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Written by Mirage

Remote me!

"Lynn, come here." I yelled out, opening the packaging.

Lynn came in the room with a pot in her hand "What? I am trying to cook you dinner." she said quickly.

"Please sit here for a second." I asked her.

"What now?" she gasped, sitting beside me on the couch.

"Mmm, okay." I said, finishing reading the instructions.

I quickly inserted my index finger in her left ear and pressed the small concealed button. Lynn flinched and her forehead opened up, revealing slots and various cable plugging.

"HEY! What do you think you are doing??" She asked, mad at me.

I ignored her complaints and inserted a small computer card into one of the slots and waited for it to boot up. Lynn opened her eyes wide open (even if her eyes were small, after all, she is an Asian model).

"Systems rebooting" she said in her robotic voice. She blinked and gave a pissed off look, "Can I go back to the kitchen now?"

I nodded as I watched her closed her forehead and went back to cooking. I reached for my new toy, a remote.

I looked at the touch screen and chose "Pause" and pressed it. Lynn suddenly stop moving in mid action.

"Cool!" I told myself. I went to her and grabbed one of her big breast. She didn't flinched or nothing.

She was a statue until I repress the pause button. She acted like nothing happen and continued her cooking.

I waited until she was done cooking and she then sat beside me, watching me eat. She saw the remote and asked, “is it a remote?"

I said, "no shit”

“But for what?" she asked, grabbing it.

"Sex mode? Slave mode? What are these?” She questioned out loud, going to the menu on the small screen on the remote.

"Try one, you will see." I told her, finishing the food.

"Let's try sex mode." she grinned.

As she pressed on the mode, she gasped out a loud breath, as she just had an orgasm.

She looked at me, confused and excited at the same time "I am so horny... please fuck me hard..." she mumbled out.

I remove her clothing and laid her naked on the table, I spread her legs open. She remained in sex mode, waiting for me to do any actions. Usually, when we have sex, she is the one in control.

I removed my pants and underwear and inserted myself deep inside her. She squealed as I fucked her hard. Her big breasts moved up and down, almost hypnotically.

I grabbed both with my hands and she yelled a small scream of excitement. We reached both our limits and exploded. As I sat on a chair, regaining my breath, she laid on her back, naked on the dining table, still in sex mode.

I reached for the remote and turn off "sex mode". Lynn sat up and gave me an angry look, "That remote is for me??? How dare you! It's not enough that I clean, cook and do everything for you, you turn me into a sex t.o.y.y."

As I turned her off with the remote, I yelled at her, "Fuck Yeah! You're my biatch now! Finally!"

I took a deep breath and laughed out loud. "Fucking robot.. I loved you! But you became crazy with obsession and with jealousy. "You couldn't let me go, so, you made me your slave. Now, it's my turn.”

Slowly, I studied the blank look she had, as she was shut down completely. "You got me pussy whipped for way too long, Lynn. I might just be human to you, but I have rights too!" I yelled at her, even though she was offline.

"Things will be different now." I said as I chose "slave mode" and reactivated her. "

Yes, master." she said in a cold voice.

"Now, gimme MY remote." I told her.

She got up and opened her stomach panel. She reached inside herself and removed a remote control from it. She gave me the remote with my name on it and I smashed it on the floor hard, "That bitch, controlling me anytime she wanted." I told myself.

I looked at her and gave her one last command before she was going to operate me, "Now, you will remove the chip you had inserted inside my brain, okay?" I asked her.

"Yes, master." she said.

"Freaking control freak." I mumbled out, looking at her as she prep me and herself to remove the chip in my brain.

The end

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