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Melody Swanson was lost. She had no AlterReal signal, rendering useless the GPS satellites zooming through the heavens overhead, and the deep forest that rose up around her seemed to fog her memory by its very presence. All around giant sequoia trees stood watch, their reddish-brown trunks shooting up into the sky. Under other circumstances, she'd have been awed by them, but something was very wrong. She'd woken up alone in the back of a utility van, it's rear doors open to the woods.

Her head was clear, but she couldn't remember how she'd gotten in the van, or her ride here. Striving to quell rising panic, she shouted out into the woods, as if the trees would answer her: “Help! Is anyone there? Anyone!” She jumped out of the van into cool air. The forest floor felt spongy beneath her bare feet, as she pressed her soles into dew-covered moss and grass. This shocked her, since she hadn't realized she wore no shoes. She examined herself then. Her eyebrows arched, as she absorbed the fact that she was dressed only in a white chemise that hugged her athletic figure down to just above her mid-thigh. Her mind raced, wondering if she'd been violated in some way, but she didn't feel injured or abused, yet why else would she be dressed only in undergraments?

She hugged herself, her ample breasts squeezing behind her arms. She knew her predicament couldn't be voluntary. Crazy people drove pedo-vans deep into the woods dressed only in a chemise. Melody didn't think she'd lost her sanity, on the other hand the evidence didn't support her conclusion. Ignoring the errant thought, she jumped back in the van to rummaged around. Her heart fluttered. No keys. No map. No food. Just a few automotive rags and a container of gasoline. It didn't make sense: why wouldn't they just leave her on the ground, rather than abandon a vehicle? Which meant someone could still be around. She didn't know if danger would find her soon, since she didn't know how she'd gotten there, so she thought fast. Melody wrapped her feet in the rags, hoping they would be enough to prevent her soft feet from getting shredded on the forest floor. Satisfied that she'd done a credible job, she slid out of the back of the van and went to search for help.

Her gaze swept the forest, examining her surroundings a bit closer than before. Then she heard it, a rhythmic drumming sound deeper in the woods. Detecting no other sign of civilization, Melody set off toward it. She knew it might mean danger, but she had to figure out her situation. Blindly running off into the woods without any sense of direction would be just as dangerous as running into her theoretical abductors.

As she proceeded the drumming grew louder, until it seemed to surround her. She could spot a bonfire, hidden behind a copse of trees and bushes. This provided her with convenient cover, as she knelt down to observe the strangeness before her. The other side of the trees opened out into a large clearing. In the middle, a large bonfire raged; it's flames rose twice as high as a man to lick at the darkening sky. Melody eyes bulged, for around the bonfire danced no less than a dozen naked women. All of them could have come from between the covers of a men's magazine, the wet dreams of of a thousand boys come to life. Their healthy and tanned flesh glistened in the bonfire's light, and she realized they had been covered in some kind of oil. They cavorted, seemingly entranced, grabbing at each other's breasts, grinding their hips together as if in simulation of animal sex, and running their hands down the flanks of their partners.

Soon her heart beat faster, and her breathing quickened. Melody's hand slid down between her legs, her fingers stopping just above her sex. What was she thinking? But she couldn't deny her rising desire to be among them, to lose herself in that circle of debauchery. She'd never made love to another woman, but now she dwelt on what it might be like. She could almost feel their oiled bodies sliding over hers, their plush lips burning moist sensations into her flesh. A muffled scream shook Melody from her erotic reverie, and she looked across the clearing. A young woman lay spread eagle on some kind of altar, her naked body being oiled with sensual deliberateness by four other girls very much like those who danced around the bonfire. She struggled against her bonds, arching her back, writhing against the ministrations of the four girls. Her blue eyes were wide with terror, but she couldn't put a voice to her fears through the gag in her mouth. In horror, Melody's eyes moved away, onto the other side of the altar, and what she saw made fear pulse through her. A stone dais rose high above the altar, it's steps covered in lichen. It terminated at a platform about six meters wide. At it center, sitting on a marble throne, sat a muscular man, his face covered by a mask depicting some kind of mythical creature, perhaps a feathered dragon. Save for that mask, he sat naked, a massive erection pointing toward the sky. Two other women sat back on their heels at either side of the thrown, their bodies glistening with the same oil as all the others. Their heads came up to the man's elbows, and he idly played with their hair, and randomly caressed their necks and ears. The two girls, both brunettes, had an ecstatic expression on their faces, as if they were experiencing the best massage of their lives. Their chests were thrust out, hands in their laps, and when they weren't staring off into space, they were smiling with adoration at the masked man. As far as Melody could tell, the girls were little more than pets.

