Rena-Doll's Self-Voided Warranty

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WRITTEN BY: YajuShinki

COMMISSIONED BY: Technophile91

It was mid-afternoon on the island of Ostrov Kosti. The sun was shining brightly upon the alternatively vibrant and desolate landscape. In one tiny corner of the island lay a deserted greenhouse, its structure decayed and overrun with a variety of flora, including that which doesn’t grow natively in northeastern Europe. Several sounds of nature echoed throughout the surroundings of the dilapidated greenhouse. Birds were chirping and flapping their wings, the waves of the ocean crashed against the nearby rocky coastline, and droplets of water tumbled down the leaves of the plants in the greenhouse as its hydroponics pipe system was leaking.

Closer to the surface, however, a completely different type of soundscape emerges, one of a mechanical nature. Servo motors were whirring and whining erratically, an electrical hum interrupted by an occasional spark and buzz, and a heavily distorted female voice spouting what seems to be random nonsense. These odd sounds were coming from a malfunctioning Renamon robo-doll. She was splayed on the floor, twitching violently with a bag full of red fruit on top of her body. Red fruit juice dripped from the bag as she spasmed uncontrollably, and seeped into a huge crack in her lower torso, continuously shorting out her exposed internal circuitry. A shower of sparks and electrical arcs were expelled from the huge gash as she babbled on and on.

“Se-severe damage to-t-tooooo-- *bzt* Overload-o-overload. Unstable dete-deteeeecting unstable fluflufluctuaaaa-a-aation…” While she spoke, her facial expression appeared blank and frozen with her black and light blue eyes staring straight ahead focused on nothing at all, and her mouth was completely out of sync with the words coming from her speakers. Her arms and legs behaved similarly, spasming and bending at odd angles, alternating between moving unnaturally smoothly and twitching to the point of vibrating. Her tail was twitching just as violently, so much so that it almost could’ve snapped itself clean out of its socket.

Eventually, her systems could take no more and her entire body went limp. Her voice trailed off into slowed down, distorted speech before falling completely silent. Moments later, her body emitted several beeps as her systems automatically restarted. Her body still twitched uncontrollably, although significantly less so than before. She blinked a few times as her neural systems came back online. Suddenly, she winced and took in a sharp breath as the extreme pain from the middle of her severely damaged body began to register.

“Gyaaaah…!! What… Is going on…!?” She said in a strained voice. Lifting herself up from the floor a bit, she could see the bag of fruit sitting on top of her body. Some of the fruit was squished, causing its juices to seep out and onto her body and circuitry. Although the hard restart had managed to stabilize her systems, there was still the occasional short circuit. She saw the huge crack in her torso, along with the delicate circuits and mechanisms that were being ruined by the puddle of juice that was forming. With every spark that flew from the exposed wires, her legs spasmed for a split second.

She let out a gasp and looked at the crack in her chassis in disbelief. “Oh, my… How could this have happened…?” She wondered out loud. What was she doing with a bag of fruit, anyway? Did she have any use for it?

As more of her system processes came back online, she was able to read through her log files. She remembered now that her objective was to scavenge for ingredients for a new type of recharging drink, using fruit high in electrolytes instead of mushrooms. Apparently, she had found a strawberry bush to pick from, if the fruits in the bag were any indication. However, that still left the question of how she was damaged unanswered.

Looking around and scanning her surroundings, she found the strawberry bush directly above her. It was suspended on a grow bed a couple of meters from the ground. A fall from that height coupled with a bad landing would certainly present some problems for a robo-doll like her, and unfortunately for her, she’s suffered both. From then on, she would have to be careful not to put herself in any more danger if she wanted to return to base in one piece.

“Wow… Never knew I could climb that high,” she chuckled to herself. “ I’ll need to remember not to overdo it, though… No matter. I’ve got what I came for. Time to take this back to base.” She slid the bag to the side to give her room to stand up, and she gasped once again in horror at the extent of the damage done to her body. As it turns out, the juice was seeping through not just a crack, but a huge tear in her plastic chassis which ran the entire length of the torso. To make matters worse, a lot of the circuits and wires seemed to be severed, and the ball joint connecting the two halves of her body was cracked and chipped, as well. It was just intact enough to hold together, but like a house of cards, one wrong movement would cause total structural failure.

