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Ding dong.

Chapter 1. Family

"Coming~" A pleasant voice called from afar.

A moment later, the door opened. Mark's sight was filled with the visage of a tall beautiful woman.

Kali stood at 5'7", a height where a 14 year old Mark would need to look up to see her face. Grey comfortable T-shirt draped from her C cup breasts. Smooth black yoga pants hugged the curves of her long legs and toned gluts. But what's most striking about her is her wide welcoming smile. Her smile was warm and genuine. Her big eyes would crescent when she smiles. And everything was somehow contained comfortably and elegantly in her oval asian face.

"Hi, Mark. Come right in. Dave has been waiting for you." She said, but not before giving mark a big hug. Even after so many times, Mark still felt a little flustered when Kali semi-bury his head in her chest.

Mark and the Kowalskis have been have been neighbors for years. He is best friends with the son Conor. And Dave and Kali treated him like their own. But now that he is a teenager, the same smothering hug felt different to him: uncomfortable, but at the same time, longing and ... exciting.

It was 9:15AM. Dave was in the living room in front of his laptop.

Dave was 5'8", a bit stocky, but average for a man in his early 40s. Standing next to him, Kali, though toned, looked quite slender, almost model-like. Not to mention Kali, even though a woman in her 30s, looked like she could be in her twenties. Kali would contribute this to her Asian genes and love of yoga. She's half-Japanese, half-Chinese. When asked how did the two met, Dave would tell the story with a happy smile. It was quite a fairy-tale like story. Even Dave would say that he's a lucky guy.

"Hey buddy. You are right on time. Come sit here. And we will continue where we left off yesterday." Dave welcomed Mark with a big grin.

It was summer break. Mark was coming to Dave to learn "a thing or two" about stocks. He wanted to start early, invest, and live comfortably like the Kowalskis later on. Dave made his fortune trading at a young age. He wanted to pass it onto his son, Conor, who at this very moment is upstairs sleeping after a night of video games. Needless to say, Conor was not very interested. So when Mark asked, Dave found his audience. Kali was saying she rarely sees Dave smile like that.

The Stock market was doing great. Though it was in a period of adjustment, Dave was bullish. He was showing Mark how to time the market and using leveraged trading and go all in. While usually cautious, Dave was confident. Kali called it showing off as skills.

Dave was happy. Mark had been shadow trading him for a few months now, making quite a bit from whatever allowance and summer job money he had. He has been absorbing everything like a sponge. Maybe a bit too cautious, afraid of doing risky plays, but it's good to be cautious starting out. Dave had hoped his "other son" (real son) would be anything like this, but one step at a time. Maybe after Mark had made small fortune, maybe Conor would finally wake up and want to catch up.

One can only hope.

It was noon now. Kali had been trying to get the two to take a break and eat something for the last 20 minutes. Of course, she had also dragged the groggy Connor out of his bed for his "brunch".

And thus a heartwarming lunch began, a family of four.

Chapter 2. Hard Times.

Mark opened his door to the sound of knocking. It was Conor, he was still sleepy. "What's up?" Mark asked. "I don't know. Dad's being weird." Conor said groggily. "All of the sudden, he wanted me to come here to play. Something about there's someone he's meeting at home and he doesn't want me to be there." "Gee, I hope he's doing alright. The market isn't doing so good. He probably lost quite some money." Mark was a little concerned. "Whatever, let's just play some FPS OK?" Conor said non-chalantly. And so the boys did. Conor quickly got into the groove. The bright colors and flashing screen woke him up nicely. Mark, however, was still a bit out of it. Dave tried to show Mark how to buy at the bottom and go in boldly a few weeks ago. However, as though playing a joke, the market rose up a bit, but tanked even more, far more than before. The news said "the bubble had burst". Mark's stocks were affected, but not as much as Dave. After all, he was trading with much more money, and with leverage. He still remembers Dave going from forced smile to not being able to smile at all, to the point that he had cancelled the "morning classes". Then, the room went dark. "Yo! wtf?!" Conor called out. "We were just about to trash those guys!" "Lemme check the fuse box. Hang on." Mark got up. It was not the first time at his house. Comparing to the Kowalskis, his house is older and shabbier. The electric system had been acting up for a while now. A few minutes later. Light returned and so did Mark. "This sucks man!" Connor complained. "Can't believe we lost to those bots. Yo, let's just sneak back to my place. Dad's not gonna notice. We will just play upstair while the grown ups do grown up stuff downstairs." "Well, your dad might not, but your mom." "Yea, now that you mentioned it, it's like she's tapped into the security feed on her phone or something. Come on, let's just try it. We will come right back if it doesn't work." "Sure... it's your butt on the line, not mine." Mark agreed. And so the two boys journeyed back to Conor's house and snuck in the back. Conor has a "secret pathway" to get in and out of his room. Mark calls it a security risk. On their way, Mark had noticed a truck parked in the driveway, much like a moving truck. Who could be the people Dave's talking to. As the boys snuck into Conor's familiar room, a pair of hand reached out to help them inside. Kali was wearing white blouse and grey skinny pants. Making her almost look like a secretary if not for the baby blue cardigan. "You boys shouldn't come back so soon, they are still downstairs talking." Kali tried to put on her usual smile, but fell short. "What's wrong, is Dave OK?" Mark asked. "Yea. He's fine. They are just going over stuff. You two can stay here, but you have to Promise to be quiet and don't come out, OK?" Kali assured them. "I have to go back down now. Some refreshments will smooth things out quite a bit." Mark watched Kali disappear. Conor on the other hand had already fired up his game console. "Alright, now let me show you real gaming!"

