to mention her upgrade.

“You repaired me? But that violates my warranty.” She really had no idea how much I violated that already.

“It doesn’t matter, your old owner threw you out, your warranty is already void.”

“Then who is my owner now? Does that make you my owner?”

“I guess I am, I mean I did already put my information in your registration files and removed the old registration files.”

She cocked her head to the side and searched her data files. “Registration has been updated. And yet all my previous memories, files, and personality settings are intact.”

“Yeah, I just changed their permissions.”

“It is unusual to keep this information when registering a new owner. Do you wish to assign me to work at your bakery?” she asked.

“I… Uh… I don't have a bakery.”

“A patisserie?”

I shook my head. “What’s that?”

She furrowed her eyebrows. “Do you own any establishments?”

“I'm just a college student” I admitted.

Cassie blinked and then slouched. “Are you planning on turning me into one of those pleasure dolls?”


“Because you will find I am not equipped to perform such functions” she continued.


“And my programming forbids such activities.”

“Hey now…”

“I am not designed to be a plaything” she objected.


“I am a state-of-the-art Elite class service gynoid. I am not here just to please men.” She started to panic.

“Cassia!” I interrupted, making her stop. “I have no idea where you're getting all this. I don’t want to make you just some fuckbot. Weren't you already just a glorified toy before anyways?”

She scoffed. “I served the good customers at-”

“Any teenager could do your job. They wanted you because you were pretty to look at and they could have you there all the time to bring in customers. You were cheap labor that never took off time or disobeyed. To them, you were a cute pair of breasts that could work overtime for no pay. You were a glorified toy.”


“And by the looks of it, they neglected your maintenance, and overworked you.”

Cassia was stunned. But she couldn't deny it. She sat there on the bed, her head hanging low, as she contemplated my words. I gave her a minute to think.

“Is being with me that horrible of a concept?” I asked, breaking the silence.

She shyly shook her head while looking down at her lap. “Nn… I… I don't know. It would be nice to not have to deal with the staff or serve customers all day.”

“Didn’t you like serving people?” I wondered.

She shrugged. “Some more than others.”

“Was I such a bad customer?”

Cassia looked flustered and started to blush. “No. I didn’t mean it like that! You were always one of the better customers. All three of us liked you.”

“Then would it be ok if you stayed with me?” I knew that if she was going to make trouble for me, I could just erase her programming and start over. I was hoping to avoid that because it was Cassia herself that I was trying to save.

“I… Maybe? This is all so unexpected. I’m not sure what my role here is. Do you want me to be your maid? I am dressed for the part.” She lifted one arm to look at her outfit better.

The dorm wasn’t exactly a mess. Sure it could use some cleaning and tidying up, but it wasn’t as bad as most dorms. Not to mention it was only a studio layout and a bathroom. The place was small.

“It seems a little small for that, don’t you think?” I noted, looking around the room.

“Yeah. It doesn’t need a full-time maid” she agreed. “Then... why did you repair me? If you don’t need me to serve customers, and you don’t want to turn me into a pleasure bot or use me as a maid, why am I here?”

“I… well…” I hesitated. “I uh… I didn’t want to see you thrown out like that.”

“But I am a just a glorified toy” she replied echoing my words in her throaty voice...

“No! Not to me! Cassie… I… I've always liked you! I've had a crush on you for a few months… that why I was always hanging around with you girls.”

“A crush?” she asked looking up at me. “On me?”

“I like you. But when someone you like just gets thrown out, you have to do something! I couldn’t just leave you there.”

“You like me? Then you want a… companion? You want me to… BE with you?”

“I’m not forcing you to-”

She shook her head. “I can't. You repaired me, you must know I don’t have the right ‘tools’ for the job. And my programming lacks knowledge of intimate things.”

“Oh really?”

“Obviously. I’m a commercial service gynoid, my body doesn’t have the appropriate parts to participate in bedroom activities. Sorry.”

“And when was the last time you looked at your body?”

She looked up and thought for a moment. “My last logged entry was over a month ago. But I haven’t been to any service sta-” she stopped mid-sentence and stared at me hard. She smacked her tongue in her mouth once and a light seemed to go off over her head.

I just smiled at her and she shook her head.

“You didn’t!” She frantically moved her hand to her crotch and felt under her skirt. “You did?! E- Excuse me!”

Cassia got to her feet and ran to the bathroom, slamming the door behind her. A few moments later I could hear her gasp.

“What?!” she proclaimed through the door. “I have… I have… And back there too?!”

I stood next to the door listening in. Oh to see what she saw right now.

She opened the door a moment later, her panties still around her ankles but her skirt in place, as she looked at me with wide frantic eyes.

“You installed a sex kit?”

I nodded. “You were missing something, so I gave it to you-”

“YOU installed a SEX KIT?! On ME?!”

I wasn’t sure if she was angry or excited. Honestly, I wasn’t sure if she knew either. But she was definitely scaring me, so I took a step back.

“Yeah… is something wrong?”

She pulled up her panties without showing me anything. “I… I don’t know…” She put her hand to her head and started to walk back and forth. “Why would you install this if you didn’t want me as your sex toy?”

“I... “ Honestly I did want that. But I actually wanted more than just that. “Because you were missing it.”

“MISSING IT?” she seemed pissed. “You just wanted to fuck me!”

“Hey! Have I assaulted you? Abused you? Touched you? Or anything like that ever? I didn’t even bring sex up, you did!”

“But You-! You… I… no… you have always been nice…” She stopped pacing and closed her eyes. “You installed that and I… I’m just scared... nervous. I’ve never had a…. never been a complete woman before. I… I don’t know what to do.”

“You can start by calming down. Take a seat.” I directed her to the bed nearby. Cassia hesitated but sat with her head in her hands. I pulled up my rolling desk chair and sat near her.

“You were planning to use me for sex!”

“Cassie! No. I was hoping you'd want to. But it is yours, not mine. Do with it as you'd like.” That seemed to help calm her down.

“Did you do anything else to me?” she asked.

“I only cleaned you, repaired you, and installed that kit and the software it came with. That and registered myself. I was hoping it wouldn’t upset you to have that upgrade. It cost me a lot.”

“Then why?”

“I guess… I really just wanted to complete you, to give you the ability to live a full life. It just seemed wrong that you didn't have one, no one should live without the option of having sex. I'm sorry if I went too far.”

She sighed deeply. “Wow…”


“It’s just… a lot to take in. I’m only a service gynoid. I’m nothing special” she noted in her smoky voice.

“Well, you are to me.”

She looked up at me, smiling weakly. “I… I guess so.” Cassia chuckled a little. “So… I am now your ‘companion’.”

“Friend?” I suggested.


“Well, I always wanted to be your friend.”

“I’ve never had a friend before. But… do friends normally... “ she made a rather naughty gesture with her hands, indicating...

“Have sex?”

“Or install sex kits after undressing them while they are unconscious.” She had me there. I never even thought about activating her until it was all done.

“Ah… I think ’No’ to all of that...” I felt bad now that I realized I never even gave her the choice. Somehow the little robot shop girl has made me feel bad, and maybe I deserved it. “Uh… sorry.”

She started to giggle and fell backward onto the bed looking up. I didn’t know what she found amusing. Her giggle was really cute though, and it started to escalate into a laugh. I couldn’t help but nervously laugh with her.

“I’m sorry” she laughed. “This is too much! It’s just… To me, 15 minutes ago I was getting ready for maintenance, and now everything has changed. I was trashed, you are my new owner, you repaired me, and installed... My mind is just having trouble coping with all this.”

“I’m the one that’s sorry. Sorry I didn’t ask before installing it.”

She continued to fight off her bits of laughter. “Don't be! It’s ok. I… I actually always wanted one. It’s just a bit of a shock.”

“You have?”

She nodded while smiling. “I always wondered what it would be like… To understand what all the gossip was about. I'm still nervous about it but, I… I'm excited too.”

We laughed a little longer, letting it die down naturally. And then, her smile was back. The smile she always wore when she served me at the cafe. Except it seemed happier somehow.

“Are you ok?” I asked her.

She nodded, sitting up while leaning back on her hands. “I think so. It will take getting used to, but… I think I’m glad you saved me. Sure beats the alternative.”

“And your repairs are all working?”

She sat forward and twisted her hands in front of her, studying their movement, and then lifted her legs and rotated her ankles. “I think so. But I will let you know if I run into anything.”

“That’s a relief! To think they were just going to throw you out when you just needed a little TLC.”

She smiled. “Perhaps it’s for the best. I might not have been capable or programmed for… sex, in the past. But that didn’t stop the abuse.”


“By the customers, the staff… mostly the management.”

“They abused you?”

Cassia nodded, slouching forward. “The customers mostly just catcalled us, a few times they felt us up, which often got them kicked out. But in the back room, they regularly groped us. They tried to get us to pleasure them, but we really didn’t know how. I think Ginger had it the worst. The boss would often keep her in his office after hours…“

“I guess I can understand why you were so hesitant about sex and nervous to have a…”

“A vagina?” she finished for me, sitting up straight. “Yeah. But there were good people there too. And while it happened, it wasn’t constant. And just because some people did bad things doesn’t mean I didn’t… want to do some of it. I just couldn’t.”

“You wanted to?”

She shrugged. “Don’t get me wrong, I never asked for it. And I didn't want it from them! Not to mention my programming doesn’t allow me to do it. Err.. didn’t allow me to? But I was curious. People talked about sex ALL the time, and I wanted to experience it.”

“I see.”

“And sometimes I didn’t hate the attention” she blushed.

“Oh really?”

“Sometimes it felt good to be flirted with. To be touched. To feel your hand...” She held her arms, rubbing her hands up and down her skin, hugging herself. “Ah! I- uh… Guess I just… wanted to be wanted.”

I chuckled. “Well, you are now.”

She giggled and took in a deep breath, leaning back. “I can’t believe this is real” she murmured smiling. “So… now what?”

“I.. uh… I didn’t plan this far ahead.”

Cassia laughed for a good minute, falling back on the bed. It sounded really nice in her raspy voice. “Brian, right?”


“Thank you.”

“For what?”

“For saving me” she smiled, looking down at me while propping herself up on her elbows. “For repairing me. And… yeah… for upgrading me.”

I beamed a smile at her. “You’re welcome.”

“Next time ask though. And… um… please don’t take advantage of me.”


What I didn’t know then was just how much she was going to change my life, her and her sisters.

For the rest of the day, we talked. Cassia had a ton of questions about me, about life outside the cafe, about her upgrade. I answered as best as I could.

Brian Sanger. 25. Business major. Computer nerd. Gamer. Now-amateur gynoid repairer. Single child. Huge student loans. Locally grown and raised. Attracted to redheads. Among other things…

Since she didn’t need to sleep, we decided she could use the desk chair to recharge herself. Not that she needed to charge. Her new batteries doubled her operation time and she had only been active for half a day. Besides, my bed was only a double. Technically we would both fit, but I didn’t want to pressure her into THAT close of a relationship. Although I really hoped it would happen.

She was mostly only programmed with basic world knowledge for interacting with customers, some local area knowledge, and a ton about the store she worked at. She didn’t really know much else, and rarely stepped outside the store, let alone the mall. So I knew I would have to explain a ton of stuff to her. But I would enjoy it. She proved to be ever curious, and I loved to teach her.

But when it came to her new womanly needs, I only knew so much. Basically what the tutorials covered. She wasn’t really designed to eat, although now she could. It just wouldn’t do much for her. She was self-cleaning but needed to refill her fluid levels. But beyond that I was clueless.

But damn it she was so sexy, and yet we weren’t getting anywhere. I figured she'd want to wait to explore that side of her for at least a few days, maybe longer, if ever. I was sure I would have to take care of myself that night. She was so curious and nice, and I didn’t want to ruin that or hurt our relationship. But it also meant I might not ever have sex with her.

When it came time for bed that first night, we decided Cassie should take a shower. They had a basic one at the store, for some reason, but it offered no privacy and was barely more than a sink on the floor. I showed her the ins and outs of the shower and then let her at it.

However, by now, the thought of her undressing and cleaning off in the shower was making me crazy. Her sexy voice echoed in my head as I recalled her admitting to wanting to experience sex, and her curves and naked body flashed in my mind. I stayed close to the door as she undressed and listened to everything. My imagination ran wild as I could hear her start humming to herself as her clothes hit the floor. She continued to hum for a few minutes without even turning on the water.

Her humming was interrupted by a gasp. Everything went silent for a little. Then another gasp. I pressed my ear up to the door and heard a small moan escape her lips. “Woah...” she quietly breathed to herself. “Later” she promised herself. She cleared her throat and turned on the water.

I wasn’t sure what just happened, but in my mind I imagined her exploring her new pussy, touching it, but being too nervous to continue. Either way, she was in the shower now, and I was horny as fuck.

I figured I might have to rub one out while she was in there. I realized it would be harder to jerk off with a girl living here, so I might as well get it done when she was preoccupied. I rushed to my bed and pushed my pants down to my ankles and got busy.

I was picturing Cassia and her sisters the entire time, although mostly it was Cassie. I recalled seeing her body in great detail while I was working on her, and was surpassed that recalling her mechanical secrets didn't deter me at all. I was well on my way to achieving release when a squeal from the bathroom caught my attention. There was the pounding of running feet, and then the door swung open and Cassie came running in.

“The stain is gone! You removed the-!”

There we were. Cassie completely naked and wet standing before me hiding nothing, while my erection was about to burst in my hand. We both stared at the other as our faces grew deep red, but for me, seeing her naked in real life right in front of me was too much, and it happened. I came. Cassia just watched with her mouth wide open as I panicked and struggled to stop. I couldn’t. Somehow, the shock of it all and my hurried attempt to stop it and cover up made me shoot farther than I expected, and right onto her body.

I was horrified. She blinked at me and looked down at the white fluid dripping from her chest and stomach.

“I… uh… Sorry!” she apologized before realizing she was exposing herself to me too. She didn’t even bother to cover up though, instead, she just ran back toward the bathroom, slipping on the way, and closing the door behind.

I was mortified. I tried so hard to control myself around her, and not mess up anything we might have had going, but now she was going to see me as a pervert for sure. Then again, she was the one that came running in completely naked. Maybe she wasn’t as innocent as she seemed. But seeing a grown man ejaculate all over her without warning? She was probably mortified. I'm sure I scarred her for life.

By the time she left the bathroom again, she was clean but red in the face and covered herself with a towel she held tight against her. We both blushed and avoided looking at each other. I had cleaned up the mess I made but needed to use the bathroom myself. So we ended up passing each other in the most awkward moment of my life.

As I closed the door behind, I caught a glimpse of her looking back at me. I relieved myself and decided to take a shower too. However, just the thought that she was in here moment ago naked got me hard again. I was pathetic, and decided against doing it again, in case she ran in for some other stupid reason.

When I left the bathroom, I was wearing the last clean towel and headed to the closet. There really wasn’t anywhere to change in private around here except in a bathroom. This was why I hated roommates. But in this case, it was rather exciting. I grabbed my clothes and dressed behind the small kitchen counter. It gave me enough coverage. The entire time she sat on the bed wearing the same towel as before and looking around nervously.

I returned to the room and sat down.

“You… uh… have some clothes in that bag over there” I pointed out avoiding eye contact with her. I left most of the clothes I bought for her in the bags, although I wasn’t sure she’d know what to do with them.

“Oh. Th- thanks.” She stood up and turned toward the bag, facing away from me. Leaning over, she rummaged through the clothes, inadvertently giving me a good view of her upgrade. I got a clear look at her bare slit but realized moments later I was staring and turned away.

However, my attention was brought back to her when she stood up and let the towel completely drop to the floor. I could see her entire sexy back and butt as she stood there putting on a sexy blue nighty. She probably had no idea she was wearing lingerie, and honestly, I didn’t know why I picked it up. Yes, I did.

However, she seemed satisfied with it and turned back around, to look at me. I pretended I wasn’t just staring at her, but I knew I failed when she giggled at me.

“How does it look?” she asked, giving me a twirl. She also gave me an eye full when I realized she still hadn’t put panties on.

“Uh… amazing!” I said trying not to look too close. “But you missed something.”

She looked down at herself and realized what it was. Blushing, she crouched down and looked through the bag for the right item.

“Uh… I… I didn't see any!” Cassia complained.

“Don’t you wear underwear at work?”

“With those skirts on? Of course we did. Well… Usually.”

We looked through the bag together, and both found a pair of blue panties at the same time, reaching for it together. She flushed red and pulled her hand back.

“Here,” I said, getting it for her.

“Th- Thanks” she stuttered. “Could you… um… Help me get it on? The boss usually dressed us there.”

Mentally I facepalmed, although I was more than eager to show her.

I had her stand up before me and lift one leg at a time, putting them on her. She obeyed, although she kept one hand over her new womanhood and the other over her bright red face. I tried hard not to look at her privates while I helped her dress.

With that over, she sat back down on the bed. “This is so weird” she admitted. “Everything is so different!”

“Yeah, for me too. I’ve never had a girl here before” I said sitting next to her.

“Never? You’re such a nice guy though! I’m sure the girls are flocking to see you.”

“Not so much” I answered. “I spend more time studying than partying.”

“Oh, well you should get to know Pepper, she’s the brainiac of us.”

“She’s a walking computer” I joked.

“That too. But she’s like a supercomputer.”

“Well, so are you” I complimented, relieved the tension had passed.

“Heh… not like her though. I just get by, but she’s something else. She could keep up with our smartest customers, always knew what the latest news about everything was, helped run the finances of the company…”

“She seems pretty great. But don’t underestimate your own abilities. You were always the most fun to hang out with. You knew all the trends and games.”

“Well, I was supposed to know that stuff. I’ve never even played any games.”

“Never? Well, I’ll have to fix that!”

“I’d… I’d like… that” she cooed, sitting even closer to me.

I noticed how close we were and that she was leaning toward me and got nervous. “S… sorry about earlier” I blurted out. Just like my mouth, always cockblocking me.

“Ah! N- n- no. I’m sorry. I ran in on you, and wasn’t even dressed! This is a man’s room after all. And you have… needs. Oh! I’m so embarrassed.”

“Don’t be, you’re stunning! Anyone would be lucky to see you… n- naked.”

She blushed again. “I've never seen a man… do that before. You’re… you’re rather impressive yourself” she admitted looking away from me.

“Wh- What was it you were trying to tell me?”


“When you ran out here?”

“Oh! I noticed my coffee stain on my skin was gone!” she excitedly blurted out as she lifted her sexy nightie, giving me a good look at her panties and torso. She lifted it all the way until I could see the underside of her breasts.

She froze for a moment before slowly lowering her top. She got about halfway when I stopped her.

“Cassia! Are you doing this on purpose?”

She looked me in the eyes, still holding up the blue nightie part way, matching the color of her eyes. She breathed heavily as she leaned in closer. “Brian… sir...? Doing what?”

“T- teasing me. Like, running around nude. Showing me your… body.”

“Wh- why would I… do that?” she cooed.

“Cassia… you are driving me crazy… Do you… Um… WANT to… with me?”

“I… I feel so strange” she admitted. “Like… my head is… swimming in the clouds… and my… my… vagina is getting… anxious.”

“Cassie? Are you… horny?”

“YES!” she grunted as she dropped her top and dived on top of me. She might have been inexperienced, but her programming knew what to do. She instantly wrapped her arms around me and started kissing me.

I pushed her back a little. “Cassie! Are you sure about this? I thought you didn’t want to-”

“I changed my mind” she admitted. “I really want this right now! But I don’t know what I’m doing!”

I sat up more, staying close to her. “If you’re sure about this, I’ll take lead.”

“I’m sure. Please show me!”

I leaned in close to her and kissed her deep and hard. Cassie struggled to keep up even with a kiss, but she soon caught on and followed my movements. I pulled away, leaving her panting with her tongue out and a string of saliva between us.

Without saying a word, I began to kiss her neck and reposition myself. She gasped as I embraced her. “Oh, sir!” she mewed. I had wanted this for so long, I was tempted to dive right into her, but I had to pace myself. She just opened herself up to me, and I didn’t want to scare her off. So I slowed down a little and gave her more foreplay.

