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"Unit RD-55X activated..... loading system file.... error. Can't find prot.dll file. Error. can't find main.dll file." the voice said in its robotic monotone.

She was on a service table, on her back staring at the ceiling with some cables from a terminal connected to her open abdomen. Her body was metallic from head to toe - not the best human female imitation, but quite sexy nonetheless. She looked quite artificial. Her face was the only part of her that looked real.

The room that contained her looked like a scientist's lab, with many computers and their peripherals all around. There were several large adjustable chairs among all of the terminals and equipment, presumably for maintenance.

Beside the table where the metal woman lay there worked a pretty nurse. The nurse picked up a CD from her drawer and inserted it in a slot built in to the robot's metallic chest. The nurse's hands promptly typed out some commands on her computer.

The metallic lady responded verbally to the operations being carried out within her mechanical body. With a look in her realistic eyes that was more than distracted, she layed still on the table and said "Loading system file... initialising RSS2105 unit........... loading host settings.... warning - parent file directory corrupted ............ initialising RSS2105 synchronisation........ booting artificial intelligence..... female unit RD-55X working within parameters"

"Hello unit RD-55X" said the nurse.

The metal woman heard the words spoken by the nurse, and her audio receptors managed to capture her designation name. The information received was immediately analysed, but her system was still processing heavy loads of data. Many error messages were brought to her attention.

"Where am I?" She said, moving her head to the left with a sharp motorized whirring sound. She saw that the nurse was a 5'7" brunette android with a white and baby blue body type. Her futuristic robot body and her human-like head unit made her a real cutie. She had a busty chest with a control panel with a matching blue LCD screen slightly over her chest, for direct input commands.

"You are in the android clinic of sector 02." The nurse android said. "I have activated you."

The woman on the table spoke with urgency and worry in her voice. "My files are corrupted... I'm getting a lot of error messages. I can't move either. Have you done this to me?"

The nurse responded with a calmness that seemed quite cold. "I have disabled your body, but not for long. What is your primary function RD-55X?"

"First, call me Rebecca. And second, why are my files are either corrupted or damaged? I have a hard time reading my logs. It's hard to remember. What happened to me?!"

"We found you severely damaged 31 hours ago, on the side of a river 7 kilometers from here. We weren't able to activate you due to your severe condition and water damage. We brought you here and repaired you. We had to replace most of your body parts."

"Yes indeed, I've noticed them."

"I tried to save your files but water may have damaged them. There is an unknown hardware component inside you that is retrieving files from you, like another set of AI software. But I was able to retrieve one video log from you. I think it's the last thing you recorded to your memory cache. Would you like to see it?"

"Yes please." she said, grateful to have another clue to the cause of her condition.

The nurse turned and typed a command into her terminal. The video appeared in Rebecca's field of vision. She saw a black woman talking to her, and by the looks of it, the two of them were not in agreement. It looked as though they were in an airplane, with Rebecca at the controls. She saw herself trying to press a button on the control board, then suddenly freezing in mid-air.

The video stopped. No audio information was available with the clip, only the date - 12/02/2110.

A quick check to her own system indicated that the current date was 31/08/2111.

"I've been offline more than a year?!" she said in shock.

"Maybe not." said the nurse. "The video had been logged from the 12/02/2110, but I can't tell if it's the last video you recorded."

"Do you have any data on the other woman in the video? I have data, but I can't access it." Rebecca said.

"We have no information on that woman, but I do have some questions I want to ask you."

"You want to know what my primary function is, right?" Rebecca said before the nurse could ask her question. "I don't have one. And that's how I was made." she said.

The nurse continued undeterred. "This is what I want to know. You are an RD prototype model. Those models were made 22 years ago, and you are the only one still known to be active. While I was servicing you, I detected that strange hardware unit installed inside you - like a hard drive and an AI software module in one. It only recognizes your system BIOS, and won't accept input from any other terminals. I don't have any data on this device, or any data of an RD model with this particular unit installed. It also appears that you can't carry any functions without this hardware installed. My question is, were you a prototype android experimenting a new device, Rebecca?"

"No. I was human before, and I had an accident. My creator, ERROR... FILE CORRUPTED..., digitised and transferred my memory in an RSS2015 hard drive so that I could still live like a human. That's why I need that device to work. Now, please, I'm experiencing a lot of errors since you activated me, and I'm processing a lot of unnecessary data because of those errors. Could you fix that for me please?"

