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Written by Mirage


After a few weeks of waiting, I finally ordered my BotSandy.01-07 which I wanted for the longest time. Since that model came out, something attracted me to it for some reason. I did like gynoids but I always preferred real women instead of artificials. But with that model, she looked special to me. So, after working like crazy and getting the most overtime I could, I had accumulate enough credits to order one.

I specifically chose the skin tone, the body type, hair color, eye color, and speech pattern, everything I could ask for. The order would take about a week to process and delivery would take another few extra days too. So, eagerly waiting, I fantasized of the many things we could do together, the places we could have fun, so many fantasies.

My best friend Bob came to see me last night and asked when the bot would arrive.

“Next week” I answered him.

Me and Bob, we have been best friends since childhood and he knew me inside out.

“So, no more bar scenes? Me and you, finding great gals to fuck?” somewhat unhappy of my decision.

“Bob, Come on, I am so tired of being single and not finding Miss Right. With the bot, she’ll be everything I ever wanted in a woman!” I told him.

He looked at me confused, not sure what to say, “What-ever...” he mumbled out. He then took the flyer advertising the Andies ,“Man... It’s only machines! Not real pussies!” he groaned out. I look at him and said nothing. He was a bit dense like that.

After a week, my doorbell rang as I was getting prepared to leave for work.

“Delivery from TechCom.” the man in uniform said, holding a big giant wooden box.

“Come in! Come in!” I said, invited him inside. He made me sign a form and wished me a good day.

After he left, I called in sick at work, wanting to spend the day with the bot. Opening the crate, I gasped at the beauty that was lying dormant inside the wooden coffin. Sandy-bot was lying there, surrounded by bubble wrap, in a nice little negligee.

I picked up the instruction, along a small remote. After a few minutes of reading the instructions, I activated Sandy. She opened her eyes and look at me and smiled.

“Bruce?” she asked.

I nodded.

She came and gave me a hug and a kiss.

I became red and laughed a bit, being shy, “Wow.. You are everything I ever wanted...” I smiled to her.

“Thank you.” she responded.

The day passed quickly, reading every details on the instruction manual and programming Sandy like I wanted. Sandy was spectacular. She was perfect in every way, including in bed.

Around 7pm, Bob was at my door.

“She’s here?” he asked when he saw the open crate in my living room.

“Yeah, she’s in the kitchen cooking supper, you hungry?” I asked him.

He looked at me “I guess.. Can I see her?” he asked, curious.

“Of course.. SANDY! Can you come here and meet my best friend, Bob!?” I yelled to her.

Coming quickly, she had an elegant walk to her, “Pleased to meet you, Bob.” she said, shaking hands with him.

He said nothing, just stood there, looking at her.

“So...” I snickered to him, knowing he was he was beyond impressed.

“...Yeah.. Nice to meet you, Sandy,” he mumbled out. He then looked at the floor and then looked back at Sandy nervously.

“What’s wrong?” I asked him quickly.

“Man... Did you notice something about... Sandy.. Does she look familiar to you in some way?” he mumbled out to me.

“What do you mean..? ..Yeah, I guess something about her seems to be familiar..” I acknowledged.

“Dude! She’s look like your mother when we were younger!” Bob barked out.

Christ! He was right.... it didn’t hit me why Sandy look familiar to me... She just looked like Mom when she was younger and left me and Dad almost twenty years ago... Crip... Now, every time I look at Sandy, I see that Bitch that left me and Dad.... Dam....It..

The next morning, I returned Sandy back to its company and asked for a refund.

The end

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