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Jessica sat in the waiting room of the office patiently waiting to be called for her meeting. Having just moved to a new state she was finishing up updating all her information for billing car registration, licensing this was the final thing and I was not something she was looking forward to.

“Miss they are ready for you, just go to room 16” the receptionist said

“Thank you” Jessica answered as she entered the hallway, she entered the room it was a simple white office with work station chairs and a table. Jessica sat patiently for a few min till the door opens and a young woman not much older than herself walked in.

“Good afternoon Jessica I am Sara how are you doing?” She greets her

“I am fine just looking to get this registration done” Jessica says handing over some paper work to Sara, she looks it over “ok this seems all I order can you confirm the information pleases”

“Yes I am a Eastech 2300 gen 2 “Ashley” model Android designated Jessica, serial number 83355DF1” She says matter of factly

“Ok that all seems to be in order let’s get this started so we can get you on your way, why don’t you stand up for me so I can get some pictures of you” Sara said with a pleasant tone she knew she didn’t need to take with the android woman at this point.

Jessica stands up perfectly straight as Sarah takes pictures of her from every side. State laws required androids to be retested with the government in case of accidents or malfunctions I which law enforcement would need to be involved. While some self owned and sentient androids took issue with these laws, the majority were ok with complying as it allowed them to keep there independent status.

“Ok next I need pictures with out your cloths on I can step out if you would like” Sara’s says

“oh that’s not necessary” Jessica responds as she starts to remove her shirt

In normal situations she would never strip in front of a stranger like this, but in this setting that she is strictly viewed as an associate her social cues programming is not necessary. She slides out of her pants and is in a simple black lace thong and bra.

“Is this good or fully nude?” Jessica asked

“Fully nude please” Sara responds looking at her notes

Jessica removes her bra and panties and stand at attention waiting for Sara. Jessica regardless of the situation and programmed response Jessica was proud of her body standing 5’6” blonde shoulder length hair 36 DD breast and a lovely backside she was built to appear ultra realistic with only a few signs of her artificial nature. A mark behind her left ear to show where her emergency command button was along with an power button, also close inspection of her eyes will reveal they do not dilate at the same speed or consistency as a human eye. She continues to stand still at attention as Sara takes the same pictures as she did earlier. Sara puts the camera away and walks over to Jessica.

“So how long have you been in town?” Sara asks kindly

“About a month I love it here so far” Jessica responds excitedly

“That’s great! I think you will love it here there are a large android community here if you don’t want to always mingle with humans, sometimes you just want to talk with someone who knows the machine aspect of your life you know’?” Sara said as she began to look over Jessica’s body

Jessica turner her head towards Sara

“You’re an Android?” She said with surprise Jessica had always prided herself on being able to spot another android when she’s out and about. With all the changes and things to do with moving and a new job she had had so much going on she wasn’t as attentive as she usually is.

“Yes I am I have been in this body 4 years 8 months 22 days, my A.I. has been active down 13 years 6 months 8 days” Sara raddled off like nothing, as she checks Jessica’s body for any markings she needs to make note of.

“That’s neat! you are well built I couldn’t .... even.... te...” Jessica’s words trailed off as she was distracted by the sensation of Sara’s hands on her body

“Sorry i should have known better and shut down my arousal program” Jessica said with a bit of embarrassment.

“Oh no need to be embarrassed happens all the time to me” Sara laughs

“Why don’t you lay in the table and I can do the physical internal check and get you on your way” Sara says

Jessica sits up on the table and lays down on her back. Sara walks over and presses her bellybutton and with a click her main panel unseals and Sara opens it up exposing Jessica’s robotic nature. Sara begins to examine the inside of Jessica making mental notes as she catalogs specific serial numbers. With the rise of android citizens and In the case of an android being kidnapped and scrapped having a data base of specific component and serial snd ID numbers has become a valuable asset in crime prevention and the safety of androids sentient and not.

“So have you gotten out to see any of the city yet?” Sara makes small talk as she does her work

“Not much I have gone to a bar that my neighbor suggested a couple times, it was a nice dive bar nothing special got to see the local vibe, for the most part I have just been going to work and getting my apartment in order” Jessica responds

“Oh I understand there is so much that you have to do when you move, especially for us” Sara laughs “have you found a repair shop yet?”

