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Part 1: Zoey

“YES! YES! YES! Fuck me harder, Master! Fuck my tight little pussy! Right there!! Your big dick is amazing! Yes! Ah! HAH! HA! AHHHH!”

The little android girl bucked and writhed under my body as I invaded hers for the 6th time that day. Or was it the 7th? She thrust her hips relentlessly against me, seeking out her own pleasure with no concern for mine. I could feel her body squeeze me as she simulated another orgasm. Again. It was probably the 8th or 9th for her… I lost count. And I was nowhere close to finishing.

This was typical of her. In fact, it was an off day for her. Sometimes I could barely get out of bed because she demanded so much of me! Even though I let her get away with it, I was very quickly getting angry.

I pulled out when she crossed her eyes and stuck her tongue out, letting a string of saliva drip onto her chest, her typical indicator that she climaxed. This was nothing like in the ads I saw, the fantasies I had. I thought having my own personal sexbot would be amazing. That I would never get over her, or get tired of her. But, as the old saying goes, there really is too much of a good thing.

It just wasn’t worth it. I wasn’t enjoying this anymore. I left her lying on the bed, panting and drooling as I went to use the bathroom. I didn’t even want to rub one out anymore. I just peed and went back to bed. I literally shoved her out of bed and onto the floor, not that it would affect her in any way at all. She just stood up, naked and dripping her own juices, and smiled.

“Thank you for using me, master. I hope you were satisfied. I look forward to our next session.”

She always said the same thing. She looked forward to these sex sessions more than I did, and she was a bloody robot. I regretted pushing her out of bed like that a little, but I was at my wit's end. I grunted as I turned over in bed. Without missing a beat, she turned the lights off and walked to her charger. Sure, she could charge in bed, but I was tired of her constantly trying to get sex out of me at night, or early in the morning.

I decided then and there, this was the last straw. I was going to get rid of her.

The next morning, I woke up on my own, pleasantly pleased it wasn’t from another “impromptu” blowjob. I was not a sex machine, but she was, and she was never satisfied. For whatever reason, she was not in bed milking my spunk from me, nor was she standing in her charger. I got up and stretched. It was the weekend, not that it mattered, I worked from home anyways. But that was probably part of the problem. She had 24-hour access to me and she definitely took advantage of it.

I sauntered to the bathroom, took care of business, showered, and got dressed. For a few moments, I thought that maybe she wasn’t so bad if she’d just leave me alone like this more often. I remembered what I decided last night, but I didn’t really want to get rid of her. She was cute, expensive, and I liked having her around. But the sex was too much and she made it more of a dreaded chore! As soon as I entered the kitchen, my fears were realized.

“Master! Breakfast will be ready in just a moment. Unless you want a taste of me now…” she winked.

“Goddamn it,” I cursed under my breath. “I’ll wait for the food.”

Zoey was dressed in only a thin kitchen apron and nothing else. Her medium blonde hair was tied in back to keep it out of her face while she cooked, and her voluptuous curvy body teased me as she swayed her hips side to side. She wasn’t hiding much, with her entire butt exposed and flashing plenty of side-boob. She purposefully leaned forward to show she had no underwear on. I sighed. I had seen this every day for 6 months. I was done with it.

“Why can’t you wear normal clothes for once?” I asked.

“But master, I want to show off for you,” her girly voice practically sang as she turned around to give me a wink and shake her boobs at me. I rolled my eyes. Like clockwork, she turned back to the food and leaned over again, this time spreading her legs a little and flashing her naked vagina at me. “Now where is that salt?”

It was literally in front of her damn face! I got up, walked over, grabbed the salt, and slammed it down in front of her. “Here.”

“Oh!” She acted surprised, but it was getting old. I went to my computer to try to ignore her. A few minutes later, she came over with my food, and gently placed it next to me, trying to sit in my lap as she did. I just shoved her off. 4 times. When she finally got the message, she went about cleaning the condo in the buff. As always.

A man can only take so much. I had installed all the best, most highly rated, and most downloaded sex mods for her series. Each time I did, the novelty of it lasted a day or two at most. By now, I was done with them all. I just wanted something else. Like a new unit maybe.

I looked at her. I couldn’t help but see how cute she was, how much potential she had, but she had no shame! All she ever did was flash her body at me, try to touch me or get me to touch her, or just engage in sex. She had no personality anymore. I was already on the website picking out the customized parts for a new model. Unfortunately, a new one was too expensive. But I could always erase her and start over. Or recycle her for cash and use that to buy a new one. Damn it, Hannah, why did you talk me into buying her?

My hand was literally hovering over the trade-in button when I saw an ad that intrigued me.

“Does your bot bore you? Make her more human, and more enticing than ever. Never get bored with her again!”

I clicked on it, something I normally would never do. What I ran into was an entire bot modding community dedicated to those that suffered from the same problems. They had developed their own solutions for the problem of impersonal oversexed bots. I spent almost the entire day going through message boards and learning everything I could. By the time it got dark, I found the solution I was looking for, or at least I hoped it was.

The answer I found involved 2 steps. The first one was a physical update, and the other was software. The physical update involved getting her a small upgrade that would allow her to be modded. It bypassed some of the securities, and while it was perfectly legal, it was frowned on by the manufacturers. However, people wanted it, and I knew just the shop that could do this sort of thing. Babes and Bots. The second step was a software upgrade, one the website provided. Sure, it was for a price. But it was essentially jail-breaking my bot and adding an underground mod app store that could allow her to run a bevy of programs. Some questionable ones, and some useful ones.

I didn’t hesitate, I made an appointment that night.

“Zoey, get dressed. For real this time. You are going in for an upgrade.”

“An upgrade, master? Don’t you want to use me first? You haven’t touched me all day, master!”

“Stop calling me master all the time. It’s Peter, you know that.”

“Of course, Master Peter. What sort of upgrade? Oh, are you going to increase my mammary units?”

“No,” I sighed. “Just get dressed. I think we’ll both like this upgrade.”

Zoey seemed confused but did as I ordered, and went to the bedroom to get on some real clothes. I did the same, and by the time she emerged from the walk-in closet, she was wearing a thin modest sweater, a long skirt, and boots. She looked so different than how she normally did. I guess I was just too used to seeing her naked.

We left the condo and drove to the shop. I was a little early, but it didn’t matter, they saw me right away. It was a strange store, one I used to frequent all too often. Babes and Bots. Basically, it was half a sex shop and half a robot shop. In short, they specialized in sexbots of all sorts. A sexy skinny girl was standing near the counter chewing gum, wearing a fishnet top which did little to hide her petite but perky breasts, a denim jacket, which was barely covering her enough to keep her modest, short jean shorts with holes, and more fishnet stockings with holes. Her black hair was dyed blue and purple and had a single streak of green in it. She never wore anything else.

“P- PETER?! Oh my god! It’s been ages! Where have you been? I can’t believe you’re really here!” She hopped in place before running around the counter and hugging me. I almost forgot how much I enjoyed being with her, watching her as she teased me with that svelte body of hers.

“Hey, Hannah, still hanging out with these losers, huh?”

She chuckled. “I am these losers. Where have you been? What brings you around? I thought once you got your little toy you’d never come back to see me!” She held onto my hands and pouted, but I swear she was checking me out with her eyes.

“Yeah… well… I think she needs an upgrade.”

“An upgrade? Your slut-bot isn’t cutting it, huh? You know you just need to ask and I’ll gladly get you off,” she winked as she lowered her voice and nudged my side. “And maybe get me off too.”

“Yeah, right. Like Johnny would let you. ”

“Spoilsport,” she teased, sticking her tongue out. If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought she was seducing me. I did know better, but I was still tempted. We had a history, and it was thanks to her that I got Zoey in the first place. Hannah ran her fingers over my shoulders and chest, biting her lip, before shaking her head and grinning. “Let me get Johnny.” She gave me a smile and a wink as she turned to the back behind the counter. About a minute later, she came back out with a hairy-yet balding round man behind her.

“Pete!” He called out.

“Hey, Johnny. I’m a little early but… got room now for an upgrade?”

“Another?” He asked, looking back at Zoey who was just smiling and looking as clueless as ever. “I can’t possibly be done for at last 3 days.”

“3 days? Are there a lot of upgrades going on?”

“Upgrades, repairs, mods… a very popular mod site has kept me very busy. And there are rumors of a new model being announced so everyone wants their old ones fixed up to trade-in…”

“Oh? Well, you might have one more mod then.” I passed him a small paper with the exact mod on it.

“Yes, that’s the mod. You want one for little… uh… whatshername?”

“Zoey, yeah. She needs it badly.”

He looked her up and down. “Anything else you want? It’s been a while since you came in. Maybe bigger…” he gestured at lifted non-existent breasts on him.

“No. Just her regular maintenance, cleaning, all that,” I explained.

“What’s wrong with her?” Hannah asked.

“Technically, nothing. But… oh god, she’s so boring. She’s too…”

“Robotic?” Hannah finished for me. I nodded. “I know, why not give her the Personal Treatment?”

“Personal Treatment?” I asked. “Like a personal experience?”

“It is a special upgrade of my own making,” Johnny explained. “It will make her personality more… natural. She’ll be less of a blow-up doll and more of a… uh…”

“It turns her from a sexbot into a sex buddy,” Hannah offered. “I had one myself, remember?” That might explain why she was so friendly to me all the time. I forgot he modded Hannah shortly after getting her.

“Sounds interesting.”

“Oh it is, and it does more for her. It will affect her in many ways, but you’ll just have to see for yourself,” she added smiling.

“Sure, you know, why not. As long as you give her the mod.”

“Of course,” Johnny smiled. “They work well together.” He gave Hannah a wink, although she seemed to avoid looking at him. “I can have her done in 5 days.”

“5 days?” 5 days without her bugging me, distracting me, teasing me. It sounded like a win-win situation to me. “Deal! How much do I owe you?”

That week went by fast. And I enjoyed every minute of it. I was more productive, more focused, and more relaxed. It was a much-needed vacation. I thought it might be hard at first. It wasn’t until the last day that I really started to miss having Zoey around. In fact, my usually high libido was on the rise again. I actually missed her, a little, and I was really looking forward to what this mysterious upgrade and the mod would do for her.

I picked her up in the afternoon, just after I finished a project for a client. Hannah was standing there, wearing the same thing she always did, smiling for the customers. If she wasn’t trying to sell a toy, she was trying to talk someone into buying a sexbot like her. I was more than half-tempted to hit on her. And even though she was dealing with someone, she kept glancing at me. She was cute, and smart, and looked as human as Zoey did. But I knew Johnny would kill anyone that touched her. She was the store’s unit, although I was sure he used her personally. Officially, Hannah wasn’t there for conversation or to help at the store. She was the same model as Zoey, a floor model, and her job was to convince people to buy sexbots. It worked on me. Her customizations were different than most models, and it made her more unique.

“Ah! Pete! Just in time,” Johnny came out before Hannah could greet me. “She’s ready, one second.” He went to the back leaving me at the counter alone.

Moments later the customer Hannah was helping walked away with a new toy and she turned to me. “Oh! Hey Peter,” Hannah said with a small wave, swaying side-to-side. “You’re back! I- We missed you. You really should come in more often.”

“Hey, Hannah. Still hanging out with these losers?”

“I like it here. Besides, I talked you into that upgrade, I think they’ll keep me around.”

“Heh… being the floor model doesn’t hurt either I bet.”

She shrugged. “Eh. That part is pretty boring. I wish I could leave… You used to hang out with me all the time before you…“ Her voice died quickly when Johnny came back out.

“Here she is!” Johnny practically shouted as he came out, wheeling Zoey out on a dolly. “I threw in a few small upgrades, for old times sake. She’s a real beaut, this one. Oh… allow me…”

He unstrapped her and set her up. I pressed my finger against the indent between her clavicle and waited for 5 seconds, activating her power. Zoey breathed in and looked right at me.

“Hello, Master. I am ready to serve you.”

“I bet she is,” Hannah laughed to herself.

Johnny hit her lightly on the back of the head. “Don’t make fun of the customer.” I didn’t like that, but at least he didn’t hurt her.

“Ow! Sorry. Geez. You’re the one that programmed me, old man.”

Johnny rolled his eyes. I was pretty sure Hannah didn’t really like him, but I never actually saw them fight. I gave her a look of concern, which she definitely saw even though she pretended she didn’t.

“Now, you won’t notice everything at first, but I think you’ll find these upgrades to be very rewarding,” Johnny explained turning to me.

I couldn’t help but notice how Hannah looked a bit upset, but then she shook her head and gave me a smile again. Maybe she was hiding something. I wasn’t sure, even though I had known her since they activated her 12 months ago, she was always a bit of an enigma to me.

“Alright, thanks again for the work, Johnny. I’ll be seeing you two around.”

“I’m sure you will,” Johnny said before noticing another customer who was getting a little too handsy with the mannequin. “Hey, look, don’t touch!”

