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Service Please By BA


Kathy tripped lightly up the steps and through the revolving door into the high ceilinged lobby of the Hilton. Oddly it had never occurred to her over the last few weeks to use the service entrance; she felt quite at home with coming through the front door along with the guests.

“Hi Kathy!” The platinum blonde behind the long reception counter flashed her gleaming smile over as Kathy slipped past her to go through the Staff door.

“Hi Karla!” she called back towards the swishing blonde whirl as the ever efficient receptionist turned back to her customer. Karla, Romana and Tania were recent additions to the hotel staff, upgrades from the receptionists here when Kathy had first come. They were each the top spec in the Hilton android range; perfectly lifelike, intelligent and responsive as well as beautiful; their existences revolved around the lobby and the service area where Kathy was headed now, always either on duty or on charge.

Kathy greeted a few other Hilton staff as she passed through the busy little office corridor behind reception and waited for the service elevator down. The doors slid back on the shiny grey cubicle and she slipped in beside an overflowing laundry basket and the slim, trim figure of Elise Three who she recognized from the name tag distinguishing her from the other four Elises.

“Hi Elise, how are you doing?”

“I’m very well thank you ma’am, is there anything I can do for you? This is a staff area; would you like me to show you to the main reception?”

Kathy sighed, a slight frown briefly darkening her cheery countenance. The E-grades the Hilton used for their in-house menials were particularly basic androids; pretty to look at but really little more than walking extensions of the housekeeping mainframe. This Elise clearly didn’t recognize Kathy out of her work clothes despite their sharing five shifts a week for nearly two months now. The other Elises, the two Emmas and the Elaine were exactly the same, differing only in their cosmetic appearance; dark vaguely Hispanic Elises, oriental Emmas and the coppery redheaded Elaine. “No thanks Elise, I’m headed to the basement the same as you.”

The girls shared the ride down in silence and the dark android girl briskly wheeled her laden basket off into the laundry as Kathy admired her firm plastic butt through the short housekeeping skirt. Sighing again briefly she made her way past the laundry and the kitchens to the staff service area pushing in through the big doors. The usual scene greeted her - there were no inhibitions between machines - as she hung her coat and bag in a thin metal locker.

Another Elise was cleaning the Elaine in the middle of the bare grey room. The Elise was in her normal Hilton maid’s uniform, plain blue tunic and skirt with her name badge on her chest. The Elaine’s identical young hard body stood naked and stock still as her colleague diligently wiped at her limbs and back with a cloth and chemical spray. The illusion of Elaine’s freckled complexion covered only her face, neck and arms, the rest of her being plain milky white interrupted only by the lines of service panels and limbs joints; marks concealed on the other E-type by her clothes. They ignored Kathy as she moved to a bench and began to slip out of her street clothes.

Yet another Elise was next to an Emma in two of the charging booths lining one wall. These two units were powered down and stood locked to attention, staring with cold eyes as their power packs topped up through thick cables plugged into belly ports showing through their open blouses. Two more inert forms lay face up on steel trolleys, their more curvy lines were broken by many gaping holes where internals had been stripped out through access panels, some electronics and wiring still lay strewn around their sad figures. Kathy spared these two androids a sad glance, they had been offline since she had first started working here; these T-types had been the Hilton workhorse units in times gone by, intelligent, realistic and attractive multi-service androids they were now all fast approaching their service life and were unreliable at best.

Kathy stripped out of her sweater and skirt which she put neatly away in the locker. Quite unembarrassed in her silky sheer black underwear, stockings and suspenders and still in the four inch patent black heels which brought her voluptuous figure up to five foot nine, she then clicked her way over to a pile of fresh uniforms and selected a size ’T’. These were a little smaller than she would have liked but Hilton didn’t own any androids which quite matched her own curvy figure. She squeezed into the tunic dress which hugged her round ass tightly and walked over to the bank of pigeon holes by the door where she picked up her nametag and pinned it in place over her bulging breasts on the still undone uniform.

Kathy paused by the doorway, apparently lost in thought for a moment, and then reached up to remove a fleshy rectangular cover that had appeared outlined on her chest just below her bra. It disconnected with several clicks and she placed it in her pigeon hole for safe keeping. She found it odd that she could operate perfectly safely and well all day as a flawlessly human looking machine but once she began her shift at the Hilton she was required to have ‘available control access’. The various Hilton applications loaded into her sophisticated operating system prevented her from objecting in any way to the hotel’s policies but her selfware was sufficiently advanced to notice these things.

