Sara - The Return

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Sara - The Return by droidgirl

"I have completed all of the admin, Essjay... you've got me working like a machine."

"A machine... machine... malfunction... mal-func-tion" she repeats over and over until he reaches his hand around to the back of her neck.

She freezes, sitting totally lifeless and gazing straight at the white wall.

"Jeez, this latest secretary model is ridden with bugs" he mutters, taking his phone out of his pocket and dialling. "Ah yes, Hi. Gold tech support please."

"Hi, this is Essjay, got a problem with the Sara unit again - can you get someone out in the morning?"

He completes the call and looking up at the clock on the wall near his secretary's desk - 7.30pm - he decides that's enough for today. He shuts down the PC on her desk, and runs his finger through her flowing red hair, around to her soft pale cheeks and onto her lips. He contemplates for a second and then walks over to the door, turns out the lights and leaves the office.

It is 8am the following morning and he is already in the office. As he sits, slouching a little and checking his messages, the buzzer sounds on the intercom. He presses a button.

"Yeah, please send him up".

A knock sounds at the door and in walks an engineer, late 40s, greying a little. He almost drags along his sturdy looking kit bag.

He nods towards her. She sits behind her desk, having not moved an inch since the night before. Her wide eyes staring across the office.

"Same sort of problem as last time", he tells the engineer. "Seems to get stuck in some sort of loop - usually after working for about 10 hours".

"You're a slave driver, y'know?!" the engineer jokes.

"I'm wondering if I should have stuck with the last one I had really? Maybe not as realistic but could certainly get the work done without falling over all the time", he retorts.

"Well, you know she's the newest model out there - barely out of beta when you upgraded. I'm sure you remember what the last Sara model used to be like?!" the engineer responds re-assuringly. "Anyway, I've bought the latest rom updates with me", he continues, "They're not publicly released until next week but as you've been having problems, we'll bung them on if you're happy with that?", the engineer asks.

"Yeah, sure. If it'll make things a bit more reliable - I ended up doing a load of admin myself this morning and I'm supposed to be at meetings all afternoon.", he continues. "Anyway, wanna coffee? I'll get one on the go and leave you to it." he asks the engineer.

She sits perfectly upright in the chair, white blouse, short red skirt and patterned black hold-ups. The engineer carefully moves her skirt upwards until her stocking tops meet her pale thighs, and then her lacy black underwear.

He takes the small cable out of his kitbag, and feeling with his hands, pulls her panties to the side and appears to push the connector somewhere around her crotch area. He moves her skirt downwards again. He grabs the laptop out of his bag by the screen, hits a button and connects the other end of the cable.

He proceeds to attentively watch all the diagnostic data scrolling on the screen... 'hardware status ok' 'secretary emulation rom v5.6 ok' 'no more rom modules installed' 'initialising bug check report'.

"Yeah, just some software bugs to be honest, can't see anything wrong with the hardware itself, so we'll bung the updates on and see how things go", the engineer shouts across the office. "Oh, and I've also got the beta sexual emulation rom with me also - something you'd be interested in?"

Essjay walks across the room, and places a mug of coffee on the desk.

"Well, I dunno if I've really thought about doing it with a robot before... but then, the last model didn't exactly have a body like this one!" he smiles, taking a sip of his own coffee.

"Ah, yeah, go for it - she cost plenty so might as well get my money's worth - just hope she's more reliable in bed than in the office!" he sarcastically remarks.

"Anyway, I better get back to it", he says and walks back over to his office.

The engineer continues to watch the debugging data as it flashes on the screen. He nods, and occasionally takes a swig of his drink.

Suddenly she appears to come to life again. "Sara type 3 secretarial android. Rom version 5.6." Her natural voice breaks away to a more flat tone. "Service mode entered."

He taps away on the laptop.

"Uploading new rom update... unpacking... installing 10... 40... 60... 100%". "New rom version 6.0 installed.", she reports.