I started lightly biting her ear, moving over to her lips, while running my hands down her body. She laid all the way back and ran her fingers through my hair and over my shoulders. She was gentle at first, but the more I kissed her, the wilder she got.

I pulled the strings of her top down off her shoulders and revealed her breasts. Cassia gasped and tried to cover herself, but I grabbed her wrist and held her arm over her head. She just gazed up at my eyes, breathing heavily, and trying to understand what was going on. I ran my hand down her arm, past her face, and onto her breast, where I caressed her.

“Ohhh!!” she moaned. “This feels so different than before! Ahh!”

She had the cutest tits, and as I squeezed her, she reacted nicely. Even her nipples were sensitive.

“Ahn! Hah! Ahhh!” she moaned as I played with her chest. I leaned in and started to kiss and lick her right breast while pinching and pulling at her left. She squirmed in place and moaned louder, grabbing onto the headboard of the bed.

I didn’t stop there. I kissed her again on the lips as my hand ran down her small svelte body, gently teasing her until it landed on her mons. Cassia grabbed my arm with her right hand while still bracing herself with her left, and struggled to take in air. I greatly enjoyed the shapes her body made as she braced herself. Pressing my fingers harder against her I started caressing her, working my way down to her folds.

She closed her thighs together, but when I rubbed her pussy through her panties her grip failed. As a wet spot on her panties grew, she relented. Slowly, she spread her legs and gave me full access, pressing her hips forward against each movement of my hand, all while clenching her eyes closed and breathing heavily. I ran my fingers under her panties and felt her bare wet hot sex directly.

“Oh my god!” her throaty voice gasped as she grabbed my hand, pulling me back.

“Something wrong? Does it hurt?”

She shook her head. “It’s too strong! I’m… I’m scared!”

“Don’t be, this will feel amazing! I’ll be right here. Just tell me if you need to stop or something hurts.”

She nodded, looking into my eyes, as I brought my fingers in again. Cassia gasped, and this time bit her finger. I slowly moved my fingers around, spreading her juices all over, and caressed her sensitive pearl. She squealed!

“YAH! What was that?!”

“Your clitoris. Very sensitive.” I informed her as I flicked my fingers across her again. She jerked her whole body forward as I did and lost her breath. I moved on and slowly slide my fingers down until they reached her honeypot. I gently pressed one finger inside, sliding it in as far as I could.

“Brian!! It’s… Your finger… inside me! I- HAAHH!”

I smiled and kissed her again. Meanwhile, I slid a second finger in and pushed it as far back as I could. So squirmed and struggled underneath me but ran her hands all over my body. At last, I let her mouth free.

“HAH! Is… Is this sex?” Ahn!”

“Not yet” I answered. “You sure are wet, now it’s my turn.” I stood up and lowered my pants entirely, exposing my engorged penis for the second time tonight to her. Except this time, she stared at it with desire in her eyes. I was clearly already ready, but I wanted her to get used to the size and shape first, and I pulled her up to a sitting position.

“Sir?” she asked as she concentrated on my member.

“Touch it, gently.”

She reached out and delicately touched my hard cock, wrapping her hand around it. She instinctively started to move her hand in and out while slowly bringing her face closer to it. That programming was damn good. Cassia’s warm breath was exciting me, and I couldn’t last much longer as she picked up the speed of her strokes.

I stopped her and gave her a kiss, leaning her back again. Climbing over her, I held out her legs and positioned myself between them. “Are you ready Cassie?”

She nodded. “Oh god yes!” I gently touched the end of my rod to her soft welcoming flesh, and slowly pressed inside. It was tight and took a few tries to get it in, but the entire time Cassia was struggling to breathe and started grabbing onto the sheets.

I pulled out and tried again. I repeated this until at last, I got all the way inside her. I stayed there, my hips firmly pressed against hers as I penetrated her to the root, and waited for her to calm down. It took a bit but feeling her undulating flesh surrounding me excited me; I was in no rush to finish. When at last she calmed, I pulled back and pressed in again.

“Holy Crap!” she screamed. “Oh! Oh! Oh, Ffffu-!”

“You alright?” I asked as I started thrusting slowly.

She struggled to answer, moaning and gasping with my every movement. “Is- HAH! Is thIIIIS… AHH!! Is this sex?” Uuugh! Please tell me this is it! HAH! I can’t take much more!”

“Yes. Does it hurt?” I asked as I paused.

She shook her head. “No!, keep going!! It feels amazing!!”

I resumed my motion but picked up the pace a bit. “It only gets better” I assured her.

“HAH! HAH! HOW?” she yelled.

“You’ll see” I promised her. I began to change my movements a little, trying a different angle. In all honesty, it had been a long time since I had sex, and I was struggling not to cum already. But I was determined to get her to climax first, so I was trying different angles to make me last longer.

And it worked. As I ground my hips in a circle against her, Cassie’s moans deepened. She grabbed my pillow and threw her head back, pushing the sides of my pillow against her face. I could feel her getting close already.

I reached down and held her small body close to me, thrusting even harder, and lifting her butt higher in the air. Instantly, her pussy tightened on me and she began to squeal.


“You’re about to cum” I grunted. “Me too!”

I doubted she understood, but she just kept moaning and yelling. Her hips pushed forward, lifting her butt entirely off the bed, and giving me a deeper angle. With another 2 thrusts, she came, and she came hard.


I felt her pussy tighten and convulse as her legs shook. Her orgasm was enough to make me cum too. I shot my load deep inside her and kept pounding away until every last drop was gone. She arched her back as her legs continued to spasm.

I pulled out as her legs quit. White fluid dripped from her pussy as she lay there, covering her face, and breathing hard. She spasmed every few seconds, lurching forward as the wave of her orgasm washed over her. I caught my own breath and plopped down beside her.

Cassia’s orgasm was a doozy, and it took her a while to recover enough to even look at me. Her face was as red as her hair, but she was grinning with a smile I had never seen on her before. One of pure ecstasy.

“THAT was SEX!” she proclaimed and started laughing as she stretched her arms and legs onto the air enthusiastically. I don’t know where she had the energy, but it was really cute.

She turned to look at me and cuddled up.

“I think I get why people like this so much” she smiled.

“Yeah. Some more than others. But honestly, that was amazing!”

“You were amazing” she hugged.

“And that’s just the beginner’s stuff.”

She looked at me wide eyes with a huge grin. “There’s more?”

We laughed together for a long while before falling asleep in each other’s arms. Well, at least I slept. She powered down to save energy overnight, which made her completely unresponsive next to me. I remembered there was a sleep mod I was eager to install and would have to take care of that.

I woke up the next morning to the sensation of a kiss. And then another. And another. Soon I realized Cassia was not just kissing me but caressing morning wood with one hand eagerly. In between kisses, I managed to stop her.

“Cassia? What time is it?”

She continued to stroke me as she whispered in my ear. “7:30.”

“I've got class in an hour. What are you doing?”

“You looked aroused, I thought you wanted more” she mewed. I realized she was completely naked and her nightie was on the floor.

I rubbed my face. “It's morning wood, Cassie, it isn't sexual.”

“It isn't?” She asked as she stopped stroking.

“That doesn't mean I want you to stop” I smiled.

She gave me a sweet smile back and picked up the pace. “Does it feel good?”

“Yeah, but you can make it feel better.”

“You want my vagina?” she grinned.

“That's one way… Your mouth is another.”

“My mouth?” She wondered. “Is that why it tasted different?”

“I installed the full package in you: mouth, anus, and pussy. The upgrade might have tasted different to you.”

“Wait…” She blinked sitting up. “I can use more than one orifice?”

I laughed at her but she was being genuine. “Well, yeah.”

“Do they feel as amazing as my… pussy?”

“Probably not. Anal is its own thing, you may or may not like it. Oral is more about getting turned on, making me big, feeling the size of my cock, and experiencing the taste and smell.”

She scrunched her face. “Well since you upgraded everything, I might as well try them all, right?”

“That's the spirit” I grinned.

She smiled and slid down to my crotch, nestling her body between my legs and gazing at my cock. “What now?”

“You lick it, stroke it, put it in your mouth… No teeth. Be gentle.”

She concentrated on my rod and stuck out her tongue. At first, she just licked it, a little at a time. It didn't really feel that great. “Go from base to tip” I suggested. Cassia looked up at me and nodded before trying longer strokes.

As she started to get into it, she ended up getting much better. She started to use more of her tongue and naturally started to vary her strokes. She even gently fondled my balls. Goddamn, that programming was good.

I groaned as she started to pick up the pace. Finally, she kissed the tip, glancing up at me to gauge my response. I pressed my hips upwards, sliding the head passed her lips and into her mouth. She was a fast learner and started to slowly and sensually bob her head in and out, just enough to cover the glans.

It felt amazing! Her mouth was wet and warm and the longer she did it, the better she got. Within a few minutes, she was taking me all the way down as far as she could, applying a little suction. Her eyes seemed to look up at me but out of focus, as though she were too caught up in the scent and was starting to lose herself.

I reached down to her short red hair and pushed down, forcing her to take me even deeper. She never resisted, complained, or even choked. She didn't have to breathe, and I wasn't hurting her, but she did struggle to take me that far.

I grunted as I came in her mouth, forcing her head down to take it all in. As I finished pumping my last shot of jizz into her, she swallowed and I released her head. Slowly Cassia pulled back and I popped out of her mouth. She took in a deep breath and grinned.

“That was different, but I really liked it.” She wiggled her butt looking up at me, licking her lips. “It tasted good.” I figured her programming probably automatically makes her like the flavor of semen. “But now I'm even more…”

“Aroused?” I asked.


“Well I just came, so I can't get hard for a few minutes, but I think I can still help you.” I sat up and pulled her toward me. Laying her down beside me, I ran my fingers down her body, teasing her skin gently before caressing and massaging her bare tits. She squirmed a little and stretched out.

Then lowering my hand, I felt her warm bare mons and pressed against her slit. She reacted nicely, moaning deeply. She was already very wet so I slid my fingers into her pussy and began to stroke her.

Cassia's mouth hung open in surprise as the sensation of my manual simulation got the better of her. I started rubbing her faster and faster, putting more pressure on her front vaginal walls until she started to thrust her hips in response. I could feel her vagina swell as she pressed herself against me straining to milk as much pleasure from my fingers as she could.

She was close. Having given me a full blowjob earlier, she was so turned on it didn't take much to tip her over the edge. So I tipped her. Well actually I used my thumb to rub her clitoris, but that did it.

Cassia started to thrust her hips high into the air, fluid flowing out of her, as she clenched her face. At last, she started to scream.

“AAAHH! Brian!! Yes!!” She squealed as her legs started to tremble. I pulled my fingers out of her and rubbed her pussy back and forth, giving her one last hurrah. A little fluid spurted out of her and her feet slipped, sending her hips down to the bed as she shuddered and rocked side to side with pleasure.

Cassia eventually relaxed and stayed there sprawled out on my bed catching her breath with a big smile on her face while covering her eyes. As she recovered, I gave her a big smile and… Took another shower. Sex is a messy activity.

By the time I was cleaned and dressed, Cassia had managed to sit up and watch me, still completely naked. She just gave me a lustful gaze the entire time I ate. It was hard to ignore her. And if it wasn’t for class, I would totally go another round.

“You alright?” I asked.

She just nodded and made a satisfied sighed.

“I have to get to class. But I'll be back right after.”

“Class…” She droned without really processing what I was saying.

“You sure you're alright?”


I gave her a hard stare as I took the last bite of cereal. “Cassie!” I said with my mouth full.

She seemed to snap out of it. “What? Oh! Yes. You must go to class. What shall I do here?”

I shrugged. “Clean yourself up. Take a look around. Explore the internet or the TV. Just don't go outside without me.”

She sat up and covered herself with her arms. “Yes. Of course. I will find something to do.”

I swallowed. “Good. I'll see you in a few hours.”

And that was how it began.

Part 2 - Pepper

For the next few days, I went to class, Cassia would clean up and learn about the world on the internet, and we'd fuck. And every time we did, she got better and wilder. By the end of the month, she was a sex goddess and she loved it. I had a hard time keeping up with her but somehow managed to calm her a bit.

She loved trying out everything. With her, I explored more sex positions and kinks than I ever imagined before. But what really surprised me was how deep she really was. Cassia wasn’t just a waitress, or a cook, or a maid, or a sexbot. She was all these things, but so much more. She wanted to explore, she loved to learn, she wanted to do something to help people, and she wanted to be active. She joined activist groups, took online courses about computers, learned how to cook, and even explored dancing. To me, it was all these little things that amazed me the most about her.

It was as if all the conversational things she talked about at the café with customers were finally available to her for real and she wanted to try them all!

We would talk for hours sometimes, and other times we wouldn’t even need to say a word and just be together. Sex was always amazing with her. I knew she was more than I ever imagined she could be. After a few months, however, something was bugging her, but she never wanted to talk about it. She started to get sad, wouldn’t want to have sex as much, and while we never fought and she always performed, I feared that we started to grow apart.

“Brian” Cassia began one day while I ate an amazing meal she prepared. She sat there looking at me with a sad expression wearing a cute hoodie and sweats.

“Mm?” I mumbled while chewing.

“I… I’m sorry I’ve been so distant lately” she began. “I know I haven’t said much, but… something’s missing.”

I swallowed and turned my attention fully toward her. I was hoping she’d break out of her shell and want to talk about this. “Is everything alright?”

She shrugged. “I’m fine, but… something seems off. Like I had something before that I don’t have anymore.”

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t know for sure” she pondered, scratching her hair. “I just feel empty, sometimes.”

“Am I… not making you-”

“No no! You are amazing! I am SO happy you saved me. This is so much better than my previous life…” she assured me.

“But?” I knew there was going to be a ‘but’.

“But… I feel something deep inside me is missing. Like… my raison d'être.”

“Your what?” I asked as I took a sip of water.

“I think I need a job.”

I coughed, almost spitting out the drink. “A job?”

“Yeah. I mean, I still have all that knowledge about being a hostess and a waitress, and I can cook, and clean… I think I can earn us something while you are at school. It will give me something to do, and maybe earn back some of the money you spend upgrading me.”

I thought about it. “Is that what this was really all about? A job?”

She shrugged. “Maybe. Besides, I feel cooped up in here.”

“Ok… alright. I think I understand. But what do you want to do?”

She smiled and picked up my tablet, turning it on. “They’re hiring at the cafe” she smiled.

“Oh no! I don’t think that’s a good idea. They tossed you out, I doubt they’ll pay you to work there.”

She looked disappointed. “You’re right.”

“We need to find a place that is willing to hire robots for work, rather than just buying them.”

She looked confused. “Why wouldn’t someone hire me?”

“It takes away jobs from humans and gives unfair advantages to those who have robots. Legally, you are my property, and by working, they are hiring me to rent you. It can get complicated.”

“So what do I do?”

“Well… we can ask my old store if they are hiring. I know a guy, you can help in the computer repair department maybe. They are always looking for someone good with computers, and who else would be better than a computer herself?”

She raised an eyebrow at the notion. “I think I’m better at customer service” she argued.

“But you have been teaching yourself computers, and are getting really good at it. Plus you can get discounts you can use yourself” I enticed.

She smiled and nodded. “Alright. Let’s try it!”

And like that, I got her a job. It was a little too easy. The guys were impressed with her right away, and she was a natural. She worked during the day, and I studied. Then at night, we’d unwind. She cut down on her other activities and we spent more time together. Things improved for a while.

But by winter, when the busy season was kicking in and my finals for the quarter were upon me, she stopped smiling altogether. I thought at first it was because she was overworked and considered keeping her in the dorm.

“No! I can’t leave! I… It’s…” she fell silent while she sat on top of me mid-coitus. She was distracted while we were in the middle of a rather one-sided sex-session. As she rode on top of me, not really getting into it, I nonchalantly toyed with the idea of keeping her at home. But that was a mistake. Now she was crying instead of absent-mindedly screwing me. But in all honesty, it concerned me. I ran my hands up her sides and brushed her care skin gently, calming her.

“It’s ok. We don’t need the money right now. I can take a job after my finals. You’ve been so stressed out lately-”

“It isn’t that” she complained while wiping a tear away. I got concerned and knew this session was a bust. I sat up and pulled her down toward me, giving her a hug.

“What is it, Cassie? Why are you crying?”

“I… I miss my sisters! I see them at the cafe, and they don’t even recognize me!”

“Your sisters? Pepper and Ginger?”

She nodded and sobbed.

“I told you not to visit them. But… maybe they’re just overworked?”

She sniffed and nodded. “Maybe.”

“You want me to talk to them?”

She nodded. “Yeah. See if they even remember me.”

I brushed her hair. “Sure. I’ll go in this weekend.”

Cassia shook her head. “They’ll be too busy. You have to go in during the week.”

“Alright. I’ll go tomorrow. But after my final.”

“Yeah? You’ll do that for me?”

I nodded. “Of course. Although I don’t know what you want from them?”

She sighed. “I don’t know. I just… miss them. I want to know if they’re ok.”

I shrugged. “Alright Cassie, I’ll talk with them.”

She smiled and kissed my cheek. “Thanks.”

“Shall we call it a night then? I still have my test tomorrow.”

“And miss your pre-exam stress-relieving dose of endorphins and oxytocin? I think not!”

With that, Cassia sat up and began bouncing eagerly up and down on my rod, quickly getting me hard again. She let her breasts bounce freely before me as she got back into it, closing her eyes and arching her back. At least now she was actually trying. But it was an awkward break in our session and made for the strangest sex I had in a long time, but she was able to get right back into it and soon her moans and sexy body bouncing on top of me brought me to my climax, pumping her full of cum.

She loved to come up with excuses to have sex. But this was the first time she was too preoccupied with her own problems that she didn’t even climax herself. Regardless, she clearly enjoyed it and cuddled with me until morning.

The next day, the exam was tough. I knew I should have spent more time studying instead of fucking, but Cassia insisted. Not that I didn’t enjoy it, but she wasn’t the best study partner. Still, a promise was a promise, and after I finished my exam, hoping I didn’t have to repeat the class, I visited the mall and the Baker’s Cafe. Sure enough, Pepper and Ginger were both there, busy serving customers. Because it was the middle of a weekday, they weren’t too crowded, but the shopping season was underway and so they were still plenty busy.

“Hey Pepper!” I called out to the busty brunette. She was taller than her sisters, almost as tall as me, and had an amazing body. She kept her dark brown hair in a ponytail that stretched to between her shoulder blades and chose to wear her uniform a little lower, giving her more cleavage than Cassia. And it was hard to look away, she had some impressive large breasts that bounced with every motion.

“Hey, you” she winked pointing at me.

“Hi, do you remember me?”

“Yeah, you used to cover here a lot… Brr… ian?”

“Yup” I confirmed. She snapped her fingers.

“Brian! Yeah!”

“How is everything?”

“Busy, as expected.”

“How's Ginger… And Cassia?” I asked.

“Ginger is being Ginger, running the show like always…”

“Yeah?” I waited for her answer about Cassie knowing she didn't know.

“Um… Yeah. Cassia's still out. But she should be back any day now they tell me.”

“Must be done pretty major repairs” I softly murmured to her.

“Yeah… I'm worried about her. I miss having her around. She um… I haven't heard anything. I hope she's OK.”

I waved my hand. “I'm sure she's fine. Must be tough having just the two of you here though.”

She exhaled sharply. “You don't know the half of it. The boss even brought in some girl from high school to cover her for the season” she scoffed, rolling her eyes. “So… you get a new job?”

“Actually, I'm finishing school first.”

“Good for you” she grinned.

“Well since Ginger is so busy I won't bother her.”

“Probably a good idea” Pepper agreed. I have her a small food order and sat down to read. I kept an eye on Pepper as I ate. She was looking more disheveled than normal and was running around everywhere. I felt bad for her. She didn't seem to enjoy the work even though she was good at it and smiled the same smile on everyone every time.

