Roll With It

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Written by Mirage

Roll with it

Part 1

I sat in my chair, as she came in like she always does once a week. I got up quickly from my chair and smiled for her.

She passed directly by me and went for the electronics right away. I observed her while she chose some parts and came to my check out desk.

"How are you, today?" I asked her with a friendly smile.

"Good, I guess." she said with excitation.

"What is wrong?" I quickly asked somewhat worried of her not being her normal friendly mood.

"'s nothing... Can you help me take out my father's wallet out of my front right pocket, I can't move my right arm?" she asked, being somewhat shy.

"Of course... Broke your arm?" I asked while I fished out the wallet.

"Burned out the motor last night, that's why my father need the new motor and parts..Ahh. I meant I broke it!" She gasped out quickly after saying the first phrase.

"What do you mean, burned out?" I quizzed her more.

"Nothing... Thank you, I gotta go! See you next week!" She quickly said, grabbing the bag with her left hand and leaving in a hurry, with an embarrassed look.

I sat back in my chair and gave my imagination a whirl. This is after all, an electronic and android parts store, in which I own. I wondered if this girl who has been coming here for the last few months was an android, or to be more precise, a gynoid?

I needed to know, my curiosity was too much to bear. I decided to wait for her, next week and see what I can discover on my beautiful client. To be honest, I always tried not to get attached to my clientele, as she is one of the few females I have as regular customer. Her sweet smile, deep blue eyes, always wearing the same long yellow and orange striped jump suit. Her blond hair with that cute pony tail. I never did ask her name, as wanting not to creep her out in anyway. From the few times I talked to her, I gathered that her father, who's the one always paying for the parts with his wallet, must be some kind of inventor.

As Wednesday arrived, as clockwork, the girl came in, like she always does. She passed me, like she always does and went for the parts. I notice her arm seemed okay. I waited patiently for her to finish choosing the parts she needed and to come in front of my desk, facing me "May I ask what your name is?" I simply asked her before she said the first word to me.

She blinked as she was confused at my questioned and after a small pause, she said her name "Roll, that's my name."

"Mine is Victor." I said after her answer.

"Nice to meet you, Victor." she smiled back to me.

"So, these parts, are they for your father?" I then asked her quickly.

"No, for me, silly.. Ahh.. I" she quickly mumbled out, knowing she said too much.

"Are you an android?" I asked her, somewhat excited, my heart racing.

"An android? Like a robot?" she asked, trying to act dumb.

"Well, if you are, you are the most beautiful robot I ever seen!" I told her, turning red myself, being somewhat a shy person myself.

"Beautiful? No one ever called me before." she smiled, loving the compliment. "... Pull my shirt up." she asked me, as turning away from me, her back now facing me.

"What? I don't understand." I told her somewhat confused by her request.

"Well, do you want to know if I am a robot or not, don't you?" she said, as she slowly pulled her shirt up, exposing her back to me.

Part 2

My fingers pulled up the orange and yellow shirt, exposing her back until her shoulder blades. To my surprise, her back was very smooth, no bones structure showing, as you would normally see from a normal bareback woman. What I did see was a small button close to her lower back, where normally a spine should be showing.

My fingers rolled on her back slowly, as she got what it seems, goose bumps, "Oohh.. be careful, I am sensitive down there." she said in a somewhat excited way. "Press the button." she simply said, looking over her left shoulder, to see my expression.

I slowly took a deep breath and pressed the small button attached to this woman's back. I heard a small click and saw the middle of her back open up like a small closet door. My right hand grabbed the open flap and opened it to its maximum reach.

"Well, does this answer your question?" she asked with an amused tone in her voice.

I gasped as I studied her exposed circuit boards, blinking quickly. "You are really a robot, aren't you?" I asked her, mystified.

"Do you still need more proof? Fine, press the red button, on the bottom left." she instructed me.

"Okay." I simply said, pressing the red button.

In a flash, all the lights on the circuits went off in her exposed back and she suddenly became limp like a marionette.

"Roll?" I asked out loud.

But she didn't reply. I walked up to her and faced her. Her beautiful blue eyes were wide open, but showed no sign of life. I again said her name, still no reply. Now, all doubts about her being a robot were gone, she was really a machine that I just deactivated moments ago.

I gasped out in somewhat excitement, as the realizations of my situation. I, who owned an android store, have right now a beautiful deactivated female gynoid standing in front of me. First thing I did was to close the store.

I then dragged Roll to the back of my store, where I had my repair table. I lifted her up and sat her on the table. She sat there, quietly, no expression on her empty blank look on her face. I sat there, looking at her, studying her. She was a work of art. I took a deep breath and went to her. Slowly, with my shaking hands, I grabbed her shirt from the front and sides and lifted it completely off her.

I gasped as I saw her exposed breasts, bigger than I was expecting. Her nipples were perfectly rounded and centered, on her d-cups breasts. No need to say, I was now fully erected. With my left hand, I squeezed her right breasts slowly.

“Mmm.. they feel real, very real, actually, I must give credit to her creator, he did a fantastic job of getting the feel of being realistic.”

