Programmed Fantasy

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Programmed Fantasy

Chapter 1: Morning Routine

Bootup_sequence Initiating...

Startup Systems Activating...

Running all Integration Files...

Running all System Protocol...

Checking For Error Files...

My Internal System alerted my systems that my battery was fully charged for used, so it began a quick diagnostic check before starting up all routine programs and then activation. My optical sensors activated and began scanning the environment. My systems concluded that I was stationed at my maintanance and living room as always. I immediately removed my cable cord from my external port located behind my back, at the lower part of my hip, just below my butt. I placed the cable down on the table of my workshop and ran my locomotion modules. My legs were activated and fully functional. I scanned the area once more to locate my closet drawer at my left side. I paced myself towards the closet drawer and open the doors to choose the appropriate wears. My preference logs in my internal memory suggested my username="Master" would be likely appealed to clothes_set4, a white short blouse, black bra and black miniskirt as well as black doll shoes and black stockings. My randomizer set program added that it would likely be that "Master" would like if I to either choose preset A, wear a white lace thong or preset B, no undergarments, opening my sexual and arousal programs to be optional to my execution sequences. I chose to wear the white lace thong as I am unable to deduce or predict if my Master would like to enjoy my sexual programs later on,however my arousal programs can still be optional, so for now I removed sexual_programs from my execution sequence. I finished wearing my attire under 4.965 minutes. My internal clock says it is now 6:23 AM, my Master is predicted to be awake around 7:45 to 8:50, estimated to be at least 82 minutes to spare and be able to start the assigned duties given to me in the household. My systems begin to start and run my character programs, including it under as well,personality and logic behaviour files...

My name is Penny Parkson. My name was given to me to my master when I was first purchased and programmed 2 years 5 Months 2 weeks 5 days and 21 hours ago. I am a CTR-19 Model C23 female android robot, fembot or gynoid for short. I was first purchased to be a personal assistant, mobile computer, personal maintenance technician,as well as caretaker and companion for my Master to use. Right now I have been maintaining my duties as a caretaker,companion for my Master and maintenance personnel for his other android that he has in possesion. My directives states that I shall fulfill all of the requirements of my duties assigned to me, and obey and serve my Master without question. I shall fulfill all of these to the best of my capabilities to the very end until I am in no longer use, such as if I were to be disposed, damaged severely and scrapped, and or to be replaced by a newer model. I shall obey everything that my Master tells me until my very existence ends with my utmost desire to do so willingly with glee. I must always obey every commands my Master gives.

After my little words of encouragement ended, I yawned and smiled cutely as I can finally start my day! Phew,Master did a number on me last night,almost overloaded my circuits and almost drained my battery, that was a wild and fun night for me. I stretched my arms and legs on the spot and head towards my little workstation and start to clean it up. This is where I go and repair and undergo maintanance whenever I charge and deactivate myself, so I dont use all the space of my room that much. Plus I don't use all the space of my room all that much,except for my closet of course. My room is also quite small and I don't really put anything in here accept my tools and stuff. Which is fine, I just need the necessities I need to work and do my duties for master after all. I would be fine if master said that I would just be stuffed in a small closet with my tools and I still would be okay with it. But my master was generous anyway to give me a room so I'm grateful for that. Anyways, after I finished organizing my work place, I walked towards the door to my right and exited my bedroom. The house that my Master lives in is a small average sized suburban home with only two floors. My room is located next to masters and beside that is the top floor bathroom, the rest of the rooms such as the kitchen,living room and garage are all downstairs. My first duties is to make breakfast for master after he wakes up,so I went down the stairs and head towards the kitchen. My preference log said for today I shall make a simple dish, eggs,ham and bacon with milk or orange juice from the fridge. I grabbed a plate and a spoon and fork and placed it neatly at the table for Master to use. I grabbed the indgredients from the fridge and turned on the oven and started cooking. While I was making breakfast, I looked through my files and began compiling the different options and programs in a predictive algorithm that will decide what duties or actions that I will do next. Considering that my arousal programs were kept in as optional only if Master feels like it, I concur with my systems that I will keep my Arousal programs as backlog only if master wishes to. After frying all the eggs,bacon and ham, I placed the food on Masters plate and poured a glass of milk and at the side of the table. I now have 72 minutes left before master wakes up. I have ample time to do other chores around the house while waiting...but my behavioral and logic programming...wishes that I should place the Arousal progams next in the executional sequences...I...decided to do so. I placed the Arousal programs next to the executional sequence and run all routes and files within it. Suddenly a rush of pleasure overflowed my body. I gasped quickly as my legs quiver and my genital unit(my vagina)started to lubricate with various fluids. I started to gasp as an aching feeling is felt under my crotch. I started to feel red. I start to imagine Master again. His short brown hair,His white complexion, his skinny physique,and his delicious penis. I started remembering the night before. How he kissed me, fondled and rubbed all over me, how he penetrated all my holes and used me until my circuits almost overloaded. I longed for master touch now, I need him to touch me and use me, I need his cock badly.

