Sailor Valkerie - Interview With A Mechascout

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Episode 1: Interview with a mechascout.. (Somewhere in Michigan, the countryside stands what appears to be a compound at least 2 stories tall as well as elegant and at the same time a fortress. It is on a shore of a lake. It is clearly summertime and the wind is calm. A male clearly in his 30s drives up in a pickup truck, red in color. It almost feels like a college dorm room. It's a complete mess. Of course the male was clean shaven with very short dark hair wearing what appear to be amber sunglasses that also protect his sides as well. (very cool looking!) His brown eyes weren't visible at all but he didn't care it was a cloudless day so the need was great. He parked his vehicle in what appeared to be some makeshift parking lot. His near large 6' foot frame and tanned complexion would gave others the impression that he was a "glorified" newspaper reporter. Oh he had his "big" stories but even that was fading. One more big story he can retire in fact this was to be his last interview sure he was only 30 but he knew that the future as an "internet" reporter was far more lucrative then his current job and his bosses knew that but simply put Mike wanted more money and more time to enjoy spending time to be with himself. Of course in the year 2050 he knew that the Michigan Chronicle newspaper division was clearly going to be on it's way out. But he didn't care after this interview he was done with the newspaper biz and get into the video/TV biz perhaps he can finally open an anime studio something he tried to do in the last 5 years but never fully got off the ground however this year was to be his best year at least he hoped so. Mike got out of the pickup wearing a white t-shirt and jeans. Reaching for a camera orb at least 2 feet in diameter he made sure it was fully charged but left it deactivated. Then he made his approach to the front door however a woman (a blond) walked in his direction. She was wearing a tank top and jean shorts. Her eyes were that of a deep brown compare to the rumored baby blues of Sailor Valkerie. She shook hands with Mike and smiled..) Woman: I am Valerie Stone. Are you from the Michigan Chronicle? Mike: Mike Green and yes I am. I was told that Sailor Valkerie was to be here. Valerie: She is waiting inside. Please come with me. Oh please don't activate your camera orb I value my privacy. But I don't want to give away this location. To prevent many autograph hounds as well as other "unsavory" elements from appearing. It maybe the price of fame but well... Mike: I'm sure Sailor Valkerie has nothing to fear from me. Where am I supposed to meet her? Valerie: Within the pool area. You can activate your camera orb there. Because of the interview's one on one nature I am to be excluded and can't bare witness to it. Sailor Valkerie and I made an argeement to that effect. However a mechaservant would be allowed to bring soft drinks as well as water and tea when taping is paused. Mike: I understand. (Mike was a little upset perhaps Valerie wasn't a drinker not even social type one at that. She lead him to the pool enclosure at the center of the courtyard. It was clearly fenced in and well protected even if it wasn't surrounded by the courtyard and the compound itself. The pool itself was olympic-sized with all the trappings of a scoreboard and some bleachers as it were. Also addition of deckchairs and tables w/sunumbrellas and rules for water safety as well as a rinse off area rounded things out. Valerie pulled out a chair for Mike after he was done setting up.) Valerie: At this point I have to leave. I have to remain within the compound taking care of an internet business and the official website of Sailor Valkerie. Mike: She has her own WEBSITE!? Valerie: Doesn't everybody? (grins) 'til the conclusion of the interview. (The owner of the compound walks off allowing Mike to think for only a few minutes. However from the door on the far end of the courtyard walked in a woman clearly resembling Valerie. Her hair was a much deeper blond reaching shoulder-length it was straight. Her pirecing baby blue eyes matched that of the stories that were gathered about the famed Sailor Valkerie. Her fair to tan complexion was flawless. But her sailor suit was slightly different. It was mostly a mettalic white but having a yellow skirt with black shoulder pads. Her gloves had black trim but was the same mettallic white. But the boots were black as well as the bows. The front bow had a yellow orb with a sword and spear insignia on it. Her neckband was yellow. Her frame was clearly athletic and she was the same build as Valerie. Sure she has more of a mucle tone and her lips were fire red and full. She could easily be a twin to another scout. Mike simply couldn't take his eyes off her. Mike stood up to shake her hand. The sailor scout smiled.) Sailor Valkerie: Mr. Green, I am Sailor Valkerie and I want you to listen to my tale.....