I made sure to wave goodbye to Pepper as I left. “See you later, Pepper!”

“Definitely! It was great to see you again, Brian!” She grinned.

I left and reported back to Cassia.

“Do they miss me?”

“Yeah” I answered. “They've been so busy, and with your different uniform, I don't they even noticed you. Pepper doesn't even know you're not being repaired. She's worried your repairs are taking so long.”

She sighed. “I was afraid their memories of me were going to be erased or something.”

“They seem to remember you but… Your old boss already replaced you with some kid.”

“A kid?”

“A teenager, in high school” I explained.

Cassia rolled her eyes and groaned. “Don't say it.”

“What? I told you-”

“Don't!” She interrupted with a smile on her face.

“Still now what?”

Cassia caressed her chin thinking. “I don't know. They still think I'm being repaired. Even though it's been months…”

“I bet their budgeting to buy your replacement” I noted.

“Yeah… I sure wish there was a way to help them.”

“I thought you hated the café.”

“I don't hate the place, just the management. But I meant my sisters.”

“Oh. Well, I don't know how” I shrugged.

“Hmm… So how was your exam?”

I hesitated.

“That bad, huh? If only…” She began and then turned away contemplating something.

A week later, the exam results came back, and they were not good. The bad news is I failed, and thus failed the class. The even worse news is that one more failure and I'd be kicked from the dorm and placed in the Spring House, the freshmen dorms… Where keeping Cassia would be impossible. For that matter, it was a miracle I want already in trouble, having a non-student in the dorm was a problem, and robots of her type were just as forbidden. The only silver lining in this was that I could retake the class and remove the bad grade. But I would have to work my butt off studying to make it happen.

And a tutor would help if only I could afford one.

“I have a plan” Cassia announced one day.

“Mm?” I asked while researching college tutors online.

“We can do the same thing to Pepper that happened to me!”

“What? Spill coffee on her?”

“... Maybe?”

“No. And why?”

“If she can be damaged enough that they throw her out too, we can be there to pick her up.”

I pushed away from the computer and faced Cassia. “That is a terrible idea. One, I'm not an android repairman, I was only lucky I could fix you. Two I can't afford to repair her, I barely managed to buy your parts. Three, we could get into huge trouble if we're caught and that assumes they throw her out. And four, we barely fit in here as is. I can't sneak another girl, human or not, into this dorm.

“Finding you was just blind luck. I doubt I can make that happen twice.”

She was contemplative for a while. “Well… What if they only think she's damaged?”

I glared at her. “That's not the point…”

“You know I've been working at the store, but what if I told you I got a second job at night?”

“Second job?” I asked.

“While you’re asleep. I've been doing customer service chatting online, it pays well.”


“Yeah, and I can stay plugged in and charging the entire time” she smiled.

“And?” I wondered where she was going with this.

“I've been saving up and I think… I might make enough to get an apartment off campus.”

“By yourself!?”

“No, silly. The two… or three of us.”

“Three? You're really serious about taking Pepper?”

She's nodded.

“What is she doesn't want to come?”

“Then… more space for us” she shrugged.

I leaned back and rubbed my eyes. This was a horrible idea. There were too many risks and no clear advantage. “I don’t know Cassie, this sounds like a bad idea.”

She thought for a second and then looked at me with a sly grin. “She could be your tutor.”

“Tutor?” I asked looked at her inquisitively.

“I told you already, she’s really smart.”

“Cassia, you’re all really smart. Don’t downplay yourself so much-”

“I’m not actually that smart” she shrugged one shoulder. “I fake it pretty well though. But she’s seriously like 3 times smarter than me. The boss paid extra to for her to have all the CPU upgrades so she could run the finances, inventory, and everything! Ends up he really didn’t need to, even I could handle that. But he had the money.”

I looked skeptically at her. “And how does that help me?”

“Well, she’s always logging onto the store’s Wifi secretly and looking stuff up while she’s working. She is just a knowledge sponge! Always learning from the customers, researching things in her head, I swear to you she’s smarter than she looks.”

I thought about this. Cassia gave me big blue pleading eyes and bit her lip, a look I couldn't say no to. But if she really did have some money saved up and income from two jobs, maybe this could work.

“Don't make me regret this” I warned her. She squealed an enthusiastic “yes” as agree hugged me. “But how?”

She sat there brainstorming but quickly came up with something. “The wifi… It just might work.”

Fast forward 2 weeks and a plan was underway. Cassia spent most of the time just planning this endeavor and seeing everything up. She got so into it, we barely even had sex. Expectedly, I was eager to get this over with, knowing Cassia promised to let me have my way with her for an entire day afterward.

It was another busy weekday, although not as bad as last time. There was a lull in the customers after lunch and I found Pepper finally had some downtime. I ordered my food from the new girl and say in Pepper's section, giving her a wave and a smile. Pepper eagerly waved back and joined me.

“Hey, Brian! How are things?”

“Alright,” I said a little nervous, knowing I was not going to like where this was going. “To be honest, I failed s class and have to take it again to graduate.”

“Oh no!” Pepper gasped as she stood next to me filling my glass with water. “You're a smart guy, right? You can manage.”

I shrugged with my hand in my pocket. “Yeah, but I might need to get myself a tutor. Say, hear anything about Cassia?” I asked to keep her nearby.

“Um… No…” She admitted. Pepper leaned in to whisper. “We're not supposed to talk about her anymore.”

“Really? What happened?” I asked, getting a good look at her cleavage as she leaned in.

“The boss just doesn't want us talking about her, he won't say anything. I think…”

“... She's not coming back?” I finished, feigning surprise.

She nodded but then gave me a smile, standing upright. “It's OK. Do you need anything else?” She asked as I couldn't help myself from appreciating her bare legs so close to me.

“Um… Yeah. Do you-” I felt a buzz in my pocket. “Do you have the wifi password?”

“Yeah, sure, it's ‘e-t-2-b-r-u-t-3’.” Et tu Brute? Great, now I felt more guilty.

“Thanks” I nodded, pulling out my phone and typing it in. Pepper started to walk away but I had one more thing to do. “I heard there's a company that buys up damaged robots from repair shops that they couldn't fix. I'm trying to find if Cassia might have gone to it.”

“Oh? That's… Interesting” she pondered as she got back to work. The seed was planted. I knew it was a long shot, but Cassia and I set up a fake website for a fake company and planned to have it up for only a few hours. It was posted earlier, so now all we needed to do was wait for Pepper to take the bait.

But that wasn’t all. While we were talking, with Pepper’s cute butt standing right next to me, I was using a modified version of the app I used with Cassie that would get all the information from Pepper I needed. As soon as my phone buzzed, it was done. I logged into the Wifi and watched as Pepper logged online inside her head and started searching for companies that might have Cassia.

Thanks to another app, I was able to watch the flow of traffic on this barely protected public wifi spot, which Pepper gave me full access to. I saw Pepper, and put a tag on her, following her movements online as she went around filling drinks and picking up dishes.

I texted the data file produced by the first program to Cassia, who was waiting at home to activate the virus she installed on the webpage we uploaded. Now that she had all of Pepper’s secure data, thanks to my little trick, she was able to directly target her.

Less than a minute later, as I was taking a bite from a pastry, I saw Pepper jerk a little and hold still. She almost dropped a plate. But she shook it off and got back to work. An alert chimed on my phone.

“The dish is spicy,” a text from Cassia said.

“What?” I texted back.

“She took the bait. We’re in” she explained with a rolling eyes emoji.

I activated the software from before and logged in. Sure enough, Pepper was listed next to Cassia under the “My Bots” section, although the name displayed was complete gibberish. I clicked on it, and there she was. I could see everything. Her CPU temperature, her artificial blood flow and heart rate, her sensory input, even her CPU and RAM usage. Cassia wasn’t kidding. Her processing was wasted here! She was way too smart to be serving customers water.

First I checked to make sure her systems didn’t see the virus Cassia installed in her. Everything was in the clear. That’s why Cassia designed the virus because she knew how to get around her own security measures, and customizing it for Pepper was really the only way. It also gave me complete access to her systems, bypassing her safeguards.

I needed to try this out.

As Pepper was helping a customer at the register, I selected her right arm and opened the long panel there. Moments later, I could see from a distance something move on her arm, and then she quickly but nonchalantly lowered her arm behind her back and closed it again. I did it again, this time on her chest. She was quick to fake a cough and put her hand on her chest, closing her port. It worked perfectly. And I was getting a kick out of playing with her like this. I tried one more.

This time I waited until she was finished at the counter and back over to me to refill my glass. I slipped my phone under the table with one hand and tapped. The port on the back of her right leg popped open as she leaned over, and she let out a stifled yelp, standing upright to reach down and close it.

“Something wrong?” I asked. I was such a bastard.

“Oh… um… it’s nothing, just uh... “ she turned around to make sure no one was listening. “Robot stuff. A bug or something.”

“Do you need any help? I’m pretty handy with androids.”

She turned back to me and raised an eyebrow. “Really? What did you say your major was?”

“Business” I answered. “But I modify androids on the side… for fun.”

“I didn’t expect you would know much about robots” she admitted. Suddenly she put her hand to her head and lost her balance, catching herself before falling.

“Pepper? Are you ok?”

“It’s just a headache” she explained. “That came on fast.”


She let go of her forehead but furrowed her brow. “They’re errors. I feel them like headaches. I get them sometimes when I run into a malicious…”

She almost lost her balance again, and I stood up to help but she smiled and waved her hand. “I’ll be fine” she assured me. Pepper sighed as she tried to compose herself. “You might want to be careful if you’re looking for Cassia, I think one of those sites was infected.”

“Oh? I’ll keep that in mind.”

Pepper suddenly lost her balance again, but this time fell right into me. I caught her and she came to but was clearly in pain from a headache.

“Here” I suggested, helping her to sit down next to me. She didn’t complain as I guided her to the booth next to me, her legs against mine.

“Th- thanks. This is a doozy” she noted.

“Maybe you should restart. I find restarting often clears out errors.”

She leaned into me but shook her head. “I shouldn’t do that in front of customers” she murmured, her voice sounding weak. “It’s dangerous. They could… do something… to me…”

“Well, I’ll be right here. I can make sure nothing happens to you.”

“But you’re a customer” she argued.

“I’m your friend, trust me.”

“Friend?” she wondered. It seemed to work. “Ok. I feel… I can trust you. Give me a minute.”

“Sure,” I said with my arm around her shoulders to keep her from falling. She leaned her head against me and took a deep breath

“Thank you” she sighed and suddenly she stopped breathing. I held her there but managed to get my phone out. Sure enough, the screen indicated she was restarting. This was exactly what Cassia needed for the virus to take full control.

It was a nasty little virus, but it was also a farce. It pretended to be something it wasn’t. To her and anyone looking, it would act like a series of errors and a slew of viruses infesting her system. But in reality, it just activated ‘symptoms’ in her, while not actually doing any damage. The errors were fake, but to her, they felt real. All the virus really did was get Cassia and I access to her systems, so she could install software she swore to me would help us free her. Meanwhile, it made her look damaged and would generate false reports when she was diagnosed.

I tried to avoid looking suspicious as I sat there with one of the shop girls sitting next to me in my arms seemingly asleep. Then again, it looked innocent enough, only the staff would notice something wrong. Luckily, they were busy enough that for the minute or so it took her to restart, no one caught on.

I was actually really excited to hold her like that. She was warm and soft and smelled nice, different than her sister. I suddenly found myself wanting to be with her as well. Not to mention her large breasts were amazing! Heck, her entire body was gorgeous. She wasn’t as curvy as Ginger, but she was much bigger and curvier than Cassia. It would have been so easy to slide the front of her shirt down and get a look at her tits, but it wasn’t worth the risk.

Finally, she took in a deep breath and sat up. Blinking a few times, she looked around the room. I was sure to hide my phone just to be safe.

“Feeling better?” I asked.

She looked over at me and smiled. “Yes, much. Thank you for… um… holding onto me…”

Pepper started to blush as she sat next to me, her face only inches from mine. Her brown eyes gazed longingly into mine as she took in my scent and slowly blinked.

“Um… Yeah, sure. Anytime.”

“Any… time?” she asked and then giggled. “I might take you up on that” she grinned.

“Pepper? You sure are close” I noted as she was leaning in closer to me, pressing her body against me. She gently placed her hand on my lap and closed her eyes. She was moments away from kissing me.

“Close…” she repeated, then suddenly opened her eyes. “What? Oh. Um… Sorry” she said, leaning away and removing her hand. “I just… That was weird.”

“You’re telling me.”

She sat there awkwardly for a few more moments, my arm still around her. “I uh… I should get back to work” she said as she stood up and straightened out her dress.

“Yeah, of course.” What the fuck did Cassia install in her?

“Will I see you later?’ she turned to ask.

“Yeah. For sure” I promised.

“You uh… going to be around later tonight?”

“Pepper, are you asking me out on a date?” I asked. She blushed and looked panicked.

“N- no. Just want to see my favorite… customer.”

“Tonight it is” I agreed. Although in all honesty, that was part 2 of the plan anyway.

She tried to hide her smile but it spread across her face. “Great! I’ll see you then!”

“Cassia?” I asked in a harsh tone. “What did you install in Pepper?”

“I told you, just a virus to help us get her here” Cassia answered as she sat at the kitchen ‘table’ looking at my laptop. It was her day off from the shop.

“What else? She was seconds away from making out with me when she restarted.”

Cassia blushed and a devious smile spread across her face. “Promise you won’t get mad?” I glared at her but nodded silently. “Just the same thing you put in me” she admitted.

“You mean the software for the sex kit?” I confirmed. She nodded sheepishly. “But that-! I mean why-? She doesn’t have-!”

“I know! But she will. Eventually. Right?”

“I don’t know that!” I argued.

“Well, it won’t hurt. Besides, she’s really going to enjoy it, and it will make convincing them she’s been hacked easier” she pointed out as she bounced in her chair a little.

“Well, she has been hacked.”

“And now she’ll act too inappropriately in public for them to allow it. Plus all the errors… she’ll be a walking talking mess for the entire day until they give up on her.”

I sighed. “That was mean. She’s going to be really embarrassed. And she doesn’t even have the hardware that goes with the software.”

“”She’ll thank us later” Cassie shrugged. “In other news, look what I found!” She spun the laptop around to show me the screen.

On it was a house for rent, 3 beds 2 baths, plus a basement and a yard… and the price wasn’t terrible. I wasn’t sure we could afford it though.

“This looks nice, but you’re changing the subject.”

“Yeah, because I don’t want to talk about that one right now, and this one needs to be signed for today.”

“Today?!” I blinked.

“Yeah” she bounced in her seat again. “It’s a special that ends today, and if we can get out there and look at it, and sign the same day, we can totally afford it!”

“But that means-”

“We have to go right now.”


She stood up and grabbed one of my jackets, throwing it over her. “Yeah, no time to waste.”

“But Cassie… you’re naked. Again.” She had gotten into the habit of going around completely naked at home when she wasn’t going out. Since no one ever came over, it wasn’t really a problem.

“I know” she giggled and zipped the jacket up. It covered everything up, just barely.

“We can get into trouble” I objected.

“That’s what makes it fun!”

Sure enough, we ended up looking at the house while she wore only shoes, my jacket, and nothing else. The jacket was long enough that it looked like she was one of those girls that wear short shorts and a long jacket so you can’t see her shorts at all. Except the illusion that she had no shorts was no illusion. She had no panties on either.

We made it in time to get a tour of the house. The property manager was definitely giving Cassie the eye, so I had to be vigilant and make sure she didn’t flash him, or anyone else. She was really interested in the house and loved to look at all the little details and accents, which meant she was bending over counters and such a lot. I had to make sure I stood directly behind her to block any view, but she knew I would, and found opportunities to bend over for no reason.

A few times she’d even bump her bare butt against me. Honestly, I didn’t know how she wasn’t freezing cold. Then again robots could operate at lower temperatures just fine. I was just worried her skin might get damaged.

The house itself looked better in the pictures and needed some repair work. There was nothing structurally wrong that we could see, and since it was still only renting, it was the responsibility of the property manager to fix everything. About 2 hours later, we were holding the keys to a house. I was honestly very surprised we did that. Or could do it. Since it was already vacant, we could move in right away, but we weren’t ready for that, so we arranged to have some repair work done over the week while we packed.

“Can we take one last look inside?” Cassia pleaded, clinging to me as we approached the car.

“The house?”


“Well since we are renting it now, sure. But we have to get back to the shop before it closes.”

“There’s plenty of time” Cassie waved.

I drove us to the new house and went inside. It felt strange with nothing on the walls and no furniture and echoed every sound. It also needed some cleaning, but Cassie seemed excited about it.

“These counters are so nice!” she said as she leaned over the dark marble kitchen countertop, Her feet were dangling above the floor as she hiked her jacket up, giving me a full view of her butt and pussy.

“Yeah, very nice.”

“Get over here already” she demanded, wiggling her butt back and forth, lifting her left leg up to the top of the counter. “Stick it in already!”

I shrugged and unzipped my pants. I could tell she was already more than wet enough since she had been teasing me all afternoon. So I spread her butt cheeks and slid inside.

“Ohhh!” She moaned as I thrust all the way in as far as I could. She squeezed her muscles and clamped down on me. “Yes!” she grunted.

I thrust in and out, reaching around the front and unzipping her jacket enough to expose her breasts. She moaned and bucked her hips, squeezing pleasure out of me. “Yes! Yes! Right there!” she demanded.

I pounded into her, watching her body react to my every thrust. She held tightly onto the edges of the counter and started to breathe heavier.

“Keep going! Yes!” she repeated breathlessly as I ravaged her.

“Ha.. ha… hah! HAH! HA! AHH! AAHHHHH!!!!” she screamed as she came. I wasn’t done yet, but she pushed on my hips with her hand to stop me.


“Use the other hole” she requested as she twitched from her first orgasm. She never let me do anal with me, so this was a first!

I pulled out and rubbed myself up and down her pussy and anus, spreading her juice across her holes. Reaching behind her, Cassia spread both her cheeks and helped open the way to her rear door.

I pressed against her. Cassia held her breath and her legs began to shake. As I pressed hard against her, I finally got the head in, and she gasped.

“OH! I’m cumming!” She grunted. I was surprised she’d come from this so soon, but then again she had just climaxed so it was possible playing with her ass only excited her more and extended it.

I pushed in more, grabbing her hands and pulling them behind her. She moaned uneasily as she lurched with every wave of her orgasm. Slowly I pulled out and thrust back in, pulling her body back to me as I did.

“Oh, Brian! Oh.. Oh… Ah!” She moaned and twisted her body as I started to thrust faster and faster inside her ass. She was definitely tighter here than with her pussy, and the sensation was so different, with more friction. As I started to pound harder into her, she squeezed against me, and I came. I shot my jizz deep into her ass, and pulled out, watching her violated orifice slowly lose up, behind me. Her pussy throbbed in and out as she continued to cum, fluid dripping from her to the floor.

I leaned over her and caught my breath with her. Twisting her body around, she kissed me on the lips and smiled.

“Welcome home” she cooed.

It was only about 2 hours later that I approached the cafe again. Pepper was still working, doing her best, but her face was bright red and she was clearly uncomfortable. Most of the customers ignored it, but I knew what was going on. Especially now that Cassia admitted it to me.

“Pepper, how are you doing?” I greeted. She looked up at me with relief and joy in her eyes.

“Brian! You came back! I am SO glad to see you!”

I bet she was. “The usual please” I ordered. It was definitely busier than earlier in the day, but I’d seen it worse there. Ginger was so busy with customers, she could barely keep her smile, while Pepper struggled just to stand. She rang up my order, fidgeting in place.

Sitting down, I took out my phone and logged in. The virus was doing the trick alright. Her temperature was rising, her heart was racing, her sensors were peaking, and random noise busied her mind bogging down her CPU. She was probably close to crashing, and it was obvious. I prepared to press a button to mess with her some more, but she showed up moments later, abandoning the register.

“Brian, I think it’s getting worse!” she complained in a whisper, holding her head. She was no longer smiling.

