Sarabot's Second Story

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A frequent user of the "Robotic Escorts" services, Jenny fancied another date. Usually she'd take the robot out to dinner and, you know, do normal date stuff. Tonight, she just couldn't resist her urges and had to have a deep robot dicking. They know how to get her going just right. She logged on to the site, already touching herself. Then, without thinking she clicked on the "Our Women" link. "Oh shit!!" She shouted. She quickly hit the back button on her browser before any of the page had loaded. "Whew!!" She then clicked on the "Our Men" link. The android she chose was a handsomely built manbot. She couldn't wait to knock down a couple drinks and do the nasty.

She came to her apartment door dressed in a stunning black evening gown. Looking sexy, she opened the door to find a tall blonde woman in a blue dress and a matching purse. "Hello, I'm your robotic escort for this evening, my name is Tess!" "God dammit!" Jenny exclaimed. "There must be some mistake! I'm getting right back on that site and straightening this whole thing out!!" "What is the matter, Jenny?" Tess questioned with concern. "Nothing!.......FUCK!!!!!" Jenny's urges were overpowering her now. She sat down at the computer and logged on again. Tess was stripping behind Jenny. "What are you doing, you damn robot!" "Isn't this what you want?" Tess confusedly asked. "NO! I'm a woman, a straight woman! I need a manbot!! I'm gonna talk to someone and send you back." Tess, standing completely naked, free of her tight blue dress and skimpy thong, breasts standing out proud said confidently, "I can pleasure you just as well as a male robot can, even though I am a female robot." "Oh really?" Jenny asked. Just then a large, realistic looking human penis slowly emerged from Tess' pussy with a soft whirring sound. "Holy shit!" Jenny said, smiling. "I've never really done it with a.....well....woman before. But I guess this is ok. Let’s try it out."

They walked into Jenny's bedroom. She dimmed the lights and stripped out of her gown. The two standing naked studied each other. Jenny, still amazed by this transvestite robot was strangely awaiting that robotic cock in her soft, pink pussy. "Please lay down on the bed and I will orally pleasure you," Tess said. Jenny lay on the bed, her legs hanging off the end. Tess went down on her and licked around Jenny's love hole. She then penetrated her lips with her tongue and flicked it wildly to really get Jenny off. "This is great!" Jenny thought. This went on for a few minutes. Tess then advanced on Jenny, kissing her deeply. Jenny could taste her own juices in Tess' robotic mouth. Curiously, Jenny felt Tess' cock and massaged it, making Tess moan softly. Tess then sucked Jenny's tit, licking the nipple in a circular motion. Simultaneously, Jenny jerked Tess' robocock with one hand and inserted two fingers of her other into Tess' clean, robotic asshole, lubed with juice. Jenny worked very hard, being very turned on by Tess' tongue on her breast. Tess' movements became a little jerky, trying to process the data coming from her pleasure units. Jenny removed her fingers from Tess' ass and went to work on her cock. Jenny sucked and licked that hard piece of latex while fingering herself. Tess came into Jenny's mouth. Jenny then spit the synthetic semen into Tess' ass, making sure to get it deep. Jenny got up and opened her underwear drawer. She took out a massive strap-on and put it on. Both kneeling on the bed, Jenny inserted her dildo into Tess' extremely lubed robotic anus. Jenny aggressively pounded Tess hard. Both moving in fast rhythm Jenny fucked the shit out of the robot. Their breasts bounced and Tess' robotic cock flung up and down, up and down. "Aaahh yea, aaaahhh..ahh....ahh..ahh," Tess moaned, sounding slightly mechanical. This turned Jenny on and she pounded Tess ass. Just then, Tess' blonde wig fell off, exposing a bald, white head with a panel in the back. Harder and harder they fucked. The panel on the back of Tess' bald head came open revealing her main facial motors and optical sensors. Tess loudly and robotically moaned and shot another load of cum across the room from her synthetic penis. Jenny stopped and took off the dildo and wanted Tess to enter her with her massive cock. Still bald and head panel open, she pounded Jenny just as hard. In no time Jenny orgasmed. Tess seemed to be stuck on pounding Jenny but Jenny had no problem with this. Stuck in a fast humping motion, she thrusted her robocock into and out of Jenny. Jenny was amazed and about to have a second orgasm. Sparks flew out of Tess' head panel. Her main back panel then blew off in a plume of smoke and she came a third time and into Jenny's pussy. Tess froze, still steaming and sparking. Jenny laid there, in total relaxation. Tess' computer had contacted the main offices of "Robotic Escorts" and technicians were on their way to pick her up and make the necessary repairs to her. Still laying in her bed, pussy wet and out of breath Jenny thought to herself, "I should order women more often!"

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