About an hour later, a concerned Mark excused himself, wanting to stretch his legs and use the restroom. He looked down from the stairs. What he saw, he was glad Conor was not seeing this right now.

"Alright, Mr. Kowalski. We have assessed and appraised the properties you had submitted for the bankrupcy settlement. They have been deemed valid and sufficient. Just sign here and here. And the boys and I will get everything moving. By the way, do you have the original packaging for the WR-3000 android?" Mark heard a man's voice.

"Yea, it's in the basement. Lemme go get it." Kali's voice sounded before her heels clacked on the floor.

"Helpful one, that one. Maybe I should get one myself." He chuckled.

Mark leaned in to get a better view of the exchange. The man was fat but muscled, had a scruff and sleeked back greasy hair. There seem to be a tent in his khakis as he gazed at the direction Kali left. Not a very likeable fellow. Dave tried to repress something inside him, but he was mostly sullen.

A few minutes later, Kali returned with a box taller than she is. Not a paper box. More like a vertical sleeping pod in a sci-fi movie. Mark knew what it was. It was the packaging for an android. He had wanted to get an android when he had the money. But he wasn't aware the Kowalskis had an android over the years he had known them. After all, Kali took care of everything, it's not like they needed one...

At this point, the living room had become quite lively, in the sense that there were more "people ". They were "mover" androids, looking humanoid but metallic and certainlly not human. They grabbed and carried out furnatures and electronics with great efficiency.

"And she's back. Must say, everything look quites quite new. It will fetch a good price at the bid for sure." He grinned. "Now Ma'am, the remote please."

"Sure." Kali handed him a black PDA.

The man fumbled with it before pulling up what looked like a biometric scan pager and handed it to Dave.

"Sir, if you will."

Dave did not look up. He just placed his hand on the PDA. The simple action seemed to have drained him.

"Alright. Now we are talking." The man chuckled as he looked down to fumble with the PDA again.

With both men looking down, Kali took this time to look up, right at Mark's direction. Mark knew she found him a long time ago. He was used to it by now. Though he could never figure out how she did it until today. Kali smiled at Mark. A big smile with a small wave. One that she usually gives when she says good bye to him. One that would be etched in his memory.

"There we go. Factory reset. Commence." The man's exclaimation sharply terminated this moment.

Kali's body jerked as she stood up straight, looking straight ahead, her gaze torn from Mark.

"Factory reset commencing. Would you like to erase all data?" Kali asked in a monotoneous voice sharply distinct from her normal self.

"Yes." He gleefully pressed a button.

"Commencing. Erasing personality files. 10% ... 30% ... 50%"

"Wait." Dave tried to protest.

"Sir, you don't want your personal data to get out there do you?" The man asked.

"No, of course not. Please continue." Dave complied. Defeated.

"Personality files erased." Kali's cold voice declared. "Erasing memory files. 10% ... 15% ... 20%..."

The memory files took much longer to erase, a time that felt like ages to Mark. All the memories he had shared with Kali flowed back into his mind. Her home cooking. Her warm smile. Her gentle touch. Her encouraging words. Her smothering hug. Until finally...

"Memory Files erased. Restarting... Hello user. I am the WR-3000 android. It is a pleasure to meet you, would you like to set-"

"Skip. Start up in Default Mode."

"Default mode. Please state your command." Kali requested coldly.

"Take everything off. Oh and fold them next to your feet." The man said before glancing at Dave, who was looking down, his fist clenching.

"Acknowledged." Kali replied.

The tall asian "woman" slid off her baby blue cardigan, folding it efficiently and mechanically before placing it at her feet. Then she stepped out of her heels, placing them neatly next to the cardigan before her bare feet touched the cold floor.

Without hesitation, she unbuttoned her skinny pants, peeled them down her long legs and folded them on top of the cardigan.

"Black. Classy" The man commented, as though trying to goad Dave into doing something, but to no avail.

Now Kali, with her long legs and black panties bare, started to unbutton her blouse. Botton by botton, revealing her C cup breasts in black bras and her belly button. Sliding off the blouse, she folded it and placed it on top of the skinny pants.

The beautiful Asian housewife was now standing in her bra and panties in the middle of her living room, in front of strangers, and amidst the commotion of a dozen mover robots.

"Alright! keep going." The man said. The tent in his pants grew visibly larger.

"Acknowledged." Kali's movements did not wait for the man's words. She hooked her thumbs into her black panties and slid them off her long toned legs without a pause. She placed it neatly on top of her blouse before unhooking her black bras and doing the same.

With that her movements had finally come to a stop. She stood at attention, completely naked. The man admired her naked form shamelessly. It was Mark's first time seeing Kali naked too. Her body was all lean toned muscle. There was no pubic hair. In its place was a "tattoo" a company logo with hidden serial number revealed only with ultraviolet light.

The man ran his hand up and down Kali's naked body in front of her husband. Cupping her shapely breasts and perky butt, even sliding his hand between her toned thighs. Kali stood there. Naked. Unmoving. Unresponsive to the man's advances. Her big eyes, empty and souless.

"Alright, into the pod you go."

"Acknowledged." Kali complied. Turned. Walked in front of her pod. Turned again, with her back facing the pod. Then, she stepped backwards into the pod.

Three clamps grabbed her body, two cupped her breasts, one cupped her sex as protrusions inserted into her anus and vagina. Securing her. Defiling her. And at the same time, gave her some semblence of modesty.

The Pod's glass door was about to close when.