As he went off to have a word with the man, Hannah looked down. “See you around, stranger.”

“You alright?” I asked.

“Yeah… I’m fine. Just a day in the life… you know.”

“Hey, don’t let him treat you that way. You deserve better than that.”

She shrugged. “There’s nothing I can do to stop him. But it’s not all bad. You know you should hang out again sometime. It hasn’t been the same since you stopped coming in.”

I looked at her and didn’t believe her. Johnny was known for getting rough with his girlfriends, which is why he was almost always between them. “If you uh… ever need someone to talk to… you have my address on file.”

“Yeah, right. Like I could do that. Go on, get out of here. Zoey is waiting.” I couldn’t help but get the impression she was a little sad.

I shrugged. I was a little uneasy leaving like that. By pure chance, I was there when they first turned Hannah on. She was the reason I wanted to get a unit for myself. But Zoey turned out so different. I always considered Hannah my friend, and I worried about her a little.

“See you.”

Zoey and I left and went home. I tried not to think about what happened. After all, I did have a newly upgraded and modded bot right next to me.

When we got home, I noticed Zoey was more distant. Much more. For one, she didn’t instantly strip her clothes off, or mine. She just stood there waiting for me to command her, or something. I wasn’t sure what this upgrade was supposed to do, but she seemed to have lost her personality entirely. Maybe it took a bit for it to fully activate?

“Zoey, how are you feeling?”

“Good,” she replied.

I wanted to test her. To see if she would react any differently now that I had upgraded her. “I want to take a good look at your upgrades. Why don’t you undress and wait by my computer?

She looked at me for a moment. “Oh. Um… Ok. Right here?”

That alone was different from how she normally sounded. “Yes.”

“Al- Alright.” She stuttered a little. But she proceeded to undress in front of me as I ordered her to. I hated to admit it, but I missed her little curvy body. She had the right amount of muscle to fat, with a natural look while still being cute and sexy. Naked, she looked the same as always. I watched as she walked over to the computer and sat down.

“Is this ok, master?” She asked as she looked over at me.

“Yes. Remember, call me Peter.”

“Oh… right. Of course. Peter.” She replied. That was an improvement. No more ‘master’ this and ‘master’ that. Whatever he did to her personality made her feel more authentic. I liked it.

I took a data cable from my computer and kneeled behind her. I placed my hand on her shoulder, and she inhaled. I could feel her tense up a little. I attached the cable to a hidden port on her upper back. She sat there silently as I stood back and studied her. Eventually, she looked up at me and smiled.

“You sure aren’t acting the same…” I noted.

“Is- is that bad? Do you want me to do something else?” She wondered, looking a little flustered.

“No, no. I like it. It’s a good change.” I wanted to test her again. This time I took her breast into my hand and squeezed it a little, just to see how she’d react.

“Mmnn…” she moaned a little. She seemed to enjoy the sensation. That seemed to be similar to her usual self, although she would have been way more over-the-top about it. At least that was different. “Peter… why did you touch my breast?”

She had never asked something like this before. “I… I was just testing something.”

“Oh… Did I pass?”

“Pass?” I laughed. “It wasn’t that type of test. Did you like it?”

“Was I supposed to?”

“I… I don’t know. You tell me.” I replied.

She looked up in thought but answered without delay. “Yes. It felt good, Peter. I enjoyed the sensation. But I wasn’t expecting such intimate contact so suddenly. Do you want to touch my other breast?”

“Maybe later. Are you at all embarrassed that I touched you, or had you undress in front of me?” I asked.

“No. I do not get embarrassed. I will always do what you wish of me. I exist to obey your commands with no hesitation.”

I chuckled to myself and sat down at my computer. “We’ll see.”

I was ready for this. With a few clicks, I was connected to her and installing a program into her. It was called “Shame.exe”.

It took a few minutes to install. As soon as it was, I set it up to open when she started up and set some initial settings. There were more options than I was expecting, but I kept it simple. She sat there the entire time while I tweaked it.

“Zoey, can you restart for me?” I asked once everything was set and saved.

“Of course, Peter.”

She closed her eyes and went still. A few seconds later, a small chime went off in her chest, and she opened her eyes shortly after. It took her a few seconds to focus her eyes. And as soon as she did…

“Hello, Peter… I’m ready to- Oh… Oh my! Oh my god!!” Zoey tried to cover herself as she started to panic. “I’m naked!” She held her breasts closed her thighs as she looked at me. “Peter! Turn around! I’m indecent!”

I laughed. Looks like it worked. “Why are you blushing?” I asked.

“I- I’m n-naked! In front of you!”

“Are you… embarrassed?”

“Of course I am!” She whimpered as she tried to curl up to cover herself better. She looked confused even through her panic. “How? Why am I- Oh… that file you installed! What did it do to me? Is that what this is?” She looked up at me and hopped in her seat a little. “Ah! You’re staring at me! Turn around!” She squealed as she leaned forward covering herself.

“Why so shy now? You always walk around naked. Plus we’ve had sex. Lots… and lots… of kinky, nasty, dirty sex. Remember?”

She stared straight ahead and slowly her face turned red until it looked like she got a really bad sunburn on her head and shoulders. “Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!! No way! We did what? Oh my god! What did you make me do?! What did you do to me!?” She was definitely in a panic, looking around and trying to keep herself covered.

“Me? You initiate most of it. Remember?”

She looked mortified when she realized I was right. Her high libido setting made her often initiate sex, which I grew to regret. Zoey covered her face with her hands, using her arms to obscure her chest. “P- P- Peter… Can you just get my clothes, please?” She asked through her fingers, her voice muffled.

“Sure.” I got up and picked up the clothes she left by the front door. I brought them to the bedroom. Teasing her was definitely fun.

“Hey! Wh- Where- Where are you going?! Those are my clothes!”

“Well, you should always dress in the bedroom. Come on. They’re right here. I’m going to put them on the bed.” Who knew I’d get such a kick out of this? I considered this payback for all the crap she put me through these last few months.

“Ohh…. I’m so embarrassed I could die…” she complained, her voice muffled by her hands. But sure enough, she stood up, still covering herself as best as she could with one arm around her chest and the other over her privates, and entered the bedroom.

I sat down on the bed next to the clothes as she walked in and approached her clothes. Zoey looked at me as if waiting for something.

“Peter, could you leave?”

“Why? It’s my bedroom.” I grinned as I teased her.

She bit her lip and shivered a little. Goddamn, she was acting cute as she tried to cover herself. “C- Could you at least turn around? Please?”

I shrugged. “Ok. But it isn’t like I haven’t seen it all before.” I stood up and turned around for her sake. But I could still see her reflection in the mirror.

“Th- That was different! I… I wasn’t… you didn’t mod me like this back then.” She tried to justify her shyness while she started to dress. I didn’t stare, I had seen it all before, but I did get a glance.

Finally, with her clothes on, she sat down on the bed and let out a huge sigh. “Oh my god! I’m so-“

“Cute?” I finished for her as I turned around.


“You are really cute when you’re shy. I like it!”

Zoey looked confused as she sat on the bed in her thin sweater and skirt. “Peter, I…” she began with a harsh tone, ready to tell me off or something. “You think this is cute?”


She side-eyed me, giving me an untrusting glance. “Is that all I am to you? Something to look at? Something ‘cute’?”

“Of course not!”

She huffed and crossed her arms as she sat on the bed. “You just wanted me for sex, though. That’s why you got me. You don’t really like me.”

“Of course I like you. I wouldn’t have given you this last chance if I didn’t like you. And I want you around as much for your companionship as for the sex. Besides, things between us were kinda dull. I needed to upgrade you to break this rut we were in.”

She looked up at me curiously. “We were in a rut?”

I nodded as I leaned against the dresser. “You mean you didn’t notice? How sex was getting routine, how I kept trying to add more and more to you to keep it interesting. How I was getting bored with it all? Don’t tell me you didn’t feel the same.”

Zoey blushed at the mention of sex, but looked down at her lap and thought about it. She really thought, which was something she never did before. Zoey seemed to be not only acting shy and cute, but she seemed to be thinking differently, more aware of herself and her surroundings. “I… I never noticed. I thought you liked… doing more wild… oh god!” She put her hand to her forehead. “Wow… I can’t believe we did all that stuff…” She cleared her throat and removed her hand but avoided looking at me. “I guess maybe you’re right. But that was the old me. I… I want to start over.”

“Yeah. I suppose I didn’t want to give up on you. But I guess I don’t really know this ‘new’ you yet. But I want to.”

“New me? I don’t even know me. Wait… ‘give up’ on me? Are you saying you were going to get rid of me?” She seemed shocked.

I shrugged. She was acting so different than her normal self, I wanted to see how much better she was at thinking. “Think about it. Every day, what did you do?”

Her face turned red again. “I… I…” she started before covering her face again. “I would have sex with you…”

“We’d fuck all the time! It was getting dull, boring, and it completely lost its spark. You were always walking around naked, you were never shy about it, and you were always more than willing to put out. You wanted sex so much I got sore from it. I… I didn’t like that. You wore me out!” As amazing as her body was, with her walking around naked all the time I lost the desire it once gave me. Too much of a good thing, right? I sat down next to her on the bed.

“Oh god…” she complained again into her hands. She seemed to shrink a little, trying to make herself as small as possible as she leaned over covering her face. “I’m so so sorry… I… I can’t believe I did that!”

“I could have just trashed you, I admit I thought about it, but... I didn’t want to. I liked you too much. I just had to try something else. So far… I have to say I’m pleased.”

She looked up from her hands, still covering her mouth as she spoke. “You… you like this? Making fun of me?”

I laughed as I leaned back on the bed. “I’m not making fun of you. I’m just teasing you to see what you do. Testing your responses, I guess. I’ll stop. This mod is new, and I wanted to see how you’d react.”

“It’s not funny!” She responded through her hands.

“Would you rather go back to how you were?”

Slowly she lowered her hands the rest of the way, putting them in her lap while still leaning over. “God no! I… I don’t think I liked how I was, but I just didn’t understand it. I feel different now… I feel more in control. More awake.”

“Oh? That must be whatever Johnny did.”

She shrugged. “Maybe?”

I nodded. “I don’t know what he did. But before this upgrade, we would never have had this type of conversation. You were… well… kind of mindless.”

She covered her eyes with her hands briefly before sliding them down her face and exhaling. “I felt mindless. A dumb horny fembot. This is… much better.”

I nodded again. “I don’t think this was the mod, it must have been what Johnny did. The mod was to let you feel shame. Embarrassment. I wanted you to be less shameless so you wouldn’t walk around naked all the time trying to jump me for sex every second. I may have overdone it, but so far… I really like the results.”

Zoey’s face became red again. “I can’t believe I did that!!” She looked over at me. “So… You like me this way?”

“Sure! You’re really cute when you get flustered like this. I’ve never seen you like this. And honestly… you’ve been gone for a week. I missed you. And I want to… you know…”

“Y- you want to… have s- sex? Already?”

“Of course. Don’t you?”

She looked at me, tears forming in her eyes with her face beet red and her lips quivering. She pressed her lips together as she quivered, failing to hide her embarrassment as she nodded shamefully.

“Really?” I asked, sliding my hand over to hers. She gasped at my touch and closed her eyes.

“Hah!” Zoey pulled back her hand but held it close to her chest. “Oh god… Yes! Yes!” She shook her head trying to reconcile her own desires with her newfound personality changes. “Damn it, Peter! You know I have a high libido! You set it that way. But I’m- I’m so embarrassed! Is something wrong with me?”

I shook my head, as I leaned over to her, bringing my face close to hers. “Everything’s perfect. I honestly wasn’t sure you’d still want to, but I guess you still like me.”

“Of- Of course I… I like you. I never really… thought about it. But you were always good to me, you took care of me and were nice most of the time, and you made me feel so good! You would do anything I wanted… Oh god!!” She closed her eyes as she remembered all the kinky things we did.

“I still Iike you too,” I told her and kissed her right on the lips.

She was so shy, her entire body shivered when I kissed her. This is what I wanted. A real reaction! Something cute, sexy, and natural. Despite her apprehensions, she kissed me back but quivered under my touch as I gently pressed her against the bed. As I pulled away, her tongue was still sticking out as her entire body was shivering. Her eyes were dazed, but when she realized I pulled back, she closed her mouth and focused on me.

“P- Peter…” she stammered.

I pulled my shirt off over my head, revealing my torso to her. Zoey looked down and bit her lip as her eyes widened. She reached up and ran her fingers over my chest and abs. She was definitely enjoying this. I kissed her again as she ran her hands over my torso. In response, I propped myself over her with one hand while I ran the other up her side and to her chest.

“AHH!” She squealed as I touched her breast. “P- P- P- Peter! Hah! I’m not ready for this yet! I- I…”

I pulled my hand back, leaving it hovering over her. “Do you want me to stop?”