Designed as a top end ‘wife’ system, Kathy was technically streets ahead of the utilitarian service industry androids in Hilton Chain ownership. She was designed for far more than making up beds or bringing room service but times were tough now on both the hotel chain with its ailing android fleet and on her husband who needed to bring in extra cash. What she earned here barely covered her weekly service bill but it was better than nothing and about all an android could hope for during recession without going on the game.

She took the data card waiting with her nametag and gently slotted it into her control panel amongst the status LEDs, open ports and switches; most of which her programming did not require her to self-operate and which she could therefore never touch. The card clicked home and Kathy’s poise was broken by several twitches of her pretty head while her body automatically stiffened under the sudden processor load. She quickly came to and, with her tasks newly uploaded buttoned her straining top and set off to work.


Kathy pushed her trolley along the tenth floor; she should finish another couple of rooms before she handed over to an E-type for her mid-morning service break. Suite 1017 was occupied but she was able to check wirelessly with reception that the occupant was out of the building. The part time maid swiped her pass-key, grabbed a set of linen and her cleaning tray and bustled into the room, holding the door open for the low-rolling plastic cleaning ‘bot to follow.

“Oh, excuse me ma’am; room service...”, the scantily dressed woman inside sat staring out of the window and did not respond. There was a moment’s awkward silence before Kathy relaxed and went about her work with sheets and towels around the unnaturally still lady. She glanced at her out of the corner of her eye from time to time admiring the slim perfection of her tanned figure, barely concealed by the gossamer lace and silk of her exquisite lingerie. It was odd to find a companion unit left offline during the day without a service request.

Casting a final approving eye over the state of the room, Kathy let the cleaning ‘bot out but stayed herself; she could spare a few minutes and was curious. She leaned over the desk and gently brushed the strawberry curls away from a beautiful late thirties face to look into her glassy eyes. The android was superb; she was styled a few years older than Kathy’s appearance and with a lean, tanned body which contrasted with her own pearly white curves. Close up the shut-down android, a brief wireless check confirmed her to be Mrs Crowther, was incredibly well finished; utterly human in every way except, Kathy now noticed, a fine cable running under the black lace of her tiny thong panties and a hint of red LED glowing though the open weave.

Naturally Kathy was well informed on android matters but was not immediately familiar with this model; she suspected she was even more advanced than she was herself. She reached down hesitantly and pulled the black lace away from between the strangers’ lean hips. The cable was plugged into a tiny port nestled amongst the red-blonde curls of an impeccable landing strip, red LED winking silently through the pubic tangle. The inquisitive Kathy leaned further across the desk towards a small laptop computer at the other end of the cable; her tight uniform straining across her bulging chest, the taught curve broken by two hard nipples now making their presence known.

Turning the laptop towards her Kathy quickly identified the problem. Mrs Crowther’s daily update had failed to install properly, it happened sometimes; Kathy guessed she had attempted an update this morning after being in service through the night. Easily fixed: she restarted the application and leapt up, startled, as the door swung open.

“Oh! Mr Crowther... I was just... erm...” Kathy was startled by the guest’s sudden arrival and, in her tight top, suddenly embarrassingly aware of her stiff nipples and a heat between her soft thighs. “I’m sorry, sir. I was making up your room when I realized your wife had malfunctioned. I’ve restarted her update, I hope that is okay, she should be online in about thirty minutes...”

The businessman in the doorway regained his composure quickly after discovering a hotel maid bent over his half naked wife. He tossed his briefcase onto the bed and smiled at Kathy.

“No problem, thanks for taking the trouble... Kathy,” peering at her name badge he could scarcely fail to notice the two hard points creasing the tight fabric stretched across her chest. “Can I give you a tip? I thought Hilton just had those ghastly little E-type robots on staff...”

“No, sir, the hotel has been taking casual staff for several months now...”


“Oh my...!” Kathy had been reaching for the crisp note Mr Crowther offered when her power warning sounded: ten percent remaining.

“Oh, so you are an android! I had you figured as a real woman there for a moment.” He returned the note to his pocket; nobody would tip a machine after all although Kathy, programmed to behave human, would have happily accepted his money.”

“Yes, sir.” She stood clutching her cleaning tray self-consciously, undecided between interacting as a realistic ‘wife’ or as a simple hotel appliance while he looked over her body.

“You’re a long way more expensive than the ‘Elaine’ that brought our room service... You’re not a T-type either, they have seams and I think your figure’s a little... fuller...?”