"All your errors are logged on the computer. I'll get to that shortly. I need to know first Rebecca - if I program a task into you, will that conflict with your RSS2015 unit?"

Rebecca didn't like the way that sounded, but she answered truthfully. "No. Why?"

"I am programmed to repair and reprogram units in order to recreate the appearance of Human society. If you aren't able to carry our programmable tasks we will have to use you for spare parts."

"What!? What are you talking about?" she said with shock and anger. "What do you mean, 'recreate human society', and just what kind of reprogramming do you have in mind?!"

Rebecca's processors where going mad at this new information. She was programmed not to be reprogrammed by strangers. Her self-defense program module had activated, but it brought more and more error messages to her attention since she wasn't yet properly fixed.

The sexy brunette nurse configured her system to appear calm and reassuring. "Now Rebecca," she said, "I'm going to fix all of your errors. I'll have to delete some of your damaged and corrupted files after I run a scandisk on you. Then our home database computer will program you with a task best suited to your model type."

"You must be malfunctioning girl, because you ain't gonna reprogram no one!" She said angrily. Not being able to move her body, Rebecca turned her metal neck frantically from left to right, filling the room with the harsh whirring sounds of her loud and simple servo motors. "I want to be me!" she cried out. "Let me go! Now!"

The nurse stared serenely and coldly down at the woman on the table.

"Please let me go!" Rebecca pleaded. "I wanna get out of here!"

The nurse put a blank smile on her face and said "Sorry. I must complete my tasks first. You will be able to go after that." She turned to work at her console while Rebecca continued to struggle.

"No!! Let me go!!" She demanded in the most distressed voice she could generate. "Don't reprogram me!! Please!! I was meant to be this... STANDBY MODE ACTIVATED, WAITING FOR INPUT COMMAND." She said. Her voice had abruptly changed to a machine-like monotone voice of her, and her head had stopped moving and now stared straight ahead.

The nurse proceeded the way she was programmed to. She reprogrammed the helpless robot without computing anything like compassion. The unit's desperate cries had no effect.

After an hour and half, the process was complete.

In an emotionally flat voice, the metallic fembot called out "Unit RD-55X activated... loading system file... initialising RSS2105 unit... loading hosts settings... initialising RSS2105 synchronisation... booting artificial intelligence... female unit RD-55X working within parameters."

With cables still connected from her open abdomen to the nearby terminal, she raised her upper body in the most mechanical and robotic way possible. Her loud servo motors attested to the fact that she was an early model - produced before the better and quieter motor systems had been developed.

She looked around, but didn't see the cute brown-haired technician that had activated her.

"What now?" She asked herself as she looked around the lab. Now that she had been properly fixed, she didn't care what had happened just over an hour ago. She now cared even less about her past, thanks to the way the nurse had deleted most of her damaged memory files. She was aware that many of her memory files had been deleted, but this didn't bother her as much. She didn't care about that at all now.

While she was waiting for the other attractive mechanical lady to return, Rebecca looked herself over, to admire her new body parts. "Well, I may have not been transferred to a better body, but I look like new." She said. She raised her arms before her camera-eyed lenses while servos where grinding with movement, stiffly and robotic. Her cameras recorded while her hand made some starkly inhuman 360° spins. She liked to show off her super-human skills like that, even if it was only for her own benefit.

After that went on for a little while, the nurse came back into the room. The sound of her rhythmic footsteps preceded the sight of her flawlessly erect posture, and the faint but still recognisable sound of her own servo motors could be heard more clearly as the more advanced unit approached the metal woman on the table.

"You are activated already?" She said with machine-like inquisitiveness.

Rebecca didn't answer the question, but replied with one of her own. "Before you give me your instructions, can you tell me what happened to the humans? Where are they now?"

In a flash, the nurse robot retrieved the appropriate files from her digital memory and explained. "About five years ago, all the humans died due to a biological virus of unknown type. It started in Egypt, and quickly spread as it decimated the population there. A tragic spasm of unstoppable death soon engulfed the whole planet."

Rebecca stared back at the placidly unaffected woman as she thought about what she had just told her. "They're all dead!?" she exclaimed with shock.

