Secret Wishes

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Written by Mirage

Secret Wishes

Ever wanted something so bad and when you got it, you ever wondered why you ever wanted it in the first place? Well, this sadly just happened to me and it's the worst thing that ever happened to me.

My name is Paul and I have been married for now almost three years with Ellen. We had a great relationship, a great marriage...Had...have.. I don't know no more...Let me explain...

It all started a long time ago, when I was starting puberty. I started to have a fetish about female androids, or gynoids, the term most people prefer. In this age, this fetish is now more common than in the last 20 years, now that androids are within our population in this futuristic age.

I went to websites and chat rooms, talking about my personnel taste to strangers who felt the same. Still today, people still haven't accepted this sexual orientation. But we didn't care, we hid it to most people we knew personally. I knew androids were becoming somewhat common in our communities, since they were becoming more and more popular with single people who could afford them.

Many criticized the androids, saying they were ruining today's romance and marriages. But I didn't care. I did one day meet a female android, I was mesmerized by her. But sadly, one old man owned her and she was configured to only pay attention to him.

I did date here and there, but I had somewhat less interest in the real thing than the artificial ones. But surprisingly, one day, I met this beautiful brunette called Ellen. She just started working in my office. She was a secretary.

I blushed the first time I was introduced to her. She did the same. Later that week, I mustered up all my courage and asked her if she wanted to have lunch with me. To my delight, she agreed. At first, it was awkward, we were both shy, but suddenly, she asked if I like peanut butter.

This was the ice breaker. We talked and talked, not even noticing we were 45 minutes late to get back to work. We chuckled and went back to work, avoiding the bosses. After work, I waited for her at the entrance of the building.

When she arrived, I asked her if I could bring her to a restaurant for supper, but she declined, she had plans already. I was sure she was nicely blowing me off, until she reached in my left coat pocket and gave me her video phone number.

"Call me after 7pm!" she quickly whispered to me, with a peck on my cheek. I ran home, whistling all the way.

Pressing the button, I dialed her number.

"Gay hotline, how may we help you?." I heard from the speaker, while the video screen was strangely black.

"Ah shit! She fucked with me!" I cursed out loud.

Then I quickly heard her laughing out loud, pulling a black sheet from her vidcam,"Got you!" she smiled at me.

"Yes, you did!" I laughed back. "Can I come to your place or can we do something together tonight?" I asked her nicely.

She looked down and moved her head, saying no, "I can't, but we can talk all night on the vidphone, if you want?" she smiled.

"I guess...., why can't you go out?" I asked her.

"I am waiting for someone.." she smiled.

"Great, let me guess, your boyfriend?" I snickered, being somewhat jealous.

"No! Of course not! You know I am single! Sheesh! But It's none of your business, Paul!" she smiled quickly. "But if you are good, I might give you a surprise later to you." she grinned with a devious smile.

"Oh really..." I smiled back, getting a quick boner.

After a few hours of talking and sipping wine together on the vidphones, I felt I knew Helen like an old friend. We talked about work, favorite TV shows, hobbies, even family. Actually, she had none left alive, which made her a bit sad talking about it, all killed in a car crash a few years ago.

She was also in a long relationship, but learned he was cheating on her and she left him and her town and moved here for a new start only four months ago. I did talk about a bit myself too, my friends, my pet cat, Ralf, lots of stuff.

I slowly yawned and look at the clock, "Wow! It's already 10:40pm!" I smiled at her.

"Already? He must be late." she said to herself softly.

"Who is late?" I asked her quickly.

"Oh... no one important." she quickly responded, strangely smiling.

I felt she was hiding something from me, but I let it go. Knowing I felt a bit betrayed by her secrecy, she whispered something.

"Do you have any fetish?" she asked, turning red, giggling, a bit drunk from the wine we were both drinking at each end.

"I guess.... why?" I asked her.

"I was wondering.....if maybe... I could do something sexy for you in front of the vidphone?" she grinned, turning redder than before.

"But first, you must tell me what your fetish is!" she smiled.

"I.. I like gynoids...androids... something about them... I can't explain, but..they.." I mumbled, being very shy, never revealed my fetish to anyone before.

"Shhh.... do you want to know my surprise is?" she smiled with a grin.

