Roll For Sale/Dr. Willy's Reaction

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Written by Mirage

Roll For Sale/Dr. Willy's Reaction

Dr. Willy : 563 views and 5 comments! and two are not even about the story! That's a freakin disgrace! Even for here! Come on people! "Mirage" worked hard on this idiot story and posting all that crap! He thought he was being funny as shit! ..... Maybe "Rocky" was not funny enough? With your stupid Helmet Fetish jokes? Maybe you should have been erotic? Make out with Dr. Light instead? Dumb shit! You are an embarrassment!

Rocky : Stop it, you are hurting me and my feelings..

Dr. Willy : and you! You little robot whore! Couldn't you come up with some better jokes? Look more sexy, at least show some real breasts? Maybe I should reprogram you into a maid or something more hot?

Roll : Its not my fault! It's the animators! and the writers! Don't you remember how lame our cartoon was? The only time you see inside my robot tits, I was turned into a robot cavewoman... LAME! They could have made a story in which I get reprogrammed by you to capture megaman or something more cool like that?

Dr. Willy : Oh! That would have been so cool! Be my bitch or something!

Roll : yay, too bad we got cancelled...

Dr. Willy : .... ah fuck! forgot about that.. what now?

Roll : Mirage's idiot stories?

Dr. Willy : What? No way! I quit! He's pretty fucked in the head, you know?

Roll: ...Can you untie me now?

Dr. Willy : ... no..!

Rocky : what about me?

Dr. Willy : Shut up..

Rocky : Please...?

Dr. Willy : No, now, let me go get my gimp suit and have some of my bondage fantasy with both of you!

Rocky : ...Yay!!!

Roll : ... Damn it!

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