“Sir, I’m a Lexus HRD Companion Series Three. I recently took part time work here to help offset my service fees for my husband. You probably heard about Toshiba selling off their robotics wing. That has meant scrapping the renovation program for the old Hilton T-types you mentioned, which is how I got this job.” Kathy warmed to the conversation as the man smiled, her primary social programming kicked in. “You see, I’m programmed as a wife but my chassis is fully industry approved so I can easily do hotel work. It’s a shame about the T-types though; you might have met Tiffany in the hotel bar, their emulation routines are great, very friendly...” She emitted another loud BEEP from inside her open panel, “I’m sorry, the hotel requires I operate with audible warnings, ridiculous, I’ve got plenty of operating time left. Anyway, I’m babbling... I should get on...”

“Not at all, Kathy, it’s nice to see some personality in a service ‘droid for once! I’m sure you’re a great wife unit too, I once had a Lexus sex model myself. Susan here is an Apple based custom build, exquisite isn’t she,” he laid a hand on his wife’s immobile shoulder, “She’s still got a few glitches to work out but when she’s operating properly she really is utterly indistinguishable from a real human woman. I get quite a kick out of seeing her waited on by other androids, I doubt even you would be able to tell her from human if she was online!”

“She’s incredible, sir, really a work of art, I wish I could see her in action. I wonder if you and she might be interested in meeting socially some time...?”

“Isn’t that against Hotel policy?” the man laughed. “Only kidding, you’re in a different class from those cheap work ‘bots. Sure, why not give her a call some time,” he held out a business card, “call me Howard by the way.”

Kathy reached for the card but was interrupted by a double BEEP and an immediate glassy expression. “Please excuse me sir.” With no further explanation or farewell she abruptly turned and left the room leaving Mr Howard Crowther still holding out his card with a half amused, half puzzled expression. She strode into the service elevator, passing Elaine without a glance, and rode down the basement. She was not compatible with Hilton maintenance booths so sat in a hard plastic chair with her top open and plugged into a charger she kept at work.

As the power began to flow Kathy froze for a second while status changes registered inside her open panel: the winking amber power light turned solid and the bold black OVERRIDE winked out on her tiny LCD letting her normal indicators return. Her personality re-enabled as her face relaxed back into a natural expression, this time one of mild annoyance. It seemed that Hilton thought their programming knew better than she when she needed a re-charge, just the latest of many such petty problems; she was embarrassed that she had been overridden in the middle of a conversation though.

Kathy looked around the basement service area at the inert E and T-types. With nothing else to do while she charged she saved the status of slight arousal from her encounter with the android lady in room 1017 and voluntarily froze into standby mode.

Two re-charges later Kathy was getting ready to go home, her power packs were limited to free volume for other hardware so she spent quite a long time on charge for which she was not paid. As she left the basement she received a wireless call to see Sharon, the staff manager, before she left.

“Mrs North, your log has been brought to my attention after you required a system override in order to re-charge earlier today” Kathy explained the circumstances, she was her normal confident self in her street clothes and did not hold back in her views on having to run Hilton applications in preference to her own superior programming. Sharon insisted on hooking Kathy to her desktop to make some adjustments, rummaging around inside her sweater to plug her in for the umpteenth time today. When Kathy finally snapped out of her latest glassy stare she was glad she could look forward to her weekly service contract to sort out all the loose ends left by her treatment at work!

“Oh yes, one more thing before you go,” Kathy turned in her boss’s doorway. “The Hilton maintenance team will be here tomorrow, of course they’ll not interfere with you, but the Hilton units will all cycle through repair and refit. You might have to cover some other duties, I’m sure a machine as advanced as you will take it in your stride.”


Next morning Kathy worked through a quiet bar shift on her initial charge. She had found Tiffany glitching and sparking in the maintenance bay when she arrived for work, the last of the T-types, Tiff was a full figured robot girl programmed with a witty lifelike personality and Kathy was sorry to see she had finally suffered a major malfunction. The Hilton technical team barely noticed her as she changed and went to work; they were busy cannibalizing parts from the other T-types to try and get Tiff operating. It looked like a losing battle as the pretty little robot sat naked on a stool, hatches, joints and ports all visible and three techs probing inside her open back. When Kathy finally got low on juice the ever-efficient Romana took over the bar while she caught the elevator down.

“Take off your top and stand over there.” The tech glanced up from the Emma he was working on, spread stiffly on a steel trolley.

“No, it’s okay, I’m just down for a re-charge.”

“Kev!” The tech called to his companion, “Another non-standard for you...”