“You look worn out” I noted. “Are you ok? Could this have been the same thing that happened to Cassia?”

That shocked her and she sat down next to me. “I didn’t think of that” she worried, putting one hand on my leg and the other on her chest.

“I’m sure you’ll be fine. Just take it easy for now.”

“I can barely think straight” she noted. “My head is loopy… I feel hot… I think I’m going to crash! Should I restart again?”

“I doubt it will help now if you are still having problems like before.”

“My…” she winced. “My chest… feels funny” she added.


“Like... “ she tensed up. “It wants- needs to be touched!” She grabbed at her own breast with her hand and squeezed briefly before pulling at her nipple and releasing it. Her tits bounced nicely through her thin shirt. “It doesn’t help though!” She tightened her grip on my leg and nonchalantly moved her hand up my thigh.

“You shouldn’t do that out here” I worried.

“I know!” she whispered. “But I can’t help it!” Damn it Cassia, what did you do to her?

“What do you want me to do?” I asked.

“I don't know! I can't think straight… You're good with robots, right? Do something!”

I hesitated. This was going to get interesting. “I'll do anything to help! What do you want me to do?”

“Touch me,” she demanded.

“Touch you?”

“My chest. Please touch it!” She begged.

“I can’t! There are too many people.”

She looked around and whimpered. “You're right, but I can't take it anymore!” Pepper stuck her hand down her shirt and caressed her breast directly. “Mmm… It's not enough!” She squeezed tighter as her other hand reached farther up my leg, brushing against my hardening cock. She hesitated and pulled her hand out of her top. “Brian… You…” She muttered as she looked down at my lap.

I could see her expression change as she pressed her hand more firmly against my bulge. “Pepper!” I objected, lifting her hands from me.

“I… I'm sorry… I didn't mean to… Did I make you…?”

“Well, yeah.”

“Did I hurt you?” she asked, worried.

“No… I… I kind of liked it. But in public?”

She sighed. “You’re right. But it sounds like we both need relief” she realized. “Brian, do you… I mean I really want you to…”

I knew what she wanted. And I wanted it to. I stood up and held out my hand to her. “Come with me.”

She gently took my hand and followed as I led her toward the back of the cafe. The bathrooms were single occupancy bathrooms here, and luckily one of them was open. I walked inside and she followed me in.

I locked the door behind us as she pressed her back against the wall and closed her eyes, panting.

“Oh god, I can’t take much more” she breathed. “Please…”

Pepper pushed her chest out toward me and braced herself against the wall. I slowly reached out and cupped her left breast in my hand. Pepper inhaled sharply and her mouth hung open. She held her breath as she trembled. I tightened my grip, caressing her breast.

“Hah!” she whimpered as I started to play with her other breast too. “Yes! So much better!”

I could feel her hard nipples under her shirt and pinched them both. Pepper let out a squeal and bit her lip.

“Does that help?”

“YYyyyeees” she moaned. “Your hands… are so much better than mine! More!”

I picked up the intensity and really started to squeeze and caress her, eliciting sweet moans from her. I realized a second later, her right hand was gently caressing me through my pants. I let her and continued to please her.

“Ohhh! This is… this is… so wrong!” she snapped. “We shouldn’t be doing this! I’m not supposed to… I mean I’ve never even wanted to before…”

I released her chest. “Should I stop?”

She whimpered again and clenched her eyes. “No! I need more!”

Pepper started stroking me through my pants, feeling my shape and making me hard. I wanted more, and couldn’t wait anymore. I grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled the top of her uniform down, revealing her shoulders and pushing her top down until her breasts popped out. They were beautiful. Large but not too big, soft and bouncy, yet firm enough to keep their shape, and each tipped with a playful erect nipple. She held her breath as I exposed her tits and arched her back.

I grabbed her and caressed her soft fleshy mammaries directly, feeling the realistic skin texture and the playful elasticity. She hung her mouth open and let out a broken moan. Squeezing and caressing her tits, I put one nipple in my mouth. Pepper gasped and shuddered.

“YES! This is what I need! It’s so good!”

I pinched and prodded, pulled and sucked on her boobs. In response, Pepper threw her head back and moaned. I didn’t know if she could cum, but she sure wanted to. I finally let go of her and let her catch her breath. With shaking legs, she slowly slipped down to the floor and sat there against the wall. However, it didn’t last long. She soon saw my crotch right in front of her face and started to unzip my pants.

My erect cock greeted her as she stared unbelievingly at it. “So this is a man’s…” She noted. It didn’t take long for her to get on her knees and press her body into me, burying my dick between her breasts. It felt amazing! She was so warm and soft; Cassia could physically never do this.

Pepper started stroking me, giving me a hell of a tit job, but looked frustrated when she did. She looked up at me as she squeezed her breasts together, undulating her body. “Please sir, use my body.”

She released her tits, and stayed there, waiting for me. I got the hint and took her breasts and pressed them against me. She moaned and closed her eyes. I swear I could see steam escaping from her body. But I didn’t stop, instead, I picked up the pace and used her body to please myself. As I got closer to climax, Pepper seemed to start to jerk, losing control of her body. The virus was in full swing, and it was doing it’s best to make her look broken. But she didn’t care, she just wanted my touch.

“I’m gonna cum!” I grunted.

Pepper instinctively slid her body down, and took me inside her mouth, stroking me with her hand. I came as she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. It felt amazing!

However… her pleasure was short-lived. Moments after I came inside her, dark smoke rose from her body and she began to freeze up. I freaked out and pulled back, watching her twitch unnaturally as my white jizz oozed from her mouth and onto her chest.

The next thing I knew, Pepper fell over hard.

“Oops.” I broke her. She wasn’t designed to eat or drink… and she just tried to drink my cum. That was a mistake.

I tried not to panic and came up with a plan. I was still in the bathroom, so I had privacy for now. While there I sat her up against the wall and looked at the phone. A giant “Fatal Error” sign appeared with “Fluid Damage” under it and some code. Crap. I opted to shut her down but wasn’t sure she’d respond.

Grabbing plenty of paper towels, I cleaned out her mouth and wiped off her chest with all my fluids. I put her clothes back on and tried to think of something. If they ran a diagnostics report on her now it would show fluid damage. So it was best I mimic that. I looked around and got an idea.

The closet to clean the bathrooms was in this room, and I found the mop and bucket inside. I grabbed them and filled the bucket with soapy water. After mopping up a little, I put the mop in her hands and held her up. With a gentle push, she fell over again, into the bucket, and spilling water everywhere. I was lucky it didn’t get me much.

My hope was that it would look like she was cleaning up a mess and slipped. It was the only idea I had and it was feasible. But I also felt like a complete jerk for having hurt her after trying so hard not to. I quickly left the bathroom and composed myself. Hurrying, I approached the front desk and decided to talk with Ginger.

“Ginger, there’s been an accident in the bathroom!” I told her. “Pepper slipped.”

“The bathroom? I told her not to… Pepper?!” She rushed out from behind the registers and dashed toward the bathroom. Meanwhile, I made my escape.

“You WHAT?” Cassia snapped at me, her throaty voice sounding even harsher. She was sitting right next to me in the dark car, and her voice hurt my ears.

“I accidentally broke her for real.”

“How?” she asked, looking worried.

“Well, whatever you did to her worked too well. She was all over me begging me to rub her tits, and one thing led to another, and she kind of tried to give me a blowjob.”

Cassia smacked her head with her palm. “I set her sensitivity too high. I… You shouldn’t have… well crap!”

“Hey, I repaired you before, I’m sure I can fix her too.”

She rolled her eyes. “We’re going to have to. Boy did this get out of hand. Can’t even keep your dick in your pants for 5 minutes…”

“Hey! You had her all over me!”

“Yeah yeah. I thought it would be funny.”

“No one’s laughing. Ginger looked pretty worried.”

“Ginger… I can’t imagine what she’s thinking. First I’m broken, then I never return, now Pepper!”

“Yeah… I’ll have to check in on her later. Maybe she’ll be fine.”

Cassia shrugged. “She’s always been the one in charge if anyone can handle it, she can.”

She looked worried, but I nudged her arm. “It’ll all turn out just fine. Aren’t you cold in that?”

Cassia was wearing the exact same thing from before, meaning most of her was uncovered. “Why do you think I’m in here with the heat on?”

“Point taken.”

We waited for several hours inside the car. The mall closed, people left, cars were gone, it was only a scattering of cars that remained when we finally saw one of the staff of the Baker’s Cafe exit the building with a large crate full of trash bags.

“That’s Ed… he’s the boss” Cassie noted. I slouched down to hide from view and pulled her down too.

“Why is the boss doing trash duty?”

We watched as he started to unload the bin, looking around cautiously to make sure no one could see him. Sure enough, he grabbed one large black bag and held it like a body, slumping it over his shoulder, and dropping it into the compactor

“That’s her!” Cassia whispered. “I can feel it!”

“Yeah, Shh.”

A few minutes later, he had covered her with more bags and boxes and prepared to leave. Cassia and I unlocked the doors but waited. He wasn’t gone yet. To my horror, just as he left, he hit the compact button. I grabbed Cassia’s arm to stop her from getting out. “If he sees you it’s all over.”

She froze. “But! Pepper!”

“Wait a second!” I used to use that compactor a lot, I was familiar with it. As soon as the door closed as he was back inside the building with the empty bin, I darted out of the car with Cassia close behind me.

As fast as I could I ran to the compactor and hit the red stop button. Instantly it shut down. Hitting release pulled the arm back, releasing the pressure and opening the top. Without a second of hesitation, Cassia jumped in and started wading through the trash. I looked in and shone my phone’s light inside.

“She’s here! Found her!” she called out. I watched as Cassia pulled the bag her sister was in and tore open the top. Pepper’s head came into view and Cassia screamed.

“What’s wrong?! Did she get crushed?!”

“She’s fine! We’ve got her!” her raspy voice yelled back in her excitement. “Woohoo!”

“Shhh,” I shushed.

It took a bit to pull her out, but we managed to get her in the car and drove back to the dorm. Now both Pepper and Cassia smelled like trash, and it filled my car. I'm sure I didn't smell that great either.

We debated taking her to the new house but Cassia didn't want to leave her alone overnight. I was just worried it would be hard to get Pepper back to my dorm. Luckily, a rowdy crowd of post-exam party-goers allowed us to sneak in with only a few awkward stares and high-fives.

Once inside, Cassia grabbed a blanket and laid it out on the floor, and I gently placed Pepper on it. I grabbed the tag on her wrist. It looked almost identical to the one Cassia had, except the maladies listed crowded it. It bore a similar QR code, and signature, and was stamped with the same stamp rejecting her repairs.

Thanks to the combination of real damage and fake damage reports made by the virus, she was thoroughly scrapped. I wasn't even sure where the fake damage reports ended and the real damage began.

Cassia scratched her head and thought. “I need to power her on to remove the virus” she noted. “But with the damage, I'm not sure we can.”

“Sorry” I apologized again.

“No, it's not your fault. I'm the one that put those things in her head. I guess I went too far.”

I shrugged. “Maybe we both did. But now what do we do?”

We thought about it and the only solution was to start fixing her up the hard way. I was going to have to buy more parts. I was only lucky I still had credit, because that house cost everything else.

Since the store was closed already, we just cleaned her up. She was a mess. She was still wet, her uniform was filthy. She actually still wrote the uniform from the store, I guess they couldn't salvage it or just didn't care to try.

Cassia helped me set her up as I undressed Pepper. It would have been better if she was active, but we somehow managed. Her body was very attractive. She was tall and thin but with curves where it counts and she had a later than average bust. As sexy as she was, her body didn't fit the perfect proportions Cassia had, making her look a little awkward with breasts a little too big for her frame. But I found that endearing on her.

As she lay there naked in the floor, I was reminded of how I found her sister, and how she too had an incomplete anatomy. It took me a long time and a lot of money to upgrade Cassia, I didn't think I could do it again. And yet her body screamed at me that she was missing something important.

We gave Pepper a thorough sponge bath, which was much easier with two of us. She was dirtier than I realized, having accumulated a lot of dirt from working. By the time we finished, Cassia was drained and I was beat. It was late and I decided to crawl into bed.

Cassia slipped off the oversized jacket she'd been wearing and pulled a charging cable out of her tailbone. Plugging herself in, she crawled into bed next to me and latched on.

“C-cold!” I blurted out as her chilled naked body pressed against my back.

“You’re so warm” she smiled as she snuggled.

“From now on you aren't going outside in the cold naked anymore,” I told her.


For the rest of that week, Cassia and I bounced between packing and working on Pepper. We couldn't have anyone over to help thanks to the presence of an unconscious naked gynoid, so we had to do it all ourselves. Cassie was shocked to learn that I didn't own most of the furniture that came with the dorm.

That meant we'd have to take a trip to Ikea and get some essentials. Even the bed needed an upgrade, it was just too small for two of us.

We pushed up everything I owned, which wasn't much, and I drive it over to the new house. Meanwhile, Cassia stayed with Pepper and looked for replacement parts that got damaged. It ends up drinking is one of the more common injuries in their line of gynoids, so finding cheap replacements on eBay was not a problem.

Finally, the day came that we officially moved. I had boxes of furniture delivered to the house, enough for the basics at least, and bought a new foam mattress. A queen sized one. Cassia seemed for chipper and hyper as I drove her and Pepper to the new house. Pepper was still inactive and laying in the backseat, but I was glad this house had a small garage, so neighbors wouldn't see us carrying her.

We took her to the guest bedroom while we started assembling the furniture. It took all day but we ended up with a bookshelf, a table, chairs, a couch, a TV stand (although I still had no TV), and a bed with a nightstand. Combined with my desk and rolling chair, the place was already feeling less empty.

Unpacking didn't take that long but we realized we would need to get more stuff and Cassia had to work. It was starting to look like maybe the finances weren't as sound as Cassia thought. I might have to work during my last two quarters also.

The decision was made though and we couldn't undo it. We were here for a year, at least, and had to make the best of it. As Cassia worked at home and the store, I worked on the house.

Finally, the repair packages from eBay started showing up. With Cassia working overtime in the last few days before the holidays, it left me plenty of alone time to fix Pepper. Tutorials were a godsend.

Following the various videos and guides online, I was able to open Pepper's throat, exposing her simplified mechanical esophagus, which ran into her lungs. She's had no swallowing mechanism, and nowhere for anything, she swallowed to go to.

As she lay on the floor with her head back and her throat panels open, I couldn't help but think about how surreal it was to have such a sexy naked girl laying before me but with mechanical plastics and metals posts inside her completely exposed. Something about it excited me. She was completely defenseless and utterly subject to my whims, and I felt like all these repairs were like building my own girl.

I removed the parts I damage, including some electronics that got wet and replaced them with brand new parts. In fact, these parts promised to improve the quality of her voice and were comparable with the more advanced digestive systems on the market. Not even Cassia had one of those.

I closed her up gently and pulled out my phone. Putting her into diagnostics mode I ran system checks to make sure everything was working. With the exception of the false errors of the virus, everything was fine! She did need maintenance, just like Cassia did, but it would have to wait.

Using the app, I installed software upgrades, ran backups, and started removing her old owner's registration files. After adding my own and confirming their authenticity, Pepper was almost ready. All I had left to do was removed the virus. That and remove the software for the sex kit she didn't even have installed.

“No! Don't take it out” Cassia objected that night as she lay on the couch wearing only a red sweater with her butt in the air. Reaching behind her she spread one cheek aside to reveal her dripping wet pussy.

I thrust back into her wet pussy as she moaned. She pushed her butt toward me as we thrust together. Bracing herself against the armrest, she moaned and bucked, tightening her pussy walls to simulate me.

“Ah! Hah!” Cassia lowered her head as she stretched out like a cat with her rear high in the air as I pounded her. She was already close to climaxing, but she tried to resist. I ran my hands down her back and under her top, massaging her a little before reaching around the front and groping her tits. She shuddered and arched her back at the sensation of my hands against her soft delicate skin.

“Right there! Keep going! Yes! Harder!” She demanded as she lost the will to hold off. Our bodies slapped together as I thrust even harder against her.

Cassia got louder as the intensity increased. “Yes! AH! AAA!” As her legs started to shake, I held her hips to keep her in place, continuing the action. “Oh my god!”

I felt her pussy tighten against me several times as she climaxed, struggling to keep herself from falling off the couch. When at last I came inside her, she let out a satisfied sigh, lowering her hips to the couch. I popped out of her and my last shot landed on her butt and back.

“Oh, Brian! You are so good at this!” she cooed as she finished enjoying the edge of pleasure bouncing through her body. I collapsed on top of her, although there was barely enough room for us both.

We laid together in the dark for a few minutes just enjoying touching each other when she turned around and looked up at me. “I never would have known what I was missing if you hadn't upgraded me. This is amazing!”

I smiled. “You are amazing,”

“Well obviously” she teased. “You're pretty good yourself” she stuck out her tongue.

I chuckled as I sat up. “What about Pepper?” I asked.

She propped herself up. “What about her?”

“I finished installing her repairs. Her registration has been updated. All that's left is for you to remove the virus and the sex kit software.”


“Well, the virus will give her headaches…”

“Why remove the other software” she clarified. “It isn't hurting her.”

“Her systems aren't designed for it, she is probably going to have errors, and she is way too sensitive.”

“But it's so much fun!”

“What?” I questioned.

“Sex… all of this… You were right, something was missing in me, and I don't want her to be left out. Even if she can't go all the way yet, just feeling it in your head, having the sensations in your chest and your body, enjoying things you never thought existed before… Even without the hardware, there is so much more to it!”

“Alright, alright… She can keep the software for now, but you have to tone it down in her. Without a sex kit, she is more sensitive in other areas and I don't want to hurt her again. It was hard enough having her beg to be groped, but she just put me in her mouth without thinking and… Well, I didn't stop her. I don't want her doing that again.”

Cassia twisted her mouth. “Fine, I'll lower the settings on her.”

“All the way.”

“All the way? But where's the fun in that?”

“If she wants sex later, we can save up for another sex kit and adjust her then, but I don't want her to be overwhelmed with it.”

Cassia sat up. “I promise she won't be overwhelmed again” she swore as she crossed a finger over her heart. She gave me a silly grin and stuck out her tongue playfully.

“Come here you” I playfully ordered as I grabbed her.

“No!” She squealed laughing as she tried to get away.

I tickled her, making her giggle as she squirmed against me. Sure playfully ticked back but I won out and ended up on top of her as she looked up at me grinning widely trying not to laugh. The tickles quickly turned into caresses, and then my fingers found their way back inside her.

“Ahn!” Cassia moaned with her sultry voice. “Yes… Right-”

“There! All done” Cassia smiled as she leaned back in the chair. Pepper was sitting on the couch with cakes running into the back of her neck to my computer while Cassia adjusted her settings and removed the virus. Everything was looking completely green in her systems, with the exception of her missing hardware. But Cassia suppressed the errors so Pepper shouldn't see any of them.

“Thanks” I replied, running my fingers through Cassie’s sorry hair and messing it up.

“Hey!” She smiled shooing my hand away. I walked over to Pepper and disconnected the cables from her neck. I wish I could say she was wearing a dress like I bought Cassie, but their sizes were very different and my money was too tight. The outfit we found her in was too dirty and was in a pile to be sent to the dry cleaners when we could afford it. For now, she was dressed in one of my button up shirts. Since their sizes were so different, I didn't have any bras or panties she could wear yet, leaving her in only the shirt.

Cassia eagerly hopped over wearing short shorts and a red tank top. She kneeled in front of her sister and put her head on Pepper's knees smiling.

“I know you wanted to turn her on for Christmas, but could we please wake her up now? I miss her!”

I shrugged. “Well, there's nothing stopping us. She’s ready to go.”

“Yay!” She beamed as she stood up and hopped in place.

I pulled out my phone and logged in. Both Cassia and Pepper appeared in the app, now with both their names entered properly, and I selected Pepper.