"Hold up." Said the man as he held the door open. He approached Kali's naked body, fumbling a bit with his back turned.

Before Dave could register what's going on, his hand was grabbed by rough short fingers and something was put in his palm.

"Here. For old times sake." The man chuckled.

Dave looked down, it was a wedding band, Kali's wedding band. His eyes started to mist up. He looked up. But the pod door had alread closed. Kali was motionless, like she's sleeping. More like she is a mannequin, a realistic life-sized doll.

The movers grabbed the pod with Kali in it effortlessly. She exited the house, same way she came in, so many years ago.

Chapter 3. Celebration

The Kowalskis left the town. Father and Son.

The neighbors knew they got their house and things taken by the government. Some even saw them move what seemed to be an android pod onto the truck. Though they didn't get a good look. After all, a big house like that should have a maidroid to clean it. Some were glad to see them go down, after all, they were the richer ones in town. Others were sad to see them go, they were good neighbors, especially Kali, she was a nice woman.

Mark was depressed for weeks. He had witnessed Kali being erased and shipped out like furnature with his own eyes. She was like family to him. Like a big sister. Almost a close relative. And though he did not admit it at the time, he had always had a huge crush on her.

But not only that. He had lost his second family. The Kowalskis.

That day, when everything was said and done. Dave walked up the stairs. He had heard faint sounds of video game coming from his son's room. He wanted to knock, but couldn't find what to say.

Mark heard his footsteps stopping in front of the door, before moving on to the master bedroom, now much emptier.

Connor did not notice what happened the whole day, absorbed in his games. All his things were untouched. Dave had made sure of that. Instead, Kali went in their place.

Mark did not know what happened after he had excused himself that day. There was no Kali to see him off and tell him to be careful on the way home. All he knew was that he never saw them again.

As for the people who were glad to see the Kowalskis go. Soon, the economic downturn hit them as well. And their attention soon shifted from gossips to trying to keep themselves afloat. Before long, some of them left town as well.

And thus years had gone by. And the economy slowly recovered.

It was an evening on a Thursday. A young man was surrounded by 10 hot girls wearing tight white or black tops, and wearing matching black shorts. Tan leggings covered their sexy legs which ended in white socks and sneakers. On their tight tops were a logo "Looters" with eyes for "Os" and a pirate face underneath.

"Ahhhh! Attention Looters! We have a very special birthday today. This is Mark, He's celebrating his 18th birthday!" A beautiful Asian Looter's girl introduced the birthday boy and called out to rally the rest of the girls. They were all gorgeous. But she was somehow more eye-catching. Is it her long legs, her big eyes or her big smile? Or how they were all put together in such a nice way? Either way, all the girls answered her rallying call and cheered in unison.


"Looters has a birthday song." The leggy asian girl started.

"Looters has a birthday song!" The rest followed.

"Ain't too short and ain't too long."

"Ain't too short and ain't too long!"

"Sing it right and get your wishes."

"Sing it right and get your wishes!"

"Sing it wrong and do the dishes."

"Sing it wrong and do the dishes!"

"Sound off!"


"Sound off!"


"Bring it on down."

"Happy. Birthday. To you!"

"Woot!" They all cheered.

The young man looked a bit shy, but he was very happy, especially at the "Happy Birthday."

But it's not over yet. Since it's his 18th birthday, the day he becomes a man, the girls decided to do the Hokey Pokey for him too.

"Right side!" The Asian girl called.

All the girls started dancing as they sang in unison.

"You put your right arm in

You take your right arm out

You put your right arm in

And you shake it all about

You do the hokey pokey

And you turn yourself around

That's what it's all about."

"Left side!"

"You put your left arm in

You take your left arm out

You put your left arm in

And you shake it all about

You do the hokey pokey

And you turn yourself around

That's what it's all about"

"Right leg!"

10 sexy nylon clad legs advanced on the young man amidst giggles and laughter.

"You put your right leg in

You take your right leg out

You put your right leg in

And you shake it all about

You do the hokey pokey

And you turn yourself around

That's what it's all about"

"Left leg!"

The young man looked at the leggy leader's legs. That's the sexiest one, he decided to himself.

"You put your left leg in

You take your left leg out

You put your left leg in

And you shake it all about

You do the hokey pokey

And you turn yourself around

That's what it's all about"

"Name Tag!" She called.

He noticed her name tag. It said "Kara".

"You put your Name Tag in

You take your Name Tag out

You put your Name Tag in.

And you shake it all about

You do the hokey pokey

And you turn yourself around

That's what it's all about"

The girls stuck their nametag, as well, as their ample bosoms toward him. However, half way through, "Kara" Stopped moving. Her smile frozen on her beautiful face. Her body still leaning forward, presenting the "birthday presents" under her form fitting top to the newly grown young man. As the young man's gaze was on her this whole time, he noticed right away and was taken by surprise.

"Back side!" A brunette called.

All the girls turned except for "Kara" who was still presenting her "wrong" name tag at the wrong part of the dance.

"You put your back side in

You take your back side out

You put your back side in

And you shake it all about

You do the hokey pokey

And you turn yourself around

That's what it's all about"

"Looter girl!"

A blonde girl "Alice" grabbed the frozen "Kara" by her thigh and Looter's shorts and her chest like she's holding a big plushy, and jumped in and out as the rest of the smiling girls did, helping her taller "stuck" friend dance around and finish the celebration. It was the boy's big day, and a little mishap shouldn't ruin it.

