Public Explosions

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In the town square, a machine's servos whirred. This machine took the form of a beautiful, voluptuous woman in a little black dress, stretched tight over her rather expansive ass. She had deep, black hair and equally black lipstick, piercing, intelligent blue eyes. Anyone who saw her, no doubt, would be struck by her beauty, her curves, that little wiggle of her ass as it swayed from side to side as her high-heeled, black, thigh-high boots clacked against the ground. Her low-cut, short dress left very little to the imagination, and if she bent over in that slight bit, her big, round cheeks would become exposed, a little.

If you did not listen closer to the whirs of her servers, and the light beeping coming from her form...well, you could easily mistake her for a human. Yet this woman was anything but - she was a machine, endowed with a singular purpose. Inside her big, gyro-stabilized, synth-skin ass...a bomb lay inside. A very, very powerful bomb. One big enough to take a quarter of the city with her. And, inside her big round was already tick-tick-ticking away. In one of her displays, this woman could see a timer, ticking down, letting her now how much time she had left before that final, glorious boom. Were she human, she might try to stop herself. But she wasn't human. Far from it - she was engineered with singular purpose. A bomb had only one purpose, and in under five minutes, that purpose would be served.

The machine had not even a name, just a designation. 8-00-M. No doubt her mistress had a sense of humor, she thought to herself. She checked her timer. 00:04:23. Not much time, to most, but to a machine like herself, it was ages. She looked back, bending over, ever so slightly, looking at her big bomb of an ass. She had been briefed on how this would feel, on how, rather than the painful end one might expect from, well, a bomb, it would be a rather pleasant experience. The timer was linked into her pleasure system, and the moment she hit four minutes..well, then fireworks would really fly.


00:04:00. She felt a trigger release inside her, her eyes rolling back as she moaned, surprised by the surge of pleasure that ran through her, centered upon the bomb planted inside her, and...Click. Tick..tick..tick. Her eyes widened again. An audible timer? Rather inefficient, but still...That processor was assaulted by wave after wave of pleasure, each wave making her want to just... Wait. What would the point be in not indulging herself?

She grinned wickedly, her hands reaching up, taking her dress, and tearing it right off herself, revealing her pale, beautiful synthflesh underneath, alabaster under the pale moonlight as she reached down, hand beginning to stroke that sensitive, oh so sensitive clit of hers. Meanwhile...a crowd was gathering. After all, a beautiful woman like her, getting herself off in public, clad only in her boots, her black, lacy panties, and a bra to match. Little did they know...they were soon to be victims. 00:03:29...

The machine designated 8-00-M, an X-class Bomber-type, continued to run her hands all over her pale body, in a manner deliberately meant to tease, the one hand tugging at her clit, yet remaining in control in the way that only a perfect machine could. Her fingers, dexterous, already slick with artificial juices - most likely flammable, she noted to herself, adding to her payload... 00:03:09... Tick..tick..tick. She turned herself over, and a few jaws dropped! "Dat ass..." one said, obviously impressed, and the machine could not help but feel a bit of pride at that, the perfect, glorious curvature of her womanly heart-shaped ass into a pair of thick, beautiful thighs, all of that barely contained by her black, lacy panties, a hand already disappeared into the front to touch herself, each shudder sending a quake through her body, a quake that was only amplified when it reached her big butt...She tugged a string, and her bra fell to the floor, her heavy, pale breasts, tipped with a pair of brown nipples - auxiliary explosives, of course - the audience completely enraptured. A few, however were beginning to question. "Is that...ticking?"

00:02:43. Two minutes and forty-three seconds until she blew all of these fools sky-high. She gripped one breast, fingers starting to delve deeper inside her, her body, her back arching, as she fucked herself, harder, and harder, lost within her own pleasure, her eyes already locked on that internal display, anticipating that final boom, desiring it more than anything else in the entire world. At this point, some of the watchers were beginning to lose themselves in their own pleasure, hoping that other people weren't noticing their obvious arousal and their attempts to get themselves off. Those that weren't were a bit more worried about the ticking, of course, though none knew that this beautiful, bombshell of a woman was quite literal in that sense...Tick..tick..TICK...It got louder, and louder, the closer she came to detonation.

She continued this show for quite a bit of time, of course, internally grinning as, right at the two minute mark, she pulled her panties down, leaving her only in those lovely, tight thighboots that only served to emphasize the curvature of her ass, bending over teasingly as she pulled them off, stepping out of them. A few tried to approach her, to move closer to the girl so obviously lost in her lust, but she simply shot them a glare, a glare that said "Do not touch me. Look, but do not touch." And few were willing to disobey that powerful, intense gaze, no less intense though it was so clouded with pleasure. Tick..Tick..TICK...00:01:38.

Some of the lesser members of the crowd, of course, had already orgasmed, the lightweights - others were trying to draw it out, to time it with hers. Those people were in for quite a nasty surprise, when her timer hit the one minute mark. She closed her eyes, turning around, fingers still dripping wet with her own juices. A small, hairline crack, completely invisible to the naked eye, opened in her artificial skin, a panel opening just above her glorious, divine rear, still quaking with every step. 8-00-M couldn't stifle a giggle at their confusion - what was this? But she told them, not in words, but when a red, digital countdown appeared right where her skin had opened, revealing the electronics beneath. 00:00:58 TICK 00:00:57 TICK 00:00:56

With every second, that timer losing a number, with each tick, she took one step closer to finality. She did not stop her show, of course, though the crowd was beginning to panic, cries of "Oh shit!" "She's a bomb!" "We have to get out of here!" - little did they know, this bomb was going to take them out regardless of their attempts to run. There was simply no way to get away from this completely massive bomb...

Though the crowd scattered, the machine did not cease her show - after all, she herself was already lost within the siren grip of lust, counting down to her final detonation, each TICK interrupted with a moan of pleasure as she counted down, down, detonation was imminent, inevitable, complete, her plump, plush ass stuck in the air as she gripped the grass in front of her, hips bucking against her hand in exact rhythm with her tick tick tick, ticking inevitably down to detonation, fingers drenched in her juices as her thumb toyed with her sensitive clit, 00:00:23, there was no time, no time at all...

Desperately, racing against the clock - though truly racing with it, because her orgasm was programmed to come right at the final moment, 8-00-M desperately tried to get herself off, to somehow achieve the impossible and cum before she blew - irrational, of course, as she was programmed not to. "Y-You're coming with me!" she cried out, as her timer hit 00:00:10...00:00:09...00:00:08, no time, not time at all, she cried out, lost completely within her own lust as she was, collapsed on the grass, fucking herself harder, and harder, her pleasure mounting with every thrust, with every tick, with every tweak of her clit, but there was nothing, no time. 00:00:03 00:00:02 00:00:01 Her entire body seized up, right then, as if a switch in herself had been pressed, pleasure surging through her, shorting out some of her circuits as she felt the pleasure, more intense than she was programmed to experience sear through her, her juices spilling out for just that one, final second that seemed to last forever, defined as it was by that glorious orgasm...

But then, before she could even say another word, KABOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM. Where once a beautiful, perfect robot stood, there was naught but a colossal fireball, expanding rapidly, consuming a quarter of the city - including all those stupid enough to watch her before she exploded, and then...nothing. Silence. The crater being the only evidence there even was someone there.

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