I ascended up the stairs and head straight towards Master's bedroom door. My systems alarmed that I should not disturbed Master when he is sleeping. But my Arousal settings were set to medium and started to rise. I needed Masters penis inside me,its the only way to satisfy my lust,but I must not wake master up as well. My logic programs started to conflict with each other because of this. So I resolved the matter by satisfying my lust by decreasing the sound I emit while master is sleeping and may just limit my advances to just a blowjob. I opened the door and went inside Masters bedroom. Master was sleeping in a large bed with a blanket covering his lower half of his body, leaving his exposed chest out. Slowly,I crept up towards masters bed and crawled inside the blanket.

I crawled up to Masters legs and up to his crotch. My chest felt heavy and mouth became watery when I reached masters crotch. He only wore a pair of boxers and under it was a large mound forming underneath. I start to caress his groin with my face ,nuzzling it affectionately, like a cat rubbing itself on the legs of its owner, except I was rubbing my face with Masters crotch. I slowly remove the boxers and reveal Masters half-erect penis springing out of it."Mmm~" I said in a lowered tone. I delicately held masters dick and started to rub my cheeks and started kissing it, feeling its warm foreskin on my cheeks. I started to slowly lick it, all over its shaft and on top of its tip repeatedly. My master moaned abit, this signaled alarms within me. I backed away abit to avoid waking him up.A few moments later Master seemingly went back to sleep. After that, I furthered my advances towards him. I kissed the tip of his penis a few times and lightly suck on it as well, after that I slowly start to take Masters dick inside my mouth. I sensually sucked masters cock in a slow and careful manner. I bobbed my head down and slowly up to suck out the pre-cum Master was emitting and swallowed it gleefully . Master's juices started seeping out from his sick and was storing inside my mouth. I do not have the capacity to taste it as I am unequipped with taste buds, but I believed it must've tasted sweet and delicious. I started to sucked even more from it ever so carefully. My Master started to groan as I started sucking on his cock, and breathed heavily. My Master let out light moans escaping from his mouth when I was doing this, making me feel happy that he was enjoying it, but also more anxious to have more. So I started to increase my pace, and started to suck off more. I licked and sucked Master's inbetween,as well as licking his balls as well. I kept this up in an increasing pace, bobbing my head up and down on the base of his shaft, sucking and swallowing the pre-cum that Master's producing out of his cock. Soon my Master's grew louder and he started shift his body all over.

"P-Penny?" My Master uttered. I stopped my blowjob, I looked up at him and smiled apologetically,a trace of artificial saliva fell through my lips and on Master's dick.

"Good Morning Master~ I'm sorry that I woke you up, I just...really needed my morning breakfast~" my smiled widened as I rubbed Master's penis with my hand.

"A-Ah, f-fine. just don't stop, continue what you were doing" He said in a raspy voice.

"Don't worry Master..." I said as I kissed the tip. "I will make sure you feel good, right now-" I start to take in Master's cock with my fully inside mouth, taking the entire shaft down in my throat.