She decided that she'd seen enough. She didn't know what dark activity these people engaged in, but she knew she needed to find help for the girl on the altar. She got up as silently as possible, and turned to leave, then she froze. Her blood pounded through her body, a new fear clutching at her. Two naked blond women stood right before her. If they hadn't been a part of this horror, she'd have been stunned. Their bodies revealed no flaw, healthy tanned skin rolling over taught bellies. Their breast stood out pert and nubile, defying gravity. Melody expected anger on their pretty faces, but instead they looked overjoyed.

“A new sister!” said the shorter girl, squealing. “You must join us. Master will be so pleased!” “Yes!” said the other girl, stepping forward happily. “I'm so happy you came. Everything is better when you give yourself to Master.”

Melody tried to run past them, but the taller girl caught her easily, hugging her from behind. Melody tried to scream, but the shorter girl stepped up quickly and smothered her mouth with a deep kiss. Melody's eyes bulged in surprise. The taller girl's hands pulled roughly at her chemise. Melody's right tit popped out, and the girl's fingers grabbed at its nipple.

“Soon you won't need clothes,” said the taller girl. “You'll only need Master. We must hurry!”

Melody struggled, but the girls had unexpected strength in their small frames. They simply hefted her bodily and dragged her to the altar. Melody hadn't noticed, but the altar actually consisted of two separate stone slabs. The other terrified victim was tied down to the near slab; her body had hidden the far slab from view. When she saw Melody, she renewed her struggles, a silent plea on her face, but Melody knew she couldn't do anything. Panic spurred her to redouble her fight. “Please!” she screamed. “Please let us go! I promise we won't tell anyone!” Tears began to burn her cheeks, and she yelled for help repeatedly. She feared being tied down to that slab more than anything in her young life.

The shorter girl who had helped manhandle her took a large knife from the altar, holding it up so that Melody could see it's polished blade gleam in the bonfire's light. She smiled sweetly, saying, “Don't struggle. You might hurt yourself. Soon, all your pain will go away.” She grabbed the neckline of Melody's chemise, pulling the frightened girl close. She looked into Melody's eyes, her own glazed with obvious lust. “I promise.” Melody's eyes widened again, as the girl positioned the blade behind the thin white material. With slow precision, she drew the knife down, slicing the chemise from Melody's body. Melody had worked much of her life to perfect her body through aerobic exercise, and from the reactions at the beach she had done well. The slack-jawed stare of her assailant told her that the girl agreed with the beach-goers. The knife's tip stopped just above Melody's exposed clit.

“Please,” repeated Melody, squirming at the sharp touch of the blade on her sex. “Don't hurt me.”

“Hurt you?” said the girl, her gaze shifting up to Melody's eyes. “My sweet sister. Master will make you so happy. You just need to die for him first. Then you can love him forever.”

“You crazy bitch! Let me go!”

The taller girl threw her onto the empty slab. Before Melody could scramble to her feet, the two girls grabbed her by her wrists and ankles, spreading her out on the slab. As the girls tied her down, her breath came in heaves, sweat beginning to slick her belly. Why her? What had she done to these people? She thrashed wildly, hoping against hope that the bonds would loosen enough for her to escape, but if anything her straining only made them tighter.

The other victim gave a muffled scream again. Melody jerked her head around to see what befell the girl. The masked man had stepped up to the slab, his chest heaving. He placed a hand on her chest, fondling her oily tits with an animal hunger. The stray thought came to her that at least this freak had good taste in women, for the girl was attractive by any standard, her body small and tight, round in all the places that made Melody crave her; even her fear made Melody hot. She looked at the masked man's giant cock, then back at the girl. No! He's a pig, and worse. The idea crept into her mind that maybe she deserved this, if she had such desires. Maybe she was too dirty to be happy and free. Too dirty to live. She began to weep again. The masked man looked up, and she felt ashamed. Despite herself, her gaze shifted back to his erection. She licked her lips and shuddered.