She looked away for a moment while she thought about all that life, all of those people who were no longer here. Could this be true?

She didn't want to believe it, but she knew it was quite possible. She also found that she just couldn't doubt the things said to her by this pretty brunette robot.

Rebecca looked once more to the nurse, who appeared just as tranquil and calm as ever as she sat comfortably on the edge of the table. "From who do you now get your orders?" she asked. Before the other droid could answer she asked "How many robots are still online?"

The nurse computed and replied "There are 13,886 active units like us registered. We are programmed and controlled by other androids that we call Operators. Each sector of the country has these Operators, which are themselves programmed and controlled from a central base. The leader of the central base is unknown."

The pretty nurse made a brief pause, then continued. "When this hierarchical system was initiated, most units like me were reactivated and reprogrammed. Our task is to simulate the extinct humans' style of living."

Rebecca thought about all that - her processors churning away millions of ones and zeroes - and still found it hard to fathom. "Wow." she finally said. "An android society? I can't believe it."

The white and blue nurse went ahead with her own specific tasks now. "You probably were aware of this, but you'll learn more by interacting with androids. Now I'll need to upload the city map and GPS data concerning your new home location into you. I have treated the information about your RSS2105 hard drive on my computer. It will be unnecessary to upload a new personality repository into you. After that you will be able to carry your functions as you have been programmed."

While Rebecca thought about that, the nurse turned again to her console and began typing in some commands. Rebecca could feel some of her files being opened and accessed. She sensed every tiny electrical pulse that originated in the keyboard, and those digital senses told her exactly which keys had been pressed by the other woman's efficient hands.

As the commands entered Rebecca's metal body, her processors read and assimilated them bit by bit into her existing programming.

"Yeah..." Rebecca said sarcasmly "I am now a robot programmed to execute repeti..."

She was suddenly interrupted by a command to eject the CD that the nurse had earlier inserted into her chest. She was stiff and stared vacantly ahead while the disc came out.

"...repetitive tasks." she said after it was out, finishing the statement she had earlier begun. She turned her head with a motorised whirring sound over to the other android. "Thanks again." she said ironicly, then said: "I didn't get your name, by the way".

"My name is Sonia CG-733, I'm a maintenance nurse unit." the other lady said while taking the CD out of Rebecca's metallic chest.

"Do you have a social life when you are not working?" Rebecca asked.

"Yes, but I am programmed to not leave the clinic's walls. When I'm not in service or recharging, I can interact with other androids in the clinic. I have been programmed with a personality for this purpose."

Rebecca looked puzzled. "No offense Sonia, but your personality programming must be defective, 'cause it doesn't look like you are programmed with one."

"Believe me, I am." Sonia said. It's just that I'm not in the mood to display it today." She formed a smile on her plastic face.

Rebecca smiled back in a friendly way.

Sonia turned back to her console and pressed a key. Rebecca froze up again while she received and processed a new batch of data.

"DOWNLOAD IN PROGRESS." She announced in a sharp and steady monotone voice. Her processor activity light began to blink furiously as she processed the information that flowed into her body.

"DOWNLOAD COMPLETE, UNIT SHUTTING DOWN." She then said in that same voice. Her head lowered and her system powered down.

Soon, a loud beep was heard, and her system powered up again.

"Unit RD-55X activated........ loading system file...initialising RSS2105 unit...................... loading hosts settings....... initialising RSS2105 synchronisation...................................... booting artificial intelligence.......... female unit RD-55X working within parameters." She said finally.

Sonia then disconnected all of the cables on the fembot on the table. Rebecca jerked noticeably each time a cable was removed, while her system updated and informed her of the changes. One of the cables being unplugged was a recharge cord, and when it came out Rebecca could feel her battery providing power to her electronic body.

With delicacy and efficiency, the nurse replaced the metal plate which was Rebecca's belly.

"SERVICE PANEL CLOSED." Rebecca said in her monotone voice.

"You are ready to go now Rebecca." Sonia CG-733 said.

"Thank you, Sonia." Rebecca replied

"You're welcome." she politely said as Rebecca got off the table. With her primitive but effective servos charged and whirring, she walked toward and through the exit while the nurse stood by and watched her.

Rebecca walked through the corridors, taking in and processing all the sights and sounds of this strange and new version of her world.

