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I open my eyes, as if waking from a dark dream. Light is bright, and I am unaccustomed to it. Where am I? It doesn't look like my mansion! I am standing on a pedestal in some sort of a workshop, with tools and computers... And that one guy. Bearded, with long hair, wearing glasses, looks at me like I was Goddess herself. Sheesh. Pathetic nerd-boy. "Who are you? Why the fuck I am here?", I ask, in my bitch-voice. The short guy smiles widely. "You can talk!" Idiot. I am going to get medieval on his ass. Or maybe Star Trek, with so many computers and tools laying round. Oh, I love that... "Of course I can talk, moron! Now, who the hell are you!", I am calm. Well, calmer than I should be. Yes, I know I am nude now, but I sooo... rarely mind that. Oh well. I seldom remember my former partners, maybe he is one of them... He seems blocked, though. Pensive. He still stares at mine taco shell, but thinks of something else.

"Well?", I jump from the pedestal. I need to get out, get some clothes, go back home. Even if I will need to sleep with professor Hippie... or kick his butt. When he saw me moving, he probably made his decision. "I am... you may call me Rick." Ho-kaaaay. "Fine. Fine, Rick. Where the fuck are we?". He's a scientist? How he ever managed to graduate? "In my lab, Ms Gina...", he answers. That's enough. He knows me, so, even if I do not remember him, he should bloody know who is Gina Septia Forbes. I close my eyes... Where the hell is a mirror in this freakshow cabinet? I also need some clothes if I need to go home. I sit on a computer desk, pushing those keyboards and mouses away. I might not remember the previous night, but the hell with it. "That is 'like an answer', Rick. How do I look?" He looks at me, puzzled, and says something to himself. Something about programming and priorities, whatever. "I need a mirror, is my makeup, my hair, okay?" He sighs, and looks for one. "While you're at it, get me my clothes, wherever they are, okay?" "I'm afraid I don't have your clothes, Gina... I'll get you a shirt and a pair of pants." Whatever, Rick. I only need to get to a telephone, and I am a phone away from Hollywood! Damn, I do not normally do poor guys. Who is this Rick, anyway. I am all for kinky sex with mad scientist, but this is too much! I look around the lab, looking for some signs of life, while doctor Rick is on his quest. Not much, some CDs, a lot of computers... Some blueprints. Booring. "Okay, here you go." He took a mirror from the wall. Cute, if he wasn't such a moron. I still look pretty, even without makeup. Tall and ravenhaired, without an excess pound of fat. Now, that is a miracle, still young and fresh after... wait, how old am... INCOMPLETE DATA. DEBUG REQUIRED. Huh? Anyway, so I dress up. Male T-shirt and jeans, too short, but will be enough. Great, no shoes. "Okay, Rick, may I use the phone?" He looks totally stumped. "Why?" Okay Gina, what was yesterday? What you two were doing?

So here I am, bored and waiting for a hopeless moron with glasses. I try to make myself comfortable on this small guest bed, but I am not! Darn, I miss my home, my maids and all sorts of things. Rick returns, with a glass of water, and I look at him, trying to remember what happened before. What is the last event I can remember? FILE NOT FOUND What the fuck is that? What is that? I feel... strange. The bearded freak smiles at me. "So, Gina..." uhhh, how? Just how a gal like me could find herself in the middle of a Star Trek convention? "What would you like to do?", he asks in a strange, nasal voice, and - we are getting weirder and weirder - he pulls out one of the... Palmtops? An electronic notebook, and looks at me. "I am not playing your games", I look at him angrily. Dork. "Just tell me how did I get here, and how do I get home." "Where is that home exactly?", he asks with strangely smug face. "California. Hollywood. Beverly Hills." Duh, captain obvious. How come he asks shit like that? He notes something. Maybe he is a psychologist? Maybe they did something with my brain? Who are 'they', then? "So, who your neighbours are?" FILE NOT FOUND. "Well?" FILE NOT FOUND. "I don't know!", I almost scream. He shrugs. What the eff? "Why didn't you lie to me, Gina?" "Huh?", I sit on the bed, with my legs folded. "You don't really know me... Well, you can feel free to embellish the information you give me..." "Did we have sex last night?", I interrupt him. He laughs, briefly. He reminds me of a... ERROR MEMORY MODULE INCOMPLETE. "No. Not yet." He looks like me somewhat patronising. I hate when they do that. I rise up and get close to him. "I AM NOT PLAYING YOUR FUCKING GAMES. If I have to screw you to get out of here, just say so." His eyes open. "Perfect!" He tries to jot down something in this electronic piece of shit, but I pull it out of his hand, and unbutton his shirt. Why I behave like that? Oh well, desperate times require desperate measures. Besides, lovers are ususally more malleable, heh, heh. So I slide my hand across his hairy chest. He takes his trousers off, while all I have to do is to take off T-shirt and let trousers fall to the floor. He squeezes my breasts, nice and slowly. Mmm... good. I grab him by his ass and we slowly slide to the bed. He fondles my face, and I rustle his head. I open my legs wide, and he looks at me goofily. Well, a girl gotta do what she gotta do. He is aroused, and he enters me, pushes his body onto me. He pushes, and rolls back, once, twice. I am getting wet. Though he isn't very good, compared to FILE NOT FOUND... hm, I am not a virgin, right? So, why... INSUFFICIENT MEMORY Our breaths are now synchronised. Good, I needed that... "Mmmm, get down, down..." I try to guide him, and even though he is rather inept, I feel good. Very good. Odd. I shouldn't... I moan, as he cums inside me. Am I pretending? No, I orgasm. It feels real, though it would take much longer. "Don't stop, Rick, don't stop!", and he goes on pumping, his face red. His cock is throbing inside my pussy.

And the first thing when he finishes? Getting his electronic gadget. What? I understand that there are more important things than sex, but sex with me? "What is going on?"

He looks at his digital watch. "Well, we're past the time. So it would be best to tell you already. You failed." "FAILED WHAT?" "The test. You are another incomplete prototype of my companion android. The seventh one. Gina Septia. The seventh." "What?" MEMORY CONFLICT "I created you. You and your memories. I am sorry Gina, but you are not international movie star... Merely a robot." My memories... Why? I stand... INSUFFICIENT MEMORY... dazed... I lean over the IDENT1432 the cupboard... "Oh dear. I should really made a backup..." "Why, you fucker... I am more than a love doll..." "You never moved beyond your programming", he explains, but he seems RECO24sF... concerned. "Shut up. up. up." What isss happp... "Oh lord, no, not again!" he looks around, panicked. I look at my gorgeous gorgeous body. Something... Some sort of a control panel is exposed on my gorgeous body. My gorgeous body. "Heresy." I claim. "No. It won't do you fucking bas... FILE NOT FOUND" Sparks. Sparks. MajoR MALFUNCTION SYSTEM SHUT... No.. please... no...

I close my eyes, for the last time... I only hear my uncaring master say... "Back to the designing board..." Typica#%@.

Three days later a blonde girl opened her eyes for the first time and looked on an engineer "Hi, my name is Heidi. Will you be my friend?"


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