She seemed conflicted, squirming under me on the bed as she covered her mouth with one hand and looked to the side, thinking. A few seconds later, she shook her head.

“What do you want me to do?” I asked, hoping to see how she’d react.

She looked up at me, her eyes watering a little, almost crying, as she slowly lowered her hand from her mouth. Her lips quivered as she parted them. “Hold me.”

I nodded. Part of me wanted to just start humping her or tearing her clothes off, but I was more excited by the idea of taking it slow for once. In fact, this new Zoey was way more interesting, and I wanted to see where this went.

I got on the bed next to her and wrapped my arms around her, hugging her and holding her close. She sighed as she buried her face into my chest. We stayed that way for a few minutes, just enjoying touching each other. She still felt amazing, and to my surprise she started to wrap one of her legs around mine, pressing her hips into me.

I looked down at her and gave her a kiss on her forehead. “Now what?” I asked quietly.

Zoey looked up and silently grabbed my hand and placed it on her breast. I started to massage her through her clothes, enjoying the sensation, as she began to breathe heavily. She kept her pretty round eyes focused on me as I caressed her. She was definitely horny though, her nipple was getting hard and I could feel it through her clothes. She didn’t have on a bra and it was easy to feel everything through her sweater.

“Hanh!” Zoey squealed as I pinched her nipple. I was surprised how much her reaction turned me on. I teased her some more, taking my face down to her other breast and sucking on her tit through her sweater, leaving a wet spot and making her gasp. “Peter! You’re leaving a mark!”

I pulled back and looked at her chest. Her nipple was hard enough to poke out and show through her sweater. “I’m sure it will rub out,” I grinned as I rubbed it with my hand, fondling her even more.

“Ah!! Ohhhh… Peter!...” Zoey started to pant as she looked up at me.

“Want me to stop?” I asked again.

Still blushing she shook her head. Her face got more and more red as she mustered up the courage to pull her shirt up, exposing herself to me. She held her sweater under her chin showing me her soft perky tits while squeezing them with her arms as though somehow that would make it less embarrassing for her. “M- more.”

I smiled as I took her breasts into my hands, really massaging and fondling her. Seeing her bite her lip and clench her face at my touch turned me on and I found myself pressing my hips against hers.

“Oh!! Peter! You’re… you’re p- poking me… down there… Oh god!”

I kissed her again, this time really getting into it, using my tongue to loosen her up. She turned into putty in my hands as she started to get into it, returning the favor. Zoey even started to press her hips against mine, rubbing against me almost subconsciously. When at last I broke the kiss, she fell back against the bed, panting.

While she was still recovering I pulled her top off entirely. Zoey naturally covered her breasts with her hands as she looked up at me, blushing. She looked so gentle and so demure, I wanted to protect her and ravage her at the same time. I never felt like this with her before. This wasn’t just sex, this was something more.

“Zoey… do you want me to…?” I asked as I pressed against her again. She got the message. Her eyes looked away at first as her brow furrowed. She shook her head.

“I… want to… look at it.” She explained while avoiding looking at me.

I got on my knees next to her and put my hands on my hips. Zoey sat up and slowly brought her hands to my waist. I could feel her trembling as she tried to unbuckle my belt and undo my pants. She was so nervous she was having trouble with it. Normally she would have had my pants on the floor in 2.3 seconds, but it took her almost a minute to get my belt and pants undone. I smiled as she tugged at my pants trying to lower them. I decided not to give her any help.

At last, she got them down, and saw my hard dick through my underwear, begging to get out. Zoey gasped as she covered her mouth.

“You’ve seen it before,” I reminded her.

She looked up at me, annoyed. “I- I know. I just… don’t remember it being so…”


She nodded. “And erotic.” She gently touched me through my clothes and felt the shape of my penis. It tickled a little, but felt good and made me throb. “Oh! It moved!!”

I almost laughed at her. “Are you ok?”

Zoey nodded without looking away. She decided to keep going and pulled my underwear down until it popped out before her. She just stared at it for a few seconds as it twitched. “Can I touch it?” She asked after a little while.

“Hell yes.” I didn’t want to rush this, but at the same time, I wanted to get started.

Zoey gripped my member gently. Her hand, while reluctant, held me with the expertise of a woman who had done this countless times before. She still remembered sex, it was all in her mind, and I think the realization that she was so familiar with it made her blush again as she instinctively started to slowly pump her hand in and out.

“Does it feel good?” She asked. I nodded as I looked down at her and she smiled. “I can’t believe I’m doing this…”

“You don’t have to,” I said.

She shook her head. “I want to.” Zoey leaned in and started to lick me and take me into her mouth, but as she was starting to get me really erect, she backed off and covered her face again. “Oh god oh god! What am I doing?” She pulled her right hand back from her face and sniffed it. “It smells…”

“Hey! I cleaned myself,” I defended.

Shaking her head, she sniffed her hand deeper. “It smells good.” She stuck out her tongue and licked her palm, making her shiver a little. “Oh god! What’s wrong with me?” She stopped. “I- I’m so…”

“Embarrassed?” I suggested.

“Horny! Peter…” She looked up at me, her face and shoulders still beet-red, “I- I-“ Zoey clenched her eyes closed as she bit her lips. Finally, after a deep breath, she spoke up. “I want you inside me!”

Her voice was loud but shaky. It caught her so off-guard she covered her mouth in surprise before she started to laugh. I had heard her laugh before, but never like this. It was innocent, sweet, authentic, and drove me wild. I leaned down and kissed her, pushing her back on the bed.

I slid down her body, pulling her skirt and panties down together. Zoey covered her face, looking down at me through her fingers, as she panted. I loved to watch her breasts rise and fall with her breathing as I looked up at her from her crotch. As soon as her clothes were off and she was left naked, I ran my hands up her sides and caressed her tits while I started to lick her vagina.

“Ooohhhh!” She moaned as I teased her clit and ran my tongue up and down her slit. Keeping one hand on her mouth, Zoey lowered the other to my head to try to push me back, but instead, grabbed my hair and held me there. “P- P- Peter!!”

She still smelled amazing and tasted sweet and salty. I could feel her vagina pulse and contract as she threw her head back. It didn’t take much for me to get her juices really flowing. By the time I pulled back, I could see her pussy gaping as it opened and closed with her contracting muscles. She tensed up several times. Zoey was close to climaxing already.

I got up and aligned my rock hard cock to her pussy. She was so overwhelmed that all she could do was covered her red face with her hands and look at me between her fingers. Gently, I pressed my dick against her, rubbing the head over her pussy, spreading her juices and coating my dick. I aligned it to her hole and pressed forward.

“HAH! Peter!!” She moaned through her hands. Her legs tried to close on me at the last minute, but I just held her knees apart. “Be gentle!” She begged.

I nodded as I pressed forward slowly. Zoey’s pussy easily gave way to me. It was not only well-lubricated but was also still well-used by me. Despite that, she actually felt tighter than usual once I got inside. He did say something about adding in a few smaller upgrades… I wondered if this was one of them.

“AHN!” Zoey squealed with a loud high-pitched girly moan. It must have caught her off guard because she looked surprised and covered her mouth right away.

“Are you ok?” I asked. Zoey nodded, moving her hand from her mouth and holding onto the bedsheets.

Slowly, I pushed in deeper, entering her tight pussy, making her arch her back and stick out her chest. No matter how hard she tried to hide her moans, it was clear she was feeling it. I gave one last thrust forward, pushing myself all the way in and pressing against her body.

“Nah!!” She blurted out before covering her mouth again, this time biting on her index finger.

I held it there for a moment to give her time to adjust but soon started to pull back and push forward. Each time, I increased the speed a little as I propped myself over her. Zoey began to rotate her hips to the movement, making her push her chest up and down, which caused her breasts to start to bounce. It looked really nice, and I couldn’t help but enjoy the view.

“HAH!!” Zoey pulled her hand away from her mouth as she gasped. “You got harder!” She covered her breasts gently with her hands as she looked down at me, her eyes wide and focused on mine.

Seeing her like that, with her hands barely covering her tits in such a demure manner, only made me more excited. “Damn, you’re too cute!” I momentarily halted my pistoning motion as I moved her hands from her breasts.

Zoey actually resisted me, trying to keep her breasts covered, but I was stronger than her and managed to place them on the bed on either side of her head, holding them there as I started to thrust once again. Her mouth opened wide as I picked up the pace again.

The sounds of our bodies slapping together, the creaking of the bed, and her heavy breathing mixed to fill the air. She tried not to moan, but her voice kept leaking out. Her body was familiar, and yet new. Even the way she moved and reacted to me was different on a fundamental level. Her breasts bounced freely before me. “Oh… Peter! It’s… it’s happening!”

Zoey’s eyes rolled back and she started to hold her breath. I pressed hard into her one more time, feeling her body convulse beneath me as she lurched in place. I decided to let her ride out her first orgasm. Or at least most of it. As she started to pant and gasp, letting out moans of lust and joy, I started to move again.

“Wait! I’m still-! AH!!” She objected, but I just increased my tempo.

I let go of her hands and held onto her waist, controlling her body, and guiding her movements. Shortly after I let go, she covered her breasts again, holding them in place and squeezing them. With her eyes closed, she didn’t notice as I reached down and grabbed her panties from beside us. I leaned down and kissed her, running my hands up her body and grabbing her hands.

Again she resisted, but not as much this time. I loosely wrapped one side of her panties around one of her wrists, and then brought her hands over her head, and wrapped the panties around the bed frame. I then wrapped her hand around the other side of her underwear. It wasn’t a knot or anything, and she could slip out at any time if she let go, but instead, she gripped the panties tightly in her hands, forcing her arms over her head and leaving her completely exposed.

I used this chance to really pound into her, giving her a series of quick, powerful thrusts. Her body reacted nicely as her voice raised in more womanly moans. “Peter! It’s too much! Too fast!” She complained under her breath.

I pulled out and let her recover a little, but soon I rotated her to her side and lifted her leg. It didn’t take much for me to get inside her again, this time entering her sideways while holding her leg up to the ceiling. Zoey held onto the panties over her head with her arms in front of her as she gasped. It was easy to enter her fully, and I quickly started to find a nice beat to move at, keeping my climax at bay for a little without overwhelming her. It was a change from the regular million-miles-an-hour pace she wanted, and I welcomed it.

After a few minutes, she was primed again, but I wanted to try something else. I pulled out and got on the bed behind Zoey. It was a little awkward, but I managed to get inside her from behind, spooning her. She lifted her leg to help, and soon we were moving together. It was nice to reach around and hold her, caressing her breast. Zoey’s voice rose in intensity again. I could feel her climax coming on, and her cute desperate voice confirmed it.

“Mnnn! HAH!! AHH! Peter!! I’m- I’m… I’m going to cum, Master-!” She squealed, before catching herself and clenching her mouth shut. She seemed mortified that she called me master, but her oncoming orgasm was too much for her. I let it slide this time, after all, watching her try to hold it back was just too damn cute.

I pounded harder and faster, rubbing the front of her vaginal wall while I reached around and rubbed her clit. That did the trick. Zoey tensed up, held her breath, and squeezed down on me. She jerked a few times as I continued to thrust inside her while rubbing her. She came and I followed shortly after, filling her up. Load after load, I filled her up, thoroughly satisfied with the new Zoey.

“Ooooohh god! It’s so hot! I can feel you throbbing in me,” she whispered. When at last I was spent, I pulled out. A small trickle of white cum oozed from her pussy and onto her butt. We lied that way for a minute or two before I reached up and released her hands. Her delicate hands slipped right out, but she played along and waited for me to release her even though she could have done it herself at any time.

Zoey turned toward me and held me, looking up at me before finally closing her eyes. It wasn’t particularly late, but she felt so warm and nice, I dozed off holding her in my arms.

About an hour later, I got up. Zoey was still laying there. I kissed her on the lips, waking her, and gave her a smile.

She shot up in bed and grabbed the sheets, covering herself. “Ma- Peter! I’m… oh god! I’m sorry I called you that.”

“It’s ok. Did you enjoy it?” I asked.

Sheepishly she nodded. I gave her a grin back as she lowered her guard a little. “Did… did I satisfy you?”

I held her chin and kissed her again before answering. “Of course.”

Zoey smiled a little even though she bashfully looked away. “I’m glad.”

“Did you like it?” I asked.

Zoey covered her face with the sheet but nodded. I got a good laugh out of watching her react. Zoey peeked out from behind the sheets and grinned. “Um… do you want to… do it again?”

I knew she had a high libido, but this was what I was hoping to avoid. “Right now?”

Her face flushed red as she turned to me and shook her head enthusiastically. “Oh no! Please no! I can’t take any more tonight. I’m… I’m satisfied. I meant… maybe… tomorrow?”

That was music to my ears! “I think that will work out nicely.”