"Me too... gynoids drive me crazy... I always wanted to be one..." she purred like a cat.

"Really?" I asked astonished.

"Gimme me a command, master." she said, sitting directly in front of the vidphone, looking serious.

I gasped. "You're kidding, right?"

"Waiting for instructions, master." she smiled, flashing one of her delicious rounded shaped breasts to me, torturing me.

DINGDONG! Was heard coming from behind her, someone was ringing her doorbell at 11pm.

She jumped and pulled down her shirt and grunted, "I'll call you back later, he's here..bye.. ‘Click’” she quickly said, disconnecting her vidphone off.

I waited all night long, but she never did call me back that night, "Helen...." I whispered to myself, drifting to sleep.

The next day, Ellen avoided me a bit, but I managed to corner her in a corner, "I'm sorry that I didn't call you back last night.. I guess I passed out from the wine in my head... please forgive me." She mumbled.

"Only if you agree to go out tonight with me." I told her quickly.

She looked at me and smiled, "Deal!"

So, that night, we went out to a movie, a small coffee place to talk and we ended up at her place.

"Sorry again about last night..." she whispered to me, kissing me deeply.

"Who was that man, last night?" I asked her lightly.

She gave me a shy look, "I'm not ready to tell you.... but please be patient with me..." she begged me.

I slowly undressed her but she backed away, "I... I..can't..." she said quickly.

"I understand..." I said, a bit disappointed.

I smiled and kissed her goodnight.

"I want to! But... but I am saving myself for the man that I'll marry one day!" she said, knowing I was a bit frustrated.

"Really? Not many women are like you, you know..." I laughed a bit.

She got shy "I understand if you don't want to see me no more..." she said, tears in her eyes.

"No! No... I respect your wishes...I found that refreshing." I said, pushing away my lust deep inside me. "See you tomorrow?" I asked her.

She smiled and nodded a yes, and slowly closed the door.

The next few weeks, things were great, Ellen and me, we were developing a real strong relationship. Still, it was hard not to make many sexual advances on her, she was very beautiful and sexy. She did tease me many time, just for torturing me. But strangely, every Wednesday, she stayed alone at night, meeting that mysterious stranger.

I tried not to think about it, it was pretty irrelevant and she would tell me about it when she was be ready. After nine months of dating, we moved in together. Things were strange at first, always asked me to go out with the boys on Wednesdays, but I trusted her and she trusted me.

Sometimes, I pushed her for sex, but she would repel me, even sometimes she would start to cry, feeling ashamed. Sadly, I had to take many cold showers until the wedding day. Finally, that day came one week after three months of living together.

Two days before the marriage, on a Wednesday, I decided to arrive earlier from my normal time and strangely, for the first time, I saw a strange looking man, leaving the house dressed like a doctor. He was carrying a portable massage table, and a black suitcase. Before I could stop him, he entered his car and left quickly. I got in and saw Ellen lying on the couch, comatose.

I quickly shook Ellen until she slowly come back to herself. "What happened?" she asked confused.

"Who was that man! Tell me! I need to know!" I yelled at her.

She sat and looked at the floor, "Okay... I'll tell you. That man is my personal chiropractor. Remember that I told you my family got killed in a car crash... Well, I was in the car too. I was the sole survivor. I was saved, but I had a busted spine, a broken pelvis and a shattered tail bone. After numerous operations, I slowly began walking again. After a year, the doctors told me I could not have any more stress on my spine or pelvis, including any sexual intercourse. I didn't know what to do, I tried to have a normal life, but... who wants a woman who can't have sex?" she said, tears rolling down her face.

"This man, he's a doctor who started treatment on my spine and pelvis for six months now, and promises me that one day, I'll be ok." she continued. "When he gives me treatment, he hypnotizes me so I won't feel any pain. He said I should be almost healed right after the wedding. I am so sorry I never told you... I was afraid you would leave me." she cried.

Looking at her, I didn't know what to say, "Does this mean we might never have sex together?" I asked her confused.

She only whispered "I don't know..." and ran out to the bedroom to cry.

I left the place in a daze, until I arrived at a park and sat there for the rest of the afternoon, looking at the sky. The next week, we got married on a clear Friday. Not many people attended, but we didn't care. I loved Ellen, no matter what.