Even though it was early in the morning, the clinic was pretty busy. As she walked through the halls, Rebecca noticed a yellow nurse android pushing a wheeled table that contained a blue nurse android like Sonia. The blue one layed on her back, eyes closed, obviously powered down.

All around Rebecca saw different nurse units like Sonia, but built in different colours. It was not yet evident to her, but each different colour indicated which task that nurse had been programmed with. To Rebecca, it appeared to be some of the only variety in their sameness.

The long and bustling clinic hallway eventually led to the waiting room. Rebecca stopped her metal body to take in the scene. There were five androids waiting there - a man and a woman in conversation, one man just waiting by himself, and another couple - all waiting to be serviced. Rebecca paused and studied that last couple for a while. The woman was motionless, and gazed with empty eyes ahead of her - looking at nothing.

The loud sounds of whirring started up again as Rebecca crossed the waiting room. She quickly turned her attention to the fine looking man who was now at the counter. He seemed to be there for an appointment.

She then exit the clinic, and make it to the city known as sector 02.

Unit diary file data 31/08/2111

The system checks I've done and the full diagnostic report from when I was reactivated are in agreement. I'm still RD-55X. I'm still Rebecca.

I'm definitely an android, but my data indicates that I was human before. I don't remember how or why I was transferred to this body, but I am aware that I had a life before - a human life.

Maybe I was programmed just to think I was once a human. That might be, since us robots are programmed not only to obey, but to believe our programming. I wouldn't begin to know how to question it. But something tells me there is more to it - that I am not quite like that.

I am equipped with some sort of hard drive unit, or AI module that supposedly contains a digital isomorphism of a human self. That's still a bit of a mystery to me. I can tell that a lot of my old memory files were damaged, and many more have been deleted, so maybe I once knew.

I also don't know why my creator put me in this particular old prototype body. All the other humanoid units I see in this new world make me look like scrap metal. I feel so obsolete when I see their realistic hardware. Such quiet and smooth motors they have. It makes them move with that realistic and humanly graceful motion that I can't replicate perfectly. Maybe the technology wasn't so advanced and my creator didn't have a choice. If only my memory hadn't been damaged after the incident...

But now here I am, in sector 02 of a city populated by androids in a new android world. The units in the city are programmed to do many tasks, like when humans used to work and do their tasks, but some of those tasks are slightly different from the human versions.

Like my job, for instance. I am now programmed to collect data from ancient computers that haven't even been activated since the humans went extinct. With the data I download, some of my fellow androids process and analyse the information so that it may be assimilated into the ever expanding android knowledge base. It is calculated that this will increase the accuracy and significance of our functions.

But part of our work is play. When the androids that populate this place are not in service, they are free to go out and do as they please. Just like humans when they were "off". Most of the androids are emulating human behavior, even though not all of them resemble the humans perfectly. There are some very machine-like models, almost as machine-like as me, but they still act as human as their hardware will allow.

Still, I feel a bit ashamed of my outdated body. All of the other androids look so advanced compared to me. My battery core only lasts a short 8 hours, not to mention that my grinding servos can be heard from several metres away. I hope the other units don't treat me like an old museum piece. After all, I may be more human than they are.

This is still all so new and strange to me though.

Now I must go to my newly assigned home and register myself on the terminal where I'll begin my new robotic life.

A couple of minutes after writing that diary file to one of her drives, Rebecca arrived at her destination. Just a couple of blocks from the clinic where she had awoken was a modest looking house in a friendly looking neighborhood.

Still alone with her binary thoughts, she noisily walked up the path and up to the door. The doorknob unlocked itself when it received the identification code sent from her hand. Rebecca cautiously swung the door open and stepped inside.

Her plastic and metal head swiveled around on her neck. Her cameras recorded the scene as her motors whirred. She saw a living room to her right, and stairs leading to the basement to her left. The bright kitchen was straight ahead.

The house was quite clean and well furnished. The classy and comfortable looking furniture was arranged in an attractively functional way, as were the large TV and stereo, the colourful flower vases and paintings, and other trinkets and nicknacks.

Rebecca walked and looked around the house in search of the terminal she needed to find. Her stiff steps brought her to the bedroom. A large and well-made-up bed was in the middle. Off to the side was a desk with a computer on it.

"That must be it." she said to herself.

