Sarabot's First Story

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Anyway, I was sittin at home, alone and bored last Friday night. Dateless for weeks and nothing serious in months, I was in one of those feeling sorry for myself moods accompanied by irresistable hornyness. I was in for what I though was going to be a long night. I made a bowl of Top Ramen and sat down to watch Friday Night Stand-up, a mainstay for guys without dates. Eventually I was bored off my ass and decided to surf the web, see if there was anything, know.....interesting to look at. I'd seen everything at the ol' FC and decided to just chat with an old college buddy of mine. I told him of my sorry situation. He replied, "That's too bad, man. I'm in for a great night!" "Oh yea?" I typed back. "Hell yea, dog, I found this sweet-ass online service, if ya catch my drift. " "Alright, lemme in on this! I'm dyin here!" "Check this shit out..." He typed the url I clicked the link. It led me to a page with an all black background called "Robotic Escorts" with a little subtitle, "So neither of you feel guilty the morning after!" Woah, shit, this is too good to be true! I clicked on the "Set Me Up!" link at the top. It sent me to a page that simply said, "Our Men" and "Our Women". I think I'll go with the women, heheheh. It then asked, "what style?" with a pull-down menu. The options were: Teen, Young Business Woman, Housewife. "I think I'll go with Teen," I thought to myself. Can't go wrong. I then chose clothing style. Tank top and skirt. Next was hairstyle. I chose brown and ponytail. Cute!! After that was body type. I went with medium height, skinny. Lastly was the sexual features. I chose small breasted (thats all I need) and shaved pubic area. "Holy shit, this is gonna be sweet!" I couldn't believe it. Sex with a robot! Next page was address and billing. Put in the address and the ol' credit card number. I would be charged by the hour, recorded by my companion's internal computer. "Thank you, your escort should be arriving in one hour. If you are unsatisfied in any way, please contact us immediately" I eagerly awaited her arrival. I was already getting hot.

She arrived right on time. *Ding dong* I opened the door to see a stunningly beautiful young girl, exactly the way I'd designed her. Teenaged, small-breasted, and pony-tailed. Her white spaghetti-strapped tank top showed the straps of her light blue bra. She sported a blue, plaid mini-skirt. She carried only a purse. "Hello, I'm your robotic escort, Jessica," she said in a perky, upbeat, and sexy tone. "Well hello Jessica!" I said politely, "come on in!!"

Wasting no time, I wrapped my arms around her and we shared a deeply sentual kiss. We stopped and smiled at each other. She placed her purse down by the couch and said, "before we begin, I highly recommend you refer to my operating manu..." I cut her off and kissed her again, longer this time. One hand went for her right breast, the other for her cunt. I squeezed her tit, her nipple becoming hard. I lifted her skirt with the other hand and massaged her clit through her panties. She was obviously becoming turned on, going limp slightly. I moved my fingers around and discovered her panties were crotchless. Perfect. As we were both still standing, I ran my finger along her pussy lips. She was becoming moist. I brought my hand up to have a taste. "Wow! Salty! Tasted like real pussy, I must say. Can't wait to go down on that," I thought. Jessica raised her arms and I pulled her white tank top over her head and threw it aside, revealing her A-cup breasts held by a light blue bra. Sucking her neck now, I felt both breasts vigerously. I saw that the bra unhooked in the front and I quickly unhooked it. I teased her nipples with my finger and thumb. I pressed both nipples to get her hot but I heard a click and she froze up. "Aw crap!" I exclaimed. I stepped back and she stared straight ahead. "Better tell em to come get her now. Dammit, another night ruined." Just then her arms, still out in front of her, moved mechanically to her sides. She then bent at the waist forward 90 degrees and a CD tray slid out from her ass-crack, through her crotchless panties, and pushed up her blue skirt. She and I remained frozen, my mouth agape at what had happened. Staring at the floor, she awaited that I either pushed the tray back into her ass or somehow change her disk. I went around to her rear and took the CD off of its sideways tray. It was marked "Normal Mode." I looked in her purse, still by the couch, and sure enough there was a whole booklet of command CDs. I took out the one marked, "Slave Mode" and stuck it on the tray. I took some time to admire her perfectly crafted ass, with the CD drive sticking out from her crack, of course. I pushed the tray in and heard a soft whirring sound. She must've been reading the new CD. She mechanically bent back to look straight ahead and said in a monotone, "I am your personal robotic slave, Jessica. I'm here to serve you." "O sweet," I said. "Jessica, remove the rest of your clothes." "Yes master." She slid out of the unhooked bra and then removed her shoes. She then slid her skirt and panties down to reveal her pussy. I stripped as well. "Lay on the couch, face up," I commanded. "Yes master," she said again, monotonously. I proceeded to get on top of her, working my way down to her robotic vagina. I licked that piece of latex like there was no tomorrow. It even smelled of fish and tasted salty. It was surprisingly easy to make her orgasm, but I guess I'm just that good. Or she was really easy. Whatever, she was a robot. I sucked up her juices. Tasty. I worked my way up to her nipples, sucking the left first, then the right one. I licked all the way around her breast til I got to her armpit, moist from action. I was hard as a rock and about to enter her. I then said, "Jessica, remove your faceplace." "Yes master." Although she had a beautiful face, I wanted to see what was under that. Tiny motors pushed her face out and she took it with a free hand and placed it on the cofee table. It got me extremely aroused to see her true robotic face revealed. Her big, round eyeballs moved around in unison and her perfect teeth glistened. The many motors and lights were all moving and blinking while she changed facial expressions. Her robotic mouth said, "Come and get me, I want you, hot stuff." Her synthetic tongue licked her mechanical lips. My mouth dove at hers and I kissed her robotic face wildly, getting a slight shock each time. It felt much like licking a 9V battery. My cock entered her lubed up robo-pussy and I thrust back and forth, attaining an awesome orgasm while kissing my faceless robotic companion.

When it was all over, and she got up to get dressed. She then pressed her nipples inward and said, "Please restore my 'Normal Mode' CD" She bent over again and her CD tray popped out. I replaced the CD and pushed the tray all the way back into her ass. I think that was my favorite feature of this cute robot girl. "You will be charged for 1 hour," she said. "Please contact Robotic Escorts again soon!" "Oh I will baby, thank you for unbelievable sex," I said. As she went out the door I grabbed her suculent ass. She tured and smiled and I kissed her deeply one last time. No more lonely Friday nights for me!!!

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