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Written by Mirage


It was at least around 2am when I was sitting at my usual table, I heard these two guys arguing.

"Human pussy is the best! No! Android pussy is the best!!" they were shouting at each other, trying to make the other one agree with his opinion.

I smiled and got up and walked up to them.

"Guys, guys, let me tell you my story and this will help you sort your differences on this touchy subject." I told them, grabbing a stool to sit beside them at the bar.

They both looked at me surprised at my action but smiled and let me continue talking.

"It was two years ago, I was 28 and of course, always horny. I was dating here and there but was bored from all the sexual escapades I had already. Sure, the sex was good but it, it got routine. Pick up a girl, buy her a few drinks, give her some sweet talking, and bang, in the bed, easy as that. True, my looks helped a lot. Not trying to sound so shallow, but women find me handsome." I said, both guys nodding, knowing I am good looking, that is a fact.

"One day, I was sitting on a bench in a park waiting for one of my old buddies from college. He was pretty smart, he was a computer whiz, working for this big shot tech company. He said to me, "Gary, I need your help on something."

I said sure, being his buddy. He slowly reached into his coat and showed me a remote control of some kind.

"You want me to watch TV with you or something?" I joked to him.

"No, no... see this thing, it's a remote control for androids, female ones!" he said, with a perverted smile.

"Female androids"? I laughed out. "I don't need those! I get real women anytime I want!" I boasted, knowing it was true.

My friend nodded "Yes, yes, I know... but still, ever fucked one? An android?" he asked me quickly.

"Nooo..." I slurred my speech, amused by him.

"Try this remote for one week and tell me about it!" he said, pushing the remote in my hands. "Please, you won't regret it!" he said, quickly getting up and going back to his job "one week! Ok?" he said, leaving alone on the beach, me holding his freaking remote.

"No regrets, eh?" I said to myself.

I paused and took a sip of my beer. Both guys were looking at me to continue my story with anticipation. I let out a small burp and took a deep breath.

"Where was I?.. oh yes... So, I took the remote control home and studied the buttons: ON, OFF, PAUSE, OPEN, BOOT, ERASE, and a plus sign +, a negative sign -, just like a volume control.

Pressing the open button, a small cartridge came out from the front. It was the size of a game boy cartridge, I guess. I was a bit puzzled by it a bit. I put the small cartridge back and pressed more buttons, but nothing else happened.

So, I decided to bring it to work the next day. My job, an office desk job somewhere I won't mention its location because it’s not important and might get me fired if they knew what I did.

So, I got in the elevator and some people also get in with me. I noticed this beautiful blonde get in. I slowly reach for the control in my pocket and pressed the on button. I then pressed the pause button on it.

Sadly, nothing happened and we all left the elevator. I sat at my desk and was thinking were I could find a female android here. Their existence at my job are sure to be real, but they are hard to find.

For security matters, we are not told who is a real human and who is artificial here. My boss came in and asked me to go look for a file at records. I left my office but brought the remote in my pocket. Arriving in the lower level of our office building, I went to the records room. Behind a desk was this cute secretary.

"Hi, how can I help you?" she said, greeting me.

"I am looking for this file." I told her, giving her the number file.

"One moment please, I'll go get it." she smiled and left behind some massive walls full of files. I suddenly got an impulse and ran behind her. Sneaking behind her, I grabbed the remote and press the pause button.

"YES!" I screamed to myself.

In mid walk, she just froze up instantly. I walked up to her and looked at the statue look in her face. I was amazed how technology had become at making machines so human looking. I then pressed the open button.

Suddenly, a small panel opened in her forehead. I looked at it and realized it was the size of the cartridge that also came out the remote. I grabbed the cartridge and insert it inside her head. The cartridge went in and the panel closed.

"What now?" I asked myself. I then look at the remote and pressed the button BOOT.

Suddenly, she let out a moan and came back to consciousness. I panicked, but she then suddenly kissed me hard. I was floored. I smiled at her and she smiled back "What can I do for you, master?" she said, wetting her lips with her tongue. I won't go into details, but let's just say I stayed in the record room most of the day.

"Sorry, I had to take a piss break." I smiled at the two men sitting at a table, waiting for my comeback. I sat and continued my story.

I was with the female android, behind some corridors of walls full of files in the record room. Before anything else, I ran to the entrance door, put a "gone to lunch" sign at the door and locked it from the inside.