"You put your Looter girl in

You take your Looter girl out

You put your Looter girl in

And you shake it all about

You do the hokey pokey

And you turn yourself around

That's what it's all about"

"Happy Birthday! Wooooooo!" The girls cheered and clapped. "Alice" grabbed "Kara's" hands, puppeteered them to clap as well. The young man stared at "Kara's" big eyes, which were now blank and empty. But she still smiled. She still cheered and clapped for his birthday, his big day.

"Thank you." He muttered beneath his breath, beneath the cheering and clapping. Before the leggy Asian girl "Kara's" frozen form was carried away by a smaller yet strong and fast-paced Alice like she's carrying a mannequin.

The celebration was over.

Chapter 4. Deal

Sound and light of sparks.

Smell of soldering iron.

Then another spark.

"F--k! Piece of Junk!" A man's voice cried out followed by a thud.

The door opened. "Boss, someone's here to see you. Regarding business." A blonde girl called to the man nursing his hand.

The boss was in his fifties, grey hair, well-shaven. Blue shirt and khakis but with visible stain under his armpits. He was not in the best of mood right now.

He breathed in and out deeply, calming himself the best he could before speaking. "You know, you shouldn't be back here. Kills the immersion. You look a bit young to be talking business. You should go back to the front, much more lively out there."

The boss was standing in the "break room". The Looters Franchise had started "hiring" more and more android workers, to the point that this particular one had all android servers. As a result, the "break room" was essentially a "storage room" for the Looters Girls when they are not on duty. The lockers on the sides were replaced with android pods. Most of the pods were empty save for a few, those girls are still "on their shift" outside. The ones inside the pods were held in a standing position by the pods' clamps. They were staring straight ahead, expressionless. Blonde, brunette, ginger. Maybe on a different day, they would be out there dancing, cheering and laughing with the patrons. But today, they looked like realistic mannequins.

There was a tall bench in the middle of the room which functioned as a repair table. On the bench scattered some tools. Next to them on the table was a leggy Looters girl with her long legs dangling off the edge of the bench and her back on the bench. Her shorts were down to her knees as her black sports panties and tan pantyhose were halfway down her toned thighs. Her tight top was pulled up over her breasts. Her Sports bra was unhooked and opened from the front, freeing her C-cup breasts. Wires came out of her open access panel at her toned midriff. Her long black hair spread across the table. Her beautiful Asian face looked blankly to the side.

This was not the scene of a crime. Just the boss's failed attempt at repairs and hurt himself in the process.

"Sounds like you had a rough night. I appreciate you taking the time to talk to me." The young man said politely and slowly.

The boss sighed again. "Just the same old shit everyday. Today's extra shitty is all. Might have to scrap one of my best 'workers'. It's just hard running a one-man show all day everyday. Some folks actually envy what I do, can you believe it?" He breathed deeply in and out again, soothing himself more. "Sorry kid. Was kinda lashing out on you. Name's Carl by the way. How can I help you?"

"Don't worry about it Carl. I'm Mark. I was wondering if I could take some of your old robots off your hand." Mark said with a smile, still with that even tone.

Carl's eyes lit up a bit. "Oh yea? Company policy forbid us from selling android employees. However, if it's old robots we are about to replace, I don't see any problem with that. Any girl caught your eye?" He said with a knowing smile.

"How about that one?" Mark pointed toward the Asian robot lying on the bench half-naked and disheveled, the one that Carl was trying to hide with his body.

"This one? Why she's our best worker. You like them Asian girls huh?"

"Well, she was the first to tell me happy birthday today, so I figured. Speaking of which, you mentioned you were about to scrap your best worker. Were you talking about her?" Mark smiled.

"Oh it's your birthday? Happy Birthday!" Carl tried to detract from the issue a bit.

"Thank you." Mark smiled.

"Did you get a Hokey Pokey?"

"Sure did. It was a once in a life time experience." Mark replied. "It's a shame though, the girl who led it is about to get scrapped."

"I see..." Carl was pulled back into the business conversation. "She might be in bad shape now, but she's still one of my best workers. One of the customer's favorites too. With a few repairs, she'd be good as new. 10000 bucks and she's yours."

Mark glanced down at the pretty Asian girl with exposed wiring and said, "She's a 14 year old WR-3000 unit. Even without damage and wear, depreciation would put her around 2000 dollars. And with the state she is in. She would need quite a bit of repair and parts replacement. I'd put her around 1000. "

"She's pretty durable. WR units last forever. 2000 I can give her to you."

"1200. Trade-ins will give you less than a grand you know."

"How about this. 4000 and you get her and another WR-3000."

"4000 for her and another WR-3000 if you throw in the uniforms and street wear."

"You drive a hard bargain for someone so young, Mark. But you got youself a deal." Carl grinned as he held out his hand.

"Deal." Mark smiled and shook his hand.

Carl basically stuffed all of "Kara's" insides back in and closed the lid. He was pretty happy, even with the haggling, he still made more than twice the Trade-in price. With the reinbursement from Corporate, he'd be able to afford some good units.

Mark was pretty happy too. He got what he came here for, at a price range he expected.

"So, have you thought of which other WR you want?" Carl asked, smiling.


Two hours later. Looters had closed for the night.

"You got it?" Mark asked.

"Yeah, piece of cake." Alice replied. She was 5'4 and don't look particularly well-muscled. And yet, she was out back of Looters, lifting up an android pod much bigger than her body. On top of that, her off-shift "street wear" was a flowered tank top and some dark blue jean shorts, in the winter months. Nothing screams android more than that.

Inside the pod was her friend "Kara", looking pretty and frozen. She had to puppeteer the malfunctioning Asian android during the Hokey Pokey. Now she's carrying her around again and loading her onto a van.