“Damn… This is much worse than I thought. I’ve definitely pushed my body to its absolute limit this time. Ah, well… Live and learn, I suppose… Now, steady...” She muttered, trying her hardest to keep her body in one piece while she stood up. She moved very slowly, keeping her lower and upper body pressed together and trying not to stretch her body at all. The broken joint seemed to hold up fairly well given the circumstances, but it soon became evident that she was in no condition to walk at all.

As she bent to transition from lying down to sitting up, she could feel something in her body sliding around, and hear the sound of two pieces of plastic scraping against each other. Nonetheless, she tried to complete the motion and push herself up off the ground, but just as she was ready to stand back up, there was a distinct snap, and her entire upper body fell back down.

“Ow…! What the hell just…?” Another shower of sparks poured from the tear, causing her legs to spasm once more. She looked down once more to find that the joint was now completely severed, and there was nothing connecting the two halves of her body now except for a few wires.

“Oh, fuck…! Now what am I going to do!? Should I call for help? Hm… That could pose a big risk, especially out here. I could try repairing myself, but I don’t have any tools… Well, it’s not like I have any other choice…” She sighed, shaking her head as she tried not to panic. She grunted and gasped in pain as she moved, virtually helpless with no way out of this situation. But, despite the excruciating pain… She actually began to enjoy the odd sensations coming from the malfunctioning systems in her legs. Every spark and twitch sent an indescribable tingle through her processors… Her sexual systems, in particular. Her worries about not making it back to base gradually melted away as her sexual systems were being fed garbled data, eventually fully activating them.

She could feel her purple panties getting wet as her vaginal module automatically lubricated itself. Her panicked breathing turned into moaning as her focus and mindset began to change. “Mm… Oh, it’s not every day that my body is like this… Maybe, I should have a little bit of fun while I can~” she moaned. Suddenly, her body being torn in half went from a problem to an opportunity.

Since her two halves were still connected by wires, the motor and sensory I/O were still largely intact, so she could still move her legs around and even feel from them. On her command, her legs began to push off of the ground. They moved with an unnatural smoothness, and the servos in her legs whirred loudly. As her hips moved up off of the ground, her upper body was dragged forward and the wires connecting her two halves were stretched taut. The sudden twitches from her damaged motor control systems caused the exposed components to shift and move around, letting loose more electrical sparks which only served to stimulate her further. She let out a clipped, distorted moan as electricity coursed through the gap between her upper and lower body.

Her legs came to rest in a kneeling position, with her torso still lying flat on the ground. Her legs and hips turned around to ‘face’ the Rena-doll’s upper body. She was looking at her disembodied kneeling legs, smiling and fondling her large D-cup breasts while moaning and cooing.

“Mmm, yes… That’s it… Now, to get up close and personal with myself~” she moaned. She commanded her legs to shimmy towards her. They did so, albeit slowly and with occasional twitching, not that she minded at all. In fact, it only seemed to enhance her experience, as did the servos in her legs whirring loudly. She reached out to touch and grab her legs. They felt like hard plastic, serving as a reminder that she was a robotic doll; a machine programmed to enjoy sexual activity. She commanded her legs to travel just a bit further, and spread just enough so that they came to rest on both sides of her torso. She got a good look at her underside, a view better than any she could’ve gotten if her body were in one piece. Once her legs were right on top of her and the wires keeping them powered up were stretched taut, her knees bent and compressed, lowering her hips and bringing her soft plastic butt closer to her face. She extended her arms upwards and groped herself, licking her lips.

“Mmm… My goodness, I had no idea I looked this good from this angle… If I had a clone, I wouldn’t hesitate to fuck myself~” she said in a breathy, seductive tone. Her purple panties became wetter still with her lubricant, with some it dripping right on her face. She couldn’t help but giggle and moan as it was dripping on her. She began preparing herself even more, pulling her panties down so that they wouldn’t get in the way.

Her knees continued to bend down until they came to rest directly on top of the Rena-doll’s face; she was practically sitting on herself at this point. Her butt was squished right on top of her face, and she was enjoying every minute of it, licking her own pussy and moaning loudly, slurping up all of the lubricant that rained down on her.