"What is your name?" I asked her.

"Rebecca" she smiled.

"Well, Rebecca, you are now going to give me a very good blow job, okay?" I asked her.

She walked up to me and reached down and unzipped my pants and pulled my underwear down. Then, the android gave me the best blow job I ever had.

After a few minutes, lying on the floor, recuperating from the orgasm she gave me, I reached for the remote and tried the "-" and the "+" signs on it. She was standing there, waiting for more orders from me. Before I pressed any of the buttons, I asked her to get naked of course.

She had such a nice body. Perfect breasts, a small hairy bush, gorgeous slim figure. I then pressed the "+" sign on the remote to see what would happen.

"OOOhhhh...." she moaned out loud, clearly getting sexually aroused by me pressing the button.

I pressed the button more, keeping the finger on it a bit. "OOOOOOOOOHHHHHH YESSS!!!!!" she almost screamed, her left hand grabbing tight her right breasts and her other hand reaching her fingers deep inside her clearly wet pussy. Of course, this got me just as aroused as her.

I dropped the remote and grabbed her hard, pushed her on a table full of files, making them all fall on the floor. I didn't care that she was a machine, I fucked her like an animal. We both reached our climax and exploded hard. I almost passed out butt naked with her on the table, covered in my sweat.

Lying there, I stared at her, she was lying there, eyes closed, being so quiet and beautiful. I got up, got dressed, commanded her to do the same and grabbed the remote, I pressed the open button and retrieved the cartridge from her head. I then pressed the delete button, erasing our escapade from her mind. I turned the remote off and she opened her eyes like nothing had happened. She got me my file and I left the record room for my office.

"Where were you? You have been gone for almost three hours?" My boss yelled at me.

"I had trouble finding the file." I told her.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention, my boss was a tight ass bitch from hell. I guess she could be a looker, but she is a "feminist", if you understand my saying. She hated men and women, always having a power trip on her workers. I always said she needed a good fuck to pull out that pencil she got up her ass.

Then I got this idea, maybe the remote might work on her, heck, I would not be surprised of she was a freaking robot, sure acts like one. So, I secretly reached for the remote and pointed at her from my desk in her office. She was sitting there, writing on some forms. I then pressed the "+" sign to see if she would react.

A huge sexual "OOOOHHHHHH!!!!!!!" came out so loud from her, everyone in the office heard her clearly. She then quickly got up, confused.

I pressed the "+" button again, now even longer.

She moaned like a banshee, her eyes closed tight, she just stood there.

I released the button and she quickly closed the door. I ran to her door and got in her office and closed and locked it behind me.

"What is happening to me????" she asked quickly, confused by her sudden ecstasy of sexual arousal.

"What are you feeling?" I asked her, amused by her situation.

"I.. I.. Not.. Programmed for this...Help me.... not programmed... call the tech help line... Oohhh.. Not programmed.." she blurted out, obviously starting to malfunction.

I then took pity on her and pressed the "-" sign on the remote and lowered her libido to normal, which for her is zero.

"Ohh... returning to normal function..." she softly said. She sat in her chair, looking at me worried.

"Are you okay?" I asked her.

"You know I am an android. My identity is out, I must report this and they will replace me." she said, in a cold tone.

"Hey, relax, your secret is safe with me." I told her.

For the first time, I saw her smile, "Thank you. Still, I must report my malfunction to the higher ranks." she said, knowing they might still just replaced her by with a "non-malfunctioning" android.

"You don't need to! I got something that will make you okay." I told her, pressing the open button on the remote.

Still conscious, she saw a small door open in her forehead, "What is happening?"

"Shhh... relax" I told her, inserting the cartridge inside her head.

The cartridge went inside and the small door closed and I pressed "boot" on the remote. She closed her eyes and smiled, "Ohh." is all she said.

I then repressed the open button and removed the cartridge.

"Now, you are going to do your job like you always been doing, but be nicer to everyone." I commanded her.

"Yes, master.." she smiled.

"And don't call me master, call me Gary like you always did." I instructed her.

She nodded and went back to work like everything was normal. Before I left her office, I gave her one quick command. To book the small meeting room at 5:00pm for just me and her.

Around 5:00pm, almost everyone had left the floor, I waited for my boss to ask me to join her in the small meeting room. At exactly 5:00pm, she came to my desk and asked me to join her. We got in the meeting room and closed the door. She then just stood there, like a frozen statue.