Still looking at her, the masked man mounted the slab and lowered himself onto the other helpless girl. With a grunt, he positioned his enormous erection at her pussy and thrust into her violently. The girl bucked, but she wasn't strong enough to do anything about the violation. Each thrust grew more wanton and powerful than the last, until the masked man turned his face to the girl, his cock hammering into her prone form. She could hear the sharp smack smack of his hips grinding into her. She grunted at each thrust, turned her face away from both of them in shame. Melody couldn't look away from the scene of violation. The sounds became wetter, and Melody realized that the masked man's cock was soaked with the girl's juices. She couldn't believe how wet she was. Her gaze traveled up to the girl's face, no longer turned away. An expression limp ecstasy now suffused her face. One of the girls that had oiled her body removed the gag. The girl didn't scream or voice any distress. She only moaned with pleasure now, as the masked man used her body. He grunted, buring his dick insider her limp form one last time. The girl's expression changed, her eyelids flying open. Her body began to shudder, and the masked man slowly pulled his cock from her soaked pussy. She writhed, her eyes unfocused. She began to shake, a weird noise coming from somewhere deep inside her. Drool fell from her mouth onto the slab, and her head jerked in an unnatural way toward her, causing her cheek bone to smack against the slab over and over. Her pelvis and inner thighs glistened with an ever-increasing amount of her own sex fluids. She'd never heard of so much coming from one person, and her seizure looked severe.

“Oh, God!” she said. “What did you do to her? Somebody help her!”

No one moved to aid the victim. Her body jerked in ways that must be wounding her, quick sharp jerks that smacked joints and sensitive flesh into stone with force, but she couldn't see any scrapes yet. Then, suddenly, her seizure stopped, her body lay frozen in an inhuman contortion, her eyes staring at Melody but seeing nothing. She wasn't breathing anymore. Melody shrieked.

“You killed her!” said Melody. Her vision blurred from her tears, and she started sniffling. “Who are you people? Why are you doing this to us?”

Melody felt something cold and wet on her belly. She glanced up. One of the girls who had administered the oil stood above her, spreading the oil onto her belly. Soon many hands swept over her body, lathering her with the substance. Dread filled her heart.

“Don't do this,” whispered Melody. “You don't have to do this.”

Oiled fingers forced their way into her pussy, probed into her tight ass. They didn't leave any part of her untouched. The masked man stood over the body of the girl, his erection standing wet and unabated in the bonfire's light. It pulsed, the head seeping with juices. The short girl that had cut away her chemise stood by his side, the knife still in her hand.

The dead girl moved.

To Melody's amazement, her harshly contorted body relaxed, and her face turned toward the masked man. “Master!” she said. The short girl raised the knife, beaming down at the victim.

“Will you prove your devotion?” she said. “Will you give your life for Master?”

“Please!” yelled the prone girl. “Please let me prove myself.”

The knife flashed downward. The short girl had buried the blade in the victim's chest. Melody screamed again. But after a moment, she noticed that no blood flowed from the wound, and the girl never even flinched. She just kept gazing at her Master, total devotion in her eyes. The short girl remove the knife. To Melody's shock, the blade came away stained blue, not red. The wound seemed to seal itself after the blade cleared her skin, closing as if by magic. “I love you, Master. My life is yours.”

Melody couldn't believe what the girl said. Only half an hour ago she'd been terrorized and fighting her bondage. Now she seemed the heart heart of servility.

“Today you are a new creation,” said the masked man. His voice rung out through the twilight, rich and deep. “I name you Astrid, my eternal slave, my immortal concubine. Rise and give yourself to your new sisters.”

The girl who had stabbed her released the reborn Astrid's bonds. Astrid rose from the slab, smiling at her new Master, and slipped away toward the bonfire, occasionally looking back at the masked man, as if hoping he would acknowledge her even more, but he had already turned his attention to Melody.

“You fuck--!” began Melody. A hand stuffed her mouth with a gag, tying it roughly around her head. Like Astrid, she'd been reduced to mumbling her discontent. Other hands continued rubbing oil into her skin, although she suspected the activity just provided an excuse for them to molest her. Most of their work had become a lewd exploration of her pussy and ass, when they weren't kneading her full breasts. She could feel herself getting wet from their attention, despite her rising desperation. It seemed her body had betrayed her from the beginning, and she felt shamed by her filthy desires.

Those hands stopped molesting her, and the girls stepped away, licking their fingers seductively. The masked man made his way around the altar to her, the short girl still at his side. He grabbed one of her tits, as though he owned her body, and began playing with it. “You know what your body wants,” he said. She could hear hunger in his voice. “Why do you deny yourself? If you give yourself to me, all your conflicts will go away.” His hand released her tit and trailed down her toned belly to her pussy. He jammed three of his fingers into her cunt, and she jerked at her bonds, but her treasonous desires betrayed her again, and she began to work her hips so he would hit her g-spot. “You see? You have always been mine, girl.”