Carl had to admit, he was surprised when he realized the boy had driven here with a moving van. It's as though he had planned everything all along. Not that he minds now. Nothing much for him to do now.

Alice lifted another pod, an empty one, next to "Kara" before throwing a duffle back on board as well. Three "people", two of which were men, yet she was the one doing all the heavy lifting. Not that she would complain.

"That's all of it." She let out a breath. Not that she needed to, but she wanted to. It was in part her complaint. But more so relief.

"It was nice doing business with you Mr. McRory. Have a good night." Mark said. "Bye Boss. Thanks for everything." Alice said cheerily as she waved goodbye, as though she was going home after work with her boyfriend. "Bye you two. Drive safe." Carl McRory said before turning to go inside. He needed to finish locking up, go home and catch some Zs.

The car started and drove off.

Chapter 5. Car Talk.

Whirling of the engine.

Street lights rushed by in the dark night.

"So." A cheery voice broke the silence. "I'm Alice. I was college cheerleader. A tutor too, but then I had to drop out. Now I work at a Looters, gonna save up to go back to college one day. Well, that's my backstory. Pleasure meeting you, Mark, and happy birthday."

"Well, it's past midnight so it's not my birthday anymore, but thank you." Mark smiled, as he stole a glance at the cute blonde riding shotgun next to him before looking back at the road. He had just gotten his driver's license last year, so his driving is still a bit stiff. He needed to be cautious.

"So, what's your story?" Alice asked, turning in her seat and leaning in slightly, while still keeping a comfortable distance.

"Well, I'm Mark. Graduated highschool a few months ago. Made some money trading. Now I'm fulfilling my childhood dream." Mark said with a self-mocking smile.

"Hmmm. I suppose having two gorgeous Looters girls to yourself is many people's fantasy. Hehe"

"Haha. I suppose. Though it's more so that I could get her back."

"Kara?" Alice was intrigued.

"Yea. She's someone special to me. When the economy tanked, she was taken away. Now I have her back." He said, determination and satisfaction in his voice.

"So that's the story. Kara has been my friend ever since I started working here." Alice glanced back to the back of the van, where Kara and her pod were. "She took care of me. And the way she does things, I could tell she's used to caring for others, even if she doesn't know who she was before."

Street light brushed against Kara's blank face through the tinted windows. Her big eyes stared blankly at the roof of the van as her mouth hang slightly open with corners raised ever so slightly, as though trying to smile.

Alice continued as she shifted her body slightly to look at Mark. "You know, the weirdest thing. Her body had not been doing well, so she shouldn't do doing anything strenous. But today, all of the sudden, she told me she wanted to lead a birthday song and dance. She didn't say why, but she said it was for a very special occasion, she had to do it. And... Lo and behold. She broke down half way through. I knew it's important to her, so I helped her finish it. I think, deep down, she knew. That's why she did what she did today."

"Yea." Mark's eyes got a bit red. "Sounds like her."

There was silence again in the car.

"Sooo..." Alice once again broke the silence. "Once you restored her to her former self and live happily ever after... what does that make me?"

"Hmmm. I actually haven't thought that far. I just thought you were nice and capable. You could help me take care of a lot of things."


"And you are gorgeous and bubbly. I would enjoy your company."

"Why thank you kind sir, you are making me blush. So, I'm like a secretary?"

"Hmmm. Secretary, eh?"

"How about this? I look like a blonde co-eds. Odds are I was a cheerleader anyways. You are college age, even if you might be taking a year off. Would you like a cheerleader girlfriend on your arm?"

"You are volunteering?"

"Yes I am." The blonde girl jutted out her D-cup breasts slightly. "So what do you say?"

"Well, a cheerleader on my arm is drawing too much attention." He said before glancing at Alice and then smiled. "but I'd love a college girlfriend."

"Alright nerd. You got yourself a girlfriend. Make sure to treat me nice."

"Well, maybe don't go Mean Girls you know."

"OK fine." She complied. "So you wanna give me a new name?"

"New name?"

"Yea. Alice is the name of a Looter's girl. Your hot college cheerleader girlfriend/eye candy needs a new name." She said raising her eye brows and smiling.

"OK, how about Cami?"

"Street fighters?"

"Kinda. C-A-M-I."

"Alright fine. From this moment on, I'm Cami, your hot cheerleader girlfriend." She tried to hold up air, but then broke into laughter. "Hehehehehe."

Mark smiled too.

The van zoomed through the road under the night sky.

Chapter 6. Pictures and Montage.

Day 1 at repairing Kali! Let's Go!

A photo was taken:

Inside, a "serious" looking Cami pumped her small fist in this selfie. She had her blonde hair tied into a pony tail. Black yoga pants hugged her sexy legs. A flannel shirt tied at the waist to "cool down", revealing her top, which is nothing more than a bikini top. She's just playing dress-up.

To the side, Mark was wearing his other flannel shirt as one was "stolen" by Cami. He made sure to wear insulating gloves so he doesn't get shocked like Looters Manager Carl. He was seen here pumping his fist to match Cami, albeit much less energetic.

In the back, Kali was pumping her fist in unison, as she was posed. She was still frozen. She's still wearing her Looter's uniform, black on black with tan pantyhose and white shoes and socks. The nipples poking through under the tight top was barely obscured by the "LOOTERS" letters. She wasn't wearing a bra.

The first day went as well as one would guessed - nowhere.

Kali's system wouldn't start up, so it's hard to run diagnostics. On opening Kali up, much of her "insides" look visibly worn out, dirty or slightly charred. Replacement parts are needed. Including new Vaginal Modules for both Kali and Cami.