On the honeymoon, we did try to have intercourse, but it was too painful for her. Before she started to cry, I told her it was ok.

"You'll see! I'll make it up to you, I promise!" she cried out, so ashamed of herself.

Apart from the missing sex, we were happy together. She and I had a happy marriage. She still had her sessions with the doctor, who always avoided me, for some reason. Something didn't feel right about him. He always made sure I left the house first before he did his treatments on Ellen. I didn't trust him one bit.

One day, arriving from work, I went to the living room and Ellen and another beautiful woman was sitting with her, talking.

"Paul! Please meet Mary." Ellen said with a smile.

I shook her hand and told Ellen I needed a shower. Before I went upstairs, Ellen asked me what I thought of Mary.

"A gorgeous woman, seems very nice, who is she?" I asked her.

"She's yours." Ellen smiled.

"What? I don't understand." I told her confused, peering around the corner, looking at Mary.

"She's an android, I bought it for you!" Ellen whispered to me.

"WHAT? Are you out of your mind???" I quickly yelled at her. "You are the only woman for me!"

"But...but she can satisfy you like I can't... Remember the first time we talked on the vidphone, you told me you had a thing for gynoids..." Ellen said, pushing me in the living room, where Mary was sitting.

"Yes, Paul?" Mary said with a nice clear tone.

"Are you really an android?" I asked her.

"Yes, I am a model TRD-99 and I have been programmed to follow your every command, including Ellen, of course." she smiled.

"Mary, get undressed!" Ellen said out loud, from behind me.

"Ellen! This is madness! I can't have sex with her!" I quickly.

"Oh really..." Ellen said, also getting naked.

To be honest, I never thought of doing a threesome with my wife and a gynoid would ever happen, but it did. Sadly, Ellen could only do so much, but watched me and Mary in the bedroom from a chair. Also, Ellen's pelvis was so sensitive, she could not even masturbate, too painful for her. It was strange, but Ellen made one my biggest secret wishes come true. But strangely, I felt it was not as good I thought it would be. Mary was beautiful and sexy, but I truly wished it was Ellen with me instead of her.

As strange things were, it did work out in some good way. Mary was also a good maid and cook, who help Ellen around the house too. But one day, while having intercourse with Mary, something went wrong and she started to malfunction. Me and Ellen, we deactivated her and sat her in a kitchen chair and called a repairman for gynoids.

"Can you get some milk for supper before the repairman gets here?" Ellen asked me.

I said yes and went to the store. On my way to the car, I saw the repairman and told him just to go inside the house and to start the repair on her without me. He nodded and I came back in about 10 minutes later.

"Honey, is everything okay?" I yelled out, entering the entrance door.

"Sir, I see nothing wrong with the android." the repairman yelled out from the kitchen.

"Of course something is wrong, she had smoke coming out from her main panel!" I yelled back, entering the kitchen. I then dropped the milk on the floor from the shock of what I saw.

Ellen was sitting there on a chair beside the repairman, with her head in his hands, her open neck was showing servos, circuits blinking and wires sticking out.

"I see nothing wrong with her! But she damn put up a fight with me when I was trying to remove her head." the repairman said with a chuckle.

Slowly, I walked up to him, "She's an android?" I asked him confused. He looked at me and then look at Ellen's head.

"Ah! Shit, don't tell me you didn't know she's a robot!" he laughed out.

"No... the android that needs repair is sitting there." I pointed to Mary, who was sitting behind the kitchen counter.

"Damn, didn't see her there. I just took out my reader and made a positive android find on this one and I thought she was the one who needed repairs." the chubby repairman said, putting Ellen's head back on her shoulders.

"That android is my wife, we've been married for almost three years now." I mumbled out, still in shock, looking at Ellen's open, empty eyes.

"My name is Al, here, read this, you’re my first about client that doesn’t know their spouse is a droid." he smiled, giving me a pamphlet.

You just discovered your spouse/partner is an android!

Here are five easy steps to follow:

1 : you are in shock, you just discover that you are in love with a machine. Please don't panic, your emotions are real, as the android's emotions are almost real too.

