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Written by Mirage


Lisa was sitting at her computer typing away like she always did. She paused for a second and look at the time. Shaking her head a bit, she resumed her work.

Suddenly, bolting out of the small hallway, her co-worker Lori came out pacing fast.

"Where were you?? You're seven minutes late from your lunch break!" Lisa whispered to Lori.

Lori giggled and remained quiet.

Lisa gave a look at Lori, but she didn't get any more response from her late co-worker. Finally, it was time to go home. Lisa turned her computer off and got her purse. She noticed that Lori was still typing away.

"Lori, time to go home!" she said quickly to her.

"I'm staying just a bit longer tonight, ok?!" Lori smiled.

"Sure... have fun," Lisa mumbled out, heading for the exit.

"I will..." Lori whistled out.

Lisa closed her eyes and knew Lori was hiding something.

Out of curiosity, Lisa hid herself in the women’s washroom, which faced their cubicles.

After waiting for everyone to leave, except Lori, she finally saw something odd. Matthew, one of the managers, came into Lori’s cubicle and they left the room together.

Lisa followed them discreetly and saw them entering the manager's washroom. Lisa slowly came to the door and listened. She heard Lori and Math laughing together.

"What could they be doing?" she asked herself. Peering slowly through a crack in the door, she saw them entering one of the stale. Lisa blushed but kept watching. She then heard the cleaning crew come in the corridor. Not sure what to do, she dashed quickly but quietly in the bathroom and into the next stale beside Lori and Matthew. Lori climbed on the toilet seat and listened to Lori's sudden moaning.

Lisa gasped in shock, knowing having sexual activities at work is strictly prohibited. Lisa could not stop her urges from peering over the top of the stall. She then saw Matthew penetrating deep Lori, who was partially sitting on the toilet bowl, both of them, moaning in ecstasy. Lori let out a small scream when she got her orgasm, quickly followed by Matthew.

Lisa crawled down and hide herself from them in the stall until they regained their composure and left the bathroom like nothing had happened.

Lisa was shock, but strangely aroused by the situation. She slowly came out from the bathroom and went to see if Lori had gone home. She was gone, but forgot to turn off her computer. Lisa smiled and was about to close the computer off when suddenly, an email from Matthew appeared. Lisa could not resist and opened the email.

"Thanks for the fuck, Mat." was simply written.

"Wow, Mr. Romantic..." Lisa whispered to herself, turning off the computer. "Ouch!" she got a shock from it while pressing on the mouse to shut it down. Lisa looked at the time and went home.

Arriving home, she felt depressed, knowing no one was waiting for her. Being 28 and still single was hard for her. But she always said to herself, work is more important than having a man for now. If Lisa wanted to become a manager someday, she needed to put all her energy in her job.

In the middle of the night, Lisa suddenly woke up for no reason. She looked around to see why she had woken up so suddenly. She sat up to clear her head for a second. For some reason, she could not stop thinking about Lori and Matthew fucking each other.

Lisa looked down and realized she was wet. She then circled her nipples, which were very erect with her fingers. She moaned at her own touch of her nipples. She then slowly squezzed both her nice rounded breasts.

"What am I doing to myself? This is silly," she mumbled out to the empty bedroom.

But she didn't stop touching herself. To her own surprise, she then moved her left hand in her panties and started to masturbate herself. Moaning hard, she gasped for air, reaching an orgasm. She then slowly passed out and slept through the night.

The next day, Lisa sat at her desk, working hard like she always does. Lori was there too, the same as they both have been doing for the last two years. Suddenly, Lisa felt strange and went to the women’s bathroom.

Lori saw Lisa leaving and knew something was wrong. Following her into the women’s bathroom, she saw Lisa was in the last stall with the door closed.

"Lisa, are you ok?" Lori asked. Lori listened, but only heard hard breathing from Lisa's stall. "Lisa??? Open the door!" commanded her co-worker.

Slowly, Lisa opened the door where Lori saw Lisa masturbating herself hard.

"Lisa... Are you ok, sweetheart?" Lori asked, confused.

"Lick me..." Lisa mumbled out to Lori.

Lori said nothing and closed the stall door behind her, knelt down in front of Lisa, put her head between Lisa's legs, and started to lick Lisa's pulsing clitoris.

Some hours passed, and Lori and Lisa were working at the computers, both not saying a single word about the morning.

Lisa was not sure what had happened, it was like a strange dream she had. She wanted to talk about it, but she felt beyond embarrassment. She then heard a strange gargling sound. She looked back and screamed in horror.