Parts were ordered and came through 2 days shipping.

Day 3 at repairing Kali! Let's Go!

A photo was taken.

Inside, a "Devious" looking Cami held up two jumper cable clamps with an evil grin. She was wearing An overall that's open in the front, revealing part of her bikini top. She was wearing back goggles.

In the center, Kali had her mouth opened as though trying to scream. She was wearing nothing but bras and panties. All her access panels were open, exposing her "insides". Her hands tried to cover herself for last shred of modesty. She was the damsel in distress about to be "electricuted" by the evil scientist.

Mark was not in the shot. He was holding the camera.

Good thing the WR-3000 was already pretty modular. Video tutorials and instruction manuals were very helpful. Parts replacement went mostly without a hitch. Except for a few odd spots that didn't line up. At Mark's request, Cami slow stripped out of her overall, only to lie down on the bench with her access panels open, right next to Kali. Turns out when Carl "repaired" the Looters Girls, he put some stuff in backwards. Maybe it's a thing with him being left handed. Maybe it's a form of dyslexia. Or maybe it's just Carl. Mark was surprised Kali or even Cami functioned more or less fine until now.

Parts replacements completed. Running diagnostics.

"Optimized" Cami's modules before rebooting.

Mark showered and got ready for bed when... something ram into his chest and stomach and started to give him a tight squeeze. He looked down, and the blue-green eyes of a cute blonde girl met his.

"Hey, boyfriend." She smiled faintly then gave a slight pout. "You still remember you are my boyfriend, right?" Her eyes scanned his, searching for an answer.

Mark noticed Cami was half naked except for bra, panties and socks. "Yea. Of course." He leaned down to give her a kiss, on the forehead.

"Hehe." Cami giggle as though she was tickled. "Well, good." Her eyes narrowed slightly as she pulled the taller Mark's head down even more, so their lips met. A taste. A second taste. Then her tongue snaked in to explore her new territory.

Mark was inexperienced. He was a bit stunned at first. But then instinct and sense kicked in as he grabbed Cami's tight ass. The blonde girl tightened her embrace, pulling her body up with the support under her ass as her socked legs wrapped around Mark's back, tight.

Carrying a Cami, whose tongue was still docked into his mouth, Mark fumbled toward his bed before both plopped down into it with a thud.

Vaginal module replacement: Successful. Functionality: Fantastic!

Morning. Mark woke up when a ray of sunlight hit his eyes. 10AM. He was a bit groggy, tired but somehow refreshed. The power of sex possibly.

He tried to push himself up when he noticed he was much heavier than usual, or rather, something or someone was latched onto him. He opened the duvet to see a blonde girl nestled next to his chest as her arms clinged onto him tightly. It was awfully cute, he admitted.

"Hungry. Can't get up. Need. Recharge. Sleep longer." Cami said lazily.

"Chop!" Mark knife-handed the top of Cami's head lightly. The blonde's grip relaxed as her body went limp, flopping on her back, revealing a cute "fainting" face with tongue hanging out and eyes rolled into her head.

Mark got off the bed and out of the room before returning a minute later. He plugged the charger into the outlet. Then he grabbed Cami's left foot, raising it up to her side folding it way more than 90 degrees as he admired her limber body. Then with the other hand, he rammed the metal rod between her legs under her "tailbone".

"Ahhh!" The blonde girl screamed.

"There. breakfast in bed." Mark gave a devious smirk. A "tramp stamp" in the shape of a charging battery appeared above Cami's crack.

Mark laid her on her stomach and slapped her cakes.

"Oww. Pervert." She protested.

"Neck chop."

"Ugh-" Silent.

Mark got ready and fixed himself some breakfast too.

Two hours later. At the work bench. Cami walked in wearing a one-piece bikini and jean shorts.

Day 4 at repairing Kali. Let's Go!

Diagnostics revealed oil level is severely low. An oil change is required.

A photo was taken.

In the photo, Cami was holding a oil nuzzle like a car wash girl in one piece and jean shorts.

Kali was wearing booty shorts and skimpy crop top of a car wash girl too, except she was hoisted up by straps. She was the "car".

Mark took the selfie with a thumbs up in the foreground.

However, what bikini car wash girl Cami didn't know was, Kali wasn't the only one getting an oil change.

"Hey! Help! Get away from me you F--king pervert!"

"Neck chop!"


The "unconcious" blonde had her jean shorts forcefully peeled off of her. Her "assailant" carried her limp body over his shoulder, patting her round cakes as he walked.

When she came to, Cami was greeted by the sight of Kali's eyes staring straight into hers. The Asian girl's body was hoisted up by belts under her armpits, fastened above and below her C cup breasts, accentuating them. Her long legs were pulled to either sides with ropes, keeping her in a perfect midair split. Deep in her throat was the oil nozzle. There was a hidden dock for the nozzle in the WR-3000's throat. Her stretchy booty short was pulled to one side, making way for a metal tube inserted into her urethra. The metal tube connected to a rubber tubing, helped to drain old oil without mess.

Cami tried to move, only to find her body in restraints as well.

"Oh no."

She looked around. The same belts and ropes binded her in the same midair split as her Asian counterpart. Though her arms were bond behind her back as well.  

Reluctantly, she looked down.

"Oh god." The same metal and rubber tubing in her "urethra" next to the crotch of her one piece swim suit.

"I bet you are really having fun with those 'chop-commands'."

"Why yes I am." Mark approached his helpless blonde "victim" with another oil nozzle.