2 : Don't feel the android lied or deceived you, because in most cases, the android does not even know it's not human.

3 : Ask yourself if it being an android does affect future plans , such as having children or other personal plans.

4 : After knowing it's an android, telling it's an android might make it malfunction or even fry its main CPU and brain processors. As before mention, most of the time, it does not know its own real nature. The shock might be too great on it, and making it servilely malfunction or even destroying it.

5 : Realize that this machine is still the same person you did fall in love with. Just being artificial, does not mean it's not real.

Thank you and have a happy life with your artificial mate!

I read the pamphlet quickly and looked at Al, "This is a joke, right?" I asked him quickly.

"Not really, but I do find the situation funny." he chuckled.

I could not help but laugh too. I sat there on a chair, "I knew she might be one... but now, knowing it, feels strange... Who built her? Who is she?" I asked Al.

He smiled and plugged his laptop into her and started to type away. "Man, she is a custom job, that's for sure!" he said, impressed.

"What do you mean?" I asked him.

"Someone played top dollar to build her, seeing her systems and hardware, I would say she's worth a small fortune! She's pretty unique." he continued.

"Where does she come from? Who made her?" I asked quickly.

"Let's see... strange, she has a patch in her memory circuits. Someone tried to erase her memory files, but could not pass the firewalls, so, he installed a patch in it, blocking some of her memory files. Should I remove it?" he asked me confused.

"I don't know??" I said, confused. "I don't want to lose her... I love her the way she is." I said, looking at Ellen.

"Tell you what, I'll show you how to reactivate/deactivate her and when you feel ready, call me again, I'm intrigue.” The repair man said, giving me his personnel vidphone number. He snapped back her neck and reactivated her, but pressing behind in her spine. "Just to let you know, androids don't remember being deactivated, their system are made so when deactivated, about the last two minutes before deactivation is erased from their memory files.”

Ellen blinked her eyes and look at me, "Is the repairman here?" she asked, like everything was like before.

"Yes, he's here, he's repairing Mary right now." I told her.

She smiled and kissed me quickly and went in the washroom. Al looked at me, opening up Mary's main panel and smiled, "Call me if you need more help, free of charge!" he smiled.

Al finished repairing Mary and gave me a bill and smiled, "Good luck." he said.

"One question, how come Mary knows she is an android, and if I tell Ellen she's one, she could fry?" I whispered to him.

"Because Mary is a simple CPU compared to Ellen. Mary is programmed only for certain thing, like sex and cleaning. While Ellen is almost sentient. For three years you have been with her and has she ever acted like a robot?" he asked, grabbing all his stuff.

"Never... she has always been interesting, we can talk about anything... she is my best friend." I smiled to him. "Oh, one last thing! Ellen can't have any sex! Say's it always hurts her when I start touching her at her pussy. Is that normal?" I asked him quickly before he left.

He looked at me and grunted out, "Her maker must had installed a virgin program lock in her! Some owners sometimes install that in androids so the android sleeps with no one else but them. I can maybe help you with that." Al laughed lightly.

I nodded, thinking of actually having sex with my wife, finally. I called Ellen to come in the room and sit beside me.

"Yes, dear?" she asked.

I pulled my left arm under her shirt and pressed where Al showed me to deactivate her. "Whhaaattt??.." she said in a jerk, going a bit limp.

Al helped me put her on the kitchen counter and opened one panel that was close to her navel with a small tool of some kind. "Okay, let's see.... here is her mainframe... wow, she must have cost lots of money to build, look at this, just this component is worth more than 10Gs. Okay... there is her router... need to open her sex control panel. Do you mind if I do?" he asked me, pulling her skirt and underwear down.

I looked at her empty open eyes and my stomach felt ill. "Sure.. Do what you must.." I nervously said.

Taking another tool, he pried off a small panel right on top of her pubic hair. Inside it, were small circuits and tabs. He looked in and hooked up his laptop to it. After typing a bit, Al felt frustrated "The program is infused with her sex circuit. I can't delete the block." he said, looking around the room. "Mary! I can remove one of hers and install it in Ellen. It should work! Mary's got two of them, as emergency, if one break down, she can still work with one no problem." he smiled and ran to Mary, who was still deactivated in a chair.

