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Robots are Us

"Welcome to Robots are Us - where we can build a robot exactly to your specifications. How can I help you?" says the electronic female voice greeting a potential customer.

The customer goes through her thoughts and says, "I would like a female robot designed as a black latex suit from head to toe, completely faceless with a single red eye that glows every time she speaks, and that she be allowed to remove her faceplate to show off her inner robotic features, and she wears high heels. I also want a faceless black velvet hood for myself to wear whenever I want to have sex with her, and that hood have a glowing visor eye."

Moments later, a female robot as described by the customer is unveiled. With payment completed, the customer walks out of the establishment with her new female robot.

Another customer comes in and is greeted by the fembot who served the earlier customer.

This customer says "I want a female robot to look like a suit of black armor, with a faceless helmet, no holes of any kind, but make sure the helmet glows in some way when she speaks."

And just like that, out comes exactly what this customer was looking for. And that customer completes the transaction and heads out with their creation.

A little while later, another customer arrives, and says, "I want a fembot that is simply faceless, faceplate detachment and reattachment, and she is wearing a strapless towel wrap with dark pantyhose, thigh high boots, and long gloves, and she can take off her towel at any time."

And before you could say three short words, the very fembot appears before the customer's eyes. And with the transaction completed, off they went.

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