Programming an Adventure

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At night, I would go to a cyber-prostitution place someone way back recommended to me. They had a few faceless, plain machines that accepted a harddisk as the main program. I had knowledge of cyberprogramming and I wrote a few codes for the cyberladies. The enviroment could also be modified inside the room and I had a few concepts in mind.

That afternoon I had done exaustive research on programming cyberdrones. I wanted my credits to get the best of what I possibly could make with my knowledge of the programming I had learned back in the old days of University. I thought the program I just made was the kinkiest yet.

As I arrived to the cyber, a customary receptionist drone received me.

"What will be your order? Push play for the different situations and/or models" and opened from its chest a pannel with the different options.

I tapped in "Customary designs and patterns" and entered the harddisk through its mouth. Inmediately the drone said:

"Enter parlor 5 and press play when ready".

I entered the parlor and noted the enviroment was already loaded. It was a back haley from New York, set in the 1990´s. It had a metallic grid from the floor to several feet above. There were a few metalic garbage cans filled to the top with garbage bags. There also were several old fire scape stairs in the walls of the red brick haley.

I grinned.

"Play", I shouted.

Inmediately a hologram came into view. It was a red haired girl, with a broken, skimpy dress that only managed to cover her right tit and part of the left leg.

I approached to her, and grabbed her right arm, dragging her to me. She, as programmed, did not offer resistance as I kissed her crinsom red full lips. I played with her tongue a while inside her mouth.

Then, without breaking the kiss, I threw her to the metalic grid and broke what was remaining of her dress. I pressed my hand in her big left breast, and squished hard. She was in pain, trying to break free of the kiss to shout her heart out.

I did not yield and continued kissing her while my right arm moved to her loins, searching for her pussy. I plunged a finger into the wet orifice and she moaned hard, finally breaking free of my kiss.

Removing my hand from her breast I unbuttoned my pants and grabbed my rockhard erection, guiding it to her pussy. I straightened her up against the grid and lifted her right leg, with her back aching from the touch of the cold, metalic grid. I plunged my dick into her pussy, hard and without any thought of what she might feel.

I fucked her wildly during a few minutes, in a manner only animals in heat would do. I planted my seed into her womb, breaking her programmed virgin hymen with full force.

A moment later, I was done. I buttoned my pants and left her on the floor, crying.

"End" I commanded to the enviroment. The back halley faded away, and the red head stopped in mid-sobbing and disappeared.

I exited the parlor and recovered my hard disk, and left for home, thinking of new ways to program adventures like this.


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