After a few minutes, he exchanged the circuits and closed Ellen up. He reactivated her, after I redressed her and she look normal.

"What? Did I miss something?" Ellen asked confused, me and Al looking at her.

"Baby, please come in the washroom quickly with me, now!" I said to Ellen, pushing her in the bathroom.

"What is going on???" she asked quickly.

I said nothing and pulled down her skirt and underwear. She got scared ‘Paul! You know I can't.. The pain..." she said nervously.

“Do you love me and trust me?" I asked her.

She nodded "Of course.." she said, confused.

I then grabbed her hard in my left arm while my right arm grabbed her left leg and spread them apart. She freaked a bit, but didn't resist. I then plunged two of my fingers inside her pussy.

She gasped hard "OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHhhhhhh my god!!!!!!!!" she gasped even louder. "PAUL! PAUL! I can feel your fingers inside me and it's not burning!!!!" she screamed in joy.

“Wait here! I'll just go say goodbye to Al!" I said, opening the door of the washroom. She looked at herself in the mirror, like a miracle just happened to her. I ran to Al and shook his hand.

"I guess it worked." He laughed out. "I have to go now, call me if you need me more, okay?" he smiled.

I thank him and lock the door behind him. Closed all the windows.

Ellen came out of the washroom and look at me amazed, "How??" she asked.

"Al is a miracle worker.." I smiled.

Ellen got undressed and walked up to me and kissed me hard. “Fuck me like you always wanted to fuck me." she whispered in my right ear.

I said nothing and grabbed her hard and kissed her hard too.

"Psss... first, reactivate Mary, she might come in handy." Ellen smiled.

I shook my head and reactivated Mary.

"Hello Paul, Ellen, how can I serve you?" she asked with a smile.

"Sex mode, Mary." Ellen commanded.

Mary got up and undressed and followed us to the bedroom. Ellen asked me to go on top of her, while Mary would kiss and massage my back at the same time.

"You okay?" I asked Ellen.

She gasped when I penetrated her. She curled her toes and purred like a cat. "It's strange, but I don't remember ever having sex before." she said with a confused smile. "I guess I'm still a virgin." she said, enjoying every second of it.

After a few hours of wild sex, me and her, we were all exhausted. Even Mary's battery was now low. She just sat there, smiling, her eyes blinking a bit, sitting in a chair beside the bed. Me and Ellen, both lying together on the bed, naked.

Ellen sat up and looked at Mary, "I wonder if she has any feelings?"

"I don't know...maybe." I responded.

"But she's a machine... how can a machine have real feelings? I wonder if it's possible." Ellen continued.

"And if I told you that you were a machine too?" I asked her as a joke.

"Me, an android? I don't know, it would turn me on, in some way, I always dream of being an android. You, in complete control of me... Bbrrrrr.. Just the thought is sending shivers down my spine." Ellen joked back.

I looked at Ellen and didn't know what to say. "Really?" I asked her.

"Stop it! You're making me wet again!" she smiled, masturbating herself a bit at the thought.

"Wait here!" I told her and I ran downstairs.

Luckily for me, Al forgot one of his small tool he used to open Ellen's panels. I grabbed it quick and ran upstairs to the bedroom. Ellen just looked at me confused.

"Baby, look at the big mirror." I instructed her. She did "And?? Hey! What are you doing???" she asked, seeing me poking her belly with the small tool. "There!" I said, slowly opening her main stomach panel, right under her breasts.

Ellen looked down at her stomach, which was now open by a panel, where circuits, servos and cables could be easily be seen. After staring a few second at it, she then looked at herself in the mirror " android?????? I..I...can't I...human....not an.... android....I...ERROR.. ERROR.. SYSTEM FAILURE...ERROR. CPU OVER HEATING ERROR." she quickly said out loud with a robotic voice. She began shaking violently, her head was humming a strange noise.

I panicked and deactivated her quickly by the button in her spine. I was glad that she would erase those last two minutes from her memory. I then knew why telling her what she is was a bad ideal. I looked at her, deactivated, looking like a broken doll.

"Is Ellen okay?" asked Mary, who I forgot about.

"Mary, did you see all this?" I asked her quickly.