I grabbed in my life time real and silicone breasts, and they felt like the real deal. I massaged her nipples a bit, as I was hoping they would get hard, but sadly, they didn't.

As I started to question myself in my actions, my penis did all the thinking. I pushed her on her exposed back and pulled her pants off. She was wearing female underwear, but no bra. I pulled the underwear off and I became quickly disappointed, as she had no pussy what-so-ever. The best I can described, she had the lower part of a Barbie doll. As my excitement did somewhat cooled down, my logic came back to the situation. I sat her back and started looking at her exposed circuits, to see what made her tick.

Part 3

After a few moments of studying her circuits, I realized that many came originally from my store. Feeling some guilt inside my guts, I then reactivated her after re-putting her shirt back in place, before getting the urge to reprogram her A.I. or something.

"Well? Am I something else, or not?" she laughed out after regaining her consciousness.

"Did your father build you?" I asked her.

"Of course, he built many robots, but I am the only female one he ever did, that I know of." she said, standing up from the table.

She then looked around and realized she was in the back of the store, "Did you drag me here, while I was deactivated?" she asked somewhat confused.

"Ah... yes, I was scared someone came in while I was studying your circuits." I said quickly.

"You know, most of me comes from here....Victor, I have a question.. can you.. could you... well, make changes to me?" she asked with puppy eyes to me.

"Yes... of course, if you want... won't your father know?" I asked her surprised at her request. "It will be our little secret, just between you and me." she said, coming very close to me, pressing her body next to mine.

"What changes do you have in mind?" I asked her, my curiosity shot to the moon.

"Well, first, I want to try something with you that I always wanted to try.." she smiled, now, almost face to face with each other.

"And what is that?" I asked her, my blood pressure rising.

"Close your eyes first." she said, a small smile formed on her red lips.

As I closed my eyes, I felt her lips pressing softly against mine. Her hands wrapped around my torso, as she squeezed herself against me hard. As natural extinct, my hands reached against her body and I hugged her as we kissed very deep.

As I was also surprised to feel her tongue reaching out to mine. After a moment of deep kissing, we released each other's bond and took a deep breath. She was now red with shyness, as myself.

"You blush also?" I laughed out softly.

She remained quiet as she sat down for a second. "Just need a moment to process all this new data." she explained quickly.

I sat beside her on the table and took her left arm. "I never noticed, but your left arm.. I thought it was just a strange bracelet or arm brace before."

"That is my multipurpose arm… my entire purpose is being a cleaning robot." she said somewhat embarrassed of it.

"Cleaning? That is not fair. If you were mine, you would be more than that to me!" I told her.

"I...I.. feel the same.. It's not fair. My brother is always gone on adventures, while I stay home cleaning the house and labs."

"Brother?" I asked quickly.

"Bah, it's not important... I guess I should go home before my father wonders why I am so late."

I grabbed her hands, "What about the changes you wanted?" I asked her, wanting her not to leave.

"Mmm.. maybe next time.." she smiled. She got up and kissed me on the cheek and grabbed her parts and left me in my store alone, until next week.

Part 4

"DING DONG" the doorbell sounded. The door opened as a short white haired man asked me why I was ringing the doorbell.

"Er... is Roll here?" I asked him. He gave me a strange look and motioned me to come in in his strange egg shaped house.

"May I ask why you want to see my Roll?" he asked with a concerned look.

Realizing I might just put Roll in trouble, I lied that she had forgotten a robot part at my store.

"Ahh.. okay.. she is in the lab, follow me." he said, with a relieved tone. "Sadly, I am in the middle of working on her, so she can't thank you herself, as you can see." the older man said, showing Roll dismantled on a table.

Her head was removed and lied on her neck like a bust. Her torso was open, as a sheet covered her breasts.

"Is she okay?" I asked him quickly, being freaked out a bit seeing her like this.

"Okay? She is a machine… not functioning is the proper thing to say. Yes, I do see her as my own daughter, but still, she is only just a robot." he smiled, grabbing her head in his wrinkled hands.

Feeling somewhat ill, I told him I had to leave.

"Sir, before you leave...Do you believe machine can love, really love?" he asked me with a serious tone.

"I.. maybe... why not? We give them A.I. with free thinking, emotions to develop.. yes, I think I do." I answered him.

He gave me a smile, like he was happy with my answer. I left the room with a sick feeling in my stomach.

Wednesday passed slowly and Roll didn't come that day. I looked at the clock until closing time and closed the store.

My heart was telling me something was wrong. As I closed the door of my store, I felt a hand touching my shoulder.

I turned around and Roll was standing there, with a worried look on her face. We came in the store, locked the door and we sat beside each other.

"Father told me you came to see me... sorry you had to see me like that." she said, somewhat lost in her words.

"It's okay.. I don't care if you are a robot." I whispered to her, while grabbing her hands.

"I think I am falling in love with you." I then told her.

"Love...? What is that.. Can I feel love too?" she mumbled out, uneasy.