“Oohh… How have I not done this before…?” she said as she continued to lick. All of this stimulation caused her very sensitive, already-damaged sexual systems to short out for a moment and send another burst of random data to her processors. Lubricant gushed out of her vaginal module and she let out a loud, distorted moan that sounded like a voice recording played back repeatedly.

She began to explore the rest of her lower body, her hands running all over her butt, her hips, and finally, the huge metal- and wire-laden stump where the rest of her body would normally be. She reached inside, feeling all of her internal components and circuits. Admittedly, she had no idea exactly what went on in there, but didn’t matter all that much; all she knew was that whenever her components shorted out, her entire body tingled in a way that she’d never experienced before.

“I wonder… What would happen if I stimulated myself… Like this~?” She giggled and kept one hand low, hovering over her vaginal module, ready to provide more stimulation as she needed it. Her other arm, meanwhile, was probing around her exposed internals, looking for anything that might spark stimulation, literally speaking. At random, she grabbed whatever cables happened to be within her reach and began jiggling them a bit. As the wires were loosened, they let out some sparks in between the gaps, causing her to twitch and moan more.

“O-ohh… Yes, that’s it… Mmm…” she moaned as the tingling sensation returned. As soon as it begun, however, it ended, as some of the cables had been partially disconnected, causing some of her sensory devices to deactivate.

“Mm… Wait… What? Weird, I can’t feel a thing anymore… Literally,” she observed. That’s when she realized that some of the cables were loose and no longer sending any information or power to some of her systems. She scrambled to get them plugged back in and jammed them back into their ports. The once deactivated components suddenly came back online, and the sudden jolt of energy rushing through the live cables caused the ports to spark, causing the tingling sensation to return stronger than before. A long stream of lubricant squirted out of her pussy, showering the Rena-doll’s face.

“O-oohhh… That was -- Warning: unstable energy fluctuation detected. -- amazing… Wha-- what did I say?” She was startled, as some of the words coming from her mouth weren’t her own. “Oh, just one of those system messages…”

She chose to ignore the message and press on with the exploration of her body’s internals, looking for more cables to mess with. Then, an idea struck: what if she were to continuously disconnect and reconnect the cables inside of her? That tingling, combined with the data received from stimulating her vaginal unit… It was sure to give her the orgasm of a lifetime.

Her left hand continued to hover close to her vaginal unit’s opening, while her right hand fished around her stump, looking for another cluster of wires to tamper with. “All right, that should do it,” she said as she gripped the wires in her hand tight. “Now, let’s see just how much I can take!” With a good tug, she dislodged the wires from their ports, and some of her sensors and motor controls systems switched off immediately, causing her legs to slump down further and press against her chest. She couldn’t feel just how deeply her fingers and hand were wedged inside of her vaginal module, until she plugged the cables back in. With every loose cable reconnected, several packets of junk data spread throughout her systems, causing that indescribable tingle. That sensation only seemed to intensify the more cables were reconnected, and she caught on to this fact rather quickly. What’s more, it seemed as though the could generate more pleasure data by messing around with the wires than playing around with her vaginal module the way her instruction manual said to do. With that, the rena-doll completely did away with fingering her pussy and focused solely on the wires, grabbing several handfuls of them and disconnecting and reconnecting them, each electric jolt more powerful and pleasure-inducing than the last. So much so, in fact, that she had been completely ignoring several warning messages building up in her log files, even though she was blurting them out as they came.

“Ohhh-h-o-h-Warning: severe fluctuation detected. Fuck… So hot-so-so-so hot-Electrical overload detected. Component failure imminent. Mmmh… Hol-hoho-ho-holy shit…” Her moaning and panting, which was already laden with distortion and erratic audio glitches, was constantly interrupted by emergency warning messages, and the cold, clinical tone with which they were announced contrasted sharply with her passionate yelps of pleasure. To her, this partial lack of control only served as another reminder that she was a machine, built and programmed to enjoy stimulation, even if this wasn’t the exact type of stimulation she should be enjoying. It didn’t matter, of course; it was still stimulation that her systems registered as pleasure, and she needed more of it. The rena-doll continued to jerk the wires around. Her motions became more erratic, causing the wires to occasionally jump into the wrong socket, as well as dislodge a couple of components. The mixed signals caused even more junk data to flow through her systems, trapping her in a vicious cycle of pleasure and malfunctions.