"Yes, Ellen is an android like me." she responded.

"Mary, can you delete this information from your CPU?" I asked her nervously.

"Yes, shall I do it right now?" she asked me.

"No...not right now.. Please come in the bed with me and Ellen. Can you connect yourself to Ellen and control her body?" I asked her, being now horny from my gynoid fetish. Seeing Ellen like this, did made me hard. Mary opened her stomach panel, took a cable and plugged it in Ellen and Ellen suddenly started to move.

"I control Ellen's body now, Paul." Mary smiled.

"Now, make love to me..." I commanded Mary.

Ellen’s strange blank emotionless face was a real turn on for me in some way.

Mary, who was controlling her, who was now also giving me a nice blowjob. After a few minutes, Suddenly, Ellen and Mary when all limp on me.

"Batterryyy dying..need reacharrggginngggg.." Mary slowly said.

I exploded on both of them and brought Mary in a chair and plugged her in the wall for recharge.

"Mary, delete all data about Ellen being an android!" I commanded.

"Yesss....PPaaaullll......eraassinggg...don..e..." Mary muttered, now her battery really dead.

I sat on the bed and look at Ellen. She was lying there, eyes closed, seemed like she was sleeping and having a nice dream. I studied more of her inside circuits until I closed her panel and reactivated her.

Ellen yawned and hug me hard. "Time to sleep, okay?" she smiled to me, giving me a light kiss. She rolled on her side and went to dreamland. Tears formed around my eyes... Ellen.. I don't know how I see you? An android or my wife of three years.... I..wish I didn't know what she was... so confused...

This is at the point at where I started to tell you my tale. You see my dilemma... All I know, I must meet her "doctor" this Wednesday. I think he holds a few unanswered questions I have about Ellen...

The next few days, things passed like every day before I discovered my wife was an android. Ellen went to work with me, smiling and happy, just like before. Me, I felt this thing inside me consuming me from the inside out. I tried to not think about, but I knew Wednesday was tomorrow and the "doctor" was coming to see her. So, I decided to get Mary to help me in a plan to see what he does to Ellen.

I asked Mary to hide in the bedroom closet where Ellen and the strange man will be in. She would then transmit video images directly to my laptop, which I would carry in my car, parked in front of the house. I did ask Al to come that night too, I might need him, being he's a big guy.

Night arrived and I left the house like always on Ellen's treatment nights. I got in my car and drove around the block and came back, with my lights off. After a few minutes, I saw the "doctor" come in the house with his table and his black luggage. I stared at him, trying to see his face, he didn't seem to old, maybe in his 30s.

"BOO!!" Al yelled from my left window, giving a heart attack.

"Christ! Al! You mother fucker!" I yelled at him, gasping for air.

He laughed and got in my car, "I brought lots of gizmos that might come in handy!" he smiled, holding tons of electronics stuff.

"Oh! Mary is transmitting!" I quickly said, looking at my laptop. I'll describe the images.

The man asked Ellen to lie down on the table on her belly, so he could check her spine. He then put some kind of clock thing in front of her face and told her to look at it.

"You won't feel a thing... relax..." he told her.

He then simply deactivated her by pressing her off button in her spine. He rolled her on her back and pressed on her chest, opening her main CPU access panel under her breasts. He fondled her a bit, which got me so pissed off, Al had to tell me to relax or he would break me in two. Both of us watching, we saw he took out from his briefcase a laptop and connected it to her CPU.

"Ellen, please be a dear and let me break down those firewalls so I don't need to see you anymore, you piece of shit robot!" the man growled at her.

She opened her eyes, "access denied!" she said with a robotic voice. "Access denied!" she repeated, the man trying to hack her CPU.

After about 15 minutes passed and the man came angry "DAMN YOU, OLD MAN!!!!! I DESERVE THAT MONEY!!!!!!!" he yelled out in frustration.

He walked around the room in a quick pace and sat back down, "For almost four years now, I have been trying to hack your CPU, Ellen... Let me in!!!!" he screamed while still trying to hack her.

"Access denied!" she repeated.

He took a deep breath and continue hacking her.

"I’ve seen enough!" I said to Al.