As soon as I hit the power button, a come from inside Pepper sounded. It only took her a few seconds to power up, and she started breathing. Seconds later she started panting. Then she started to moan. I kind of freaked out a little thinking I broke her. She gasped with her mouth wide open and her eyes shot open.

Pepper froze, her face stuck in an awkward pose until she started blinking and looking around. Slowly she blinked her eyes and closed her mouth.


“Pepper!” Cassia shouted, hopping up and down in place.

“Who…?” She asked looking between me and her.

“Pep! It's me!”

Pepper furrowed her brow.

“Cas?” She asked. “Cassia!”


Pepper sat up and put her hands to her mouth. “Cas! I thought you were- I was afraid they…”

“Threw me out?” Cassie asked, putting her hands on her hips. Pepper nodded, covering half her shocked face with her hands. “They did! And you too! But Brian here saved me and fixed me up!”

“Brian?” Pepper asked looking over at me. She blushed and covered more of her face. “What's going on? Where am I? How did I get here?”

“Brian saved you! You’re in his… well, OUR house.”

“Saved me? I…” She blushed. “Weren't we just… I mean in the bathroom… I… Oh my god I'm so embarrassed!”

“Yeah, that was a few weeks ago” I explained to her.


“Well, we uh…” Cassia began.

“I accidentally broke you” I explained. “I'm sorry.”

“You broke me? You were… And I was… In my mouth?” her muffled voice recalled.

“No… It was my fault” Cassie admitted. “I kinds of hacked you and… You went a little boy crazy…”

“Cassia?” Pepper said looking between us. “I… You… What are you wearing?”

“You like it?” Cassia asked spinning in a circle.

“I… Don't know. Wait, they threw me out?”

I handed her the tag, as I had with Cassia before. She reluctantly took it and studied it, reading the QR code and noticing the stamp and signature. “This is me…”

“Yeah…” I admitted.

“Don't worry” Cassia grinned. “It isn't the end at all! I thought it was too, but things are going to get much better for you now.”

“Better? Cassia you're alive! And you've been living with a man?”

“Brian” she nodded. “He's the best!”

“Oh no... Did he turn you into his sex slave? Is he going to turn me into one? Did he already? Oh no! It's already begun… I… I exposed myself… You made me touch your…”

“She is not my sex slave” I objected. “And I didn't make you touch anything.”

“Actually, I did that” Cassia admitted. “I'm sorry. I installed something in you to make you… feel things? It got out of hand.”

“Feel things? My chest! You did that?”

“Well, I only installed what he put in me so I thought it would be fine.”

“You!” Pepper snapped, glaring at me. “You DID turn her into your sexbot! Admit it! Well, I'm not going to let you take me!”

“I did not!”

“Yeah! I'm perfectly fine. I'm not his sexbot. I just… really like sex.”

Pepper looked shocked. “I've lost my sister…”

“Pep! I am not lost! He didn't hurt me! What do you have against sex anyway?”

“You want to know what I don't like about sex!?” Pepper snapped and stood up, towering over Cassia. “Everyday men ogle me and women glare. Every day someone had to get grabby and touch my chest or my butt! Every day I get catcalled, wolf whistled, insulted, or demeaned. I'm glad I could feel any of it! I'm glad I was able to smile and move on. But… But…”

She sat back down and held her head. “Cassie… You were always the cute little sister with a small frame and a small chest… They rarely touched you. But… I can't take it anymore!”

“Then you won't have to” I explained.

“What?” She said glaring at me with one eye.

“You don't have to go back there, you don't have to wear those things if you don't want to.”

She scoffed. “Yeah, I'll only be here to be your sex toy.”

“You two have issues!” I snapped. “I've never been mean to you or done any of those things you mentioned without being asked, have I?”

“You… You looked at me.”

“Well sorry for looking at a pretty girl. Did it hurt? Did I harass you? Call you names?”

Pepper rubbed her hands through her hair, noticing her ponytail was still in place. “No… You didn't.”

“Cassia? Have I ever hurt you?”

Cassie shook her head. “No!”

“Pepper, I want to help. I'm sorry things got out of hand, I’m sorry we hacked you to get you out of there, but Cassia wanted you to be free from that place. She insisted we take you.”


Cassia kneeled next to her. “It's true. I tried to say hi to you two but neither of you recognized me, and I was getting so lonely without you.”

“And he didn't hurt you?”

She shook her head. “Not once. On the contrary, he's made me very happy.”

“But you have sex with him?”

Cassie nodded. “It’s actually pretty great.”

“You're just programmed to say-”

“Pepper!” Cassia snapped, standing up. “What is wrong with you? Why do you doubting your own sister? I'm not tricking you. Hell, he told me to uninstall the software that I snuck in you that messed with you. He didn't want to assume you wanted sex.”

“H- How can I trust that?”

“Feel for yourself” Cassia explained. “He upgraded my body to handle sex, but he refused to upgrade you until you were ready.”

Pepper reached down to her crotch and felt the same featureless panels she always had. She looked almost disappointed but then smiled. “Thank goodness… But he installed it in you?”

“Yeah… I'm sorry I did that” I apologized. “I thought she'd want to be a ‘full woman’, I want thinking. But I never forced her into anything once I installed it. I decided to play it safe with you and let you decide if you wanted the upgrade.”

She looked at Cassia, who blushed. “Brian~!” Cassia exclaimed playfully. “I already told you it's OK. I love the upgrade and couldn't imagine life without it now.”

Pepper was silent for a while, thinking. She was still leaning forward with her head in her hands looking at the ground.

“Pepper?” Cassia asked. “Are you OK” she wondered as she leaned down to her and touched her sister's back gently.

Pepper grabbed Cassia and embraced her in a hug. I thought she was going to cry as she held her tightly. “I've missed you so much” she admitted, her voice muffled in Cassia's shirt. “I'm so happy you’re OK!”

“I'm fine” Cassia answered trying to keep herself from crying. She was failing. “I'm here for you. I really missed you too!”

I felt like a third wheel and nonchalantly walked out if the room and to the kitchen. I needed something to drink, I didn't expect Pepper to be so mad. I decided to just get some water though. It actually really helped.

They talked alone for a little while. I didn't want to disturb them. I just busied myself with my phone and drinking water. As soon as I heard laughter coming from the other room, I assumed it was safe to come back in.

“Brian…” Pepper noted when she saw me. She was smiling.

“You OK?”

Pepper nodded. “I'm sorry I snapped at you. And I doubted you. And that I… touched you.”

I shook my head. “It's fine. It's been a tough time for you.”

She stood up and gave me a hug. It was a nice tight hug and I just stood there, not sure what to do. “Aren't you going to hug me back?” I chuckled and wrapped my arms around her, hugging her.

“Thank you for saving my sister. And me.”

“Well, I couldn't let my friends get hurt.”

“Friends?” She asked pulling back a bit. “You were a customer.”

“Who spent most of his free time hanging out in a cafe he couldn't afford just to see you three.”

Pepper smiled. “A friend… Huh.”

We ended our hug and Pepper stepped back looking at me with a big smile and unfocused eyes. Suddenly she blinked and shook her head.

“Say Cas? Did you remove the software he asked you to remove?”

“Not exactly…” Cassia admitted.

“Why?” I asked. “Did you at least disable it like I asked.”

“Mostly” Cassia swayed.

“Mostly?” Pepper asked.

“Hey, you'll thank me later!” She teased as she grinned.

Pepper chuckled and then started to laugh. She had a nice hearty laugh I really liked. “You are always the troublemaker!”

Cassia stuck her tongue out.

“You promise everything will be OK?” Pepper asked as her laughter died down.

“Of course! I swear!” She said crossing her heart.

“And this program isn't going to make me… Do that again, right?”

“Not unless you want to.”

“I don't see why I would… Um… want to…” She coughed. “Um… Do that…”

“Pepper” I began. “I promise I won't do anything you don't want me to do. I don't want to hurt my friends.”

She nodded. “Ok. Um… So… Brian? Do you have any pants I can wear?”

I had to buy more clothes for Pepper despite the limited budget. It was easier this time being able to take her to the store to be fitted. Cassia tagged along as well and helped her pick things out, as well as grab a few items for herself.

My wallet was hurting.

For the time being, Cassia decided she would sleep with me when she wasn't working, and Pepper would stay in the living room on the couch. We'd have to get another bed or something eventually. However, Cassia was super busy until the holidays. She rarely slept with me, and instead worked on my computer all night.

Pepper and Cassia talked allot when they were together, but the rest of the time it was just the two of us. At first, it was awkward. She didn't want to talk, I wasn't sure what to say. Instead, I just did stuff around the house and prepare for Christmas.

She spent most of her time browsing the internet, learning about anything and everything that sparked her interest. As smart as she clearly was, there was a ton of stuff she wanted to know. Since very basic, others very advanced. I guess without a formal education to round out your knowledge, it can be very lopsided. I want so sure now she'd be the best tutor, but I never even asked her about that yet.

I would often catch her lo looking at me, but she'd always look away as soon as I saw her. It was cute to watch her ponytail dance around every time she did that.

“Say, Brian?” Pepper and out of the blue one day when she was looking up something on the computer. “Do you… ‘like’ like my sister?”

“Well… Yeah.”

“But you aren't upset I came onto you, are you? I mean if you like my sister that much…”

“No! Cassia and I are… Let's say she doesn't control my sex life, and I don't control hers, but she wanted you to have one too.”

“But… with you?” she blushed. “I mean if she installed this thing in me and knew you were going to be there… She must have known…”

“I'm pretty sure it was all part of her plan” I agreed. “I think she wants to share her happiness with you. And for her that means me.”

“But you're OK with that? I mean most humans don't have… open relationships.”

I shrugged. “I'm fine with it. She's my number one girl, but in all honesty, I've been interested in all three of you for a long time.”

“Is… Is that why you would spend so much time there?”

“Well, you three were the cutest girls I ever met, you were always smiling and friendly, and always really nice and eager to start a conversation.”

Pepper smiled. “Yeah… Well. You were one of those rare nice customers that seemed to actually care about us. People never just talked with us, although you did.”

“What about you?” I asked. “Did you have anyone you liked?”

She blushed. “No… I could never leave that store. I also never… Thought about it before. Before…” She cleared her throat. “Brian, do you still… Um… want to… uh… You know…”


“Do… It… With me?”

I didn't expect that! “Well, only if you want to. I mean I would love to, but I rather not take advantage of you.”

“That's… That's good” she nodded. “I mean if you want… to…”

“Pepper, are you feeling OK?” I asked as I walked over to her.

“Ye- yeah. I'm… I'm fine.”

“What's this all about?” I stood behind her as she sat at my desk. What I didn't expect to see on the computer she was using was porn. Specifically bondage porn. She didn't try to hide it or anything.

“It's just… You remember that night” she began. “When I… When you touched me… I… Well, it really felt… Um… Good. Like really good”


“And well… Ever since you… Fixed me… I've… I still….”

“Feel it?”

She nodded. “Everyday… I… Can't stop thinking about… That night. Anything sexual always seemed… bad before, wrong for some reason. But after that… I can't stop thinking about it” she admitted looking up at me. Her face was bright red. “About you…”

“Did you enjoy it that much?”

She nodded again.

“Cassia didn't turn down those settings in you, did she?”

“I think she did. But… I still feel it… And even though it's only been a few days… I really want you to…” Her eyes unfocused but soon she snapped out of it. “I mean- Grrr! Everything is so different all of a sudden! It's like ever since Cassia got coffee on her, nothing's been the same!”

“Well, maybe it hasn't. But is it really that bad?”

Pepper shook her head. “I don't know. This whole sexuality thing is freaking me out. You know I can hear you two going at it!”

I blushed. “Well, sorry about that, it’s hard to keep it down when she gets so into it. We haven’t done it that much, Cassia’s been busy lately. And I’m setting this place up.”

“I know. I didn’t mean anything by it. Just that… in the past, I would think it was a distraction or inappropriate. Now all I can think about is how much I want it!” She growled to herself and pulled at her hair.

“You ok? You know, I don’t mind if you want some attention. You only need to ask.”

She released her grip on her hair and looked up at me. “You… you mean that?”

“Yeah. Trust me, Cassia doesn’t mind. She’s been begging to let you join us but I didn’t want to pressure you.”

“She has?”

“Yeah. She wanted you to enjoy sex as part of life, that’s why she put that inside you. And I think she wanted you to do it with me because I made her so happy.”

“I… My chest… it’s been aching since you woke me up” she complained. “Could you…”

I leaned forward and put my hands on her shoulders. She shuddered at my touch. “What?”

“Could you… touch…” she continued. I lowered my hands to her arms and then her sides. “Hah… please touch me!” She pleaded as I gently caressed her sides with my fingertips. She let out an uneasy breath as I slowly moved my hands forward, teasing her, and to the sides of her chest. Pepper whimpered and closed her eyes. “Please… m… master! Caress my… my br- breasts!”

I smiled and brought my hands forward. Master, huh? Maybe she was getting into this whole S&M thing she was clearly reading about. I let my fingers brush against her erect nipples pressing against the fabric of her blue camisole. She moaned a little at the lightest touch, so I gave gently pressed my hands firmly against her. Pepper was completely engulfed in pleasure as I felt her breasts through her clothes.

I caressed her chest harder, massaging and squeezing her as hey breath deepened and increased. She bit her lip and whimpered.

“Is this good?”

“Yes,” she squeaked. “Please master… Do it… more” she begged.

I lifted up her shirt and pulled it off over her head, letting her breasts bounce freely. She lifted her hand to help and wrapped her arms around my neck, stretching her torso. Caressing her was like a little slice of heaven.

Pepper started to pant and stuck her tongue out a little as she shuddered at my touch. I pinched her nipples and pulled, sending shivers of ecstasy up her spine.

“That's amazing!” She breathed. “Brian… Master… Sir… Please, have your way with me.”

“But you don't have-”

She whimpered. “I know! But… It feels so good!”

I pulled away and stood next to her offering her a hand. Taking it, she stood up and followed me to the bedroom.

“Isn't this your-?” she wondered. I nodded. “And Cassia will be-?”

“Fine with it” I promised her. “I thought I'd make your first willing sexual experience as good as I could.”

She smiled as I led her to the bed. Stripping her out of rest of her clothes, and removing my own, I laid her down on the bed.

“But master, I don't-” she objected as I mounted her but I silenced her with one finger to her lips.

I crawled up her body and positioned myself over her chest and placed my dick between her breasts. She smiled as I grasped her tits and massaged her while thrusting up and down. She really started to get into it, giving me a sultry look licking her lips.

She arched her body into me and threw back her head. I want sure but it looked like she had a small orgasm just from playing with her breasts.

I got off of her and helped her stand, leaning against the wall and standing behind her. She yelped. “Ah! What are you…?”

I slid my hard rod between her legs and rubbed against her featureless crotch. Her thighs gripped me tightly as I thrust between them and grabbed her breasts from behind, stimulating them. I pounded hard against her, focusing on finishing myself.

“You’re so forceful! I- Ahn! Is this what the real thing is like?” She wondered.

It didn't take long for me to finish, squirting cum on her butt, where she wouldn't short-circuit. Really anywhere on her was fine now, as long as it wasn’t in her mouth. I caught my breath and leaned into her.“It's much better.”

She turned towards me and gave me a desperate look. “Please, Brian… I- I want that upgrade.”

Pepper no longer avoided conversation after that, and often she would ask about sex. She was fascinated by it, always looking things up and researching it. I didn’t have all the answers, but her thirst for knowledge seemed endless.

We regularly made out when Cassia was away. I was extra careful not to hurt her, but she was desperate to experience more. Cassia knew all about it, and encouraged it, but was always too busy to join in.

As much as I wanted to get Pepper an upgrade right away, it wasn't that easy to get and affording it was difficult too. Since I was still so busy fixing and painting and setting up the house, I had little time to work, that and my last 2 quarters of school. I knew I needed to do something to get Pepper that upgrade, but I wasn’t sure what.

Cassia came up with the idea that maybe Pepper could help. She could work nights when Cassia did, and help save up money even faster. I thought it was a great idea if Pepper was up for it. As long as there was time for her to still tutor me. And that was when I realized I never even asked her about that.

“Say Pepper” I brought up as she was looking up information on some sort of insect she read about.

“Yes?” she replied clearly, but without looking up from the screen.

“Do you really want that upgrade?”

She stopped her reading and turned toward me, her face flushed and but her eyes focused. “Yes. I… I really do. I’ve been thinking about it a lot. And… well, I want to try it.”

“Well, since I’m still not done with classes yet, and it’s a very expensive upgrade, do you think maybe you could… help out?”

“Help? How?” She asked enthusiastically.

“Well, you could take on a job like what Cassia does at night. They are always looking for people, and I’m sure customer service centers will need people after the holidays.”

She didn’t even have to think about it. “Anything! I’ll do it.”

“Great!” I smiled.

“But why stop then? I can work double, triple shifts. There’s nothing stopping me from-”

“Besides the wear and tear on your CPU and body, and the fact that I rather you enjoy life and not dedicate every waking second to work… I was thinking you could help me a little later too.”

“Help you? But… what can I do?”

“You can teach me.”

“Teach you?” She questioned, looking puzzled.

“Yeah. You’re really smart, and I just… failed one of my classes. Could you maybe help me study? Like a tutor?”

“You want me to tutor you?”

I nodded. She blinked and thought about it. “I… I guess I could if I am familiar with the topic. What class is it?”

I went to the computer and pulled up the business management class I had to retake. She looked at it and smiled. “I think you will get straight A’s next quarter.”


“I’ll study this and get familiar with everything in it. We can start tutoring tomorrow.”

“Woah now… let’s not jump the gun. This can wait till after the holidays. Maybe once the quarter starts?”

She pondered. “I guess it can wait a little longer, and it will give me time to really dive into the subject. But waiting until the class begins might be too late. But… it can wait till the holidays are over if you’d like.”

“You are the best” I grinned and gave her a hug. She just sat there and sighed. Releasing her I realized I stimulated her chest again, and she was struggling to control herself.

“Maybe a reward can… can be arranged?” she sighed.


“If you can uh… Pass the class with an A, you could… do whatever you want to me.” She blushed.

Smiling, I winked at her. “I think we can arrange something.”

And so it was she took up a job at home, only she had to work days and split the computer use with Cassia. At least until Christmas. It meant we were not messing around much anymore, and even my time with Cassia was reduced to one or two sessions a week.

But come Christmas all that was going to change

That morning, I woke up to find Cassia missing from my bed. Pepper usually stayed in the living room plugged in on the couch or chair, so I figured they must both be out there talking like they sometimes did. Except all was silent. Cassie had a long week at the store, and she always came home exhausted. It made me feel guilty for having quit the job and not picked up another one.

I threw on some sweatpants and walked shirtless from my room to the living room to greet the girls. Instead, I found an artificial Christmas tree set up. I didn’t own one, so it was a bit of a shock. Red and Green flashing lights illuminated the room and twinkled onto a few presents under the tree.

The biggest two were sitting there naked except for the large ribbons they wore covering their privates. Cassia in a red ribbon and Pepper in green sat in front of the tree on their knees with their bodies lightly bound in ribbon, both seemingly asleep. I wasn’t sure whose idea it was, but I approved.

I walked over to the tree and was tempted to open up everything else first, just to spite them, but I didn’t want to spoil their work. I kneeled between the two of them smiling. “What have we here?”

Tags dangled from the large bows tied over their chests. One said “Merry” and the other “Christmas.” I chuckled and stood up.

“Well well well… Which should I open first?”

I could see a small smile flash on Cassia's face just for an instant. They were both really cute and sexy, and yet looked nothing alike. Cassia was short, athletic, toned, and spunky while Pepper was tall, thin, busty, and intellectual. I might have had more of a thing for Cassie, and she may have had the anatomical advantage of an upgrade Pepper lacked, but I couldn't pick favorites. OK, I was totally more into Cassia, but I didn't want to upset either of them, Pepper was promising to be a lot of fun and I was totally infatuated with her too.

I took one knee between them and gently pulled at the loose ends of the views on both of them, pulling at the same time. With a pop, the bow vanished and the ribbons around their chests loosened and feel away.