“I-i-iIII-I am… So fuck-so fu-fu-fuuuuucking… Hooottt~” the Rena-doll shouted at nobody in particular. The power and resources allocated to several of her higher functions were gradually decreased for the sake of keeping the sexual systems adequately powered to handle the immense load they were under. This only served to reinforce the aforementioned vicious cycle, as it meant that her higher functions were reduced to only those that were deemed essential to complete sexual tasks. Given that the fall she had suffered moments before had completely shattered one of her power management circuits, there were no safeguards in place to end the cycle, save for an overload-induced orgasmic emergency shutdown.

“I am. Am. A-aaaam. I am se-se-sexy robo-do-ooooll. Fucking hot. -click- Fu-fucking ho-hoooooott...” she stuttered as her systems were becoming more and more unstable with every passing second. The sparks flying inside and outside of her plastic chassis were now accompanied by electrical arcs jumping between her circuits, causing her systems to grow even more unstable and puffs of smoke to start billowing from the cracks and holes in her body. Her emergency subsystems kicked in and attempted to cut off power to all but the most basic components in order to stop her from damaging herself further, but it was all for naught. The fruit juice, combined with copious amounts of lubricant gushing from her rubber pussy, left her internals completely soaked and prone to electrical short circuits, essentially forcing all of her circuit assemblies and major components to stay online and continue overloading themselves no matter what.

Any hope of the Rena-doll’s systems regaining stability had disappeared, as she was all but reduced to a glitching, twitching doll automaton, capable only of thinking about how much of a sexy robot doll she was and how good the electricity coursing through her body felt. Her movements were completely uncoordinated, from the erratic spasms of her arms and legs to the random tics of her facial features. Her vocalizations were even less coherent, consisting mostly of distorted moans and malformed error messages. The only words she could utter that made a semblance of sense were ‘sexy’, ‘hot’, ‘robot’, ‘doll’, etc., with no such instance being used in a complete sentence or phrase.

The small Rena-bot’s internals and plastic exterior were lit up with sparks and electrical arcs. The soundscape of the greenhouse was thoroughly polluted with electrical buzzing, the whining of high-pitched servos, distorted hissing from burnt and ruined circuitry, and a heavily-distorted, robotic female voice uttering random, nonsensical syllables. The cacophony of mechanical failure steadily rose in pitch and intensity, until finally, a sharp snap and a bright flash of light emanated from the broken robo-doll, and she lay completely motionless and lifeless on the floor, with black and while smoke pouring from the seams and tears in her chassis. All that could be heard from her body was one phrase, repeated over and over in a tinny, distorted, monotone voice. “Sexy. So good. Error. Sexy. So good. Error. Sexy. So good...”

She continued to say nothing else, her face and lips frozen and contorted into a bizarre expression of overwhelming ecstasy. Eventually, her power reserves had run completely dry, and her voice dwindled down like a cheap toy with old batteries, until she uttered the phrase one final time before falling completely silent.

Days turned into weeks as the mangled robot doll lay motionless in the greenhouse. The local fauna passed it by, occasionally giving it a curious glance but leaving it relatively undisturbed. The only thing that interacted with the doll was the greenhouse’s integrated sprinkler system, which gradually washed away the fruit juice that was stuck onto its circuits.

Surprisingly, several of the doll’s auxiliary components were left intact, including the experimental solar panels embedded into her plastic exterior shell. The bright sunlight helped to evaporate the water in her internals, and after several weeks, her reserves had accumulated enough energy to boot back up. Over the course of roughly one month, the Rena-doll had made a miraculous recovery and was once again operational, albeit in a severely crippled condition. Her bootup sequence consisted of her circuits letting out several panicked beeps as they tried to self-repair and reroute power, as well as her incessant babbling consisting of a string of hastily smashed together error messages. Eventually, however, her neural systems managed to come online, and she was once again aware of herself in her surroundings. Her tactile sensors were going haywire, and was instantly thrust into a world of pain upon bootup as she called out in a strained voice: “Gyaaaah…!! What… Is going on…!?”

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