The upgrade was perfect! With a few minor adjustments, Zoey was acting better than ever. She no longer went around naked all day, and actually bought some regular clothes to wear around the house, and even though she still wanted sex regularly, she was more satisfied with each session, and so was I. Her new demure bashful personality was ideal, and I found myself falling for her all over again. This was the Zoey I always wanted, and we were both happier for it.

“Oh, you! Stop!” She giggled as I teased her, pinched her side through her soft warm shirt as she leaned into me while we watched a movie. “We can do that later…” She was smiling widely, so I knew I could entice her into it if I wanted to. It had been a few weeks and we were settling into our new routines much better. She seemed happier, and so was I.

“You know you like it.” I grinned.

“I never said I didn’t. But the movie is on!”

I leaned down and kissed her ear, nibbling it a little, and making her blush. “So are you,” I teased, making her giggle some more. We got the Netflix part down, now it was time to chill...


Someone started pounding on our door, making both of us jump and Zoey yelp in surprise. I got up, it sounded urgent.

“What’s going on?” She wondered.

After pausing the movie, I went to the door and looked out the peephole but didn’t see anyone. At first, I thought it was a prank until the pounding happened again. I shrugged back at Zoey and cautiously opened the door.

Hannah burst in, leaning over, almost crawling. She looked hurt and tired, and her jacket was torn at the shoulder. She pushed the door closed behind her and landed on all fours before looking up at me with a pained smile.

“Hannah?!” I blurted out.

“Can I stay with you?”

Part 2: Hannah

“That stings!” Hannah complained as I helped her to her feet. She was limping from her left foot, and she was holding her side.

“What happened? Are you ok?” Zoey asked as she stood on the other side of the couch and watched.

“Long story…” Hannah said. “I could use a look over, and maybe some power.”

“You look terrible,” I noted. “How low is your battery?”

“3%” she explained. “Uh… make that 2.” Zoey and I looked at each other. That was really low, we never got Zoey anywhere close to that. I brought Hannah into the kitchen and sat her down in a chair while Zoey got her a charging cable.

With her finally sitting and plugged in, Hannah exhaled and closed her eyes. “Oh, thank god I found you!”

“Are you hurt anywhere? You’re limping.” I asked.

Hannah took her time to answer. “Yeah… I think I pulled something in my leg. Literally. I think a muscle disconnected. And… my side hurts.”

I kneeled down and took off Hannah’s boot. She winced as I did, so I tried to do it as gently as I could. Once it was off, I took her foot into my hands and looked at it.

“Do you need anything? Can I help?” Zoey wondered.

“Some water would be nice,” Hannah requested. Zoey busied herself getting Hannah a glass of water as I tested her foot, making her wince.

“Push down,” I told her as I held her foot.

I felt some motion, but nothing like a push. “I’m trying,” Hannah claimed.

“Yeah… looks like something is out of place. You know I’m not a repair guy.”

“I know… but I… I had nowhere else to go. You modded Zoey, I’m sure you can manage this.”

Zoey handed her some water, and Hannah gulped it down. I felt her thigh, noting to myself how much thinner and smaller than Zoey she was. Sure enough, I could feel something out of place. Reaching up to her feminine thighs, I pulled Hannah’s thigh-high fishnet stocking down off her leg entirely.

“Hah!” She gasped at my touch. “Sorry.”

“I need to access your panels… can you open them?”

Hannah looked down at me. “Yeah, sure. One sec…” A moment later, the skin around her ankle and shin popped out of place where hidden panels had been. I was still impressed with this amazing technology but focused on fixing her. It was easy, just a muscle had popped out of the connection on the joint, making her leg stop working properly. I clicked it back into place, tested her movement, and closed her back up. I couldn’t help but appreciate her smooth soft skin.

“How is that?” I asked as I finally put her foot down and let her move it.

Hannah lifted her leg, twisted and rotated her foot, and ginned. “Yeah, much better. I must have pulled it when I was walking around.”

“Why were you walking around? What happened?” I asked.

Hannah sighed. “Johnny…”

“Did he hit you?” Zoey asked. I guess she suspected something from him too.

However, Hannah shook her head. “No… not on purpose. I mean… not like that.”

“How’s your side?” I asked as I looked at how she was holding it still. She pulled her hand back to show me a cut.

“I fell and landed on something sharp. It isn’t deep.”

I moved her hand farther and got a better look. She had a form of circulatory system, but the coolant blood she used had long since dried and the bleeding stopped. The cut wasn’t that bad, it looked like it grazed her. A simple skin repair kit could fix that.

“Does it still hurt?” I asked as I touched it to make sure it wasn’t deep.

She winced a little. “Yeah… some. Um… Peter, can you keep this a secret from Johnny?”

I looked up at her. “Of course. I can fix this but… you better start explaining.”

“Alright, alright…” she sighed. “It started a few weeks ago, right after you modded Zoey.”

“Can you get me my repair kit, please, Zoey?” I asked quietly trying not to interrupt her. As Zoey went off to get the kit, I cleaned up the dried blood and listened to her story.

“Well… the new models were announced that week and Johnny was really interested in them. He wanted to order one… you know, for the shop. At first, I thought it was going to be fun with another girl around, but I later realized he was replacing me! I didn’t want to be scrapped, so I… I kind of installed that mod you were telling me about. The one you put in Zoey. The shame one.

“I thought, maybe if I was a little more interesting, a little more naturally appealing and… maybe acting… well… like how Zoey does now… all shy and cute or something, maybe he would keep me. No one else showed off a floor model with that type of mod. But it only made him mad. Like… really mad.”

She held her face in her hands and rubbed her features briefly until she released her face. It was around that time that Zoey came in with the kit and I started going through it looking for the skin repair stuff. As Zoey sat down to listen, Hannah continued.

“I didn’t know it would make him so angry at me. What I thought was going to save me got me kicked to the street. Literally.”

“He kicked you?” I asked, shocked.

“More like shoved with his foot.”

“You were thrown out…?!” Zoey realized.

Hannah nodded. “Yeah. He threw me out. Like trash. He didn’t even bother to turn me off. Although, I think if I didn’t run he was going to shut me down the hard way…”

I assumed she meant he was going to break her.

Tears started to silently fall from her eyes, although she just wiped them off as though they were unwanted flies. “I fell and landed on something as I tried to get away. I ran… I can’t run very well, apparently. Somehow I pulled my muscle. I didn’t know where to go, but I remembered your address. And… I knew you’d help me.”

“So this just happened?” Zoey asked as I started to repair the damage to her skin.

Hannah shook her head. “That was last night. I… I’m not a smartphone. I don’t have a GPS in me.”

“That’s strange, I have one…” Zoey noted. “We’re the same model, aren’t we?”

“Yeah, but Johnny didn’t want to pay to activate it in me. I wasn’t going to go anywhere other than staying in the shop, so I didn’t need it. And I don’t have a map app. I just wandered around town all night trying to avoid everyone.” She leaned forward and covered her face again. She took a few deep breaths and then shook her head and sat up again to continue.

“I had to borrow someone’s phone to look up your address and get directions. It took me all day to get here. Oh, man… I was terrified! I didn’t think I’d make it here, and I tried to avoid everyone. I was so low on battery, and my leg wasn’t working… I had to crawl here!”


“Are you sure you’re ok?” Zoey asked. “Do you want any food?”

She shook her head. “I don’t eat, but thanks. Are you sure I can stay here?”

“Won’t Johnny be looking for you? I mean you are his property.”

“Mmm… technically… I’m not. Check my registry.”

I was just finishing up with her side and decided to hook my laptop up to her. She sat still for me as I connected it to her head. A quick search later… “Babes and Bots, Inc.” I read out loud. “The shop. You are registered to the shop.”

“I WAS registered to the shop. As the official owner, the moment he kicked me to the curb…”

“You became public property,” Zoey said, holding her mouth in surprise.

“Like trash,” Hannah admitted.

“Don’t you have anyone else you rather go to? A friend? A co-worker? A client?”

She let out a short laugh. “No… I have no friends, I’m a floor model. My job was to sell robots. And my co-workers are all jerks that would just… well, let’s say that’s not an option.”

“Wouldn’t you rather stay with someone you… you know… slept with?”

She laughed even louder. “That wasn’t my job, Peter. I didn’t have any clients like that.”

I looked at her confused. I swore she did. “But you… nevermind.” I decided to drop it.

“Is it so bad that I came to you first?” She wondered.

“No… I mean I’m flattered. But why me? Was I the only person you knew?”

She blushed as she looked between me and Zoey. “I… uh… I knew you were familiar with my model… and I guess we got along.” I felt like she was hiding something from me but I wasn’t going to pressure her on it.

“Well, I don’t mind you staying here, are you okay with that, Zoey?”

Zoey looked at me and back at Hannah. “Why wouldn’t I be?”

“I don’t want to impose,” Hannah claimed. “Even though… I just did…”

“It’s fine. You can stay for as long as you need,” I explained.

“That’s great! I can help around the house, and uh… I don’t eat or need a room.” She looked down at her side and touched it. “Hey… not bad. I knew you were the right person to turn to.”

”Thanks. But you need a bath.”

She blushed at the idea but nodded. “Of course. Say… Peter… can I ask for one more favor… just one… little… um…” She ran her fingers through her hair as she looked down at her lap.

“Sure, anything.”

“I need you to register me.”

I coughed on my own spittal a little. “W- What?”

“I need you to register me,” she repeated.

“I heard what you said. But why?”

She looked up at me with concern in her eyes. “I’m still public property. I’ve been avoiding people as much as I could all day… I don’t want to be taken by some random perv.”

I stood up and looked at Zoey. She returned the concerned gaze to me. I knew she was right, and something inside me had actually wanted this for a long time. But I had Zoey now, and I didn’t know what to do.

“Of course he will,” Zoey answered for me. I never told her about my crush on Hannah, or why I only bought Zoey because Hannah talked me into it, and I was so impressed with her. Fuck, I still fascinated being with her, even though I was trying to avoid going to the shop. I thought Zoey was enough, so I fell out of touch with Hannah… but I still had a huge crush on her.

I was there that night they activated her. Funny enough, at first she thought I was her owner and bowed to me before Johnny corrected her. Ever since then, I would flirt with her when I could, making up whatever excuse to go to the shop. It was why I had a box full of porn I bought there but never looked at under my bed.

But if Zoey was ok with this… “Are you sure?” I asked her.

Zoey nodded. “She needs your help. And you two have a history.”

“Yeah… but I mean… she’ll be registered to me like you are.”

She smiled. “I won’t get jealous, Peter. As long as we are still together.” She was serious about this, and I was impressed that she understood what I was asking.

I turned back to Hannah and nodded. “Alright, I’ll do it.”

Hannah smiled widely, showing her pretty teeth. I felt my heartthrob and knew I never got over her. A few moments later, I typed my name into the laptop and hit enter. Hannah grinned as she nudged me with her arm.

“Thanks. I… I really appreciate this.”

“Of course. Now about that bath…”

Hannah looked away. “If it’s okay with you, can… can Zoey help me out with that? I’ve never used a proper bathroom before.”

I let Hannah charge a little more before having Zoey take her into the bathroom. Movie night was apparently off, but this was a welcome and exciting change. Hannah was unexpectedly staying with us now, and… she was registered to me now. I couldn't help but smile and think back on all the times we would hang out at the shop.

I heard the water running in the other room as the two girls bathed. I really wanted to watch that. Would they stop me? Get mad at me? I tried to busy myself with preparing for her, arranging some clothes and a place to charge on the couch overnight. But in the end, lust overpowered my reasoning and I found myself trying to open the bathroom door.

It was locked. But they must have heard me mess with the lock because I heard them both giggle afterward. I decided to knock.

“Don’t come in, we’re indecent,” Zoey said through the door.

“Right. I just wanted to let you know I set up some clothes for you out here, and you can use the couch to sleep and charge.”

“Thanks, Peter,” Hannah replied.

I hovered near the door for a little longer but gave up and walked away. As I was cleaning up the tools and the kitchen, the girls came in. Zoey was wearing the pink nightgown that I bought for her, while Hannah was wearing one of Zoey’s blue ones. It was clear it didn’t fit her at all. Not only was Hannah taller than Zoey, but she was much thinner with a smaller frame. As a result, the gown didn’t even cover her panties, which were a little loose on her, and the chest hung low enough that I could see more cleavage than was intended. She covered herself with her hands but said nothing.

“Oh… Um… Hey. Have a good bath?”

“Yes,” Zoey smiled as she took my arm. She was ready for bed.

“Yeah… I guess I'll stay out here?” Hannah asked.

“On the couch is more comfortable. I got you a blanket, a charger, and a pillow.”

“Oh, cool. Thanks.”

That night, while Hannah settled in on the couch, Zoey joined me in bed as usual. She was more affectionate than normal. I had adjusted her shame.exe levels so it wasn’t as severe as before, but she liked it to be a little high. It excited her more, and it worked for me too.