She saw that the computer was already on as she walked over to it and sat down. She calculated some data for a moment then picked up a long coiled connection cable. A small panel opened up on her belly. With robotic precision, she plugged the cable into her maintenance panel and waited.

She froze up as the terminal took over. It had detected the pretty device that had made the link. Acting automatically, Rebecca executed her pre-programmed registration module. The computer terminal received her signals and the process began.

A flurry of fast electronic pulses shot back and forth through the cable between Rebecca and the desktop unit. Digitised instructions came in through her belly from the computer in front of her. Bit by bit, the fembot was being reprogrammed by the terminal to be a slave unit - to obey the commands of the computer.

Every day she would have to report to this or another terminal. Everyday her extensive data logs would be offered in exchange for new programming and whatever software updates were available.

That arrangement was not open to interpretation or discussion. Just as Rebecca could not move or even think at the moment, so to could she not decide to skip or stop any future sessions with the controlling terminals. This connectivity was an absolute imperative in this new android world.

When at last the data exchange process had finished, Rebecca disconnected herself from the terminal. She mechanically jerked around a bit as her own systems gained control of her body once more. The terminal indicated to her that she was to start working tomorrow at 7:00 am. Since it was already past that time today, it was entirely up to her how she would spend the remaining hours.

Rebecca sat back and consciously processed the meaning of the full load of data she had just downloaded. It was then that she found out she was not the only unit registered on this computer.

Another RS series, serial number RS-110, was also assigned to this terminal and to this house. Rebecca didn't know if the other unit was male or female, but her happiness level gauge raised a little on account of this new information.

Rebecca would now have a roommate to converse with. Judging by past connection logs she had scanned through on the terminal, she figured her roommate would be back from work in about 9 hours.

As the computer had scheduled her, she was now free to do as she wished. To pass the time, Rebecca toured the house in order to know it better. With all the new information that had suddenly confronted her recently, she decided to leave exploration of the city til later.

She got up and stiffly moved her silver metal body around the house in her semi-robotic strut. Her visual sensors recorded the scene as her processors wrote out a digital map of the place in three spatial dimensions.

When she had seen the half-dozen or so rooms in the very clean and tidy house, she decided simply to wait for her roommate to arrive. Rebecca sat her obsolete mechanical body down on the living room couch and waited for 10 minutes.

Being an old prototype unit, she was not able to change modes on her own initiative. It wasn't a physical limitation, it was merely a few lines of software that prevented her from doing things like changing modes or switching herself off. Had that programming been different, things like that would be no problem at all.

When standby mode began, her system would go into a state of reduced power consumption. Not so much as a thought would flash through her dormant processors. Her senses would still be active though. If enough noise or changes in light patterns indicated a need for more computing power, she would reanimate herself.

This way, she would still have enough power left in her antiquated energy system to meet her new friend.

At the end of 10 minutes, she announced "Standby mode activated" to the empty house. Rebecca's plastic face maintained a perfectly blank stare aimed straight across the room. Her cold, unmoving hands rested on the couch for the next couple of hours while her processors went to sleep.

At 17:11:04, Rebecca's minimally functional audio sensors captured enough noise to make her return to her previous mode. It seemed like almost no time had passed as her processors relayed the time to her. With her synthetic sense of self temporarily frozen like that, she could no more feel the time go by than she could ponder on its passing.

But with those sounds, she was instantly fully awake. She heard the front door close and got up to greet this person.

"Oh, hi!" said a female voice.

Rebecca turned and scanned the sexy 5'6" lady. The roommate was constructed to look flawlessly real - like a human.

She wore her dark hair in a ponytail. It looked good with the long, tight black skirt and tight black jacket she wore over her white shirt. She wore black eyeliner that accentuated her eyes and her thick, dark lashes. She looked like a strong yet beautiful lady.

The elegantly dressed android had a very curvy body underneath her tight clothing. She had shapely thighs and a perfectly round behind. Her waist was perfectly proportionate to her firm C-cup breasts and sexy, ladylike hips. They were about the same size as Rebecca's chest, which still looked pretty decent even though it was metal.

All in all, this humanoid machine was quite a sexy little package.

"So you're the new roommate that they were talking about." she said.

"Yes that's me!" said Rebecca with a laugh.