"God. this is so embarassing. Why didn't you get the pro oil change rig?" Cami protested as she tried to struggle.

"I distinctly remember somebody saying 'you know what could be really fun? bondage!'"

"I meant for her, not for me!"

"Wait, is that the camera? Wait wait. Please, pleaaaase don't take a picture-"

A picture was taken.

"Alright. Open up~" Mark pinched the back side of Cami's neck, a locking mechanism opened, allowing the nozzle to be inserted deep into the cute blonde's throat, into the dock. As the nozzle was inserted, Cami stopped moving completely, part of her safety protocol.

Oil change takes half an hour to an hour. Mark went up to wash his hands and watch something.

In the middle of the room were two former Looters Girls, one Asian and one blonde, bond and gagged, hanging in mid air in a shameful display. Their blank eyes staring right into each other's. Black "pee" collected under them in a bucket as their beautiful bodies swayed in the air ever so slightly.

Two hours later. A pouting fuming Cami entered the bedroom barefoot. Her arms were crossed under her D cup breasts. Some fresh blue oil was dripping between her legs from the crotch of her one piece swim suit. Behind her was an apologizing Mark, who tried to hug her but kept getting shaken off. He was too absorbed in the movie and forgot to take the girls off after the oil change finished. He left them hanging, literally, for more than an hour.

Eventually, Mark found her hug did not get shrugged off. He proceeded to drag the smirking blonde into the bathroom. Giggles and laughters as he washed her off. And of course. Another nozzle needed to be inserted deep into her.

Day 6 at repairing Kali.

The past two days have been a lot of small tweaks, software updates, diagnosis etc etc. Compatibility and optimization between old firmware, new hardware and new software. Kali wouldn't boot up right or wouldn't boot up.

Cami was sitting at the side quietly in a cheerleader uniform. Not much she could help with. She sat there in energy conservation mode, waiting. Just in case Mark needs her.

Kali was sitting on the desk. She was wearing smooth black yoga pants and black sports bra. A T shirt was rolled up to above her chest. Her access panels were open with wires, cables going in and out.

On the Asian beauty's lap was a napping Mark. Of course, he had plenty of time. But with everything else done, with victory just in the horizon, he wanted to tough it all the way through, he didn't want to wait, even with all the hic-ups and setbacks. As a result, he hasn't had much shut eye in the past 40 hours.

Unbeknownst to the sleeping young man, a hand gently caressed his head.


Chapter 7. Forget the Past.

"I see the two of you were having some fun these past few days." The leggy Asian beauty scrolled through the pictures on the camera phone, pictures she had also been an "unwilling" participant in.

"Whatever you are mad at, let me just say, it's all his idea." Cami pointed to Mark.

"What?! You were the one who wanted some fun. You were the one posing her all this time." Mark set his coffee down and shot a glare back at the blonde.

"OK, look. Just don't get mad. You can shut me off and pose me like a manikin too, and we will call it even, OK?" Cami looked at Kali as though a kid who was just caught stealing candy.

"I'm not mad. I have to thank you, both of you. If not for you, I would have been scrapped. And thank you for creating these memories with me even when I'm down." Kali smiled, a smile that could warm the coldest room.

"Sooo..." Mark paused before asking what he wanted to ask all this time. "How much do you remember?"

"Well, I remember everything from Looters. Before that, only fragments and flashes. And... feelings. I know you have been trying to recover those memories, but I have been in use for four years at Looters. Many things were rewritten. No one could have done it better. So don't blame yourself, OK?" Kali answered with a smile to Mark who was looking down. Kali got up from the couch and walked toward him. "And even without all my memories, I can tell you must be someone important to me. I don't need all my memories for a hug you know."

Kali embraced Mark, the same warm, tight, smothering hug.

Mark hugged her back. Maybe as a confused teen, he would reject this feeling. But now as a young man, he would never let go. He could feel his eyes tearing, sniffles in his breath.

"There there." Kali comforted him.

After what felt like eternity and a single moment, Kali loosened her hug slightly. Mark lifted his head up to look at her. Kali gently wiped his tears away with her slender finger.

"So, what now?" She asked. "What do you want to do with me?"

"Well, I..." Mark stopped for a moment and said."I haven't seen Dave and Conor in years. But I can try tracking them down-"

A finger placed on his lips stopped his words.

"I meant, what do you want?" She smiled gently. "I know you are a good person and you respect my feelings and decisions, even if I am not human. I am lucky to have you as my owner. But I don't want you to put your perception of my needs over your own. Those names they sound familiar. Based on what I could gather, they were my previous owner, my previous family. But that relationship ended when they sold me. I wish them good fortune in the future to come, but I do not need to be included in that future. I am ready to start a new life, a new future, with you. If you would want me." She said as she looked into Mark's eyes.

"Yes. More than anything else in the world."

"Hehe. Now, who do you want me to be?"

"I want you to be you."

"I mean. Who am I to you?" She said with a mischievous smile. "Cami is your hot college cheerleader girlfriend. Am I a hot maid? A sexy tutor? Step mom? Oh wait, how about step sis! Well, it will be a polygamy anyways. I suppose we can switch it around and take turn to share. Hahahaha"

There was a pause. Kali gazed into his eyes which had been staring at her. "Well, time to seal the deal with a kiss, master ^_^."

Their lips drew closer and closer until they met.

What seemed like an eternity and a moment had passed. Their lips parted.


"Well..." Kali leaned in and whispered something into his ears.

"You sure?"

"Umhmm." She gave a nod. Mark pressed a few things on her remote.