"Uploading new rom update... unpacking... installing... WARNING", she says quite assertively. "This update has not been signed, are you sure you wish to continue?", she questions.

The engineer moves the cursor on the laptop to confirm.

"Installing 10... 30... 40... 70... 100%". "New rom module sex emulation 2.3 installed", she acknowledges.

The engineer shouts across the office, "Ok, that's that done. I'll give her a hard reset and we should be there".

He hits the reset button on the laptop application, and enters a password when prompted to do so. She blinks and a faint whirring sound is heard emitting from within her. Her head suddenly moves to the left, then to the right, and then directly forward again. He quickly moves his hand up her skirt again and retracts the cable that was connected.

"Sara type 3 secretarial android. Rom version 6.0. Sexual response emulation 2.3", she says in her flat tone, which then becomes a natural female voice again "Systems initialised, I am Sara."

A slight pause, and then she springs into life again. She immediately gets up and proceeds to walk across the room in her red heels and into her boss' office. They talk in the background.

The engineer packs away the laptop and cable and places them back in his bag. He slurps as he finishes his coffee, and walks over to the office himself.

"Ok, she should be good to go. I'm pretty sure this will be an improvement. Here's my business card with my mobile number. Oh, and have some fun!", the engineer rather suggestively says.

"Yeah cheers..." (he looks at the card). "Mike. I'll give you a call if I have any more problems" comes the reply.

The engineer nods and makes his way to the door.

The next time he glances at the time in the corner of the screen its just gone 6pm. He gives a sigh, and a yawn, and closes the lid of the laptop and gets up from his seat.

"C'mon Sara, let's call it a day", he says.

"Ok, I have finished the paperwork for the meeting on Monday", she replies. "I'll place myself into standby mode in a minu.."

"Actually", he interjects, "I want you to come home with me this weekend."

"Ok, as you wish Essjay", she confirms as she turns off her PC and gets up from her seat.

They both walk towards the door, and following behind her, he switches off the lights and ensures the door locks behind them.

The sports car manouvres into a space marked reserved. A dimly lit carpark underneath a towering glass skyscraper at street level. They both proceed to get out of the car and walk towards the elevator.

"I have never seen where you live before", comments Sara. "I'm slightly curious as to why you are inviting me?", she asks.

He says nothing as they enter the elevator. He presses the button for the 11th floor, and the door closes.

As it starts to move, his eyes catch hers. He then goes to kiss her. In both amazement and surprise, she withdraws from his advance, turning her head away.

"Wha..." she begins, but before she can finish her words her newly installed sexual response programs activate. Caught in what seems like a moment of utter confusion, she then turns her head back again and her eyes meet his again. She nudges forward a little, and her mouth finds his. His left hand goes to caress the soft contours of her neck, chin and cheeks and they kiss intensely.

The elevator shudders to a stop, and the doors open. They break free from their embrace to vacate and he leads her down the narrow corridor leading to door 116. He looks directly into the sensor to the right of the door, and then passes his thumb over a sensor. The iris and fingerprint detection system flashes up 'access ok' and releases the door catch. The lights turn on automatically as they both enter.

"Please, make yourself comfortable Sara", he says as he points towards the living room - a sparse, minimalist expanse, with glass from floor to ceiling on two sides. The bright lights of the city can be seen for miles.

"An incredible view", Sara shouts as she walks over to one of the windows and surveys the metropolis. He meanwhile makes his way to the other side of the room where the open plan kitchen and dining area is, and comes back with a bottle of red wine. He pours himself a large glass.

"Yeah, it's pretty special", he agrees. She turns around to look at him and he nods his head towards the huge leather sofa and the glass top coffee table in the middle. A huge flat screen television adorns the plain white wall in front of it.

She walks over and sits on the sofa, initially straight and stiff, but then allows herself to rest back a little. He grabs the remote control laying on the table and presses a few buttons. Blinds sweep across the windows and lock out the night sky, whilst the bright ceiling lights dim. He grabs at another remote and some music begins to play in the background.