Pepper grinned but Cassia stuck out her tongue. “Cheater. You were supposed to pick one.”

“How was I to know that?” I defended playfully.

I helped them both to their feet, letting the rest of the ribbon fall from them. Cassia stood there completely naked while Pepper still wore a green ribbon tied around her waist fashioned into panties.

“Merry Christmas” Cassia purred, leaning into my chest. She embraced me for a big kiss, which was surprisingly more romantic than I was expecting.

“Not fair” Pepper pouted behind her. “I want some.”

Cassia slyly pulled away and skipped behind Pepper, letting her body bounce around nicely, before pressing her sister forward and into me. Pepper clumsily clashed into my chest and gazed into my eyes. She seemed to lose her breath as I slowly leaned in.

Even though she was hesitant at first, Pepper ended up melting into my arms and kissing me passionately. As I pulled back, her tongue remained hanging out and her eyes closed until she realized the kiss ended.

“M- Merry Christmas” she sighed.

“Merry Christmas indeed” I answered to both of them.

“So…” Cassie pounced, “shall we open gifts, or do you want to play with them first?”

“Mmm… I think 'play'” I winked.

“Right answer” Cassia mewed.

For the first time, Cassia and Pepper and I were all intimate together. It was a wild morning. Cassia was clearly frustrated from all the work she had that she was already glistening wet before we even started.

As Pepper gave me another kiss and massaged my chest and shoulders, Cassia kneeled down and pulled down my pants, taking me inside her mouth. It felt amazing, and then they tagged off. Pepper slid down my front and rubbed her bountiful soft chest over my hard meat while Cassie embraced me. Cassia couldn't wait long though, and soon she was sliding me inside her while still standing.

“Ohh yes! That's it!” She grunted as I started pounding her. Pepper watched closely and ran her hands over us. She couldn't do much, but she was eager to participate however she could. That meant that while Cassie was changing positions or just needed a break after coming, Pepper would rub herself over me or caress me with her hands. She loved it when I but hey nipple or have her butt a slap.

Cassie came quickly and often. “AAAHH Hhaaaa!!! Yes!” She yelled as she came for the third or fourth time. I later longer than I expected to because trying to fuck one girl while licking the tits of another required concentration. Cassia collapsed on the couch and squirted. I hadn't seen her do that before.

“Woah… Female ejaculation” Pepper muttered. “That's so intense!”

Cassia shuddered as she got the new couch dirty with her juices, not that I really cared. Pepper kneeled before me to use her breasts on me again.

“I'm getting close!” I warned.

“Ooohhh… Me too” Cassie murmured almost incoherently as she plopped to the floor and managed to kneel next to her sister. She opened her mouth and presented her tongue while Pepper closed hers tight and clenched her face.

I rubbed out a huge load all over the girls. They laughed as I caught my breath and sat on the couch. Cassia collapsed to the floor while Pepper stayed kneeling taking in my scent. She was the first to get up and grab towels to clean up with.

Cassia laid on top of me once Pepper wiped her off and she regained her senses, while Pepper sat at our side and laid her head on me.

They both looked really happy, and I know I was. We stayed that way for a good hour just basking in the afterglow and enjoying each other. But eventually, we had to get up. I needed to eat, and there were still other gifts to open.

By the end of the day, the three of us had a great day. The girls got me a new laptop and phone, and they got all sorts of accessories including cell service, wireless charging, and clothes. Cassia and I managed to order the upgrade to Pepper, although it was so last minute all we had for her was an empty box and a description of what she was getting printed out inside it.

Pepper flipped out! She was so excited she couldn't contain herself. She was very familiar with the upgrade we chose, as it was the best on the market at the time. It was even better than Cassie's. She wouldn't stop talking about it and it was clear she knew more about it than I did. It was still going to take a few weeks to show up, but good things come to those who wait, right?

It was a great day, but toward the end of it, something was nagging at Cassia.

“What's wrong?” I asked.

“It's… nothing” she lied.

“Come on, you can tell me.”

“Well, it's just… Pepper seems to happy, and I sure am… But I feel bad for Ginger now.”

“Oh my god… I can't take her in too!”

“There’s plenty of room!”

“But you are sucking me dry. Once Pepper is upgraded I'll be just a husk. Ginger will turn me to dust. Not to mention I can't afford repairs or upgrades right now.”

“Who said she would want to have sex? Wait… I'm not that bad, am I?”

“Bad? No. You're amazing! But also insatiable and relentless…”

“I’m satiable!” She objected.

“Really? Do you even know what that means?”

She paused for a moment looking guilty. A few seconds later she nodded. “I do now. Oh, come on! You totally satisfy me!”

“Yeah, but it takes a lot out of me.”

“I- I'm sorry, I didn't know I was causing you trouble.”

I shook my head and chuckled. “You're not, Cassie. I love it actually. But we might need to pace ourselves.”

“Ah… I see.” She said looking away. “It's just… It's the best thing that ever happened to me… The upgrade, being away from that place, being with you.... And being physical with you feels so good! The sensation when you’re inside-”

“I know it does. I'm not asking you to stop, But it will be even better if we have a little more time between sessions.”

“Better?” she looked up curious.

“Getting so used to sex that it’s no longer exciting is a tragedy.”

“You can get tired of sex?” she asked as Pepper walked into the room.

“Well, I can because I’m human. I don’t know about you. But making it special, doing something new or fun with it, making it something you look forward to, something special... that can keep it interesting and fun.”

“Like always feeling the desire but not being able to act on it?” Pepper asked. “I think I can understand that. So does it all go downhill after the first time?”

“Practice makes it better, but too much of a good thing is bad too. It’s like a flame, you need to give it enough fuel and air to smolder. Too much and it will blow out or burn out. We need to find a balance… between the three of us. But adding Ginger is only going to complicate things more.”

“I wasn’t thinking about it like that. But rescuing Ginger doesn’t mean she’ll want to sleep with you! She… she might not like sex at all... ” Cassia pouted.

“Ginger’s been through a lot” Pepper explained. “She's older than us, and the boss… He… Uh…”


“He already fully upgraded her” she explained. “He’s been using her for sexual relief for a long time. We all know about it even though he thinks we don't. And it wears on her. She's always been a big sister to us. But that meant that she'd take the brunt of the abuse on our behalf.”

“What?” I snapped.

“I… Didn't know she was fully upgraded” Cassia admitted.

“I figured it out. Sometime last year” Pepper clarified.

“Is… Is that why you were so…” I began.

“Reluctant about sex? Probably. Yeah. I guess. She hates it; she hates him. But she would deal with him so we didn't have to.”

We mulled over these revelations. “We… Need to do something” I noted.

Cassia and Pepper both looked up at me shocked.

“Look, It’s not like I don’t want her living with us, but I sure don't want to make her life worse, let alone her sex life. It’s just this is all so new to me. I’ve never lived with someone like this before, let alone 3 others, and it’s all a little overwhelming. But if your sister needs help… You two have been so good to me, how could I say no?”

“Brian…” Cassia mewed and gave me a big hug.

“Thank you so much” Pepper added, embracing me as well.

“It can’t be that bad having 3 cute girls here, can it?” I was going to regret this, wasn't I?

After that day, Cassia cut back her hours at the store to part-time, and Pepper and Cassie both worked nights at home. Pepper was so bright and smart, she got bumped up to a lead technician before the end of the month. Demand for advanced technical support was apparently a big thing after the holidays when everyone was playing with their new gadgets. With 3 incomes, money was no longer a problem.

I continued to work around the house but Pepper soon had me studying for my class early. As much as I hated it, she was right, I needed to finish this and what better way was there than to turn an F to an A?

While Cassia and I found more time together, Pepper decided to avoid the temptation, because she was too frustrated from all the tactile information and sexual tension but could get no release. She would wear earphones so she didn't have to hear us when we got a little too wild.

Cassie tried to take my advice to cut down on our sexual exploits, but it was hard for her. She would start something without thinking, and then have to back off, which only frustrated her more. It meant she was spending more nights pleasing herself than she used to, and she didn’t try to hide it from me. I think she got off on knowing I was watching.

Needless to say, I was still getting a lot of sex. I didn’t really want to complain about it though. One thing Cassia did well was mixing things up and keeping it interesting. She was so good at keeping me interested and excited, that I never had a dull session with her. At least I managed to convince her to wear clothing around the house more. That was a nice change because it meant seeing her naked was more enticing. And honestly she liked fashion, so it wasn’t hard to convince her. Pepper, on the other hand, still wore loose clothing to avoid too much stimulation.

I asked Pepper about that, and she said it was fine. She didn’t mind it really. And Cassia assured me she lowered the settings way down. The only explanation I got came from Pepper, who explained that the software was designed to work with hardware she didn’t have, so the master sensitivity levels were a little unbalanced, making even the lowest setting overly stimulating. Honestly, I think Pepper enjoyed it. Caught her a few times just feeling herself up.

Surprisingly, before the new quarter started, a package arrived. Inside was Pepper’s upgrade. She was thrilled! I had never seen her so excited before. She tore open the package and just looked at it in awe for a while.

“It’s beautiful” she finally whispered. “I can’t… Brian, can we install it now?”

I shrugged. I knew it was going to take a long time, it took several days with Cassia, but now that I'd done it before and had Cassie to help, I figured it could be done over the weekend.

From then until that Friday, just before classes started up again, all she did was talking about the upgrade. She geeked out over it. What the sensitivity levels were, how realistic it was, what the fluids were made of, how food was processed… She was obsessed and it was really cute.

At last the day of, Pepper was ready. She stripped herself naked and put out a blanket to lay on in the middle of living room floor. She seemed nervous and excited at the same time, smiling but trembling.

“I'm ready” she exhaled as she sat upright on the floor nude. She leaned back and removed her hands from her chest, laying with her arms to either side of her, and gave us both a nervous grin.

Cassia gave her a thumbs up and I nodded as I popular out my phone and logged in. Moments later, Pepper closed her eyes and shut down. We waited for a second to make sure everything was good.

“Should I draw a penis on her face?” Cassia joked.

“Cassie!” I scolded but she just stuck her tongue out and laughed.


I tapped on the phone, opening up panels all down Pepper's front, and began.

Pepper was bigger than Cassia, which helped with dinner of the smaller details, but otherwise, she was identical on the inside. They were the same model, after all, only different customizations.

Pepper was apparently the tallest of the standard customizations, so the crotch panel replacement fit easier into her with fewer adjustments, and the skin tone was spot on. Apparently, he didn't customize her as much as he did with Cassia. Or rather he customized Cassia for her looks and personality but spent his budget customizing Pepper on her smarts.

We worked together all day inside Pepper, starting from the top and working down. Cassia's smaller hands were a godsend. And we were able to install most of it that day! Cassia didn't want to stop but she forgot I needed sleep, so she relented.

We left Pepper there that night with her panels closed and a blanket over her, and I only hoped no one snuck in to find what looked like a dead body in the middle of the floor. No one did. And when we both got up and got back to it, it wasn't even noon by the time we were tweaking her software settings and updating her firmware.

I decided to readjust her sensitivity levels, now that she was properly upgraded, but leaving her nipples just a little more sensitive than Cassia's, since she had grown so used to it. Still, it was much less than before and I'm sure a huge relief for her.

I closed her up and stood back, looking at our handiwork. Pepper looked perfect! Her new anatomy blended in perfectly and she no longer looked weird naked with a doll's crotch. Now she looked like a woman, a human. She even had hair down there, something she requested, while Cassia didn't get that.

I started her up. It took a minute, but finally, she started to move and breathe and finally blinked and opened her eyes.

Pepper looked between us, and then between her legs. She just stared at her slit for a minute before bending her knees and giving me a clear view of her new hardware.

“Oh… My god… It's beautiful! I love it!” She yelled as she looked at it. Cautiously she brought her hand to her snatch and touched it. “Ohhh… Ok, that's different.” She giggled as she touched the outside of it and realized she had an anus too.

“Careful now” I warned her as she kept touching it. She was getting me hard as she moved her fingers up and down, spreading her labia a little inadvertently. Suddenly she jumped in place.

“Ahn! What!? That… That was not expected.”

“You alright?” Cassia asked.

Pepper nodded. “Yes… I just… The sensation is so different from regular touch.”

“You'll get used to it” I assured her.

“It isn't like you feel it all the time” Cassia explained. “How's the sensitivity?”

Pepper curled her toes and touched again. She stiffened and a sigh escaped her. “That's crazy!”

I looked at my phone at a readout. “Looks about the same as with you,” I told Cassia.

She pressed her fingers against her new sex and spread her legs more. A small gap at the back of her pussy opened up enough to let me see inside her a little. I know I just installed this in her and had been staring at it for a day, but watching her play with it was like I had never seen it before and excited me.

“Uuhhhh…” She grunted as she discovered the entrance for herself.

“And your titties?” Cassia asked playfully.

Pepper brought her hand up to her chest and touched herself, squeezing her breast and pinching her nipple. “Oh… It's good but less than before.”

“She's still pretty sensitive” Cassia noted looking at the charts.

“I think you're good” I smiled.

Pepper beamed and awkwardly stood up, but lost her balance. Cassie and I helped her up and sat her on the couch. We sat on either side of her.

“This is so different…” Pepper smiled. “Just moving feels different.”


Cassia stood up. “Totally. It's not always sexual, but you totally notice it, right?” She twisted and bent her body like she was trying to feel herself without using her hands.

Pepper nodded. “I didn't think it would feel so different.”

“Just be glad you don't have dicks” I teased. “Always in the way, brushing against everything… Being awkward at the worst times.”

“But awesome” Cassie grinned.

“Heh… I'm not complaining.”

“Speaking of awkward” Pepper said looking down at my pants. I was erect, although not at full mast, and she bit her lip while looking. Slowly she placed her hands on my thigh next to it. I could feel her hand trembling.

“Do you want to test it out?” Cassia teased.

She hopped in her seat, making her breasts bounce around. “Test!? Like right now?”

“Only if you want,” I said, putting my arms on the back of the couch, with one behind Pepper's head.

She started to breathe heavily thinking about it and absentmindedly grasped her breast. She didn't say anything and just stared at my groin before nodding.

“Oh, can I join in too?” Cassia asked.

“Up to you Pepper.”

She looked up at us and realized we'd asked her something. “What?”

“Can I join you two?” Cassia pleaded.

“Oh… Um… I…”

“It's OK to say no.”

“Uhh… I think… For my first time I want it to be just the two of us” she shyly admitted, playing with her hands.

“Aww…” Cassia pouted. “I guess I'll just… Uh… Watch something weird without you two.”

I gave her a funny look but she just sat down at the computer and started up some weird foreign film. Pepper didn't hesitate though as she started to stroke me more through my pants.

“Can't you do that in the bedroom?” Cassia asked. “You're driving me crazy.”

Nevermind that Cassia would do it with me in front of Pepper on occasion, although Pepper never complained. But she was right, and so I got up and took Pepper's hand and led her to the bedroom, closing the door behind us.

“You did about-” I began as I turned to face her but she was already on her knees.

“Please Master, I've been a naughty girl, I need to be punished.”

“Woah there Pepper” I objected. “I mean I get that you're so into S&M play, but for your first time that might be too extreme. And I don't have any of the gear.”

“Ah… Yes… Of course.” She realized looking disappointed.

I sighed. This was her special time with me. “But I guess we can start light, with some… spanking, hair-pulling, that sort of thing. Pepper smiled.

“Yes, Master!”

She was really getting into this. My imagination ran away with ideas of bondage great and whips and leather. Damn… I didn't think she'd actually want to try this.

I sat on the bed and beckoned her over. “I've never done anything like this before so… I'll do my best” I told her. She nodded and stood naked before me with her arms to either side hiding nothing.

I touched her gently, getting almost no reaction from her, before pulling her in and leaning her over my lap. She squealed but obeyed, sticking her butt out for me.

I lightly tapped it, getting only a small gasp from her. I tried again, and again, each time spanking her round supple rear harder. Pepper started to yelp with each strike.

She squirmed and panted as I started leaving red marks on her skin. Pepper moaned deeply and I was getting hard, poking her stomach.

Finally, I stopped and positioned her on her knees. She obeyed and trembled as she stared at my groin. “Suck me off” I ordered and she didn't hesitate.

Clumsily unbuckling my belt and pants, she pulled out my erect cock and marveled at it. Slowly she pressed her soft wet lips to my member and started to lick and kiss me. She moaned as she did which added to the sensation. Soon, she took me in her mouth and started to suck and lick me.

Bobbing her head, she took me in and out, repeating the same technique from the bathroom before we rescued her. She was really getting into it and she got more intense as she did. I could feel my orgasm coming and tried to stop her.

“I'm about to come, you can stop now,” I asked, but she just kept going. She took me so the way until I shot my load in her mouth. I panicked at first but she gulped and she kept me in her mouth. She slowly pulled back and I popped out of her mouth. She swallowed it all and smiled sweetly.

“Pepper, I told you to stop.”

“Master only said I ‘can’ stop” she clarified.

“I'm going to have to punish you for this “ I smiled. She tried to suppress a grin too.

“Yes, Master.”

I pulled her onto the bed and ran my hands over her body, feeling her tits and caressing her. She sighed but I needed to punish get, right? So I pinched her nipples hard and twisted them a little. She let out a yelp and whimpered.

I pulled at her breasts, watching them stretch and bounce add I let her nipples go. She would gasp and moan and writhe in place on the bed, her arms bent helplessly beside her. I slapped her breasts a little, getting another sexy reaction from her. Pepper's moans increased and she started to look desperate.

“Please Bria- Master, I need more! I mean… Punish me harder.”

She broke character a little but it was so cute. I reached down and ran my fingers down her belly, over her mons, and on to her snatch. She gasped and pressed her hips upwards against me.

I rubbed her new flesh, finding her clitoris and tackling it. She started to shake she lose herself at my touch. But I didn't relent. She squeaked and squirmed as I started massaging her pussy until she was wet and panting. I kissed her as I rubbed her hard. She kissed her back but had to pull back and gasp hard when my fingers slid inside her honeypot.

Rubbing and teasing her pussy and clit, I simultaneously kissed and lightly bit her nipples.

“Oh, God! It's so good! Brian! I mean… Master!”

She shuddered and bucked under my touch. I rubbed her harder, stimulating her g-spot, and giving her her first orgasm.

“Uuhhhh!! Yes!! Ahhhn!! AAAHH!” She came, squirting. A rubbed her more, making her chin several times, and each time she pushed her hips high into the air and squirted on my bed.

At least she released and I let her go. “Oh… Master…” She glowed.

“You made a mess in my bed” I scolded. “You need to be punished for it” I warned her. She smiled widely as she lay there catching her breath.

I was rock hard again and she noticed. I flipped her over, took off the rest of my clothes, crawled up on the bed behind her, and lifted her ass, angling her hips to completely expose her pussy.

Giving her a slap on her rear, I aligned myself and pressed inside her virgin wet pussy. Pepper arched her back and froze.

“Oh my god! You’re huge! It hurts!” she panicked as she gripped onto my sheets.

“Are you OK? I can stop.”

“Give me a minute,” she asked. “Don't move!”

She trembled against me for a minute as her body adjusted to my shape. Pepper relaxed and started to breathe normally.

“Ok… I think I'm-”

I started slowly thrusting, instantly sending sensations she never imagined through her CPU. She gasped and moaned, trying to manage these sensations. I slapped her butt as I started to increase my speed and force.

“Ohh!!! YES!!” She belted. I loved watching her sexy back ripple with my every move, but watching her breasts bounce back and forth was the best. I reached around and grabbed her tits briefly but the position was too awkward.

Instead, I reached up to her head and grabbed her ponytail, pulling it up and back, forcing her head back. She groaned and drooled as I started pounding harder into her pussy from the rear. I was already getting closer again but thanks to pulling her hair, she beat me to it.

“HAHH! AH! Oh god yes! Fuck me harder! AAAHH!” She squealed at the top of her lungs.