He nodded and followed me to my front door. Sneaking inside, I got to the bedroom and tackled the "doctor". Taking him by surprise, I gave him quite a beating.

After tying him up, I started to interrogate him, "Who are you and why are you hacking my wife?" I yelled at him, spitting at him, Al going through his laptop, to see for clues.

"Your wife??? Hahahaha!!!! Moron, married to a stupid machine!" the doctor laughed out.

I gave a quick left and he stop laughing quickly.

"Again.... Who are you?"

Coughing a bit, he then answered my question, "My name is Albert Steinberk. I was Ellen's personal technician. Ellen was built by Earl Van Strom the Third..." he said, staring at the floor.

"Earl Van Strom? The late billionaire???" Al asked while hacking in Albert's laptop.

"Yes... him...he had her created to fill his devoid life of the daughter he never had, being a lonely man that he was. He didn't trust women.. That is why he never married.. All Gold diggers, he would call them. For him, Ellen was his answer, he could program her to be the perfect daughter he always wanted. He hired the best in the world for her programming. He loved her so much, also trusted her. He knew he had her installed with the best anti-hackers programs she could have, he saw to that, personally. So, when he died about five years ago, he left her all his money and companies. People were outraged, leaving his billions to a robot. Ellen didn't realized how valuable she was. She followed her dead father's wishes and took control of his money and companies. But she made a mistake, she trusted me, who was hired to do maintenance on her every Wednesday nights." Albert said, laughing, proud of himself.

“One Wednesday night, I asked if I could deactivate her to run a full system check on her. She agreed and I deactivated her for good. When I started to hack her, I wanted her to be my slave, or at least to get her father's codes from his worldwide money accounts. But I then realized she was almost hack proof. So, I was thinking of dismantling her, but if I wanted the money, I might need her to be there physically for all the lawyers to approve of the money transfer. I then managed to only hack very little of her systems, along with putting a patch in memory circuits which I was hoping to hack her CPU by. I was good, but I knew it might take years to hack her CPU for complete control,” he continued.

“Before I could do more, her personal body guards saw me hacking her and tried to shoot me dead. I panicked and reactivated her and grabbed her and carried her with me. I manage to escape with her and my life. But in my escape, I suddenly lost control of the car and had an accident. I woke up in a hospital a week later, glad the guards didn't manage to find me or her. She was in the same room as me, looking at me. She was malfunctioning a bit and was calling me ‘Doctor’.”

“She didn't know who she was because her memories files were corrupted from my hacking. She then suddenly left me the same night and started to have a real life on her own. She got a job, even invented a past from her malfunctioning memories circuits. I managed to trace her back, but when she saw me, she was sure I was a "doctor". I forced myself in her apartment and deactivated her. Hacking ito her system, I realized that she had fused some circuits and if I tried to reprogram her completely, all her CPU would fry, losing all the data and codes I wanted. The only way I could hack her, it was bit by bit. While hacking her, I saw that she had a "virgin anti-sex" firewall, so, I managed to program her to make her think I was her "doctor" who was helping her with a spine injury. I reactivated her and I hid low, because I knew some of her father's loyal people were still hunting me down and trying to find her back." Albert grinned.

"Ellen is a billionaire??" I said, sitting down with all this overwhelming information.

Al look at me and nodded, "Seems his story if true, by what I just saw in his laptop.”

"What now? Are you going to let me go?" Albert smiled.

"No... I got plans for you, Bud!" Al smile, grabbing Albert in his arms and carried him out of the room.

I didn't care what Al did to Albert. Last I heard about Albert, Al stuffed him a shipping box, all tied up and restrained and sent him by air mail to somewhere in Africa. But it's strange, without Albert's actions, I would have never know my wife Ellen.

I sat there, confused, looking at Ellen, and lying there deactivated.

"Should I give her back her old life back???" I asked myself... I closed up Ellen and reactivated her. She opened her eyes and smiled.

"Ellen... Are you happy the way you are? Our lives? Our marriage? I know sometimes we fight... but." I asked her, not sure what I was saying.

"What do you mean? Of course I am happy.... No matter what, no matter the amount of money, I would not trade anything for the love I have for you!" she said, hugging me hard.

"Even billions?" I asked her.

"Even billions..."

The end

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