He takes a large sip of the wine and almost slams it down on the glass table. He throws his shoes off, whilst she carefully bends down and removes her heels.

"What a week!", he exclaims as he crashes down onto the sofa. He turns his head to the left to look at Sara, who returns a smile and rubs the tips of her fingers at the buttons on her blouse.

He reaches over and runs his left hand up and down the material of the blouse, applying a little pressure as he feels around her left breast, then her right. He can see her black bra through the thin white material of the top.

"They made an incredible job of you, ya know?", he remarks, looking up and down her.

"Thankyou Essjay. I don't know how I never noticed before just how good looking you are", she responds, in total unaware of the new modules that have been installed in her. She thrusts her right arm out and runs her hand through his short black hair, and around to his ears and mouth.

She leans forward and they kiss, circling their mouths around each other. He runs his left hand up her leg, and to where her hold-ups end. Her skin is so warm, so soft, so natural. He continues to feel her sex through her underwear, and runs his finger around her vulva. Backing of for a moment from their kissing, he exclaims "You're wet?!" in partial surprise at the degree of her realism.

He tugs a little at her knickers. They both reposition themselves so he is now kneeling on the sofa over her. She responds by running her hand around his trousers and unzipping his flies, pulling them down a little to reveal his muscular thighs and underwear. She can see the movement of his penis, from semi to almost upright, clearly being restrained by the underwear.

She lifts herself a little from her laying position enough to slide down her skirt. He carefully takes it in his hand and tosses it to the floor. She tugs at his shirt and he lowers himself over her. She unbuttons his crisp white shirt, from top to bottom and he manages to throw it off and again onto the floor. He then slides his underwear down, and both his underwear and trousers end up at his ankles. He twists and shakes until they both fall free.

Through her knickers, he runs some of his fingers around her fanny and outer labia and and then pushes them into her vagina. She lets off a slight moan as he does so.

"Touch me", she commands. Sensors in her vagina activate as he explores her with his fingers. The data signals temporarily flood her memory, and suddenly her CPU usage peaks heavily as a number of subroutines execute.

She unbuttons her blouse to reveal the top of her soft, full breasts, tightly held by her bra. She then pushes her hands between her back and the sofa and unhooks the bra. She looks at him and he pulls the bra away to reveal the pale breasts, her large nipples already erect.

"Fuck me", she demands. He's quite taken aback by this assertive tone, he's usually so used to her passive programming, but he's not complaining. He withdraws his fingers from her and pulls down the knickers. Down her thighs and down the silky stockings.

He looks up and down her, his penis hardens and sits totally erect as he observes the neatly trimmed gingery-red public hair, the beautiful labia lips and the wetness.

"You're absolutely incredible", he tells her.

"Thankyou Essjay, I am feeling so horny.", she whispers.

"Horny.... hor-ny", she repeats, the last word breaking into a dragged out robotic tone.

But rather than him being being put off by her latest stuck loop, he finds himself even more aroused by the sight of this beautiful woman, her perfect body, but knowing that she's a robot and also her imperfections.

He masturbates whilst over her, his penis getting sticky from some pre-cum. She touches the tip with a finger and then takes it back to her own mouth, licking it.

"Hmmm, so good", she breathlessly remarks. She takes her hand and masturbates the penis herself, he pants and moans as she does so.

She continues, whilst he moves back over her fondles with her tits. She sighs and moans as she caresses and rubs them, taking his mouth to her nipples. Thousands of sensors activate within her breasts and she moans some more.

Her systems flag that her sexual response module is hogging CPU and memory resources, but as her breasts are being fondled, and she continues to wank him off, she is barely able to dynamically manage the subroutines all activating.

"I am over-loading, resources are struggling", she says amongst moans. He's not at all bothered by this, in fact, he find himself incredibly turned on by it.