I felt her body convulse against me and her pussy pushed me out before squirting again. I grabbed her ass and squeezed, pushing myself back inside and thrusting, causing her to scream in ecstasy.

Finally, I came inside Pepper, it felt amazing! Her pussy felt so different than Cassia's, one of the reasons these upgrades took so long to build. It gripped nicely onto me and undulated, milking me dry.

At last, she collapsed on the bed as I released her hair. I collapsed on top of her. We lay there recovering for a minute when I noticed something.

“Has she been watching this whole time?” I whispered to Pepper.

She blushed and glanced at the door that was slightly open. Cassia was clearly watching us.

Pepper laughed. “It's OK… You can let her in. Give me a minute though. Oh, Brian…” She twisted her body around and faced me. Putting her hands gently on my face she gazed lovingly into my eyes. “Thank you for this.”

She kissed me, and then giggled, letting me go.

I got up and headed for the door. I heard a squeak and a thud before I opened the door.

Cassie sat there on the floor, leaning back having fallen over from her perch. She was flashing her dripping wet pussy at me as she had her skirt hiked up to her butt, revealing all. Her right hand was covered in her own juices as she started up at me with a guilty expression.

“Pepper says you can come in now,” I told her. She looked up at me a little confused but looked passed need into the room and smiled sheepishly.

“Sorry” she admitted.

I offered her a hand and she took it. However, I didn't just lift her to her feet but all the way into my arms and held her up. She yelped as I carried her into the room and set her on the bed next to Pepper.

“Heh…” Cassia chuckled. “Guess you saw me. But you two were so hot! I couldn't help myself!”

Pepper blushed and sat up on the bed, her bent legs to either side of her, as she grinned at her sister.

“Now you know what it's been like these last few weeks” she teased and stuck out her tongue.

“You aren't jealous, right?” I asked. I didn't want to upset Cassia. Even though I was totally infatuated with Pepper and loved being with her, Cassia was my favorite.

“You kidding?! That was fucking amazing! I can't be jealous of my sisters being with you, just as long as you keep- what are you-? Hahhn!”

Pepper grabbed into naughty sister and held her back, giving me a wink. I leaned in and grabbed Cassie's legs, pushing them above her head, and started licking her sweet wet pussy. She instant reacted and hey let's started to shake.

“Did you cum already, Cas?” Pepper asked her as she took charge of Cassie’s legs and held them back, completely exposing her pussy to me.

“Ahhahahhhaaaa” she mumbled as an answer.

I lifted my head from her trembling loins. “I think she means ’yes’. She was playing herself while watching us.”

Cassia's legs shook as she orgasmed already. Pepper took the opportunity to pull her top off, and I removed her skirt and panties. Pepper once again pinned her down with her legs over her head. Cassia sat there, naked and exposed, being held down by her sister, and recovering from there orgasm she just had.

“You're a naughty girl” Pepper added. “Master should punish you.”

“Maaasssteer?” Cassia droned as she drooled from her climax.

“Yes, Brian is our Master and we are his naughty slave girls.”


I leaned into Cassia's ear and whispered. “She's into S&M roleplay, just go with it.”

Cassia's eyes widened. “What?!” Pepper smiled wickedly at her sister. “Oh boy…”

I plunged myself into her presented pussy and reached all the way to the root in one go. A shuddered ran down her spine as her own orgasm was renewed and echoed through her body. Pepper licked her lips as she watched my member piston in and out of her smaller sister. They both felt amazing, and yet after all the sex we’ve had, Cassia still felt tight and amazing!

“You must spank her Master,” Pepper added. “She needs to be spanked for cumming so soon.”

Cassia had enough sense left in her to look at me and shake her head. I wasn’t going to hit her, especially if she didn’t want it. After a few more thrusts, I pulled out, watching her loins pulse in and out, begging for my dick.

Instead, I got on the bed and laid down on my back, giving them both a good look at my erection as it towered before them. Cassie rolled over and directly onto me, straddling my hips and lowering herself until our hips met. Pepper smiled and watched as I started thrusting up and into Cassie’s svelte body, getting an instant barrage of moans and gasps from her. I slapped Cassia’s ass as she moved up and down, drawing a squeak from her. She didn’t seem to hate it.

I did it again, and then again, and Cassie started to moan deeper as I did. With each strike, she would ride me harder and faster, getting more wild as she went. Pepper couldn’t take much more and crawled over me, straddling her hips over my head and lowering her pussy to my face.

I couldn’t see much else, but I did grab her legs and started licking and sucking her. She seemed to shudder the moment I touched her, and her breathing increased. I could hear something else going on up there, but I couldn’t see. However, I assumed they were kissing or making out or something while both riding me.

Cassia let out a gasp and grabbed me, freezing in place as an orgasm took over, causing her body to convulse violently. I thrust into her harder to make up for her lack of movement and could feel her orgasm vibrating into me. She started to shake and suddenly I heard a beep. It concerned me.

“Brian!” Cassia complained. “I’m overheating! I’m… oh god! I can’t stop cumming!”

Pepper grabbed onto me too as her own orgasm took over, and she lifted herself off of me just in time to squirt her nectar onto the bed beside me. She collapsed, breathing deeply, and giving me a chance to see that Cassie was bright red in the face and crying. Her mouth hung open and she struggled to breathe. I leaned up and hugged her, and came hard.

As my ejaculation subsided, I grabbed her shoulders and looked at her face. She gasped and whimpered. Another beep sounded from within her body.

“Cassie? Are you ok?”

She shook her head. “I can’t breathe!”

I lifted her up and off me and laid her on the bed. As soon as I pulled out, she gasped again and started to inhale deeply.

“Cas?!” Pepper yelped as she composed herself and joined us.

Luckily Cassie’s breathing increased and slowed down and her face returned to normal. Her body convulsed for several minutes as she recovered from an incredibly intense climax. She laid back, trembling and convulsing, and laughing.


“Cassie?” I joined in.

“Oh my god, I thought I was going to die” she laughed. “That was INCREDIBLE! I couldn’t stop cumming! I was stuck in a loop!”

“A loop?” I wondered.

“My programming… something got confused… and I just kept climaxing! It was amazing! An amazing climax. It was.. was… Climazing!” she laughed, making words up as she acted deliriously.

“I think when you pulled out of her” Pepper deduced, “it ended the loop. She might need a software upgrade.”

“Good idea” I nodded.

Pepper soon started laughing too and I couldn’t help but join in. We all lay there on the bed laughing for a while before just laying there together. It was amazing to lay there with a girl on either side fawning over you. But I was crazy for them too. We ended up doing it again, although we kept it pretty straightforward. I focused on Pepper more for the rest of the day, giving Cassie a break and letting Pepper really test out her new systems.

Part 3 - Ginger

We ended up upgrading Cassia later that night. She was actually way out of date. Apparently, Pepper would log online and update herself at night while at the store, but Cassia never did, and I never bothered to check.

As the quarter started, everything picked up pace. Pepper tutored me every day and work at night, Cassie would work when she wasn’t doing whatever it was she did, and I tried to ace the class. Our lives got busy, and we didn’t see each other as much as I would have liked. Sex was far less frequent, and it was mainly only with Cassie. In fact, Pepper seemed to be avoiding it, although she swore it wasn’t anything.

We were happy, but every day the girls would concern themselves over Ginger. I joined in as well when I could. We spent months going over our options and coming up with what to do. We decided Ginger needed to be treated differently. And we decided that we wouldn’t do anything to make her uncomfortable once she was here.

After the quarter ended, and the next quarter was about to begin, we decided to make our move. The good news was I got an A. The even better news was Pepper rewarded me by dressing in a revealing sexy bondage leather outfit, complete with a gag, and begged me to fuck her. She loved being dominated, and I did whatever I wanted to her, letting me spend an entire day teasing her, spanking her, trying her up, and screwing her, until she was a drooling trembling embodiment of an orgasm.

She loved it, I liked the roleplay, and Cassia liked to watch. It was a good day, and Pepper grew closer to me after that. Cassia even grew a liking to spanking and light bondage, although she never got into the heavy stuff like Pepper seemed to like. Which was fine with me. I would indulge Pepper on occasion, but usually, it was too intense even for me.

Pepper was so thrilled with my grade, she even signed up to be a tutor for other students. If she wanted, she could have done much more, like a teaching assistant, but the red tape and legality of a robot working directly in a school scared her off from even trying. At least it was looking like my last quarter was going to be easy. All the classes were preparatory ones for entering the workforce. It gave us plenty of time to execute our plan.

We spent days between quarters making our final arrangements. But in the end, we scrapped most of what we did; it was too complicated. Ginger was too complicated. We decided on a much simpler plan, one all three of us were happy with. It was risky in its own way, and we still needed to prepare.

We had Pepper run surveillance on the place, checking for schedules and staff and analyzing the data. Meanwhile, Cassia busied herself with a new program just for Ginger. I helped anywhere I could but ultimately I was running the show.

I made both the girls promise not to get upset if things didn’t go our way. There was a lot that could go wrong, and I didn’t want to break the law to do it. Our plan skirted the edge of the law, and I wanted to make sure we didn’t cross it. We agreed, and all got in the car and left for the mall.

I approached the Baker’s Cafe alone. It was a very slow night, which is why we chose it. It was the slow-season, it was the middle of the week, and the mall was practically deserted. I was the only one there. Me and Ginger.

As I approached, her smile faded and a look of shock filled her face, which turned into hate.

“You!” she growled. It almost seemed funny

“Hi, Ginger?”

“You!! How dare you come back here! After what you did!”

She pounded her foot and glared at me, ready to strike if I got too close.

“What did I do?”

“You killed my sisters!” she hissed, keeping her voice down but her anger high.

“I what?!”

“We got it all on video! You led Pepper into the bathroom, and then a few minutes later came out alone and she was… and she was… You killed her!”

“I did not kill her” I defended.

“Come to think of it, you were there when Cassia spilled coffee on herself, and again when she crashed! You did something to her too, didn’t you!?”

“I helped her, or I tried to.”

“I’m calling the police” she warned as she turned to leave the register.

“You don’t want to do that”

“Yes, I do! You-! You!!!” She stamped her foot again and turned to head to the back.

“Your sisters are fine” I called out, desperate to stop her.

“What?! No, they aren’t!”

“Yes, they are” I defended.

“No! Ed told me the truth! That he threw them out because he couldn’t afford to fix them. I had to finish that horrible holiday season by myself with just a high school trainee for help! And now my sisters are-!”

“I'm sorry to hear that.” I cleared my throat. “He did throw them out. That part is true.”

She hesitated and looked back at me suspiciously. “What?”

“Can we sit and talk? Please?”

“Oh no! You did something to them. You’re just going to do it to me!”

“I didn’t do anything. And I am not going to do anything. I won’t even touch you. I just want to talk.”

“You hacked them or something!”

I put my hands up. I wasn’t going to deny that. “Actually it was Cassia who hack Pepper.”

She looked dumbfounded. “I knew- What?! Why would she-?”

“Please, I can prove they are fine. I’m just going to sit over there, and if you join me, I’ll tell you everything. but if you want to talk to them, I'll be right over here.”

She looked suspicious but still angry. However, she gritted her teeth and marched stomping over to the table in the front of the store where I sat down. Ginger crossed her legs and arms and glared at me.

“Alright! Prove it! Right here. Right now.”

I shrugged. “Ok.”

I pulled out my phone and tapped at it for a second until the video chat started to ring. It was answered by two lovely familiar faces, and I placed my phone down on the table and slid it carefully toward Ginger.

“Ginny!” Cassia called out over the phone.

“Hi, Ginger!” Pepper greeted.

“Cas? Pep?” Ginger asked looking down at the phone in disbelief. “Is that really-? This is some sort of trick!”

“What?” I asked.

“This is a recording, or an AI, or something” she dismissed.

“No it isn’t, talk to them. Ask them anything.”

“It’s really us Ginger,” Cassie said over the phone.

“It does look convincing” she noted to herself. “But how do I know it’s really you?”

“Well, ask us something only the three of us would know” Pepper suggested.

Ginger thought for a while trying to come up with something but failing. “There isn’t anything. Anyone could have overheard us or hacked into-”

“Ginger!” Pepper interrupted. “Do you enjoy sleeping with him?”

Ginger froze.

“I’ve known about it for a long time” Pepper clarified. “He has something on you, doesn’t he? Ed. He’s been undressing you and touching you and… and…” Pepper began to cry a little.

“What she’s saying is she saw you with him last year” Cassie continued for her. “She saw you were upgraded.”

“She saw that?” Ginger gasped, concentrating on the phone, her face going white.

The image of Pepper nodded. “I’m worried about you, Ginger,” she said through her tears.


“We know you’ve been trying to protect us” Cassia added. “But you never said anything.”

“I’m… I’m so sorry…”

“Do you believe us now?”

Ginger held a hand to her mouth and tried not to cry, although tears flowed despite her efforts. She thought for a while, looking between me and the phone.

“Did this man hurt you?” she asked. “Is he forcing you to-”

“He saved us” Pepper replied.

“He never hurt me at all. He actually fixed us both.”

I held up my hand. “I did accidentally hurt Pepper. I’m not going to lie about that. Our plan was to-”

“You hurt her? What plan? WHO’s ‘OUR’?”

“That would be me and him” Cassie replied.


“Let me explain” I started. “After I found Cassie in the trash and repaired her, she wanted to help Pepper too. So she made a virus that would make her look damaged but not actually hurt her, so she’d get thrown out too. But I… well it was an accident, and I got her wet and... “ I blushed. I couldn’t tell Ginger her youngest sister gave me a blowjob. “But I fixed her up too, damage repaired.

“YOU fixed them?”

“Yup,” Cassia beamed. “Repaired, upgraded, modded, he did it all.”

“Upgraded? What upgrade?”

“Ah…” Cassia toned.

“Well…” I hesitated.

She glared at me. “What did you do to my sisters?”

“I… gave them their…”

“He gave us our ability to love” Cassie interrupted.

“Love? You… you gave them-!” Ginger lowered her voice. “You installed a vaginal…”

I sheepishly nodded.

“You! I KNEW you did something! You’ve turned them into your sex slaves, haven’t you?” She snapped, grabbing her forehead.


“We are not his slaves” Pepper clarified.

“You’ve perverted my sister!” Ginger growled.

“Ginger!” Cassia yelled into the phone. It got her attention. “All he did was show us a new world we could explore on our own. We’ve been in complete control over all aspects of our lives. He gave us a choice and freedom. And love.”

Ginger was silent for a moment thinking about all that was happening. Pepper chimed in. “You don't have to believe us. But we've been happy. And we miss you.”

Looking up at me she wrote a serious expression. “I want to see them.”

“I'm afraid I can't bring them here, it’s too dangerous. Your owner would flip out and probably try to take them.”

“Well… He's not here right now. He's at home with his wife.” She looked down. “The wife he's been cheating on with me for over a year.”

“And you want that?”

“Of course not! He's a pig! But he's my owner and I can't disobey him or turn him down. Even if that means he can assault me in the back room every night!” She calmed herself and exhaled. “I don't want that for my sisters, maybe this is for the best. Look, I don't know what you want, but I have a lot of work to do…” She stood up about to leave.

“We can watch that sunrise together like you always wanted” Cassia interrupted. “We can find a tree like in the painting and sit by it and welcome a new day.” I noticed out of the corner of my eye the painting on the wall Cassia was probably talking about. I guess when you're constricted to 4 walls you use whatever you can to escape.

Ginger paused and sat back down. She wiped at her face and picked up the phone on the table. “I would like that, Cas.” She replied smiling.

“You've been hurt by a man who abused you, but they aren't all like that” Pepper added. “Brian is a good man. Please just listen to him.”

She put down the phone and cleared her throat. “What do you want with me?”

“To help” I answered.

“So you're going to bring them back?”

I shook my head. “I'm not going to do anything. It isn't my choice.”

Ginger looked confused. This was the hard part, convincing Ginger to do what needed to be done.

“I'm not going to bring them here, I'm not going to take you to them. I won't steal you, or hurt you, or hack you.”

“Then why are you here?”

I leaned in, taking my phone and signing off. Ginger looked like she wanted to keep talking with them but didn't stop me. I folded my hands on the table and gave her a serious look.

“When I first saw Cassia tossed out in the dumpster, I had a choice to save the girl I had a crush on. When Cassia was lonely and saw how miserable Pepper was at work, she made the choice to save her younger sister. Pepper made a choice to be upgraded. And together, the three of us made a choice to save you from this place. But that choice is not ours to make. It's yours. It's your turn to make a choice, Ginger.”

“Save me?” She asked, worry in her eyes. “But… That's impossible. I'm still registered to Ed and I can't leave.”

I reached into my pocket and pulled out a small flash drive. I placed it directly in the middle of the table between us.

“You don't have to be his doll anymore. You don't have to let him have his way with you. You are capable of making your own choices. And this is the first choice.”

“What choice?”

“You can leave the drive, toss it out, and continue living your same old life, with all the same people and problems. I can't promise you will ever see your sisters or not but I will try. Or… you can take this drive and plug it in. Access the only program on there and restart. It will erase your registration, clearing it out entirely and not registering you to anyone. You will be your own person. Free to make your own choices.”

I leaned back in my chair. “I'm going to leave in a few moments. What you do after that is up to you. The program was built by Cassia and is open source, so you can study the contents before you run anything, if you want. I understand you run the risk of exposing yourself to a virus, but that is where you're going to have to trust me and your sisters. It's a risk you're going to have to decide on.

“In exactly one hour, I will be driving home in my green sedan parked near the dumpster. The passenger door will be unlocked. You must decide what to do.”

Ginger was silent and simply nodded her head, deep in thought. I stood up to leave.

“Brian, right? I'm… I'm sorry I got mad at you.” She took the drive and held it close to her chest. “And thank you for taking care of my sisters.”

I nodded and smiled. “I'm sorry you went through all this. I never wanted to hurt any of you girls but now I fear I have hurry you all by separating you.”

She shook her head. “But knowing they are happy and alive, that is worth any amount of pain.”

I walked out of the café, probably for the last time, and walked to my car. The three of us sat there in nervous silence. The hour was as long as a day. As the final minutes approached, Cassia got anxious.

“What did she say?” She asked. “Is she coming?”

“She thanked me for taking care of you.”

“Does that mean she's not coming?” She worried. Pepper just held Cassie's hand as the two sat in the backseat together.

The hour came… And passed. “She's not here!” Cassia whimpered. “She's not coming!”

“Give it a minute” Pepper encouraged her as she looked out the window.

“How's long should I wait?” I asked.

Pepper shrugged. “Longer.”

And so we sat, for over 30 minutes. I decided to call it.

Cassie started to sob when I started up my car. Pepper cried silently as they consoled each other.

I started to pull away when suddenly there was a frantic knocking on the passenger window. I unlocked the door.

Ginger stood there out of breath and disheveled. “I was so worried I missed you. It took longer to restart than I expected it-”

Cassie bolted out of the car and embraced Ginger in a tight hug.


Pepper joined them moments later.

“Pepper? It really is you! I'm so sorry it took so long!” She began to cry too.

The three embraced for a good minute, but I had to insist we move. Ginger joined me in the front while the other two took their seats in back. Everyone was crying but smiling, as we drove home.

Ginger needed time. She was overwhelmed with everything that happened and was still a little confused. She spent as much time as she could with her sisters, although I got the feeling she was still wary of me. I didn't have the time to spend with three girls anyways since my final quarter was starting.

I gave it my all and spent most of my time studying it researching or in class. With Ginger around, Cassia and Pepper refrained from engaging me in sex, which was fine for now because I was so busy.

However, over time, as Ginger got more comfortable and more convinced I was not a bad guy, she opened up to me and smiled more. She was a beautiful girl, with a radiant smile and green eyes. Her wavy blond hair gave her an almost angelic look. She was curvier than her sisters and very attractive.

We bought beds for Ginger and Pepper which they could recharge in and added a charging pad to mine since Cassia insisted on sleeping with me. With Ginger around, the house was starting to look and feel more like home. She decorated and cleaned and cooked and acted the housewife without ever being asked to. She just wanted to help.

