Protect and Severe

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Written by Silkscreen

Protect and Severe


"Go away or I'll stab you!"

"Huh, I'm sooooo scared..."

"Get off, meter maid, this is none of your business."

"Yeah, you forgot to bring your piggy friends with you."

"She even forgot to bring a gun, haha."

"Whatdayya think, we should continue with her when we're done with the other bitch."

"Yeah, ..."

"Sorry to interrupt your chitchat, fuckers ..."

"Shuddup, bi..."


"Yeah, my girlie friends wanna join our little conversation."

"Aww, shit."

"Since when they have female robocops ..."

"Since a whole year, Mr. Wiley-Prat."

"Huh, I'm ... oh ... yeah ..."

"Lay on the ground, both of you."

"Aww, man, arrested by a cum dumpster."

"Wanna try? If you do me right I promise not to cut your dick off in the end."

"Shshhshhhh ..."