"How do you feel now, sitting beside me right now?" I asked her.

"H..happy… there is nowhere I rather be than being here with you.." she struggled to get the words out.

"That is love." I smiled to her.

If she could have cried, she would have cried on my shoulders.

"Can we see each other more than once a week?" I asked her.

"Yes.. I want to.. all I can process is about you lately.. I think my father believes I am malfunctioning lately, since I can't concentrate on much since we kissed." she explained.

"What shall we do?" I asked her, not sure what to do.

"If my father believe I am malfunctioning, he might erase my programming.. I don't think he can believe a machine can fall in love." she said in a depressed tone.

"I want us to be together all the time." she smiled to me.

"Me too, I'll talk to your father tomorrow." I told her, reassuring her.

We kissed deeply, as we forgot out all about the situation. "Must you go back so soon?" I asked her worried.

"I don't care... take me out on a real date...please.. I want to know what a real woman does with someone she loves." she asked me out.

We went out on a movie, a walk in the park, even shopping for her. "Since I’ve been activated, I’ve never worn something else."

Roll laughed out, showing off her new dress. She had a beautiful figure, her long hair moved freely in the wind. As the night arrived, we sat on a bench together, looking at the moon.

"Thank you, Victor.. I never experienced anything like this before..." Roll said with a happiness in her voice.

"You are welcome, Roll." I told her as we kissed deep. Suddenly, Roll made a pause and strange look.

"Ahh.. my energy level... is almost at zero... I didn`t pay attention to my battery... Please get me home...e.. qucik..y..y.."`she said, each word getting harder to understand.

I grabbed her in my arms, as heavy as she was and I took her home in a cab.

"Are you okay?" I asked her, worried, arriving to her home.

"Ennnerrrggyyy lllevvveelllllll zerrooo...o..o.." she said, before completely running out of power and going limp.

As we arrived to her house, her father was standing in the door frame, with an angry look.

Part 5

"Where was she? She was supposed to be back hours ago! Her battery must be dead by now!" the old man yelled at me as I brought Roll inside the house.

"It's my fault, I brought her to the movies." I simply said to him.

"What is she wearing? Is that a dress? My boy, she is a cleaning robot, not a fashion doll!" he yelled to me more, as we brought her to his lab.

I laid her on the same metal table I saw her being in pieces before. "If you damaged her, you will be sorry!" he was still yelling at me.

Well, I did my own yelling to him now, "Roll is not just a cleaning robot! I love her and she loves me!" I yelled back at him.

He gave me a shocked look and burst out laughing, "Love her? She’s a robot, a machine. It's all my own programming at work here. My poor boy, I am sorry to tell you this, but she can't love anyone, she is just a machine.. I created her, I should know." he laughed out.

"Ask her..." I simply said.

The old man gave me a grunt and connected her a power line to her system, in her back. Roll opened her eyes and saw her father with me.

"Father.. I.. " she didn't know what to say.

"Roll, do you love this man?" he asked her.

"I.. I.. do.. since I saw him the first time, many months ago, he always acted differently with me, as no one ever did. And that day, he grabbed my breasts, I knew he would be different to me.. Yes, I love him.. and that is why I wanted to ask him if he could change my body to be fully sexual functional, so we can enjoy each other as much a real couple can do." Roll said out loud and proud.

"You grabbed her breasts??" the old man yelled at me.

"She was deactivated!" I said embarrassed, somewhat.

"My body was, but not my CPU, I felt every touch you did to me, and I realized when you took my pants off, I was missing female parts that I needed to fully make you happy. I was going to ask you to add the missing sexual parts to my body, but was scared of scaring you away from me..." Roll told me directly.

"Took off her pants? What kind of pervert are you??" He was fuming.

"Hey! You made her beautiful and sexy! What’s a guy to do??" I defended myself.

"Anyway, that doesn't matter, what matters is me and Roll, our feelings are real! Please let me have her.. Please, I beg of you..." I begged the old man.

"Father, please, he makes me happy… he showed me what love is.. Please." Roll also begged him.

The old man took a deep breath and said, "Fine.. take her with you.. be happy with her...Turn her into a sexbot... She's defective anyway." he simply said and left the room. Me and Roll, we hugged each other and kissed deep.

"How long till you are recharged?" I asked her.

"About an hour or too." she smiled.

We sat and talked all night long.

I brought her to my home, and did the upgrades she wanted. She was now fully sexually functional, in every way. Yes, she needed some repairs here and there, but I didn’t mind, she was amazing. As the defective part, she can't clean anymore, every time she start cleaning now, her systems crashes.

"I need to just get your energy converter from your father!" I told her, leaving the store.

We kissed goodbye as she took care of the store that afternoon. As I arrived to her father's house, I rang the doorbell.

"Yes? Can I help you?" asked the person that opened the door.

"Roll??" I asked confused, as Roll was in the door way.

"Roll version 4, actually.." the old man arrived behind the door too ,"Version 3 was very buggy, as I am sure you now know yourself." he smiled to me. "Machines, can be easily replaced, you know."

The end

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