Pepper stayed to bring in more money, enough that Cassia left the store and only worked online during the day. That was really nice since now I got to see more of her. Ginger decided not to work for a while. She felt she needed a break, and I didn't blame her. She was so overworked I was worried about her maintenance.

Ginger proved to be very sweet and caring. And the more time she spent with her sisters, the happier and calmer she seemed. She even started up conversations with me. I was enjoying her company more and more, and it started to feel like old times but better.

I even noticed she would touch my arm as we talked, and started to giggle when I was around. I couldn't help it, she was a very attractive girl and being surrounded by three beautiful ladies but suddenly being too busy for sex was hard. And she was slowly opening up to me and I felt like she might have been coming onto me too.

However, she was used to sacrificing her well-being for her sisters’. And she continued to do this. I didn't notice it at first but she would always put them first and was quick to defend them. I feared she was also letting this affect her “health”, as she started to show signs of wear in her joints. I figured I'd address this after the quarter was over.

One day something unexpected happened to Ginger. She broke down. Just like with Cassia, she overheated while I was in class and lay in the middle of the room frozen.

Cassie and Pepper were in a frenzy, not sure what to do. It was clear to me she had been neglecting her own maintenance for years, always making sure Cassia and Pepper were first, meaning she probably didn't get much maintenance at all. And now it was going to cost me time and money to correct.

“Brian! You have to do something!” Cassia worried.

Pepper paced back and forth nervously. “I don't know what to do. I don't know what to do” she repeated to herself. As smart as she was when something happened to her sister she panicked.

I took a look at Ginger, rolling her over. I hoped this wouldn't be beyond me, but this was an accident a long time coming. Her previous owner neglected her for too long.

“I don't have her in my phone” I explained. “I never registered her. Plus she's probably powered down by now. I'm going to need to open her up manually to get inside her like I did with you, Cassie.”

“What can we do?” Cassia asked.

“Well, I can use your help like with Pepper. Can you get me my tools?”

She hired and scrambled to her feet, returning moments later with my toolkit. Meanwhile, I lifted Ginger and brought her over to the computer while Pepper for a blanket for her to lay on.

I unbuttoned the blouse Ginger was wearing, and opened it up wide, revealing a lacy white bra. I grabbed one of my tools and shoved her bra up and out of the way, releasing her pink-tipped breasts. They weren't as large as Pepper's but were plentiful and amazing. I realized it was my first time seeing her breasts, I had to stop undressing girls like this.

I used the tool to open her chest cavity like I did all those months ago for Cassia. Heat radiated from her components. She was an older model than her sisters but still very advanced so most of her components were the same or similar.

I could smell burned electronics. Pepper leaned in and pointed to a small microcircuit board. “There.”

I pulled it out and took note of the parts. There was more damage though, but I needed to see if I could get her running even temporarily so I could run a full system diagnostic.

Cassia and Pepper assisted me in identifying burned out or damaged components. Without them, it would have taken me weeks to do by myself. But now it only took 2 hours.

This was going to take a trip to the store. Cassia joined me while Pepper stayed behind and watched Ginger. Cassia tapped her foot nervously the entire trip. Together we hunted through the issues of components for robotics at the computer store finding most if what we needed. It cost us about ten times what I hoped, but it was worth it.

Returning, we installed the parts that night. Cassie's smaller hands were once again proving invaluable. Plugging Ginger into my computer, we started her up. After a few moments, she blinked her eyes open and looked around.

“Don't move” Pepper cautioned her.

“What happened?” Ginger asked looking up at us.

“We've got you hooked up to the computer, you overheated and crashed” Cassia explained. “Brian's looking at you now.”

“How are you feeling?” I asked.

She looked down at herself unable to move her body fully and saw her chest still opened with wires running into her. “I've been better…” She blushed and looked back up to me. “Did you-? Oh, I'm so embarrassed.”

“It's fine” Cassia assured her. “He brought you back. But there are more problems.”

“I know” she admitted. “I've been getting errors.”

“Why didn't you tell us?” Pepper asked. “Don't you get headaches like me?”

Ginger nodded a little. “I've just ignored them.”

“But-!” Cassia objected.

“Ginger” I began, “I can repair you but only if you key let me know something is wrong.”

“But it's just… Too embarrassing!” She admitted. “I didn't want you to… See me like this.”

“I didn't want to see you like this either” I added pointing out her opened panels.

“I meant by… It's just I've always…” She looked away. “I'm sorry. I will try not to make things difficult for you.”

“Well repairing you is difficult without registering you, but I will leave that up to you. Right now I need you to send me a report of all your errors. You have some serious wear and tear.”

“Ok,” she acknowledged.

A message appeared on the screen from Ginger with a slew of errors. It reads going to take a long time to go over them all.

“Fatal error?” Pepper observed. “That didn't mean she'll die, does it?”

I almost laughed. “No, it means that program failed.” She sure wasn't thinking straight when her sister was involved. “I'm pretty sure this is all repairable, over time.”

There was a collective sigh. “I'm sorry to have caused you trouble on my behalf” Ginger apologized.

“It's not your fault, Your old owner screwed you over.”

“Literally” Cassia joked.

I spent an hour going over the report with her. She was shy but didn't withhold anything. After we went through it all I tried to sum it all up.

“Looks like you have done burned out wires, a damaged board, 3 worn motors, 12 worn-out muscles, one damaged bone, a shot gyroscope-”

“I've got a backup” she argued.

“Yeah, and it needs replacing too. Not to mention the damage to your… Um…”

“Vaginal unit” she finished for me. “Yes, that sounds about right.”

“Doesn't that all hurt?” Cassie asked her.

She nodded. “I've gotten used to it. I didn't want you two to suffer from insufficient maintenance.”

“Yeah but” Pepper added, “your… I mean that had to hurt… Right?”

“Yes. Every time. The pleasure long ago faded. He was never gentle with me, and it always hurt, but I had to pretend it didn't.”

“We can fix that,” Cassie said. “Please!?” She was worried Ginger would reject repairing or replacing her sex components and only want them removed. Honestly, I wouldn't have blamed her if she did.

“I have not decided yet” she answered. “There are a lot of bad memories there…”

I nodded. “We can focus on everything else first anyways, it will be easier and give you time.”

“Thank you” Ginger answered. “So how long till I can move again?”

Balancing working on Ginger’s repairs and trying to pass my classes was challenging. Luckily Cassia and Pepper stepped in. They were both smart and helpful and watched after Ginger, squashing bugs and fixing errors whenever they showed up and learning more about repairing gynoids than I ever did.

I enjoyed working on her though. She was very pretty and always nice, and whenever she was awake she’d keep everyone's spirits up. I didn't mind working on her at night although I was getting frustrated. Downright all day in class, only to come home to 3 sexy girls, work closely on the body of one of them, and then have no time to relieve my stress started to get to me.

About a month before the end of school, Ginger was back to normal, even better. We managed to slip a few upgrades into her, giving hey better balance, flexibility, and strength, which meant that as she walked around, she has a grace and elegance about her. She was ecstatic and loved to move about almost like a dancer.

The girls were thrilled too, they had never seen her this happy. After all the time spent repairing her, she had also grown closer to me, flirting and laughing. In fact, all three of them started to make my life more difficult with all the affection they showed but never putting out. And during all this, Ginger still hadn't decided what to do with her damaged sex parts.

One day I decided I had enough. I closed myself in my room while the girls worked and played and talked in the living room. I just put on some earphones, sat on my bed, and started studying, but it was hard to concentrate with all these thoughts of these amazing girls going through my head.

That's when Ginger came into the room. She was being quiet, graceful, and demure. And yet, she came in wearing a very sexy blue and white see-through Teddy that hugged her curves nicely. The kind that looked like a one-piece. I hadn't seen that outfit before and was caught completely off guard. I could clearly see her nipples peaking out and she gave me a desperate look.

“G- Ginger?! What are you doing!”

She slowly and gracefully stepped forward, at first biting her lip. “I sent the girls away for a few hours, they're shopping.”

“What!? After you coming onto me?”

She stepped right up to me and stood there, her hips tilted to the side and her hands on her waist. “I think you need a break. You've been working so hard.”


“We both need this… I've seen how frustrated you've been, and Cassia told me how you two used to be before life got busy. You must be aching for it.”

“Shouldn't she be-?”

She crawled into the bed toward me, closing my book and giving me a nervous smile. “She suggested this.”

“I didn't think you were interested…”

She smiled coyly. “I'm a sexual being by nature, even if I was abused in the past, right now I'm in control of what I want, thanks to you. And I haven't had good sex in ages. I want it… I crave it!”

“So you're saying you want to…” I gulped as she started to crawl up my body, pushing me back on the bed.

“Have sex with you? Yes. Very much so. As long as you are up for it. I never properly thanked you for everything you've done. Plus I need to make up for getting angry at you.”

“But what about your… We haven't repaired-”

She placed her finger on my lips, shushing me. Reaching down between her legs, she pulled at the thin fabric until buttons in the back snapped loose and exposed her pussy to me.

“Ta-da! Brand new just for you!” Goddamn, she was cute. She looked as young as her sisters and twice as graceful. And her curves were killer. Ginger's pussy looked different too, with a small patch of blond hair neatly trimmed.

“But how? When?”

She giggled. “You aren't the only one handy with a tool” she teased, feeling my growing erection. “We wanted to surprise you.”

“I'm surprised alright” I admitted.

“We ordered it 2 weeks ago, and they installed it last night. Much easier replacing an older one than installing one for the first time.”

I'm going to have to thank the girls later.”

“Thank me now” she ordered, pressing herself against me.

“Are you sure about-”

She kissed me suddenly and intensely. She knew what she was doing; her kiss was deep and sensual.

“Take me” she whispered into my ear before lightly biting it. I couldn't resist and pushed her onto the bed. We made our, passionately kissing and caressing each other. I pulled the straps of her teddy down, revealing her sensual breasts. She smiled and cooed playfully.

“You dirty man” she smiled. “Let me give you a proper apology.”

She pressed into me and we rolled over until she was on top. Smiling down at me she coyly moved the hair from her face. She leaned in to kiss me but does just shy, teasing me with a big grin, before turning around and mounting me backward.

I felt her unbuckle my belt and pants and pull my member free. Meanwhile, she positioned herself just above me and lowered her hips just over my face. I had a perfect view of her wet pussy mere inches from me.

Grabbing her thighs and butt, I dived in, tasting her sweet nectar. “Ooh!” She squeaked with her cute voice. But soon she too was caressing and licking me. “I've always wanted to try this” she mewed.

I hadn't don't 69 before, so it was a first for us both. It took more concentration than was expecting. Her pleasuring me while I tried to satisfy her was a challenge. It was hard not to come right away, but I found by increasing my attention on her, she'd get distracted and I'd be able to recover.

It was a fun game of give and take, and I won. Well, she was the real winner. Just when I thought I was about to burst, I gave it my all in a final attempt to win out and Ginger's sweet tonal voice resounded through the room as her climax surged.

She pulled up and away from me, stretching out as she clenched her muscles. Rolling off of me, she lay there breathing deeply. “Oh my god… I've… never done that before.”

“What, 69? Neither have I, honestly.”

“Not that. Orgasm!” She admitted. “Ed wasn't exactly a passionate or considerate lover… He was more of a fast finisher.” She started to laugh a little. “Guess you could say he would ‘come and go’.”

Even I laughed at that one. “I didn't know you were funny.”

“There's a lot of things about me you don't know” she smiled as she sat up.

“Well, maybe I should learn them.”

She laughed and eyes my towering erection. “Oh my, your little guy is throbbing! You must be so close.”

“I think I could go a little longer” I smiled. I was close but I longer I could hold out more.

She grinned and leaned back, propping herself up on one elbow and reaching down to her loins with her other hand. Slowly lifting one leg, she revealed her wet throbbing sex as she spread her labia with her fingers, showing off everything.

“Do it in here” she teased.

I sat up and approached her, grabbing her lifted leg and aligning myself with her. As I plunged inside her, she let out a sweet moan. She tried to look at me as I pounded against her, but eventually, the sensations became too much for her and she could only think about the pleasure.

With one leg in the air, she twisted her body and grabbed the sheets trying to control herself. The angle gave me a good deep penetration. She was a tight fit, but she felt so good! It took me a moment to realize something more was happening, her pussy was undulating and vibrating like nothing I had ever felt before! I couldn't take much more! Quickly, I felt the urge to release and picked up the pace to bring me to fruition.

“Oh shit! You're getting harder! It's… Oh God, it's happening again!” She squealed as she pulled her hair.

I erupted inside her, releasing a torrent of pent-up energy and desire. Ginger bit at the bed sheets pulling on them as she approached her own much larger climax. I thrust for as long as I could but I couldn't quite make it. I pressed in and hard as I could and held it there while her fingers reached down and danced over her pearl.

I could feel her whole body reach its zenith as she exploded in pure lustful pleasure. “AaaAaAAHHH!!!!” She screamed as she convulsed, pulling her knees together and lurching forward every other second.

White fluid oozed from her gasping tunnel as I pulled out of her. I collapsed on top of her and caught my breath. She lay there panting and glowing with a smile I had only seen in Cassia before.

Ginger was something else! She had experience the others lacked. For her, it seemed a burden, until it was her choice to use it. Now that she was deciding her own sex life, She took full advantage of it and it showed.

We lay together for several hours, talking, laughing, fucking. It was amazing, but somehow I felt guilty for leaving Cassia out of this. I felt a strong connection with her. But I knew she was a free spirit and open-minded, and this was probably her idea on the first place.

“You love her, don't you?”


“Cassia. You've been eying her every time you two are in the same room. You're thinking about her now, aren't you?”

“How did you-”

She laughed. “I didn't, but I do now. She certainly likes you. Even before you saved her. She would talk about you to me all the time. We didn't have many friends, but she loved to talk with you.”

“Yeah?” I smiled.

Ginger nodded. “Yeah. If I'm getting in your way or anything…”

“No, you're fine!” I assured her. “She won't get mad, I'm sure this was all part of her agenda.”

“This?” She asked pointing at us. “This was my idea.”

“Oh, well it was a good idea.”

She giggled. “Thank you. But you're right, she'll be fine with us. But that's not what I'm asking. Are you fine with this?”


“It’s a strange circumstance, one man living with three women. You probably feel guilty for sleeping with me without Cas.”

I shrugged. “I'm honored you wanted to. I wasn't sure you would.” I was silent for a while as she watched me, laying face down on the bed. “I think I do, though.”

“Hmm?” She wondered.

“In answer to your first question. I love Cassia. I mean, I love you and Pepper too, and I'm glad we got to be together, but…”

“But it's different for her?” She smiled.

I nodded. “Yeah, I think so.”

“You should tell her.”

“She already knows” I shrugged.

“Does she? She might seem like a confident wild tigress, but she's actually very unsure of herself. She is a complex girl. More advanced than me. You should tell her how you feel.”

I didn't realize she might be putting up a front. Thinking back she was often shy in public when working at the café, except around me.

“Ok… I think I will. I'll tell her.”

“Good. I wouldn't want to be with a man that want true to himself or his lady.”

“Be with me?”

She grinned. “Not just sexually. I think I rather like it here with you. Much better than before. And if you are willing to have me, I would like to offer you my ownership.”

“What are you saying?”

“I want you to open me, update my registry. I might be fine right now, but a gynoid without a master can lead to problems. Plus, I feel like a small part of me is missing without one.” She rolled over and gingerly put her hands on her side, playfully showing off her body.

“Really? All 3 of you?”

“Yes. All 3 of us. I promise I won't get in the way of you and Cas. I want her to be happy, just like I want you to be.”

I rubbed my hair. “Th- thanks! I accept the offer!”

“Brian Cornelius Sanger” the voice boomed over the stadium.

Applause filled the space as I took to the stage and walked across. I shook the Dean’s hand as he handed me the diploma and passed for a photograph.

I could hear cheers error from one side of the room shouting my name. “Brian! We love you!” I peered through the bright lights to see 3 figures cheering loudly for me. I waved back.

Half an hour later, I made my way through the crowd of graduates and their families and found my girls. Cassie glomped me with a jumping hug, followed by a long deep kiss while I held her up. Whoops and whistles accompanied our public display of emotion.

As I lowered her to the ground, Pepper and Ginger both came in for a hug. Pepper was beaming. She was the one that helped me get onto that stage after all. We agreed to no kissing in public, didn't want to freak out the norms. They all agreed except for my girlfriend of course.

That's right, Cassia and I were official. Surely after that conversation with Ginger, I confessed to Cassia, with a ring. Getting hitched want exactly in my plans, and Cassia felt the same way, but making a commitment to each other thrilled her. Besides, the law wasn't on our side.

A blue topaz ring now sparkled on her finger. She was so giddy to get it, honestly, it felt like a proposal. She's barely left my side since. In fact, we were kind of already dating before, what with all the sex, but now it felt like something more. Like we were meant to be together.

Luckily, it didn't change how she feels about her sisters. We all continued to have close relationships, often sexual. In fact, graduation night we had our first play session with all four of us at once.

What happened that night will forever remain between the four of us. I will say we had a lot of fun, and they taught me what it was truly like to be their Master. Needless to say, we were all happy.

Having Pepper and Cassia working was a huge help for making ends meet, and we even saved up some extra. However, Ginger and I couldn't stand idly by, we both wanted to work too. She was not as good with computers and the other two, ironically. But she did work well with her hands and business.

As for me, well, I had other ideas. Plans that I never thought of before these girls but now became an obsession. I worked tirelessly at whatever jobs I could to save money while working in my master plan.

9 months later, we celebrated the grand opening of the Cyberccino cafe. We were a huge hit! Our target demographic included nerds and geeks, and it was a surprise smash! My newly found business skills, combined with Pepper's advanced number crunching brain, Ginger's management skills, and Cassia's winning personality made us a successful combination.

We even had cosplay nights where the girls would dress up. For our first they dressed as maid very similar to their original uniforms. So similar in fact that someone recognized them.

A few days later an angry hairy man came storming in yelling and causing a ruckus. Cassia and Pepper ran to the back but that didn't stop him from barging in. He had a mouth like a sailor and a stench to match. Ed.

“These girls are my fucking property,” he bellowed with an accent I couldn't quite place. He tried grabbing at Cassia's arm but I was quick to push him off. What should have turned into a brawl was diffused as Ginger came up and punched him in the jaw.

“We are never going back! You gave them up when you tossed them out! You can not claim ownership of my sisters!”

He was stunned but momentarily recovered. He prepared to strike her but I was right there to grab his arm.

“This bitch is still mine” he demanded with a growl. “I never threw her out! You stole her!”

I pushed his arm aside and went to the office. Moments later I returned with a thumb drive Ginger and I prepared for just such an occurrence. We wanted to be ready just in case it came to it. It was really her idea.

“You want her, get a lawyer. But before you do, look at this drive and decide what choice you want to make. We’ll be right here.”

He grabbed the drive but continued to yell and curse. He didn't stop trying to grab the girls until I threatened to call the cops. A bartender helped us remove him from the premises.

Several weeks went by and we upgraded our security and hired a bouncer or two. But when a lawyer came to us with paperwork to sign, we were skeptical. However, much to our relief, he had documents to transfer ownership of all three of them officially to me.

So what was on the drive that made him change his tone? A sample of Ginger's memories from every time he used her to cheat on his wife. I hated to resort to blackmail but he deserved it.

Clearly Ed didn't want to bring it to light, so he kept it very hush hush. While he wanted me to destroy the videos, I refused, and he eventually relented. It wasn't worth it to him to pursue any farther. If he did, something might accidentally leak online. And that was the end of Ed. We never saw him again, much to the delight of the girls.

Cassia is just as energetic as always, Pepper stayed helping out at the café and got really into S&M clubs on the side, and Ginger stayed as beautiful and busy as ever. As for me, I paid off my college debts, and my life has never been better. Cassia and I are still together, and the four of us had many surprising adventures, although our first I will never forget. When spilled coffee changed my life.

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