Alright time to recap. It seems that the mysterious Sailor Valkerie has requested an interview. Mike Green, a senior reporter from the Michigan Chronicle took the case. The next part of the interview begans..

Mike: Alright.....But first tell my readers why you would come forward now?

Sailor Valkerie: Simple, you see there seems to be ALOT of speculation going around that I am Sailor V who assisted authorites in England 70 to 80 years ago. I need to set the record straight that I am NOT Sailor V. We may have similair appearances but I've never been to England in the late 80s. So I wanted to make sure that I clearified that.

Mike: So you DO have a history?

SVal: Of course doesn't everybody?

Mike: Of course.

SVal: Did you know that every scout has a kingdom somewhere in the universe?

Mike: Of course however there are exceptions right?

SVal: They may have been born in a fallen kingdom. Some were created shortly before their fall. Some were simply afterthoughts...

Mike: Created like you? A mecha?

SVal: No you see scouts start out as a soul.

Mike: Reincarnation?

SVal: In a way yes...However they evolve into a sailor scout. In their initial lifecycle as I call it. They protected their kingdoms or in a few cases assisted in protecting other kingdoms outside their own.

Mike: I see so they start out as protectors?

SVal: Oh we still are protectors. I was born in a planetiod kingdom known as Valkerie hence my codename Valkerie..

Mike: Of course they are strong in Norse Mythology.

SVal: (nods) Very good Mr. Green. You are correct in that aspect they would guide the spirits that passed on to Valhalla.

Mike: But you don't deal with that aspect.

SVal: I only deal with the fighting aspect of the noble Valkerie. I am although it'll seem like bragging one of the most physical fighters out there.

Mike: I see but you never answered my orginal question..

SVal: Well as I stated earlier I was born on a planetoid kingdom of the same name. I grew up in the art of fighting as well as others aspects..

Mike: Other aspects?

SVal: Diplomacy, Ettiqutte, Athletics as well as a few others.

Mike: Then what happened..

SVal: An day an evil entity known as the Negaforce came and tried wiped out the kingdom. A battle took place I along with my family fought and repeled the invading troops. However I was severely wounded my original body can no longer support me.

Mike: So...

SVal: A mechabody was created and my soul was transferred into a soulprism. I was to be sent away and and my kingdom frozen and powerful magics would be put in place to prevent detection by any means. It was the first time in my life I was completely alone.

Mike: How long have you been crimefighting on earth?

SVal: Since the early 1990s...'90 or '91 it has been sometime.

Mike: So Scouts don't age?

SVal: We age slowly as Scouts. We grow quickly until we reach 20 and then aging slows to a crawl.

(Mike continued to keep the data recorders running.)

SVal: Of course being in a mechashell stops that. Believe me in the 90s it was very difficult to find the right parts. It was only within the last 20 years I was able to do the upgrades I wanted.

Mike: Our viewers would be interested in seeing...

SVal: Well I can open my forearm here let me show you and your viewers as well as readers..

(SVal opens up her lower forearm, Mike can see the relays, wires and lights are blinking and pulsating. Mike couldn't take his eyes off of them however SVal closes up her forearm again.)

Mike: So you are really a mechascout. Tell me what are you doing in Michigan?

SVal: Two things..I want a vacation and I want to go solo.

Mike: You used to be on a team?

SVal: I was but it never worked out I didn't see eye to eye with the team leader. There was secret talk about being reprogrammed so I left I just couldn't work with anyone. So if things go wrong I get the full blame but if things go right...

Mike: I understand the pressure was clearly great.

SVal: Don't get me wrong Mr. Green I AM a team player but I prefer to go solo at least for a little while. There are SOME things you just need to do by yourself.

Mike: Of course. Tell me more of the Valkerie kingdom. Who ruled there? Did you rule yourself or were you the princess? Did you have a brother?