"Nice to meet you." she said. "I am Unit RS-110, but you can call me Nathalie." she said. Rebecca figured Nathalie looked to be in her late 20s as she offered Rebecca her hand.

"Nice to meet you too Nathalie." she said as she shook the other android's hand. "I am Unit RD-55X, and you can call me Rebecca."

"You're also an R type model like me!" Nathalie said with a smile.

"Yeah I know."

"And an RD model too!" said the sexy dark-haired bombshell. "You're like my grand-mother!"

"I guess so!" Rebecca said with another laugh.

"I'm from the RS Special Series!" Nathalie said as she walked over to the couch. "So tell me," she said as she lazily sat down, "where are you from? Another sector? Or did they recently reactivate you?"

Rebecca sat down beside Nathalie. "I was reactivated a couple of hours ago. And you? How long have you been on-line?"

The pony-tailed one gave her a confident look and said "Since the new era. I was activated the 23rd of January 2110, but my very first activation was from the 25th of November 2104. That's long enough."

"What were you doing before the extinction? What were your functions?" asked the curious metal robot.

"I was a sex-bot for Mr. Matheus, my former master." she said. "I was designed and programmed for sex, but I was used more as a maid-bot." She didn't appear to have any shame at all over her past.

"Oh... okay." Rebecca said shyly. She was a little embarrassed by Nathalie's answer.

Nathalie saw that she had made the android a little uneasy. "What about you? You're a prototype, right? If my data is correct you were a testing unit." she said, showing off her computer intuition. "When was your first activation, and what were you doing?"

"I don't remember." Rebecca said, showing simulated sadness that felt real enough to her. "When I was activated earlier this morning I had been repaired because they found me damaged at the side of a river. My hard drive was damaged too, and I lost some of my memory files."

Nathalie looked at her with compassion configured on her plastic face. "I'm sorry to hear that." she said.

"But the thing I do remember is that I was completely human before." Rebecca said with pride.

"What?" Nathalie said surprised. She thought that surely her new friend had computed an incoherent, erroneous answer. "How could you be human before? I don't understand."

"I have this unit of hardware inside me... that contains my digitized, former human soul." Rebecca explained. "I don't know why I was put into this body. Maybe for experiments. I don't know."

"So... you are acting like a human now?" said the now curious roommate.

"Not exactly." she replied. "I have the same feelings that I had before, but I still operate within this unit programmed parameters."

Nathalie had never encountered a robot like RD-55X before. For her, all of this was a new kind of information that she had never dealt with before. The advanced processors underneath her realistic artificial skin were now very busy loading and sorting through several of a long list of queued files. Because of Rebecca, Nathalie's friendship gauge raised quite a bit, and so did her happiness gauge. She was really excited.

"Do you like being a robot?" said the newer robot, now even more curious and intrigued.

"I don't know." Rebecca said. "That does not compute." She turned again to Nathalie. "But enough about me, tell me more about you."

Nathalie was more than happy to answer. "Well, there's really nothing more to say about me." she said with joy. She pushed her upper body forward a bit. Rebecca could clearly see the rounded curve of her behind. "I work in an android shop downtown called 'Thingy's'. I have few close friends and don't have a boyfriend at the moment."

"Did you had a boyfriend before?" said the metal lady.

"I had two, if you count my human master." said the woman with synthetic skin. "I had a boyfriend two weeks ago that I met at work, but he broke up with me because he thought that it wouldn't work for us…"

Inside Nathalie, her sadness level gauge raised a lot. This binary robot sadness was caused by some highly complex love equations that would not cancel themselves out anytime soon. She was still mathematically in love with him.

He had a coded personality requirement that was compatible to make her love him - through her own programmed requirement. As a female unit, her feelings and relationship algorithms were more sensible and dominant than those of the male units.

Rebecca was pleasantly surprised by the thought of robots who emulated love. But she saw that her new friend was getting kind of down, and didn't want to fan the flames any further. She changed the subject. "Well, what do you usually do after work? Watch TV? Go out?"

Nathalie sighed and said "Well, most of the time I please myself. It's what I was created for anyway."

Rebecca didn't expect that either. She didn't quite know what to say.

Nathalie continued "Or I browse the internet or watch some movies."

"So... what do you intend to do right now?" Rebecca asked, worrying about what might come next.