Lori was on the floor, shaking violently, making strange sounds.

A manager came in quickly, alerted by Lisa's scream.

"She's having a seizure!!!!!" he barked out.

Lisa stood there, frozen. She then saw Matthew and other workers come in and one of them guided Lisa out of the room.

"Is she ok??" Lisa mumbled out.

The manager who was with Lisa smiled and reassured her that Lori would be ok.

Lisa went home early that day and went directly to bed.

"Lisa, we need you to go right now at this place and do a complete checkup." Her big boss told her.

Lisa was still confused by this request, scared even. "Is Lori ok???" she asked.

"Yes... but we just need to be sure about something," the boss said to her.

"Don't worry, the doctor will take good care of you, here, take a taxi sheet." the boss said giving Lisa a paper.

"Doctor..?" she mumbled out, now terrified.

"Lisa... bye," the boss showed her the door.

Lisa had no choice but to follow her orders.

"Lisa.. Come in... I was expecting you.." a young man said to her, showing the inside of a small office with strange tools everywhere.

"Doctor Steward..?" Lisa mumbled out.

"Yes.. Now, just relax and sit in this chair. Lisa sat and tried to be comfy.

"Ok, first, I'll ask you a few simple questions...ok?" he smiled and grabbing a note book.

What is your name?

Lisa Wood

Complete name.

Oh...... Lisa Stella Wood

Complete name!

... I gave it to you! I don't understand what you want more?!

Mmmm... not giving proper name... not a good start..


Next.. Age.

28, date of birth, xx/xx/xxxx

Real age.

28! I just told you.. Sheesh..

Ok... If you see a dying turtle in a desert on its back, would you help it?

Help it?? I don't understand the question.. Why would a turtle be in the desert on its back?

Ok..that is your answer... That it all for now..

The doctor finished writing notes and looked at Lisa.

"Please disrobe." he asked her.

"What??? I...ok, but can you turn around.." she asked.

He made another note and did as she asked him. "Now, please sit in this chair and relax." he commanded to her.

Naked and shy, she did what he asked her. He looked at her and opened her mouth, "Count to 3." he asked.

She did while he probed her inside the mouth with a tool.

"Ok...,now, this might feel strange, but this is necessary." he said to her.

Lisa tried to move but she couldn't, even to speak. Confused, she simply could look and feel what the doctor was doing to her. He then started to feel her neck area and his hands came down to her chest. Lisa wanted to scream at first, especially when he started to grab her breasts and feel them hard. But the more the doctor touched her, the more her fear became bliss.

"Nipples are at most erect at the simplest touch of the breasts." he mumbled. He then spread her legs open and inserted his right index finger inside her pussy and probe her around. Lisa wanted to moan out, but she kept quiet and unmoved like a frozen statue. "High secretion from her vagina and aroused levels are at max peek." he noted. He then took out a small scalpel and started to make a small incision just on the top of her breasts.

Lisa was shock when she realized she felt no pain from it. She was even more surprised when he removed a long piece of skin that formed a panel. She could see circuits and wires inside her chest from the open panel.

The doctor now plugged a cable to one of her circuits and started typing away. Lisa closed her eyes and felt a rush of data coming to her brain. She then realized she was truly a machine and not human.

Hello, Doctor, how can I help you?

What is your name?

Lisa Stella Wood, secretary model HBU series 78


2 years, 4 months, 3 days, 8 hours, 23 minutes and 54 seconds

If you see a dying turtle in a desert on its back, would you help it?

Irrelevant, I am a secretary

That is all for now.

The doctor then looked at Lisa and spread her legs open and he dropped his pants, "Hey, Can I have fun sometimes too!" he laughed at himself, now penetrating Lisa deep inside her.

Lisa said nothing or reacted to the doctor's violations of her body, because he had deactivated her A.I. circuits.

"Hey, Boss, she's clear now, she had a sex virus inside her, just like that Lori model had too. I would check their computers for it. I am pretty sure that's how they got infected... Thanks.. No problem.. Lisa... she still need a few hours of err.... maintenance... Ok.. Bye..." the doctor smiled on the phone.

He chuckled to himself, going to Lisa and he slowly removed her face plate. He then took a small disk out of her main CPU port of her electronic brain.

"Sorry, but I have to remove that nasty virus I installed in you last month... But don't worry, when it will be time for your next checkup, I'll reinstall it back inside you again, just so you can see me again and again and again..." he laughed out loud.

The end

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