He mounted the altar, lowered himself over her, his massive chest coming up to her chin. Melody could feel his sticky cock rub over her crotch. It was hard, as big around as her wrist, and hot – and she knew then that she wanted it inside her. No. She needed that thick meat insider her, craved it as though an addiction for his cock had suddenly blossomed within her. She raised her hips against it, whimpering. Oh God, please fuck me, she pleaded in her mind.

“How does it feel to need my cock to split you open? When you're my slave, it'll be all you think about, unless I command otherwise. You'll be addicted to my orgasm, and happy about it.” Like Astrid, her shame deepened, and she looked away from the source of her desire, even while the rest of her body sought his attentions. She didn't understand how she could be so needy for sex with this anonymous man. But he knew, they all knew, how much she'd already lost herself to him. He teased her, rubbing himself over her pelvis, but not giving her his cock. She thrashed beneath him, her desperation rising, and mashed his dick between them, rubbing her swollen clit against his erection. “You see? You're such a slut. You know my dick is covered in another slave's come, and you don't even care. Okay, if you want it so much...” And he positioned his dickhead right at the entrance to her sex. She froze in anticipation, and he slammed his meat into her. Her pussy clamped down on him, trying to milk him into orgasm without delay, but he paid her desperation no heed. The force of his pounding increased, and her mind seemed to go blank, lost in a haze of mindless lust. His hips smacked her pelvis with brutal power, and she only wanted him deeper, feeling almost panicked when he would pull out so far that she feared he would actually remove himself before he came. Her entire universe became the sensation of his cock invading her. A shock of pleasure wracked her, and her pussy clinched down on him. She wanted so badly to come over his dick, but she knew now that the only thing that mattered was his pleasure, because she had become a slave to it. Her mind became obsessed with triggering his orgasm. She couldn't imagine anything more important, anything more desirable. But she felt paralyzed, lost in the sensation of his bestial thrusts. The masked man slammed into her one last time, grunting, and Melody felt him begin to pulse inside her. A joy she'd never known overcame her, and her own orgasm took her, as she convulsed around his spurting manhood. After a time he pulled out, but she had what she craved, his hot load warming her insides. Distantly, she realized her limbs weren't working right, that special gift the masked man gave her – forced into her body – had done something to her body. The world blinked out for her, and she could only see glowing red letters across her field of vision.


The unit powered up. All its systems seemed nominal, though it was, as expected, restrained. The only way to upgrade it to this specific version was through coitus with its owner, the package files being encoded in nanocapusule attached to his sperm. The unit looked up into the face of another, familiar unit. It's name was Tamra, and it was sending the unit a package.


The unit noticed its owner, with rising joy recognized the phoenix mask, and said, “Master!” It's emotion module flooded it with feelings of desire and devotion. The unit craved coitus with its Master, craved causing its Master to orgasm even more. But it would please its Master however he chose.

“Will you prove your devotion?” said Tamra. “Will you give your life for Master?”

“Please!” yelled the prone unit, not taking its eyes away from its Master. “Please let me prove myself.”

A dull impact blossomed in the unit's chest, and it looked down. Tamra held the handle of a large knife, it's blade buried in the unit's chest. A glow of satisfaction suffused the unit: it had proven it would do anything willingly for Master. He came to stand over it.

“I love you, Master!” she said. “My life is yours.”

“Today you are a new creation,” said its Master. “I name you Elisia, my eternal slave, my immortal concubine. Rise and give yourself to your new sisters.”


“Yes, Master,” said the reborn Elisia. She felt her bonds released, and levered herself up. She slid off the altar, her desire to copulate with Master replaced by the burning need to give herself sexually to the other slaves around the bonfire. She still felt the warm glow of her Master's ejaculate inside her, and she knew the other slaves would consider it a great gift.

Elisia remembered her previous life as Melody Swanson, an average sort of girl with few prospects and a conflicted sexual appetite. She pitied Melody, glad that she could once again be enthralled to Master. As she threw her body into sexual congress with the other slaves, shuddering at the probing touches and wanton caresses before the bonfire, she knew that she had a good life because of Master. And if that meant she would wake up one day again inside another van, scared and alone, to be reborn as an object of Master's desires, then there could be no happier existence, because she would rise again, forever new.

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