As a result, she would often do things differently than before. And tonight was no exception. Her libido was still high, meaning she would engage in sex on her own, and as she curled up to me under the covers I could feel her run her hands over me and silently stroke me. When at last she got me hard, without saying a word, she rolled on top of me, slid her panties to one side, and took me inside her while biting her lip.

It was quiet sex, and she was more tight than usual. She didn’t even take her top off, although I did run my hands up her gown and caress her that way. She pulled my hands out though and leaned over me, pressing her chest into mine as she ground her hips and bounced against me. I actually came pretty quickly and held her there as I pumped her full of my semen. Zoey sighed as she had a small orgasm herself, her pussy gripping and releasing my member.

To my surprise, despite how quiet we were, I was sure I heard the door latch closed after that. I looked down at the door. I was sure I had closed it, and it was closed now, but I heard something. Zoey looked down as well and blushed.

“Do- do you think she was peeping at us?” She whispered.

I shrugged. “I don’t know. I don’t see her now.”

Zoey pulled me out of her and got under the covers, holding onto me. “Oh god! She could have seen everything from that angle!” She groaned silently as she buried her face into my chest. I held onto her and smiled.

“It’s ok. I’m sure it was nothing.”

The next day, Hannah was all smiles. Zoey was skeptical at first, but soon she was in a good mood too, smiling and acting coy. Hannah had prepared us breakfast as a thank you.

“I downloaded the cooking app last n- err… this morning. I hope you like omelets.” She explained. Zoey could eat a little, and Hannah knew this and made her some too.

“I was thinking we could get you some better fitting clothes today,” I suggested.

“That would be great. I… I’ve only ever worn the same thing every day at the shop. I don’t really know what looks good on me.”

I shrugged. “Honestly, the punk look you have going is a good fit, but you can do whatever you want.”

She sat down next to us as we ate. “Punk? More like a prostitute. This was Johhny’s idea. Besides, I’ve always wanted to wear a dress. And maybe pants.”

All afternoon we took her down to the stores and bought her some clothes. I did something like this with Zoey when I first got her, and I made a point to get her new clothes every now and then, but it hadn’t been that long since I got her. I decided to focus on getting Hannah what she needed. Bras, panties, jeans, pants, skirts, blouses, dresses… whatever she wanted, within reason.

A few hundred dollars later, we were heading back with a dozen or more bags while Hannah was sitting in my passenger seat wearing a white blouse that came off the shoulder and jeans with black sleek boots. It looked amazing on her. Zoey tended to wear more girly things, like skirts, dresses, and the like.

“Thanks so much for all this! I… I really don’t deserve it all.”

“It’s nothing,” I told her. “You have never gone shopping, and you need to wear clothes. I am honored to be able to help you with this.”

She grinned at me while Zoey silently watched in the back seat. When we got back, both of them wanted to take me by the arms, but there were just too many bags so we shared the load.

“I only have one bedroom, but you can change in there when we aren’t using it,” I explained as I set up a metal clothing rack for her in the corner of the bedroom. It was a temporary cheap solution, but we were still figuring things out.

“Thanks. I… I really appreciate this,” Hannah admitted.

“Peter, what do you want for dinner?” Zoey asked. “I should get started with it.”

I shrugged. “Surprise me?”

Zoey liked to surprise me. “I have just the dish in mind…”

She vanished into the kitchen to start cooking. Hannah finished hanging up her clothes with me and nudged me.

“This really is too much, Peter. I can’t repay you for this.”

“You don’t owe me anything.”

She grinned widely and gave me an appreciative look. Damn, she was cute in her own way too! “I think I want to change into something more comfortable. No, I mean literally. These jeans are great but tight and I want to wear something around the house that is less restricting.”

“Right. The bedroom is all yours.”

I left the bedroom and closed the door behind me. For the next half hour or so, I busied myself with work while the smell of Zoey’s cooking filled the house. I took a break to go to the bathroom and was just walking past the bedroom when I heard something. Something naughty.

I pressed my ear to the door and listened. It was clearly Hannah breathing heavily. “Ohh… Peter!” She called out silently. My heart raced again, and I couldn’t help myself. I silently opened the door a sliver and peeked inside.

Hannah was laying on the bed, her jeans were on the floor, her blouse was on the bed, and she had her legs spread wide apart. She held my pillow to her chest, covering one of her breasts, as she inhaled my scent from it, while her other hand fingered her wet pussy in perfect view to me.

I was mesmerized as she alternated between rubbing herself and sticking her fingers in and out of her wet hole. I had never seen her like this, and not even Zoey masturbated to me that I knew of. I could see everything, and I was really impressed with how human she was. She was already about to cum as she started to rub her clit hard.

“Mmmmmmnnnn!” She bit into my pillow moaning to silence her voice. “Oh, Peter! I’m cumming from your huge di- Hah!” She let out a squeal but buried her face in my pillow. I watched as she started to press her hips into the air, her legs shaking. A squirt of fluid got the bed wet as she kept rubbing herself until she stopped shaking. “Sy- System error! MMMMmmmmm…”

Her body collapsed onto the bed as she caught her breath, covering her face with my pillow entirely. After a moment or two, she lowered the pillow and rubbed her slit, lifting her hand to look at it. She spread her fingers and blushed as she looked at her sticky fluid before lowering her hand again for more. She suddenly shot up in bed, and I was sure she saw me.

“Oh no, oh no, oh no! Why now? Why did it work this time? Look at the mess! Oohhh… He’ll be so mad!” She panicked a little as she rushed to straighten the bed and figure out what to do about the large wet spot she left. During her frenzy, I closed the door and left her alone. Holy shit. That was hot!

“Peter, dinner!” Zoey called out. I rushed to the bathroom and closed the door behind me.

“Be right there,” I called out, trying to make it sound like I had been there the whole time to not alert Hannah that I was in the hallway watching her. I left again, and went to the kitchen, ignoring the bedroom.

The fajitas were delicious, as always. She was good and was always getting new recipes, and because she could eat too she was always able to taste the dishes as she was making them. A few minutes later, Hannah came into the kitchen wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt from a band I never heard of. She was carrying our blankets with her.

“Just thought I’d do some laundry while I was changing. Don’t mind me.” She claimed.

“You know how to do laundry?” Zoey asked.

Hannah paused. “I- I can figure it out. I’ll just download an app or something.” She blushed, thinking she was almost caught.

“Thanks, I guess, “ I said. “It needed a wash…”

That night, a different freshly cleaned blanket was on our bed, and I noticed our old one was lining the couch as Hannah sat on it. She must have liked my scent. I didn’t recall hearing the washing machine being used all day.

Zoey was a little more concerned about Hannah peeping on us that night and tried to stay under the covers. Even though we didn’t have sex as frequently as we did before the mod, she seemed to be in the mood more often with Hannah around. This time she tried to have sex with me without looking at what we were doing. I was certainly turned on after what I saw. We ended up with Zoey on top, sucking me off under the sheets while I licked her. Good ol’ 69. She was usually too shy to do this position. But for some reason tonight, as long as she was under the covers, she was fine with it. In fact, we both got off really easy.

In reality, even though she was under the covers, her back half was clearly sticking out, and her moans would turn anyone on. As her legs shook under the touch of my tongue, I couldn’t help but remember how Hannah’s legs shook as she started to squirt on the very same bed. It drove me to the edge, and soon Zoey had to swallow my load.

Afterward, she turned around under the covers. “Oh… wow…” She grinned. “You were definitely excited. I barely got started on you.”

“You’re one to talk. You were wet before I even started.”

She blushed but snuggled closer. “I… I guess I was… in the mood or something.”

“Is it Hannah?”

She blushed even more and covered her face under the sheets. “What are you saying?” She asked, her voice muffled by her hands.

“Does the thought of her possibly watching excite you?” I suggested.

She tensed up but uncovered her face to look at me. “Uh… I- um.” She nodded without forming full words. This was an interesting turn of events.

“I see. You like to be watched.”

Zoey covered her face again and hit me gently. “Don’t say that out loud! It’s too embarrassing.”

“But it’s true, isn’t it? You want her to watch.”

“I didn’t say that!”

I smiled at her and pulled the sheets away from her face. “You don’t have to. Look at how red you are when I suggested it.”

Zoey pouted her lips and narrowed her eyes. “Stop teasing me.”

“Alright, alright. I’ll stop.” I swore. She sighed and uncovered herself.

“I need to brush my teeth after that. You should also.”

She walked to the bathroom in her nightgown not waiting for me. I hit the nail on the head. She was totally turned on by the idea of a voyeur watching her. Kinky. I guessed she still had more secrets to unveil. I got up to follow her but decided I needed to pee as well and waited for her to finish. Even though we regularly got naked and even bathed together, she still preferred we do some things privately.

When she finished, I did my business, brushed my teeth, and headed back to bed. Only, I heard a sound from the other room. Lustful curiosity got the better of me, and I followed the noise, moving silently.

As I suspected, Hannah was on the couch engaging in another self-love session. This time, she borrowed a carrot from the kitchen to assist her. Her sweatpants and panties were around her ankles as she squeezed one of her breasts through her shirt with one hand while her other hand was behind her leg stuffing the carrot in her hole. She had her eyes closed and was biting on the blanket. The carrot was thick, but not as thick as the real thing.

She moaned silently as she violated her pussy with the vegetable. I could clearly hear the sounds of her wet cunt mixed with her muffled groans as she increased the speed. It was a crazy sight and managed to get me hard again.

Hannah arched her back a little as she pushed her knees farther apart, giving me a clear view of her privates illuminated by the moonlight. Her toes curled and she furrowed her brow as she changed the angle of her attack a little.

Suddenly, I saw her eyes glance toward me, and she pulled the carrot out of her pussy and closed her legs in a hurry. I backed up and ducked out of sight. She saw me! I didn’t want to be labeled the pervert, but she was the one masturbating in my living room. I stayed quiet as she whispered something I didn’t catch. She mumbled something else I couldn’t catch. Shortly after, I heard the sounds of her wet slopping juices again and decided to let her have her private moment.

I quietly entered the bedroom and got in bed, making sure to point my erection away from Zoey to avoid either another session or an awkward conversation. It was hard to get any sleep for a while, but eventually, about an hour later, I drifted off.

Sometime before lunch the next day, as I was busy working on my laptop and Hannah was browsing the internet, Zoey came up to me fully dressed and carrying a bag. “Oh! You’re working. I won’t bother you then.”

“What do you need?” I questioned as I looked up at her from my screen.

“We need to go shopping for food. We don’t have anything for dinner. I was sure I had some carrots...”

“I can take a break. This isn’t due for another week.”

“No, no. You concentrate on your work. I’ve taken up enough of your time already. You… You don’t suppose I can do it by myself? It’s only a block away.”

“You want to go shopping alone?” I wondered.

Zoey nodded and stood up straight. “I’ve been meaning to try more things on my own. In case you need me to help in some way. Like if you get sick or something.”

I thought about it briefly. “That sounds like a good idea to me. Can you carry all the groceries back alone?”

“It only needs to last a few meals. I should be fine.”

“It is in the middle of the day, and it isn’t far. Yes. I think it’s a great idea! Take my wallet, and call me if you need anything.”

She nodded with a big grin on her face. “I’ll be back before you know it!” Zoey gave me a kiss on the cheek, grabbed a grocery bag or two, took my wallet and keys, and skipped out the door. I watched as she giddily took charge of her first solo mission. Cute!

“Oh, thank god she’s gone!” Hannah blurted out.

I looked over at her, but she was already putting the tablet down and walking toward me. Before I knew it, she was standing over me, closed my laptop, and planted a big passionate kiss right on my lips.

It was a shock, to say the least, but as she held my face in her hands and continued her onslaught, I found myself returning the affection. She tasted faintly like candy. It took a little but I managed to gather enough willpower to pull away.

“What are you doing?”

“Kissing you, dummy!” She went in for another but I held her back.

“I mean, why?”

“Now that she’s gone we have some alone time.” She explained.

“Wait, I thought you had that shame mod installed.” I wondered.

She shrugged. “I do, the settings are low. But I’m still a sexbot, and I still have my own needs. And right now I need you.”

I held her back as she tried to lean in, not that I was really fighting her. “But, why so suddenly?”

She moved my laptop and sat down on my lap side-saddle letting out a big sigh. “Peter… I’m sorry. I- It’s hard to explain, but… oh god… I’ve been needing this for like a million years! From you, specifically. It’s driving me mad!”

“From me? Why me? I’m sorry Johnny-“

Fuck Johnny. I came to you for a reason, Peter! There- there’s something about my model that… well, it isn’t a well-known fact because usually, people don’t have to deal with it. We sometimes… well… us early models… we have a bug.”

I raised my eyebrow as I placed my hands on her waist. Damn it she was so sexy! “Wh- What kind of bug?”