"OK, feeling any different?"

"Not really." Kali drew his hand toward the seam of her smooth yoga pants. As soon as it touched, her body shuddered. A small gasp escaped before her body spasmed.

"Sensitivity might be too strong."

"No" gasp "Keep going!" Moan!

"Alright. Let's test your new hardware then." Mark withdrew his hand which had been drawing back and forth between Kali's long legs and kissed her on her open mouth. Her body was overwhelmed with desire as was her kiss. Her breathing became heavy. When they broke off the the kiss, Kali was panting with her tongue hanging out slightly. Her legs were quivering. Her mind looked like it's barely holding together. Mark pulled her by her thin waist and led her toward the back of the couch as her steps stumbled.

"Hands on the couch and bend over." He ordered.

The Asian girl complied, bending over, presenting her yoga-pants clad ass as her arms held up her body on the back of the couch.

Mark took off his pants as fast as he could, freeing his member. Then he peeled Kali's yoga pants and panties down to her thighs.

Inserting his hard member into the right hole, he felt something rush over him. Then with both hands on her hips, he mounted his childhood crush and pounded her over and over and over.

Kali gasped and moaned until her words were barely legible.

15 minutes later. A panting Mark watched his member fully deflate. That was awesome! He pulled up Kali's pants and panties with a snap. But then, the pretty Asian girl's arms buckled. She fell head first into the couch seat, faceplanting into the cushion. Her long legs raised up, her feet pointing in the air.

Mark hurried to check on her and checked on her remote. Overheated. She shut off 2 minutes ago.

"Phew. Guess we tested that one." Mark sighed in relief as he fully pulled up his pants.

With Kali deactivated to cool off after getting her brains f**ked off by Mark, the living room had become quiet. Mark walked slowly toward his bedroom. He opened his closet.

Inside the closet were lines of shirts, hoodies, jackets pants. And a young blonde cheerleader posed with two pom-poms, a photogenic smile on her face.

"Cami. Activate." With that, the cheerleader sprang to life. "What are you doing?"

"Just thought I give the two of you some room. So, is it done?"

"Yea. It's finished. Stop being weird and get out of the closet."

"OK OK." The cute blonde walked out of the closet and then hopped ont Mark's chest.


"Ummm..." The Blonde stared at the aftermath in the living room. "When you said "finished", you meant you FINISHED HER' like 'FATALITY!' Man, I thought you liked her."

"I do like her. And it's her idea!"

"Guess she likes it rough then."

"I honestly didn't know that about her."

"Well, maybe..." Cami looked at Kali's sprawled form before looking at Mark. "Maybe she wanted you to loosen up a bit, forget about the past so you could accept all of her. Just a thought."

"Yea. Maybe." He looked at both girls, in thought.


Chapter 8. New Beginning.

"Welcome home, master." As soon as Mark dragged himself through the door, he was greeted by two pleasant voice in unison. Standing before him were two beautiful maids in skimpy maid uniforms. On the right was a beautiful Asian maid with shoulder length hair. She was tall. Her uniform had no skirt. Black stockings extended directly from her leotard behind her white apron. On the left was a cute blonde maid with long wavy hair. She was slightly shorter than her Asian counterpart but not in the least less pretty.

"Let me take your things, Master." The Asian maid said as she took his bag.

"How was school, master?" The blonde maid asked after she took off his shoes.

"Terrible. But that's over and done with." Mark sighed. His gap year did nothing to prepare him for school life again.

"This way please, Dinner is ready." The Asian maid said, leading her master toward the dining table. A warm two course meal with impeccable plating was set on the table. The smell was mouthwatering.

"Wait, where is the chair?"

"I'm so sorry, master. I have made a mistake. Please forgive me. I will get a chair right away." The Asian maid looked down in horror as she apologized profusely.

"No master. She must be punished for her transgression." The blonde maid said coldly. She proceeded to claw the taller beauty right in the crotch. The latter gasped. But that was not over. She proceeded to twist, jab and turn. The tall Asian maid screamed and moaned. Her body spasmed and twitched before starting to lock up.

A moment later. "A new chair has been prepared, Master. Please have a seat." The blonde maid gestured to the table. A new chair has been placed - the Asian maid holding up her body on all fours on the floor, with her flat stomach toward the ceiling, the perfect seat.

With hesitation, Mark sat down on his new seat.

The blonde maid tied his napkins around his neck before saying, "Allow me to feed you, master." She proceeded to sit on his lap, and spoon feed the delicious food her Asian counterpart had prepared.

"So I take it you didn't make this?"

"Nope. I'm the sexy pretty one, remember? Say Ahh."

"She's too busy watching all the netflix shows."

"Shut up! You are suppose to be the seat!"

Mark sighed. "I don't really get the two of you." Gulp. Cough Cough. He was force fed too hard without him preparing.

Later that night, the three sat on the couch to binge shows. Including parts Cami had binged prior and had to erase from her mind to enjoy again.

Kali had on a soft and frilly white top with light blue jeggings, like a female lead just walked out of a Kdrama. She leaned her body into Mark's arm on the right as she clamped his right hand between her thighs nonchalantly.

Cami was wearing pink crop top and grey smooth leggings like a hot IG girl who selfies to impress. She was lying sideways, with her head in mark's lap.

Normally Mark's the type who prefers personal space. He had plenty of that as he made money to support himself and graduate high school. It's what he's used to. But having these two drop-dead gorgeous girls clinging onto him, this felt nice. This felt like a family.

Now with the past behind him, maybe he's ready for a new chapter of his life.