She lets go of his penis and he sits back up a little, guiding his totally hard penis into her. She moans as he enters her, her artificial sex stretching to accommodate him.

"Uggghh. Fuck. Me. I am over-load-ing.", she slightly stutters. "Cannot process interrupts, exception at 00fe110c", she reports.

He thrusts harder in and out of her. Her moans occasionally break into a flat, metallic almost gargling sound.

"Mal-func-tion... mal-func-tion" she repeats. He retracts his penis and she lets out a large sigh and one of her subroutines flags up as not responding. He moves up her body again and licks and runs his mouth around her tits. She again grabs his penis and masturbates it, occasionally some of his sticky cum into her mouth.

"That is so good. So. Good", she tells him in a broken, drawn out way. "Ah ha", he utters inbetween panting. He furiously rubs her now solid clitoris. Incredible detail he muses to himself.

Her systems attempt to end the program that is no longer responding, and re-launch it. But, her attempts to do so fail and it continues to create excessive CPU load.

Her moans get higher pitched, and occasionally more broken. Seeing that she's at at times almost paralysed as her systems struggle to keep up, he pulls back and inserts his penis back into her again. He thrusts harder.

"Warning. Systems now at...", he begins to say but he pushes his mouth over hers to kiss and cuts her off mid sentence. She mumbles as she still tries to speak but her systems are ultimately programmed to reciprocate his actions.

"Over-load. Mal-func-tion. Warning. Fatal system error at ffef2020. Must. Terminate. Executable sxsvrga.exe. Must. Term", she robotically splutters but cuts off before completing.

Her sighs, pants and moans become ever constant, and increasingly disjointed. She takes her tits in her hands and fondles and squeezes them.

"I..... I..... I....." is all that she can now muster, her voice like a 90s voice synthesiser.

Then, he let's off a huge shriek as he orgasms. Just as he does so, he retracts his penis swiftly, and cums all over. He wanks a bit more as more cum drips onto her, some on her belly, some on her right breast which she moves her hand over to touch. And then he shoots a bit more onto her mouth and chin. Her left hand scoops some of the cum from here and into her mouth.

A fast-paced bleeping joins the 'I.... I.....'. This momentarily breaks and she appears to stutter the word 'cum'.

Then, as he sits back a little, panting, what sounds like an electrical short is heard from within her. Then another. Her head shakes abruptly to the left, then the right.

'Zzzzttttt. Zzzt' again sound from her. Some electrical smoke now emits from her mouth, and some from her vulva.

Not wanting things to stop, and not at all phased by the light whispy smoke, he massage her clit.

'Zttttt' she continues. 'System mal-func-tion. Sex systems have overheated. Burn out detected on chipset a3452" she reports in her monotone way. Her CPU and memory resources at this point begin to throttle and the erratic programs terminate.

"Sara type 3. Secretarial. Android. Shutdown. In. Oper-ay-tion. Term-in-ating." she repeats.

What sounds like a computer fan slowing down can be heard, as her the beeping lowers in octave, until a final low beep emits. She releases a low sigh and her eyes shut. She lays on the sofa, completely lifeless, as a little bit of final electrical smoke emits from her mouth.

He pulls back and sits up. He is just about recovering his breath.

"Oh. Shit", he shouts. "That was amazing". He reaches out to grab what's left of his glass of wine on the table and takes a large gulp. Still panting a little.

He looks at his robotic secretary in her seeming slumber. Naked apart from her black stockings, having rolled down a little during sex. He is still incredibly hard and leans over one more time and gives her a quick peck on her cheek.

He lays back on the sofa next to her, and grabs the remote from the table, and switches on the television. He pours another glass of red.

He feels to the right where his trousers lay, and into the right pocket where his mobile phone is. He finds the business card that the engineer gave him earlier in the day. Despite it being past midnight, he can't resist sending a text message.

'Mike, it's Essjay. I think I'm gonna need you out again on Monday, I found a bug ;)' he grins as he presses send.


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