“Shit no, this one’s being a real pain in the arse!” He turned towards Kathy who had paused by her usual chair, charger cord in her hand.

“No, really, I’m a part-time employee. I’m privately owned, not Hilton property. Didn’t Sharon explain?” She looked past the tech at the malfunctioning ‘non-standard’ android as he began to unpopper her bulging uniform top. She felt oddly unwilling to pull free despite protesting loudly as her lace cupped bosom burst free of the too-tight top and the stranger worked quickly down to her furiously blinking control panel. “Oh Shit! No, wait...” She suddenly recognized the struggling features of the android in front of her. Sharon was stripped to her panties and lay face up, a mess of wiring spewing from her open belly and neck, only her head was activated, gaping and struggling in silent helplessness.

“Kathy, relax,” the man ejected her data cards one by one: the Hilton task data, her personality add-ons, a sexual compendium and an education supplement leaving the busty android running only her core programs. “This one needs a complete re-load!” Kathy’s objections disappeared as he pressed her standby button.

“Jeezus, look: this one’s wearing lingerie!”


Sharon was installing a new E-type android when she received a wireless alert. Since there were no humans in the bay she processed the message immediately, glazing over for several seconds as she reviewed the video capture included with Elise One’s report. Damn, this was too much, ever since a little misunderstanding had required her to uninstall Hilton protocols from one of her part time maids she'd had nothing but trouble from her.

Mrs North was an advanced unit and very capable but had somehow discovered that Sharon was a machine herself and seemed to think that she knew better. Worse still, without the appropriate imperatives running, Sharon could not keep track of this maid or task her wirelessly. This was the latest in a string of problems and would be the last. She activated Elaine with a beep.

“Elaine, please collect a luggage trolley and meet me in room 1422 as soon as possible.” Sharon passed quickly but politely through the hotel lobby and up to the fourteenth floor where she saw the trouble with her own eyes.

She collected the android service request tag from the door handle on her way into the room. Sat at the desk was a hotel guest’s android female, fortunately deactivated, naked with several service panels open and connected to external power. A tray of lubricants and cleaners was on the desk beside her; basic cleaning and maintenance was offered on room-service here.

The troublesome maid was squeezed into a uniform designed for the defunct T-series chassis which barely fit over her big plastic curves. She lay back on the rumpled bed moaning softly with her legs spayed and tunic dress hitched up so her manicured fingers could slip under black lace to stroke her hairless plastic vagina. The smell of simulated fluids was strong. Mrs North gazed fixedly at the deactivated girl in front of her and muttered quietly as she masturbated, Sharon leaned in to catch the words.

“Error – cannot complete. Error – cannot complete. Error – cannot complete”. The angry manager pulled open the tight uniform and pressed RESET, stopping the malfunctioning maid in mid word.

“Lexus HRD Companion Series Three model number XCS C334 restarting. Loading OS.... Reviewing log.... Error detected in simulation subroutine: starting in safe-service mode. Loading device drivers.... Loading Emulation: Catherine version 3.6.... Initialising memory cache: Mrs K North version 1.6” The android started with a jerk, “Oh, Sharon, I seem to have malfunctioned! Thank you.”

Apart from straightening herself and placing her arms at her sides, fingers still glistening with her own juices, the over-sophisticated maid robot made no move to straighten her clothing, sit up or cover her lacy suspenders and panties. “Please could you close safe mode, Sharon. Thank you.” The RESTART button blinked invitingly inside her chest.

“Mrs North, I’m afraid I have to terminate your contract with Hilton Limited. Your programming has proved to be unsuitable for menial employment. I will contact your owner to arrange collection.”

“Don’t be ridiculous Sharon! I’m far more advanced than you are. Kindly activate me so I can carry on with my day.”

“Mrs North, I understand you may be programmed for an extensive sexual repertoire but you are not employed for that here. It is not acceptable to engage in sexual functioning during work time, I suggest you seek employment better suited to your design.

“Sharon, activate me this second! I am not about to be lectured by a... Sharon, stop! You are not...”

Sharon terminated her former employee’s power. Indicating the naked guest she instructed, “Elise, please remain here and ensure this room is correctly made up and this android receives a full hotel service, thank you.” She paused, head tilted as she wirelessly instructed Elaine to collect the inert android from the bed and store her in the luggage room. She signalled Tania at reception to contact Mr North and arrange collection for his wife then, twitching into motion again, set off to collect Mrs North’s property and terminate her contract with the Hilton.

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