She sighed and bit her lip, trying to hide her embarrassment. “You see, we- You see we’re supposed to imprint on our master, but sometimes… we sort of jump the gun. I jumped the gun. Some of us will… kind of imprint on the first person we see. Which I did…”

“And… that was me.”

She nodded slowly. “You remembered. I’ve been fantasizing about you since we first met!”

“But Johnny was your master, and you two…”

She lowered her gaze. “Yeah. We did it. Often. At least at first. But… how should I put this… I hated it. He never did it for me. He never got me off. The only way I could ever bear it was to imagine he was you. Or… you know...”

I shrugged as I gently touched her skin around her torso, noting how soft and cool she felt. “What?”

She looked away from me and fiddled with her hands a little. “I would… um… t-touchmyselfthinkingofyou,” she mumbled.


“I m- m- masturbated to you.” She clarified. She turned back toward me, her face clearly flushed red, with an awkward smile. “When you stopped coming in I thought you hated me… It was torture.”

“N- never! I didn’t hate you!” I ran my hand up her back over her shirt, trying to calm her. “So you mean to tell me this whole time you had a crush on me?” I asked.

She shrugged. “Sort of. What could I do? I was owned by his company. I… I tried so many times. I wanted you to take the bait. To whisk me away.”

“I- I had no idea.”

Hannah shook her head. “It was always a long shot…” she admitted. She then sat up and covered her mouth with the tips of her fingers, sitting back a little. “You… You don’t like me that way, do you?”

“Honestly, I… I did. I tried not to think about it. You weren’t available, you were Johnny’s! So I did the next best thing and got Zoey.”

She took a moment to process this. “You mean… you do like me that way? But you bought Zoey because… you wanted me?”

I winced at that idea. It wasn’t like I didn’t want Zoey. I couldn’t even think of life without her now. But to be honest, she wasn’t my first choice. “That’s not how I’d put it.”

She looked me in the eyes. I could feel her body tremble a little as she put her hands on my shoulders. “Peter. Do you still want me? Do you like me like I like you?”

I leaned in and kissed her this time, catching her off guard. However, she didn’t miss a beat and leaned into me, wrapping her arms behind my head. I almost didn’t notice when she stood up during the kiss to straddle me.

When she finally pulled away, she was trembling even more and panting, avoiding looking at me as she lowered her head. “Fuck! No one has ever kissed me like that! I didn’t think it would feel that good… I really need this.”

I realized something about what she said before. That she said she and Johnny had sex ‘at first’. “How long has it been since you’ve had sex?”

She tensed up and pressed her body into me, hugging me as she brought her face next to mine and lowered her voice. “About 4 months. Are you sure about this?” With a smile, I pulled my shirt up and off and let her lean back and look at me. She bit her lip as she ran her fingers over my chest and abs. “Oh wow… You look even better up close.”

“Up close? So you did spy on us!” I smiled.

Hannah looked mortified as her face flushed red. “Uh… I… uh…” Looking down from my face, she nodded and held up two fingers.

“Twice? I guess that makes us even.”

Hannah shot a look at me, her mouth hanging open. “You peeped on me too?! Oh my god! I knew someone was there… You sneaky-! You- You saw all that!?”

I grinned at her as she tried to deal with her own shame. Her settings might have been lower than Zoey’s, but it was fun to watch her get flustered. To my surprise, she started to laugh. I had heard her giggle, chuckle, even fake a laugh before, but I had never heard a laugh as genuine and sweet from her as this one before.

“Hahaha! What a pair we make!” We laughed together, but as it died, we found ourselves still holding each other in a compromising position. Hannah pursed her lips with a smile and sat back, lifting her shirt up and over her head and pulling off her bra. She was now in my lap, topless, running her hands up her sides.

I reached out and touched her perky small breasts, but as I made contact, she grabbed my hands and pulled them down to her hips. She leaned in, pressing her naked chest against mine, her hard nipples poking against my flesh, and slid off my lap. She took my hand and pulled, quietly asking me to stand up.

I did, and she guided me to the couch, where she pushed me back into it and settled on her knees between mine. Hannah’s hands ran up and down my crotch. I was already getting hard, and she could feel it. It didn’t take long for her to unbuckle my pants and pull out my cock. Just like with Zoey, she too was taken aback by it so close to her face, but despite her embarrassment, she started to stroke me.

Her hand was even smaller than Zoey’s, but she was more sure with her grip and tightly grabbed hold, pumping in and out with it next to her face as she looked up at me. As much as I loved the feel of her hand, her mouth was even better. It was clear she had the same or similar sexual programming as Zoey, although her programming made her more confident in her motions. She even deep throated me like Zoey used to do before I modded her.

“Hah!” Hannah breathed as she released me from her mouth, getting saliva and precum down her front. I was almost ready to explode already, but I resisted it. I needed to get inside her! I was glad to see she was thinking the same thing. Rising to a stand, she pulled her jeans down, one side at a time, inch by inch, teasing me, but blushing the whole time. She was hornier than she was shy.

By the time she got her jeans passed her butt, I could see her light blue panties had a large wet spot on them. She leaned over, pushing her jeans down, but after she stepped out and started to stand again, I pulled her closer and ran my fingers over her crotch.

“HAH! Peter! Ohhh… you don’t need to do that. I’m… hah! Ooohhhh… I’m so close already…”

I pulled her underwear down, revealing her sweet pink pussy, which smelled strangely like perfume. Before I could bring my face to her crotch, she pushed me back onto the couch and sat on my lap, aligning herself to me. It was awkward at first as she tried to get it in the right spot, but once we found it, she pressed her weight down slowly and took me inside her.

“Ohh!” I grunted as she put her full weight on me. “Yes… Finally!!” I could feel her insides twitch as she sat there with her eyes closed. She really was close already, I could see it in her face.

I reached up and took the opportunity to caress her breasts. She inhaled sharply at my touch and started to press her chest out. “Peter… I’ve wanted this for so long!”

She opened her eyes and leaned forward a little, pulling up until I almost popped out of her, and pressed her chest against my face. I enjoyed licking her boobs and teasing her nipples as she gyrated her hips a little before lowering herself again.

This time I put my hands on her waist and started to guide her, allowing me to start thrusting up into her. Hannah instantly reacted with gasps and squeals. Her body was so different from Zoey’s, despite being the same model. It was a testament to their customizability. But it was also a dream come true. As much as I loved Zoey’s curvy voluptuous body, Hannah’s athletic and svelte thin frame and small breasts excited me to no end.

I started to increase the tempo, filling the room with sounds of sex. Hannah suddenly put all her weight on me and gripped me tightly, trying to hold me in place. “Don’t move,” she whispered. I was throbbing inside her, begging to finish, but she pressed her head against mine and stopped me. “Wait…”

I looked up at her, holding her in my hands and feeling her insides begging for more. “You’re about to cum, aren’t you. You’re… you’re edging.”

She chuckled. “Yeah… Hah… I want this to last as long as I can.” I wanted to keep going, but for her sake, I stopped.

“Hannah, have you ever had an orgasm? During sex, I mean.”

She shook her head. “I know I can, I’m- I’m so close right now… but it never felt right with him.”

I tried to move again, but again she stopped me. “I’m- not ready yet!”

After a minute, she smiled and looked down at me, moving her hands to my head. “Say… do you remember that day we snuck onto the roof?”

I smiled widely. “Oh yeah. It was what… 3 months after you activated? We had to sneak out when Johnny was with a customer.”

“Yeah,” she confirmed. “It was such a beautiful day, we just sat there and watched the birds.”

“There was an old futon or blanket or something, remember? We… we just looked up at the blue sky. You said you had never seen a sky so blue.”

Hannah grinned. “I had never seen the sky at all. You took me there to see the outside.”

“That’s right!” I remembered. “And we fell asleep out there. I remember waking up later to find you were asleep snuggling against me. And your shirt was so loose your nipple was out. Oh! And you had your hand resting on my crotch!”

She laughed, which tightened the muscles around her vagina and stimulated me. “HA- hah…” Her voice proved that she felt it too. “You know, I wasn’t actually asleep,” she grinned as she whispered in my ear.

“Oh? Oh!” I realized. “You tease!”

“You remember, you gave me a kiss…”

“Yeah… right on the forehead to wake you up” I recalled.

Hannah kissed my forehead slowly and gently. “Right here,” she said. “But that wasn’t the kiss I was talking about. Remember?”

“Oh yeah… You woke up and kissed me on the lips! And… I remember feeling your hand grip me down there. Were you just teasing me?”

“I was trying to seduce you,” she admitted.

I pulled her in and kissed her lips, gently and playfully. As I pulled apart, she kept her eyes closed and enjoyed the lingering sensation. “Oh yeah? Well, it would have worked too if Johnny didn’t come looking for us.”

She opened her eyes in a shocked smile. “Really? I… I wasn’t sure if you wanted it.”

“I never wanted anything more.”

She smiled. “Now I wish we had kept going anyway.” She ran her fingers through my hair and played with it a little. “You know, that was our first kiss.”

“It was also our last kiss until now,” I pointed out. “We never got the chance to be alone after that.”

“Yeah… Johnny was pretty mad. The roof door set off a silent alarm and he had to talk to the cops. He was so mad, but it was worth it. That jerk.” She laughed again, and again her tight pussy clenched around me.

“I almost forgot about that.”

“You forgot our first kiss?!” She shot back.

“No… I almost forgot the alarm though.”

She laughed and started to move again, slowly, her stomach muscles contracting.

“So why did you bring that day up now?” I wondered.

She leaned in next to my ear, letting her breast barely brush against me. “It was the best day of my life, until now.”

“Yeah? I bet I know how to make this day even better?”

She pounded her hips down onto me and held it there. “Do you, now?” she grinned.

I pulled her body toward me and grabbed her butt with my hands, pulling her cheeks apart as I started to slowly thrust inside her again. She was caught off guard and I took the opportunity to guide her right breast into my mouth, teasing her nipple with my tongue and teeth.

“AHHN!! Peeeeter!” She moaned.

She didn’t stop me, so I kept going. Somehow, my finger found its way to her tight asshole and I stuck just the tip inside. Instantly, Hannah threw her head back and tensed her shoulders. “OHH!! That’s not fair! I… I’m sensitive there!”

I moved my finger in her ass a little while I continued to pound into her, holding her body steady. Hannah grabbed my hands and pulled them forward, and onto her hips, letting her take control again.

She started to pick up the pace on top of me, running her hands over my body and hers as she bounced up and down on my lap. It was truly amazing but I knew a better position to really get her going.

I held her hips down and guided her to lift her knees. She followed my guidance and put her feet on the couch next to me. Like this, she could bounce with more control, go high, and press down harder. And she took full advantage of it.

Hannah’s face instantly tensed up as she started to lift her ass up and down on me, taking me from head to root in her hot pussy, and slapping her hips against mine. Using my hands to support her from under her thighs, I was able to help guide her so I didn’t pop out as she bounced furiously on me. I matched her rhythm, getting her to let out her voice more.

“Ah!! Ah!! Ahh! It’s so good!! Harder, Peter!!” She begged with her eyes barely open.

I complied and started to thrust faster and harder, like a jackhammer. Slap! Slap! Slap! Hannah placed her hands on my chest for support and squeezed her arms together exaggerating her petite chest as she arched her back. Her small but perky breasts started to bounce wildly in front of me with every thrust as she leaned back and let me take complete control over her. I could feel her tighten on me. I didn’t think I was going to last long enough to get her off though!

“OH GOD! Yesyesyesyesyes! HAH! Fuck!” She squealed. I reached my peak and pounded as hard as I could into her, making her squeal, and held it there as I pumped my seed into her. “OHHH!!! FUCK!”

As my hot seed flowed into her, I felt her climax on me. It was amazing to feel my cock throb as I pumped her full of semen while her vagina contracted and released, almost in time to me. Her legs began to shake next as she held her breath. After a few agonizing moments of ecstasy for both of us, she collapsed against me, lowering her knees, and catching her breath as she twitched and jerked from her climax.

Hannah leaned over me, panting heavily, as her bright eyes gazed into mine. Her eyes were telling me how much she needed me, that she wanted even more, and that she was all mine. She leaned in and ran her tongue up my neck, to my mouth, and kissed me. She continued to jerk as her body finished her orgasm, but it was clear she needed more. At last, we parted our lips. I throbbed one more time inside her, making her yelp with pleasure. She was still so sensitive, she was probably ready to burst again!


Hannah’s looked up from me and she instantly tensed and covered her chest. I glanced behind the couch. Zoey was standing there, the grocery bag on the floor spilling out, with her face bright red and her hands both covering her mouth. Oh shit!

Part 3: Shameful

Hannah slid off of me and tried to cover the two of us with the blanket still on the couch. However, the added thrill of getting caught after just climaxing got the better of her and she ended up falling over onto the couch as soon as she pulled off me and grabbed onto the pillow, undulating her hips wildly and squirting onto the couch next to me as she climaxed again. “S- S- System error!” Hannah cried. If it wasn’t for the situation, that would have turned me on. Instead, I got to my feet and faced Zoey.

