Quiet Night In

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Ashely sat on he couch in her apartment watching tv as she wound down form a long day.

“Ugh each guy gets worse with every date” she says as she eats popcorn and watches the bachelorette

An IM from her friend Jackie flashes in her H.U.D

J - “hey girl wyd?”

A - “not much just relaxing watching tv, what’s up?”

J - “not much just wanted to see if you were doing anything important”

A - “what does that mean?”

J - .....

As Ashley waits for Jackie’s response she becomes a aware that’s she is massaging her breast with her hand. She realizes she is doing this automatically and cannot stop. She checks her sex programming and nothing is running that isn’t cause my the current stimulation. She performs a quick systems check and everything comes back normal. That’s when she noticed her H.U.D in the corner there is a little controller icon. She brings to suspect a certain brunette friend of hers will have some answers.

A - “what the fuck!?!”

J - “lol, I was wondering when you were going to notice”

Ashley’s free hand begins the play with her other breast. Jackie being her best friend obviously knows she’s an Android and from time to time helps her with minor repairs she didn’t know Jackie is better with computers than she claimed and knows how to access Ashley’s remote settings.

A - “seriously what the fuck?”

J - “oh relax I’m not going to do anything to hurt you just want to have some fun”

A - “how is this fun?”

J - “well you said how you never get to be treated like a machine because of how sophisticated your AI is, and I’m tipsy and horny so this makes perfect sense”

A - “I told you that in conference”

Ashely thinks to herself that she needs to readjust her simulated inebriation settings when drinking alcohol

J - “shhhh just be quite and enjoy this my little appliance lol”

Ashley didn’t want to admit it but seeing that last message set a few subroutines into action causing her to feel flush.

All of a sudden she stops grouping herself

“Good she’s done” Ashley says

Just as she finished that sentence she stand straight up and stands at attention. She begins to sway her hips as if she’s listening to music. She picks up the tempo and is now running her hands up and down her body.

A - “ what the fuck Jackie”

J - “ what’s wrong with a little dance party you love to get all slutty when you dance”

Ashely backs up and plops down on the couch

A - “ hey careful don’t damage me”

J - “oh be quiet we can fix you up”

A - “that’s not the ....”

Ashley is cut off from her response as he hand is now rubbing her crotch through her gym shorts.

A moan escapes Ashley’s lips as she enjoys the sensation. Her free hand sides up her shirt and grabs her breast squeezing it hard.

Another moan comes from the blonde robot

After that she stops completely and stands back up

A - “hey I was enjoying that”

J - “ all in good time my dear just enjoy .... the process”

A - “ I don’t want to enjoy the process I want to cum”

J - “you’re my toy right now this isn’t about you”

Ashley starts to dance seductively again her frustration cut off by the insinuation that she was a toy. That caused more arousal data to build up causing her more frustration. She grabs the bottom of her shirt and lifts it slowly along her toned stomach, over her breast and finally over her head. She tosses it aside and cups her 36 C breast. He hands travel back down along her sides and she hooks her thumbs into the waistband of her shorts, and traces around her hips for a few seconds which becomes a few more seconds after about two minutes of sitting there she gets a message.

J - “sorry had a phone call”

A - “this isn’t funny Jackie let me just enjoy my evening”

J - “oh don’t worry we will both enjoy your night”

A - “how is this even fun for you? You can see me”

J - “no but I know what you are going to do before you do it “

Ashley slowly slides off her shorts and it just in her black lace thong. She runs her hands back her body bending at the waist to show off her ass to the empty room. Her bed slides between her legs as she holds her bent pose she slides two fingers in her wet pussy. She rhythmically begins to finger her plastic pussy while continuing to be bent over.

“Ooooh yessss” she moans as she finally gets to have some gratification, but just as she is getting close to orgasm her hand stops fingers still buried deep within her. Her simulated breathing has quickened and her face has a slightly deepening flush to it giving the visual signs of how turned on she is. Internally her processors and CPU are speeding up to keep up with all the new data coming in from not only her sensors, but also he AI’s own arousal at her actions and current predicament of not being in control of her actions. She removes her fingers and brings them up to her face she sees them glisten with her peach flavored lubricant she tries to stick her tongue out to get a taste, but her tongue freezes ever so close.

J - “now what do you think your doing?”

A - “please they me just get a taste your driving me crazy”

J - “mmmm good I love teasing my little robot friend”

A - “I’m not feeling like a friend right now”

J - “that’s fine your just a machine to play with”

Once again hearing she was just a thing to her friend right now spiked her arousal and added more data for an already busy processor. Ashley straightens up and walks toward her kitchen and opens up her freezer.

J - “ you are getting way to hit girl why not we cool you off”

A - “ don’t be silly I’m running at a perfectly normal temperature”

J - “ lol now you start to act like a machine and not human”

Before Ashley can say anything she’s grabbed some ice and rubs it on her body. She gasps as her skin registers the cold sensation the new sensory data brings to tax her system.

“Ooooh yes .. yes.. ye ... ye..yes” Ashley repeats before snapping your or her mini loop.

A - “ ok we need to calm down with th....”

She’s cut off by the sensation of ice cubes sliding into her pussy. Her system locks up as it has been pushed to its first failsafe point and briefly suspending all additional data input to keep her from crashing. After about a min Ashley comes back to like moaning in pleasure for the not only the ice but her A.I. has registered the small crash and she is even more aroused. As she sits there ice melting In her hand, she gets several messages.

J - “hello?

J - “hello?”

J - “Ashely!!”

A - “it’s ok I just had a small crash you have really put me through the ringer”

J - “ok good I was worried, ok let’s finish you off”

A - “oh yes please let’s go back to the couch and do that”

Ashley drops to her knees and with her face on the ground her silicone ass pointed up.

J - “ I have something a bit different in mind”

She being brings to rub her clit giving the little sensor all it can take. Her moans increase in volume and frequency as her orgasm programs being to load. She can feel water from the melted ice and her own lubricant starting to work it’s way past her hand down her pussy and down her stomach towards her breast and the floor. As advanced as she is some systems are a bit simplistic her sexual systems run the same regardless of scenario despite self pleasuring her pussy is preparing for a penis that will never come.

“Stupid machine” she thinks as she becomes aware of the fluid running down her body

She gives her clit a bit more pressure as she screams out in pleasure as she finally orgasms. She continues to rub though as her movements are not being controlled by her there is no automatic stop once her orgasm has subsided. She keeps going and once again she yells in pleasure as she cums not once but two more times. Finally her hand stops she still laying in her prone potion hand cupping her pussy.

J - “sorry about that I got a little distracted in my end ;)”

A - “it’s ok that was great, now let’s me get this mess cleaned up”

Ashely sat there here simulated breathing still heightened from the experience.

J - “no I think you are fine there”

A - “what?”

Ashley sees in her H.U.D as a window opens for her sleep setting and she sees the automatic wake up set for 6 am.

J - “I think it’s best of you just take a rest right there. Love you girl talk to you tomorrow”

Before Ashley could respond the IM closed and she began to close out of programs and And finally her vision shut down as her CPU went into power save mode. The blonde robot lay there completely still lights and tv still on, the sheen of lubricant still running down her body waiting for her to come back online and clean up the mess. She will be angry for a little bit with Jackie but she has logged this entire session and will go back to it for her own personal use, but Jackie doesn’t need to know that.

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