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Two years had passed since Jo had last seen her robotic friend. About a week after Sara had revealed herself, she had moved away, Jo spent the next to years studying trying to get to university but Sara had always been in the back of her mind, had she been dismantled, was she ok or had she actually just moved away.

Jo’s parents Waved her off as she walked into her new apartment at reading university, apparently she was sharing a room but with who she didn’t know her parents had arranged it and she just went with the flow of things, she walked up to apartment 34d and went inside, it appeared her flatmate had already moved in As she walked in the door creaked shut and a figure stepped out from behind it saying.

“I am Sara, I am a system-21 female android built by Feminine Robotique. AI version 3.9beta, Female Sex Robot BIOS roms 2.1, 34b:23:33.” “Sara” Jo shrieked and swung her arms around her.” Wow you’ve ermmm Grown”. Sara chuckled “ Well more like upgraded but I guess it’s the same” Sara made sure the door was closed and took of her top, Her body had lost the awkwardness of adolescence and now she was fully developed, Jo noticed a faint line around her arms about and inch from where are shoulder joint was and another around her lower neck, they had been there before but had become more prominent with Sara’s new tan

“Well I guess you want to have a look” “Do you really need to ask me that” Jo grinned back. Sara slipped off her trousers and as usual she was wearing no knickers

“ Ok well I need you to open up my chest panel” “ Ermmm ok what do you need me to do” “All you need to do is place you finger in my belly button, push it down and twist it like a key ok” “Are you sure”

Sara nodded as Jo cautiously moved forward and places her finger where inside Sara’s belly button, A hydraulic hiss came from Sara’s chest as her breast panels opened slightly Jo pushed them open the rest of the way.

“Inside just below my CPU is a green button press it and the rest of my of my front panels will open.”

Jo skimmed her fingers over Sara’s CPU, it was her heart her brain everything she was in one tiny microchip. The static electricity shocked Jo as she pressed the button and another much louder hiss came from Sara, Her Eyes glazed over as her front panel open, She exposed the whole front of her body, she looked the worlds biggest tower system a neat stake of circuit boards and EPROMS. Attached to miles and miles of cables all leading to one big motherboard in Sara’s chest.

Jo stood up and waved her had in front of Sara’s face and she just started back blankly looking straight past her, Jo pressed the green again and closed her chest panel.

“Sara are you ok?” “Yer Jo I am fine when my all my panels are open I freeze and there is nothing I can do about it” then she grinned slyly “so what do you think “

“Your amazing ermm I don’t really know what else to say” “ Well I have been saving the best for last” Sara slipped her hand down and carefully removes her pubic panel. “wow now that’s what I call an Upgrade” Sara’s sexual systems had totally changed everything was so much smaller. Also there was also a compact metal cylinder with a tiny LED and what appeared to be some sort of motor attached to it. Sara touched a button next to the cylinder, which emitted to little bleeps causing Sara’s eyes to glaze over for a second.

“All Done” Sara Winked “So when do get to see what it does” “ when we have unpacked” The two girls got down to the business of arranging there room, while they were unpacking Jo could help but notice Sara’s other little improvement, her breasts were much larger and more pert, she was taller slimmer and a lot sexier then when they last meet, the thought of seeing her naked again was really turning her on.

“Jo? You ok” “ermm yer sorry I was just thinking” “ well I think that’s everything, I need to recharge for a Bit, I’ll see you tomorrow” “ But you haven’t shown me this new upgrade of yours” “It can wait” she giggled and walked into the bedroom. Jo sat down and watched some telly for a hour and then decided to go to bed. She quietly opened the bedroom door and stared at the sleeping android lying on the bed., she looked more beautiful then ever, the moon shone through the window on to her long red hair and her face looked almost heavenly in the pale light, she was wearing a red silk camisole that made her look so seductive that Jo couldn’t help but to have a closer look. She bent over Sara and went to touch her. “ I knew you couldn’t wait” Sara Stirred “ Sorry I thought you were asleep” “Well I’m not now” Sara wrapped her long arms around jo’s necked and pulled her closer “ I have missed you some much Jo” She kissed her lover and rolled jo over onto the bed. Jo’s hands moved under Sara’s camisole and caressed Sara new breasts Sara Moaned in delight “ They improved my touch sensors as well” Jo squeezed Her nipple and watch her sapphire blue eys twinkle with delight, Then took off her T-shirt and exposed her black lace Bra Jo straddled on top of Sara and kissed her slowly Sara sensually moved her hand over Jo’s breast and let out a slight sigh “ They still just don’t fell the same” Jo looked into the eyes of her robotic lover and smiled “Maybe Not but they work just as well” and she bit Sara’s nipple causing Sara to moan with a slight mechanical quiver in her voice and jo knew what was coming. she slipped her and down to Sara’s body and inside of her “My god your wet” Sara grinned as Jo licked her finger “Hmm Cherries” Jo slid down and buried her face deep into Sara’s sex her love juice tasted so sweet Jo couldn’t get enough. Sara hips gyrate as Jo’s tongue penetrated deeper, Jo could here her moaning in delight as she approached her Orgasm Her voice started to become more mechanical as Jo’s probing became more intense, Her legs were thrashing wildly and Jo could hear the servo’s in her thighs whine with the strain, The pitch of Sara’s groaning become erratic and tinny as her head started twitch to the left . “ERRR….OOORRRRR… SHORT CIRCUIT AT 000ET-9336…” Jo tried to swallow all of Sara’s Love juice as she came but it there was too much, she removed her face looked up and saw a small whiff off Smoke coming from her pubic panel as Sara Began to Jerk Violently “Sara Are you Ok?” “ERROR……SYSTEM LOCKDOWN…” She stopped shuddering suddenly and her arms fell over the sides of the bed, Jo watched in horror as the light blue shimmer drained from her eyes leaving only a dull black lens “SARA, SARA are you” Jo shuck her violently ” Ok Sara Please Speak to me” Two faint bleeps came from her and she opened her eyes to see Jo crying “ Jo?” “Your Ok” “Why are you crying” Sara asked not moving “ Because I Thought I had lost you again”. She sniffed “ I am sorry Looks like I overheated” She paused looking down at her self “Guess my little present didn’t work so we” She smiled Jo hugged her and placed her head in between the androids breasts. And there they slept wrapped in each others arms.

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