“Zoey! It isn’t what it looks like!”

She looked down at my still hard dick and over at Hannah and then back at me. “It- it looks like you two f- fucked!” She squeaked quietly through her mouth.

Ok… it was exactly what it looked like. “I can explain.”

Her eyes looked back to Hannah, who was still convulsing, getting one last squirt out. Zoey leaned over, tightly closing her eyes with her hands over her mouth still. I rushed over to the other side of the couch.

“Zoey! Are you okay? I’m so sorry! I-“ I touched her arm, but instead of pulling it away from me, I felt her shaking.

Cautiously, I took another look at her. Zoey gasped through her fingers, and let out a whimper as she fell to her knees, and then to the floor, her feet apart. As her body started to shake, I realized what was happening. She was climaxing too!

“What? Did you just cum?”

I kneeled next to her, and she grabbed onto my arm, her mouth hanging open as she tried to cope with her own orgasm. When at last it subsided, she looked up at me. I could see a trickle of liquid on her leg and dress.

“She squirted!” Zoey whispered to me. “That… that’s so erotic!”

“What?” I repeated. “How… how long were you standing there?”

“About 5 minutes,” she swallowed. “I… I never thought I’d enjoy watching someone else as much as I… as I…” she blushed again.

“... Liked being watching?” Hannah finished, looking over the back of the couch with a blissful grin.

She nodded silently, looking up briefly but then her face flushed red and she looked away again. Except she looked right at me, still naked, and had to cover her eyes. She was still this shy even though I adjusted her settings.

“So… you aren’t jealous?” I asked.

She lowered her hands and looked confused. “Jealous? I wasn’t programmed to get jealous.”

“So you aren’t mad at me?” I wondered.

“For what? Oh! Because you had sex without me?”

“Because I had sex with someone else,” I explained.

She smiled sweetly and touched my face. “Of course not, Peter. I knew you always liked her. You’ve never done anything to make me angry. Except maybe teasing me so much.”

I blushed a little myself this time. “Well… let me get you to your feet.” I helped her stand, but she was wobbly in the knees. I sat her down in a chair and put my pants back on. Quickly, I took care of the food she dropped. Luckily nothing broke.

Hannah, meanwhile, covered herself with the blanket, not bothering to dress, and came over to check on Zoey.

“Are you ok?” She asked.

“Of course I am. I… I didn’t know you could… s… ss-“

“Squirt? Yeah… it was a mod Johnny wanted, but honestly… I never used it around him. I couldn’t. I keep getting this error… and I was just never turned on enough. Not until I saw you two… um…” she cleared her throat and looked away. “Let me help you with that,” she changed the subject and stood to help me, only the blanket fell away, leaving her completely naked.

Thanks to her shame programming, she actually stopped and tried to cover herself, but gave up when she realized we just had intimate sex and there wasn’t much left to hide from me. Hannah shrugged and nervously started to help me put the food in the fridge in the buff and I had flashbacks to the time with Zoey before the mod. But I was ok with it this time. It had been a while, and I wasn’t tired of Hannah’s body. And honestly, she was really sexy.

It didn’t take long to finish. Once we were done, Hannah wrapped the blanket around her again, tying it into a large loose knot, and gathered her clothes.

I turned towards the girls and sighed. “I think we three need to talk.”

We sat in the living room, the two girls on the couch, Hannah still covered by the blanket, while I faced them in the recliner.

“What’s wrong?” Zoey asked.

I shrugged. “Maybe nothing. But… this… all of this… I think we need to iron some things out. Set some rules. Something!”

The girls looked at each other and sat up before turning back to me.

“What do you mean ‘this’?” Hannah asked.

“You know… the three of us… living together… under one roof… having sex,” I mumbled the last part.

“Sex? Is there something wrong with that?” Zoey wondered.

“No, of course not. It’s just… this is an unusual situation for me… for any human. It isn’t often that a person has sex with multiple people he’s living with.”

“So?” Hannah shrugged. “What’s wrong with it?”

“Nothing! But… are you two really ok with me having sex with the other one?”

“Yeah, I mean you already do,” Hannah blurted out, but Zoey didn’t seem on board with this.

“Um… I… I felt left out. I wanted to join in too, but I didn’t want to interrupt you two.” She explained.

“You wanted to join us? Like… a three-way?” I asked.

Zoey grabbed the end of the blanket Hannah was wearing and covered her face with it while nodding, exposing Hannah’s lower half to me but neither seemed to notice.

“You want to… have sex with all 3 of us?” I asked again.

Hannah smiled. “Sounds like fun.” Meanwhile, Zoey just nodded again.

“What about each other?” I asked, intending to find out what they thought about the other one.

“Sure, I’d do her. She’s cute!” Hannah explained. She turned to Zoey and gave her a smile. Zoey looked up from the blanket and must have glanced under it because she quickly dropped it once she saw Hannah’s body exposed, and tensed up with her hands in her lap.

“I- I-“ She stuttered. “I don’t know… I was programmed to like men… but I’ve never seen a girl… sssss- squirt. It was so sexy…”

“Okay…” I sat back.

“What about you?” Hannah asked. “Do you want both of us? Do you like us? Do you… do you l- love us? Love me?”

I looked hard between them, meeting their eyes. “Yeah. I… I do! Both of you! I love you both!”

“So there’s no problem then!” Hannah concluded.

“Expect there is,” I interjected. “For starters, what will people think? One man living with two hot girls?”

Both of them blushed but Zoey giggled.

“I think they’d say ‘lucky guy’.” Hannah joked. “Why do you care what they think?”

I shrugged. “I guess I don’t. Not really.” I cleared my throat and straightened up. “Another thing… the whole reason I got Zoey modded was because… we were having too much sex! There was too much of it. She never covered herself and was completely shameless. I got so bored with it. I… I don’t want that again. I want to enjoy it. I want to enjoy you two.”

Hannah giggled this time, covering her mouth a little and snorting.

“We’re both covered now, mostly,” Zoey replied. “Have we… have we been having too much sex?” She looked worried when she asked that.

“Not since the mod. I… I’ve enjoyed it a great deal,” I explained.

“S- So have I. But you don’t want more?”

I shook my head. “I think what we have is perfect! I… I don’t want to overstimulate myself. Or you two.”

Hannah lowered her head. “I… I’m the problem then. I have a pretty high libido, and… and I’ll just get in the way.”

“No. You aren’t in the way. I won’t kick you out! You are staying here with me. With us.”

She looked up, a little intimidated at first. “But… I… I don’t want to change myself more. I like how I am. I like sex, I like you“

“We could take turns,” Zoey suggested. “Alternate days maybe?”

“That…” I began, ready to shoot down the idea, but then I thought about it and started to like it. “That might work. Will you two be ok with that?”

“I think I can handle that. It’s not like Johnny has touched me these last few months. Not in a good way,” Hannah frowned.

“I don’t mind,” Zoey admitted. “I… I do feel like I’ve been spoiled. Maybe on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I can take him, and on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, you can take him.”

Hannah smiled. “What about Sunday?”

The girls both looked at me at the same time with the same seductive look in their eyes. I shrugged. “Both of you?” Their grins widened. They were on board for it. “What if we don’t have sex on one day, or one of you really wants to on their off day?” I was looking for holes in their plan. The biggest hole was their reliance on daily sex.

“I think we can make it work. Peter, are you trying to back out of this?” Hannah teased.

“Hey, I never agreed to this yet.”


I coughed. “I… I don’t want to disappoint you two.”

Hannah looked confused, but I think Zoey understood. She put her hand on Hannah’s leg and explained. “Honestly, we can’t expect us all to want sex every day. And Peter, as great as he is, I don’t think he’ll be able to keep it up.”

Hannah seemed to understand. “Too much still, huh?”

I nodded, but Zoey continued. “If you want a break, Peter… we could always…” she swallowed and looked down at her lap. “We could keep ourselves company. With each other.”

Hannah seemed to like that idea.

“Are you ok with that?” I asked.

Zoey nodded. “I… I think so. I mean… it won’t be the same, but that… ah… that makes it… hah… more exciting… Oh god, what am I saying?”

“Do… do you want me to make that easier for you?” I asked.

At first, she seemed confused, but then she realized changing her sexual orientation was as easy as a few keystrokes on a computer. She covered her face and shrugged. “I- I don’t know! I like sex with men, with you! I… I don’t want to change that part of me.”

“I could just alter your orientation toward women, make you more open to it.”

“As- As long as I still prefer men…” she mumbled through her hands.

“Not a problem.” I chuckled. “Alright. It’s a deal. I’ll tweak your settings, we can take turns and share. But no one forces themself on anyone, no one pressures anyone for sex, and we have to trust and respect each other.”

The girls nodded in agreement and grinned.

“Say… Zoey?” Hannah asked.

“Y- Yes?” Zoey wondered.

“What day is it?”

Oh fuck.

“Sunday, Hannah.”

“You know what that means…” Hannah smiled as she turned toward me.

“R- Right now?” Zoey asked, flustered.

“No time like the present.” She dropped her blanket seductively and stepped closer to me.

Oh boy…

“Why did I let you two talk me into this?” Zoey complained as she stood in the bedroom naked. She covered her breasts with one arm and covered her groin with her other hand, but it did little to hide her beauty.

“I suddenly regret this idea…” Hannah admitted as she held her breasts in her hands, standing next to Zoey, and squeezing them. She didn’t put any effort into hiding the rest of her body, and I thoroughly enjoyed looking at her athletic form.

“What’s wrong? We’re all naked here, and you two look amazing!” I smiled, letting my erection grow as I stood before them.

“She’s got way more curves than me!” Hannah complained.

“Curves? You’re so skinny!” Zoey rebutted.

“But your breasts are huge!” Hannah noted, looking down at their chests and comparing them. She shook her boobs a little as if she was weighing them.

“They are not!” Zoey defended. “They’re perfectly normal.”

“Yeah… well… they’re huge compared to mine…”

“You both look perfect! Trust me!” I promised. “Honestly, I’m surprised you two are the same model… You two look almost nothing alike except that you are both really attractive.”

I put my hands on their wrists and gently lowered their arms. The girls slowly lowered their hands, revealing their fully nude bodies to me, and looked at each other, comparing their traits.

“To be fair,” Hannah admitted, “I am more of the base model, and you are fully customized. Pretty impressive we can look so different but come from the same line.” She stood closer to Zoey, angling her body so she could compare individual parts. It was true, I specified a lot on Zoey, from her skin pattern to her curves to her face and hair.

Hannah faced Zoey and tilted her head looking at her, then she looked down at herself. Finally, she looked at me and smiled. “Jesus… how are you this big already?”

“Well… my two favorite girls in the world are naked with me… it’s hard not to… get hard.”

Hannah giggled and kneeled before me. “Well… Peter… M- Master.” She tugged on Zoey’s arm until she also got on her knees next to her, both facing me. “What would you have us do?” It was pretty clear to me that they were both embarrassed, and yet they seemed to enjoy this.

I stepped closer to them, their eyes focusing on my erection. Zoey watched, covering her face but looking through her fingers, while Hannah’s eyes went crossed staring at me as she leaned close enough that I could feel her breath on me. She suddenly bit her lip and looked away, blushing as she pretended not to see the obvious dick in her face. I pressed the head against her soft cheek and prodded at her, teasing her. She trembled a little, darting her eyes back and forth looking at me and pretending to ignore me.

“Why the coy act now?” I wondered. “I thought you liked this.”

Zoey briefly looked at Hannah and back at my dick. “I- I do! But… I’ve never done this… in front of someone before. It’s embarrassing.”

Hannah grabbed my cock in her hand, a little forcefully, and smiled while looking at Zoey. “That’s what makes this so much fun! Doing something embarrassing, letting your inhibitions go.” She looked up at me with her large eyes and started to pump her hand in and out while gripping my cock tightly. “I’ve never been more turned on since the mod.”

Zoey looked at Hannah abruptly, blinking. “You mean… you feel it more too?”

“Oh yeah… as soon as I started to feel the… the shame… of nudity, sex, and my own carnal desires, I started to enjoy them even more.” Hannah explained without looked away from me as if she was telling me and not Zoey.

“M- Me too! I mean… I get shy about it, but… it feels so much better than before!”

“Don’t resist it,” Hannah told her, smiling at her. “Embrace it. Run with it!” She stopped pumping her hand and angled my dick toward Zoey. “Go on… show me your shame.”

Zoey’s face, neck, shoulders, and even her chest slowly turned red as she took my dick in her hand and slid it inside her mouth. She felt amazing with her tongue teasing me and her saliva drooling from her mouth. She looked up at me, tears in her eyes, as she started to lower her head more and more over me each time she bobbed her head in and out. Slowly she forced herself to open her throat and take me all the way in until her nose pressed against my hips.