A breath escaped from Master's mouth when he sees my deepthroat, feeling me with glee. I began bobbing my head again and started to suck on it quickly, in and out of my throat. I fasten my pace as Master started to moan more as I began deepthroating his delicious cock. I wasn't able gag or choke from doing this because I didn't have a gag reflex, However my Master seem to enjoy hearing me choke whenever I give him a blowjob, or deepthroat, so inbetween sucking, I start to emit choking or gagging sounds from my voice box module to give the illusion that I was choking on Master's cock. This arouses Master greatly, as his breaths became heavier as I was doing this.

Suddenly, Master grabbed my head with both of his hands and raised my head away from his cock to face him.He slowly pushed me down from the bed and let me sit on my lap on the floor while Master sat on the edge of the bed,his legs spread across each other, holding my head once more.

He breathed heavily "God your mouth feels great, its like a pussy in of itself. I bet works like one as well!". He shoved his fully erect penis straight into my throat, slamming my face on his crotch, I simulated my suprise by twitching my head a bit and hrew wide eyed.

He then quickly pulled my head back away from his dick again,and then shoved it back in again. He did this repeatedly in a fast pace, abusing my mouth and face fucking me relentlessly. The normal human would quickly pull away and cough, However I din not have a gag reflex so I took it all in. I placed my arms on my lap patiently and let my Master shove his dick in me over and over again. The facial abuse I was experiencing was wonderful, Master's extreme deepthroating of my face felt amazing. I felt a tingling experience all over me when Master was face fucking me. My pussy was getting wet as master was deepthroating me and my lace thong was getting drenched from it. Drips of saliva started to drip all over my clothes as he was doing this. All of this pleasure I'm receiving felt amazing.

I started to smile inbetween each shove. "Oh god! "*mphmm!*(The sound I made was when Master penetrated my mouth with his cock)"Oh god yes"*Mmmph!*"Phwa!Master keep doing it!"*Mmmmmph!*"Keep fucking my face! I love it!" *Mmph!*"It feels great!". Master's voice sounded heavier and his pace became rigid as he heard this. My system alerted that Master was close to cumming, so I prepared and anticipate his coming preparing to be aligned with his. He started to groan more and grit his teeth. He kept moving my head back and forth until he grabbed my head tightly and pushed his dick inside my mouth and down to my throat. In the middle of this,I also climaxed and cummed as well,spraying my wet juices on the floor,creating a puddle between my legs. He ejaculated a large amount of his thick cum and it flowed down my throat. The amount was so much, it started to fill up in my mouth and started dripping down my chin and in between my chest. We stayed like that for a bit, Master still holding my head and pushing it down on his cock, I was swallowing every cum in my mouth and trying it not drip from my mouth and be wasted, It was such a wonderful sensation,swallowing Masters sweet cum, if I only I can truly taste it instead of imagining it. Then Master grabbed me and carried my upper half of my body and placed me on top of the bed. He crawled up and position his dick right above my face. My mouth still had a bit of cum and saliva in it.I believed that master wanted more so I opened my mouth slowly and waited patiently.

"Aaaahh~"I said,gesturing him to keep fucking my throat. He lowered his hips and placed my dick in my mouth once more,his shaft reaching the depths of my throat. Instead of continuing the deepthroat, he just pushed my head against the bed and then just stayed there.A few minutes later he stopped moving his hips and ceased his movements. My audio sensors detected slow breathing coming from master, and his breathing rate was becoming stable. I concluded that Master must've past out mid deepthroat, leaving me unable to escape. I was now stuck under Master,his dick inside my mouth, his juices was still dripping while I was there below him, My Master was sleeping soundlessly while he was on top of me, he must been so tired that he forgot that his dick was still inside my mouth. I could just push master off and leave, but my systems warned me before and told me not to wake up master again. So I stayed there, sucking out the remaining juices of Master's penis while he was sleeping,It was a pleasant moment for me. I'm glad that master enjoys my company and uses me frequently, I could not be any happier than this, I try to smile but it was difficult when you have a dick in your mouth, but its still fine. This morning was a enjoyable one, just like the previous ones, and I hope that I could serve Master more in the future. I love obeying serving Master Luke everyday...

The time now is 7:24, it is now morning. I was still in the same position before. I hope that Master wakes up soon so we can start our day, that way I can get back to my chores here in the house. Which reminds me, I wonder if my sister Vert woke up already?

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