SVal: My parents were King Valen and Queen Viria and I am an only child which is for that reason I was sent away first to the Moon Kingdom and then Earth as one of their citizens. Of course this was around the time of the Silver Millenium. So I was cut off when the negaverse invaded. Valkerie Kingdom rivaled the Moon Kingdom in splender the castle itself was an engineering marvel. Valkyr is the capital within the nation within the same name. Although it was a planetiod it has a few bodies of water. There are three main continents, the northern one Valnus, the southern one Viros and the central one Valkyr in which the said capitial is on. The three continents had slightly different cultures not the vast ones here on Earth. Valkerie Kingdom has alot in common. few deserts but lots of mountains and plains as well as valleys. It is a beautiful planetoid even if it was sheilded by powerful magics.

Mike: Do you miss it?

SVal: The kingdom? OF course I miss it. My family, my friends were back there....<sighs> Still I was able to move on. Now I am almost entirely on my own. Without Valerie chances are I'll be in some abandoned forest. Or perhaps deactivated being placed in a fate far worse than death for a mecha.

Mike: We should take a break.

(Mike looked into the eyes of Sailor Valkerie. He doesn't know if he truly belived her tale perhaps some more infomation would allow him to make an informed decision. Soon he will get true story behind the mechascout. Was she built on earth as a rouse or is she an "anicent" mecha being able to "outlive" the technology that was unable to support her. The mechascout found Mike rather interesting but to her the story needed to be told the story of Sailor Valkerie.)

(The reporter shook his head yet she proved that she is a gynoid but is she really a cyborg? or a full mecha? But he was interested in her. Sure she COULD have passed off as a twin of Valerie everything seemed to get more and more interesting. But the story was what he wanted. A featureless robotic male servant appeared with only one drink and it was for him. It was clearly lemonade. Mike accepted this welcome changed and smiled. He then gazed into her eyes was it love? Was it something that Sailor Valkerie seemed to capture? his heart? or something else? For a brief time he imagined being her knight wanting to protect her. His reverie was short lived.)

SVal: How is the lemonade?

Mike: I wanted more but he left already.

SVal: Nonsense, I'll page him.

(Sailor Valkerie stared out into space her eyes had a brief dim glow to them. Mike was alstruck by the event.)

SVal: I sent a data request to the servant that was here eariler. He should be returning soon.

(The servant returned with a couple of lemonade pitchers and Mike was smiling somehow Sailor Valkerie found his weakness. Mike decided to continue the interview.)

Mike: When did you come to Earth?

SVal: It was around the time of Earth's first world war. 1914 I believe according to your most commonly calendar. It had to be April of that year. I again saw the horror of war.

Mike: But I thought that the Sailor Senshi weren't around 'til..

SVal: The 1980s and 90s? That is still accurate but I was a pioneer and plus I was behind the scenes most of the time. I was disguised as a nurse for the British army in both world wars however I secretly fought on the side of allies.

Mike: So did you have any support?

SVal: Only from allied resistance fighters. I was able to go on special operations in which I was grateful because women roles were limited to "support" functions. Perhaps I will write a book on my adventures..

Mike: I would like to read that.

(Sailor Valkerie smiles)

SVal: However after the war I decided to become an american citizen and for decades I took on various names and moved from place to place. I assisted many people along the way including grandparents and parents of future Sailor Scouts and Knights. You know it is getting late tell you what why don't you come back next weekend I'm sure that we can finish up then. Think of it as a two-parter.

(Mike mulled over what she said. He can wait as long as it takes and that he was allowed to wait up to a week to file the story. But for now he was curious about not only the story but about her as well.)

Mike: Alright I can return next week. Thank you for the oppourtunity.

SVal: You are welcome.

(As Mike left Sailor Valkerie watched him leave she smiled. She was falling in love with him but for now she had work to do. Making her way to Valerie's room and then suddenly the Sailor Valkerie was gone and in her place was Valerie! She then picks up with appears to be a mini-generator. She attaches it to an outlet near her bed. Then she presses softly at mid chest and something opens up. Within this area is a mini plug that the other end of the mini-generator and she connects that to her chest! Then Valerie was in bed as she turns in for the evening as her body begins to recharge. Another day will come as she begins to dream of better times.....)

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