Hannah cheered Zoey on. “Wooo! Go, girl!” She ran her hand up my butt, while her other pressed Zoey even tighter onto me. Tears ran down Zoey’s face as she deep throated me until her systems demanded she take in some air. She pulled back, forcing Hannah’s hand away, and gasped for air as saliva and precum dripped from her mouth.

As Zoey caught her breath, Hannah moved in without missing a beat and started to suck me off too. It was fun to watch her look up at me as she serviced me orally. I couldn’t help but enjoy her slim naked body at this angle. The two of them started to take turns, each one sucking me off, getting me hard and taking me to the brink. They started to lick my shaft together, their hot breath stimulating me. Hannah pulled back, her hand still pumping the base of my dick, and grinned at Zoey.

“Does this embarrass you? Do you get off when I watch you suck your master’s dick?” Hannah asked her. Zoey couldn’t blush any more than she already was, but she started to pick up the pace, teasing me with her tongue before sucking even harder and faster than before. I was at my limit, I wasn’t going to be able to hold back. I put my hands on her head to stop her, but she had closed her eyes and was concentrating.

I burst inside her mouth. Zoey instantly paused and, with her eyes closed tightly, pressed against me as hard and deep as she could, and swallowed every last drop. I could feel her throat struggling to take in my seed as it compressed around my cock with each swallow. At last, she pulled back with a gasp, my dick popping out of her mouth, completely clean. Zoey opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out to show me that she swallowed it all, and Hannah clapped for her.

But it was my turn now.

I put my hands under their shoulders and lifted them to their feet, guiding them to the wall. Hannah was all smiled and giggles while Zoey just looked at me with lustful eyes, as though she could think of nothing else but sex. She leaned her upper back against the wall and arched her back, completely revealing herself to me and presenting her pussy. I ran my hands down her body, making her moan as I squeezed and pulled on her breasts, and got on my knees.

“Oh?” Hannah hummed approvingly as she noticed me take up a position between Zoey’s legs. I placed my hands on the sides of her hips, feeling her tremble at my touch. I breathed on her bare pussy, sliding my hands to her front and spreading her lower lips with my thumbs. Zoey covered her face with her hands, and I knew this was exactly what they wanted.

“What do you want me to do, Zoey?” I asked. “Tell me.”

Hannah grinned as she looked between me and Zoey, who was so overwhelmed she had completely covered her face and wasn’t even looking at me. She mumbled something quietly, but I couldn’t make it out.

“Go on, tell him louder!” Hannah demanded of her, turned toward her and running her hands over Zoey, circling her fingers around her breasts.

“L- Lick me,” Zoey answered.

“Lick you? Where?” I asked.

“M- m- m- my… my p- pussy!” She stuttered. Usually, she had no problem with telling me, at least not after she had gotten more used to her mod. But with Hannah next to her, everything was more embarrassing.

I felt Hannah put her hand on my hand and gently urge me closer. I leaned in and rubbed my tongue on Zoey’s wet slit. She lurched forward a little at my touch but I kept going, concentrating on her clitoris.

Waves of pleasure echoed through her body, and she slowly lowered her hands. With her eyes closed and her face frozen in an expression of bliss, she licked one of her fingers while her other hand grasped her tit. Hannah was getting a kick out of this as she used her hands to try and press us together tighter. I stuck my tongue in Zoey’s hole and back out, and gauged her reaction. She was close.

However, Hannah wasn’t going to get away without getting off. While she was concentrating on Zoey, I ran one hand over to her body and pulled their hips side by side.

“Ahhn!” She squealed as I brought her close. I ran my fingers across her front, and onto her vagina. She was soaked, actually dripping with her own juices. Which made it easy to slide my fingers in her while I ate out Zoey.

“Oohh!!!” She moaned as I penetrated her body easily. She let her hands fall away and brace herself against the wall, pushing her hips forward and presenting herself to me too. I decided to give Zoey a small break and moved my mouth over to Hannah.

“HAH!!” she yelped as I started to rub my tongue against her. She tasted different than Zoey, muskier and less vanilla, but it was a nice contrast. I sucked and teased and worked on her while Zoey caught her breath and watched.

Hannah started to gyrate her hips, pressing her clit against my tongue. Her legs parted a little more, giving me better access to her entrance. I grabbed her hips on both sides and really started to put all my energy into pleasing her. As I did, I squeezed her ass, which made her shiver.

When I felt she was getting close, I pulled back, giving myself a small break, and turning back toward Zoey. She looked down at me with half-closed eyes and bit her lower lip. “P- please, Peter… M- Master. I’m so close!” She begged as she reached down and gently pulled her pussy lips open with her fingers.

I smiled and using a combination of my fingers and my tongue, finished her off. Zoey started to jerk and shake as I brought her to climax. She grabbed my head and tightened her grip on my hair as she worked through the orgasm. When at last she lost her grip, I pulled back. Zoey slowly slumped to the floor, panting heavily with her legs apart and her wet pussy dripping.

“Woah… that was intense,” Hannah noted. I wiped my mouth and stood up, facing Hannah. My cock was fully erect against after such a display, and I was ready to fuck.

“Tell me, Hannah. What embarrasses you the most?”

She blinked a few times and tried not to blush. However, her breathing got deeper, and she bit her lips. I closed the distance between us until there were only inches from us, and allowed my erection to poke her soft body. She seemed to instinctively grab my dick and stroke it a little, but I grabbed her hand and shook her head.

She knew she couldn’t get away with a mere handjob when I knew that wasn’t it. Nervously, Hannah nodded, and turned her tiny body around, pressing her small breasts against the wall and sticking her butt out against my cock. She pushed away from the wall a little, pressing herself against me, letting my cock rub against her wet pussy, and then spread her butt cheeks with both hands, stretching her rear entrance.

“F- f… fuck me in the ass,” she asked.

I grabbed her butt with one hand and stuck my thumb inside her. She stretched easily and was already lubricated. A girly squeal escaped her lips as I played with her ass. I didn’t wait long to align myself with her, and press inside he asshole.

“OOoooohohhhhh” she groaned as I violated her rear entrance. Since she didn’t eat, I knew she was clean down there, meaning for her it was always meant for sex. I pulled out and pushed back in even farther. She was tighter than I expected, but the lubricant she produced helped.

“Oh, Peter. You… you’re my first there… Oh god!”

I started to pump into her harder and faster, pressing her shoulders and chest against the wall. However, she pushed out farther, bracing herself. Grabbing her hips firmly I pulled her away from the wall entirely and stood in front of Zoey, who was still on the floor watching.

“Ohhh my god!” Hannah moaned as I grabbed her by the elbows and started to pull her body in with every thrust. I was really feeling it myself, but Hannah was struggling to hold back the entire time. She tried to pull away a few times to ride the edge longer, but I kept bringing her back in.

Finally, I pulled her torso up, grabbed her small breasts from behind and running my hands up her body. She covered her mouth with one hand as she tried not to climax. It was like a game. I would try to get her to climax, while she resisted and tried to get me to cum first. I wasn’t going to lose this game.

I stopped thrusting and instead grabbed her hips and lifted her up. Hannah squealed in surprise as I lifted her from the ground and held her legs wide open. While still in her ass, I started to thrust, lifting and lowering her with every motion. She tried to grab onto me, but could only manage to hold my arms for support as her mouth hung open with loud moans.

“Ohhh!! Ohhh! HOOOHHH!! YES!! I’m- I’m-... HAAAAH!!! System error!” She yelled as she started to cum. She rapidly rubbed her fingers side-to-side over her exposed throbbing vagina, aiding in her climax. I kept up my pace, and before long Hannah started to squirt from her pussy, her love juice spraying all over Zoey.

When at last she was spent, I lowered her and pulled out. However, I needed to finish, and it was her turn. So I dropped her onto the bed and turned her over. Hannah panted and shook, but couldn’t resist as I spread her legs and entered her gushing pussy.

She threw her head back and arched her back, already cumming again as I pounded as hard as I could into her. Despite all the juice she already let out, more burst forth moments later, forcing me out of her, as she sprayed a stream of clear liquid all over herself. “System e- er- error.” Her hips jerked in the air a few times as her climax did its best to empty her reserves.

I didn’t notice when Zoey got on the bed, but moments later, she put her leg over Hannah and straddled her, sticking her butt out and pressing her trembling pussy against Hannah’s. It was quite the view, and I took advantage of it.

As Hannah continued to recover, I slid my cock between the two of them and pushed Zoey’s hips down. Like this, I could stimulate both of their clits at the same time while getting off myself. Naturally, I started thrusting right away. I had been edging for a while now, and I wanted to end it, but this was just too good so I took my time.

Both girls started to moan in unison as I teased them with my hard cock. Zoey’s pussy was dripping down onto me, while Hannah’s easily gave way and let me rub her inner lips more easily. Every few thrusts I could pull out entirely and then stick my dick inside one of their vagina’s, first Zoey on top, and then Hannah. A few thrusts in each one kept their stimulation up while allowing me to last longer.

This went on for a few minutes, but I couldn’t keep it up. I started to thrust inside them more, with more speed and force each time, making them squeal with pleasure each time. I slapped Zoey’s ass a few times until it turned red, which helped with her own stimulation. Once I felt she was ready again, I focused on her, fucking Zoey hard and fast from behind, making her soft curves bounce all around and rippled with my pounding.

“NNNgggg!!!” Zoey held it all in as she started to cum again. This time her legs visibly shook and gave way. When she finished, I rolled her aside and entered Hannah.

She looked up at me, grabbing onto the sheets over her head and stretching out her torso as she arched her back. I ran my hands over her slim form, enjoying her soft but small breasts, and teasing her hard nips. She gasped a few times as I thrust harder and harder, bringing myself to the height of my pleasure.

Her own legs started to give out as she groaned and panted. Her orgasm was smaller than the previous ones but forced her to make some really cute faces. I lifted her hips and exploded inside her, releasing my semen deep into her eager tunnel.

She collapsed on the bed as my orgasm finished, and the last few squirts of white spunk spilled all over her chest and stomach.

The three of us collapsed onto the bed, breathing hard as our threesome ended. Hannah started giggling first as she played with the sticky liquid on her breasts and tasted it with a smile. Zoey was lost in pleasure and seemed to pass out. I laid between the two of them and grinned widely as I enjoyed cuddling against their naked bodies.

“That was amazing, Peter! By far the best sex I’ve ever had!”

“Thanks, Hannah,” I answered.

“Looks like it tuckered Zoey out,” she laughed. “She’s pretty cute.”

“Yeah. I know. But so are you.”

She snuggled closer to me and rolled onto her side to look at me and run her fingers over my chest. “You aren’t so bad yourself.”

“Thanks, but I’m kind of spent.”

“Oh, god no. I can’t take anymore! You… whew… you sure know how to satisfy a girl. I need to recover. But…” she grinned.

“But?” I asked, looked down at her as I put my arm around her while Zoey slept against my other side.

“I can’t wait until next time. And thank you… for everything! It’s like a dream come true.”

That night, the girls were practically attached to my hip. They insisted we all bathe together, eat together (even though Hannah just drank and watched us), and chilled on the couch together. Despite all the exciting developments with us, I couldn’t help but feel that erotic urge to fuck them one more time. But I didn’t act on it. I was just glad that I was no longer bored with them or with sex, and I knew if I needed to I could adjust their settings to mix things up. Life with these girls was never going to be boring or mundane again.

Despite the size of my bed, the girls insisted we sleep together. Zoey snuggled close and cute on my left, while Hannah pressed herself tightly against me on my right. She chose to sleep in the nude, which I feared would lead to unwanted advances from her, but she never made a move. She just enjoyed feeling my skin against hers. It was an awkward night, but a good one.

A week went by and I found myself once again on the mod forums. There were more updates, new mods, suggestions, and so much more I could use with the girls. Only this time, both of them joined me to look at the options. We decided to share our story, what settings we were using, and make a few suggestions. We became regulars on the forum, experimenting with different mods and even developing some of our own. However, the girls almost always went back to their favorite settings, which we tweaked over time.

We even found ourselves looking up ways to add more functionality to Hannah, who had always been more “bare-bones” with her upgrades than Zoey had been. It was going to take a while, but she was very interested in food. Except for this time, we decided her upgrades would be done at home, via the mod community, and leave her old “boss” out of her life.

As for Johnny, thanks to our regular posts, his “personal treatment” upgrade became a huge hit, and he became very popular in the right circles. He even got the new model sex bot he wanted, a cute little blonde bot he called Francine. Zoey and I got to know her a little. She was nice, smart, but a bit stuck-up. And it was clear Johnny was treating her the same as he did with Hannah, who refused to go to the shop. Zoey slipped our address to her, and we kept our eyes open in case she was ever kicked to the curb, especially when the new models were due out.

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