"Boss.. Er,, I mean Dominic, tell me about yourself. What do you do after work?" I asked her.

"My name is Dominic Herber, android mark 54-E office-type, programmed in various high decision making office duty. I was fully activated four years, eight months, seven weeks, three days and 3.9 hours ago. After all staff leaves, I go recharge my batteries in my office and go offline until I am reactivated by motion sensors at the entrance of the elevators." she informed me.

“Well, tonight, you are not staying alone in your office, you are going to my place." I told her.

"Negative, this android cannot leave the premises, she is property of this establishment." she said quickly.

"Shit.. Oh well, get naked, we will fuck each other in this room." I said quickly. She got naked and stood there like before.

I realized she had the very same body, exactly like the android secretary in the record room. Still, that didn't stop me from fucking her. After a few minutes, I felt something was missing, so, I grabbed the remote and pressed the "+" sign to make her more sexual.

To my surprise, I heard another moan coming from the hallway, outside the door. I peered out and saw the cleaning lady, who just moaned too. I grabbed the remote and pressed the pause button. Dominic paused like a statue, but also the cleaning lady too.

“TWO FEMALE ANDROIDS!!!!! Oh yes!!!!”

I grabbed the cleaning lady and dragged her in the room. She was a nice Spanish-looking young woman. I pressed the open button and repeated the action I did to Dominic to this cleaning lady.

After booting up her sexual programs, she was now my sex slave too. "Alisa" was her name. I pressed the "+" button until both of their pussy were almost leaking lubrication from their sexual ecstasy. I fucked them both together, sometimes watched them fucked each other while I was resting between the massive orgasms I was having.

Around 10pm, I erased the cleaning lady's memories but keep Dominic memories intact. I didn't want her to loose any data that she learned from tonight. I ordered her again to act normal in the office like she always did. But I did tell her to sexually surprise me sometimes, like meet me in front of the women bathroom, sneaking inside and locking the door and fuck each other quickly. Stuff like that.

Arriving home late, I called my buddy who lend me the remote.

"You fucking weirdo, you got me fucking machines!" I laughed out.

"So, the remote is working? Excellent! Again, keep it for a week and call me next Monday, ok?" he asked me.

"One last question, are all female androids the same body?" I asked him.

"Well, most of them are. They all have the same sexual equipment, just not the programming. Most are completely non-active, this is where the small cartridge comes in. It holds all sexual programs and data you need to turn any android into a real sex machine. The reason why they have all the same body is to save money when making armies of them at the factories. Sometimes, you might find a custom android, but these are rare." he answered my question.

I thanked him and went to bed pretty sore.

I woke up the next day late for work, with a pretty sore dick. I didn't regret it, trust me. Arriving at work, Dominic was pissed at me for being late.

"I want to see you in my office right now!" she yelled at me in front of everyone.

"You are going to get it." chuckled one co-worker, knowing what a bitch she was.

"Close the door and lock it!" she said so seriously.

I did, actually a bit afraid from her rage. She then walked up to me and grabbed my balls hard, "Fuck me right now, master." she whispered to me.

"Okay..." I mumbled, dumbfounded.

So, the most quietly possible, we fucked each other on her desk. She was on top of me, riding me, moving slowly up and down I then notice her bellybutton was strange. I inserted one finger in it.

Suddenly, right between her breasts to her lower belly, a giant seam formed and two big panels open slowly, from her side ribs to her right breasts and the same for the left side. She didn't pay attention or care that her chest and stomach was fully opened, revealing her electronic inners. I was speechless. Circuits and wires were all wrapped inside a metallic skeleton frame covered by an artificial flesh skin suit.

Suddenly, Dominic stopped moving and reached her climax and had her orgasm. It was a strange sight, some circuits were flashing extremely quickly and then suddenly almost all froze when she had the orgasm. I even heard her main hard-drive spinning so quickly, and then almost immediately stopped. I guess for a nano-click, all her system freeze up. She let out a small pant and laid on top of me, exhausted.

Myself, I was almost reaching my climax, I pushed her and got on top of her. But before I could insert myself, I released all my sperm on top of her. Actually, in her. My semen went on her open circuits everywhere. I panicked and reached for something to remove my semen from her circuits.

Giggling, she said, "Don't worry about it... it won't damage me.. Damage me.. Damage me... Damage me...Damage me." she kept repeating herself, a small puff of smoke coming out from one of her primary drive that was covered by semen.