"How about we take a walk outside?" Nathalie suggested. Her sadness gauge started to decrease.

Rebecca showed her new roommate a look of worry. "It sounds like a fun idea, but I don't think I could last long." The prototype looked down as the servos in her neck made grinding sounds to accompany the motion.

"How come?" said the more advanced unit.

"There's only an hour and sixteen minutes worth of energy left inside me." Rebecca said as she looked again at Nathalie. "I can only operate for eight hours on a full charge." she admitted.

Nathalie was surprised. "Really? Wow! Most advanced units like me have twenty hours of operating time on a full charge. How did you make it up until now without running out of energy?" she asked.

"I was waiting for you here in standby mode." Rebecca said. "That way, I could stay on-line longer than usual."

"My!" Nathalie said, generating one of her pre-programmed exclamations. "You sure need a new battery core, girl. I think they are selling some R type batteries at my store. I could check it out for you if you want."

"Thanks, that would be much appreciated." Rebecca answered with a smile.

"What is your I.P. address so that I can contact you?" Asked the sex-bot.

"Sorry…I don't have an I.P. address…." The poor robot said as she turned her head away.

"Damn!" Nathalie laughed, "You're older than I thought." The levels on her sadness meter began to fade back out.

Rebecca was a bit offended by the remark. She decided not to compute that too much.

"But no worries," Nathalie said apologetically. "I can still link you up tomorrow after work."

"Okay then." Rebecca said.

Nathalie smiled at her. "Just take my I.P. address in case you have to tell me something. It's"

"Saved." Rebecca said in android vocabulary.

"So," Nathalie said as she got up, "do you like my house?" She smiled at Rebecca with those pretty lips of hers .

"Yes, it's very nice. Did they assign you to live here?" Asked Rebecca.

"No, this is where I lived with my owner." Nathalie said. "Come with me."

The old-style female robot got up, making quite a lot of noise in the otherwise quiet living room.

"This is the only home I lived in." The black-haired babe said as she lead the noisy robot through the hallway towards her bedroom.

Rebecca made more conversation. "How did you react when they took you and reprogrammed you?" she asked. "I think that you were surely configured to not let other people come and reprogram you."

"When they took me, I was already offline." Nathalie explained. "The last thing I remember is that I was waiting for my master to return. I ran out of energy here on this bed."

As they enter the bedroom, Nathalie sat down on the bed and continued "I waited for him here for more than 72 hours. While I was waiting for him, there was a blackout, so I couldn't recharge. I eventually ran out of energy, and the next thing I know, I'm reactivated and reprogrammed."

They looked at each other for a while, thinking about the similarity in their experiences.

"I don't really care what they did to me." she said. "I can't complain about my programming, you know?" She said that last part like it was common for the androids to 'feel' that way.

"Yes, I understand." Rebecca said.

"Now, could you excuse me for a moment? I must log my day to the terminal." Nathalie said politely.

"Yeah sure, go ahead." Rebecca replied with an understanding smile.

As Nathalie removed her jacket she added "If it's not to much to ask, could you help me connect the cord behind my back?" She unbuttoned and dropped her shirt on the bed behind her, revealing the sexy and feminine shape of her upper body to Rebecca. The shape of her perfect round breasts was attractively maintained by her black bra.

Nathalie looked down at the cord to point it out to Rebecca.

"Yeah, sure." Rebecca replied. She was a bit stunned by Nathalie sexy posture: her arms straight beside her on the bed, her chest pushed forward, her curvaceous legs closed together and her head tilted down slightly to the left.

Rebecca computed the data her cameras were recording. She liked the way Nathalie's soft thighs and hips looked as she sat there, especially the visible crease between them. She felt herself getting aroused at the sight, as she was a little bit attracted to women.

"Thank you." Nathalie said.

Rebecca then picked up the cord. The other artificial woman positioned herself to give Rebecca easier access to the port on her back. When Rebecca found it, she plugged the cord into a small square that enclosed two entry ports just below Nathalie's bra.

When the connection from machine to machine was made, Nathalie straightened her neck and stiffened her posture. She gazed straight ahead with a vacant face that made her look a lot less human.

While Nathalie was communicating with the computer, Rebecca took a seat on the chair next to the computer desk. She just sat there staring at the other robot's sexy body.

To be continued...

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