“No I haven’t I’m still set up to alert my ex If anything goes wrong, he said he will help out until I get situated here” Jessica explains

“Well that is very nice of him non of my old boyfriends would ever do that” Sara says as she does to Jessica’s breast and places her thumb and pointer finger on each nipple and pulls them hard.

“Ohu..... chest panel opening .” Jessica says in a slight monotone voice ... Sara opens up the chest panel line French doors going to the right and left split right down the sternum.

“Sorry didn’t mean to not give you a heads up, I’m more used to doing this for more commercial units not a full class 3 “ Sara apologizes

“It’s ok! I guess it’s also a surprise because that panel doesn’t get opened too much especially if I’m not in maintenance mode.” Jessica says

“I can put you in maintenance mode if you would prefer for the rest of this?” Sara offered

“No I’m perfectly fine” Jessica assures her “I enjoy being fully online when I’m being worked on or opened up” she continued with a bit of embarrassment in her voice caused by her human emulation software. Both women were well aware most androids are aroused by there robotic nature weather by intentional programming or in certain A.I’s cases a organic evolution into having a robot kink, but nearly all androids were turned on by there artificial nature.

“Completely understandable last month a had a complete service and they kept me online through almost the the whole process until I just about crashed from the arousal data” Sara says she she finishes checking the serial numbers and closes Jessica’s chest. Jessica registers the slight squeeze Sara gave both her breast after she closed her up. While It could have just been coincidence she assumed that Sara was attracted to what she was seeing.

Sara goes back to her notes as Jessica lays there perfectly still. Sara walks around to the head of the table and places her hands on each side of Jessica’s head she turns it as far as she can to the right then then as far as she can to the left the she pulls up on her head causing it to disconnect from the rest of her body. Sara turns her head over she looks for and registers a serial number barcode in Jessica’s neck. She sets her head down another table and examine the connection port inside the body.

Jessica now facing her body she watched as Sara continues her inspection. Opening up panels in her arms and legs taking notes and closing them back up. Jessica’s head reacted with a slight gasp when she felt one finger slide in your vagina and one in her asshole she felt a pinch and her legs automatically spread and her vaginal module ejects from inside of her. Sara slides her fingers out of Jessica paying no attention to she fluid that has coated her finger, and had coated Jessica’s labia. Sara examines the module taking down the info. Jessica had spent quite a bit of money on upgrading her sexual systems hardware and software, it was near top of the line guaranteeing not only the best experience for her partner but also the best for herself.

As Sara looks it over and takes down serial numbers she says “oh you have quite the set up here..” she pauses blushing ..” I am so sorry I shouldn’t have said that that was so inappropriate “ she apologizes Jessica laughed “it’s ok, thank you yes I decided to treat myself and get a new vaginal unit a few weeks back, it has been such a good decision, the feed back in fantastic”

“That’s fantastic, my husband and I are considering a full upgrade this year, after a while being refurbished it just isn’t getting the same results” Sara says. realizing what they were taking about and tried to be more professional. “Umm yes so let me finish a few things her and I will get you back together and on your way”

Sara enters some data in the computer then goes over to Jessica’s head and gently reattaches it to her body, with a light click Jessica’s head attaches and her eyes flash signaling a proper connection. Sara closes the remaining panels and wipes down Jessica’s body

“sorry if this is intrusive it’s department policy” she explains

“It’s ok this is nothing compared to the last few minutes” Jessica says laughing

“That is true, on you are good to get dressed let me just grab your paperwork and you will be in your way” Sara says

Jessica gets dressed and sits patiently for Sara to come back in the room. A few minutes later Sara comes back into the room with a manila envelope.

“Ok Jessica here is all your state registration paperwork with updated information As well as your temporary state ID, the permanent one will be mailed to you in about 3-4 weeks along with your registration sticker you just have to put it somewhere in your abdominal cavity, I’m sure you know this but I’m programmed to let you know you must keep it with you like any other form of ID… oh and here is my information if there is anything you need in regards to finding robot friendly businesses, or need any help in finding service companies I know it can be a bit of a overwhelming task to move to a new area I hope I can make it easier for you l” Sara says

“Thank you very much I will most likely be taking you up on that” Jessica responds taking the envelope and card from Sara.

Jessica walks out to her car and takes off now that everything is all squared away she is ready to get on with her life in her new city and state.

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