Of course, I was in full panic. And of course, someone started to knock at the door, asking if everything was okay. I was in deep shit, my naked android boss, lying fully open panels, circuits covered by my semen, me also almost naked, seeing the door handle being open by a key. Yes, I was in shit.

Taking a pause from my story, I ordered another beer for me and my audience. I then notice it grew to six people now, listening to my story. I went for a piss and came back to sit and continue my tale.

Slowly, the door started to open. I ran and pushed my weight against it.

"Hey! What's happening in there?" asked Robert, one of my co-worker who is always snooping around for gossip.

"Me and our boss are busy fucking each other, and if you tell one soul, she will fire you so quick, your head will spin!" I grinned at him, through a small crack in the doorway.

"Ok.. Ok.. I'm leaving." he bitched, leaving the door.

One emergency averted, now the next one. Grabbing the remote, I pressed the pause button and made my boss shut the fuck up. Called my buddy who gave me the remote to immediately come here and fixed her up, since he's the android specialist. After one hour of waiting in her office, my friend came.

"Phil, you gotta fix her up!" I begged him.

After chuckling at my situation, he repaired and reactivated her. She acted like nothing had happened and we all went back to work quickly. Before Phil left, he asked me strangely how was the sex and if it hurt. I laughed out no and said it was wonderful. He smiled and left for his job.

I realized it was too risky to use the remote at work, so, I decided to bring it with me at a few nightly different locations. First, at an expensive restaurant, I used the remote on their entrance hostess android and fucked her in the men’s bathroom. Next, I went to the movies and screwed with the ticket attendant android. Even at a parking garage, I had fun with an android parking valet. All female, of course.

The next morning, I decided to take the day off and go to the Disney resort close to my city. Of course, I brought the remote. Let's see, I secretly screwed most of the androids from story land, Cinderella, Snow white, that sexy evil witch, Red riding Hood...a few more that I can't remember. All of them had great cha-chas. Mmmm.. Best day at Disney I ever had.

The next few days were mostly like this, sex everywhere with almost any female android I could meet, it was the best.

Then it happened. Sunday, my balls and dick felt they were on fire. I looked in the mirror and they were extremely swollen. I called my pal Phil to ask him if he knew something about this.

"Come to my house right now." he asked me.

Arriving at his house, I was walking like a cowboy who rode his horse for 24 hours non-stop. Unzipping my pants, he looked at my problem and expressed painful sentiment to me. "I heard rumors about this, but I didn't know they were true." he mumble.

"What the fuck are you talking about?" I quizzed him quickly.

“Let's get you to a doctor right now!" he quickly ignored my question.

Dropping me off at the doctor, he said he needed to get something urgently. The minute I entered the doctor's office, the doc saw me and rushed me in emergency.

"Doc, what's wrong with me???" I asked him scared.

“Sir, have you been having sexual encounters with female androids lately?" he asked me seriously.

I nodded. The doc sighed and left the room for a second and came back with some sawing tools.

"WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME???" I almost screamed at him, now totally scared shit less.

"Sir, if we don't remove your testicles and penis right now, you will die in about 24 hours." he said extremely concerned about my life.

"HOW?? WHAT??" I asked quickly, grabbing my crotch, protecting it.

The doctor paused and sat beside me and explained to me what my friend Phil didn't mention to me.

"Some companies who have female androids, secretly install a special cream inside the vaginal cavity of the androids that, when penetrated by a human male, releases a lethal chemical reaction that penetrate the membrane of the penis and incubate a spore that will kill the human host in about a week. The only way to stop it, is to remove the infected organs, where the spores are breeding. Sadly, you are at the last stage of the incubation." the doctor explained.

I cried for about one hour and let the doctor do his magic on me.

So, now I knew why my friend Phil asked me to try the remote before him, to see if the rumors were true, and sadly, they were. Phil, of course, disappeared, knowing I would kill him if I ever met him again. In conclusion, the doctor chopped everything off and I am still alive eight months after this event in my life.

Now, everyone in the bar was listening at me, staring at my crotch, somewhat disgusted or frightened in some way.

"Your bullshitting us? Right?" asked one of the guys who I started telling my tale for.

I unzipped my pants and showed I was now a Eunuch.

"One last word, android pussy is the best, but not worth the price!" I smiled, finishing my 8th beer.

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